Martin Raymond Horse Tipping Service Review

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Product Name: Martin Raymond Horse Tipping Service.

Author: Martin Raymond

Company Name & Contact Details:

Rookery House
Tel: 01638 563000


Former Jockey’s Agent (Martin Raymond) turned pro-punter, invites you to share in his success!

“On Saturday 3rd October I collected a cheque for £6,250 from William Hill from ONE SPECIFIC RACE. No luck was involved…”

Price And What You’ll Get:

There are 2 price options:

Option 1:  £37 For a 4 week trial. This will start in 2/3 weeks time; if you are within the first 50 applicants you can receive the tips by text direct to your mobile. Otherwise you’ll need to phone direct to collect the tips.

Option 2: £347 Platinum 2 year term. This option starts immediately and you’ll receive the tips by text. You’ll receive your full money back if he fails to show you a profit by the end of your term with him.

Money Back Guarantee:

You’ll only receive a full money back guarantee with option 2 if you haven’t made a profit by the end of the 2 years with Martin.

Where to buy: No website available yet – for more information contact the company at the address above.

Brief Summary:

A horse betting tipster service by former jockeys agent Martin Raymond.

What’s It All About?

Once you sign up you’ll receive a members welcome pack which will give you everything you need to get started with this service.  You’ll need to call a number around 3-4 times per week (they are all non-premium numbers) which will give you to-the-point messages on the tips that are available and when to next call back…

It seems that Martin has worked as a jockey agent for some of the biggest names in the industry, so he could have the  knowledge and inside information.

A percentage of your subscription fee does go to the injured jockey fund. He doesn’t say how much and it’s hardly the biggest and most deserving cause going.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

As Martin says, a complete novice can make this service work for them as he will be giving you his tips, although you will need to know the basics of horse betting to understand the tips that you’ll receive.

Once you have been given the tips then it really is very simple to place your bets. But read on because this might not be all it seems.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

You will need to have a betting pot to get you started and need to remember that you should only risk what you can afford.

Martin will also help you get free money from the bookmakers to bet with which could be up to £500.  However, this information is freely available from most offer sources. I’d expect he’ll just give you offers to join bookies which you can get from any bookie. So it’s hardly a special gift!

How Much Money Can I Make?

This will vary on how much you stake per bet. The figures Martin mention (£24k plus) are based on £100 bets.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

The good thing about this service is that it won’t take too much time out of your week as the tips are straight to the point and clear. All you’ll need to do is get your betting account up and running which is easy and if you have never done this there will be details in the joining pack.

Does It Live Up To Claims In Promotion?

In the promotion Martin claims that he has made £24,310 by staking £100 per bet since January 2009 but there is no proof of this. Although there is proof that on 3rd October 2009 he made £6,250 from William hill.

However, you cannot take this one example as proof his system or tips work.  He could have bet on every horse in that race to obtain some proof.  I’d have liked to have seen proof of all of his bets, by month and not just this one selection.


There seems to be a lot of mystery about this service from Martin Raymond. The only real research I could find links him to a website called Insider Racing which is no longer active and redirects to a site call The Computer Formbook

This last site is owned and operated by Mark Gibbons of Rugby – which is a different address and company from the one who takes your payment for the Martin Raymond service.

Mark runs an IT consulting business and also, it seems, this horse racing computer form book.

There are a few other websites which mention the computer form book but they all belong to Mr Gibbons. There is no independent comment on this product at all – which is strange as it seems to have been in operation for about 5 years.

Having to run the service for two years until you can claim a refund seems restrictive and with all things considered you should avoid this.


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  1. Andy Monaghan says:


    Has anyone joined this service recently and had any luck? I received the same mailer and he promised a 20/1 plus winner during early December 2009 and he also has a 10/1 cert for a small stable on the 19/12/09. Just curious if he delivers what he states.

