Maynard’s Racing Tips Review

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Product Name: Maynard’s Racing Tips

Author: Andrew Maynard

Company Name & Contact Details
contact via Twitter – @MaynardsTips1

What Do You Get?

– horse race win betting advice

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Maynard’s Racing Tips, from Andrew Maynard, identifies three races per day with two selections per race.

What’s It All About?

This service has been set up by long-running member, ‘Maynard’.

Selections are published daily around 11.45am on Maynard’s blog.

Win betting is advised rather than each way. Value is integral to him so favourites are never selected.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Suggested 2% of previous day’s closing  bank.

How much money can I make?

Aim is to make £500 per month based on £20 initial stakes.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Minutes Daily.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection.

This thread is to allow comments to be added for member Maynard’s Racing Tips.



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  1. Maynard says:

    Just out of interest, this is what I’m backing today:


    Sabroclair, 7-1
    Maizy Missile, 9-1


    Bertie Lugg, 13-2
    Garde Ville, 9-1


    Same Difference, 13-2
    Wizards Bridge, 7-1

    Norse Light, 11-2
    Nefyn Bay, 6-1

    Sir Dylan, 8-1
    Glimpse Of Gold, 10-1


    Lyric Street, 11-2
    Theatre Act, 7-1

    Act Of Supremacy, 9-2
    What Happens Now, 7-1

    Odds as with “best odds guaranteed” bookies on oddschecker dot com. I don’t suggest anyone else backs these, because there are days when they all lose. The point is that they’re all “value” bets, meaning that the odds on each is greater than their chances of winning. As I’ve said many times before, backing short-priced favourites is the short route to the poor house, because faves are very rarely “value”.

  2. jwhite8359 says:

    Hi Maynard

    Can I ask how you pick your selections?

    Do you use an advice service, ratings or old fashioned form study?

    Win or lose it would be good to see you put them up regularly.


  3. Maynard says:

    Hi John

    A friend of mine is a whiz computer programmer (or “coder” as he calls himself). I gave him a brief to write a program which would calculate “true” odds, based on the form of horse, jockey, trainer, jockey-trainer combo, going, course preferences, plus a host of other less obvious data.

    I compare the resultant daily printout with oddschecker dot com. Where there’s a horse with odds significantly greater than “true”, I see if a runner either side of it in the betting is also over-priced. If so, both horses are selected, because 2 horses in one race cuts down losing runs whilst maintaining “value”.

  4. Bear1 says:


    As you have asked, I will give you my views on your post, dated 4 May at 11.22am but before I do, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

    1. When you decided to sign up to the £97 per month service, had you heard of Colin Davey, previously? If so, how much did you know about him?

    2. Have you read the previous comments on this thread?

    3. Have you ever read comments about Colin Davey on any other forum?


    Colin Davey wants to join your service because he doesn’t understand all this ‘value’ palaver. How much will you charge him?

  5. Maynard says:

    LOL @ Bear1 🙂
    I’d like to charge Davey a grand a month, but I don’t think he’d pay!

  6. bredbreeze says:

    Thankyou Maynard.I backed all your selections and had my best day for a long time.

  7. Maynard says:

    Today’s results on the horses I posted at 2pm:


    Sabroclair, 7-1
    Maizy Missile, 9-1


    Bertie Lugg, 13-2 … 1st 7-1 … 7 points profit
    Garde Ville, 9-1


    Same Difference, 13-2
    Wizards Bridge, 7-1

    Norse Light, 11-2
    Nefyn Bay, 6-1 … 1st 7-2 … 6 points profit

    Sir Dylan, 8-1
    Glimpse Of Gold, 10-1


    Lyric Street, 11-2 … 1st 9-2 … 5.5 points profit
    Theatre Act, 7-1

    Act Of Supremacy, 9-2
    What Happens Now, 7-1 … 1st 11-2 … 7 points profit

    Subtracting the losers, that’s a day’s profit of 15.5 points. Betting at £10 per point (and I only EVER bet 1 point per selection), that’s a day’s profit of £155.

  8. Maynard says:

    bredbreeze, I’m very pleased to hear that you made a few bob on my selections. Very brave of you to back ’em, as you didn’t know whether I was any good!

  9. bredbreeze says:

    You have got to be better than so called experts,who cannot tell a donkey from a horse.

    He who dares!

  10. Bear1 says:


    LOL…..brilliant stuff, bud. 🙂

    Colin who?

  11. Maynard says:

    Thanks Bear1 🙂

  12. ribboco says:

    Maynard I must join in and say well done I done the first winner in running at 4.1 on Betfair I then had a study with the Racing post on the remaining five races and picked the winning selection in each race in a £2 win Canadian I also had 5 fourfolds on same at £2 and a £2ew fivefold I had £968 back if sir Dylan had hung on it would have been over £20,000 lost by a neck that’s racing and that’s life ,very well done that’s my best win since £24ew at 100-1 on Danny willet in the masters ,you know what this means Maynard we all expect tomorrow now and if you do post ,we will get a dose of Murphy’s law the sod’s will lose but you never know? do you

  13. Maynard says:

    ribboco, brilliant to read of your profits! Yes, I’ll post my horses up in the morning (at about 11.45) but I have to say, today was a bit of a lucky fluke! I usually only make around 30 points profit per month (some months less, some months more), so I hope no-one has their hopes too high. There will be losing days, maybe 2 or 3 losing days in succession, so please be careful.

  14. Paul T says:

    Yes, Thank You very much Maynard. I had What happens now as a lay in one of my systems, so saved me a few bob too.
    Might just try this backing lark! Good luck Sir.

  15. jwhite8359 says:

    Top stuff Maynard.

  16. Maynard says:

    Thanks Paul T and jwhite8359 🙂

  17. hollis379 says:

    @Bear 1
    To answer your questions, yes I had heard of Colin Davey. I’d even subscribed to some of his services in the past. They proved not to be profitable but I was willing to give the guy another chance. I enrolled at the end of February but my first payment of £97 wasn’t due to be taken till 18 March. In that trial period he gave out 9 selections, of which 7 won. Only 3 were odds-on. Those results are pretty impressive so, even though April’s results made a small loss, I’m not going to write him off just yet. Time will tell whether I’m right or not.

  18. Bear1 says:

    After yesterday’s performance, Davey’s monthly subscription fee has increased to two grand.

    The little tw*t says that Maynard’s service now represents POOR VALUE and to leave well alone. 🙂

  19. Bear1 says:


    Okay, I’m getting a feel from where you’re coming from, although the feeling I get is still one of complete and utter bewilderment.

    Before I tell you what I really think – just a few more questions, if I may:

    1. Does Colin email his selections or does he deliver them via a recorded telephone message?

    2. If it is via a recorded message, for how long does Colin speak, on average?

    3. Do you know the price per minute you have to pay to listen to the telephone message?

    4. You say that during the trial period, he gave out 9 selections of which 7 won but only 3 were odds-on. What were the prices of the other 4 winners?

    5. What stakes are you using to cover the cost of the £97 subscription plus the cost of the telephone calls, given that Colin’s selections are almost always short priced favourites.

    6. Since the end of February, how much profit have you made after subtracting your costs?

  20. Maynard says:

    Here are my bets today:


    Benenden, 4-1
    Cody Wyoming, 11-2


    Chelwood Gate, 6-1
    Space War, 15-2


    Gabrial The Duke, 7-1
    Indira, 15-2


    Yeeoow, 8-1
    Shore Step, 8-1


    Illusive, 8-1
    New Strategy, 17-2

    Wishing Well, 15-2
    Dew Pond, 8-1

  21. bredbreeze says:

    Thank you Maynard for taking the trouble

  22. Maynard says:

    bredbreeze, you’re very welcome.

  23. An123 says:

    Well done so far

  24. Maynard says:

    Thank An123 – 2 tasty winners so far, and still 2 races to go 🙂

  25. Maynard says:


    Benenden, 4-1
    Cody Wyoming, 11-2 — NON-RUNNER (stake returned)


    Chelwood Gate, 6-1
    Space War, 15-2 … 1st 5-1 … 7.5 pts profit


    Gabrial The Duke, 7-1
    Indira, 15-2 … 1st 7-1 … 7.5 pts profit


    Yeeoow, 8-1
    Shore Step, 8-1


    Illusive, 8-1
    New Strategy, 17-2

    Wishing Well, 15-2
    Dew Pond, 8-1

    DAY’S PROFIT 6 points 🙂

  26. bredbreeze says:

    Never done so well-two days in profit .Thanks to Maynard.

  27. Maynard says:

    Today’s (Saturday):


    Jailawe, 7-1
    Capo Rosso, 7-1


    Classic Pursuit, 11-2
    Coiste Bodhar, 8-1

    Ataman, 7-1
    Artful Prince, 8-1

    Shaw Ting, 7-1
    Diamond Runner, 7-1


    Vodka Wells, 11-2
    Chestnut Ben, 6-1


    Miles To Memphis, 15-2
    Clemency, 8-1


    Ruby’s Day, 7-1
    Jess, 8-1

  28. magtino says:


    When are you going to start charging for these bets. 😉

  29. Maynard says:

    Hi magtino, I don’t intend to charge. I generate the bets for my own use then share them here. My odds can’t be affected because I put the money on before posting.

  30. Maynard says:

    … and bingo, the first bet wins at 7-1 🙂

  31. Maynard says:

    … but the rest lose. DAY’S LOSS 6 points.

  32. Maynard says:

    My bets for today (Sunday):


    Onwiththeparty, 5-1
    Fifi Lamour, 5-1

    Kinari, 8-1
    Veauce De Sivola, 17-2

    De Blacksmith, 7-1
    Killabraher Cross, 8-1


    Moss On The Mill, 8-1
    Iniciar, 8-1

    Robinshill, 13-2
    Unison, 7-1

  33. Maynard says:

    Sunday’s results: De Blacksmith was a non-runner. Our only winner was Unison, which was showing at 7-1 on Oddschecker when I calculated today’s selections. However, when I placed my bets I could only get 11-2. I’ve just checked the horse’s odds history (click the horse’s name on Oddschecker) and I can’t find it being 7-1 anywhere – it was 11-2 with Bet Victor when I put the selections up here. I’ve no idea why the discrepancy occurred, but I’m now recording the early price at 11-2.

    So … today’s loss = 1.5 points.

  34. Maynard says:

    My bets for today:


    Doctor Kehoe, 7-1
    Aumerie, 8-1


    Harry Bosch, 13-2
    Miss Lillie, 15-2


    Ellaal, 6-1
    Gone With The Wind, 17-2

    Mr Sundowner, 7-1
    Adventureman, 8-1

    Princess Peaches, 7-1
    Smalljohn, 7-1


    Force, 7-1
    Sydney Ruffdiamond, 7-1


    Grams And Ounces, 11-2
    Queen Olivia, 7-1

  35. Maynard says:

    I’ve just put up my bets for today but they’re “awaiting moderation” !!!

  36. bredbreeze says:

    Thankyou Maynard for todays.

  37. S&M says:

    @ Maynard

    Thanks for sharing your selections, it’s appreciated.

    Just a thought….. Maybe the moderators were “getting on” before the prices were made general knowledge and had gone? 🙂

    Just kidding mod’s!!

    Good luck for today Maynard.

  38. Maynard says:

    Thanks bredbreeze and S&M 🙂

  39. Maynard says:

    Yesterday’s results: Windsor abandoned (slippery ground on bend). Only 1 winner (Ellaal, early 6-1, sp 9-2). Day’s loss 5 points. Quick overview since we started:

    Thur 5th, 15.5 pts profit
    Fri 6th, 6 pts profit
    Sat 7th, 6 pts loss
    Sun 8th, 1.5 pts loss
    Mon (yesterday) 5 pts loss

    Overall, 9 pts profit in 5 days

    I’ll put today’s up at around 11.45 as usual.

  40. Maynard says:


    Double Court, 7-1
    Midnight Folie, 8-1


    Ever So Much, 6-1
    Ciceron, 8-1

    Scorpion’s Sting, 7-2
    Gin Cobbler, 13-2


    Virtuose Du Chenet, 9-2
    Rocky Rebel, 9-2


    Ixelles Diamond, 9-2
    Owners Day, 6-1

    Thimaar, 13-2
    Taste The Wine, 8-1

  41. Maynard says:

    Today’s results:


    Double Court, 7-1
    Midnight Folie, 8-1


    Ever So Much, 6-1
    Ciceron, 8-1

    Scorpion’s Sting, 7-2
    Gin Cobbler, 13-2 … 1st 15-2 … 7.5 pts profit


    Virtuose Du Chenet, 9-2
    Rocky Rebel, 9-2


    Ixelles Diamond, 9-2
    Owners Day, 6-1 … 1st 8-1 … 8 pts profit

    Thimaar, 13-2
    Taste The Wine, 8-1

    Day’s profit = 5.5 pts
    Profit in 6 days = 14.5 pts

  42. jwhite8359 says:

    Nice going Maynard. 30 points a month would put you in the top echelons of tipsters.

  43. Maynard says:

    Thanks jwhite8359 🙂 Today:


    Withy Mills, 7-1
    Val Darc, 8-1

    Going Nowhere Fast, 9-2
    Aces Over Eights, 13-2


    Gunner Moyne, 6-1
    Bookmaker, 13-2


    Invincible Wish, 9-2
    Castle Talbot, 7-1


    Maraweh, 11-2
    Destiny Awaits, 6-1

  44. bredbreeze says:

    Thanks Maynard-I’m on.

  45. bredbreeze says:

    Thanks Maynard-am on.

  46. Maynard says:

    Just one winner – Maraweh. Early 11-2, sp 6-1.
    Day’s loss 3 points.

  47. Maynard says:

    I’ve analysed results so far this month (excluding yesterday’s winner – I’m short of time this morning!) to see which type of odds made most money:

    1. “Best Odds Guaranteed” (B.O.G.), which I use to report results here

    2. Betfair early prices (which I use for my personal betting)

    3. Betfair SP

    Surprisingly, Betfair SP made most profit! Here’s the breakdown:

    Betfair SP: 111.89 points profit AFTER their 5% commission (before deducting losers)

    B.O.G. 107.30 points profit

    Betfair early prices AFTER their 5% commission: 98.51 points profit

    This evening (when I have more time!) I’ll post up the comparative profits for each winner so far this month.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Today’s tips (only 3 races)


    Polstar, 7-1
    Jet Master, 8-1

    Apache Pilot, 11-2
    Resolute Reformer, 8-1


    Goodwood Mirage, 9-2
    Rhythmical, 13-2

  48. George Gladwin says:

    Maynard, I didnt realise you had monopolised the Colin Davey page!

    I now realise why the Chris Beek page has gone very quiet.

    Today Colin Davey gave a 10% of the bank selection that came 5th at 5/4 and yesterday gave out a 4/5 that came first but was not a system bet so was just a mention!!!!


  49. Maynard says:

    George, I’m giving my tips every day to show Davey up for the utter tool that he is. Today’s result: Resolute Reformer wins (early 8-1, SP 5-1), for a day’s overall profit of 3 points.

  50. George Gladwin says:

    Maynard, Any news on CHRIS BEEK or CONAN? Gone very quiet on the BEEK page!

  51. Maynard says:

    George, I have no idea.

  52. S&M says:

    @ George

    We have been affected by Beek (to an alarming degree), as I’m sure you and others have, but with all due respect; why don’t you contact Conans direct if you have questions regarding the update on the deal he’s trying to sort for the many affectees?

    He posted a week ago that he was expecting to hear within the next 8 weeks if it had been successful.

    I know it’s frustrating, but why not just let the 8 weeks pass, then start to ask him direct – I’ve always found him to be very approachable, helpful and polite!

  53. Maynard says:

    As promised, here are the winners’ odds analysed, starting from the beginning of this month. First figure is best B.O.G. bookie price, while the second figure is Betfair SP profit figure (thus with the 1pt stake removed) AND with Betfair’s 5% commission deducted.

    Indira, 7-1 … 8.60
    Rousayan, 6-1 … 6.62
    Silver Dragon, 12-1 … 15.25
    Hawk Moth, 6-1 … 5.66
    Bertie Lugg, 7-1 … 7.84
    Nefyn Bay, 7-1 … 3.84
    Lyric Street, 6-1 … 4.46
    What Happens Now, 7-1 … 6.13
    Space War, 15-2 … 6.16
    Indira, 15-2 … 8.47
    Jailawe, 7-1 … 6.04
    Unison, 11-2 … 4.00
    Ellaal, 6-1 … 4.88
    Gin Cobbler, 15-2 … 8.41
    Owners Day, 8-1 … 10.70
    Maraweh, 6-1 … 6.28
    Resolute Reformer, 8-1 … 5.57

    With the last couple of days added to the previous analysis, totals (before deduction of losers) are now as follows:

    Betfair early prices which I obtained: 112.93 points profit
    Betfair SP: 118.91 points profit
    Bookmakers B.O.G.: 121 points profit

    So now, bookmakers “Best Odds Guaranteed” is the winner — but only by 2 points!

    * * * * * * *

    I’ll post today’s tips at around 11.45

  54. jwhite8359 says:

    Excellent figures Maynard, hope you continue to post.

    For people like myself that cannot get bets on with a bookie anymore finding a method that pays at BFSP is gold dust.

  55. Maynard says:

    My tips for today:


    Mistiroc, 5-1
    Sir Chauvelin, 6-1

    Daylight, 7-1
    New Lease Of Life, 15-2

    * * * * * * *

    Hi jwhite8359, I’ll certainly continue to post. In fact, I was thinking of starting a Facebook page in case the mods object to me posting here.

    Generally speaking, I’ve found that Betfair SP is good for anything much over 5-1 … the higher the odds, the better BFSP performs.

  56. aldo212 says:

    Brilliant job Maynard, very kind of you to share your own picks!

  57. jwhite8359 says:

    Can I ask what’s the worst drawdown you’ve experienced to date?

  58. bredbreeze says:

    Thank you Maynard cracking figures.

  59. S&M says:

    @ Maynard

    Why not get a separate thread set up for you selections; They are certainly gaining a lot of interest… And rightly too!!

  60. Maynard says:

    Thanks aldo212 and bredbreeze. jwhite8359, the worst drawdown (erosion of bank) was in Oct 2014, with a loss of 43% of the bank – which was regained in the following 7 weeks.

    I use 1% of bank for all my stakes, on a “daily variable” basis. In other words, if bank at close of play yesterday stood at £1,130, I’d use 1% of that (£11.30) for each stake today. If it was a winning day today, and bank closed at £1,200, then tomorrow my stakes would be 1% of that (£12).

  61. Maynard says:

    S&M, that’s worth thinking about. On the one hand I may get more followers on Facebook because of the “share” function (although I’ve never had any social media presence, so I may be talking rubbish). On the other hand I may get more followers here on M M R.

    The reason I want a wide audience is to upset as many crap tipsters as possible, and show people that you don’t have to pay these shysters to make money on the gee-gees. Now I certainly don’t produce the best tips in the word, but at least I can make money most months, a skill which seems to elude many “professionals”.

    Of course, my audience mustn’t become too wide, otherwise there’s a danger of spoiling the odds – but most people can keep bets small as there’s no subscription to cover, so a few thousand followers should be okay.

  62. mad one says:


    What is your criteria for choosing your daily selections? 🙂

  63. wasim000 says:

    Forgive my ignorance maynard but are you selections to win or ew?

  64. aldo212 says:


    About audience I would expect facebook would make a bigger impact, you could also have a thread here where you let people know the link for the group address.

    About the odds is a valid point if you are betting at BF SP.

  65. joeblogs says:


    Got to say I’m loving this thread..and the selections, you’re doing exactly what you said and putting certain paid for services to shame, have you had any further thoughts on a dedicated thread or Facebook page? Whatever path you choose I’m sure success will follow, all the best and thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort, much appreciated.

  66. Maynard says:

    @ mad one, selection criteria is explained in my post dated May 5th at 2.55 pm.

    @ wasim000, all bets are win-only, never each-way.

    @ aldo212, thanks for your comment.

    @ joebloggs, thanks for yours too. I’ll get the Facebook page organised early next week, but will keep posing here until then.

  67. wasim000 says:

    Your a gentlemen thank you

  68. Maynard says:

    Today: Sir Chauvelin wins @ 7-1 sp, so day’s profit is 4 points. Quick overview since we started:

    Thur 5th, 15.5 pts profit
    Fri 6th, 6 pts profit
    Sat 7th, 6 pts loss
    Sun 8th, 1.5 pts loss
    Mon 9th, 5 pts loss
    Tue 10th, 5.5 pts profit
    Wed 11th, 3 pts loss
    Thur 12, 3 pts profit
    Fri 13th, 4 pts profit

    TOTAL: 18.5 pts profit in 9 days.

    * * * * * * *

    Incidentally, although bookies’ SP on our winner was 7-1, Betfair SP was 9.58 less 1pt = 8.58, less 5% = 8.15. So we’d have gained an extra 1.15 pt.

  69. wanderer says:

    Thanks for posting these,you’ve obviously put a lot of thought into these.I echo JWHITES post above,it’s great to find someone making a profit at BFSP for those of us who can’t get more than a few pence on.Also great that you are showing up the tipsters for what they are,i’ve followed free ones in the past who put the paid ones to shame.I am now rethinking my betting thanks to you.

  70. Cannylad70 says:


    Being 73 years of age, I am not interested in Facebook.
    Will I still be able to obtain your selections?

  71. Maynard says:

    wanderer, thanks – good to know!
    Cannylad, I’ll talk you through it.

    * * * * * * * * * *


    Tullow Tonic, 11-2
    Desert Sting, 8-1

    Doitforthevillage, 7-1
    Ockey De Neulliac, 15-2

    Tidal Way, 8-1
    Newton Geronimo, 8-1

    Rebel Benefit, 11-2
    Mist The Boat, 15-2


    Torrid, 11-2
    Energia Flavio, 8-1

    Sands Chorus, 8-1
    Tadaani, 8-1

    Flash City, 7-1
    Captain Dunne, 8-1


    Red Penny, 15-2
    Cruising Bye, 8-1

  72. Maynard says:

    I spelt Tadaani wrong – it should be Tadaany! 🙁

  73. Bear1 says:

    I completely agree with the sentiments of the posts, above, regarding Maynard’s initiative.

    Here we have someone who has used his initiative and developed his own way of making a few bob and I absolutely love all that.

    I sincerely believe that almost everyone has the capacity to do the same with a bit of effort, thought and perseverance, without subscribing to the usual dross.

    In the meantime, until that happens, it is also great that Maynard has shared his betting philosophy and selections with others on this site.

    Great stuff, Maynard.

  74. Maynard says:

    Thanks Bear1, your comments are greatly appreciated.

  75. Maynard says:

    2 non-runners (Doitforthevillage & Mist The Boat). All the rest lost. Day’s loss 14 pts. Overall profit in 10 days = 4.5 pts.

  76. Maynard says:



    Mount Haven, 9-2
    Wells De Lune, 13-2

    Mr Muddle, 11-2
    Houston Dynimo, 15-2


    Avon Breeze, 6-1
    Love Island, 7-1

  77. Maynard says:

    2 non-runners: Wells De Lune and Mr Muddle. Rest lost, so day’s loss 4 pts. Overall profit in 11 days = 0.5 pts.

  78. Maynard says:


    My Tringaling, 9-2
    What A Party, 13-2


    Green Light, 4-1
    Victoria Pollard, 5-1

  79. Bear1 says:

    That’s not a picture of you, Maynard – that’s Brendan Foster 🙂

  80. Maynard says:

    I know Bear1, but he looks very much like me, and I don’t want my mug all over the internet 🙂

  81. mad one says:


    …..I cannot see any content on that Facebook page? Do people need to add you as a friend to view the content?

  82. Bear1 says:



    I’m not adding him as a friend with a face like that 🙂

  83. Maynard says:

    @ mad one

    I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Facebook, having never used it before, but I set everything to “public” view, so hopefully you should see today’s tips, which are as follows:


    Freewheel, 6-1
    Golden Wedding, 6-1

    Henry Smith, 11-2
    Sudden Wish, 8-1


    Chookies Lass, 8-1
    Misu Moneypenny, 8-1


    John Biscuit, 9-2
    Brinestine, 11-2

    Lift The Lid, 11-2
    Rolling Dough, 7-1

    Kara Tara, 9-2
    Love The Leader, 7-1


    One Boy, 13-2
    Rich Again, 7-1

  84. Maynard says:

    It seems that a Facebook “Page” will be better than a “profile”, so I’ve just set one up. It’s called Maynard’s horse racing tips and it’s here:

    To mad one: please let me know if you can now see my post.

  85. magtino says:

    This is a better takes you straight to the bets.

  86. Maynard says:

    magtino, many thanks for putting up that link – and yes, it works perfectly!

  87. mad one says:


    …..Yes, that is better. Thank you, and Magtino for the direct link.

  88. Maynard says:

    Tried to log in to my Facebook account and this notice flashed up:

    Account disabled

    Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page Body of an error/warning message. Title is: Account Disabled.

    I’ve no idea why I’ve been banned. As far as I know other people post horse racing tips, so I don’t think that’s a prohibited activity. Any helpful comments welcome!

  89. mad one says:


    …..Could it be due to the image your used as the face?

  90. ribboco says:

    Maynard Been trying for ages on facebook to get your picks its very odd whats happened ,Sod facebook are you going to post back on here where they belong hope you do richard

  91. Maynard says:

    hi mad one, I wouldn’t think it’s due to the image, because I could’ve posted a pic of a racehorse, like some other facebook users have done.

    I’ve googled “facebook account disabled” and lots of other people have suffered a ban, and are never given an explanation. Stuff facebook. I’ll set up a twitter account, or a blog, later today.

  92. Maynard says:

    Hi ribboco, here are today’s, but the prices will have changed by now.


    Taylor, 5-1
    Beyondtemptation, 7-1

    Nosey Box, 9-2
    West Ship Master, 13-2

    Pay The King, 7-1
    Nortonthorpelegend, 7-1

    Stay In My Heart, 9-2
    Triumph Davis, 8-1

    Tish Hall, 11-2
    Definitely Glad, 8-1


    Spring Steel, 11-2
    Marky Bob, 7-1

    Ciceron, 7-2
    Treacy Hotels Boy, 8-1

  93. jwhite8359 says:

    Hi Maynard

    Hate Facebook so glad it’s gone.

    I’d recommend setting up a free wordpress blog and a twitter account.

    Post tips on the blog and send out a tweet to let people know it’s updated.

    Keep up the good work.


  94. Maynard says:

    Hi jwhite8359, yes I think I’ll set up a blog this evening. Out of interest, why do you hate Facebook?

  95. jwhite8359 says:


    For some reason things that should show on my timeline never do so I miss important things.

    I don’t use it now really but had experienced users try to figure it out for me but couldn’t.

    Just a personal gripe I suppose.

    Nice picks today.


  96. ribboco says:

    Maynard thanks for posting todays selections ,Please don’t put up a blog and tweet some of us haven’t got a cellphone ,Why not just keep it on here for us moremoney people at about your normal 11-45 post that’s good enough for anybody richard

  97. jwhite8359 says:

    If Maynard sets up a WordPress blog you can subscribe to it and get an email daily once he updates with selections.

    I’d be equally just as happy if he just posted them here.

  98. Maynard says:

    Thanks for your feedback ribboco and jwhite8359. I think it best to set up a google “Blogger” site as it’s easier to set up (for a computer-illiterate like me) than WordPress. No need for me to email or tweet when the tips are up because I’m a good timekeeper and they’ll be up every day between 11.35am and 11.45am.

    The reason I don’t want to keep putting them up here is that Admin have been very good about me derailing this thread and I don’t want to push their goodwill.

    As everyone following me knows, results went bad (start of new flat season) so I advised everyone to paper-trade and put no money on my tips. If people agree, I won’t start the blog until a week after results show good improvement UNLESS some people are using the tips for trading purposes. In that case, please say so and I’ll start the blog straight away.

  99. ryster says:

    talk about late to the party , came on here to check out Colin davey whose mail shot passed through my hands on the way to the bin ,did you set up the blog Maynard or have you stopped posting

  100. Maynard says:

    Hi ryster, results went bad with the start of this new flat season, but I expect them to turn round in a week or so. As soon as they do, I’ll start the blog and post the address on here.

  101. Maynard says:

    My bets for today are below. Reason for posting: I haven’t yet set up blog because I didn’t think results would improve so dramatically.

    However, this new flat season’s form has come together with a bang. Results over the last 4 days have been:

    Friday: 4.5 points profit
    Saturday: 0.5 points profit
    Sunday: 5 points profit
    Monday: 13 points profit
    Yes, 23 pts profit in 4 days.

    Now, sod’s law says that today will be a loser, but we’ll see 🙂


    Lexington Place, 8-1
    Landing Night, 8-1


    Stepover, 9-2
    Hang Fire, 6-1

    Sonneofpresenting, 7-1
    Running Wolf, 8-1


    Cosmic Chatter, 7-1
    Musharrif, 15-2


    Colourbearer, 7-1
    Dunnscotia, 15-2

    Free To Love, 7-1
    Ejbaar, 7-1

    Runaiocht, 13-2
    Choral Clan, 7-1


    Broughtons Berry, 7-1
    Weardiditallgorong, 15-2

    Your Gifted, 6-1
    Quality Art, 13-2

    P.S. There will never be more than 10 races.

  102. Bear1 says:


    The weather has been relatively dry (for this country anyway) and the ground conditions have been good or better than good. I think that always helps……..a bit 🙂

  103. Maynard says:

    Hi Bear1, I think you’re right!

  104. wanderer says:

    Pissing down here allday(hampshire).How about elsewhere?

