P Taylor Professional Betting

| September 9, 2016 | 7 Replies

Product Name:

P Taylor Professional Betting

Company Name & Contact Details

Stanford House, Vicars Hall Gardens, Manchester M28 1HW Tel 07436 648611


Users are apparently paid commission

Where to buy:

Written invitation sent to mailing list

Brief Summary

Recipients of invitations to use this service are asked to place bets for “the UK’s number one commission agents” for which they receive a commission whether the horse advised wins or loses.


We were advised of the existence of invitations to become part of this service by a long standing member. The invite was snail mailed to him with correct address details and so is clearly derived from a list passed on by another business in the gambling world.

The PDF attached P Taylor Invitation is a copy of the letter received. Whilst the road mentioned in the address does exist the house name does not appear to so there is no means of tracking down the service in the event of difficulty.

When the member made contact he was asked to place a £2,000 win bet on Poets Word in the 4.15 at Doncaster on 8 September. He was told the funds would be transferred to his bank upon receipt of confirmation of the bet being placed. For doing this he would receive £600 if the horse won or £300 should it lose (which it did).

As the member advises the person he spoke with was “plausible and really persuasive”. He received calls from 4 different numbers pre race but has not heard since.

The letter advises that “there is no financial risk” to the invitee but of course this is not the case. You have to stump up the stake and hope it is reimbursed so the risk is in reality entirely yours. We have seen other examples of this type of service where significant sums have been lost as the promised stake cover failed to materialise. Normally the service will be backing 4 or 5 horses in the same race so they win whatever the outcome and leave their victims with any losses.

Now we do not know if this arrangement would have been honoured as our member is wise enough to appreciate the risks and did not take up the offer.

As he says others may well be taken in by this and he hopes publicising it will alert them to the risks. We would endorse his warning and urge caution when looking at any offer or opportunity along these lines.

If other members have any experience of this “service” or similar operations please do add your comments below.



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  1. bfoste1 says:

    I have had the same experience with this ‘outfit’. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to place two bets which both lost. They claimed to work closely with ATR and in particular with Jason Weaver.
    In the first instance they were immediately going to refund me directly into my bank account, then it became cheque in post that night. When I phoned the next day they said he hadn’t meant to say that as the cheque was being sent that day. These people are completely without conscience – they asked what I did and I told them I was a pensioner.
    Today they did not pick up when I rang until I used another phone and then the phone was answered. The number is now unobtainable.
    I would advise anyone not to deal with these totally immoral people. No doubt they will change their name as well as telephone number. I am however notifying the Police and I hope everyone else who has been robbed by them does the same. They are disgusting.

  2. LocalReporter says:

    Same is happening with ‘R J Mason Professional Betting’ in Brentford.

  3. Stephen Mackay says:

    hi bfoste 1

    my experience is the same as yours ..how did you get on with the police ?

    i feel really stupid as i got taken in by Mr Taylor

  4. peterspc says:

    unfortunately the average punter does not know how to win be it on the horses or elsewhere, it can take up to at least a year or longer of study , i chose online roulette c/o a live auto wheel and i am winning but also still learning .

  5. jiveman says:

    I lived a couple of miles away from this address for 18 years, so I know the area. Vicars Hall Gardens is a road on the Boothstown estate. They are mainly all detached houses built in the Eighties. None of them are called Sanford House by Royal Mail. This will be the owner trying to create the illusion of a big company operating from some prestige offices in ‘Sanford House’, only it don’t exist. He, or even she will have stuck their own fake house name plaque on their house wall.

    Then we turn to the name, ‘P Taylor’, Peter Taylor??? If that isn’t an alias I don’t know what is. Ring a mobile phone number, so you can’t check if any landline is genuine?? Come on guys, I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would place £2000 on a horse with their own money to get re-imbursed by providing your bank account details to someone you don’t know, have never met?? Come on really….it’s got SCAM written all over it,the purpetrators will clear your bank account out!!!

  6. jamie2904 says:

    Has anyone tried Russell Blair Racing? His results seam really and are proofed and he is also number 1 on tipsters review? http://www.tipstersreview.co.uk membership currently showing as closed for his tips but just wondering if anyone had any experience of it?

  7. John Burdge says:

    I received the same sort of letter a week or so ago, dated 11th May and asking me to place bets on a commission agent’s behalf. From JP Ferguson Professional Betting, Hilton Road, Sharston, Manchester, M22 4ZD. Telephone 07557 851 031. The letter was ppd John Ferguson. I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole let alone my money. So please be warned.

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