    Any comments greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Andy Monaghan

  2. James McLean says:

    I subscribed to this service on the 21st December 2009 and out of six recommendations 5 have won and I am showing a profit of £342

  3. duncan farmer says:

    I joined this service on the 5 december 2009 and he has definately not had 5 winners since then .

  4. duncan farmer says:

    Please can you tell me which of his tips have won according to all my info he only has had one winner , in fact the last two tips he came third out of four runners , and an unplaced runner , how good is that . also the the two super bets before xmas did not happen .

  5. Steve says:

    I too have subscribed and although 5 tips have won out of 6 recommendations, they have all been a short price favorite. Not sure if this is a lucky run or Genuine information or just the carrott being dangled for further subscriptions as something else (a better service) is being offered by MR. Time will tell, but so far so good.

  6. lee says:

    I joind his service for 2 years and he has supplied me with 5 tips of which 4 have won and the other came in second just beaton by a 33-1 shot.
    on the winners I got odds of 13-8, 6-4, 5-4, and 11-10 all fairly short prices but then a 80% win rate so far.

    Got a letter today saying he has now been offered opportunity of lifetime with a proffesional gambleing team who make serious money and they have offered him in because of past help he has given to them when he was a Jockeys agent, he states this new service is seperate from the original service.

    I rang him but waiting for him to ring back so I can find out more info.

  7. Rob says:

    Duncan, you’re experience worries me! – I’m with the others, in my case 4 winners at Lee’s prices, 1 loser and 1 each way bet at 10/1 which was placed third.
    I am concerned about this new service though, .. really don’t want to have to shell out anymore upfront at the moment.

  8. duncan farmer says:

    At least you have had 4 winners , I’m the one thats worried . Six tips provided in over 6 weeks !! 1 winner , the last three tips ( this week ) were short odds and were not even placed . Tried ringing for an explanation , no success , have written today , lets see what if any response I get .
    Good luck.

  9. lee says:

    Hi Guys

    Just had a call back from Martin Raymond about his new service and basically he’s saying this opportunity to be involved with these successful betting people has come sooner than he thought and that he had to move as things developed.

    He said that it would not affect the original raceline that we all bought but he himself could not match the success of these guys and that a lot of serious money was going to be made.

    I told him for me it was about trust and that as I have paid £349 up front for 2 years I had to try it out for longer before I would part with any further cash.

    He said that his new service would not be for me then, and I asked if entry to his new service later on was possible, he said no!!!

    So it seems you will have pay up front again and pretty soon to be involved, I’ll leave it up to you to make your own conclusions.


  10. duncan farmer says:

    Thought as much , not sure this tipster is reliable , the last four tips have all lost , not one placed and they were all favourites .!!!Could do as bad as that myself, without having to pay for the pleasure .

  11. Rob says:

    More MR discussion here, apparently promoting a one year service with the lure of a 10 point bet coming up on Feb 5th, meanwhile we’re suspended until the 6th! Oh Dear..

  12. duncan farmer says:

    This gets even more worrying ,not heard of the service being suspended until the 6 Feb , it seems he has two or maybe more services running ( pardon the pun ) , I didnt have a tip from the 19 December 09 until the 23 Feb 2010 due to he says the bad weather .Since then 4 tips all short prices all lost not one placed .Not looking good , have written to him , lets see if he responds .

  13. Steve says:

    I think this is the classic case of a fly by night service lads. I thought there was something wrong when my letters i get from him are post stamped from Gatwick, when his office is in Newmarket (about 200 miles difference i think). He also slipped up on his message a few weeks back saying that “Beau Fighter ended up a non-runner at Folkestone”…..well i listened to all his messages and he never tipped that horse, well not on my service. Im only glad that the £349 i paid him was with winnings from his tips. The classic symptons are there, Lure them, take their money, try for abit more then dissapear. Gatwick has alot of these companies in that area doing this or are they just the same people?????

