Michael Callen's Racing Insider Review

| May 28, 2010 | 25 Replies

Product Name: Michael Callen’s Racing Insider

Author: Michael Callen

Company Name & Contact Details:

Michael Callen Events
Centurion House
London Road
TW18 4AX

Phone: 01784 862040

Price: The promotion only offers a free trial and does not indicate how much the service costs after this time.

Where To Buy: http://www.michaelcallen.co.uk/

Brief Summary:

Michael Callen is offering a free trial to his horse racing tipster service, although there is no indication of how long the trial is for. It seems that you are offered tips to back winning horses but also have the opportunity to lay other horses in the same race for even greater profits.

We are currently looking into this and will report back soon. Do you have any experience of this service? Help out fellow members by leaving a comment below…



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Comments (25)

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  1. Billy B says:

    I got this in the post this morning and saw it on here today. Looks decidely dodgy and im not willing to try it until i hear back from someone about it.

    Have you got any more information on this Jack?

  2. amelia says:

    Got a letter from a Christopher Edwards offering a free trial. His accountant just happens to be a Michael Callan. I had 2 free tips that both won, now he wants £1500 to continue the service for a year. Would really appreciate any comments before I commit.

  3. amm says:

    I also received Michael Callen’s bunf a few months ago, but chose to ignore it. However. I received the same again a few weeks ago & noticed he had changed his bunf a little, but only to update his results to date. These results are impressive, but beleivable. He did not write this second time to shout about his progress, just to re-offer me his free trial. What I’m implying is that having read his first offering, there was almost no need to read everything word for word again in his second. Yet subtly there were the updated & ongoing ‘profits’. Mmm, in my experience of 35 years in this game (& still learning) most ‘tipsters’ get a job lot of bunf printed out & bombard our letter boxes for as long as they see fit, regardless of any updates. Michael Callen however seems different to me in that he comes accross as conscientious. I hope however, that he does’nt shorten that word to the first three letters!!! Why? Because I signed up for his free trial yesterday. He rang me in person today & assured me a win of around £1000 at the end of the trial. He then gave me his first selection ‘Warcraft’, which went on to win at Clonmel tonight. I backed it at 5/4 & staked £200.00. I’ll report again after my next selection. But before I go, if Amelia’s possible connection with Michael Callen is correct, then he is at least doing the business as it were…

  4. Billy B says:

    Thanks amm. Please try and update us on Mr Michael Callans service as much as you can.

    Also let us know how much he tries to charge you after the free trial has ended. Thanks.

  5. amelia says:

    I had a voicemail from Christopher Edward racing as I hadn’t replied to sign on after the two horse trial. It said “Hello, Michael Callans office here” I am presuming now that the two are interlinked. Amm. after your trial I wouldn’t mind betting you will be charged £1500 to continue. Would be interested if you sign up, whether the winners will still keep coming as in the trial. Hope you keep us updated.

  6. amm says:

    Just a quickie, as I really should be in bed…Michael Callen rang me yesterday (Friday) morning to ask me what I thought about our winner & whether I had got on. Yes I got on, I told him, along with that we had got off to a good start. He assured me our next horse would win just as easily, that it will run on Saturday 12th June, in other words today, & that I should back it with £500.00!!!
    Now Ive staked that & more in my betting lifetime, but when I’m entrusting someone elses opinion, as opposed to my own, well I just dont know. As yet I have not made my mind up whether to comply or not, although my gut feeling is to back it for less, a lot less. We shall see. I will let you guys know the outcome of this ASAP. Wish me luck…

  7. amm says:

    I wanted to post this earlier, but was caught up with the world cup fever, followed by a few drinks :-).
    Michael Callen rang me on Saturday & gave me the horse that I was to back. It ran in the first at Hexam, namely, ‘Dorabelle’. It won @ 8/11. Although it won it had to be shaken up to do so. You will recall that I was to back it with 500, & that I was probably going to back it with less. However due to its price & because I also fancied it, I went ahead & backed it with the full £500.00. I backed it on Betfair & achieved slightly better than 8/11. Therefore thats a profit of around £675.00 after two bets. Not bad, but negative results would get costly & thats a worry. If Amelia is correct, & he charges me £1500.00 for his annual membership, I would also worry as to whether the winners would dry up. But thats just negative thinking because its obviously not fair to assume is it?
    Amelia, you say he gave you two winners. I’m curious about two things. What price were they? & were you also told what stakes to use?
    Billy B, you say in your first post that you received the bunf from MC & that you thought it was decidedly dodgy. Out of curiosity I wonder what part of it made your alarm bells ring & why? I’d really like to know.
    Michael Callen will ring me again on Monday, so we will see what happens then.

  8. raceman says:

    Keep me posted pleasewith the results

  9. amelia says:

    The two winners I had were at 7/4 and 4/5. I was told to put between £300 and £500 on. I put £200 on each horse, which bumped my betfair account up nicely. My only worry is that once parted with the money, the winners will suddenly dry up and there is no comeback. By the way, when I said £1500 was to much to pay in one go, he said he was happy for me to pay £750 for the first six months.

  10. amm says:

    Thanks Amelia, I appreciate your input. Its really helpfull.

  11. confused says:


    So are michael callan and christopeher edward the same service or are they two seperate services?

  12. amm says:

    Hi Confused. From what Amelia says its very probable that they are one & the same. Confusing…
    When he speaks to me its with a well spoken medium pitched voice which has a south of England twang. Possibly a touch of cockney in it too. What say you Amelia?
    Anyway, anyone who is following this will be aware that MC was due to call me today after Saturdays winner. Unfortunately, he didnt call, I (heres that word again) ‘assume’ there was no suitable selection. Therefore, heres to tomorrow & another day. Will post if anything comes up.
    Finally, I hope someone else with experience of MC reads these posts soon, & hopefully shed even more light on this interesting character.