  105. gwynsue says:

    hi wanderer, beautiful in south wales

    hi wanderer,for a change its beautiful med like,in south wales, 13 hours of sun today from 5.30 a.m ,still shining now at 18.00 p.m. sunday was same and monday, just awaiting the deluge now though .all the best GWYN


  106. wanderer says:

    Cheers mate ,hope for some winners then.

  107. russthomas02 says:

    It’s been wicked is South Wales again today lol ….
    Hi Maynard .. Been following this thread , it’s good , have a a Twitter feed set up now ?

    Cheers ..


  108. Maynard says:

    Today’s results:


    Lexington Place, 8-1
    Landing Night, 8-1


    Stepover, 9-2
    Hang Fire, 6-1

    Sonneofpresenting, 7-1 — NON-RUNNER
    Running Wolf, 8-1

    LEICESTER — ABANDONED (slippery ground)

    Cosmic Chatter, 7-1 — abandoned
    Musharrif, 15-2 — abandoned


    Colourbearer, 7-1
    Dunnscotia, 15-2

    Free To Love, 7-1
    Ejbaar, 7-1 — NON-RUNNER

    Runaiocht, 13-2
    Choral Clan, 7-1 … 1st 6-1 … 6 pts profit


    Broughtons Berry, 7-1
    Weardiditallgorong, 15-2

    Your Gifted, 6-1
    Quality Art, 13-2

    * * * * * * *

    Day’s loss 6 points

  109. Maynard says:

    My tips for today as follows. I’ve started building the google “Blogger” page, so hopefully it will be done tomorrow 🙂


    Free Of Charge, 9-2
    Flemensbay, 15-2

    Flaming George, 11-2
    Alanjou, 8-1


    Formidableopponent, 11-2
    Larkhall, 7-1

    Lyric Street, 15-2
    Ash Park, 8-1


    Ifan, 11-2
    Little Choosey, 7-1


    Escalating, 11-2
    Saved My Bacon, 8-1


    Rock On Bollinski, 5-1
    Hallstatt, 15-2

  110. Maynard says:

    My tips for today are here: – Yes, the blog is finally up and running – my tips will appear there at 11.45 every morning, 7 days a week. Hope you make a few quid 🙂

  111. ribboco says:

    Maynard or anybody else do I have to set up a blogging account to get Maynards blog ,tried a few seach thingies got nothing ,I know nothing could someone help please

  112. Maynard says:

    RJM, thanks for putting up a working link!

  113. RJM says:

    You are welcome.

  114. ribboco says:

    RJM or anybody still cannot get Maynards blog tried chrome ,put it in the top bar made inquiries with google still nothing I have been farting round with this for hours ,can anyone tell me step by step what they do to get the blog

  115. tom42 says:

    Just click on the link that RJM posted at 1.06 pm

  116. ribboco says:

    thanks Tom42 simple I missed a couple of posts and a couple of winners ,good to see them back in form well down Maynard, onwards and upwards I think

  117. gwynsue says:

    hi maynard ,no bouquets for you ,boyo, lost 155 pound since 2nd june, did better on timeform with betfair. sad welshman maybe better today. gwyn

  118. gwynsue says:

    sorry recalculated loss was 215 pounds

  119. David Bell says:

    I wouldn’t want to be critical of Maynard’s free service as its a labour of love obviously but I do wonder if it’s possible for him to do a NAP as to his outstanding pick.

  120. ribboco says:

    as another Welshman I’m saying behave yourself gwynsue I lost £240 yesterday but better today david bell I don’t really think maynard would have a nap ,sods law if he gave a nap one of tothers would win its the nature of the method you have to trust maynard and take the rough with the smooth the juicy price winners will come

  121. Maynard says:

    Hi gwynsue, so far this month (1st to 8th) the tips have lost £178 to £10 level stakes.

    Hi ribboco, you would’ve lost £140 on Tuesday, not the £240 you mention, but thanks for your otherwise supportive post.

    Hi David Bell, I don’t do naps 🙂

  122. ribboco says:

    hello Maynard I did lose more I am putting on £20 a pop so win more or lose more I am going to give your selections a good go win or not you want get a moan off me, As they say in the best circles bad form old boy its more than good of you to share your work

  123. Maynard says:

    Okay ribboco, thanks for the explanation 🙂

  124. gwynsue says:

    hi maynard,beg to differ i lost 215 pounds as stated based on my own staking like ribocco, and RIBOCCO u must have more money than sense if you are going to put 20 win or loseon these tips, and i didnt moan just dont like throwing good money after bad, as a matter of interest what part of wales are u from , A.T.B GWYN

  125. Maynard says:

    hi gwynsue, I’m not disputing the amount you lost, because I’ve no idea of your stakes or the odds you took. I’m simply saying that so far this month (1st to 8th) the tips have lost £178 to £10 level stakes.

    On a general note, I personally would either paper-trade or use very small stakes (like £2 a pop) on tips from an unproven source, for a few weeks until I got a feel for them. Anyone’s tips can have a very good week or a very bad week, but that may in no way be representative of a longer-term trend.

  126. Maynard says:

    Followers of my “maynards horse racing tips blog” will know that results have been up and down. In an attempt to restore consistently profitable performance, I experimented with the software by setting it to find value at lower odds. The intention was to increase strike rate but still generate profit.

    It worked well when I paper-traded it Mon-Fri last week, so on Saturday I adopted the value-at-lower-odds strategy on my blog, and results (to £10 level stakes) have been:

    SAT: £20 profit
    SUN: £40 loss
    MON: £72.50 profit
    TUE: £5 profit

    T O T A L : £57.50 profit in 4 days – with a better strike rate and fewer bets than before.

    Reason I’m posting this:
    A lot of people stopped visiting the blog when results went negative, and didn’t return. Now that the software tweak is looking promising, it would be a pity if anyone missed out.

  127. wanderer says:

    Cheers for that ,i will take a look.Still a lot of bets on the Monday ,i guess you mean less in general.It’s your system ,i’m sure you’ve looked at only 1 per race.I am always constantly tweaking my systems,i’ve got loads that make long term profits ,loads of bets ,trying to do less bets and not such a shotgun approach and rollercoaster ride/large bank needed.Thanks for posting.

  128. Maynard says:

    Hi wanderer, sure I’ve looked at doing only one horse per race instead of two, but it’s just more profitable overall with 2. I don’t mind several races a day, because it spreads the risk.

  129. geordiematty says:

    The new tweak to system seems to be working!

  130. Maynard says:

    Hi geordiematty, the new tweak has only been going 5 days, but so far only one losing day with an overall profit of 7.2 points. Strike rate is better than previously, so IF things continue like this the 1% of bank could be raised to 1.5% … but we’ll wait and see 🙂

  131. cosmicmick says:

    I joined up with Colin Davey many years ago, he said he had developed a new system. I cracked his system, and tweeted it a little. And it did pick a lot of winners the biggest price was 25-1. On the day that horse came in I had a 4-1 winner and a 7-1 winner. I still with Colin’s syndicate at the time and out if interest I phoned in, and he gave me the 7-1 winner which I had already picked. I had those 3 in a lucky fifteen, the 4th horse did not fit the system it had one X against it. It came second…a £9 bet plus a smaller bet landed me £555 on that day. All of a sudden though the system just stopped working. I will re-visit it on Saturday see what it comes up with. And update you all

  132. Maynard says:

    Update: a rough month before the tweak, but afterwards (in the last 9 days) we’ve made £309.83 to £10 level stakes (i.e. a fraction under 31 points profit). To see all past tips, google “Maynards horse racing tips blog”.

    @ cosmicmick, you were going to let us know how Conum Davey was doing. Well?? 🙂

  133. wanderer says:

    Yeah ,good couple of days ,well done.

  134. Maynard says:

    Sorry, technical probs, only just been able to post today’s tips on my blog

  135. gwynsue says:

    the best way to follow maynard is STOP AT A WINNER. TUES 28TH JUNE TO TUES 5TH JULY SHOWS 185 p0unds profit at 10 pound level stakes, check out manards blog, its really good tipping, ATB, GWYNSUE

  136. gwynsue says:


  137. graham says:

    gwynsue, that looks promising, for people looking for a less bumpy ride. Nice to have someone giving useful advice. How is Jugular The Third coming on?

  138. gwynsue says:

    hi graham, thank you for comment, jugular 3,needs another month of proofing but the strategy is fool proof, 24th june made a mint, all the best GWYN

  139. wanderer says:

    They all lost 24th June?

  140. Maynard says:

    Yes wanderer … but 4 nice winners today giving us 15.5 points profit 🙂

  141. wanderer says:

    Well done Maynard ,just wondering how gwynsue “made a mint” on 24th June.

  142. jwhite8359 says:

    Think he’s referring to mysterious take on the PATE system not Maynards tips.

  143. wanderer says:

    Cheers jwhite.

  144. ribboco says:

    Well done Maynard ,I like throwing good money after good that’s 4 winners today well for some of us and at £20 a pop for me, keep the faith

  145. gwynsue says:

    hi jwhite,you are quite correct i was referring to aquestion from graham on july5th, re my JUGULAR STRATEGIES WHICH MADE A MINT on june 24th, incidentally neither of the strategies use the pate equation in any shape or form.still think stop at awinner is best policy on maynards tips, time will tell, all the best to WALES tonight ,COME ON BOYOS,

  146. Maynard says:

    Overall profit on the blog at £10 level stakes since 19th of last month = £181.83. (On the 19th we made a £100 LOSS, so not the best day to start!)

    That’s an average profit of £10.69 per day. Okay, it’s only been 17 days, but there have been about 200 bets (will do a count later) so hopefully 1 point profit per day is an average which can be maintained.

    I have to say, it’s been a rollercoaster ride, but that’s always going to be the case when you’re backing at around 11-2.

    What I did notice, looking at my blog stats, is that there were a surge of followers in the first week, which has dwindled to about 15% now, presumably because few people like rollercoasters 🙂

    All I can say is that short-term flitters will never make money at anything, but the long-term determined will find some nice little earners along life’s path.

    I’m in it for the long term 🙂

  147. ribboco says:

    I am still on the rollercoaster Maynard, No winners today but that’s how it goes no need to panic that should be the watch word of followers ,roll on tomorrow

  148. JohnU says:

    just catching up a bit on the Site. What an excellent and generous idea with the blog – brilliant. Been reading the comments and looking at results and it all makes perfect sense. Agree with your comment above re ‘short – term flitters’, am still surprised at how few punters ‘get it’ when it comes to the direct relationship between average price of selections and the length of losing runs, and then how that translates to a sensible and workable size of ‘betting bank.Clearly as you say there will be some losing months. Although the past doesn’t guarantee the future i just wondered if you might be able to add on to the Blog the net monthly P and L figures that are available for the months prior to the June and July please? Just interested to see if any seasonal trends and how things like Racing Codes NH and Flat seasons may have varied.
    Thanks again, i will definitely be setting up a sensible Bank for this and going for it – in for the long term of course. 🙂

  149. Maynard says:

    Hi JohnU, thanks for the compliments and your observations.

    Re. previous months p/l figures, they occurred before the latest “tweak” so will not be wholly representative. Having said that, there’s not been much profit variation between flat and NH seasons, although I do notice a struggle for profit during seasonal changeover.

  150. JohnU says:

    Hi Maynard, thanks for getting back. Understood re the ‘tweak’ and interesting re the changeover. Have often heard it said that many ‘professionals’ take April and October as their holiday, that said hopefully a ‘value approach’ might at least help your results a bit despite that notoriously poor time! Away now for a few days but will get into following these when we are back on Monday.Thanks again.

  151. gwynsue says:

    hi gents,carried on witH STOP AT A WINNER,on maynards blog,results show plus 70pound profit for the week 4th to 10th july at 10 pound level stakes, following the full selections u would have lost 56.50. i hope some of u took my advice. all the best GWYN

  152. gwynsue says:

    hi guys naggers 3.15 AYR first one in again at 5/2 won 25 pound

  153. Maynard says:

    gwynsue, thanks for alerting us about this. Early in the morning I’ll be going through results with a fine tooth comb!

    P.S. to everyone, I’m now on Twitter with the handle @MaynardsTips1
    I’m totally new to Twitter and don’t know what I’m doing, but please feel free to come and chat 🙂

  154. Maynard says:

    Below are the day’s profits and losses (mainly profits!) that we would have made with GWYNSUE’s suggestion of stop-at-a-winner. The figure under the “No. of the winning race” simply means how many races into the day’s sequence we went in order to hit the winning race.

    JULY …… £+/- … N0. of the winning race

    Mon 11 … +40 ……. 1
    Sun 10 …… 0 ……… 3 (3rd race won)
    Sat 9 …… +35 …….. 1
    Fri 8 …… +30 …….. 2
    Thu 7 ….. +35 …….. 1
    Wed 6 … – 90 ……. 5 (all 5 lost)
    Tue 5 ….. +50 ……. 1
    Mon 4 … +10 …….. 2
    Sun 3 …. +25 …….. 2
    Sat 2 ….. +55 …….. 1
    Fri 1 ……… 0 ……… 0

    Thu 30 … +30 ….. 2
    Wed 29 …. – 8 …. 3 (3rd race won)
    Tue 28 …. +50 …. 1
    Mon 27 … +30 …. 2
    Sun 26 …. +40 …. 1
    Sat 25 ….. +45 ….. 1
    Fri 24 ….. – 80 … 4 (all 4 lost)
    Thu 23 … +20 ….. 2
    Wed 22 …… 0 ….. 4 (4th race won)
    Tue 21 …. – 10 …. 3
    Mon 20 … +35 …. 1
    Sun 19 … – 100 … 5 (all 5 lost)

    TOTAL … +£242 in 23 days. The number of horses backed (subtracting N/Rs) was 135.

    Another stop-at-a-winner option is stopping after 3 races if no winner is found. This option would only have affected 4 days, as follows:

    Wed 6 July, instead of £90 loss, we’d have £60 loss
    Fri 24 June, instead of £80 loss, we’d have £60 loss
    Wed 22 June, instead of £0 loss, we’d have £60 loss
    Sun 19 June, instead of £100 loss, we’d have £60 loss
    … so overall, instead of making £242, we’d make £272 (an extra £30)
    … but the point is,
    we’d only need SUFFICIENT BANK to cover THREE races instead of the current sometimes EIGHT races, occasionally 10 races

    … and that means we could safely DOUBLE THE STAKES and make DOUBLE THE PROFIT – instead of £272 profit in the last 23 days, we’d have £544!

    Since Sunday 19th June (the last 23 days), without stop-at-a-winner, we’ve made the small sum of £94.33.

    However, using stop-at-a-winner, stopping after 3 races if no winner is found, we would have made (at double stakes) £544.

    £94.33 versus £544. I know which I’d prefer! The only problem is that you’re stuck in front of a computer for hours, rather than just putting all the bets on in one go and walking away. UNLESS there’s a bot which can stop the sequence after a winner?

    I must end by saying a very big THANK YOU Gwynsue. Without your observations I never would have done this analysis. I owe you one! 🙂

  155. thebetengine says:

    Pretty much all bots will stop after a winner.

    Some bots can be set-up to stop after 3 bets 🙂

    You will, of course, be betting on a betting exchange rather than a bookie, so no BOG. However, you should be able to bet at BSP (if betting on Betfair)

  156. Maynard says:

    @ thebetengine, thanks very much for that. Late this afternoon (won’t have much time before then) I’ll check what BFSPs were on all mine and report back.

    I’ll also look to see if evening racing is inherently worse for results than daytime racing, because otherwise I’m damned if I can see why SAW works, After all, the bets that are discarded should, on average, be as strong as those that aren’t.

  157. graham says:

    Maynard/Gynsue/Betengine. What a lovely exercise in pulling together. There`s a good start for members looking for a system which seems to work, even starting with small stakes and compounding.

  158. Bear1 says:

    Maynard may not know what he is doing with Twitter but having read several of his posts on the subject, as far as I’m concerned, he understands the concept of value and the essential prerequisite of gaining an edge.

    If you’re looking for bot advice, then thebetengine is your man, and with gwynsue in the mix, I also suggest that graham’s comment, above, is spot on.

    Forgive me for not being part of the clan. I’m staying loyal to Colin. 🙂

  159. Maynard says:

    LOL @ Bear1 🙂

  160. 5aces says:

    Great start to the new Maynard SAW system. Got the forecast too. One thing though. I guess we cant get the prices for subsequent races until results are known for 1st race and so on? Would it matter?

  161. gwynsue says:

    hi 5aces, nice to see old hands following Maynards blog, but i think i will take the credit for the SAW tweak as maynard so graciously thanked me for, first one in at 4/1 i.e, compton river. as for the forecast this has come up quite a few times over the past month .if u r going to stop at a winner, why would u want prices for subsequent races. @MAYNARD thanks again for your kind appreciation of my input,just one observation you will only spend a maximum of 5 mins on computer when ist selection wins, like yesterday and today, anyway onwards and upwards, best wishes GWYN

  162. mad one says:


    …..Are you backing both horses to win in the same race?

    …..For example on your blog, you have:-

    Monday 11 July


    Haqeeba, 9-2
    Naggers, 5-1 … 1st 5-2 … £50 profit

    …..That is £40 profit isn’t it, after deducting the £10 stake for the losing horse *Haqeeba*?

  163. 5aces says:

    Yes so sorry. Credit to u gwynsue for the SAW. What i mean was if 1st race lost say then we obviously then back the next in which case the prices may have dropped?

  164. Maynard says:

    @ mad one,
    Yes, we’re backing both horses to win in the same race. This will be apparent when you look at the day’s profit/loss. To take your example …


    Monday 11 July


    Haqeeba, 9-2
    Naggers, 5-1 … 1st 5-2 … £50 profit


    Foxtrot Knight, 11-2
    Dynamo Walt, 13-2

    Craftsmanship, 4-1
    Weather Front, 5-1

    Lord Of The Storm, 5-1 … 1st 7-2 … £50 profit
    Sylvette, 11-2


    Ordinal, 7-2
    Rich Again, 7-2 … 1st 7-2 … £35 profit

    Overlord, 5-1
    Gladys Cooper, 6-1


    Carpe Diem Lady, 9-2
    Pacolita, 5-1

    Day’s profit £25

    … you will see that all losing horses have been deducted from the profitable horses.

    @ 5aces,
    With a bot it seems that we may have to go with Betfair SP only, although I seem to remember long-past discussions on other threads indicating that a bot can be set to activate a bot any time before the race. It may be worthwhile setting a bot to “fire” at some time during the 5 minutes pre-race (maybe no more in case a previous race runs late).

    I mention this because, if lots of people were piling on to BF SP, it could drag down the SP, whereas lots of people getting on in the pre-5 minutes would be a drop in the ocean, as most of the dosh goes on in that 5 minute period.

    Alistair Moffatt at TheBetEngine was kind enough to send me the following email, parts of which I reproduce – I’m sure Alistair won’t mind, as it’s all excellent info …


    Hi Andrew

    My name is Alistair Moffatt (thebetengine on MMR).

    You asked for information on bots to go with the Stop At A Winner option for Maynard’s Tips. I wrote and sell TheBetEngine (TBE) – an automated betting program for Betfair.. More details at

    TheBetEngine is fully Betfair accredited (see

    Most bots (TBE included) will allow you to enter your selections for the day and they will then place the bets at the appropriate time before each race. Most bots will allow you to specify that you want to stop at a winner.

    TBE will also allow you to stop after 3 races (thereby, allowing the second of your SAW options). MY NOTE: IF WE GO WITH THE S-A-W APPROACH, I’LL ONLY GIVE OUT 3 RACES ANYWAY – THE FIRST 3 QUALIFIERS OF THE DAY IN TIME ORDER.

    Most bots will place bets at BSP. However, TBE will also allow you to place below-minimum stakes bets at BSP.

    I have set up two betting tabs on TBE – one for the SAW option and one for the 3 race option – and I will endeavour to enter the selections each day, although I am going on holiday on the 15th so this may prove challenging.

    One option that may be worth exploring further – TBE provides the ability to automatically download a selections file at a given time each day. If you were to produce a TBE-compatible CSV file and place it on a publically accessible server then it would be possible to download the selections without any further intervention.

    The format of the TBE-compatible CSV file is very simple. It is just:

    Date (dd/mm/yyyy), Time (24 hour), Course, Horse

    For example, today’s file would be:

    12/07/2016,14:50,Beverley,Compton River
    12/07/2016,15:25,Beverley,Classic Flyer
    12/07/2016,16:30,Beverley,Relight My Fire

    I’m sure there are other bots that may provide similar functionality.

    If you have any questions, then I’m more than happy to answer them.



  165. Maynard says:

    My latest post has gone into auto-moderation because I included too many info links. Sorry. However, if you click THIS post, you’ll see the other one in moderation.

  166. mad one says:


    ….Gotcha. Thanks for explaining.

  167. ribboco says:

    Can everybody just calm down here, Maynard you say you have been doing this method for over two years and despite some drawdowns has averaged 30pts per month in that timespan, That’s more than good enough for me , Now I understand if you get an early winner and then the rest lose that then looks good ,But its dangerous to assume on just checking a handful of results that it has always been so ,I noticed a few forecasts to todays early paid about 22-1 ,I know its a bit cheeky but Maynard do you keep records and could it be back checked to give an idea how it might perform now and the future, So calm down dears as a prime minister might say

  168. mad one says:

    …..Back checking systems has always been more for the optimistic, rather than the pragmatic.

  169. Maynard says:

    Ribboco, you’re right, I said I’ve been doing this for over 2 years and averaged 30 points profit per month. You ask if I keep records, and there’s the rub (and a major reason why I started the blog and introduced it on this site) – so there would be public scrutiny, which would force DISCIPLINE on me.

    Fact is, I haven’t kept proper records. There have been occasions where I’ve been pushed for time (I work for my main income) and only processed a few races … then mid-afternoon, during a lull, processed more and found I’d missed a couple of winners … or some losers.

    I’ve put on “borderline” bets for “interest” and, when things have messed up, I’ve sometimes increased stakes inappropriately … and we all know where that leads. But often I’ve been damned lucky, and made a lot of money on an increased stake or “dodgy” bet. Basically, I’ve done every stupid thing we all know shouldn’t be done, and I KNEW IT at the time!

    So, one reason for starting the blog was to stop myself doing those things. And, since the blog’s beginning, I haven’t regressed once 🙂

    The other reason for the blog – and posting on here – was to get critical feedback, which has been amply demonstrated by GLYNSUE’s insightful suggestion of stop-at-a-winner, and the feedback I got from TheBetEngine.

    The final thing. I’ve messed around with my own money, but it’s totally against my nature to be careless towards others. I know that a few people are putting money on my bets, and that alone makes me stick to the straight and narrow with the selection process.

    Hope all this answers the roots of your questions.

  170. ribboco says:

    Maynard that’s fine I am exactly the same when I had my business I had no time, Then I gave up my business about seven years ago to look after my mother who will be 95 in two weeks time, But had to put her into a nursing home about three months ago, The home is just by Chepstow racecourse she is not happy there, How do people find the time and mindset I will be 68 in five days time been backing since I was twelve went to royal ascot Cheltenham and Chepstow since a child and have owned racehorses and have had many very big wins, But have almost never kept records I have loads of ledgers here meaning to enter my bets all near enough empty I print out your blog and push them into one of the ledgers like I’m going to write them in later I will take them out and put them in a file its very good of you to do this for people we will all find out together how this will pan out and as for you Mad One I have told you a million times THE PAST IS NO GUARANTEE FOR THE FUTURE I DID TELL YOU THOU tomorrow I will present something to think about

  171. mad one says:


    …..I always look forward your posts 🙂


    …..Those “dodgy” bets are fun though, ain’t they 🙂

  172. Maynard says:

    Why does stop-at-a-winner work, I asked myself. Probably, I answered myself, it was because I got more losers in the evening. THE OPPOSITE WAS TRUE.

    Below, figures to LEFT of // represent all races BEFORE 6pm – that’s no. of races, no. of winners, and +/- £ profit/loss


    Figures to RIGHT of // represent all races AT or AFTER 6pm – that’s no. of races, no. of winners, and +/- £ profit/loss


    Mon 11 JULY
    4 races, 2 winners, +40 // 3 races, 1 winners, – 15

    Sun 10
    6 races, 1 winner, – 60 // 1 race, 0 winners, – 20

    Sat 9
    2 races, 1 winner, +25 // 1 race, 0 winners, – 27.50

    Fri 8
    4 races, 1 winner, – 10 // 5 races, 2 winners, +30

    Thur 7
    3 races, 1 winner, – 5 // 3 races, 2 winners, +45

    Wed 6
    5 races, 0 winners, – 90 // No races

    Tue 5
    3 races, 2 winners, +100 // 3 races, 2 winners, +55

    Mon 4
    7 races, 1 winner, – 70 // 1 race, 0 winners, – 20

    Sun 3
    7 races, 2 winners, – 15 // No races

    Sat 2
    2 races, 1 winner, +35 // 4 races, 0 winners, – 80

    Fri 1
    No bets

    Thur 30 JUNE
    2 races, 2 winners, +70 // 3 races, 0 winners, – 60

    Wed 29
    7 races, 1 winners, – 88 // 2 races, 1 winner, +15

    Tue 28
    6 races, 3 winners, +75 // 4 races, 2 winners, +90

    Mon 27
    4 races, 1 winner, +30 // 4 races, 3 winners, +73

    Sun 26
    5 races, 1 winner, – 40 // No bets

    Sat 25
    3 races, 1 winner, +5 // 2 races, 0 winners, 0 winners, – 20

    Fri 24
    4 races, 0 winners, – 80 // No bets

    Thur 23
    5 races, 1 winner, – 40 // 5 races, 3 winners, +110

    Wed 22
    No bets // 4 races, 1 winner, +/- 0

    Tue 21
    3 races, 1 winner, – 10 // 2 races, 1 winner, +40

    Mon 20
    3 races, 3 winners, +95 // 1 race, 0 winners, – 20

    Sun 19
    5 races, 0 winners, – 100 // No races

    T O T A L S

    90 races, 26 wins, – £133 // 48 races, 18 wins, +£195.50


    I’m amazed to see that races AT and AFTER 6pm show far greater winnings and a far higher strike rate!

    Go figure!

    (this is the quantum mechanics of horse racing)

  173. Bear1 says:

    Hi Maynard,

    Your analysis throws up a number of interesting discussion points.

    With regards to AFTER 6.00pm being more profitable, I believe it is recognised, in some circles, that evening racing chucks up some ‘funny’ results. The theory is that it is less natural for horses to race in the evening because, at these times, they are usually festering and munching in the stable.

    The definition of ‘funny’, in this context, describes the decrease in the incidence of winning favourites (in the long term) which would appear to fit in nicely with your bigger priced selections, generally speaking.

    To extend this point further, and to look forward to evening racing in the winter, there is another theory that some horses don’t take too kindly to running under electric flood lighting.

    To be honest, I haven’t done any research in this area and so please be mindful that my comments may be very misleading. In addition, your analysis may also be misleading because the sample is too small.

    However, in the fullness of time, if it could be verified that evening racing was more profitable for your particular method, then that would help to formulate a more effective and efficient approach for SAW, particularly if this approach could be automated.

    Maynard, Maynard, Maynard…….do you know what you have done? For the first time in my life, I am tempted to leave Colin, so that I can join your clan. Where are my cigars?

    The problem is, will all this bugger up your method’s inherent value/edge for clan users?

  174. Maynard says:

    Hi Bear1, thanks for your “evening meeting” comments, with which I entirely agree. And no, I don’t think your presence in The Clan would bugger up anything (unless you forget the petrol and matches for the big cross).

  175. john1964 says:

    @Maynard,your last comment has prompted me to re-watch Blazing Saddles…

  176. JohnU says:

    Goodness me, whatever next first we get to a point where Colin Davy gets usurped and Bear1 seems to want a Divorce from him!:-)

    A few observations if i can chuck in my ‘two pennuth’.
    1. There is a supreme irony for me that a thread that relates to someone who is the worst ever example of an ‘Advisor’ or whatever else he calls himself, has turned into one where a well respected contributor has been very bold, and indeed altruistic, in sharing what he has with us. Thanks again Maynard.
    2. I agree with Bear1 and others that, with respect all around, the samples are very small and as a bit of a Stats man myself there would need to be a much longer period – at least 6 to 12 months i feel before any statistical significance could be drawn from the whole thing. So i personally would favour knowing the ‘full picture’ then it is up to each individual to decide how to bet, whether the whole list, first 3, or even something else! Even Staking is open to ideas of course. Maybe even a 10/15/20 or maybe 20/30/40 progression or some other variation where you use just the first 3 races could maybe work well? Clearly the amount of time you have, and Bank size, will probably affect how individuals use the information.
    3. The Bot part is interesting and we shall no doubt see how it works out!
    4. Interestingly i was about to include all this and say almost word for word what Bear’s last and very pertinent comment was, to the effect that – ‘will all this bugger up your method’s inherent value/edge for clan users?’
    5. I never thought i would ever even look at a Colin Davey thread again, let alone look forward to it. Is it time for Michelle to consider if the way that this is developing now warrants a full divorce from it?
    Thanks again Maynard – a brilliant development!

  177. gwynsue says:

    well, well, well, i seem to have opened a can of worms again, just like i did on THE PRICE ACTION TRADING thread.why do people want to make things more difficult and complicated. i always look to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE and straightforward and my saw tweak on MAYNARDS SELECTIONS couldnt be more straightforward, just stop at a winner,end of. u may be on the computer for few minutes ,1st race , or longer until u decide to stop if no winner is thrown up. i dont see the point in buying bots when u r in full control yourself.thanks to Maynard this system is absolutely free and with saw is proving a winner so guys ,use your heads and just do each race individually and, STOP AT AWINNER, courtesy of maynard and myself. keep it simple boyos.