  14. Steve says:

    One more point, as my wife says “why would he want to share info that delicate with people he doesnt know? It could dramatically reduce the price of the horse and his potential winnings”

    This supposed proffessional gambling syndicate would soon drop him if that started to happen.

    I think he is just passing on horses his system has selected. That system is based around favorites, so dont expect big prices.

  15. Steve says:

    Duncan the winners have been

    Barwell Bridge
    Noble Jack

    and an e/w on Beau Fighter the 2nd time it got placed at Plumpton. He swerved it first time it got placed after he had driven (on a sunday) all the way to the track to back it!!

  16. William says:

    Hi all,

    I was also contacted by Martin Raymond late last year, via post with his colour brochure, having read that a few times , I thought I’d give it a months trial.

    The weather couldnt have been worse but in that time I had 6 tips & 5 gave me winnings, bank up over £400, so yes I went ffor the Platinum service and paid my extra £347.

    I really dont yet know what to make of this guy, he gives plenty of good testimonials, I cant blame him for the weather but this suspension of the service does give a big red flag, and until he phones me back I cant say much more than that.

    I dont know about this Gatwick postal address, I have ab address in Newmarket, which isn’t that far away, maybe I should take a little rid out this weekend! or is that taking it to far?

  17. duncan farmer says:

    Thanks for the info on your winners , I have definately not been given any of those horses apart from Beau Fighter . As previously mentioned the last 4 tips this week have all lost , not even been placed . 2days tip from him is 2.30 @Ffos Chartreux 6 point win , lets see how it gets on .

  18. lee says:

    Steve, Do you consider the possibility that someone has scammed MR paperwork and brochure literature and that is why the postcode being Gatwick and some people have had different tips to the rest of us.

    Just a thought.


  19. William says:

    To be fair to Martin Raymond, I think he needs to know about this and be given a chance to explain, or if he is wronged then a chance to clear himself.

    Still waiting for him to call me back.

  20. Bernard says:

    See Chartreux won nicely/I too got my MR letter this morn/Will hold to monitor comments.He does seem well connected.One thing though ..looking at his last years results seemed to be same jocks popping up regularly/e.g.Shane Kelly/Keniry and Jimmy Quinn.

  21. Steve says:

    Says it all………Duncan has been given a Tip today Chartreux (i believe it won) so how many tipping lines is he handing out?? My service has been suspended til the 6th because he needs to concentrate on this mayjor developement (which he wants another grand upfront for), SO WHY HAS HE GOT TIME TO RUN ANOTHER LINE?????

  22. Steve says:

    The address scam is simple, you just pay the post office to redirect it. Costs about £30 for 6 months and no one would ever know except for postman pat.

    I have been involved for 20 yrs with these services and have a fair idea how they opperate. I only took this one up because of the name Martin Raymond (respected family) but the signs are beginning to appear that a few porkies are being told by the man himself. Lets see what happens from the 6th.

  23. Steve says:

    The newmarket address is on his brochure yes.
    But the envelopes i receive them in are stamped Gatwick.
    Now if i sent post back to his Newmarket address it could quite easily be redirected to another address and i or nobody else would ever know.
    ALL scammers or people who dont want to be traced use this system.
    Now unless he likes a paticular post box in the Gatwick area and chooses to drive 200 miles to post his letters in, i would suggest there is something not right here.

  24. Al says:

    Duncan, nice call on Chartreux! Yep, no doubt you are on different service to the rest of this discussion, myself included.
    So can I ask are you on what Martin Raymond refers to as his “Daily Raceline 2 Year Platinium Package”?
    And can you just confirm that for the period covering the 4 winning tips that Steve lists – Barwell Bridge (21st Dec) to Bothy (21 St Jan) your version of Martin Raymond’s Daily Service supplied you with nothing, giving the reason as bad weather?

