Oddsmaker Daily Service Review

| February 29, 2016 | 25 Replies

Product Name: Oddsmaker Daily

Author: Danny Collins

Company Name & Contact Details:
email: danny@oddsmakerdaily.com


Start with just £20 and pull in a profit of £1,400+ in less than a year.

Price: £19.95 per month or £99.00 per year (both plus VAT in EU)

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day unconditional (Clickbank) and author also offers refund at any time up to 12 months if profit not achieved as planned.

What Do You Get?

– Email based horse race win tips

Where to buy: http://oddsmakerdaily.com/100.html

Brief Summary

Oddsmaker Daily from Danny Collins is a ratings based horse race win tipping service. Advised by email. Claims 1 losing month only in 2015. No detailed results given.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

£20 (10 point bank).

How much money can I make?

Aim is to make £1,000 profit in next 12 months starting with £2 bets.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Minutes daily.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection.

Value for money?


Quality of customer service?

Prompt response to email enquiry.

Review – 24/03/2016

The most disappointing thing about this whole service is the number of otherwise sensible tipsters that fell for the marketing and promoted it as though they had personal experience of the author. I thought the marketing itself not too bad (if you discount the unverifiable results) and a major factor in the decision to review was that the guarantee was offered for a full 12 month period so we thought that we may be testing this out rather further into the year.

The initial bets advised were quite successful and the bank reached £30.50 before a decline set in. I found that it was possible to improve on the odds advised on occasion so our results are slightly better than the service which has now bust its bank but it does not escape the fact that with 12 winners from 63 bets the initial bank is defunct.

Some glib comments in the daily emails have not really helped and a significant number of marketing opportunities for other services sent out lead you to the conclusion that the author is really only after your email address.

And yet surprise surprise we get an email saying lets start another £20 bank as the first attempt was clearly unlucky and all last year’s members have been writing to support him. He plans to be more careful this time – unless some really unmissable opportunities present themselves! Talk about living in a dream.

All very disappointing but at least no great harm should have been done and I suspect Clickbank are going to be a little peeved at the number of refund requests they will get over the next few days.

Our advice is to treat with extreme caution anything promoted by this tipster and why would you risk blowing a second bank?

You can see our results here:

Oddsmaker Daily Results


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Comments (25)

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  1. Emailonly says:

    After two weeks his bank is £13 …
    However he has hundreds of email addresses to try and sell
    Inner circle
    Elite racing services
    The prophet
    And others i already have binned
    Looks like a good marketing ploy
    Keep people hanging on for £25 A month subscribtion fee
    Thinking they will make a now £13 into a £1000
    Has to turn _£7 bank ,-£25 subscribtion = -£32 into £1000
    Good luck with that , if you carry on giving over£25 A month

  2. Emailonly says:

    Emails every few hours ,, flogging elite racing services
    And inner circle … claiming fantastic results from inner circle .. but no evidence … this danny bloke …
    Maybe he should concentrate on this 1000 he promises .

  3. Emailonly says:

    Bank now £8.50 goodluck turning that into £1000
    But everythings okay as he is now flogging easy prophets
    Thats made over 2000 in a couple of months ….. (really)
    If i got a pound for every for every email he sent , flogging other services ..
    I would soon have the grand he gauranteed.

  4. Emailonly says:

    Danny appears to be associted with . prophet , innercircle, oddscrusher , crazylittle bets ….and various others .
    He has £5 left from his £20 ( that was going to make £1000). but emails again asking to join services …..
    Sorry for boring anyone about this service … but its not just about oddsmakerdaily …. he appears to be operating a few and misleading many ….

  5. Emailonly says:

    Now £2 left from the £20
    Waiting to hear what he says to try and hang on to his
    Unfortunate subscribers …
    For me a great service as i LAY his selections .
    Today his affilates innercircle tried to flog 3 other services…..
    If any one misses jackanory , read what innercircle say about them selves

  6. mikethebee says:

    Just paying for the privilege of receiving advertising e-mails or to put it another way total rubbish

  7. Emailonly says:

    Bettinggods recommended oddsmakerdaily …
    Bettinggods now recommending jon redbrook
    As are innercircle….
    So the new service for us all to make thousands is jon redbrook ,,THE WINNING WAY
    Where is the honesty … it all leaves a bad taste …
    Starting with betting gods ,, flogging absolute sh….
    For a few pennies commission

  8. Emailonly says:

    Email now from ASHLEY CARR.
    Telling me to join jon redbrook THE WINNING WAY ,
    try to unsùbscribe from Ashley carr,
    And amazingly if i unsubscribe from the ashley carr .
    Im actually unsubscribing from ODDSMAKERDAILY ,
    WHAT A BUNCH OF ,,,,,,,
    ASHLEY carr (oddsmakerdaily )
    Innercircle ,,
    All flogging the winning way ,,, what ùtter garbage

  9. Emailonly says:

    I meant Ashley Cannon ( @crazylittlebets) not Ashley Carr
    Ashley cannon or danny collins @ oddsmaker daily .

