Never Lose Football Betting System Review

| January 24, 2016 | 39 Replies

Product Name: Never Lose Football Betting System

Author: Jon Kluczkowski

Company Name & Contact Details:

Price: £8.99

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get?

– System Manual to download

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Never Lose Football Betting System by Jon Kluczkowski is a mechanical system based on the draw result in football matches. Can be used with betting exchanges or bookmakers. Potential for all year round use on different leagues. 

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Bank of five to eight times user point value multiplied by number of teams involved in system is advised.

How much money can I make?

No specific claims have been made.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes daily.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection.

Value for money?


Quality of customer service?

Good – prompt response to emails

Review – 26/02/2016

I am afraid there is going to be little that can be added in detail terms for this review as the marketing page tells as much as it can without giving the game away. As you would expect with an Honest Jon product it is straightforward and once you have completed the purchase formalities you are able to access the system documentation immediately. This comes in MS Word or PDF format and so should be easily visible on any device.

The system is constructed around the main betting markets for football matches and should be capable of application to any league worldwide. Ideally you would start the sequence for a given league at the beginning of the season but it is possible to start mid-term (which is what we have done). If the individual user wishes to undertake more research to narrow down the numbers of selections then this is possible but should not be required to keep things effective.

In addition to the main system there is a supplementary suggestion which involves much higher odds betting.

Operating the system could not be simpler. I would suggest setting up a spreadsheet with a tab for each league that is to be used. The initial set up took me around five minutes and the match day entries to keep tabs on where you are about two minutes. The only other thing you need to do is place 1×2 bets on the relevant matches for the series of games and if using the supplementary system there will be three more bets per game. So time is certainly not an issue as has been suggested on the thread.

We are four match days into the system with a little way to go to complete the series. Whilst I cannot show you the detailed spreadsheet the summary results to date (which please remember are an interim position) are as follows:

Main System:

Staked – 64 points
Returned – 55.85 points (completed sub sections are showing approx 25 points profit – some 70% of series)

Supplementary System:

Staked – 14.4 points
Returned – 14.96 points

The staking plan advised is relatively conservative but does involve increasing stakes for the main system as the series develops. Unless the bookmakers become even more scrooge-like that, at present, the final outcome should always be positive. The guidance given on betting banks would seem sound and thus far has barely been touched.

I suspect this is going to be a Marmite product with buyers having strong views at either end of the spectrum.

If you are not aware of the operational method then the one off cost is hardly going to give you sleepless nights!

Update 11/4/2016:

The series has now been completed in round 8 of the matches and without any alarms.

Final positions are as follows:

Main System: Staked 112 points Returned 160.57 points – ROI = 43.3%

Supplementary System: Staked 19.8 points Returned 22.31 points – ROI = 12.67%

After discussions with the author it appears that I have under staked the supplementary system and should have achieved a higher return.

The only decision now is which league to try this on for the summer.

The system has offered good value using just one league and as it can be applied to as many as the user considers appropriate it might just be a little bit of gold.



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Comments (39)

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  1. honest jon says:

    this system, is just like a can of ronseal..

  2. tom42 says:

    honest jon – are you the vendor of this system?

  3. honest jon says:

    yes sir, i am guilty as charged.

  4. olunaija says:

    I love to know the conclusion of the trial and review of this system

  5. wanderer says:

    Look forward to the trial results.

  6. John Colley says:

    Honest John it says never loose have you lost a bet using this system?

  7. honest jon says:

    you naughty boy mr colley, i can see i will have to keep an eye on you, LOL…

    it depends on your definition of bet.

    “an agreement between two parties that a sum of money or other stake will be paid by the loser to the party who correctly predicts the outcome of an event or series of events.”

    therefore the answer is “NO”

  8. SKnowles says:

    Bought to give it a trial last night . Not received yet after sending three emails . Here’s hoping

  9. TheBaker says:

    At 8.99 worth a look. No problem with receiving the downloadable Word document.
    A bit different from the usual.

    If paid by Paypal you should have received an email in acknowledgment with a clickable link – Your Account. That takes you to a download page with the link to the right of the picture of the football.

  10. SKnowles says:

    You’re right I should

    But I didn’t

  11. lisa777 says:


    Have you had chance to look at the system yet pls?

    If so, do you think it has potential?


  12. TheBaker says:

    As indicated above, worth a look at £8.99. However, having checked the results of the Premier League for the first part of the season (Sept to Dec 2014), I won’t be following this system.

    Assuming the odds as indicated by the vendor ( average of 4’s for a draw, which I think is an over-estimate) would have resulted in bets totalling £414 with a return of £434, a profit of £20 without any commission if using Betfair. This is over 4 months and would have required substantial record keeping on a weekly basis in order to eliminate teams and leave the qualifiers.