  178. Bear1 says:

    I’ve had Colin blubbing down the phone, already, begging me to stay.

    His over-reaction has forced me to quote Marlon Brando in The Godfather, “It’s not personal, Colin. It’s business.”

    ……………………or was that Eastenders?

    Any rate………..stuff the EU Referendum. Whether or not to stay “in” or “out” with Colin is a very important decision and I don’t want to do anything I might regret, later.

    Oh God………(bottom lip now quivering) I just don’t know what to do.

  179. Maynard says:

    @ JohnU, thanks for your comments, good to hear from you — a voice from the past (remember BannersBroker, LOL!)

    @ gwynsue, agree with your comments about forgetting the bot and doing the bets manually in “real time”, which is fine if people have a smartphone, but unfortunately some people have to work (that horrible 4-letter word!)

    All the best to everyone 🙂

  180. gwynsue says:

    cor blimey, another first race winner,RIGHT ENOUGH AT 3/1, SPENT LESS THAN 3 MINS ON COMPUTER, AND CAUGHT THE WINNER WITH SPREADEX AT 3/1. 3 DAYS ON wonder colin davey is panicking.@BEAR 1 WHY DONT U TRY BOTH FOR AMONTH and see which comes out best. my moneys on maynards saw, allthe best GWYN

  181. gwynsue says:

    forgot to say BETFAIR S.P WAS 4.33

  182. DRSTOCH says:

    Now following Mr Maynards tips and Gwyn’s sugested S.A.W
    I use smarkets (only 2% comission) and got on at 5.5.
    Yesterday on Compton River at 5.9.
    Thank you Mr Mayard and Gwyn.

  183. JohnU says:

    @ maynard yes how could we forget BannersBroker – not sure which of us was the most vocierous on it (close call:-) ) Cant believe it was closed down 2 years ago. (Whilst i don’t want to digress on here have you any experience or view on Crypto -currency, just briefly)

    Bear1 – seems to me you need counselling – i believe Colin’s brother could help you. Apparently he makes every promise under the sun, charges the earth and then doesn’t deliver!

    Gwynsue – well done again, i recognise my tendency to ‘over- analyse’ things. You are clearly well versed in the K.I.S.S principle.

    Long may the success her continue whichever approach we choose to take! 🙂

  184. JohnU says:

    Having just re-funded my Betfair A/C today nice to see the 2 nd Race Win for us on what is my first day back to backing and using SAW. Thanks Maynard 🙂
    (And than you Colin for making it all possible of course – Bear1 have you got your divorce papers through yet! 🙂

  185. 5aces says:

    Awww shucks. I believe the one that just beat us in the first race was also a Maynard selection 2 days ago. I was sorely tempted to do all 3 in a reverse tricast!

  186. mad one says:

    ….The win on the second race at 3/1 means a break even for the day.

  187. gwynsue says:

    hey MAD ONE ,how daft are you , how do you get to break even, i dont think youve got any idea how this works. read and learn, 1st race -2runners at 20 pound each lose 40 pound. 2nd race 2 runners at 20 each . 1 loser =20 pound == tottal 60 pound loss. 2nd race winner at 9/2 s.p = 90 pound profit
    plus stake returned =110 pound so the profit on the day is 30 pound. 3rd race is no bet. i hope this clarifies the position for you @ john u sorry to blow my own trumpet but this saw was my innovation and without my input this system would not have been introduced, so i will thank you to give me some credit, also i hope you are going to go the full hog and bet the full 20 pound. although i doubt this , cheers boys.

  188. gwynsue says:

    Betfair sp was 5.64 = 112.80 – 5.64 comm. = 107.16 profit so if u had used betfair you profit ia 47.16 p .

  189. mad one says:


    …..I am as daft as a brush thank you very much 🙂

    …..I get this, with £10 stakes:-

    Race 1) 2 runners = 2 losers = – £20
    Race 2) 2 runners = 1 loser, 1 winner at 3/1

    …..minus £20 + minus £10 + £30 won = Break even

  190. JohnU says:

    @ gwynsue, yes well done indeed, i realise it was your input – thanks. As for Staking, for me personally i always relate it to Bank – which of course depends n ones means – and that’s what i did today 🙂 Onwards and upwards

  191. Bear1 says:

    LOL ….. It’s never this much fun with Colin 🙂

  192. Maynard says:

    To clarify: many people will be using a bot for this, set to trigger in the few minutes before the races. A few people will have their bot set to Betfair SP (NOT recommended because, if lots of people do this, SP liquidity will diminish and the SP will fall accordingly).

    Conversely, in the few minutes before the race, liquidity is at its height, and our money will be a drop in the ocean.

    A few people will be placing the bets manually, without a bot.

    People placing bets manually at B.O.G. would, after the first race, have taken odds of 7-2 on “Feed The Gaiter” (the price had drifted from the early 10-3). The price continued to drift, causing bookies’ SP to be 9-2.

    £20 @ 9-2 is £90 PROFIT on the HORSE. Obviously the RETURN on the horse was £110 but, as you gave £20 to the bookie in the first place, that has to be subtracted from your RETURN giving you £90 profit.

    To make it simple, I just see odds as points. 9-2 is 4.5 points. £20 x 4.4 = £90.

    From that £90, 3 losing horses must be subtracted, giving you £30 NET profit on the day.

    * * * * * * *
    People with a bot triggering just before the race would have made somewhere around £30 overall profit.

    People with a bot set to Betfair SP? See here and you’ll find that BF SP was 5.64. Betfair always express their odds as your RETURN, so you need to subtract 1 point from all their prices.

    Thus 5.64 becomes 4.64.

    4.64 x £20 = £92.80 profit on the winning HORSE. Subtracting £60 for 3 losing horses gives you £32.80 NET profit on the day. So, to sum up:

    Manual bettors made £30 profit.
    Betfair SP bettors made £32.80.
    Betfair pre-race bettors made somewhere between the above.

  193. Maynard says:

    Whoops, sorry, forgot to take 5% commission off the BF SP. 4.64 x £20 = £92.80 LESS 5% = £4.64.

    Thus overall, BF SP bettors made a day’s profit of £28.16.

  194. thebetengine says:


    Not quite – Betfair commission is only applied to the net profit on the market.

    So you have:

    1 winner at 5.64 = 92.80
    1 loser = -20.00
    Net Profit = 72.80
    Profit after commission (5%) = 69.16

    Take away the 2 losers from the previous race (-40.00) gives an SP profit of 29.16

  195. mad one says:

    ….aye, but you know my calculations were based on 3/1, and not 9/2, plus I was going based on £10 stakes. The extra 1.5 points x double your stake is the additional profit being mentioned 😉

  196. Maynard says:

    @thebetengine, yes, you are of course correct! In my haste to post I’d treated the 2 horses in the 2.40 as 2 separate win singles, rather than a combined event.

  197. JohnU says:

    @maynard – i m sure you are really busy and whilst not vital i wondered if it was worth asking Michelle to have this now as a separate thread of its own? No wish to interfere and it may well be that you prefer not to do so. (If you do i can almost hear Bear1’s screams as he will finally be separated from the love of his life Davey! 🙂 )

    All the best John

  198. Maynard says:

    Hi John

    Michelle is away until Monday, but I’ve sent her an email requesting a separate thread. I know that Bear1 will be upset, but maybe the three of us can go out for a girls’ night and get him drunk to cheer him up.

  199. Bear1 says:


    As you have recently returned to MMR, you probably don’t realise this, but there is something important that you should know.

    Maynard is, in fact, Brendan Foster (see his photo on Facebook) and if he is inviting us out for a few lemonades, then I’ll be there, because I like to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

  200. gwynsue says:

    bear 1 YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS. brendan foster my arse.

  201. Bear1 says:



    Okay, John McEnroe. That’s only because you’re an old git who can’t see straight 🙂

  202. JohnU says:

    Hi guys, been out almost all day and came back to enjoy the amusing posts above – all made me chuckle!:-)

    Maynard – thanks, interesting re asking Michelle – lets see what happens.

  203. Maynard says:

    Thanks, Michelle, for setting up this thread. Now poor old Colin Davey can get his life back 🙂

  204. Maynard says:

    An encouraging start since “officially” beginning the 3-race stop at a winner selections. Calculated at £20 level stakes, results have been:

    Thu £35.58 PROFIT
    Fri £56.80 loss
    Sat £120.00 loss
    Sun £159.39 PROFIT
    Mon £58.40 PROFIT

    TOT £76.57 PROFIT

    Full breakdowns:

  205. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi there , just to say well done Maynard , you deserve your own thread for your tips . I’ve been investing on them since Friday 15th July and when the first days selections all lost I thought, yeah , everything seems to do well till I join then lose , But hey , looking good and I’m sticking with you and Mr peacock .
    By the way , Colin Davey , is he related to another bogus joke conman called Paul Coleman ? . Again , keep up the good work

  206. Maynard says:

    Thanks Sunnyjim, I’m pleased to hear you’re making a few quid 🙂

  207. mad one says:

    …..I think I’ll risk £2 on your selections today Maynard.

    …..Don’t let me down.

  208. mad one says:

    …..£5.25 profit. My good lady is already on the 2 mile walk to the local Spar to purchase me 4 x Budweisers with the proceeds, where I will happily consume them in the afternoon sun.

    …..Much obliged

  209. Maynard says:

    Hi mad one, yes another nice winning day – hope you enjoyed your Budweisers! Btw, how many seconds before the off did you set your bot?

  210. mad one says:

    …..I always trade manually, Maynard. And the buddies are definitely helping with this humidity!

  211. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard , well done today !
    I was wondering how long into the future do we have the pleasure of your tips , are we talking months , years ? You must be well chuffed at moment with the results . I know I am .

  212. Sunnyjim says:

    I was on this site a few years ago losing money , following unscrupulous characters tips , trying out systems etc . Then decided to pack it in as losing £300 over a year was enough for me to lose over a year ( betting £40 a day ,so not too bad )
    Then January 15th this year I slipped on black ice walking the dog and ruptured my quadricep tendon which is worse than breaking your leg . Anyway I started up again during the 5 months I’ve been off due to some boring times . Tried to open an account with Bet 365 but forgot I had banned myself for 5 years ! ( forgot , lol ) . Anyway , touch wood things are going better at mo . Take it easy all

  213. Maynard says:

    Sunnyjim says:

    “…how long into the future do we have the pleasure of your tips …” Dunno mate. I’m middle-aged and fit, so hopefully I’ll be active for 20 years or more … but who knows? I’ve just had a mate die of cancer who was only 2 years older than me, so who can tell? All I can say is that I’ve been backing horses for many years, and I hope to continue for many more years.

    “Tried to open an account with Bet365 …” If you’re going to follow my tips, forget B365 and all other bookies. Betfair (for me) is the only game in town.

    Jeez, sorry to hear of your quadricep tendon. I really do wish you all the very best.

  214. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard
    Thanks , well ,just keep going another 3 years at least , then at £500 a month ( hopefully )
    I can pay my mortgage off !

  215. graham says:

    Maynard, you are a Gentleman.

    I did falter a bit on the stakes last weekend, but all came well, so has built confidence. Good luck.

  216. Maynard says:

    Thanx Sunnyjim & graham

  217. mad one says:

    …..Another good win today Mr Maynard. I didn’t get on it though as the garden was calling for my attention since early hours, so I will have to go cold turkey tonight.

    …..I’d love to know your criteria for the selections 🙂

  218. Bear1 says:

    @mad one

    You say, “I’d love to know your criteria for the selections”

    Let’s just say that you had developed this method and someone asked you the same question.

    What would YOU say to them in response to that question?

  219. mad one says:


    …..You know what I would say 🙂

    …..It was said tongue in cheek.

  220. madhatter says:

    well said.

    don’t tell em.


  221. Bear1 says:

    @mad one

    Oh yes, I know exactly what you would say. 🙂

    …..also said with tongue in cheek. 🙂

  222. EssBee says:

    Hi Maynard, great start to your stop at win tips. Must admit, the little hiccup the other day, had me wondering (sorry) Back on form, & full steam ahead now. Did a little trial with Dutching. Whats your thoughts on doing this for picks on each race ?

  223. Maynard says:

    Hi EssBee, I’ve looked at dutching and it’s not nearly so powerful on my tips as s-a-w in the long run.

  224. Maynard says:

    We’ve made £177.22 profit in the last 7 days, since we began using stop-at-a-winner betting. Here’s how it breaks down:

    Thursday 14th, £35.58 PROFIT
    Friday 15th, £56.80 loss
    Saturday 16th, £120.00 loss
    Sunday 17th, £159.39 PROFIT
    Monday 18th, £58.40 PROFIT
    Tuesday 19th, £57.45 PROFIT
    Wednesday 20th, £43.20 PROFIT

  225. JohnU says:

    Well done again Maynard – after today’s result i feel you are ‘Authorised too’…say things are going very well 🙂 All the best J

  226. Maynard says:

    Thanks JohnU – yes, “Authorised Too” did us proud 🙂

  227. mad one says:

    …..I was just thinking earlier as I do *yes I really do* about the fact that Mr Maynard said he has been using this for approx 2 years and always averages 30 points a month give or take.

    …..I know he cannot prove this because like the rest of us punters he will have monkeyed in and out and tested many things, but the results of late have been very positive.

    …..Liquidity is not a problem as these are direct bets at SP, so I wonder with the results being made how many users are tempted to upscale their stakes to say £50 – £100 a bet.

    …..It would be sod’s law that anybody who is intrigued and excited by the results would then have a losing day after upscaling so it would be my opinion, considering these losing days are not regular to upscale their staking immediately after a losing day.

    …..I have done this with other methods / selections over the years that have irregular losing days. I also have a selection process of my own which I suspect is not too dissimilar to what Mr Maynard uses.

    …..The beauty of this is that unless you are choosing the obvious *like a CD, shift in market, or a BF horse* such selections are difficult to reverse engineer, depending on the factors and filters used.

    …..Nevertheless I do applaud Mr Maynard for his altruism because the selections obviously have some calibre and most in his position would have already created a subscription for such.

  228. Maynard says:

    Hi mad one, you say “these are direct bets at SP”, but that’s not what I’ve recommended. I advocated setting a bot to fire the bets just BEFORE the races. Reason: there’s massively more liquidity just before the race than at BF SP.

    Re. upscaling stakes, I recommend 2% of yesterday’s closing bank. As the bank grows, so do the stakes.

    Hope this helps.

  229. mad one says:


    …..Yes, that makes perfect sense just before the SP. I have never been a fan of bots just a personal thing.

  230. peteh says:


    Well done again sir long may it continue.

    Guys had this sent through about Matchbook.

    Matchbook betting exchange has added Horse Racing to their offer.

    To celebrate this they are offering

    0% commission on horse racing events until the end of July
    £30 welcome offer to new customers

    Every little helps.

  231. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard , nice winner in 3rd race brings the profit up yet again on the stop at a winner regime .wouldnt the results have to stay similar to these to maintain your monthly target ,3 or more losing races in a row is going to make big inroads profits built up . You know your method more than anyone and I’m wondering how it copes with losing runs ( if any ) ?
    Thanks again for some juicy winners !

  232. Maynard says:

    @ peteh, thanks for your support, and your comment about Matchbook (although I’ll be sticking with BF, at least for now).

    @ Sunnyjim, we’ll definitely have some more losing days but, if they stay in the same low ratio as they did for the first 7 days, we should hit our target. But hey, with racing, who knows 🙂

  233. Sunnyjim says:

    Thanks Maynard , I like your style , Keep it going !
    Well done , you will have to sell this method one day .
    Oh yeah , I forgot to ask you , did you say that your personal stakes per horse is £1.00 , so £2 per race ? Sure I read somewhere you only stake minimum amounts . If that’s right idont know why if you say it’s 30 points average monthly profit ?? Tnx again for the super freebies

  234. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim, I stake exactly what I advise others, which is 2% of yesterday’s closing bank. When I first used TheBetEngine bot I wanted to use real money not “pretend” money, but I didn’t want to use much in case I buggered up, so I set the bot at £1 per horse. Day One went without a hitch, so after that I adjusted my Betfair balance to £1,000, and used 2% per horse.

    Hope that clears things up!

  235. Sunnyjim says:

    Hey Maynard ,
    You are human after all !
    A losing day as they will come along ,but thanks for the nice priced winners I’ve had this week , never backed so many in my life , look forward to tomorrow’s , keep it going eh

  236. EssBee says:

    Hi Maynard,
    Thanks for clearing up query re dutching. Will continue to follow using your advised staking plan, which you’ve proven to work.

  237. mad one says:

    …..decent win today after a wipeout yesterday.

  238. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard , well done today again ,
    I’ve been checking results from Friday 15th July to today Sunday and its enlightening to say the least , will you or anyone else give their views . Prices are what I actually bet on but I’m just comparing stop at a winner ( 3 races) to backing on every selection in all 3 races to £10 level stakes .
    Fri 15th L L L -£60.00
    Sat 16th LL W6/4-10.00
    Sun 17th L W 8/1 + W 8/1 +£130.00
    Mon 18th L W5/1 + W5/1 + £60.00
    Tues 19th W4/1 + L L. — £10.00
    We’d 20th W11/4 + W9/2 + L + £37.50
    Thurs 21st L + L + W7/1. +. £20.00
    Friday 22nd W4/1 + L + W7/2 + £35.00
    Saturday 23rd L+L+L. — £60.00
    Sunday 24th W 11/4,(NR) + W 9/2 +L + £42.50 profit

    Profit from above = £185.00
    Using stop at a winner results below

    Fri15th LLL — £60.00
    Sat16th LL +W6/4 — £35.00
    Sun17th L +W 8/1 + £50.00
    Mon18th L+W5/1. +£20.00
    Tues 19th W 4/1. + £30.00
    We’d 20th W11/4 + 27.50
    Thurs 21st LL +W7/1 +£20.00
    Fri 22nd. W4/1. +£30.00
    Sat 23rd LLL — £60.00
    Sun 24th W11/4 (NR) +£27.50

    Profit from above (stop at a winner ) = £50.00

    So just comparing the small sample above confusing me after reading stop at a winner is more profitable , ?

    Thanks for reading and again Thanks Maynard
    Ps ) I’ve sacked George peacock !

  239. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim

    If you scroll back up this thread to my post dated July 12 @ 3.36 am, you’ll see I did a breakdown on this, which concluded that s-a-w was more profitable. One reason for greater profits was that s-a-w covered only half the number of bets which would otherwise be staked, and therefore we could double our stakes using the same size of bank (which we did).

    I note that, in your comparison, you haven’t doubled stakes on s-a-w, which of course you should. If you had, instead of your results being £185/£50, they’d be £185/£100. Even so, in your small sample, non s-a-w would have still been more profitable than s-a-w. I suspect this will not remain the case in the long term, but we shall see.

    All I can say is that I’ll be sticking with s-a-w, because of that “July 12 @ 3.36 am” analysis 🙂

  240. Maynard says:

    P.S. to the above … you say s-a-w profit over the 10 days you mention was £50 to £10 stakes, but I make it a profit of £91.92. My figure is using Betfair with a bot to fire in the bets just before the off. Is your figure backing manually with a bookie?

  241. Sunnyjim says:

    Thanks Maynard ,
    I understand where you’re coming from ,
    From another angle ( my personal thinking )
    If I’d put £20 level stakes on both options
    Then figures for non saw would be £370.00 profit
    And as you say £100 for saw method , but I know it’s only a small sample I’ve produced and long term is what’s important

  242. Sunnyjim says:

    Yes , at moment I’m lumping on early 11.45 with online bookie on first race as I only have an iPhone

  243. Sunnyjim says:

    I’m using the prices I managed to get 8/1 and 8/1 half that at the off

  244. Maynard says:

    Sunnyjim, you couldn’t put £20 level stakes on non s-a-w UNLESS you doubled your bank to £2,000 … because with non s-a-w you have, on average, twice as many bets.

  245. Maynard says:

    Sunnyjim, I understand that you may be at work at 11.45 when I post the bets, which is why you may only be able to use your iPhone. However, if that’s not the case and you can get to a computer at 11.45, I’d recommend a bot.

    Reason: firing in the bets to Betfair just before the off usually gets you prices equivalent to bookies “Best Odds Guaranteed” prices. Tasty! Since starting s-a-w, and using £20 level stakes, the picture is as follows:

    Thu 14 + £35.58
    Fri 15 – £56.80
    Sat 16 – £120.00
    Sun 17 + £159.39
    Mon 18 + £58.40
    Tue 19 + £57.45
    Wed 20 + £43.20
    Thu 21 + £31.40
    Fri 22 + £69.00
    Sat 23 – £120.00
    Sun 24 + £61.80

    TOT £219.42 profit in 11 days
    = £19.94 average per day
    = £598.42 average per month (30 days)

    I think we’re running a bit rich at the moment, so only expect about £500 profit over 30 days (i.e. 25 points).

  246. Maynard says:

    Sorry, I missed out the time of our last race, which is 3.20. I’ve updated the blog now!

  247. mad one says:

    …..Profit is now only £99.42 after today’s losses Mr Maynard. Don’t you just love the ups and downs of gambling 🙁

  248. Maynard says:

    mad one, not a problem, we’ll get it back plus a whole lot more 🙂

  249. mad one says:

    …..I don’t doubt it for a second Mr Maynard.

  250. Longboarder says:

    Hi Maynard,

    When you recommend using 2% stakes would you reduce after a losing day as the bank has reduced or work on a ratchet basis?

  251. Maynard says:

    Hi Longboarder, it’s not ratchet, so stakes do reduce after a losing day, just as they increase after a winning day. In a nutshell, stakes are 2% of the previous day’s closing bank.

  252. mad one says:

    ….I am using this on recovery stakes myself with a bank to cater for 15 losses in a row before the tyre blows. Of course I monitor the results and adjust accordingly though.

  253. Maynard says:

    Hi mad one, when you say “15 losses in a row”, do you mean 15 horses, 15 races, or 15 days?

  254. ribboco says:

    its got to be 15 races surely ,the others don’t sense

  255. mad one says:

    …..Yes 15 races. I combine the runners and their odds and *see* them as a single gamble, and depending on the average odds as they seem similar *with never being an odds on fav in the race* there is always a pattern developing.

    ….I always do this with dutching type systems, and always take the early price if my research thinks it may drop. For example on the Chauvelin horse 2:10 Yarmouth, I got the bet on at 7.3 with the BSP now showing at 5.2 and Monopoli at 4.4.

    …..So I add them both and work out my ideal at 5.85 which is not far from your average. For example from Saturday your average prices that I have taken have been 5.81.

    …..Once you have the average odds and combine the runners as a single unit compared to your bank, you can work out what a bank can stand up to.

    …..So instead of £20 a horse *if that is what you use* you would have £40 combined *again, if that is what you use* and a single odds average *5.81*.

    …..This means that as long as you don’t start selection odds on favourites or silly outsiders, you can work around that and predict the bank, which is obviously higher than level stakes.

    ….. It takes balls, and not for everyone but it’s just that I am adverse to leaving money in other people’s accounts when losing and have always worked this way to recoup on systems that have decent strike rates.

  256. Maynard says:

    hi mad one, thanks for the explanation – looks interesting. Only thing is, with any loss-recovery strategy, you need a bigger bank to cope with rising stakes. Or, as I prefer to think of it, smaller initial/average stakes from the same-size bank as would be used for level stakes.

    This means that, on average, you’re placing smaller stakes – and smaller stakes means smaller profits in the long run.

  257. mad one says:

    …..Yes it takes a bigger bank, which I have, but is more satisfying for me *some may say thrilling* to recoup lost bets. It makes me feel that the previous bets have won too 🙂

    …..Well done for today!

  258. Maynard says:

    Cheers mad one!

  259. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard ,
    firstly I’d like to say well done for today , I know after Saturday’s and yesterday’s results you’ve had the usual moans from the knockers who haven’t got a clue what it’s all about .
    But I have faith and belief in these little gems you keep coming up with and I thank you as I’ve never backed so many nice priced winners in a short period of time in my life !
    Keep em coming Andrew !

  260. LocalReporter says:

    Can I echo Sunnyjim’s sentiments.

    I’ve only just started to follow Maynard’s tips and really appreciate them being shared for free. If I’m being honest I’d really have no problem paying for them!

    I’m looking forward to analising the stats after a three month, and then six month, period. How on earth people – unless they have an agenda – can complain is beyond me.

  261. Maynard says:

    Sunnyjim, I’m pleased you’re liking it 🙂

  262. Maynard says:

    LocalReporter, welcome aboard.

    To longstanding MMR-ites, we now have Gerry and Su Ying on the blog’s “comments” section, with Harry poised to make an appearance. Happy days ahead! 🙂

  263. Maynard says:

    My last comment can only be seen on the thread because I didn’t realise that typing M M R without the spaces triggers auto-moderation.

  264. JohnU says:

    It beggars belief that some people can moan after the occasional losing day. Even if this were a paid for service i don’t think anyone with a shred of knowledge of Horse Racing could complain. The fact that there are no costs to factor in is of course to everyone’s additional benefit. If people can’t see that at these prices, no matter how good the methodology, there will inevitably be losing runs and the fact that some people just don’t get it that there is a direct relationship between average prices and the likely length of Losing runs means – in my humble opinion – they shouldn’t be allowed out, let alone get involved in any form of betting! 🙂 Keep up the excellent work and thanks again Maynard!

  265. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard , yeah i remember those names from years ago , also yours , Raymondwin , when discussing mr Coleman and his opas facilis system ( a lot of posts on that ) . Anyway I’m older than you at 59 , and been buying , making systems since 1980 , Nothing much good in all that time but an eye opener!
    I can’t get to post on your blog no matter what I do , visit everyday now of course ,
    All the best Andrew

  266. Maynard says:

    Sunnyjim, click on “comments” and you’ll see a box entitled “Comment as …” Click on the arrow and a list of options will appear. Click on the last option, which is “Annonymous”, and you should be able to post.

  267. Sunnyjim says:

    Ok thanks , I’ll try that wen I’ve finished work at ,

  268. masjan says:

    l’m not on Facebook, Twitter or any of the others. How do l join.
    Thank you.

  269. graham says:

    masjan, sroll up to 25 july 2.06pm from Maynard. Clck on the link, all you need.

    Maynard, another great day.
    BTW, only just found your comments area after your link the other day. While waiting for todays race I had a long read. See you have got a new Bessie friend!
    Up till now the signed Graham is not me.

  270. bredbreeze says:

    Thank you Maynard,another great winner today and thanks for sharing these with us

  271. Maynard says:

    Cheers fellas, you’re welcome.

  272. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard , Cheers for nice winner tday , I still can’t post on your blog doing what you told me to do , I think there’s a problem with my phone . It says it’s publishing what I wrote then takes me to google site to sign in , which I’ve tried also . Never mind I’ll just stick my comments on here . I certainly have a laugh reading the posts on your blog , and I know you wanted only comments relating to your selections, I hope now you’ve mentioned this that the individuals concerned will oblige! Keep em coming Andrew

  273. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim, I’ve never tried accessing my blog on a smartphone (because I refuse to have one!) – do you have a computer?

  274. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard , my step daughters got a laptop , but I can never get near it ! Always on Facebook! Lol

  275. Sunnyjim says:

    But maybe , just maybe if your method does make 30pts profit a month then I can invest in one with the profits soon , if your method you’ve used the last 2 years produced these results , do you expect any difference in the figures with the new saw method ? Best of luck for today

  276. Maynard says:

    Sunnyjim, I aim to make around 25 points per month with s.a.w. I did mention 30 points before s.a.w. but, as I said further up the thread, that involved me taking risks which I’ve left well behind.

  277. masjan says:

    Went to the link 25 July and clicked it but still cant join. Is it me?

  278. Maynard says:

    masjan, there’s nothing to join. The tips are free. Today’s are on the blog now. To see them, click here:

  279. masjan says:

    Thanks mate.

  280. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard , looking at your comparisons , bets before 6pm and bets from 6pm , it shows even more profit from 6pm . Since you transferred to the first 3 qualifying races at stop at a winner have you been checking from 6pm also (3 races saw ) to see if this still makes more profit ? I’m just curious after reading your post from 12th July , also shows + profit + less races ?

  281. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim, I haven’t been checking the after-6pm races since I posted that analysis – probably should have, but you know how busy life gets!

  282. Sunnyjim says:

    Yeah I know , tell me about it , going to work a shift soon , 1.40 till midnight !
    I it would be interesting that’s all , No worries and All the best for this weekend !

  283. Sunnyjim says:

    Andrew ,
    I’m gonna get withdrawals now with no selections , always look forward to them , can’t you post the 2 qualifying race selections just for me ! Lol ,
    Maybe tomorrow , enjoy your day

  284. mad one says:


    …..Here’s a tip for you to keep you going:

    …..Watch the last fight on youtube, then make yourself a nice easy few hundred pounds by placing some money on Diaz.

    …..Some fo the easiest money you will ever make.

  285. Sunnyjim says:

    Mad one , thanks for that , but I’m only used to geegees ,
    Boxing I don’t know , but cheers ! I’ll be ok when I’m at work Lol

  286. JohnU says:

    @Maynard, my visit to the comments part of your site unfortunately coincided with a message in the last few minutes from a pathetic and offensive idiot who i hope is not someone from this thread. Absolutely not worthy of a reply other than maybe a single large ‘V’ 🙁

  287. Sunnyjim says:

    John U ,
    Totally agree with you on that !
    Uncalled for , Brainless

  288. TheBaker says:


    You say: “i hope is not someone from this thread.”
    Well, it’s someone who has become aware of Maynard’s blog page, which has only really been publicised through MMR. An anonymous post on a blogsite that doesn’t require registering is easy; it would be deleted by the moderator on MMR.

