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Product Name: Paul Fowlie’s Favourites2Lay

Author: Paul Fowlie

Company Name & Contact Details:
Sportsworld Publishing


The System With Regular Profits And Low Liability.

Price: £95.00

Money Back Guarantee: None mentioned but cannot imagine any problem with Paul Fowlie.

What Do You Get?

– A no nonsense manual in pdf format with the system rules minus the padding along with a free system called Stat Attack written by himself a little while back and still going strong.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Paul Fowlie’s Favourites2Lay is a lay system that claims to get you regular profits with low liability. This is a no fuss, no frills system, just daily selections with an excellent chance of losing.

What’s It All About?

Paul Fowlie has been around for a good while now and is very deeply involved with Horse Racing in general.

Being a horse owner himself he is often seen at many of the Northern meetings. There are those who would think that the selections provided with this system should be backed rather than being a lay bet to lose.

The system is so remarkably simple both in principle and operation yet so very effective it provides winning lays on a regular basis.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Just the stakes you would normally use during your betting activities and perhaps a small bank of say £100.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Supporting documents can be seen which states that £10868 has been made in profits since June 2010.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Once the few rules are quickly learned betting can begin immediately.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Just a PC with Internet connection and an account opened with the likes of Betfair or Betdaq for laying purposes.

Value For Money? 

This may appear to be on the expensive side but at least the author is vastly experienced and has written other systems still successful and operating today.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

Never ever been any problems in dealing with Paul Fowlie, a fair and just minded person and I have every confidence that this will continue into the future.

Mid-Point Report

Paul Fowlie is certainly well known in racing circles and is very often seen by many ambling around the courses and supporting his own Northern horses.

The favourites to lay system does not exactly come cheap to those wishing to purchase and is currently being managed and handled by Sportsworld Publishing and comes at a cost of £95.00.

Paul like many before him asks the question, “What do punters most want from a lay system”, and suggests that it would be perhaps regular profits with low risk liability.

This is exactly what you get from the system which Paul is currently involved with. The average lay odds of all selections advised is just 3.07 which is just a little above 2/1 with the average losing bet as low as 2.44.

It is quite unbelievable when it comes to the rules of the system and simplicity is certainly the key word here. It is basically a one rule system and in fact the end of the system rules are summarised in a matter of only thirty one words which don’t come any simpler than that.

All lays are extremely low as selections are starting as favourites and liability is usually very low at around 6/4 which is certainly not going to do an awful lot of damage to those banks should they decide to run to form and fly in first.

For obvious reasons there is more to the selection process than that previously described but to avoid giving the game away this cannot be mentioned.

So just what exactly is Favourites To Lay? Probably not quite what you think as Paul is renowned for looking at racing markets in a different light to many others and many are left thinking that they ought to be backing to win rather than laying to lose.

The actual principle which Paul exploits here is one to remember and could save punters money at the end of the day.

Paul has also agreed to forward one month of selections on a free gratis basis to allow for a settling in period, and all advised selections will be sent direct to the inbox to all who purchase.

There is also a free copy of Stat Attack included within the package which was also written by Paul and it apparently made good profits not that long ago.

Profits made in 2010 for this current system are claimed to have averaged out at £434.00 per week but I have not actually witnessed this type of success in the current monitoring process.

So at the half way stage I did monitor a total of fifty four advised selections of which there were twenty nine successes and twenty five failures which gave us a strike rate of 53.70% which could have been better.

The longest losing run was four and we had a longest winning run of five which gave us a final overall small loss of 3.44 points using level stakes.

The system is very user friendly and the forwarding of the advised selections has been first class, it is a little disappointing to have a strike rate of just over 50% but on the other hand the losing streaks have been kept to an absolute minimum. So onwards and upwards to the second period of the trials and I am hoping for a longer run of successes.

Number Of Selections = 54
Number Of Winning Lays = 29
Number Of Losing Lays = 25
Strike Rate = 53.70%
Longest Losing Run = 4
Longest Winning Run = 5
Overall Profit/Loss = 3.44 points loss using level stakes.

To see a full breakdown of my results so far, please click here.


What most punters appear to want from a good lay system these days is simplicity in operation and a system not too involved in arriving at the selection process.

They are also looking for low odds which equates to low risk liability. This is exactly what you get when using Paul Fowlies Favourites 2Lay with average lay odds of 3.07 using Betfair which is just above 2/1.

There is also a claim that the average losing bet is even lower at something like 2.44 and a mean 6/4 again using Betfair.

The whole package is very neatly presented by Sportsworld Publishing and comes in a twelve page manual bound in a glossy cover and sent to the buyer via ordinary daily postal services which is extremely rare these days.

The system is very straight forward and the whole process is covered by nine basic rules set out on the first page of the manual with the other eleven pages used to highlight the performance of the system from the period June to December 2010 and showing all bets made during those months.

All lays are starting as favourites so there is always going to be a high proportion of losing lays due to this, but with Paul’s carefully built in filters the system seeks to pinpoint those favourites which appear to be more vulnerable than others.

For reasons which are obvious the exact process and formula cannot be revealed at this stage in an endeavour to protect the overall workings of the system.

The cost of the system appears to be a little on the high side but it does come complete with a free copy of his previously well known system Stat Attack which is a combination of a trio of systems which all lay horses to lose.

Apparently this suite of systems is still making consistent overall profits and is reported to have made around £1000.00 quite recently.

Paul also includes free e-mail selections of the Favourites 2Lay system for one full month after purchasing the system, so this has the added advantage of a settling in period and getting fully acquainted with the workings of the system.

There is also claims made that this system made profits of averaging £434.00 per week but this has not actually been witnessed during the course of these trials.

So as the curtain came down on the period of these trials I observed a total of 75 selections of which there were thirty nine outright lay winners and the other thirty six losing out of hand.

This provided us with an overall strike rate of 52.00% slightly down on that at the half way stage. The longest losing run was only four compared to the longest winning run of five and we eventually finished the exercise with a small loss of 8.31 points using level stakes.

There was little trouble during the monitoring of the system and selections were always received on a very speedy and reliable basis.

One has to appreciate that results can vary from time to time according to how favourites do or do not perform, and in a system such as this performance plays a huge part in just how the animals feel on race day.

Perhaps monitoring a different period may well display a much different set of results, although the performance of the system during these tests was by no means a disaster.

I shall continue to closely scrutinize future results unofficially of course, as I believe there could be room for further potential.

There is one thing for certain, there is never going to be massive losses at these low odds.

Number Of Selections = 75
Number Of Winning Lays = 39
Number Of Losing Lays = 36
Strike Rate = 52.00%
Longest Losing Run = 4
Longest Winning Run = 5
Overall Profit/Loss = 8.31 points loss using level stakes.

To see a full breakdown of my results please click here.


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  1. ticeager says:

    Paul Fowlie should not be trusted. He keeps on ploughing out system after system which all fail eventually.

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