Minimum Wage Millionaire Review

| November 2, 2010 | 12 Replies

Product Name: Minimum Wage Millionaire

Author: Lewis Geary

Company Name & Contact Details:
Fortis Publications Ltd
Unit 3 Hainault Works
Hainault Road,
Little Heath,


Wanted – Volunteers to put this easy money strategy to the test for 12 months

Price: £67

Money Back Guarantee: 12 months refund unconditionally on return of manual

What Do You Get:

– Hard copy manual plus email financial tips service

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Minimum Wage Millionaire by Lewis Geary is a system devised with the aims of reducing debt quickly, controlling personal spending, generating an additional cash income of £9-15k per year and providing a potential retirement fund for users. The author claims this can be achieved without giving up the day job, without excessive time commitment and no additional funding needed.

What’s It All About?  

Purchasers receive a 180+ page manual which sets out 5 stages aimed towards becoming financially independent. The manual is written in an easy style and with down to earth language and is a guide rather than a specific set of recommendations.

It is stressed that the individual needs to establish their own action plan from the information given and is responsible for seeing this through.

Monthly monitoring is recommended and forms are included to allow the individual to asses their situation and then track progress through the program.

To date no email tips have been received.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 


How Much Money Can I Make? 

No specific claims made. Money saving is the initial aim.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Will depend on individual circumstances but should not be substantial

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Nothing specific but internet connection useful for following up recommendations.

Value For Money?  

Debatable – much of the info is available elsewhere but not in 1 place.

Quality Of Customer Service?  

Not tested


My initial reaction to this manual was positive, especially the mantra regarding self help being necessary to succeed in removing the burden of debt from your shoulders.

Underlying the whole process is the improvement of your “Discretionary Cash” a neat name for what is yours to spend as you want at the end of the month.

What the manual then sets out are 5 stages starting with getting out of debt, through saving money and finally to achieving “Fun Money”.

I must emphasise that the manual makes suggestions without being too specific and leaves you to decide how to implement your plans so if you are looking for a 1-2-3 do this type of programme it will not be for you.

The manual should not be read as a one off – I had to though!! – as it takes you through the stages of improving your financial position.

The importance of a monthly check up of your position is stressed and this is made relatively easy for you to do with bespoke forms to use – you need the discipline to do it however.

Progress to subsequent sections will occur at varying times depending on both the seriousness of your starting position and your application to the stratagies.

So with the preamble about how your life will improve forever taken in we start on the Get out of Debt section.

There is good advice here especially about communication with your creditors and suggestions for minimising the burden. All in all the debt counselling is good.

The following sections continue through the process of increasing your available cash using different strategies. Working from home is covered with Ebay and Amazon Books income streams recommended.

About this point I began to have some misgivings about the manual – much of what is commonsense advice neatly drawn together seems to stem from the assumption that every business is bordering on the dishonest and it is pretty much their fault you are in the position you are in.

If you really want to believe this then that is up to you but the reality is that most people make their own situation what it is and whilst outside influences may aggravate things the basic position is down to you.

If you take the argument to its extreme then everyone working should be ashamed of their job as they are really trying to fleece unsuspecting customers. A business that does not make a profit will run out of cash – much the same as people needing this manual may well have done.

There is also some conflicting advice given. For example there is a significant section arguing that it is a waste of money to take out a mortgage and just renting is fine. Further on in the manual it is suggested that people should remortgage to reduce their monthly outgoings. Finally it is suggested that borrowers should consider a multi currency mortgage as a means of reducing their capital debt level.

Now this is in effect gambling with your home – I know of people who have seen the capital debt on their mortgage increase by 10% in 1 week when using this type of product. It is for sophisticated financial beings who would not be using this manual. To suggest gambling with your home is hardly responsible and leads me to question the whole underlying ethos of the manual.

I am also uneasy about some of the money growth suggestions – for example Forex and Binary trading are highlighted among others and as we all know from these pages there are both good and bad products available.

In summary, whilst the manual is a good collective summary of general financial advice I do not see it as achieving the stated aims in many cases.


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  1. Steve says:

    I typed in the password, but I still did not get a full review? Do you know why?

  2. Steve says:

    I cannot see the full review, even though i typed in the password.

  3. Jack Whiteman says:

    Hi Steve

    We are in the process of reviewing this and hopefully will have the full review posted on here in the next week or so, so please keep checking back.


  4. Colin says:

    This is a Cannonbury address……..

  5. Jack Whiteman says:

    That address is for a distribution centre, seems like a lot of different companies use it.

  6. Terry Webster says:

    Having reviewed this manual over several weeks, I am trying to get a refund….The email address in the letter being non-existent. Most of what is promoted in this book I do already, hence the move to a refund. I would say that for people that need this, it could be a serious help to them! The only way anyone can decide that, is, if they buy n try – as it were.

  7. colin says:

    Also has same reg office I believe……

  8. Geoffrey says:

    Hi, I also will be returning the M.W.M. although I am an Octogenarian I have already fashioned my finances on most of the suggestions. It just seems a matter of common sense to me so why pay £67.00.

  9. Tony says:

    Does he need your £67 more than you realise?

  10. Brian says:

    I too purchased this some time ago, and sent it back. £67.00? Hardly worth £6.70.
    Unfortunately, Lewis Geary promotes and tries to sell a lot of stuff, which at the end of the day is just a waste of time – and money.

  11. brimar says:

    To bring people up to date, I, like many others, received an email today from Lewis Geary trying to flog his Minimum Wage Millionaire yet again, after 18 months, but this time for a humbling £19.95! Still grossly overpriced – and to think he was originally asking £67. No wonder so many people sent it back.
    If it had been priced realistically for what it was, at say £9.95, far more people would have bought it, and very few, if any, would have sent it back – for obvious reasons.
    And the reason for this? His publisher is moving warehouses on Friday and there are ‘only’ 63 copies left(all covered in dust), and the forklifts are moving in – yes, forklifts! It would take 1 person about 10 minutes to remove them by hand, ideally to a shredder or incinerator, or give them away. If nothig else, Mr Geary does seem to have a sense of humour!
    As regards Fortis Publications, you might as well substitute Canonbury Publishing.

  12. foxxym says:

    Funny how he never mentions all his project Alpha customers he left in the lurch.

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