  289. briantb says:

    You have to feel sorry for idiots like that. “Clueless” and a couple of other adjectives come to mind. Still on the sauce when it was posted it seems.

  290. Maynard says:

    Hi lads, thanks for your support. The moron could have come from Twitter, I suppose, where I also post. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Colin Davey 🙂

  291. johnlynch says:

    @ Maynard… A wise choice to disable comments on your blog.
    Keep up the good work,and thanks for sharing.

  292. Maynard says:

    hi johnlynch, I’m pleased you’re enjoying the tips. Yes, it only takes one moronic troll to spoil it for everyone.

  293. blue says:

    Well done Andrew.The system is working well .I got the bot to give me some free time;-) As for the comments on the blog that action should quiet the ego maniacs.

  294. LocalReporter says:

    Thanks for today’s tips.

  295. Maynard says:

    Thanks 🙂

  296. binntonic says:

    Fantastic stuff Maynard. Understand totally about the comments on the blog. It’s a pity. Cheers mate Phil

  297. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard , so so well done for today , shut the trolls up Big time , Unfortunate you had to disable comments but be better without the vulgar low life’s comments ruining a great blog . Hope they (it) doesn’t find its way on to here and do the same . Keep em coming Andrew !

  298. Maynard says:

    Cheers Phil 🙂

    Sunnyjim, the troll wouldn’t have the b@lls to come on here. After he’d been eaten alive by other posters, Michelle would eventually disable his access.

  299. Michelle Roberts says:

    @Maynard – welcome to the wonderful world of forum moderation. It’s hard work isn’t it – not surprised you disabled the comments.

    Just wish I had the option to do that more often!

    Though I find it slightly annoying that when you disable your comments everyone is fine about it – yet when I disabled comments due to Gerry’s fantasies taking over (on the Is Gambling immoral thread) I got slated. Shows you just can’t win with everyone.

    Oh well – back to it. 🙂

  300. Bear1 says:

    After visiting Maynard’s blog, to see what’s been going on, I discovered a buoyant, supportive spirit that is appreciative of a generous, positive venture, and yet, amidst all the sunshine, one individual has been trying their best to make it rain.

    What annoys me the most about this kind of warped attitude is that it smells of the stench of dishonest, charlatans and fra*dsters who bombard this industry, every blooming day.

    It’s enough to make you weep.

    If that’s not bad enough, I also discovered the return of the robot, Metal Mickey, and not only him, but all of his alter egos as well……..Oh God……….LOL

    Michelle – fair comment

  301. Longboarder says:

    While we are on the subject of fantasies and alter egos can somebody please tell me the actual scene with Gerry?

    I always enjoyed his input and found a lot very helpful. His comments encouraged me to think outside the box and look at alternative ways of doing things.

  302. johnlynch says:

    Gerry is a bingo caller,from Hull.Myself,Bear1,Gerry and John Travolta go back a long way

  303. Bear1 says:

    Hi Longboarder,

    I refer you to the post submitted by Michelle Roberts on Tim/Tony’s Football Hedging thread on 23 May 2016 at 4.33pm.

    Within that post, Gerry747 claims that he and his pals are a robot, just having a laugh.

    Me and Johnlynch never took him seriously, anyway, because we were both far too busy practising our Morris Dancing.

  304. Maynard says:

    Hi Michelle

    You say that when you: “… disabled comments due to Gerry’s fantasies taking over (on the Is Gambling Immoral thread) I got slated.”

    I think people believed you disabled it to drive people to the paid-for M M R, where people can presumably post about what they like. After all, you could have presumably disabled Gerry, Su Ying, Harry and any other of his aliases, whilst still keeping the “Immoral” thread going.

  305. Maynard says:

    @ M i c h e l l e

    I did reply to you, but my comment went into auto-mod.

  306. Longboarder says:

    Thanks Bear1
    I missed that post. It leaves me in the dark as much as ever.

  307. binntonic says:

    Well done again today Maynard. It was never going to be easy to predict what sp’s were going to be like with so many non runners. Cheers Phil

  308. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard ,
    Thanks for today’s British embassy , backed into 10/3 , I got 13/2 at 11.45 am
    I’ve been keeping profit/ loss figures for both saw and all 6 horses in the 3 races daily from when you started the saw method to compare . This is done with my iPhone till I obtain a computer and use a Bot . Un Like you who doesn’t use a phone , I’m the opposite where I’ve not used a computer in my betting . If you would like after a month or so I could publish the differences of the 2 methods I’m keeping records of at the moment , just thought it might be interesting for others on here also ,
    Thanks again for sharing your methods selections

  309. LocalReporter says:

    Thanks for today’s tips. As Sunnyjim says above, It’s really appreciated – especially as I also don’t have a PC!

  310. Maynard says:

    @ LocalReporter, no prob!

    @ Sunnyjim says: “… after a month or so I could publish the differences of the 2 methods I’m keeping records of …” Yes, that would be fine.

  311. ribboco says:

    Sunnyjim like Maynard I don’t keep records this is a good idea of yours ,perhaps also you might keep an eye on the forecast, there has been a few ,but is there a profit ,I bet Maynard is keeping records now?, nobody just nobody is as bad as me keeping records

  312. steveentwistle says:

    A bit off topic here but just watching At The Races and Simon Clare from Coral was moaning about the successful 3 horse gamble in Ireland by Charles Byrnes.The Coral guy was sounding like he was the peoples champion and this sort of thing shouldn’t be allowed to happen and that it puts punters off.I find this quite amusing in an industry that will close your account at the drop of a hat that doesn’t approve of matched betting,arbitrage,each-way sniping,paying out on B.O.G.and there is zero protection when a bookie goes under or refuses to pay out

  313. Maynard says:

    Sunnyjim, your post prompted me to do an analysis between backing all 3 races I give out, as against doing s-a-w. Bottom line: there’s been very little profit difference!

    We’ve been operating stop-at-a-winner since Thur 14 July (21 days). During that time, if we’d backed in all the races which were DISCARDED after stopping at a winner, those discarded races would have given us a 4.5 point profit (x £20 = £90 profit) at “Best Odds Guaranteed”.

    I’ve compared BOG against the prices my bot got just before the off, and there was (surprisingly!) very little difference. Of the 16 winning s-a-w bets, BOG yielded a total of 72.2 points, whereas my bot yielded 71.63 points after 5% comm.

    There were 19 discarded races, so the 4.5 point profit really isn’t statistically significant over such a small sample.

    This brings me back to what I posted before s-a-w, which was that I couldn’t see why s-a-w would improve results. After all, my bets are all selected using exactly the same criteria, so why would stopping at a winner improve anything?

    BUT – I had looked back over the 23 days prior to introducing s-a-w and seen that s-a-w would have made a great improvement to profits. Was that a fluke? Who knows – only more time will tell.

    My own feeling is that anyone backing all 3 races early at BOG will, in the long run, probably make just as much money as s-a-w players. But hey, what do I know? I’ll stick with s-a-w until the big picture emerges!

  314. Sunnyjim says:

    @maynard , Thanks for taking the time and effort to do that , interesting to say the least , just at work at mo , so a short thanks !

  315. Sunnyjim says:

    @Ribboco, well I hope your pain goes firstly . I bet Maynard keeps records now ) and he goes and posts the above ! I knew he would be on the ball . Yes, I’m just keeping records as a non bot user at the moment as I do believe many will be betting on the selections this way at the moment due to their own personal circumstances . Ribboco , in 38 years of betting on and off I’ve never had an interest in forecasts / tricasts etc , I’ve found it hard enough finding the winner of a race let alone which also comes 2nd , so sorry for that pal . Take it easy , I’m 59 by the way , started at 21 in 1978

  316. JohnU says:

    Thanks again Maynard for the excellent and useful information, and of course the time taken to do it. I’m sure we are all very grateful!

  317. LocalReporter says:

    Thanks Maynard. Looking forward to your next tips after your week off.

  318. ian5999 says:


    I think, as your last post clearly implies, that a reasonable conclusion as to which is more profitable, (s-a-w or otherwise), can only be made after quite a long period of analysis. Obviously were you to have a ‘good’ day and get three winners, then s-a-w would be extremely restrictive profit-wise. As you say, time will tell.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for kindly sharing it.

  319. Andrew Coulson says:

    What are the profits for 2016.

  320. Maynard says:

    Hi everyone, it’s good to be back! Tips will be on my blog as usual, around 11.45 🙂

  321. bredbreeze says:

    Thanks Maynard

  322. nonex says:


    I’m in no way an expert on UFC, but when I watched the match McGregor vs Diaz on Youtube (of 5th Aug), it seemed to me they were quite even. And if McGregor can manage to land one of his round kicks on Diaz face, it’s good night for Diaz.
    So, why do you think Diaz is going to win?
    PS. I did take your advice though and placed a bet on Diaz.
    Odds 2.08 at MarathonBet.

  323. mad one says:


    …..It was my advice given on the fight.

    …..The natural weight difference was a major factor, as McGregor had moved up in weight and Diaz could easily take all the punches, as although his face was full of blood, that does not mean a thing in UFC, and no kick would have put him down.

    …..McGregor is mainly a media creation, where as Diaz is a seasoned professional, and the word professional is key, as is seasoned. Good luck with your bet. I have a few quid on Diaz also.

  324. nonex says:

    @mad one

    Sorry for mixing your names up, I’m a bit embarrassed.
    BTW, do you know if it’s televised or if there is a live streaming somewhere.

  325. mad one says:


    …..UFC has not been pay per view yet in the UK, but that could change, and will as the popularity increases.

    …..It is usually on Sky at silly-oclock in the morning, around 4am usually, so I usually record it on Sky+, avoid any news, stick my fingers in my ears (easier said than done!), and watch them as soon as I wake up 🙂

  326. mad one says:

    …..Just to add to that, I strangely enough hope McGregor wins, even though I have a few quid on him losing.

    …..I did the same a good few years back when Prince Naseem Hamed fought Antonio Barrera, and Barrera was seriously world class, and Nassem Hamed mainly a media creation (similar to McGregor).

    …..Hamed was odds on, and Barrera was something like 3/1 against. I just knew Hamed would lose that fight as I have followed boxing for years, so had a good few hundred pounds on it, but similarly, I hoped Hamed would win, being a brit.

    …..Strange I know, but still.

  327. nonex says:

    Well, that’s a true win-win situation, who ever wins the fight it’s a win for you. Same thing when I occasionally bet against my favourite football team.

  328. nonex says:

    About this s-a-w approach: I don’t really get it, and it’s been said before by others, why stop at a winner? Gambling, punting, trading, poker or what ever is an ongoing procedure.
    If you lose your last bet of the day, just carry on the next day. This is if you believe (and I do) that the selections are about equal value. When I won a considerable amount of money a
    while ago at poker, my fellow at work said: Now you MUST STOP
    playing! He didn’t know of course that I have been playing poker 24/7 the last 13 years.
    And about BSP: The two winners today had BSP of 3.55 and 5.50. I got 4.50 (888Sports) and 6.80 (Betdaq). This alone is two points more than the expected 1 point a day.
    Just my 2 cents.

  329. Maynard says:

    nonex, I completely agree that it’s illogical to stop at a winner. As I said myself (on this thread or on my blog, can’t remember which) all my bets are selected using exactly the same criteria, so there’s no reason why bets after a winner wouldn’t continue to be profitable.

    It’s just that Gwynsue, another member on here, noticed that s-a-w would have significantly improved profits. I checked his figures and had to agree – s-a-w was more profitable, so it was adopted.

    What I’m going to do on the blog next week is show profit/loss WITHOUT s-a-w, as well as s-a-w profits, so that we can see comparative results over the long term.

  330. ribboco says:

    perhaps now there is a fair few results to go on , all four ways to back these could be checked , that is back all selections ,two stop at winner, three check forecasts, and four check out mad ones recovery to see what liability pertains ,I have never done recovery myself but I agreed with what mad one said about this way of doing them , But it would be good to know what the extra outlay could be to get the extra profits ,KNOWING I know that past results do not always carry on ,but that goes for all the methods no one knows the future , do they

  331. EyeIreland says:

    S-A-W works well because many punters pile on to the last race of the day hoping to recoup winnings. You often see strange results on the final race of each card because odds get skewed.

  332. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard ,
    Well , I hope you had a nice holiday ?
    And we’ll done for the 2 winners I had from your selection criteria . I’m sorry for not ding saw as told to do on your blog , but like today I feel it’s such a shame to miss any winners that comes along after a saw winner .since July 14th there’s been 22 days betting on your selections and on 8 of those days there’s been 2 races won out of 3 . That’s over 36% strike rate , food for thought , keep em coming Andrew !

  333. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim
    Yes, I enjoyed the break, thanks, and I’m pleased about your extra winners!

  334. brightowl says:

    Hello Maynard

    I used the BetEngine for the first time yesterday and followed your instructions to the letter. I used £10 stakes but found I had placed £10.53 on each bet. Unticking “Adjust for Commission” under “Staking” would solve that. You might like to amend you instructions to give your followers the choice.

    The bot was unable to place my bet on “Wordismybond” for some reason but fortunately “Purple Rock” turned up trumps to save the day. Have you any idea why my bet was not able to be placed? Would I be safer asking for BSP? I haven’t bothered Alistair (BetEngine) with this – I thought you might be able to help.

    Thanks for a brilliant blog. Keep up the good work.

  335. Maynard says:

    NO MORE STOP-AT-A-WINNER! I’ve analysed results and it’s FAR more profitable to back all 3 horses.

    I’ll be posting a full analysis later today when I have time, but the “short version is on my blog now:

  336. mad one says:

    …..Bookmakers don’t like people making profit Mr Maynard.

  337. PEPPIDOG says:

    Hi Maynard

    Just discovered your site and looks interesting. Just so that I get this correct then. You select 2 horses from 3 races and you bet on each horse?

    Could I also ask how well your selections have performed…say since the start of the year?

    Thanks Maynard

  338. peter51 says:

    Hi Peppidog, If you check Andrew’s earlier posts on this thread you will find all the info you need. You could also visit his blog for the system.

    To Mad one… are correct. Eventually successful punters will be restricted by bookies. So why not do what I am doing and which Andrew has suggested before, which is to use Betfair a few minutes before the off as quite often you can get similar prices to best odds guaranteed compare to SP….

  339. Maynard says:

    Hi PEPPIDOG, yes you’re right, we now back all 6 selections. Re. results, before starting the blog I was doing things differently, so the only relevant results are on the blog. Not much of a “history” I agree … but we’re now creating a history day by day 🙂

    Hi mad one, you’re right too – bookies don’t like people making a profit. As peter51 says, I suggest using a bot to fire in the bets just before the off (or perhaps taking Betfair early prices manually around midday).

  340. Bear1 says:

    For reasons I won’t bore you with, I haven’t been betting on Maynard’s tips but I have been following his thread and his tremendous project with huge admiration.

    The SAW thing has always been an interesting bone of contention amongst punters, although personally, I have never seen the point of it, assuming that all bets are selected using exactly the same criteria.

    To play Devil’s advocate, for a moment, I suppose one could counter that argument by saying that it’s not possible to use exactly the same criteria in horse racing, but that is a debate for another day.

    In my opinion, the reason why some people opt for SAW is based purely on psychological factors which I believe are factors that are vastly underestimated within the field of betting or trading.

    In sporting performance, it is widely accepted that success is not only derived from physical attributes, technique and tactics but also from the performer’s psychological make-up and that so many commentators will refer to the latter as being the difference between a world class performer and a champion performer.

    If this is true in sporting performance, then why should it not be true with betting or trading performance?

    To adopt a sound betting strategy or system or method (which is the equivalent of the sportsperson’s attributes and technique) is not enough on its own is it? What is also needed is that something extra – the psychological factor, which in itself is made up of a multitude of strands, including discipline, patience, positivity, perseverance – just to name a few, and that much of this comes from insight and experience.

    I know that it is stating the bleeding obvious but the human mind is both fragile and fickle. That is why in football, Fred Bloggs can be Manager of the Month and get the sack the following month. The mind thrives on success but is crushed by failure. If we apply this to horse racing, if we experience a run of, let’s say, 10 consecutive losers, how many of us have the mental toughness to handle that in a positive manner?

    SAW has the potential to avoid the longer losing run and the escalating stakes that MAY follow, and that such an approach has a comforting, soothing effect on the fragile and fickle mind. If the mind is comforted and soothed in this way, then even the most convincing statistics that confirm that SAW is not as profitable may NOT BE ENOUGH for some – such is the power (or the weakness) of the mind.

  341. Maynard says:

    Hi Bear1, I certainly agree that psychological factors play a huge part in betting, as in all aspects of life. I also agree that SAW gives one the opportunity to “get out while the going’s good”. Of course, other people hate missing out on another potential winner!

  342. Maynard says:

    I’ve just posted FULL profit/loss breakdowns on blog … enjoy 🙂

  343. Maynard says:

    YAY !!
    2 out of 3 races WON today, at 10-3 and 6-1, giving a nice profit of £106.66 to £20 levels. 🙂

  344. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard ,
    I told you so ! My figures for same dates detailed in your blog ( 14th July to 13th August inclusive were
    Non saw = £243.86
    Saw = £53.86
    I don’t know why I get above non saw less than you but I’m happy with that for 3 weeks investing . Think the holiday recharged your batteries lol ,
    Thanks for sharing your tips

  345. Sunnyjim says:

    Excellent tipping Andrew ! Keep em coming, this is what I was on about in my post on sat August 13th

  346. Sunnyjim says:

    Hey , maybe I should join in , since 4th August 2016 , my system has produced 17 bets + 10 winners ?! Prices not like yours though , But in profit ++

  347. Maynard says:

    Well done Sunnyjim!

  348. LocalReporter says:

    Thanks again for the tips, good to be back and on a roll!

  349. Bear1 says:

    Hi Maynard, yes we’re on the same page except you have explained it better. 🙂

    To me SAW represents ‘a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush’ mentality and that such an approach does not allow a sound system/method to achieve its full profit potential.

    I suppose, at the end of the day, it’s about the old chestnuts of short-termism versus the bigger picture, the punter’s attitude to risk, and the punter’s confidence that the system/method will produce the goods, in the long term, particularly during those periods when stuff doesn’t go according to plan and the psychological demons begin to sink in their teeth.

  350. mad one says:


    …..Didn’t the last analysis you created a month or so ago produce far more profit when using stop at a winner?

  351. Maynard says:

    Hi mad one

    You’re absolutely right. The last analysis I created a month or so ago DID produce far more profit when using stop-at-a-winner instead of backing all horses.

    Why things have changed, so that backing all horses is now more profitable than s-a-w, I don’t know. I’m guessing that, long term, there’ll be little difference between the two approaches. What we’ve seen is probably a natural pendulum effect between the two approaches, which will maybe even out in the end.

    Personally, I prefer backing all horses. That’s because, if s-a-w is profitable, then s-a-w PLUS the rest of the horses must add more profit, because IT’S NOT S-A-W that’s creating profit, it’s the tips themselves.

    As I think most people would agree, no staking plan can act as an alchemist, turning base-metal tips into gold.

  352. Maynard says:

    Hi Bear1, I agree with everything you’ve just said.

  353. Maynard says:

    I’m Tweeting a nice little racing system around mid-afternoon today. It jolted my thinking into what I now term the “Value Zone”.

    To get the system, you need to FOLLOW me on Twitter.

    First, register with Next (in the “Search Twitter” box, top-right of screen) type @MaynardsTips1. Then, click the “Follow” button (far-right of my photo).

    The system is free as a “thank you” for following me.

  354. mad one says:

    …..Ref: 16:30 Ripon – Relight My Fire

    …..That cash out button is a great little Betfair feature 🙂

  355. binntonic says:

    I must be a jona sorry Maynard. Started yesterday. £240 down but not too worry. Look for to tomorrow’s selections mate. Good luck phil

  356. mad one says:

    …..This is where you need to think outside of the box and not follow blindly (in my opinion), but I guess that is where experience comes into it.

    …..The last two races:-

    Ref: 16:30 Ripon – Relight My Fire

    …..I cashed out for a very good profit with 1 furlong to go. More profit than if the lower odds selected horse had won.

    Ref: 15:00 Ripon – La Bacouetteuse, Lightning Steps

    …..Dutched the first 6 horses as the odds were absolutely ripe for it, and made another nice profit, with La Fritillaire taking it by a nose.

  357. binntonic says:

    Nice one mad one.

  358. mad one says:


  359. binntonic says:

    Love to see someone winning!!
    Hope it continues for you mad one

  360. Maynard says:

    @ mad one – nice going fella 🙂

  361. Maynard says:

    Worc 5.00 CASPIAN PIPER is now a NON-RUNNER. There’s no replacement – just back the one remaining horse in that race.

  362. binntonic says:

    Told you I’m a jona. I didn’t have the confidence to do them today. 1st one home and hosed

  363. binntonic says:

    Hope you all filled your boots

  364. binntonic says:

    It wasn’t confidence in the selections I must add. I’ve been hemorrhaging money lately on football and didn’t fancy chancing it today. Sods law.

  365. mad one says:


    …..The day hasn’t finished yet mate, it is a long term game 🙂

    …..And never gamble if you head isn’t right.

  366. Maynard says:

    The whole reason for me recommending a 50 point betting bank is that I know that, at some stage, we’ll lose around half the bank. It’s inevitable with the sort of odds we’re going for. If I thought that we’d only ever lose 9 points, I’d only have recommended an 18 point bank. To keep things safe, we’re using just 2% of a previous day’s closing bank for the following day’s stakes.

    As I said on the blog (click the BACKGROUND INFORMATION link above my photo) “… there are some losing months. The worst drawdown (erosion of bank) was in Oct 2014, with a loss of 43% of the bank – which was regained in the following 7 weeks.” Admittedly that statement was about my lesser performance BEFORE introducing this current system, but even so, it stands as a good lesson.

    Let’s not shy away from it. There WILL be some tough times. But in the long term we’ll make good profits, because we’re going for “value” bets – i.e. overpriced runners.

  367. nonex says:

    Just curious, where did you get that 3/1 on Trendsetter? I only got 9/4 (Ladbrokes) and I was at my computer by 11:45.

  368. binntonic says:

    I’m not complaining guys and fully understand the pitfalls. Was just having a wry joke on my behalf. Keep up the good work mate

  369. Maynard says:

    Hi nonex, if you go to Oddschecker now and click on Trendsetter’s name, you’ll see a history of all its prices throughout the day. The last time it showed 3-1 at BOG was at 11.17, with Betway.

    I have to harvest prices from BOG bookies around 11.05am in order to have the selections ready for 11.45, by which time some prices will have changed.

  370. nonex says:

    Thanks Maynard, I didn’t know about that function on Oddschecker. It was also 3/1 with 32Red at 11.22, it looks like I have placed my bet at 11.56 on Ladbrokes.

  371. mad one says:

    …..It does not take much money early on in the market to change the odds downwards, but this can go the opposite way also. Swings and roundabouts.

  372. Maynard says:

    Michelle, did you get the email I sent you on Tuesday?

  373. ian5999 says:

    Hi Maynard,
    Unless I’m mistaken, shouldn’t Wednesday’s profit be £70 rather than £90?
    I may have missed something though.

  374. Maynard says:

    Hi ian5999, Caspian Piper was a non-runner, as I posted on here yesterday at 11.59 am.

  375. ian5999 says:

    Hi Maynard,
    Ah, thought I must have missed something.
    Many thanks for the reply.

  376. sacker674 says:

    Hi Maynard,

    Excellent service well done.


  377. Maynard says:

    Hi sacker674, thanks 🙂

  378. binntonic says:

    Great day today Maynard. Well done

  379. Maynard says:

    Thanks binntonic 🙂

  380. Sunnyjim says:

    Thanks Maynard
    Upwards and onwards !

  381. Maynard says:

    Cheers Sunnyjim 🙂

  382. Maynard says:

    In the last 31 betting days (which is actually 39 days because I took 8 days off) we’ve made a £265.66 profit (calculated at £20 level stakes). Not as much as I’d hoped, but still a 13.28 point profit.

  383. bredbreeze says:

    Thank you for the continuation of your tips.Good day today.

  384. Maynard says:

    No prob bredbreeze


    To all:

    I’ve just checked the performance of all my shorter-priced selections against the longer-priced picks (in other words, checked the first of all tips against the second of all tips) and find the FIRST (shortest price) to be the most profitable over the last 31 days. Performance figures (calculating at £20 level stakes) are:

    SHORTEST (i.e. first of the 2 tips in a race) = £346.66 profit
    LONGEST (i.e. second of the 2 tips in a race) = £81 LOSS

    In the 31 days there have only been 21 shorter-priced winners and 14 longer-priced winners, so the sample is too small to declare a “winner”. However, I’ll do the same analysis in 30 days’ time and, if the trend confirms, I’ll consider dropping the longer-priced tips and placing double stakes on the remaining 3 horses a day.

  385. Maynard says:

    I’ve managed to find results before the above ^^^ post, which confirm that the FIRST of the 2 tips in a race generated markedly more profit than the SECOND.

    So, from tomorrow onward, there will be just 3 tips a day, staked at 4% of the previous day’s closing bank per selection.

    From 3pm on Wednesday afternoon (24 Aug) I’ll be amending results on the blog to reflect this. So, if you want to copy the blog now, before the update, please do so.

  386. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard ,
    Could you post strike rate figure and longest losing run on these shorter priced selections please , Well done for your hard work , hope it PAYS off

    Keep em coming !

  387. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim, I haven’t looked at those figures because they’d be irrelevant to the profits. If you want to work them out for yourself, there’s over 31 days of results on the blog.

  388. nonex says:

    I have been wondering why you bet on two horses in the same race. Different story if they had been place bets, but as win bets they lose £20/race 100% of time. That adds up to £1800/month. This money can be put on the one horse that is left as you intend to do, or find 3 more races to bet on every day. I don’t know if that is possible though, because I don’t know how you make your selections. An other possible approach
    would be: Win bet on the first horse, place bet on the second one. Keep up the good work.

  389. Maynard says:

    @nonex, when backing 2 horses in a race you obviously always lose 1 stake, but you double your chances of winning. Effectively you’ve turned an 8-horse race into a 4-horse race. But hey, it’s a moot point given that we’re now switching to one horse only.

  390. Maynard says:

    @Sunnyjim, your question stayed at the back of my mind, so I decided to look at each day’s profit/loss with the 3 “short” horses at £20 level stakes, and it looks like this:

    J U L Y £ +/-

    14th + 50
    15th + 5
    16th – 60
    17th + 120
    18th – 60
    19th + 40
    20th + 155
    21st – 60
    22nd + 40
    23rd – 60
    24th + 30
    25th – 60
    26th + 50
    27th + 60
    28th + 50
    29th + 40
    30th no bets
    31st – 60

    A U G £ +/-

    1st + 30
    2nd – 60
    3rd – 60
    4th – 60
    B R E A K
    13th + 170
    14th + 186.66
    15th – 60
    16th – 60
    17th + 40
    18th – 60
    19th + 40
    20th – 40
    21st + 30

    + 376.66 (in 31 days)

    There were 93 bets, of which 20 won, giving a 21.5% strike rate.

    We’ll assume that the long-term strike rate may be a little lower, say 18%. Digging out my trusty “longest-losing-run” tables, I see that an 18% strike rate has a 25% chance of producing a longest losing run of 30, and a 50% chance of producing 26, over 600 bets (7 months in our case, with 3 bets a day).

    So you could say that IF we were using £20 level stakes, we could lose half the bank twice a year. Of course, we’re not using level stakes, we’re using 2% of the previous day’s closing bank.

    I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for asking the question, because by working out the answer I see that we CANNOT double stakes to 4% – we must stay with 2%.

  391. JohnU says:

    Hi Maynard.

    I m just playing catch up here and i find all this really interesting. I appreciate fully everyone’s contributions, not least your own and all the efforts you put in. I just wanted to suggest a word of caution if i may regarding the obvious attraction of ‘changing things’ especially when the new/tweaked approach shows short – term benefits. My concern is that the timescales may well be really inadequate in terms of ‘statistical significance’. When things were changed re SA Winner (and with all due respect to Gwynsue and other advocates ) i did post to the effect that just because there were encouraging trends very short term, the proof of any pudding ‘statistically’ needs sampling of a decent length. As it happened for that reason i actually never did start SAW. – Clearly my choice ! What concerns me with the decision to change to ‘1 a day’ is that once again i feel it is a very small (tiny actually) sample on which to base changes – even though there may be a good fundamental general argument for doing so! Whilst of course not knowing how your Computer Wizzard 🙂 calculates the selections it strikes me that whilst accepting the ‘shorter’ selections have to date made more profits IF ( A BIG IF) the methodology is one of inherent Value – ie where we have selections who’s prices on offer are greater than the ‘true price’- as calculated by your colleague, then by implication surely ‘things should even themselves out’ over longer periods. With my ‘stats’ hat firmly on its my pelief that over at least 6 months to a year the results of comparing these different selections will turn out quite close in terms of LS Profits. Please, please don’t think i am being critical in the slightest – its merely my observation and it may be i have overlooked something ( not difficult at my age 🙂 ) and if so will be pleased to hear about that. So could i make a request please. Whilst it is clearly intended to just have 3 selections each day, would it be possible please to post the ‘2 nd choice’ for each race. Whilst i recognise that the ‘official’ results will be based on the first, as someone who prefers more regular winning returns i feel that i personally would like to continue striking both bets in the races, because i have twice the chance ( well almost depending on relative prices 🙂 ) of getting a Value based Winner. I hope you don’t mind my observation/request – at the end of the day i know i can be a bit of a ‘contrarian’ by nature, but only normally when it’s well intentioned. Thank you once again for what is one of the most magnanimous offers from any MMR contributor to help others, absolutely great!

