Morning Cash Trader Review

| July 15, 2015 | 30 Replies

Product Name: Morning Cash Trader

Author: John Phillips

Company Name & Contact Details:
Lombard Publishing
Unit 1, Abercorn Industrial Estate,


“I can’t show you how to make £150k a year… But I CAN show you a very quick way to make £500 in the next 30 days from home!”

“In fact… I can guarantee it!” The £500 “Morning Cash” Guarantee

Price: £47

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

What Do You Get?

– Morning Cash Trader manual

Where To Buy: Via postal promotion

Brief Summary:

Morning Cash Trader come from John Phillips (whose picture in the promotional material looks very much like fellow trader John Piper!) It is a trading system that takes advantage of an “occurrence” that happens in the FTSE100 markets.

We will try and get a copy of the Morning Cash Trader manual as soon as possible and one we have it, will review it. Keep checking back for when the review is posted.


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  1. ikejohn says:

    how can get a copy,am in nigeria.

  2. fudstoneboy says:

    Just send your bank account details for us to process your award of squillions, as well as receiving our free guide on coining it in…

  3. 17lodger says:

    Had a look but decided “not for me” so under terms of promotion returned on 8th july for refund. They took my money on 13th July but heard nothing since. Found a phone number on Web & tried contacting but dont answer phones . Any comments?

  4. EyeIreland says:

    You can ask for a charge back from your credit card provider. Just phone your card helpline number and give them the details of your order.
    Read this …

    Obtain the name of the person handling your query, and follow the conversation up with a polite email to your provider with all the details of your order and the lack of response from the vendor, despite their written guarantee in the advertisement material.
    Under EU law, you can claim a refund within 10 days within this cooling off period. Your local trading standards officer will be very helpful too:-

  5. esgt1967 says:

    I signed up to the Morning Cash Trader but didn’t keep copy of the form so haven’t got address to return and get my money back. Was dubious about offer and should have listened to myself!!

  6. MMR admin says:

    @esgt1967 – I found the address for the Morning Cash Trader publishers, Lombard Publishing. You can see it above at the top of this page.

    I hope you can get your money back.

    Michelle Roberts

  7. gordon79rob says:

    After reading through the morning cash system I received two weeks ago I see you need to deposit 600 pounds to start. Nothing was said about this in the original information I received accept that I would only need to invest a two figure amount to start. Very miss leading.after reading system I found it very hard to understand . Not pleased |

  8. Dotty says:

    I’ve just received a letter from John Phillips about Morning Cash today. Has anyone tried it for the 30 days and made any money?

  9. yazgee says:

    Just got the promo letter today but reading some of the above comments/experiences one to avoid I think!

  10. Raymond Sharp says:

    Me too. Why do they do it eh?????

  11. misty1 says:

    October 16,2015
    I do same as above(YAZGEE)avoid morning cash.

  12. lauren fox says:

    I recieved this sales letter a couple of days ago. I thought I would check it out online just because there is no website, no option to pay online (which seemed odd seeing as it’s a much faster way to get sales).

  13. slimboydim says:

    Got snail mail this morning about this system.
    Checked it online, and MMR was the first enrty
    on Google…
    Guessing this is a dead loss?

  14. pmunslow says:

    received the mailshot today boasting of a “guaranteed”  £500 pounds per month for a one off payment of £47 pounds for only “10 mins” internet usage a day. Based on Days Trading on FTSE 100.
    Sounds too good to be true. Has anyone got any feedback on using the system?

  15. Dan Emailonly says:

    The sales copy is very dishonest, the information is very badly written and you will find Lombard Publishing to be very aggressive and abusive when you call them for a refund. Maybe they are just getting a high number of refund requests on this product and the guy is having a bad day already, but I just had a very unpleasant conversation with someone at Lombard Publishing (who would not give their name). The worst customer service I have ever encountered from this company. You will do well to avoid.

    The “system” is based around spread betting on the FTSE100. but after reading the information twice, I am still not sure exactly how to use it, I do not feel comfortable risking my money.

    You will need to stump up hundreds of pounds to get started and this money will be at risk.

  16. Dan Emailonly says:

    To everyone who has been ripped off my Lombard Publishing. You can write a review of the company at Yell. Together we can bring this dishonest company down. Abusive thieves should not be allowed to do business.

  17. ronwood50 says:

    Was going to give this a punt but after reading the above, don’t think I’ll bother. Thanks.