  25. duncan farmer says:

    Yes I am on the 2 year platinum package paid £ 347 on the 5th December 2009 . Correct no tips for that period , last one before xmas was Chosen Forever at W/hampton on the 19 December which won @ 2/1, his next message was to say the service was suspended until the 16th January due to the bad weather , rang that day to be then told no business until the 23rd January , since then have had 5 tips he even text one on the 26th when he first said no business that day , of the 5 tips one winner ( yesterday) 4 losers all unplaced .

  26. duncan farmer says:

    Friday , just been told my contact number has been changed .Said he was having problems with his telephone provider .Have written to him asking why I did not get any tips between 21 December and 21 January when there were 4 winners , lets see what response if any I get .

  27. Clive Elliott says:

    I have recently taken part in a 4 week trial with Martin Raymond starting 19th Dec. The weather played havoc and instead of an expected 10 selections I only managed to receive 4. Never got the stable horse we were told would run during our 4 week period.

    However of those four 3 won and the other was second just beaten but well clear of the remainder. Two of the 3 winners won well clear of the field and the third easily. The prices were not great Barwell Bridge 15/8 (6pts), 6/4 (2nd 4pts), 11/8 (6pts) and Dontpaytheferryman EVS (advised at 7/4 8pts, was 4/1 before 5 non runners inc Fav). A late non runner would have been 2pts E/W at 7/1.

    I was going to join as I liked the way the selections won, his latest letter is offering £170 for 1 year and the balence after 12 months if you are delighted.

    Concerned if you guys say he is not operating until 6th as 10 pt max is supposed to be on the 5th and that he is asking for more money after you join.

  28. Clive Elliott says:

    William I would certainly pop over and check it out if I were you and report back. I would certainly consider driving over from Kent (about a couple of hours) to get answers before I payed but would prefer to know if it were just a postal address first.

  29. Jon says:

    Hi all,
    I joined M.R. early in December for the four week trial £37, due to start on the 19th Dec. In that period had 3 winners a second and a none runner. I then re-joined with the 2 year Platinum Package for £347. 1 winner and an ew 3rd at 10-1, then suspended until 6th Feb.

    Having won a fair amount of cash on the selections given, I have now joined his special service for one year.

    Have had no problems in speaking to him on his home number and he always rings back if busy at the time.

  30. John Kane says:

    I received this mailshot on Friday and felt that it was very similar to one sent by Mark Winstanley around 18 months ago (glossy photos and ringing endorsements from racing personalities) and Mark is featured by MR as a character reference. The initial impression is that these people would not be featured or associated with Martin Raymond if his claims were actually lies.
    The Winstanley raceline had 3 tips per day with a lot of initial winners (including 33/1) followed by advertising seperate services at a much higher charge (£2k in my case), the premium service didn’t pay off and slowly ran down with fewer tips each month.
    Anyone subscribing to a raceline service should be aware of the pitfalls as sensitive information or inside knowledge is not provided on an ongoing basis at the initial low cost.
    Those people who made some money out of the tips so far should be wary of paying more but hopefully the winning tips will continue.

  31. Steve says:

    Anyone manage to speak to MR and get any real answers from him??

    Must admit i seem to be doing just as well from my own picks at the moment, even landed a near 3K placepot at Kempton last Thursday evening!

    Certainly wont be handing any of that over to MR & Co for “sensitive” inside gambles.

  32. Ian H says:

    Chaps, having subscribed to his service, I actually met Martin at Plumpton a few weeks ago.

    The raceline is definitely his and I for one have done pretty well so far. Lets hope he can keep it up but he seemed pretty confident about his sources.

  33. Hi Guys,

    I phoned the office today and questioned the lady I spoke to about a number of factors regarding the debates about whether this service is genuine or not.

    If you want to read more then I suggest you go to the following forum and read on page 6 and 8 about how I got on. There are also a number of other quality posters on there getting negative results – and this isn’t looking good for anyone who’s parted with their hard earned…



  34. Clive Elliott says:


    Could I suggest you email Get On at attheraces and ask them to interview him as his good family name is being damaged by this. They might go for it and try.