  392. blue says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Well done for all your work refineing the method. I was using your 1st selection as main bet with the bulk of the money (80%) going on this one and (20%) on the 2nd as a recovery bet. I don’t have a clue 😉 how this effects data etc., but you have confirmed something, just not sure what ? 😉
    Kind regards,

  393. Maynard says:

    Hi blue, thanks for letting me know!


    Hi JohnU, thanks for your comprehensive post. I take your point about there not being enough data to make completely informed changes, but we haven’t got several lifetimes to be “safe” before making decisions 🙂

    I won’t record the omitted second bet of each race on the blog, because it could confuse newcomers, but I’ll record it at home for continuing analysis.

    Finally, I’ve decided that, if there are more than 3 qualifying races a day (there usually are, but not today!), I’ll post up the tips, simply because – on reflection – there’s no good reason for omitting them.

  394. JohnU says:

    Hi Maynard,

    Thanks for getting back. All your points taken and understood.

    Be interesting to see how the extra ones do too. I’m not a massive follower of multiple bets myself, but feel sure a few folk will be interested to now to see how any ‘would be’ Doubles, Trebles Yankees etc perform over a period of time! Purely for interest and not official of course – you have enough to do as it is! 🙂 Thanks again J

  395. ian5999 says:

    Hi Maynard,

    I feel I have to agree with JohnU on this one so I’m heartened to know that you’ll continue with the analysis regarding the second selection. I think we’re sometimes all guilty of trying to ‘guild a lily’ so to speak. Clearly the system was working well due to the diligence of you constantly finding value so it will be interesting to note the results after another month or so.
    Thank you once again for kindly sharing.

  396. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard , I’m glad my question made you check out possible outcomes and you’re welcome . May I just post what I have personally experienced as a iPhone user . As from 14th July to yesterday 22nd August (31 days )
    Betting on 2 horses in each race to £20 level stakes produced
    £146.66 profit ,
    Longest losing run was 7 races without a winner .
    I’ve checked also the shortest price horse only over the same period again to £20 stakes
    Which produced £365.32 profit . Longest losing run of races was 12 . So yes if it continues like this then all good and well . I can see where John u is coming from regarding timescale and it’s only a small sample but hey , as you say sometimes you have to move on quick .
    So I understand you will post all possible shortest price qualifiers from now on , like you did in the beginning before tweaks making 30 pts a month ?
    I’ll finish by saying Well done and thank you ! All the best for the future

  397. graham says:

    Hi Maynard, nice first race winner. You deserve success, considering all the work you have put in on here and your site. Good to see you still tweaking with your own and others input. Thanks for giving your fellow punters a chance to join in.

  398. Maynard says:

    Hi ian5999, thanks.

    Hi Sunnyjim, I’m pleased to see that your profit is nearly the same as mine – and yes, I’ll post all shortest-price selections up to a max of 6 a day.

  399. Maynard says:

    graham, thanks for your comments 🙂

  400. Paul T says:

    Howdy Mr M,
    Firstly , thanks again for all your efforts.
    I was just wondering how you will approach the ‘shoulder’ season(s) ? I seem to remember You mentioned Your worst drawdown was Oct 14 and the start of this flat was perhaps a bit iffy. Historically a difficult period (as I’m sure You know),when form goes out the window. Along with Colin Daveys mailshot.

  401. Maynard says:

    Hi Paul T, if the seasonal changeover causes results to go tits-up, I’ll suspend operations until results settle down.

  402. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard , just a thought , I remember in earlier posts , there was days when you had 8-10 qualifying races with selections in , also you did a small sample of evening meetings being more profitable than day meeting selections . How will you symphon down to a maximum of 6 if there’s more on the day and will evening meetings be considered more due to your earlier findings ? Just crossed my mind that’s all ? Thanks

  403. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim, your memory is good! The evening meetings were more profitable than daytime to begin, then they took a dive. Including evenings there used to be up to 10 qualifying races, but I needed to find a way to cut selections to a manageable level. I added more filters, which helped, then only used the first 3 qualifying races of the day. Now, the way I’ll eliminate to 6 is simply throw out any selections over 6!

  404. JohnU says:

    Hi All, Posting on here because a lot of you may not follow Forex Trading threads or new comments as they arrive. Just thought i would ask if others have had any news re MMR Closing? Please see M K Lee s post on PATE thread. From what s/he says it seems to be definite! I am in the process of seeking clarification. I know a lot of us, myself included will be devastated if its true 🙁

  405. Tim Lowe says:


    I asked Agora directly yesterday and was told it is only the premium paid for service which is closing, the website and free e-letter is remaining.

    So that should mean that all the usual threads such as this one will remain.

    Tim Lowe

  406. pheonix42 says:

    @Tim Lowe

    That is a huge relief ! Thankyou for checking.
    Perhaps the paid for service has not had the take up

  407. Tim Lowe says:


    You’re welcome.

    Tim Lowe

  408. JohnU says:

    @ Tim Lowe, only just back on here and so thank you very much for that clarification. Great news 🙂

    @ Maynard, what can we say – other than thank you and well done once again! – 4 winners from 6 today and at prices i took i’ve made 15.29 points net profit

  409. Sunnyjim says:

    Maynard ! Great tipping today , bet you’ve had your doubters after yesterday , keep the faith and keep em coming ! Thank you ,got my balance back up

  410. ribboco says:

    Maynard just got in and all I can say is ,Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I think off the top of my head ,Smiley one

  411. binntonic says:

    I take my hat off to you sir. Remarkable!! cheers phil

  412. ribboco says:

    Maynard just checked my accounts Betfair £1,010.63 profit and bet365 £2,621.88 ,no singles no doubles ,Just fourfolds and upwards ,no I am not going to say what if sugartown won instead of second ,But I could thou , all the very best Maynard lots of luck to all of us

  413. Maynard says:

    JohnU, Sunnyjim, ribboco, binntonic, thanks for your compliments. I’ve just got in and see that we made 18 points profit today at “Best Odds Guaranteed”. Up £360 with £20 bets. Nice!

  414. ian5999 says:

    Hi Maynard,

    Wow, you’re really into your stride now. Remarkable.

    Well done Sir.

  415. Maynard says:

    ian5999, thanks. Yes, the tips are going great guns! For anyone who wants PROFITABLE free tips, see my blog here:

  416. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard ,
    I assume the system given on Twitter has nothing to do with your tipping method , as I’ve applied it to the 3.45 ascot today where you have William hunter as your selection . The other system indicates Renfrew street , I’m I correct . ?
    Also do you use this free system yourself as I was wondering if there was any data on it ( strike rate / profit / loss figures ?
    Thanks Andrew , I’m pleased for you the way it’s going at moment , I hope it continues !!

  417. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim

    The system I’ve given on Twitter has nothing to do with my CURRENT tipping method, but it was the basis for my original tipping method.

    Incidentally, I’m now putting the system on Facebook … see my next post.

  418. Maynard says:

    I now have a Facebook Page (a friend got me back on!) under “Nardy’s horse racing tips”

    I’ve posted up 9 pages of the racing system I mentioned further up this thread, and I’ll post the rest of the system over the next few days. I’m also posting the daily tips on Facebook at midday (15 mins later than on the blog).

    You’re more than welcome to post a comment on Facebook UNLESS you’re Gerry747, Harry, Su Ying or the rest of that fantasy gang, in which case your posts will be unceremoniously deleted. Also, I don’t mind constructive criticism, but trolling crap will likewise be deleted.

    I’d like to ask a favour: It would be greatly appreciated if you’d SHARE my Facebook Page. Here’s how it’s done:

    1. Hover over “More” below the Page’s cover photo.

    2. Select “Share”.

    3. Click the dropdown menu (at the top) to select where you want to share the page (i.e. on your Timeline, or in a Group).

    4. Write an optional update or message.

    5. Click on “Post” or “Send”.

    Also, I’d really appreciate it if you’d “LIKE” the page.

    Thanks a lot!

  419. Maynard says:

    My new Facebook announcement has just gone into auto-moderation, but you can see it at the bottom of this thread.

  420. S&M says:

    Hi Maynard

    Thanks for sharing your selections with us.

    Is the Blogspot remaining, or are you switching entirely onto Facebook?

    Personally I don’t like using Facebook, so won’t be visiting – That’s just my personal preference!

    Good luck with the future posts though 🙂

  421. Maynard says:

    Hi S&M, the BlogSpot will definitely be remaining – Facebook is just a backup.

  422. geordiematty says:

    Another profit day

  423. Maynard says:

    Hi geordiematty, yes the tips are going great. Now that we’re doing just the one horse per race, profit over the last 43 days is £976.66 to £20 level stakes 🙂

  424. JohnU says:

    ‘Unbelievable Jeff!’ What can you say – what a fantastic finale – and what a fitting name – and double figure odds! I have now TREBLED my Bank using Maynards and another service, and all in less than 3 months. Well done Maynard – as the French say – ‘Magnifique’!

  425. rwcombo says:

    My hats off to you Maynard. Don’t know how you do it and I don’t want to know but what you are doing is brilliant!!

    Been doing this for a week now and have been making serious money from this

    Keep up this amazing work!!

  426. ribboco says:

    Super duper again Maynard, 13-1 on Betfair I new the trainer Clive Cox before he started training smashing bloke ,Had four horses beaten in photos then had a big bet on Charlie Bear, that trainer Jamie rode for me some years ago ,Bear1 I hope you was on that one I always do some sort of lucky31 or accas depending on how many selections ,Even for small stakes you can get very good returns ,Today hard luck but only one single bet the last one 13-1, What ever you have devised Maynard its going great and may it long continue, Any body who has not jumped in yet the best thing to do is wait for a losing day or two then start you might miss a few winners waiting, but you should hopefully miss a bad start all the best

  427. Maynard says:

    Thanks JohnU, rwcombo and ribboco!

  428. LocalReporter says:

    Congrats on the refinement of your ‘Maynard Method’ system, and can I also say how much it is appreciated that you share your tips.

  429. Sunnyjim says:

    What can I say except thanks Maynard , and I used to think drifters don’t win ,
    Well done and keep em coming !

  430. TheBaker says:


    Edwin Ballard rings a bell?!

  431. Maynard says:

    You’re welcome LocalReporter and Sunnyjim, and yes The Baker 🙂

  432. Sunnyjim says:

    Edwin Ballard ??

  433. ian5999 says:

    I’ve been doing exactly what ribboco has suggested.
    Having sat quietly and been most impressed with Maynard’s prowess, I’ve been waiting for a bit of a losing run to order to jump in.
    However, there doesn’t appear to be one 🙂

    I also hope I haven’t just kyboshed it by saying that.

  434. Bear1 says:

    Hello everyone. This is my last post on MMR. Yes, yes, yes, I know…….thank **** for that. 🙂

    Before I ride off into the sunset, I just wanted to say goodbye and to try and encourage as many people as possible to use MAYNARD’S RACING SERVICE.

    Now, I have to be honest, I haven’t been using this service myself but just because I’m an idiot, this doesn’t mean that you have to be one, too. Maynard and his clan are making money hand over fist and if you don’t believe me, then just pop over to his blog and see for yourself. For example, on 26 August, the clan made £360 profit which is certainly better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

    Now here is the exciting bit!!

    Maynard’s tips are completely and utterly FREE, no strings attached whatsoever, or any such nonsense. In this world of rip off artists, don’t you agree with me that Maynard is a genuinely good egg who goes to the trouble of helping others to make a bit of tax free dosh?

    On occasions, I and a few other warriors have tried to stick the boot into these so called horse racing tipsters and rip off merchants, although I fear that our efforts have been about as effective as Betty Spencer (wife of Frank) whacking the incredible Hulk up the arse with a feather duster.


    Cheerio buddy. I think what you’re doing is fantastic. I’ve enjoyed our debates and lots of laughs along the way. Not only are you a good tipster but you’re also a blooming good runner and your bronze medal would’ve been gold, if it wasn’t for all those drug cheats.

    I’m off on holiday now, with Colin Davey, and when I get back, I’ll be spending my time knitting a jumper for the winter.

    Best wishes to all.


  435. ian5999 says:


    Why are you leaving?
    I’m sure we’re all going to miss your reasoning and balance.

  436. johnlynch says:

    Hey Bear1

    Agree with your comments regarding Maynard top man.

    Dont leave for crying out loud.If you decide to stay ill throw in a brand new pair of morris dancing clogs,and a few free lessons.We will get you up to Tim Lowes standard in no time.

  437. graham says:

    Bear 1,Not like you to throw your toys, after Tim disagreed. Like you I like exposing the shykters. So when genuine people run good systems/tips I like to encourage them, and bring them to the notice of other punters. Always enjoyed reading your posts, and agree with you re. Maynard, who has just had another 6.00 winner.
    I think Tim and Tony are genuine, and if there is a qwerk in their system Tony would want to know, so he can correct it
    Crycol is right Tim should tell them to “go away”, and then ignore their posts.
    Hope you reconsider.

  438. graham says:

    Add to that another 9.97 winner

  439. Bear1 says:

    One more post LOL Oh crumbs.


    I was just about to close my computer down when I saw your post.

    I’m constantly amazed by how people can get the wrong end of the stick. I’m not throwing any toys (I’ve got a sore elbow, anyway) and I’m not in any way annoyed with Tim. Why did you think that, you nutter? LOL 🙂

    For an example of the rip off merchants I’m referring to, see my post on the Simple Win System on 16 July 2016 at 12.04

    I have written several posts about similar ‘outfits’ – all to do with horse racing and that is why I’m recommending Maynard because he is the real deal. All the best, Graham.

    @John Lynch

    You really do know how to tempt a man.

    All the best

  440. Maynard says:

    @Bear1, thanks for all the compliments fella, greatly appreciated. I really hope you change your mind about leaving, because your posts are full of intelligence, good sense and humour, and I for one would certainly miss you.

    If you don’t mind me asking, why are you even thinking of leaving? I believe that this place is a lot of fun 🙂

  441. Bear1 says:


    I’m not really going on holiday with Colin Davey. 🙂

    During the last 18 months, I have been teaching myself the art of screenwriting (on this occasion, I’m being serious) by using free stuff on the web. Long story short, I’ve written 3 full length film scripts and submitted the first two to Hollywood screenwriting contests, as a way of breaking into the Industry which is notoriously difficult. I have also had them analysed, professionally, although this is expensive.

    In a nutshell, Hollywood thinks that both of my scripts are crap LOL 🙂 but I was kind of expecting that because they are my first scripts, and I’ve never paid to go on any screenwriting courses, which in my view, are mostly a rip-off, anyway. You see rip-off merchants are not the exclusive preserve of horse racing.

    My third film has been written for the British film industry and is a comedy about a school ski-ing trip. The professional feedback about this one has been really promising, although it still needs work to be done on it before I even consider approaching any agencies.

    My aim during the approaching autumn and winter is to give this my full attention and to do the best job possible. I’m not expecting Steven Spielberg to be grovelling at my door, any time soon, and to be honest, the chance of my script being made into a film are the same as the Pope shacking up with Pamela Anderson, but I won’t have the time to talk with John Lynch about Morris dancing, much as I enjoy doing so. 🙂

    I’ll be keeping an eye on your project from time to time, and I sincerely hope that you keep raking in the dosh.

  442. JohnU says:

    @ Maynard and Bear1 DITTO Maynard above! I couldn’t agree more and i really do hope you change your mind!

    As Maynard asks i too would like to respectfully ask why the decision?

    I hope you do re- consider but if not i would like to thank you for your brilliant, insightful and measured contributions and wish you well in all that you do hereon in! Take care.

  443. JohnU says:

    @ Bear1, it seems we posted at an identical time so had not seen the post immediately above mine! All the very best and i hope that you can come on occasionally if time permits, take care J

  444. geordiematty says:

    Great tipping again. I think all the tweaks to the system are really paying off!

  445. Maynard says:

    geordiematty, thanks!

    Bear1, thanks for the explanation. I’m in a vaguely similar boat to you. I work on freelance projects (just me and the computer, but nothing to do with film) and the reason I like this site is that I can break up my day. I need to “walk away” from what I’m doing for roughly 10 minutes in the hour, then (even after such a short break) I return to the paying project refreshed.

    You may find the same thing with screenwriting!

  446. wayinfront says:

    Well done Maynard. Best free horse racing tips on the net, as far as I know.

  447. ribboco says:

    Bear1 you could still post on here as long as you don’t make it war and peace ,I will miss your book at bedtime now, your post for Tim was bang on the money and complete common sense , But when did common sense ever get a look in, why don’t you limit yourself to two posts a week for fun ,One on here and one on Tims I’m sure he would like that, You do that and I promise I will start using paragraphs ,I’m amazed I could spell that ,anyway all the best with the writing I like a good comedy that’s why I read tims posts ,I mean this I’m starting to like Tim despite the frustration it brings ,By for now

  448. Longboarder says:

    Good luck Bear1.

    Always enjoy your posts.

    Can certainly understand your reasons as forums such as this can suck you in and suddenly the afternoon is gone!

    Please pop in from time to time.

  449. Longboarder says:

    Hi Maynard,

    Would just like to ass my thanks and good wishes to you.

    I have been using the Betengine to place bets just before the off and set to 2% of bank. I don’t recalculate the bank each day – just leave it as it is after every race.

    Since 22nd August my bank is up by 70%.

    Thanks again.

  450. Longboarder says:

    Obviously I would like to PASS my thanks 🙂

  451. Maynard says:

    Thanks, wayinfront and Longboarder 🙂

  452. eddie79 says:

    Lets give this ago…first horse…WON

  453. 5aces says:


    Appreciate sharing your hard work with us.

  454. JohnU says:

    Unbelievable, this is something else, 2 big priced winners so far today and miles in front on profit, and there are still 2 more runners to come. Sensational Maynard! Bank is enjoying its most amazing % increase! Realistically at these prices there will always be the occasional ‘wipe out’ when a Day’s all lose, but the inherent ‘value’ in these bets is what really does the trick.If it carries on like this I think we all should have a collection for a Christmas Present for Maynard and his ‘programmer’. Cant thank you enough for your generosity in sharing this! 🙂

  455. Maynard says:

    @ 5aces – thanks!

    @ JohnU – thanks also! You say: “Realistically at these prices there will always be the occasional ‘wipe out’ when a Day’s all lose, but the inherent ‘value’ in these bets is what really does the trick.”

    You’re spot on there. There will always be the odd wipe-out day, and somewhere back in this thread I predicted that, at some point, we’d have 3 losing days in a row, where collectively 16 horses could all lose, taking out almost a third of the bank. I still believe that this can and WILL happen at some point.

    I mention this “negativity” because, at the moment, the system is performing as well as it ever could. That’s because we have great STABILITY. The weather is stable – no unexpected downpours. And the form is stable – we’re far into the flat season, so there are few hidden surprises.

    B U T …

    The changeover of seasons is approaching. The new jumps season will be upon us. The weather will deteriorate. Many jumps horses will not have run since the last jumps season 6+ months ago. The going will change on some days, from say soft in the morning (upon which my tips would be based) to heavy in the afternoon (upon which some selections can’t win). Things will NOT be as rosy as they are now!

    Of course, I’ll manually filter selections to avoid some problems. If the going is soft but heavy rain is predicted at the course, common sense will tell me to forget all racing at that course for the day. If the weather is predicted to be stable but the going is heavy, I’ll avoid the course until a fair percentage of runners have recent heavy form.

    In fact, at the beginning of the new season, I’ll avoid any course which even hints at heavy (for instance: soft, heavy places) because long years of experience have taught me that any hint of heavy in the going description is Cryptonite in the first weeks of the new season.

    Even with all that care and filtering, weird results still crop up in the period of seasonal changeover from flat to jumps (and back again 6 months later!), and I still haven’t figured out why. I’ve heard many theories, but seen no proof!

    The upshot is that, during the coming seasonal changeover, there will be fewer selections, and those selections will be less reliable. We should still make a small profit, but nothing like the performance we’re seeing now. If we experience a particularly nasty patch (or I think I see one developing) I’ll simply suspend operations for a couple of weeks, and we’ll all take a break. When we come back, we’ll just bet £1 a horse until we’re happy.

    The seasonal “changeover blues” should last about 6 weeks. I don’t want it to be a surprise to anyone, which is why I mention it now! It should start in a few weeks’ time (seems to slightly vary year on year) but don’t worry, I’ll tell everyone to fasten their seatbelts nearer the time.

  456. rwcombo says:

    Bravo Maynard, 3 big priced winners today. My stakes are rising nicely.

    I just come back from holiday and now thanks to you and some other tipsters/systems I am using I am already looking at another holiday this year.

    Well done and a big thank you Maynard!!

  457. blue says:

    well done Andrew …..amazing

  458. 5aces says:

    Maynard is on FIRE!

  459. Bear1 says:

    I just want to say thank you for the many kind words.


    It’s obvious you’ve had ANOTHER great day. Your tips are not just the best free tips. They are the best tips – period.

    Great comments about the transition period between flat and jumps – spot on.


    Your post really made me laugh. It’s because I’m NOT CAPABLE of writing anything less than ‘War and Peace’ that I’ve decided to give it a break. Please don’t start using paragraphs, for heaven’s sake. They are over-rated and I love you exactly as you are. 🙂

  460. wayinfront says:

    Maynard: VWD today.

    As regards your forewarning re the changeover from Flat to NH: Surely you cover A/W? Probably the most consistent medium for betting on the gee-gees.

  461. Maynard says:

    rwcombo, blue, 5aces, Bear1, thanks all.

    @ wayinfront, yes I cover the a/w – we’ve already had bets on it – but some a/w tracks run faster, rather than slower, after rain.

  462. carrbags says:

    @ Maynard
    Fantastic stuff, I don’t care if the run doesn’t last forever. It’s just very refreshing & reassuring to read you and similar others posting helpful tips, ideas and information after the garbage that has been filling the recent comments column for so long.
    Well done & thank you!

  463. Maynard says:

    carrbags, you’re welcome 🙂

  464. 5aces says:

    mmmm, wonder where that troll was who couldn’t stand a few losing days.

  465. graham says:

    Maynard, not meaning to be rude but have you got crystal balls.
    Thanks for all your hard work setting this up and sharing. Even Robin Hood did not give away this much and I am still not using full stakes. Thanks.

  466. Maynard says:

    hi graham, I haven’t got crystal balls, it’s just the way I walk 🙂

  467. Sunnyjim says:

    Well Maynard , what does one say that hasn’t been said already , as you know I seem to say , Keep em coming , and have you . You certainly have big time . I’m just wondering how much one is allowed to win with one bookie before they close ones account ? Maybe I should open a couple more and use those as well . Although in a way having ones account closed means you are being too successful . Any thoughts on this anyone ?
    Well done Andrew I’m really pleased for you and everyone involved in this phenomenal approach to bashing the bookies . Keep em coming !!

  468. cnoelj says:

    @ sunnyjim
    If you bet on the exchanges you are unlikely to have your account closed as you are betting against other users rather than against a bookie. The exchanges do not lose money as they are paid come what may from the commission on the bet. I am using the Smarkets exchange as their commission rate is only 2%. You can normally get better odds with the exchanges which will cover the commission. Just in case there are technical issues with the exchange, I have Betdaq (3% commission) and Betfair (5%) waiting in reserve.

    @ Maynard

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I found this thread by accident on Tuesday which was great timing! I understand that around about October time can be a tricky period in racing with the change of seasons and weather etc, where a bit more caution may be necessary, but I am certainly enjoying what is happening now!

  469. Sunnyjim says:

    Thanks for that , never used exchanges before but I’m going to carry on with William hill and see how I go with my maynards and my system which made 27 points last month

  470. cnoelj says:

    Well done Sunnyjim. One thing I wonder about is this. I am sure that the traditional bookies will know about successful tipsters They will be aware of their websites and their selections. If you are placing the same 5/6 bets day after day as posted on the website they will probably suss it out quickly, particularly if you are making regular profits. If you are spreading your bets around they are much less likely to be detected. My advise for what it is worth is if you really don’t want to use the exchanges, open up several accounts and find the best odds which are offered for each selection. The exchange option I find suits me as I can usually get decent odds in one place and I do not have to bother too much with transferring funds.

  471. Sunnyjim says:

    I know accounts get closed down for different reasons as well as wining too much , which is a very small percent of punters , but I just wanted to know how far I can get with this bookie for curiosity more than anything else

  472. mad one says:


    …..Your account will be closed fairly soon if you keep taking profits from the bookmaker. Of that you can be 100% certain.

    …..Best to use the exchanges.

  473. Steve_M says:

    Good advice above – I’m sticking to the exchanges for this – I’ve had enough of dealing with bookies, they are a bunch of crooks in my eyes.

    Maynard is doing a fantastic job of this and I admire his honesty with the profit warning.

  474. carrbags says:

    Something just occurred to me whilst placing a back bet on the first of today’s selections which possibly because of the interest generated by this thread was nearly two points lower than posted on Maynards blog.
    If these horses are selected because they represent value at the early prices, at what point do they represent true value, or below that poor value?

  475. MIB says:


    William Hill are one of those bookies who are very good at allowing you to make money and are unlikely to close or restrict your account as quickly as others. Ladbrokes are quite good as well.

    Bet365 and Stan James are the worst and as soon as they see you making regular profits will restrict the amount you can bet to pennies.

  476. cnoelj says:

    Carrbags asks a fair question. Is there a point at which we say we are not betting on a selection if it goes below a certain threshold? We do need to ensure that we are not compromising value. Often the exchange price will pick up however closer to the off.

  477. MIB says:


    I have found that a lot of the selections that win do drift out if the morning price is less than advised by Maynard, and if you can bet with odds guaranteed you benefit.

    If you can’t, or don’t want to use bookies, then placing the bet at Betfair starting price is your best bet. It is usually a bigger price than the bookies SP.

    Last Saturday a selection was advised at 9/2. I could only get 4/1 but with best odds guaranteed. It drifted out to 10/1 in the run up to the start and won. BSP was a bit bigger.

    A couple of days ago the odds drifted out to 7/1 with a winner. BSP was 11.0.

  478. bradforddave says:

    Hello to all
    I have been following this thread and Maynards blog since it started
    Never seen such an open and honest approach on any other forum apart from price action trading by Julie Hatch on same site as this
    Julie and Maynard seem to have found ways of making money and are prepared to share for free
    My faith in mankind has been restored
    Thanks for that
    and may the brave be rewarded

  479. MIB says:

    I heartily agree with you, bradforddave.

  480. cnoelj says:

    Thanks MB. I had always assumed that Betfair SP was the same as the market SP. I have just read up on it and will certainly be something I will be considering further as necessary.

  481. LocalReporter says:

    Looking forward to another week of tips.

    Thanks for sharing all your efforts. Much appreciated.

  482. Maynard says:

    No prob LocalReporter – I’m pleased to make people a few bob.

  483. crycol says:

    Been following this for a while now and am having success as everyone else is.

    Just a couple of comments

    One contributor recently wrote that Betdaq commission is only 3 % – Not anymore, they now mug you 5% Smarkets is still good and I find their prices VERY close to Betfair

    The inventor tells us he does not use place betting.

    I have looked up every bet for September and July – both part months

    There were 65 places and 45 unplaced.
    At level stakes a profit , for what in effect is a month, is 24 points. The individual place prices at Betfair BSP on which I have taken the figures using the Timeform section are far better than I would have expected

    If you do running doubles, from a quick calculation gives 32 points.

    I have not tackled August yet, a couple of half-days will probably see it done, and will let you know if the results found support the September/July figures

    Many of the place prices are 30% or more of the ISP, so Exchanges would have to be used, Mr Maynard is probably ( almost certainly, he is that good !) correct that “each way” betting would not be a contributor

    As to keeping accounts open, relatively simples
    I had 4 bookie accounts open, did another 2on Matched betting ( also funds the opo) and I only place 1 bet each day at each bookie, so good losing runs and not too high profits, certainly not enough to excite any of them, and if 1 does go silly, will just get some more free money !

    Thank you Mr Maynard .

    I just wish for the oldies out here who neither twit nor “book”, the ” extras could go on the Blog

    BUT I totally accept we receivers of your largesse have no right whatsoever to demand anything of you, you are giving enough already, and thank you once more

  484. Maynard says:

    hi crycol, interesting analysys you’ve done. Re. twitter & facebook, I’m no longer on facebook, and I don’t give any tips on twitter, so the blog is not missing any bets.

  485. JohnU says:

    Hi cryol, great analysis and i m sure very valuable going forward, and that we look forward to the August analysis! 🙂 Thanks Maynard for clarifying what you are not doing – everyone on the same hymn sheet! 🙂

    Something that has been fascinating me, in addition to thinking about ‘Place betting’ which will minimise longer losing runs (mind you Maynards been so good we have barely had any medium let alone long ones :-)) is the thought of Multiple bets.Now i wouldn t want to encourage anyone to veer from the main approach of singles! just food for thought as a possible way of increasing profits. Doubles and Trebles would seem to be the best areas of attack, and especially when we had those recent 4 and 3 winner days. The downside of this of course is that on ‘single win days’ such as yesterday you would get a nil return. That said other than a highly unlikely long run of such nil return days logic tells me that the inherent value on the Winners means that overall the multiples will profit, but it would seem prudent to use small stakes initially. Other busy commitments mean i haven’t the time to back track the records. Maybe someone has had some kind of look at this?

  486. Maynard says:

    Hi JohnU, to do multiples you’d have to use tiny stakes to account for the much longer losing runs that multiples create. Therefore, in the long term, you’d gain no more than using win singles.

  487. 5aces says:

    And so sayeth the man who knowest the most about value.