  18. Duncan Emailonly says:

    A brilliant sales letter/information. Some will be taken in by it all. Has all the usual hallmarks for ripping people off. It is what is not said in the sales letter that is important. No mention of how much cash you will need to invest to start working on such a financial trading system. Could I suggest that you wait to see how many people who were taken in said they had made the money as expected in the letter and also see how many people had problems getting their £47 back under the guarantee offered.
    All the best

  19. Warbie says:

    Have just checked out John Piper in view of the comment about the picture of John Phillips looking like John Piper and this seems remarkably similar to Profit Before Work, originally from Agora Lifestyles costing £247 and no longer available,and with some similar comments to the above… pity, it sounded really good!!!!

  20. thethumb says:

    I got a mail shot about this today and I’m glad I read these comment…thanks everyone you’ve saved me at least £47 🙂

  21. ash1966 says:

    I too was somehow tempted…but the badly written and presented material instantly made me doubt its authenticity. Thankfully I did my research…

  22. zaveisit says:

    Thank you for the review,don’t like the sound of Lombard Publishig not being very profesional and rude.Thank you for saving me 47GBpounds.

  23. Emailonly says:

    I ordered a copy on 15th January 2016.
    Still not received it, as of 28th January 2016, despite having made five phone calls, to be put through to “Andrew” who “just can’t understand why the order wasn’t sent out”.

    I have a suspicion for “Andrew”. My suspicion is that they are deliberately withholding the product until the 14 day statutory ‘cooling off period’ has elapsed, thus making it more difficult to claw back any refund.

    I have bought various systems over the last 10 years, mainly from Streetwise, but have never once asked for a refund from any of them. If I do not receive it by the end of next week I will demand a refund, and put a claim in the small claims court for it. I will also ask the court for a day’s lost pay, currently £200.

  24. millerman says:

    Have just received this in the post and am not impressed, it is the usual hype, loads of glossy pages that actually say nothing at all. Everything it describes is on the first page and after that it is just a repeat of the first with the language mixed up a bit.

    As has been said, the photo looks remarkably like John Piper and the blurb is very familiar. It sounds like the stuff that he was promoting several years ago that I bought into. At that time it was based on the German Dax Index and a certain signal that ocurred as the markets opened in the morning.
    I gave it a fair trial and after losing £200.00 decided it was time to cut my losses.

    These people have nothing to lose, it is pure gambling. If you are lucky you could make money within 30 days. but after that, if your luck changes it can cost you dearly and you have no comeback. It may only cost £47.00 to purchase but then you have to invest more of your own money and that is certainly at risk.

  25. LenzieLad says:

    Please print this off and display it somewhere prominant, preferably next to your letterbox:


  26. MajorSauce says:

    Aha… Just got this letter in the mail today. I was considering giving this a try, despite my gut instinct telling me it would likely be a huge rip off.

    The fancy looking sales copy i received had all the tell-tale signs of being one, in fact. Sixteen pages of poorly written sales pitch that could have been said in two paragraphs, endless repitition to the point where you actually start to feel irritated reading it. I never knew there were so many ways to say “it takes less than ten minutes” or “you can make £500 a month”.

    Other reasons to avoid: no website or contact email address. Really??? In this day and age???

    The payment form gives an option to send cash in the post… Yeah, it really does. If you’re going to pay for this “guide” with cash you might as well give each note and coin a kiss goodbye before placing them in the envelope.

    I considered giving this a try, but after reading a couple of the above comments my instincts were confirmed. It also seems apart from being badly written by an amateur who’s never heard the terms “proof-reading” or “editing”, it is also extremely dishonest. People have mentioned having to put in a £600 investment upon starting which is mentioned NOWHERE in the initial sales pitch.

    I am very glad i decided to do some research before buying this. I searched “John Phillips Lombard Publishing” in Google and this page was the first and only relevant result to this product lol.

    So, in summation: Save your £47 and buy something that will serve you better, like lottery tickets.

  27. saltaireman says:

    Just received the same Quick Profit Trader from Lombard and John Phillips! The cost has now jumped from £47 to £179!!!!!!

  28. hollis379 says:

    I’ve recently received a brochure from Peter Gold, advertising his “Work-with-a-trader” system. I searched this site for his name and this was one of the threads that came up. However, I can’t see his name anywhere in the comments in this thread nor the other threads that came up, so don’t understand what’s going on!

    Regarding the brochure, it all sounds wonderful (don’t they always?) but I’m not clear whether he’s selling you a training package (for £87 per month, or less if paying for longer periods)or just sending you his trades to copy. Has anyone come across him? His name sounds rather suspicious! Any comments?

  29. clearice says:



    Look at …

    and this will tell you all you need to know !!!!

  30. hollis379 says:

    Thanks for that. Mr Gold’s brochure will now be acquainted with the other stuff in my recycling bin.

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