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Product Name:

Max Racing Partnership



Company Name & Contact Details

Betting Gods Ltd 19 St Christopher’s Way
Pride Park Derby DE24 8JY email:


The Selective Horse Racing Tipster.


£1 first month then £29.95 per month or £69.95 per quarter (plus VAT in EU)

Money Back Guarantee:

60 Day unconditional  (Clickbank)

What Do You Get   .

email based horse race win tips

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Max Racing Partnership from Warren at Betting Gods offers a selective win tipping service for horse racing. Advised by email on morning of racing with up to 40 bets per month. Historic strike rate 32% with ROI 15.29%. Results disclosed on site.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

75 point bank recommended

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. Average profit 16.8 points per month (5/15 to 12/16)

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value for money?  

At historic performance levels yes.

Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to emails

Review 8/2/2017

This service offers a simple win tipping advice for horse racing. As with all Betting Gods services the technical operation smooth and on signing up you receive a welcome email confirming your registration. All the day to day operational instructions are freely visible on the marketing page. The emphasis here is on a relatively low volume of selections.

A betting bank of 75 points is recommended with each selection having the stake specified ranging from 2 to 5 points so far the majority in the 2 or 3 point bracket. The intention is that the price advised is taken as the email arrives (normally morning of racing but can be earlier sometimes) and we have found the prices quoted to be generally available. No analysis is offered just straight forward advice of the selections.

We saw a very quiet start to the trial with no bets for a few days (an advice is still sent) and then received a total of 24 bets over the first month of the trial. Prices have tended to be at the top end of the market which is hardly surprising given the service ethos. There were 6 winners (25%) so far which is below the historic level but an unusual selection at 10/1 came home to put us in profit by 17 points for the month which is almost spot on the average seen in the past. A drawdown of 9.5 points was seen during the period. The ROI is a good 27.02% which if maintained will offer excellent value.

The service gives an air of confidence and whilst we should not get too excited when 1 bet is all the profit the potential does seem to be there. We will keep monitoring and update in March but with the low entry cost and unconditional guarantee behind the service there is little risk in taking a look if this type of service is your cup of tea.

You can see the full results to date here:

Max Racing Partnership Results


Update 18/4/2017:

We still have not reached 100 runners yet in some 3 months of testing and so it remains difficult to draw any firm conclusions but it is fair to say it has not been a happy time for the service. The bank has generally declined since the initial report and after a drawdown of 17 points has recovered to a 7.5 point loss after 3 winners recently. The strike rate is sticking stubbornly at 24.2% with 23 winners from 95 bets placed.

This is a performance at odds with the historic outcomes seen and it will not take much of an improvement to restore fortunes. We will continue to monitor and hopefully report an improvement.

The updated results may be seen here:

Max Racing Partnership Results

Update 18/52017:

Still a bit of a struggle for the historic consistency although we have recently returned to profit after a winner at 11/4. Over the trial we have 33 winners from 131 runners (25.2%) and so are still running below the long term average seen. A 8.7 point profit at an ROI of just 2.79% is nothing to write home about and the subscription cost would make a pretty big dent in that – would have been all but £10 per point so far.

We will keep going for a further month to see if a good run can be achieved.

The latest results can be seen here:

Max Racing Partnership Results May 2017 

Final Update 9/7/2017:

A bit of a curates egg here with a tasty bit appearing just when you are getting ready to politely turn down seconds. With 191 runners and 49 winners (25.65%) the strike rate has stayed below the historic performance and although we are showing a 14.76 points profit at 2.5 a month it makes the price very high at around £12 per point. The ROI at 3.32% is on the low side.

As things currently stand there are better services to invest in but no doubt the minute we stop looking things will take an upturn.

The latest results can be seen here:

Max Racing Partnership July 2017


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