  488. cnoelj says:

    These are really good points and it is important to remember that many have come a cropper by taking a perfectly good system and applying their own ideas to it in a belief that they are making it even more profitable. Tweaks are of course possible, but any great idea has to be considered carefully, and tested safely. And here I am reminding myself as much as anyone else.

  489. crycol says:

    John U

    have looked at win betting multiples.
    There are some excellent returns but not consistent enough for me. But as I get into this product more, I will see how my nerve would hold !!

    Place betting August

    The good news
    The average place return is a tiny fraction over evens for the month
    This makes the Jul/Aug/Sep results just a fraction under evens

    The bad news

    August place only betting on Betfair after 5 gives just a 2 point profit, there being 40 wins and 37 losers
    It still leaves level staking placing betting for the whole period, with a week out of August for the boss man to take his Barbados Holiday, 22 points for 2 full months. Not bad if looked at as a running result rather than the three individual periods I took
    It has also survived the different selection numbers put out daily.

    Overall for all 3 periods 110 winners to 83 losers, winning rate around 57% – which , of course at a return of evens gives a profit.

    Because of the high individual odds return, only 7 under 1.5, quite a few in the 3’s, am going to look at target of 1 point returns on a stop loss method, minimum place price of 1.75.. I will use a stop loss of 12 points – there were losing runs of 5 (once) and 4( twice) – 2 of them in the 9 losers to 1 winner in August.
    This should give around a 50 point profit for the 2 months
    This assumes the 12 points will be lost at 4 losing bets, of which there were 3 in the 2 month period

    I will do the sums and post if anyone is interested !

    Am also going to do the figures based on minimum price of 2 – 48 winners at this rate.
    I do NOT have the list of losing bet odds at this stage so this will be a test as I go as checking every price on Timeform is monotonous, but you never know…. the appetite and curiosity sometimes wins out !

    There are also 15 place doubles, giving about 8 points profit, or about 19 points a month.

    August was peculiar.
    There were 5 winning place bets twice, and 6 once, but a patch mid month of 9 losers to 1 winner and at the end of the month, a very patchy set of results.
    But once into September all sweetness and light !

    On the basis that all 3 periods I have tried give more winning bets than losing bets and that the BSP place return is near enough to Evens as to ensure a break even at least, am going to start today place betting level stakes using Betdaq’s version ( the results will be very close to Betfair who I cannot use) and will also do the rolling place doubles.
    There would be a profit over the period of some 30 points doing rolling quads on places and some 70 points on 5timers.
    I will not being doing those though as the frequencies are too small for me.

  490. crycol says:


    Dead right !

    I will not change a thing that Mr Maynard does, but I thoroughly enjoy stats and if there is an “angle” that could contribute outside the norm it is worth looking at

    For example, to get a similar overall place price returns on general favourite betting, much longer losing runs will result as we are having to be on favourites in the range 2/1 to 10/1(win price) but a strike rate much lower than here thus giving a loss.

    But what you say is correct – let the inventor do the tweaking, tweaking without all the information is, as you say, dangerous

    Mine are back tested new stats in a different area. And I will be financing my place betting with matched betting money !

  491. TheBaker says:

    Thirsk 3.30 Mythbreaker – Steward’s Enquiry. Hold your breath!

  492. TheBaker says:

    Result Stands. Mythbreaker @ 7/1

    See the new banner top left of reviews? – “To Discover The Two Simple Steps To A Wealthier Life.”

    No need to “Click Here” – There are 2 simple steps already available: 1. Click on Maynard’s Blog and 2. Place Bets!

  493. JohnU says:

    Many thanks to everyone, not least crycol. I have been very busy and just hardly been around or have time to take in all that has been said. Think i may have jumped in too quickly regarding multiples and take on board all that has been said. Certainly agree with the old adage ‘if it win’t broke dont fix it’ and it was me probably getting a bit ahead of myself with my ‘stats’ head on. For anyone new to this Thread – stick to Maynards advice and you won’t go wrong – the whole set up is not only Free but brilliant.

  494. crycol says:


    Looked at multiples and have ASSUMED an average of 7/2 priced winning bets – so I appreciate my figures can have the proverbial coach and horses driven through them

    If you used rolling doubles, there would have been 9 winning doubles and 128 losing bets
    A marginal profit but lots of work

    Had you covered every race for doubles, I calculate 270 losing bets and a return of some 230 points meaning a loss

    On other multiples, there was 5 x treble and 1 x fourfold,both got from covering all races if my analysis – NOT double checked – is correct.

    The 1 x fourfold achieved from 17 days would have provided some 250 points profit*. But would you bet on the basis that you would get a fourfold from each 17 opportunites*. If it was 34 opportunites, you would have placed some 250 bets to break even
    As for the treble, the loss in the period would have been around 300 points


    Forget the trebles, the ACTUAL fourfold result would have given the following
    At light print prices, presumably advised, the return would have been a net 300 or so points while at the black type prices a net profit of some 870 points !
    So if you got one every 100 or so days – assuming that we are going to be continuing with 4/5/6 selections daily, there is a good profit but you would have to make an awful lot of bets !

    For now, I will stick to the level staking on win bets and my modest low cost experiment on placers……

  495. Superchess says:

    £250 up today – decided to LAY $50 every Maynard tip.
    Easiest money I have EVER earned. LOL! (Pity about the non-runner).

    Cheers Maynard!Keep `em coming…

  496. crycol says:

    Just wait until you get a 7/1 winner as there was a couple of days ago you would then be £350 ( or is it $) down !

  497. JohnU says:

    @ superchess – are we to assume this is just in jest? If not oh boy are you going to lose one hell of a lot in the medium/long term! 🙂

    @crycol, very interesting post once again – many thanks!

  498. Superchess says:


    Do you actually watch the races where he has a runner?
    If they don`t win they often come last!

    I just think he has had a lucky streak and as I admit to having made a few quid Dobbing his selections I have just decided not to follow the crowd and instead oppose him. Good fun whatever happens.

  499. Sunnyjim says:

    Superchess ,
    Hey ,keep em coming , that’s what I’ve been saying for weeks on here regarding Maynards winners ( not the losers as in your case ) but as the saying goes -= There’s always one ! Lol
    May you continue to back losers , but you won’t make a profit long term from Maynards selections

  500. Maynard says:

    Ah, Superchess (more like Sillychuff, as I doubt you could even play draughts to the level of a seven-year-old, let alone play chess to any level whatsoever) … you’re the one I called out as a troll early in Tim Lowe’s “Football Hedging” thread.

    I called you out as a troll because you weren’t making any sensible or constructive arguments against Football Hedging, you were simply goading Tim Lowe and trying to wind him up.

    After I kept showing you up for what you were, you quit posting. Not without a good deal of resentment against me, which is why you’re now trying to troll here. Well, I’ll treat you with the respect you don’t deserve and address your comment that my success to date is due to “a lucky streak”.

    Let’s look at the facts. In 54 betting days – since starting the blog to close of play today – I’ve made £1,574.66 profit to £20 level stakes. This has been achieved with 204 bets. There have been exactly 50 winners at an average BOG price of 4.48-1 (a fraction under 9-2). Strike rate is 25%.

    The lowest-priced winner was 9-4, the biggest was 10-1, but on balance prices have pretty consistently been around the 9-2 mark. No 25-1 winners to distort things. In fact, anyone conducting a Chi Square test will find the score massively above “chance”.

    But hey, such things won’t be of any interest to you, will they, Sillychuff, because your only interest is “getting your own back” for me slapping down your previous trolling.

    But not only are you a troll, you’re a liar too. You say:

    “£250 up today – decided to LAY $50 every Maynard tip.
    Easiest money I have EVER earned. LOL! (Pity about the non-runner).”

    So you’re inviting us to believe, after I made £1,574.66 in 54 days with a 25% strike rate at 9-2, that you suddenly decided to LAY all my horses? Conveniently on the odd day that they all lose?


    You must think we’re even more stupid than you, Sillychuff!

  501. ribboco says:

    Crycol I don’t look at multiples ,I do them ,about two months ago I was a neck away from £20,000 ,but still cleared over £900 then on aug-26th I won over £3,600 ,made a mistake with betfair by not doing trebles bad mistake ,from now on it will be trebles upwards win only and ew acca on total of selections ,The reason the selections sometimes finish out with the washing is the type of horses they are grade 5 and 6 ect that’s why you have to take the rough with the smooth they win in there turn ,I did one of my own selections the other day 40-1 and 30-1 I backed also 1st three and 1st four it was going like a winner and could not get a gap ,multiquest was his name ,Derek Thompson saying unluckiest horse of the night and keep a eye out for it next time ,but these types rarely run two races alike and he will not be 40-1 will he ,Superchess were you born a complete sh$t or did life make you so

  502. JohnU says:

    all interesting and useful comments bar one person. I can suggest several good Therapists and counsellors for you Superchess and the following is the sum total of your sensible contribution to the thread and the Site. My advice is to ‘Go and get a life’:-)


  503. crycol says:


    Maynards comments put things into perspective.I trust you will not be trying to change this excellent thread into the sewer many have changed the football hedging thread into with their uniformed bile
    I am losing money since starting with these bets – but I came in at the end of a superb run – the unwritten rule is wait for a losing run before you start ! – ( not that it would have worked with Martin Edwards mind you) but if you ARE serious rather than point scoring, then be realistic.

    Incidentally, unlike Betfair, Betdaq have a continual in running price change, my observations are that over the past few days, you would have LOST money Dobbing………Borne out by your comments about “coming last”

    I receive daily e.mails from Malcolm Pettit who runs a BOT business. I do not use his BOT and nor do I take advantage of his free selections as he chooses to post them on the devils work that is Facebook, but I read every word of what he writes as it is plain commonsense

    Essentially he talks about long term, not short term.
    That to have systems that consistently make half a dozen points a month is success. That to have multiple such is the road to profit as one baddie will covered in the short term by those winning.

    Maynards system is well within my parameters so far, for long term success.

    And YES I do watch EVERY race as I am using BETDAQ and use their video.(I am housebound)

    Maynards selections appear more often than not, to be second favourites. While he does not choose 2nd favs as his stated selection method, his historic pre blog results were I believe co-incidentally around the 20% MARK about that of second favourites overall, but during the recorded period is 25% but his selection principal of VALUE – that mysterious but effective thing_ means his winning odds in the mid “4’s” are 3/4 point, or about 25%, better than the average winning price of all of the 5364 2nd favourite winning races I have taken into account. using the recorded ISP’s of the winning second favourite starting price of a little under 3.7

    So not only a significantly higher price which on its own would create the profit, but currently a higher strike rate too Why his current monthly profit rates since results have been recorded is some 50% MORE than his target

    Those in doubt, read the ” Background Information” on the Blog, which also WARNS that in October 2014 there was a draw down of 43 % Thus the current longish LR.

    Also heed the oft repeated warnings from him about Season Change.
    NOTHING is hidden

    THAT is why I am sticking with Maynard


    Your multiples results are brilliant, but are not, of course, on these selections.

    I have found a method to make huge returns on the soccer over/under 2.5. market but do not have the b……s to stand the losing runs.

    If you want to know where to get the info – back results easily workoutable, although to get the selections in advance will cost, I will give you the info. – but you seem to have it cracked already so will not expect you to want it !!

    It is Robot selection based, and you can only get 90 days back results at any one time so long term it may not work

  504. crycol says:


    Just an observation, Maynards 1000/1 ‘ish fourfold was on the 26 th August. Was your bet that or just a co-incidence?

  505. gygt says:

    You have always struck me as a measured guy, and your reply to the nay-sayer was again, a measured post!
    You simply replied with Facts and Results, and by definition, facts are irrefutable. Even for someone like ‘Superchess’.
    The best way to deal with negative people is to keep doing exactly what you have been doing.
    And like crycol says above, he will soon be licking his wounds when your next 7/1 winner romps in. Playing with fire, and all that.
    Btw, your free service is showing up many (most) paid services, so congratulations to you.
    Keep on keeping on

  506. Maynard says:

    ribboco, JohnU, crycol, gygt, thanks for your support guys – appreciated.

  507. Longboarder says:

    Yes Maynard,

    Keep on keeping on. You’re the best.

  508. cnoelj says:

    Disappointing that we have a troll in our midst, attempting to sabotage a great thread with great free advice. What motivates them I wonder. All I can say to Maynard is thank you. I have made real profits and it is looking like the expected target for the month will be met. Thankfully those of us who have dipped our toes into the water with Maynard will not be influenced by the nonsense we have read above.

  509. Degolep says:

    Maynard do you have any info how much would be the profit using only Betfair Exchange?

  510. Maynard says:

    Cheers Longboarder and cnoelj.

    Degolep, profit using Betfair’s exchange (early prices) should be around the same as BOG. Most times you get a better early price with BF than BOG, but you miss out on the occasional drifter, so it’s roughly equal in the end.

  511. honest jon says:

    ribbocco, if you were a neck away from a £20,000 multiple, you are one heck of a foolish bettor. You could have laid that off for virtually nothing, guaranteeing well over 18k, not the £900 you say you won. Doooooooohhhhhhh

  512. voodoo1 says:

    @ Maynard

    just stumbled across this thread…VERY NICE thank you!

    in fact far superior than the GARBAGE pedaled by the RIP-OFF shovel seller GUROOOS, including the biggest GARBAGE seller TL!

    Keep up the good work!

  513. ribboco says:

    Are you sure you are being honest Jon ,have you any idea what the price was to lay it and whether I was in the house when races took place, you know nothing Manuel, I have laid off in the past on some golf bets which worked out fine , But sometimes you give to much away then if you have some losing bets you are not much in front ,I never laid my jackpot wins of £25,000 and £22,000 or my super seven win £18,000 or lets see o yes £12,000 lucky15 ,or should I have laid in running my tricast on grand national over £io,ooo with the singles , but yes it did hurt a little ,I have had worse disappointments , after a good cry I look on it as a positive ,by looking to the future with Maynards tips which overall do very well and I do not have to spend hours going through the form books people really should be grateful So be Honest Jon why did you have to post with all that D00000hhhh bollocks did it make you feel good I hope you get a win soon, takes the bitterness away, onwards and upwards to all the civil people on here

  514. ribboco says:

    Crycol ,Was it I do not know I will check on my betfair history , you know some posters were saying the trouble they have with passwords and getting accounts restricted as well ,I only had a bit of bother with betfair many years ago been great since plus you have all your history on tap ,For me corals are the worse despite getting chrome on there advice ,Sometimes I can do everything on the site except when I click on a price nothing happens I have to have all other windows shut or restart the computer ,With bet365 I have to go into chrome to check my history and for services ,Bet365 are the best for me big win at the masters golf the bigger part of the win on Maynards tips and at the moment I have a free £5 bet from them and never any restrictions from them would you believe betfred restrict me on lucky15 with stakes and max payouts ,racebet cut my odds everytime and the transfer from sportsbook was £1010,63 on the 26th aug

  515. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard ,
    The less said about superchess the better , I wasn’t aware how big a troll he was when I posted last night after his crap about you having a lucky streak and if they don’t win they come last . The cheek of the troll made me want to hunt him down .
    Anyway Andrew I’ve just re read my post last night , and I don’t like the way I’ve wrote it
    I wrote to troll features super chess silenced one )
    May you continue to back losers (laying) but you won’t make a profit long term from Maynards selections )
    Well,is it me wording it wrong or what , as I’m saying he won’t make a profit from your selections as he lays them ( which is a total insult ) and not back them to win like 99% of us on here . So I’m sorry if it came across wrong , that’s all I wanted to clear up ,
    I am from West Yorkshire by the way
    Anyway , just let me know please , and I’ll say me motto
    Thankyou and Keep em coming !!

  516. Maynard says:

    Hi voodoo1, thanks for your kind comment.

    Hi Sunnyjim, don’t worry about your wording last night, I understood what you meant to say 🙂

  517. crycol says:


    Are you looking for a wife to share your winnings – am happy to have a gender change to join you…………

  518. crycol says:

    Well Superchess would have done well dobbing today, 3 out of 4 placers with some good odds reductions meaning
    a. Total contradiction of his “they come in last” comments which in itself
    b. Contradicted the “done well with dobbing” not easy to achieve on horses running at the rear

  519. crycol says:


    Bet 365 shut me down when I had won some £600 on their amazing soccer free £50 bets – I made the mistake of not doing any mug bets
    My current strategy with the Maynard stuff (other than place backs which will ONLY be profitable on the Exchanges) of a different bookie for each of the days selections fall into the mug category at present and with a strike rate in the 20’s it means some will be winners, some losers, hpefully the winners will be the likes of skybet and ladbrokes who seem quite tolerant on my soccer betting profits
    I tend to use the exchanges for lay bets only at which I am quite hopeless thus the 10 year, albeit small, deficit in my now deceased Betfair account

  520. ribboco says:

    Sorry crycol I’m making a proposal to Maynard I’m going to be one of those big busty she-males ,got to find out where to get the hormones ,well I do play fair with the £50 free bets , can not be doing with that bonus bagging ,profit maximiser boring stuff, Did some a while back and ended up with most of the money in the bookies accounts about £2,000 , Not knowing how to send documents over the net I thought I will have some fun putting biggish mainly football bets with betway,bet-at-home and racebet for racing after about three weeks I had about £6,000 in those accounts ,So I went for computer lessons with this young lad who designs software and that , got him on to bonus bagging , His girl friend worked in a William hill office and said how much money each day they take out of those infernal electronic fruit machine thingys a small fortune ,Anyway after sending my documents to these bookmakers one of them wanted more , a picture of me with the new driving licence with my photo on it which I stuck on my chin with tape and took a selfie what a game , I must admit I love my mug bets its a cheap way to win big but its hard work digging them out

  521. ribboco says:

    Crycol just read your full post at 10am good post by the way I’m in the process of going through all the stuff I have collected over the years throwing out the rubbish and keeping the good stuff you know things from matt Houghton and that , honest now ,99% of my betting is all study of form with a little bit of nose thrown in apart from that Maynard is the only person I have followed through thick and thin without losing the faith , loads of stuff I have bought I quickly lose the faith and thank goodness for that saved a fortune , if you think you have something good I would like to see it as THE BAKER says on occasion we can come up with ideas of our own I will be looking at a couple of the bakers ideas which he kindly gave and if I come up with something that looks good I will offer that for perusal ,now I must get to bed I’m posting almost as long as bear1 he might complain I’m stealing his thunder

  522. honest jon says:

    ribbocco, i was trying to help, as a successful vendor, i thought you might benefit from some advice, because it was such a basic error…… anyway onwards and upwards..

  523. crycol says:

    ribocco – keep going, we need a replacement for Bear 1 , he claims to have packed it in, pastures anew, Hollywood I believe……..

    Will give some info on the soccer later today, have to do other things now.


    I promise I will only make the one posting on this matter as I have no intention in diverting attention from your thread.

  524. wayinfront says:

    Maynard: I ignore Trolls on threads like this. They are always with us, and no matter how successful you are they won’t go away.

  525. wayinfront says:

    …made my comment after seeing your run-in with ‘Superchuff.’

  526. ribboco says:


  527. honest jon says:

    ribbocco, my apologies i did not mean to press any personal buttons for you. i dont have an agenda, and their is no need to SHOUT… good luck on your learning curve. glad to hear you like honest jons services…cheeerrrssss

  528. JohnU says:

    Interesting mention of ‘vendor’ and honest jon’s services. Have i (we) missed something here ?

  529. Maynard says:

    JohnU, the MMR “Search Box” is your friend 🙂

  530. Maynard says:

    Here’s what I’ve just posted on the blog:

    “We’re taking a month’s break, so there will be no more tips until Monday 17 October. Reason: it will soon be the changeover from the current flat season to the coming jumps season, and already losing results are coming in, just like I warned 11 days ago.

           “On the 6th and 7th of this month we had what I call the “Supernova”. A Supernova is when a star becomes extremely bright as it explodes. Well, we won £270 on the 6th and £260 on the 7th — a profit of £530 in 2 days. That’s what I call a Supernova!

           “In the past, I’ve noticed that Supernovas herald a downward spiral in results just before a change of season from flat to jumps. The same thing happens 6 months later, from jumps to flat. I’ve noticed this year after year.

           “Look back on this blog a little. In the 10 days from 27 Aug to 5 Sept we made £286.66 profit. Then we had the SUPERNOVA on the 6th and 7th. In the 10 days after that, from 8th to 17th, we’ve lost £105.34.

           “That’s why we’re taking the break. Results go down the tubes every year around this time, and return to profit around a month later. So … I’ll see you back here on Monday 17 October at 11.45am sharp!”

  531. cnoelj says:

    This makes absolute sense. Look forward to a profitable return in a month’s time. Thanks again for all you are doing Maynard!

  532. LocalReporter says:

    Honesty and integrity. many thanks.

  533. wanderer says:

    Sure you are right ,thanks for your efforts.

  534. graham says:

    Hi Maynard. All this astrological talk, I now feel I have been swallowed by a “black hole”, for a month. Thanks for your sensible approach, and hard work.

  535. rwcombo says:

    A good honest approach Maynard. I have made lots of money thanks to you and do not mind waiting till October to continue making more lots of money.

    Thank you Maynard and enjoy your time off. You deserve it!!!

  536. Maynard says:

    Thanks fellas, it’s been a pleasure, and I look forward to getting back in the saddle in a month’s time 🙂

  537. ribboco says:

    Well down Maynard good idea ,my lucks out a break will do me good , to many photo finishes gone the wrong way , my last hope is a golfer on the web com tour Scott Stallings joint leader one round to go ,

  538. Longboarder says:

    Degolep says:

    September 16, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    Maynard do you have any info how much would be the profit using only Betfair Exchange?

    I have been using Betfair. I don’t have specific figures but each day I check against Maynard’s results and sometimes I do better and sometimes a little less. There has not been any significant difference between the two.

    Up to recently I was placing bets just before the off but on reviewing against BSP – BSP would have achieved about 5% better over the period measured.

    Hope this helps.

  539. crycol says:

    This is the promised single “off – Maynard” post – you have a month to read it……… is a site that records the results of 40,000 (yess, the right number of noughts)
    Someone, do not know who, selects 1 to 3 soccer matches with odds of1.7 to around 2.1 each day. EVERY Robot suggestes the results of the SAME 1 – 3 matches in the o/u market

    If you click on prediction robots you will get a page listing the % success rate of each robot. Click on the robot reference number and you will get detail of the last 90 ebts, covering about 40 days

    Back to the full listing and click on the header saying win rate click on that and you will get the results from the lowest win rate click again you will get it sorted by the highest

    To the right you will see a short cut, without detail of the selections, the last 90 results

    You will see loads of doubles/trebles and even 8 folds

    The average price is about 1.8
    a 6 timer will give you around 36 points profit while an 8 timer gives 120

    I tested back results on running accas on various multiples doubles up to 8’s and showed realy really good returns
    But it is only practical to have a seperate schedule for each of the days selections on the basis that is the only selection for the day . I was running 3 columns due to the time of the games.
    I am not sophisticated enough to manage it any better

    The top half a dozen bots have a success rate of over 65% while if you take the BOTTOM few, with a success rate of only 27% or so, if you REVERSE their selections, i.e. call an over an under, the success rate is better than the top rated bots!

    Downside is that only a running 90 results are available, and returning to the site from time to time does not, despite what the vendors say, show a consistenty of selection success.

    If you want the selections in advance , the subscription fees are high. Not for me at my level of betting

    My guess is it will not suit you as there is absolutely no personal judgement involved.

    But for someone who wants to “play” there is the possibility of some good money to be made.

  540. crycol says:

    See you after half-term then, Maynard. Enjoy whatever, wherever !

  541. ribboco says:

    Crycol thanks for that I will check it out football acca’s are one of the things I am interested in

  542. JohnU says:

    @ maynard, thanks for your post 17 th September re honest jon- apols for not being around at all since to acknowledge it

    Also another big thank you – and especially as the extra funds made have been great, helping to fund my wife and i having a much needed break next Monday to Friday at our favourite coastal small Hotel 🙂 I would be happy with the service were it a ‘paid for’ one, but as a Freebie it is just spectacular. For anyone who ‘cant do without a bet'(or even a months worth) – not a good mind-set always remember that it seems ‘the professionals’ always have about a month’s break at changes of the codes. simple fact is ‘X plus’ points profits over 10 months is far better than ‘X minus’ points over 12. Plus you get a refreshing break – who wants to be betting 364 days a year 🙁 (For anyone who trades Forex/Markets etc too then the ‘summer period’ – coinciding with the kids mega Holiday is when many professionals again have a break. By a strange co-incidence today is the day that Julie Hatch – of PATe mega site on here – apparently resumes after her break 🙂 )

    Finally, i have been looking at the excellent MMR review of Tennis Pilot, and after exchanging emails with the guys who run it, this looks an absolute bargain and the ROI is truly amazing. Anyone interested the guys are apparently on Holiday ( though i still got an albeit delayed reply late last night) so they have suggested i leave joining until next week. Never ever bet on Tennis before but this seems a no brainer.

    All the best to Maynard and all ‘Posters’ – I look forward to getting back into this sometime around mid – October!

  543. bond says:

    Well done Maynard…..see you in October 😉

  544. erd2 says:

    Thanks Maynard

    So good of you to share your tips brilliant stuff.

    Look forward to October

  545. gwynsue says:

    hi boyos, i havnt been posting for a while but have been following the thread dilligently and am amazed how some posters are so complicated, thinking of multiples and accas and allsorts, however i reiterate what youve all said regarding maynards system, now some of u dont realise that i initiated using STOP AT A WINNER, WHICH maynard subsequently binned, well i didnt deviate from SAW. and u may be interested to know how its done in comparison to maynards newly tweeked system results are as follows in line with maynards dates over the last 22 days.

    27th aug/5th sept maynards profit 286.66
    6th/7th sept. maynards profit 530.00
    8th/17th sept maynards loss 105.34 net profit 711.32

    27th aug/5th sept saw profit 356.66
    6th/7th sept. saw profit 220.00
    8th/17th sept saw profit 166.66 net profit 743.32

    o.k only 32.00 difference, but less hassle, less time consuming and less stress. saw cant be bad guys , from 22 days maynards had 11 days profit, 9 losing days and 2 break even, saw had15 profit and only 7 losing days, needless to say i for one will carry on with saw in the new season. so all the best to MAYNARD and the rest CHEERS ,GWYN


  546. wanderer says:

    Thanks for your report and well done sticking to SAW.Looking forward to new season.

  547. crycol says:


    Is that SAW stopping a 3 bets for the day without loss retrieval
    If only 1 or 2 selections, sometimes happens, do you roll over to the next day or , if no winner that 1 or just 2, write the day off

    You may or may not know I am doing level stakes on place betting.
    Will do a back test, have full results for place also back to Maaynards blog start, and will see how that works both with retrieval and levelstaking
    On level staking, just taking the FIRST race only, there was a small level stake profit
    BUT encouragenly, taking the days with a minimum of 3 races daily, 46 days had place winners in the first 3 races and only 4 no winners

    I have not yet calculated the actual resuts in monetary terms, but with an average odds for winning placers of a fraction below evens, this is certainly profitable, possible better than the level staking profit of 22 or so points I have seen over level staking on all races.

    Using a 1,2,3, staking, meaning a loss of 6 points on the meetings with no winners (placers) in the first 3, backtested shows that to be a guessetimated net of 22 points , same as every race level staking.
    The multi stake method may well, when calculated give a higher return, for examply a 2.6 winner on the 3rd race gives a return of 4.8points against the 3 points lost on the first 2
    But of course, if the winning placer was at , say 1.67 there would be a .9 point loss over the 3 races.

    Oh Hum

  548. Maynard says:

    Why are we re-visiting SAW again? I already did the calculations on the blog (which I later removed to avoid confusing newcomers), and those calculations CLEARLY SHOWED that SAW was far less profitable than backing all the horses.

    Admittedly I was originally seduced by SAW’s SHORT-TERM profits, which is why I instigated it, but when I analysed it over a month, the results were:

    SAW = £58.22 profit ….. Backing all horses = £309.00 profit (this was when we were only doing 3 horses a day).

    The reason for the result is obvious. My tips are, overall, very profitable, so why on earth would you want to exclude many of them by using SAW? Stopping at a winner makes no logical sense – you’re just as likely to have winners after you’ve stopped!

    Here were the day-by-day results. SORRY if the formatting comes out crooked:

    Daily profit/loss summary, from 13 Aug down to 14 July

    £+/- Backing All @ BOG £+/- S.A.W. with bot

    + 110.00 – 7.70
    – 120.00 – 120.00
    + 19.00 + 13.20
    + 110.00 + 34.10
    – 30.00 + 57.00
    – 120 – 120.00
    – 20.00 – 19.20
    – 10.00 + 49.40
    +/- 0 + 18.80
    + 120.00 + 53.20
    – 120.00 – 120.00
    + 100.00 + 61.80
    – 120.00 – 120.00
    + 90.00 + 69.00
    + 40.00 + 31.40
    + 85.00 + 43.20
    – 20.00 + 57.45
    + 140.00 + 58.40
    + 240.00 + 159.39
    – 120.00 – 120.00
    – 55.00 – 56.80
    – 10.00 + 35.58
    ______ ______
    + 309.00 + 58.22

  549. Maynard says:

    Yep, the formatting is crap. The right-hand column has jammed right up to the left column. Hopefully you can still make it out, though.

  550. JohnU says:

    @ maynard thanks for the above. Andrew I hope you don’t mind a quick mention – especially as i know you, and i think others with Racing interests, have also shown interest in and probably commented on the PATe Trading thread. I have just posted a long comment ( some will think too long 🙂 ) in an attempt to somehow help people look at some apparent contradictions and moreover to help kick off, hopefully, greater understanding and trade successfully. Just wanted you and others to be aware and would be very interested in your personal views ( if you have time to read it 🙂 and any other peoples too! Thanks. John

  551. crycol says:

    Why the revisiting — Its all about withdrawal symptoms , you have us all addicted sir !