    A monthly programme where they look into tipping services would make a good programme filler and would get viewers I’m sure. The good ones would be only too keen to be investigated.


  35. Steve says:


    Thats a great idea mate, the only thing is MR must know all this is being said and it wouldnt take him two minutes to post something on one of these sites. That fact that he hasnt yet is concerning me.

    Besides, you know what ATR are like, they always make excuses for bad rides etc.

  36. Tim J says:

    I’ve had a good chat with Martin and all makes sense. I joined in Nov and have been very happy with the money I’ve made. By chance a friend of a friend joined his other Option and even though there have been different selections, he’s well happy as well! MR explained that his “trading strategy needs to be different for different clients”. Think I follow what he means?! Anyway, he’s doing the business so keep it up MR! TJ

  37. Frankie says:

    Hi Ian, I also met him at the races at Southwell. Seemed like a nice guy. I’ve been really impressed with the service I’ve received so far. I’ve made good money so I’m happy.


  38. Jack Whiteman says:

    Hi All

    Jack here.

    Thank you for your comments on this service.

    Mr Raymond has been in touch regarding this review and your comments and he feels some of them are false, factually incorrect and harmful to his business.

    So I’ve invited him to give a reply via this site, so that he can address any concerns you may have.

    I’ll post here if and when the reply arrives.

    Best wishes


  39. Ozzie says:

    Great to hear from Martin but he should also read the following as there are lots of concerns here.

    I would urge him just to be honest and open as the Internet does not offer a place to hide. If he tries a sales pitch and sales b*llsh%t he will be exposed.

  40. William says:


    just to update; Martin Raymond has returned my call, even though it took some time, but I have to say, he doesnt give me a bad feeling, his answers seem reasonable, he has made me some money, he hasnt hid, seems respected in the racing world, I cant honestly see why he would wish to lose that, in some sort of scam, OK it might not work out, but I tend to think that he is out to make his customers some good money and of course him self, still time will show the truth.

  41. Ozzie says:


    There doesn’t seem to be as many unanswered quesions here as opposed to here :

    But the essence of the problem seems to me to be the power of the Internet/forums etc lie these versus ultimately the simple truth.

    In essence from wha I can see MR (probably) is honest, but at best very naive.

    The other forum alluded to the great Derren Brown racing tipster trick. MR unfortunately shows some signs of this.

    In the Derren Brown trick, you are happy because you got the,say, 5 winning tips. You will never question it. But unless the others who have NOT had the, say 5 winning tips, don’t speak up, ultimately you (WE) are all being conned.

    I don’t think MR is that manipulative but here is the crux of what he must answer to.

    He has a syndicate, lets call it Syndicate 1. All the other contributors (to these forums)have been part of it. In some form or other some have paid £37 for 1 month. Some have paid £340 for 2 years. Some have paid £170 for 1 year. We all know from the similar numbers and facts that we are part of Syndicate 1. Many have issues about why one day he offers a 1 month trial, then a two year take it or leave it, then a 1 year special.

    It is not a very cever business plan or marketing. The Internet shows this up, but….so what.

    The so what comes in the fact that “everyone” seems to get a different bag of tips!!!!

    Some got 4/5. I got 3/4. Others got 0/6. and it goes on. All look similar tips, but none are all the same. (This is Darren Brown-esk)

    If Martin claims these people are all in different syndicates then this IS a Derren Brown trick.

    So he needs to come clean on why he has done this.

    He also needs to come clean on why, if this has been so well thought out, he suspends the service for a month. Will he just suspend it again when he feels like it? It is just not a model that would survive in the real world.

    He also needs to explain why he then tries to “upsell” people to a newer scheme. A better scheme. How long is any of these schemes going to be around. It has only taken him 1 month to try and sell another one. (Again signs of Derren Brown and pyramids).