    Can be used on any league in the world, the system is mechanical and everyone should get the same qualifiers.

    In my opinion, a lot of work for a small return. It may well be that this is a “no lose” system but I won’t be following it in the future. If I’ve got the figures wrong, perhaps “honest jon” could comment?

  13. lisa777 says:


    many thnx for your feedback.

    Sounds too time consuming for me personally.


  14. tom42 says:

    If this is a loss recovery on teams to draw, then it has been done before and I think you would have run out of money when one of the teams had a long run of no draw matches!!!

  15. Swnlobo says:

    I also “had” a look and stand by what Mr. Baker said… 🙁

  16. RJM says:

    Same, here – it is really not worth the input involved.

  17. petermans23 says:

    I have a couple of other similar systems by honestjon and unfortunately I have to say that I have been disappointed with them. There is just no cutting edge in them and in my opinion even if they are quite cheap I still don´t think they are worth the cost. But that is just my opinion. Other people or honestjon himself might think differently.

  18. wanderer says:

    Same here Peterman.They all have the same you will make money spiel but they don’t.Some are also not original and are old systems freely available elsewhere.

  19. honest jon says:

    hi guys (and gals) interesting posts.
    I am not going to get into generalities about my offers, otherwise we will be here all day. But on this specific system I have a couple of points.
    1. regarding its time consuming, I cannot really accept that, it should take a few minutes a day at most.
    2. regarding its a lot of work for a small return,
    a. i dont think that is a lot of work
    b. compared to many, many losing systems, it does actually “always” make money, the profitabilty varies of course, but it does actually never lose.
    I can accept the reasoning that if you are lucky enough to have a few systems that are making you massive roi’s then yes you may want to give them a higher priority than this.

    Good luck to all, and thanks for your comments, all feedback is helpful.

  20. SKnowles says:

    Still not received honest Jon

  21. honest jon says:

    Hi SK, it was shipped 21.03pm, 7/2/16 to your “little” e-mail add.
    I suggest you contact me via the site, please check your spam folder, many isp send all gambling related products automatically to the spam folder.

  22. honest jon says:

    given the nature of this sequential product, an interim review by MMR is very welcome, and as ever with MMR this is a fair review. Without giving too much away, the comment in the review “at present, the final outcome should always be positive. The guidance given on betting banks would seem sound and thus far has barely been touched.” should guide those potentially interested IMHO biased though it is.

  23. honest jon says:

    Regarding the completed review. It was never in doubt, “never” being the key word. Also in my experience the series usually completes in 6-8 sequences. GET in!!!!

  24. bambi9 says:

    Honest John

    What would you roughly say are the monthly profits if you do what you say ?

  25. mad one says:

    ….. I have now read this product, and £8.95 is about the right price for it.

  26. wanderer says:

    Can we have a review of his “a kind of magic” system please.

  27. honest jon says:

    Hi bambi,

    tbh, i think the review has nailed it, of course it depends on the size of your bank, and if you are going to do both aspects of the system, but percentage wise, the review is very accurate. I hope this helps.

  28. honest jon says:

    hi mad one, i am pleased you agree with our pricing policy, value is important both in betting and selling. cheers

  29. Mdiego1979 says:

    @honest jon


  30. Mdiego1979 says:

    I do not share
    there are other topics that speak freely of the system details
    my question was only a generality
    I thought on this site published all posts (not just the favorable)
    I am very disillusioned

  31. wanderer says:

    Same here mate ,similar situation,different system,same vendor strangely.

  32. Michelle Roberts says:

    Hi Mdiego1979

    Your comment was moderated as we felt that it would have given away the methodology of the system which would be unfair to both the vendor and any buyers of the system.

    We moderate comments on other threads too when we see them – if they also give away system details. It’s not just on this thread that it happens.

    If you have any specific queries about the system you should contact the vendor.


  33. Emailonly says:

    Are there any customers out there with a genuine positive comment about this`Never Lose System ` ?

    Most comments I`m reading seem to be focusing on the negatives .

  34. TheBaker says:


    I posted a brief outline of my view about this system (Feb 8th) which was neutral rather than negative. Others posted similar views and I would suggest that the initial review by MMR was also neutral.

  35. honest jon says:

    “it might just be a little bit of gold.”

    final comment from the reviewer.

    I rest my case.

  36. Emailonly says:

    The initial MMR review I`m reading states……

    `The system has offered good value….`

    `….it might just be a little bit of gold `

    `Recommended `

    They don`t sound neutral to me …. more like positive don`t you think ?

  37. TheBaker says:


    Well there you go then, so perhaps buy it and try it?

  38. Emailonly says:

    I detect a hint of arrogance…. you sound like a sore loser captain !!

  39. tosser says:

    interesting thoughts

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