    Anyway, I agree with you, as the other figures appear to be selective)

  552. ribboco says:

    Honest jon My curve needs a bit of learning and after reading your first post to me saying I must be one heck of a foolish bettor when I could have made a lay to win a guaranteed £18,000 ,Now even in hindsight I cannot see how this could be archived but never to old to learn so I know you are a vendor , seen your row of systems courtesy of Maynards link to your trials ,So could you give us the figures you worked out to get to your rather , I might say rude statement yours richard

  553. honest jon says:

    richard, i did not mean to offend, more so get your attention.
    my statement was more crude than rude, if the final in your acca horse bet was beaten by a neck only, and all uk/irish races being in play on betfair, it stands to reason that the horse in question would have got down to very very low odds in play, and been very layable. Hey I could be out by a margin, but if you won £900 as you say, i wont be out by £17,000…
    good luck, to you and all MMR readers, and remember, betting is the hardest way to make an easy living…

  554. ribboco says:

    Honest Jon believe you me not the slightest offended , you would know if I was, On the point of laying in running I will not compete with people with fast speed terminals in special betting shops ,I have experienced some bad results with that game , besides how short do you think he went he was neck and neck going to the last hurdle and over it, If he went slight odds on that would be it , so number one how much do you think I keep in my account and number two and this is the big point how much liquidly do you think there is in a low grade handicap in the evening I think at Stratford ,Sometimes you are lucky if there is £40 in there so laying about £16,000 is so far out from you I think you must be mischief making , if you think you are coming across as some kind of betting guru you are living in dreamland old son , SO have a look one evening at a similar race and have a look at liquidity you can do nothing without it , I had a 7 horse place acca going a few days ago do you think I could lay it before race started no there was peanuts in there and the jockey mr cowley messed up finished 4th , The biggest thing for me to swallow was my horse beaten a neck met the same horse 6 days later on same weight terms and this time beat him by 7 lengths , but you live with that in a lifetime of betting it just does not help when you get a pathetic post which is completely wrong and you finish off with dooooorrrr cheerrrssss and such like bollocks thank you

  555. honest jon says:

    ribbocco, points taken, although for someone not the slightest offended you sound like someone offended, and i am not a betting guru by any stretch. Good luck to all…2pm saturday have to be going, lots of money to be won and lost…

  556. bodgeman says:

    Started checking the site for Davey comments to see if he had changed his spots !!
    Came across this thread and seems Maynard you are the ‘blocks’ lol.
    How do I get the tips ???
    Cheers, from a intrigued Bodgeman

  557. bodgeman says:

    sorted !!!
    Got off my arse and searched back in thread. Now a months wait but no problem Enjoy the break

  558. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard, hope you’re enjoying your break pal .
    I’m curious if during this break you’re keeping check of results of the method . I imagine there are others on here too who would be wondering how they have faired over this period . Do you intend posting these at all in the future , just crossed my mind that’s all .
    All the best Andrew, and keep em coming ! sunny Jim

  559. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim, yes I’m definitely keeping a track of the selections. Here’s the daily profit/loss since we stopped:

    18th £ 60 loss
    19th £140 PROFIT
    20th £120 loss
    21st £ 40 loss
    22nd £100 loss
    23rd £ 20 loss
    24th £ 13.33 loss
    25th £150 PROFIT
    26th £ 80 loss
    27th £ 80 loss
    28th £ 40 PROFIT
    29th £ 90 PROFIT
    30th £ 80 PROFIT

    TOTAL … £ 13.33 loss in 13 days

  560. cnoelj says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for that. It appears that a break was indeed the right thing. However the last three days looks promising and may be an indicator that things are beginning to move back in the right direction.

  561. Maynard says:

    Hi cnoelj, I find that a good indicator with these tips is a third of a month – they need to show a decent profit over the previous 10 days.

  562. cnoelj says:

    Ah right. Sounds like a sensible plan.

  563. Sunnyjim says:

    Thanks Maynard for posting those results , I would imagine that others on here would appreciate it also . While I’m on here ,has anyone received emails , mail from a guy calling himself Ben claiming to make £700 a week with his 567 formula ? Looks very sus to me ?

  564. namphon says:

    Just found this thread and your blog Maynard,thank you very much for your hard and rewarding work! free and profitable! cant wait for the restart:):):)

  565. magtino says:

    This is a FREE football tipping service some of
    you might be interested in while you are waiting
    for this service to start again.

    They put a lot of research into there selections.
    Bets are Over 2.5,Under 2.5,and BTTS.
    I bet Over 2.5 if the percentage is 90% or higher,
    and both teams to score.

  566. Sunnyjim says:

    Maynard !

    Please hurry up and come back , to keep the fire burning I’ve been dabbling on free trials , offers with so called tipsters ( 1 called beat the competition) and my biggest betting account ever built up with your tips is now dwindling to say the least . I should have took a complete break myself from everything. So looking forward to next week on your return.

  567. Superchess says:

    Yes, Hurry up Maynard!, can`t wait to oppose you! LOL!

  568. Maynard says:

    @ Sillychuff

    I can’t wait to get cracking again and see you lose a truckload of money opposing me! LOL!

  569. JohnU says:

    @ Superchess @ maynard

    I am just wondering why anyone who has an active brain cell would want to oppose – and therefore be ‘laying’ horses – on what is currently THE most profitable ‘backing’ service around? There are a multitude ( probably 95 % in total)crap so – called ‘services’ out there you could choose to do just that with because ‘backing’ them makes a loss.If you are so keen to throw your money away there are plenty of Charities you could support rather than give it to rich book-makers or ‘opposing’ punters on the exchanges. 🙂

  570. Maynard says:

    @ JohnU, he’s not really opposing me, but just claiming to in a failed attempt to wind me up.

  571. JohnU says:

    ok, fair enough. I mustn’t ever lose my sense of humour! 🙂

  572. cnoelj says:

    Hi Maynard. As we are getting close to the anticipated restart I was interested in how your observations have been going and whether you feel confident that everything will be right. I understand that two or three days can and will make a difference. Just curious! And looking forward to getting back to it

    Best regards

  573. Maynard says:

    Hi Chris, profits came bursting back on 28th of last month, and have been solid ever since.

    I chose the wrong period to take the flat-to-jumps “changeover” break. Instead of breaking 18 Sept to 17 Oct (30 days), I should have broken 9 Sept to 27 Sept (19 days). I’ll do it right next year!

    When the change back to jumps occurs in 6 months, I’ll keep posting rather than taking a break, so that we can see everything day-to-day, and reduce stakes to £1 horse as appropriate.

    Anyway, here are the daily figures from 27 Aug. I’ve gone back to that point so that we can see the 10 days leading up to “supernova”, which was just before the changeover downturn …

    27th Aug £30 LOSS
    28 6.66 profit
    29 110 profit
    30 20 LOSS
    31 60 profit
    1st Sept £0
    2 80 profit
    3 140 profit
    4 40 LOSS
    5 20 LOSS
    ———- £286.66 profit in this 10-day period
    6 270 profit
    7 260 profit
    ———- £530 profit in 2 days! (“supernova”)
    8 60 profit
    ———- Should’ve taken a “changeover” break here
    9 100 LOSS
    10 20 LOSS
    11 128 profit
    12 600
    13 80 profit
    14 60 LOSS
    15 100 LOSS
    16 6.66 profit
    17 100 LOSS
    18 60 LOSS
    19 140 profit
    20 120 LOSS
    21 40 LOSS
    22 100 LOSS
    23 20 LOSS
    24 13.33 LOSS
    25 150 profit
    26 80 LOSS
    27 80 LOSS
    ———- £388.67 LOSS in this 19-day period
    ———- Should’ve ended “changeover” break here
    28 40 profit
    29 90 profit
    30 80 profit
    1st Oct 160 profit
    2 100 LOSS
    3 40 LOSS
    4 190 profit
    5 50 profit
    6 60 LOSS
    7 70 profit
    8 10 profit
    9 0
    10 50 profit
    11 20 LOSS
    12 140 profit
    ———- £660 profit in the last 15 days

  574. Maynard says:

    Whoops – on 12th Sept it reads “600”. It should read 0 (zero) – no profit or loss that day.

  575. cnoelj says:

    That’s a really comprehensive break down and it is great that you are acknowledging areas of improvements. Thanks so much for this and all the hard work and commitment you are putting into it. You will have lots of happy people on here if it continues in this way!

  576. cnoelj says:

    Interestingly enough I placed my first bets from your suggestions on the first day of the supernova. What a time to get involved!

  577. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard,
    Just looked at your post on your blog ,
    That’s awesome reading , how it’s got back into the groove again . Thsnks for that .
    Does this mean we can start earlier than Monday 17th ( like today lol !
    I’m getting withdrawals,
    Please Andrew

  578. Sunnyjim says:

    Forgot to mention also , a couple of years ago I was posting a lot along with Raymondmin about the success at the time of a system ( opas facilisis) my username was Busdriver then
    and you were posting to us to keep quiet about how well it was doing as the more people jumping on the selections the less profit would be had . It’s made me think the same now about your formula , just a thought , ? Keep em coming

  579. mad one says:


    …..Why don’t you offer to pay Maynard £7.95 per month on the basis that you can keep all the tips to yourself, then you can become a millionaire 😉

  580. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim, I’m sticking to the Monday start, so you’ll have to get a fur coat for your cold turkey 🙂

    Re. too many followers depressing prices, we’ve a long way to go yet. If we ever get there, I’ll make the blog registration-only.

  581. graham says:

    Hi Maynard, just read your blog. I appreciate your pointing out the unreliable change over times, but interestingly other than a few “hairy days”, you would have still made a handsome profit betting straight through.
    Can`t wait for Monday, to put Sunnyjim out of his misery!

  582. Maynard says:

    Hi graham, the changeover period lost money. See my breakdown 9 posts ago where it says “£388.67 LOSS in this 19-day period”.

  583. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard,
    Any chance of a follow on post of results from 12th October to present, just to know what we are following on from ?
    Also All the best for the resumption in your method

  584. Maynard says:

    Hi Sunnyjim, updated figures are on the blog now.

  585. Sunnyjim says:

    Hi Maynard,
    Silly me , I hadn’t thought of looking on your blog till tmrw , thanks for letting me know !

  586. Maynard says:

    Reminder: FREE racing tips are back on my blog after the break TODAY at 11.45

    Look forward to seeing you later 🙂

  587. Longboarder says:

    Hi Maynard,
    Nice to have you back.
    Wishing you (and us) the best of luck.

  588. namphon says:

    Thank you for todays tips sir:)

  589. bond says:

    HI Maynard,
    unlucky start, however some close shots…well done

  590. blue says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I’m glad to see James Bond isn’t disappointed Do you use Betfair BOG Andrew?

  591. Maynard says:

    Cheers Longboarder and namphon.
    blue – yes.

  592. blue says:

    oops….lost my smiley somewhere

  593. Degolep says:

    Is there a way to get notifications that your tips are online?

  594. namphon says:

    Degolep,I believe Maynard puts his tips up on his blog at 11.45am daily:)

  595. cnoelj says:

    I normally start checking from 11.30 as sometimes they can be there at that time, but yes 11.45 is the official time.

  596. Maynard says:

    Degolep, the other guys are right – 11.45 is the official time.

  597. cnoelj says:

    Two nice winners today. Thanks Andrew!

  598. Maynard says:

    You’re very welcome 🙂

  599. namphon says:

    Thanks for yesterdays winners Andrew,heres to a good day today everyone:)

  600. clive49 says:

    Hi Andrew, been following for a few months. Great little system. Only problem I have is getting the same prices as you!

  601. Maynard says:

    Hi clive49, if you have an account with every BOG bookie you shouldn’t have a problem getting my prices IF you act quickly after I post the bets.

    Most of the time you can get BETTER than my prices on the Betfair exchange. You miss out when the price drifts, but this is compensated by the usually better early prices. Hope this helps.

  602. JohnU says:

    Well done again yesterday Maynard. God to have you back! 🙂

    Re the above i can bear out exactly what you have said to cive49. To date i have only used Betfair Exchange and overall i have not been disadvantaged. Whilst i always get on a s a p, sometimes if i am out and am an hour or two late with them i am quite often pleasantly surprised when i find that the prices of some of them are still higher than your prices. Keep on with them Clive – this is a fantastic service and i virtually trebled my initial Bank with it up to shortly before the ‘break’ period.

  603. JohnU says:

    Apols for typos. Good… even, cant quite elevate you to God yet Andrew:-)

  604. clive49 says:

    Thanks for the reply Andrew. Had accounts with all of them but now severely restricted. (Betway 0.73! Lads 0.83 etc) Numerous closed accounts. Really I was referring to the fact that prices went so fast. Anyone who got 4/1 on Rural Celebration the other day must’ve been very quick. 1.5 minutes after your posting all I could get was 3/1! Not a complaint by the way, just an observation.

  605. cwilliams says:


    I got on Rural Celebration at 4.8 with Betfair with no difficulty.

  606. MIB says:

    I have the same problem with getting advised odds due to all my bookies accounts being restricted. The only one BOG I can use is Betfair sportsbook.


    4.8 with betfair exchange is still just under 4/1 but close enough as long as the odds don’t drift out.

    The main thing is that the service has been profitable and so if I can’t get the odds advised I am still over the moon with Maynard. Thanks for sharing, Andrew

  607. namphon says:

    Good luck today Andrew and everyone following:)

  608. Maynard says:

    Thanks everyone for your compliments 🙂

    I know that no-one is suggesting I exaggerate prices available with BOG bookies, but just a couple of points:

    I get prices from Oddschecker about 11.10am, even though I don’t post selections until 11.45. The time-lag allows me to do my calculations, then place my bets, but of course some prices will change.

    If you click the name of any horse on Oddschecker, you can see a list of prices from early in the morning. You’ll always see the prices at 11.10 tallying with the prices I give.

  609. erd2 says:

    Well done Andrew Theatre Act just won

    Great to have you back

  610. graham says:

    Ding Dong, Andrew Midnight Sapp. just gone in, glad I am not a “Layer”.

  611. cnoelj says:

    Silly Chuff must be pulling his out if he is laying these lol. Thanks again Andrew.

  612. JohnU says:

    What can you say – back with a bang, BRILLIANT Maynard. 2 winners from 4 and im already hundreds in profit, irrespective of the results of the last 2. Odds of 7.83 and 6.8 on Betfair – your programmer seems to border on ‘genius class’ 🙂

  613. Steve_M says:

    I’ve been following Maynard’s tips for some time now. I’ve also had some e-mail communication with him.

    I can’t actually believe he is doing this for free – I’ve signed up to paid services that have slower response times and worse support than he offers for free, not to mention the fact that these tips (so far) are actually profitable and his service does what it says on the tin.

    Honest, friendly and reliable chap running a profitable service. 10/10 from me.

  614. Longboarder says:

    Just a bit of info for those thinking of Betfair:

    Todays winners:

    Advised BF @ 11:45 BSP
    Theatre Act 7.5 7.8 7.4
    Mid Sapphire 7.5 8.0 7.64

    There wasn’t a lot of liquidity at those prices at 11:45 so not sure whether a certain bet size would have been fulfilled at them.

    Didn’t fare so well on the 18th though. Both winners had considerably lower BSP than advised/BOG.

    Thanks again Maynard.

  615. Maynard says:

    Thanks erd2, graham, cnoelj, JohnU, Steve_m and Longboarder.

    Incidentally, I’d never advise anyone to take Betfair SP. When I talk about backing with Betfair, I mean taking their early prices.

  616. bond says:

    Thanks Andrew your tips put a little bit of magic into life

  617. blue says:

    Well done again Andrew.

  618. rwcombo says:

    Tremendous Andrew. You have taken my stakes to a new level!!!

    I got a feeling we are going to have a few bumper few weeks leading to Christmas

    You have come back with a big bang!!!

  619. namphon says:

    Totally awesome sir thank you:)

  620. Maynard says:

    Much appreciated, guys 🙂

  621. Sunnyjim says:

    thanks Andrew ,
    Smashing the bookies gives such a great feeling, and after the break that’s what you are doing . Profit master ,carry on like this and you will have to have a statue built to acknowledge you . I’m grateful to you for this opportunity to make a few bob !
    Keep em coming!

  622. LocalReporter says:

    I’ve enjoyed this week, I can’t think why!

    Many thanks for your excellent, and amazingly, free service.

    With regards to price availability, I’m not bothered what price I obtain, the quality of tips more than make up for a few points movement.

  623. namphon says:

    Thanks for todays tips Andrew,good luck everybody:)

  624. cnoelj says:

    Yes. Thank you Andrew. Looking forward to this evening’s racing

  625. graham says:

    Just to help. I am 30mins. late this morning, but using Oddschecker got 4.33 on BFSB and 6.00 on Betfred respectively.

  626. Maynard says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments 🙂

  627. cnoelj says:

    Natural Scenery obliges!

  628. Steve_M says:

    Andrew delivers again

    This time next year Rodney

  629. namphon says:

    Another profitable day thank you Andrew:)

  630. crycol says:

    Thank you from me too, and please don’t tell me off, but since resumption have made 9 points flat stakes on place bets with the last 6 selections alone all placing
    No good doing as each ways though, I do place on Betfair, often getting 1/3 and rarely less than 1/4 on races bookies only giving 1/5.

    That though , is just an extra bonus !

  631. Maynard says:

    Cheers guys 🙂

    crycol, it’s entirely up to you what you do, but as you know I recommend win-singles only (i.e. each bet to win). In the 5 days since re-starting, we’ve made 12 points profit to BOG with win bets.

  632. cnoelj says:

    Thanks again Andrew. Nice prices there and I have better odds with some of them on Betfair. If one or two of these come in for us we will have another great day

  633. crycol says:

    I appreciate what you say – I back you selections win only to level stakes .BUT since resumption , just as a note and not suggesting anyone else does it, I have additionally made
    9 plus points backing to place only on The Exchanges at BSP
    and ( although at lower stakes) 15.6 points on the 5 “rolling” place doubles that have come in
    So you are doing very well for me and am so grateful

    This is possible because of your “value” selections. For example, Maverick placed at 3.58 BSP yesterday, and there has been another placer at similar odds since the resumption

    Your altruism is fantastic and we are all, as you know, very grateful to you.

    Just a footnote, with a limit to Bookies available to me, I cannot always get BOG so Betfair is a “have to” sometimes – am sure that is why some of your other correspondents use Betfair too

  634. Maynard says:

    Cheers cnoelj.

    Thanks for the explanation crycol 🙂

  635. namphon says:

    Good luck today guys:)

  636. JohnU says:

    MMR – the future?? Just to say that it is my belief that there will now be no more new reviews !!
    In light of this I emailed Michelle on Friday afternoon to make my own comments and to ask if there will be an official announcement from someone in the higher echelons of Agora and as yet I haven’t had a reply, Whilst not criticising Michelle directly (she will be under instructions no doubt) irrespective of my email I do feel that everyone on here deserves to be put in the picture. If this policy change is confirmed then it would seem like the ‘beginning of the end’ and that MMR will slowly die completely – what a pity!

  637. mad one says:


    …..I respect your posts on here, but come on, it’s just a crappy little website mostly vacated by trolls, and biz op addicts, and owned by a company who like to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

    …..Absolutely no loss to anybody. There are endless similar sites out there.

    …..Sure you find the odd good piece of advice from the members who do have a brain, but other websites offer this also, and they are not trying to flog rubbish.

    …..Agora have been selling dreams for years and it is about time they were seen for what they really are, and put out to pasture.

  638. Steve_M says:

    Did anyone else have great difficulty getting on at advised odds today? I usually start placing bets the minute they are posted and have a variety of bookies accounts but I think I only got one at advised odds. I know Andrew checks odds earlier than they are posted but it’s not usually this hard to match the odds.

  639. cnoelj says:

    It was more difficult today to get the advised odds.

  640. gwynsue says:

    what does it matter ,guys, theyhave all lost anyway, got 8.8 on bf exchange for hit the lights and 4.6 for river of intrigue so thats o.k if they win, but its a big iff though, i cannot agree more wth you MAD ONE well said.

  641. DRSTOCH says:

    @ mad one Could recomend some other sites please

  642. mad one says:


    …..Depends what sites you are interested in, and there are loads of gamblings forums, I have a few invite only ones I am a member of but loads of general gambling sites on Google. UK Gambling Forum ain’t a bad one, and some good lads in there.

  643. DRSTOCH says:

    @ mad one Thanks for your reply

  644. pabrmu says:

    Hi mad one.
    Is it the UK Betting Forum, as can’t seem to find a UK Gambling Forum?

  645. mad one says:


    …Yes, I think that is the one.

  646. cnoelj says:

    Thanks for today’s tips Andrew I have managed to get better than the advised odds for three of the selections on Betfair. Looking forward to another profitable day. Good luck to us all

  647. maxreturns says:

    I see Matt Houghton was “advertising” Maynard’s tips to his Betting Rant list today.

  648. crycol says:

    Thats the kiss of death then

  649. Steve_M says:

    @crycol – well we’re now in profit for the day regardless of what happens in the last race

  650. Steve_M says:

    Actually scratch that, I miscalculated. I’ve broke even for the day regardless of last race.

  651. Maynard says:

    @ Steve_M,

    Sunset Dream won at the early BOG of 9-2, giving us £90 profit. We’ve had 2 losers, so we have a £50 overall profit so far. We await the outcome of the 9.10.

    I think your calculator needs new batteries 🙂

  652. Steve_M says:

    No @Maynard – it’s my brain that needs new batteries.

    You are right of course and now that I’ve looked at it for longer than 2 minutes I can see my profit figures match your figures (although I use drastically smaller stakes!).

  653. MIB says:

    I could only get 7/2 on Sunset Dream so half a point profit on the day regardless of last runner.

  654. Maynard says:

    MIB, when I checked Betfair Exchange at 11.45, it was trading at 5.48. If you can’t get the BOG bookie price I give, always check the Exchange.

  655. MIB says:

    I saw that, Andrew but always like to get BOG on Betfair Sportsbook to cover any drift.

    It’s because of the main bookies restricting my bets that I have this issue but if I’m a few points down on recorded profits each month I’m still happy to have made money.

    If you continue to find the winners a lot of the guys will gradually end up with the same problem. It’s a nice problem to have though lol

  656. Maynard says:

    Cheers MIB 🙂

  657. pabrmu says:

    Hi all.
    I have also been using Betfair Sportsbook due to BOG.
    Do you recommend this Andrew and can you ever be restricted on Sportsbook?

  658. cnoelj says:

    @ pabrmu
    As Betfair is owned by Paddy Power these days, I am guessing you could be restricted on Sportsbook quite quickly. They don’t mind when you are betting against other members of the public, but when their own money is at risk, that will probably be another story.

  659. Maynard says:

    @ pabrmu, I’d open an account with every BOG bookie. When you get too many closed/restricted and you can’t get the best prices from bookies, turn to the exchanges.

    I agree with cnoelj, BF Sportsbook will probably gub you eventually.

  660. Steve_M says:

    I started with a new bank on 19th October so that I could record all my results in a spreadsheet.

    Now that all bets have settled today, I’m running at a small loss on my initial starting back since 19th October.

    Andrew still has a small profit to show based on the blog and I can only think that the reason I don’t is because I’ve taken less than optimal odds and due to the blog showing fixed stakes of £20 (whereas in reality, we should be rounding stakes down after losing days and up after winning days).

    I’m going to stick with early prices on the Betfair exchange now rather than faffing about with bookies.

  661. Steve_M says:

    I should add it’s only a loss of around 1.4% of my starting bank, so I’m down by less than a single stake. Nothing to complain about.

  662. Maynard says:

    @ Steve_M, we started back after the break on Mon 17 Oct. If you started on Wed 19, you missed 2 days of profit, which was £50 (i.e. 2.5 pts).

  663. Steve_M says:

    @Maynard – I did miss the first two days back, but I am comparing my results with your results from Wednesday 19th.

    My Maths is shocking, but I *think* you are still in profit by £36.66 from Wednesday 19th until today.

    So I am around 3 – 4 points behind you for that period.

  664. Maynard says:

    WARNING if anyone thinks dropping half a point doesn’t matter.

    Say I give 4 horses and we get 1 winner. I put it up at 4-1 but you can only get 7-2. You back with £20 stakes. You say “If I’d got 4-1 my profit would’ve been £80, but at 7-2 the profit is £70, so I still get seven-eighths the profit”.

    No you don’t, because you’ve not accounted for the 3 losers. Subtract £60 from £70 and your day’s profit is £10, but subtract £60 from £80 and your day’s profit is £20.


    Thing is, you can 9 times out of 10 get the prices I give, if not from the bookies but from Betfair’s Exchange. Even if it’s a half-point under on the Exchange, you can still REQUEST the price you want, and it will usually be matched before the off. Here’s how:

    “Click up” exchange odds by using the little arrow to the right of the odds box. After you’ve clicked the “place bets” button, your bet will show as UNMATCHED. It may become matched later in the day but, if not, you can set your bet to be matched at Betfair SP.

    To do this, look at the heading in Betfair’s stake box when your bet shows as unmatched (or only partly matched). It will say:

    Unmatched bets
    At In-Play O Cancel O Keep O Take SP

    You should click the “Take SP” circle and a dot will appear in it. The bet box will then say “At In-Play, any unmatched stake will take SP”. In other words, you will be paid out at Betfair’s SP if your bet isn’t matched when the race starts.

  665. MIB says:

    You are absolutely right about half a point making a big difference over time.

    Although I understand what you are saying, Andrew there were quite a few winners whose price drifted out when I started following you in August so I stuck with BOG even though I didn’t get the advised price. If I had used the exchange to get advised price I would have missed out on quite a few points.

    Since the re-start the prices of winners haven’t drifted, in fact they’ve shortened and so taking the exchange price is now something I am happier to do. If only we could see in to the future lol

  666. Steve_M says:

    @Maynard – thank you for the advice.

    I am guilty of taking shorter odds at the bookies and my results reflect that.

    I switched to the exchanges today.

    I know that often the early exchange prices are better than the prices you quote on the blog and that is why, in the long-run, this makes up for any profit lost out on due to BOG.

    I will, as a very minimum, start asking for prices that match those quoted on the blog and hope they get filled.

    Not being very experienced on Betfair, do you recommend ALWAYS asking for the price you have quoted? I’m not very good with fractional odds because, as discussed, my maths is shocking, so I use decimals. If your quoted price, for example, is 6.00 but on Betfair the current price is considerably shorter (such as 5 or 4.50), can we still ask for the same price as you or does it get to the point where the price has shortened too much for us to have a chance at getting matched before the race?

  667. MIB says:


    You have to study market to see how much liquidity there is at the prices and try and decide whether the market is likely to shorten or drift. It’s something I have tried to fathom over the last 30 years and it’s not easy.

    If the exchange price is near the advised price I would take it as they have been shortening since the re-start in October.

    As Andrew says you can try asking for the advised price and then use judgement to either leave it to take SP when the race starts or you can even leave the price you are after to see if it gets matched in running. Though that’s riskier as it might not get matched.

    In the end you have to use your judgement and do what you feel comfortable with. There is no easy answer.

    Hope that helps.

  668. Steve_M says:

    Yes that is helpful MIB, thank you.

  669. Maynard says:

    @ Steve_M, I agree with MIB. I’d just add that if I quote a BOG of 4-1, but you can’t get it and the Exchange shows 4.9, I’d take that as it’s only 0.1 less. But if the Exchange shows 4.8, I wouldn’t accept it. I’d put in a bid for 5.0 and select “take SP if unmatched”.

  670. namphon says:

    Thank you for the selections Andrew:)

  671. Steve_M says:

    Another profitable day. I followed Andrew’s advice today and refused to take a worse price than on the blog.

    I either got a better price or the same on three of the four. Unfortunately Hint of Grey was a stubborn one, didn’t move the right way and I ended up getting rather rubbish BSP odds of 3.66, but it lost so no issue there.

  672. Maynard says:

    Hi Steve_M, that’s good to hear.

  673. Steve_M says:

    Thanks @Maynard – Just out of interest, I was keeping an eye on Hint of Grey throughout the day to see if my bet would get matched.

    What I noticed was that a few minutes before the off, the price was a lot better than what I got from BSP (3.66).

    So whilst I set any unmatched bets to ‘Take SP’, if I am available just before the odd, is it generally better to take whatever price is available then instead?

    I don’t know if there is a way of knowing what the SP will be before the off?


  674. MIB says:


    When you have the race up on screen click on “settings” on the right hand side and then click on Betfair Starting Price and below, Projected Odds. That will bring up another box between the back and lay prices with the projected BSP.

    But if you use it to judge whether to take the price or BSP just before the off be careful as sometimes the actual BSP can be higher or lower than projected once the race starts. Watch a few races and you will get the idea.

    Hope that helps.

  675. Maynard says:

    Hi Steve_M, I can’t answer your last question because I’m not usually around to watch last-minute price movements. However, what MIB has just said seems spot-on.

  676. thebetengine says:

    A word of warning on projected BSP – it is only updated every 20 or 30 seconds (unlike the rest of the odds which are updated every 200ms) and, therefore, can only be treated as a slightly informed guess.

  677. MIB says:


    Exactly right. The projected BSP as the race starts can sometimes be very much higher or lower than the actual BSP because of that time delay and late money being traded. It is an interesting tool to use though and is grist to the mill when assessing some races.