  10. Emailonly says:

    Guarantee money making system
    Lay all selections from oddsmakerdaily . Under 6/1
    Make a good 10 points
    Get your money back for joining ,
    And wait to see where this misleading muppet appears
    Again ,,,,
    He has one more bet at £1 ……
    I hope this wins for his unfortunate sub suscribers.
    Me im out with a big smile and 10 points profit
    Laying this clowns selections.

  11. Emailonly says:

    All over oddsdailymaker finished bank gone
    £20 into £1000 in 12 months
    but its a shame because his win selections are fantastic for laying .
    Another email today for me to join another crap service.
    HE IS A CON MAN proof being his

    Its only a 20 quid loss ,,, thats not the point .
    These guys are a bloody nuisance ,,, wasting our time and money with their garbage

  12. Emailonly says:

    This is the garbage from danny today. WHERE ARE HIS HAPPY CLIENTS FROM LAST YEAR …. I BELIEVE THEY DON’T EXIST

    Today saw the £20 starting bank depleted, and the single worst start to the service
    there has ever been.

    Thanks for all your messages of support, especially to the guys from the last years membership and for sticking around! This does unfortunately happen sometimes, but we can and will get back on track! It’s such early days, that we have plenty of opportunity to make it back.

    So from tomorrow we will begin with a fresh £20 bank, and a more defensive approach in the
    early stages.

    We’ll be looking to get at least 20-30% into profit before we start looking at more aggressive staking possibilities, unless market trends strongly suggest we otherwise. This should bring us back on track in the short term and on target to hit the original projections.

  13. Emailonly says:

    Oddsmakerdaily and innercircle
    Trying to sell STAR HORSE system
    Be careful anything promoted by these guys

    Oddsmakers 2nd bank of £20 now £14

  14. mad one says:

    …..Tipster service that does not work? Really? Never


  15. slangman says:

    Jon Redbrooks winning way gave me a 40 bsp winner. Just saying. 60 points up in 2 months. Recommended by MMR too.

  16. MMR Reviewer says:

    Not that you will be too interested but he has just blown the second bank. One month and 1 day to achieve that dubious record. Of course he is still managing to send multi marketing emails about other services that he thinks are wonderful.

  17. mabooga says:

    Can confirm that this is utter shite. Now on his 3rd bank and still losing. Contrived excuse emails on a daily basis. Glad I only paid 4.95 as an intro offer!!

  18. Frogsrock66 says:

    I lost £40 in total on this one so asked for a refund from Clickbank yesterday – very poor show indeed!!

  19. slangman says:

    Con artists here, there and everywhere. Anybody tried bet turbo? Things are going well apparently. Just a great run of luck probably. Why did the service open the doors recently?

  20. hugbug says:

    thank god for Clickbank

  21. MMR Reviewer says:

    Bank no 3 has now been blown – either on 23 April or 26 April depending on whether you were prepared to overdraw a bit! However, he is still sending emails with selections and staking as though funds remain. Surely there cannot be any subscribers left here?

  22. Bertie1973 says:

    When something sounds to good to be true it normally is!

  23. mad one says:

    “When something sounds to good to be true it normally is!”

    …..I have never really liked that saying, because it means that you are not putting your own spin on something that may not work immediately, but could be tweaked. I am not referring to this product by the way, just in general.

    …..A better saying is “Go in the opposite direction to everybody else, because most people have very little success in what they do, so those who *really* do succeed must be doing something different, so I will find it”.

  24. nickon says:

    I tried the Danny Collins oddsmaker daily for 8 months and have lost over 36 points in april 2019 with the recommended 10 point bank.
    My total lost with oddsmaker daily is over 1600 gbp. And he never responds to questions.
    This is the worst betting service that I ever have tried.

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