  13. amm says:

    Tuesday…No bets today.

  14. amm says:

    Wednesday…Still no bet.

  15. Chris says:

    My experience with Micheal callen : Did the trial, two winners £200.00 on each. Said his service costs £5000.00 per year, but I could pay in installments from the winners, fair enough I thought ! As I was getting confident, decided to use £500.00 stakes. Had another winner and duly paid him £1,500. Had a loser then a winner. Paid another £1,000. Then had 2 losers in a row. I am now £1,500 down on my account. I have never heard from him since. Tried a mobile number I had, office just has an answerphone. So I would stay well clear, if anyone can get hold of a mobile for him it would be much appreciated.

  16. Rae says:

    My experience is that he rang me and gave me one horse which lost.He wanted me to put at least £200 on it.I was busy with someone at the time but later when I reflected on the conversation the mans voice and what he said sounded very like a man from Richard Arlington who have a very impressive website but gave me two winners and four losers leaving me £250 down and refusing to respond to my calls and e mails.

  17. ken says:

    I got one horse- Lost, emailed him, heard nothing, received the same mailshot again which i am studiously ignoring.
    Bunf??? bumph,bumph,bumph

  18. Clive says:

    how can you say his results are impressive? April Evs, 3/1, 11/4, 7/4, 13/8, 6/4.

    I have given a treble Ascot on Day 1 and Day 2 plus a 5/1 in Ireland for a 396/1 fourfold from 7 races. Yankee paid over £900.

    A 4,022/1 fivefold from 8 races. Heinz paid £10,660 for £1 unit stakes.

    For the same unit stakes my subscribers have had the chance to make £12,000 in 2 weeks just by concentrating on the information I have given.

    These tips can all be verifyed by emailing the people who have purchased from me on E-bay, information also appears of my new site I’m developing http://www.RacingHorseTips.co.uk


  19. Burnt Fingers says:

    The man is a con merchant, pure and simple. AVOID
    He wont sue me because he wont show his face. Mr Callen, if that is your real name you are a con merchant.

  20. amm says:

    Thursday, still no bet…
    As from now, Im out! I guess Ive been lucky.
    Thanks Chris, I was getting confident too, but after reading recent posts on here, including yours,Im definately out!
    Also thanks to Rae, Ken & Burnt fingers too!(ouch).
    As for Clive, you were obviously referring to one of my posts when I said his results were impressive. In my opinion they were, that is overall, not a particular month. I agree with you April was a bit skinny, but then an earlier month gave: 8/1, 11/1, 7/4, 9/1, 5/6, 9/4. His overall average price came out at roughly 7/2. Now thats not too bad. Ive done very well at around 4/1 in my betting lifetime, well enough not to work since 2004, & no debt or mortgage, & Im 52 years old! It all comes down to value at the end of the day. If the price offered gives you an opportunity to profit above your break even price, based on prices over time with your selection method, then it is value. We all have our ways to profit, but the above must be a common denominator for most. Your method Clive seems to profit expotentially, by way of multiplication. With respect you wont succed regularly, but when you do the rewards are great, as in your examples. If you were to succeed regularly with the potential profits you mention, surely you wouldnt need clients as it wouldnt be worth the hassle, unless of course, you are a mother Teresa of the tipping world!

  21. amm says:

    Chris! I may get hold of his mobile number soon. If I do I will place it on here for you.

  22. raceman says:

    A con,they are giving 2 selections in one race to 100 different people say, 12 runner race 6/4/ 13/8 and 10/1 bar

  23. alan says:

    Has anybody heard off or had dealings with Michael Callen Racing Insider about the service he offers or the free trial he is offering.

  24. Mark says:

    Avoid Michael Callen it is a scam. I joined the free service and had 3 out of 4 winners 2/1 15/8 and 11/4. I then heard nothing and was unable to contact them as i was impressed with the results i went through the joining process again. Someone different phoned me and said they’d all been on holiday and got stuck abroad because of the ash cloud. he gave me a 5/4 winner. I was then told it would cost £1000 to join for the year. Still being careful i agreed to pay £500 initially cause i could n’t argue with the results. Since joining i received 4 short priced losers and have been unable to contact them. I notice April’s results are on the web site. These bare no resemblance to the tips i was given.

  25. Jasper says:

    I joined the free service and had 4/5 winners at reasonable odds. I was told it was £1000 to join for the year but I could pay £150 down with balance over a few months.I was also told that when we built up a relationship they would ask me to place bets on their behalf but would send me the stake first. I was then contacted with a story about a big bet to be placed abroad on a horse that could not lose but would be at very long odds.My initial contact was from Alan Tizzard of Michael Callen’s Office but I was phoned by MC about the foreign bet.I agreed to place £1000. I was texted the name of the horse which i was told would not be released until immediately before the race to protect the odds. The name duly came through but was recived about 10 minutes after the race was run. The text could have been delayed in the system. It won at 80-1 on the foreign bookey market (33-1)at home and I was then asked if I would pay a commission of 5.5% of the winnings to facilitate the transfer of the winnings through a UK Bookmaker to save a liability for tax. I foolishly agreed to transfer the funds. I was then told that the winnings would have to be placed on a “safe” very short odds bet to legitimise the payment for UK tax purposes. I kept being told this would happen within a few days but I have now had no contact for over a week. I have now threatened to report them to the police if I do not get my money returned within the next 48 hours. Unfortunately I did not see these comments before getting involved. A phone number is 07563769830.

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