  678. cnoelj says:

    Proud Gamble makes it another profitable day. That finishing line couldn’t come quick enough. Squeaky bum time as Alex Fergusson would say. Thanks once again Andrew

  679. bond says:

    Good 2 days spreading my bets between exchange and bog not a fortune but steady increase, well done Andrew

  680. Maynard says:

    Thanks cnoelj and bond

  681. gwynsue says:

    hi guys, i dont know if ayones noticed but my STOP AT A WINNER TWEAK has overtaken in the profitability stakes since the resumption on17th oct, saw is 54.66 ahead as at nov 2nd. with no hassle, no bots just straight forward exchange betting on betfair, hope this is of interest. ATB GWYN

  682. gwynsue says:


  683. JohnU says:

    Horses for courses Gwynsue, and that’s pleasing for you and anyone who wants to follow it, but for me, and i m sure many other folk, if we accept the basic premise that Andrew’s programmer is achieving inherent ‘Value’ on ALL selections then overall the full method will increase Turnover and likely overall profits in the long run, and for many of us SAW is therefore a pointless exercise. I realise that SAW is a favourite of yours BUT its reliant in working on when precisely in a sequence the First winner arrives, so to some extent its success lies in the fact that it needs the Winners to generally be skewed towards earlier selections, AND that earlier selections have rather higher prices than the latter ones ( the reverse would lead to folk getting skinnier prices and losing out on profits) Also, doing them ALL enables the punter to get all bets put on in a few minutes, with no need to watch the races, monitor them or use a Bot- dead simple. I suspect Andrew will have a view on it and, again with all due respect, i m sure he – like the rest of us – would see that the whole thing would need a very long ‘comparison’ period before it stands up to proving either as being ‘superior’. That said – well done and im sure ( like those on here who have decided to try Placers as well as Win bets) there are those like yourself who want to try things out!

    Just whilst on i wondered if you have given any thought to the suggestion ( to help the many who don’t understand the detail of your suggested variations on PATe thread) that you pen a FULL explanation from start to finish? I m sure many of us would find that most useful, especially as it seems the Site is going to be closing in the not too distant future. Thanks again great to hear from you and all the best 🙂

  684. johnlynch says:


    Great day yesterday.Myself and a couple of friends,making a few extra bob thanks to your efforts.Well done mate.

  685. Maynard says:

    Hi johnlynch, pleased to hear that you’re all making a few quid extra 🙂

  686. Maynard says:

    Oh dear, I made a bad mistake. We should NOT have taken a break for the seasonal changeover from flat to jumps (a breakdown of the figures appears on the blog entry for 17th Oct).

    From those figures, you’ll see that IF we’d backed throughout Sept, we’d have made £571.33 profit in Sept.

    Further, IF we’d backed throughout OCT, we’d have made £520.66 profit in OCT.

    So far this month (Nov) we’ve made £125 in 9 days. That averages £13.89 a day, which over 30 days would be £416.66 profit.

    CONCLUSION: I’ve cracked it better than I thought. There was no need to take a seasonal break this year. I’ll remember that NEXT year!

  687. gwynsue says:

    hi maynard ,i could have told you this but i didnt want to interfere, the last couple of years have seen the flat and jumps seasons overlapping more and more, like we still have flat racing now nov.10 well into the jumps season , well done though nonetheless, GWYN.

  688. Maynard says:

    Hi gwynsue, you wouldn’t have been interfering – all constructive comments are welcome.

  689. aldo212 says:

    Seasonal changeovers are usually a hard time, many horses are having their first run of the season and is not possible to know their level of fitness without seeing them. At the same time other horses are starting to feel tired from the long season. However how much these matter depends on the method selections itself.

  690. Maynard says:

    Hi aldo212, I agree with every word!

  691. aldo212 says:

    Cheers maynard, I did agree with the break, or at least to limit selections, is a very volatile period. Nice work mate!

  692. graham says:

    Hi Andrew, just read your latest post. This was the point I was making in my post 14 Oct. 11.27am. This is not an I told you so by the way. But it would have been a hairy ride, 13 losing days out of 18, including a 4 day bad run. Being of a nervous disposition ( I cant stand spiders), I will probably use smaller stakes, or my 12 15 20, stop at a winner, during those periods. That said, I think the change-0ver is still affecting the current results a bit.
    Anyway thanks for all your effort, and in order not to pressurize you, members can choose their own way of playing them. GL All.

  693. Maynard says:

    Hi graham, just re-read your 14th Oct post and I see what you mean. Yes, if I’d continued through the break it would’ve been hairy, and some people may well have stopped following.

    I also agree that the changeover is still affecting results, which have slowed profits right down.

  694. Oneman says:

    Bear1 says:
    May 5, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    As you have asked, I will give you my views on your post, dated 4 May at 11.22am but before I do, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

    1. When you decided to sign up to the £97 per month service, had you heard of Colin Davey, previously? If so, how much did you know about him?

    2. Have you read the previous comments on this thread?

    3. Have you ever read comments about Colin Davey on any other forum?


    Colin Davey wants to join your service because he doesn’t understand all this ‘value’ palaver. How much will you charge him?


    What a con! (I’m surprised they are still here but they can change names and people still believe them.)

    I recommend not walking down with either one!!!

    Unless you can prove different on here?

    Is that too much to ask? What is this site for, again?

  695. JohnU says:

    Just to say for anyone who is still remotely interested following an email to Michelle over a month ago and a reminder on Monday i have not had the courtesy of either an acknowledgement or reply. I invited her to ask one of the Agora Management to pay contributors, vendors and the hard – working Reviewers the courtesy of some kind of official notification of the ending of the Site. I know one Reviewer personally who has clocked up over 1,200 reviews in a lengthy period. Seemingly we live in a society which doesn’t much favour courtesy – what a shame. I assume that the Site will now slowly die a death with no new reviews o fuel it ! So its seemingly Agora ‘s version of ‘Well you can all Sod Off and we don’t care! 🙁

  696. maxreturns says:

    Still getting almost daily sales emails from “Michelle”!

  697. Maynard says:

    “Still getting almost daily sales emails from “Michelle”!”

    In about 6 months it will dawn on Agora that response to their emails has been gradually declining to the point where their email list is knackered. Ineffective. Unresponsive.

    And because they haven’t kept this forum alive, they’ll have hardly any new signups. Which means hardly any new email addresses. Which means NO NEW EMAIL LIST to replace their knackered one.

    Which means no more sales of business opps. No more money coming in. Finally, bankruptcy.

  698. Dacia says:

    @Maynard, yes your spot on, this site use to be really buzzing. There was experienced regular posters helping out newbies. Then came the harassment and accusations from the foul mouth trolls. No wonder the regulars left, it’s days are certainly numbered.

  699. cwilliams says:


    I strongly suspect that the email list has been of very poor quality for quite a long while. After all, most posters on the threads are people who never buy anything & simply use the forum as a ‘social club’ where they can chat about anything & make unsubstantiated comments about products that they don’t own & use.

    I’ve posted elsewhere (I think it was the PATE thread) my views about how this site should be run. It certainly has the potential to be very profitable but it will take a lot of effort (eg every post would need to be moderated before being allowed to appear).

    I doubt very much that Agora will go broke – the sensible route would be to concentrate their efforts on their other activities that are profitable. And MMR? Well, if it was me in this situation, I’d be actively looking for a buyer to take it over.

  700. Dacia says:

    @cwilliams, To a guy with many years of betting and trading experience behind him, one doesn’t need to own and use a product to make a personal judgement. After all, everything posted on this forum is just someones opinion. That comment you made is typical of a vendor. I’ve looked at some of your products, yes some work. But maybe you should learn the real value in betting. To risk for eg £35 for a profit of a couple of quid is plainly not value. Perhaps you should join Maynard’s tips, or maybe you already have, now there is real “value” long term.

  701. JohnU says:

    Shabby state of affairs – especially as they cant even be bothered to answer emails. Always time though to send out daily emails with largely crap offers. Now have MMR emails straight into my Junk Box.

  702. Dacia says:

    Anyone interested in making easy money, get on Maynard’s tips, “quick” I’ve been doing it nearly everyday. Take today sun 13th backed his first tip @8.0 for £50 less than a minute later I layed it for £64.51 @6.2 a nice profit of £14.50 and the horse is still asleep! 🙂
    It just how many are following Maynard, you need a lot of bets to bring the price down that quick, good luck guys for today.

  703. Dacia says:

    And just to add, you will find about 20 minutes later after the initial burst of bets, usually the price will come back up to it’s original level.

  704. MIB says:

    The exchange market seems to know our horses aren’t going to win before the race starts. Does make you wonder

  705. pabrmu says:

    Not a good run at the moment.Blame me.I started on 24/10.Currently £360 down.
    Things can only get better.

  706. Dacia says:

    Checking back since Maynard started, he’s never gone more than 10 on a losing run. I’ve been backing them on recovery betting with a set target profit per race. With odds averaging about 5.0 the stakes are not to bad. Also doing well trading them as most times the price drops when everyone puts on there bets. More than one way to skin a cat!…. 🙂

  707. Dacia says:

    That put the kiss of death on it, see the losing run shot up into the teens now!

  708. MIB says:

    I started at the beginning of August and things went well up to the middle of September. It’s been rather downhill since then and after the break.

    But I’m still up 15 points so am in profit. The official record of points will be bigger but I haven’t always been able to get the advised prices.

    Some of the horses haven’t run badly today, they have run atrociously. Surely things can’t get any worse. A run of 13 losers in a row then one winner and then a run of 14 losers in a row does rather dampen the enthusiasm.

  709. aldo212 says:

    The current run is bad but is by no means a disaster. Losing runs are expected on this game, we have seen some unlucky 2nds but that’s racing. That’s were discipline comes in and this is when you need to stick to your betting strategy. You will come out ahead in the long run for as long as the tips are profitable and I think maynard has proven evertime this is the case.

    Quick note of advise, do not increase your bets thinking “things can only get better”. That’s wrong, you dont know when it will get better or if it will get better anytime soon, stay discipline.

  710. Steve_M says:

    I wonder if the MMR know-it-all @mad one is still using his loss recovery staking

  711. MIB says:


    Of course you”re right that it’s not a disaster. Yet. But since the 5th November 18 points have been lost and so it is naturally a concern. Especially as so many of the horses have run so badly.

    It’s a disaster when you lose your 50 point bank.

    If it’s just a run of unfortunate results then, in theory, there should be a run of winners. Or a much higher strike rate to even things out. But long losing runs are normally expected when you are backing bigger odds horses.

    Jump racing is a very different kettle of fish to the flat. Not every tipster can master both racing codes. Let’s hope that Andrew can pull it off. I’m sure if anyone can, he can.

    We are all rooting for you, Andrew. Good luck.

  712. pabrmu says:

    I know it is a numbers game, but 3 winners out of 33!

  713. aldo212 says:

    @MIB In my records I have 9.3 pts loss in November, we are going through a bad patch but nothing that can’t be recovered. I also believe Andrew will turn it around 🙂

  714. MIB says:

    Same here, aldo212. I have a loss of 9.81 points in November so far.

    I have my fingers and everything else crossed for good luck

  715. Maynard says:

    Hi all, thanks for your comments. Here’s what I’ve just posted on the blog …

    We will now STOP BETTING until further notice. You’ll still see the bets here every day as usual at 11.15 am, but please do not back them with real money. Instead, I’ll calculate profits/losses using PRETEND MONEY.

    Only when we’ve seen good, solid profits over several days will we return to betting with real money.

    Why have things gone wrong? The honest answer is that I don’t know. My guess is that we haven’t seen the “seasonal changeover disaster” until now. I thought we’d seen it when we took the month’s break but, when you look back, Sept/Oct were PROFITABLE …

    If we’d backed throughout Sept, we’d have made £571.33 profit.

    If we’d backed throughout OCT, we’d have made £520.66 profit.

    So far this month we’ve lost £115 – not a disaster, but not a situation we want. Things were good for the first part of this month, but on the 9th it all went downhill. Here are the figures …

    1st £30 profit
    2nd £60 profit
    3rd £40 LOSS
    4th £20 profit
    5th £130 profit
    6th £40 LOSS
    7th £40 LOSS
    8th £85 profit
    ———————-£245 profit to here
    9th £80 LOSS
    10 £60 LOSS
    11 £20 profit
    12 £80 LOSS
    13 £40 LOSS
    14 £120 LOSS
    ———————-£360 LOSS in this section

    —£115 overall LOSS so far this month

    Don’t worry, profits WILL return. We’ll just use “pretend money” until those profits have proved themselves!

  716. Maynard says:

    CORRECTION – so far this month we’ve lost £155, not 115 as I just posted. I’ve now amended the blog accordingly.

  717. InItToWinIt says:

    I only started following you this month. Am I unhappy with the loss? Not a bit, if every tipster had as much care and attention as you do punters would be much happier. Two things really bug me when following a tipster:

    1. Quoting prices that realistically were never available. I managed to get your quoted odds on all races today.
    2. Not acknowledging a loss, but shouting from the rooftops when they have a good run. Not only have you acknowledged the loss but you are doing something about it. Fantastic stuff.

    Keep up the great work and I hope to get back to winning ways soon. You are really putting other tipsters to shame.

  718. Maynard says:

    Hi InItToWinIt, I really appreciate your message. Thank you.

  719. aldo212 says:

    Hi Andrew, don’t feel bad about the current losing run, horse racing has ups and downs, no tipster or system can claim a perfect record. Also people should judge on a monthly basis, daily profit is irrelevant in the long run. If a couple of those 2nd places had won we would be breaking even at this point, that’s how close it is.

  720. Maynard says:

    Thanks aldo212. I’ll be posting up some interesting stats shortly!

  721. Maynard says:


    Are our horses running badly, OR are “weird circumstances” mixing up the races and throwing up DOUBLE-FIGURE ODDS placers? To find out, I’ve recorded SP prices of the first 3 in the races that we had a selection. The analysis may surprise you.

    First, we’ll take the first 5 days of this month, which were profitable for us …

    1st NOVEMBER
    Wolv 3.00 ………. 5-1/10-1/7-1
    Wolv 3.30 ………. 7-2/17-2/7-2
    Red 3.40 ………. 6-1/28-1/14-1
    Kemp 6.40 ………. 13-2/6-4/33-1

    Muss 1.00 ………. 12-1/6-1/11-4
    Muss 1.30 ………. 4-5/4-1/13-2
    Muss 3.40 ………. 4-1/2-1/14-1
    Nott 3.00 ………. 7-1/8-1/6-1

    Mkt R 1.05 ………. 11-10/11-2/7-2
    Nbry 1.30 ………. 4-1/5-1/5-1

    Font 1.00 ………. 5-2/8-1/9-1
    War 2.35 ………. 12-1/3-1/2-1
    Hex 2.55 ………. 4-1/18-1/10-1
    Ncast 3.50 ………. 3-1/7-1/4-1

    Kel 1.10 ………. 4-1/13-2/8-1
    Kel 2.55 ………. 10-3/7-2/17-2
    Kel 3.30 ………. 9-2/7-1/14-1
    CCity 5.40 ………. 5-2/6-1/5-1

    In the above 18 races there were 10 double-figure odds. That’s a 56% occurrence.

    Next, we’ll take the last 5 days, which were UNprofitable for us …

    10th NOVEMBER
    Sthl 12.25 ………. 7-1/8-1/66-1
    Sthl 3.55 ………. 16-1/13-2/3-1
    Lud 3.05 ………. 8-1/5-1/9-2

    Ling 1.55 ………. 9-2/8-1/14-1
    Ling 2.30 ………. 7-1/20-1/7-1
    Wolv 6.50 ………. 9-2/5-2/22-1
    Wolv 7.20 ………. 9-1/16-1/18-1
    Wolv 7.50 ………. 17-2/9-1/12-1

    Weth 1.30 ………. 11-2/15-2/20-1
    Weth 2.05 ………. 5-1/4-1/13-2
    Uttox 2.50 ………. 7-2/9-1/14-1
    Uttox 3.25 ………. 4-1/3-1/12-1

    Font 1.35 ………. 4-1/12-1/11-1
    Font 3.15 ………. 11-4/22-1/4-1

    Muss 12.50………. 2-1/3-1/10-1
    Muss 3.20 ………. 15-2/14-1/6-4
    Muss 3.50 ………. 7-1/4-1/9-2
    Ncast 3.30 ……….10-1/11-4/6-1
    Ncast 4.00 ………. 16-1/7-2/10-1
    Ncast 5.30 ………. 7-1/12-1/7-2

    In the above 20 races there were 20 double-figure odds. That’s a 100% occurrence.


    1st to 5th Nov (where we made a £200 profit) there was a 56% ratio of double-figure odds placers.

    10th to 14th Nov (where we made a £280 LOSS) there was a 100% ratio of double-figure odds placers.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Out of interest, I analysed the 5 days of 24 Aug to 28 Aug (where we made a £246.66 profit). We played in 27 races, in which there were 16 double-figure odds. That’s a 59% ratio.

  722. LocalReporter says:

    Thanks for your honesty and integrity in your approach.

    Just out of curiosity, would any of these double figure odds have been included in your previous ‘two’ selections per race system?

  723. bond says:

    As already said we have had a few near misses this together with change over may well have contribuated to our low winning series.Andrew I admire your honesty and effort and am sure we will be on track again soon, bravo.

  724. blue says:

    Great stuff Andrew,very interesting reading. Keep up
    the good work.

  725. Maynard says:

    @LocalReporter, yes, these double figure odds would’ve been included in my previous ‘two’ selections per race system.

    @bond, thanks!

  726. cnoelj says:

    Thanks Andrew. This is not an exact science so there will always be surprises along the road. Sometimes the surprises are good ones and are favourable to us. On other occasions they may seem to knock us off course for a bit. This just serves to remind us of all the things we have ever been taught:-
    Follow the rules – avoid tweaking because you think you can improve the system
    Be disciplined – even if its boring and inconvenient.
    Don’t bet with money you cannot afford to lose.
    Don’t be affected by whatever emotion is surfacing at the moment, whether it is excitement, fear or whatever. Our principal motivators as humans are fear and greed. To be successful in this game we have to manage both of these and have the attitude of investors rather than gamblers.

    Having said all of this I would rather be guided through the good and not so good times by someone like Andrew rather than someone who has a vested financial interest in making their system work. We have seen enough of this system to know that it is a good one. We just need to remember, what we know about how to play the game, which does not change whatever system we adopt. Thanks again Andrew for your commitment and your generosity

  727. MIB says:


    I agree with everything in your post. It’s spot on.

  728. graham says:

    Well said, cnoelj.
    Andrew, thanks for those stats. I agree, I used half stakes yesterday, but may continue with a £1. Can`t stand paper trading, Rule4 dead heats etc. If it is any help to you, I follow a couple of good paid services, and their recent results are well down compared to normal.
    As you can see members appreciate honest reviews, results will return soon.

  729. Maynard says:

    cnoelj, MIB and graham, your comments are appreciated 🙂

  730. crycol says:

    It is my understanding you have been following the present selection method for some time
    Have you experienced a similar upset in the National Hunt at this time in previous years or is this a freak set of results relative to any of the racing codes?

  731. Maynard says:

    crycol, the “upset” has previously happened in October, but it always happens.

  732. forrow says:

    Andrew, may I take this opportunity to congratulate you upon your latest advice and attitude toward your site followers.

    You are a breath of fresh air to us all.

    Thank you.

  733. Maynard says:

    forrow, your comments are greatly appreciated.

  734. gwynsue says:

    well done maynard,boyo, one tip one good winner, i put a ten on and had 6.8 0n betfair = 58.00 profit, nice one ,gwyn

  735. Maynard says:

    gwynsue, you’re a braver man than me!

  736. nonex says:

    Me too, I jumped on this horse, but only because there was only one horse to bet on, so it couldn’t get too expensive.
    And I only put a fiver on it, but the horse won with 18 lengths. Odds 5/1 (6.0) on Bet365.

  737. alf morris says:

    @gwynsue,da iawn chi.Mae’n braf ennill arian!!
    Well done. It is nice to earn some money!!(The ancient language is Welsh, not Hungarian!!)

    Andrew, what a true gent you are. You have taken the great risk, in publishing your selections on your blog, of possible public opprobrium and personal humiliation. On that score alone you are a brave man.

    By sharing your selections for free daily you have exhibited amazing altruism. What an amazing demonstration of generosity of spirit.

    It appears that you have a very sound selection method. Do remember that Alan Woods and Bill Benter took two years before they were able to create their computer program in Hong Kong. That enabled them, eventually, to earn countless millions at the two race tracks at the then British colony. The mathematical model they created showed them when the price of a horse at the track was higher than its true chances of winning. This gave them an edge, but it did involve a very laborious process that required entering 130 factors for every runner in a race.

    The great Phil Bull once had a losing run of 17. He always concentrated on the long term pattern, not the short term situation.

    Losing runs are part and parcel of betting. They cannot be avoided, any more than a boxer can enter a ring without getting hit and feeling pain at times.

    Andrew, if I remember correctly, you state on your blog that your biggest drawdown was in October 2014 when 43% of the bank was lost, but this was regained in the following seven weeks. This suggests that you have a durable and efficient analytical system in place. Of course, no one is blessed with perfect foresight. It may be that the system is not the finished article but a work in progress, but we can only find this out after the event.

    On the basis of previous performance there is a strong chance you will recover from your current situation. There is every chance you can do so again. If the setbacks appear to be continuing beyond a reasonable period, you may have to go back to the drawing board.

    Please have a look at the Geegeez website. They monitor betting services and most of the services monitored have experienced losses in the past few weeks. Andrew, you appear to be having the same problem and the chief “culprit” has to be the changeover. It is a very dangerous time. The only difference between the eleven services being followed by Geegeez and your own service is that you supply recommendations for free.

    I started my piece with a few words in the ancient language of Wales. I will end it with a few more words:”Pob lwc i’r dyfodol i chi oll.” (Best of luck for the future to you all.)

  738. gwynsue says:

    BORE DA, ALF. diolch yn fawr i chi, excellent post , GWYN

  739. Maynard says:

    Hi alf morris, thanks for your insightful comments.

    You mention Alan Woods and Bill Benter – yes, I’ve read about them. Alan famously said: “Racing is nothing more than a mathematical equation to be solved.” And Phil Bull (founder of Timeform) to whom you refer, was also a maths man. He said: “At the racecourse, keep your eyes open and your ears closed.”

    I totally agree with your comment about losing runs: they’re part and parcel of racing, and everyone has them. I also believe that value betting – devising a way to identify horses with odds which are better than their real chance of winning – is the only way to profit in the long term. As we acknowledge, that’s what created massive profits for Alan Woods and Bill Benter.

    I’ve got a little saying: “Forget trying to pick winners. Winners will pick themselves. Instead, try and pick VALUE.”

    What I mean is that most horses win at some time. Obviously short priced runners succeed more often than high-odds longshots. Contenders at 25-1 win big but infrequently, whilst 6-4 chances win little and often. Overall, the returns are not massively different.

    Most punters worry about finding the winner of each race in which they’re involved. Instead, they should concentrate on the combined outcome of a SERIES of races. In such a series 6-4 shots will win, 7-1 runners will win, most prices will win … but if you’ve picked value in a long series of races, you’re almost guaranteed a profit in the end.

    That’s why I say forget trying to pick winners. Winners will pick themselves. Instead, try and pick value.

  740. aldo212 says:

    I agree with every word Andrew, the beauty of this though is that “value” is very subjective. What is value to you might not be value for someone else. Identifying the “real value” is the trick part of the game. And again, what is real value? I would say the closest thing of knowing you are getting real value is consistenly beating the SP.

  741. Maynard says:

    Hi aldo212

    How to find value? Well, my software calculates “true” odds, based on the form of horse, jockey, trainer, jockey-trainer combo, going, course preferences, plus a host of other less obvious data.

    I compare the resultant daily printout with Where there’s a horse with odds significantly greater than “true”, it’s a bet.

    How to find value if you haven’t developed such software? Perhaps compare the Racing Post’s forecast odds against the live market on Oddschecker.

  742. graham says:

    Alf, Maynard, Aldo, great posts, I think, when I can decipher them. Only joking.
    Andrew in your last paragraph you mention a SERIES of races. From a mathematical view do you not think a staking plan would improve long term profit? I know you use % bank which itself is a mathematical progression. I believe Alan and Bill used compounding methods.
    I am not suggesting to use at the moment, but when results return to normal.

  743. Maynard says:

    Hi graham, 2% of the previous day’s closing bank is the only staking plan I would recommend for my particular bets.

  744. graham says:

    Thanks Andrew.

  745. aldo212 says:

    Hard luck today with 2 picks finishing 2nd. Particulary Palm Grey making a mistake at the last costing him the win. Anyhow it has been a strange November so far, October on the other hand went very well.

  746. JohnU says:

    Graham, what Maynard states as the ‘only staking plan i would recommend’ is effectively compounding – re=calculation after every Betting day 🙂

  747. gwynsue says:

    well well well RED DEVIL LADS,lost by a head ,thats what i call hard cheese, i think you are back on track by next week maynard, all the bestt gwyn,

  748. Maynard says:

    I hope you’re right gwynsue!

  749. alf morris says:

    @gwynsue,diolch yn fawr i chi, hefyd. (Many thanks to

    you,too.) Good luck to the national team in Cardiff!!

    Hope the boys do well. Just over an hour to go now. It

    should be a very interesting game. Asso Asso Yogoshi!!

    Andrew, many thanks for your kind words. You are a

    very intelligent and generous person. You are doing the

    right thing by suspending betting till things settle

    down again.

    I have every faith in your ability; betting can be a

    tough old game at times. The only person who could

    possibly be enjoying the temporary reversal is a

    certain self-proclaimed genius who lives in Rose


    All the best to you, take care.

  750. Maynard says:

    Thanks alf 🙂

  751. gwynsue says:

    done it again maynard boyo. one tip one winner, had 10 0n at 6.2, taking candy from a baby comes to mind , atb GWYN

  752. gwynsue says:

    HI ALF WALES WERE PATHETIC AGAIN, why do they kick so much ball away, i blame howely, he was a running scrum half and yet he allows our scrum half to kick away good possession. dont make sense mun.

  753. MIB says:


    Do you only back the winners or do you also back the horses that lose? If so then you would be well down on the last few days.

  754. alf morris says:

    @gwynsue-Hi Gwyn, first-class and pithy analysis of

    the situation.

    I look back with hiraeth to the old days, especially to

    the rugby we used to watch on old black-and-white TV

    sets. The winter internationals were always

    special treats.

    Howard Winstone and Brian Curvis were at their peak in

    the boxing ring.

    Arkle was the super horse in the chasing world.

    Happy days, Gwyn, if I may borrow your oft-used


    Cymerwch ofal (take care).Best of luck in your

    betting endeavours.

  755. gwynsue says:

    hi MIB ,no since maynard advised to stop backing i have only bet on his single tips i,e wed 16th ayert au coeur WON, THEN 18TH RED DEVILS LAD BET EW because of big odds,CAME 2ND, AND SUN 20TH THIRD ACT, TODAY ONE TIP WHICH LOOKS GOOD velvet revolution,overall up 128,00 pound and counting.atb GWYN

  756. gwynsue says:

    HI ALF,i remember the era well being a war baby born in 1939, half backs today are useless ,what would rex willis and cliff morgan done to that lot, i spent many a monday night in eddie thomass gym watching howard train for the commonwealth games in 1959 ,also saw cliff curvis, brians uncle fight eddie for welsh welter title, great old days wishes GWYN,

  757. johnlynch says:

    @ gwynsue

    ah cliff morgan..that name bring back memories.many moons ago i was a black cab driver in london, i picked the bold morgan up many times at the bbc,a nicer bloke you could not wish to meet,especially for a welshman ha.

  758. gwynsue says:

    hi john lynch,yea but what an outside half, nobody could lay a hand on him in those days.and well done maynard ,velvet revolution makes it 3 wins and a good second out of 4 single tips, is there anyway you could highlight the best tip when the programme gives up more than one i.e,rate them say from 1to 3, just a thought. had 10 0n velvet at 7-2 ,up another 35.00 quid. happy days GWYN

  759. Maynard says:

    gwynsue says: “… is there any way you could highlight the best tip when the programme gives up more than one i.e. rate them say from 1 to 3 …”

    All the tips are of equal weight, so there is no criteria by which I could grade them.

  760. Maynard says:

    We’re going “live” today — backing with REAL MONEY rather than just paper-trading. Today’s bets are on the blog now:

  761. Maynard says:

    Sorry, got the blog address wrong (a dash instead of a dot). Correct link is:

  762. Maynard says:

    2.5 point profit welcomes us back today 🙂

  763. alf morris says:

    @gwynsue-Gwyn,amazing to learn you knew Howard and

    Eddie, two fine exponents of the noble art, boxers

    rather than fighters.

    Also good to learn you are still going strong at age

    76/77.In comparison,I am a mere babe in arms, having

    been born in 1952.

    My late father was a Bevin Boy at Trehafod, near

    Pontypridd, during WW2.He wanted to join the army, but

    was selected by ballot to go and work in the mines, a

    fate that befell 10% of all young men between the age

    of 18 and 25.

    I am glad Andrew has gone “live” again, best of luck

    to him.

  764. honest jon says:

    mr maynard, please contact me via my site, muchos muchos, gracias.

  765. MIB says:

    How frustrating. I could only get 7/2 with BOG so thought I had done well to get 5/1 on exchange. Only to see it win at 13/2!

    That’s why I will never manage to match the official points tally. But a winner is a winner. Many thanks Andrew

  766. Maynard says:

    Whoo-hoo 🙂 Adarenna wins our first race at 13-2 so, even if our other 4 lose, we still have a £50 day’s profit (to add to the £50 we made yesterday).

  767. <