    Do you really believe that he is putting our money in escrow, so that in two years if he hasn’t made you a profit he will give it back. You would have to be kidding!!!

    I sincerely don’t think he is a con man. But I do think he is a naive business man who is probably deluded in his ability to consistently get good info.



    And to be fair this site HAS NOT crucified him. He has the opportunity to clear his name thanks to the generous moderator here. But will he take up the offer, or will he just ignore it, ’cause there is always the hope that not ALL his clients read this type of stuff.

  42. Liam Hamilton says:

    I subscribed for the Platinum package, using the winning from the month trial at Christmas, so for me its nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    So far have no reason to doubt him, and am looking forward to the service resuming at the weekend

  43. John M says:

    I have just joined his extra service for £500 down payment with a further £500 to be paid when the service has made a reasonable profit. Then i started to read all these bad reviews and i’m very concerned that it may be a scam, this is as well as joining his 2 year subscription to his suspended main line which cost £347, so i’ll be interested to hear what he has to say regarding his information!

  44. Hi everyone,

    I’ve just made a post on the forum above regarding why I don’t think ATR or any other company would bother with this.

    With regards to Martin getting in touch, that’s great. The fact remains that I for one received profitable information, but it just doesn’t seem to ring true to me that there are twenty plus individuals on this site and others lying for the good of their own health.

    Martin has a family pedigree that is very well-respected in the industry, and I for one would welcome any comments by him to keep it intact. You certainly have some serious questions to answer, but honesty pays in this game and even if there has been a mistake you’d gain credibility if you spend time putting it right.

    I also got good vibes from Martin from his phonecalls etc, and his comments about ridgidly adhering to his staking plan. Everything seemed very genuine but now the cracks are emerging.
    Either way, the attitudes of his staff are rude and arrogant, and if there’s one thing harming his business at this moment in time it’s the poor image of his business model.

    All the best,


  45. duncan farmer says:

    Glad to here some of you are happy with his service , I’m afraid I am not , I joined his platinum 2 year service at a cost of £ 347 on the 5 December 2009 and to date he has only provided me with TWO winners out of only 8 tips . 8 Tips in nearly 2 months .I know he had 4 winners in the period 21 December to the 21 January 2010 , he did not give me these , my service was suspended due to the bad weather !!! Perhaps he should be ringing me with an explanation

  46. Ozzie says:


    I just don’t see the need to use ATR etc. These forums are the place to expose any shamsters.

    Martin knows that there are at least two places that have long narratives about his business practices the other being here

    The mediator here has been VERY fair (and at the above uk-betting might I say) and invited him to answer the questions. That would put thing to bed.

    But NO we have silence from Martin.

    He cannot reach all the people he would want to appease by mail or email or phone for various practical reasons, so why is he not taking up the perfect opportunity.

    This forum seems to be a little easier on Martin, but if you also look at uk-betting (above) you see there are more inconsistencies than coherent facts in his business.

    So come on Martin it is over to you.


  47. Andy says:

    Hi all,

    You might be interested to learn that I received a glossy brochure from Martin Raymond yesterday, 2nd February, in which he claims “2010 off to a flyer! I collected another cheque for £8,250!” (Photograph of cheque dated 5/1/10 in brochure).

    He has also made price reductions with the 4 week trial now £29 and the 2 year platinum package £247 – money back guarantee, free injured jockey hip flask + BOTH PLOTS etc.

    I was going to take up his platinum offer this morning but decided to Google him first and came upon this interesting site and your reviews. I’m glad I did.

    I’ve not been put off entirely but I think I’ll “hold my horses” so to speak and wait to see how things pan out with regard to the earlier mentioned response from Martin.

    All the best,


  48. Tim J says:

    Given the rubbish I’ve had in the past, I’m delighted with what he’s done so far. So come on guys let’s give him a break! At least he’s a real person whose actually worked in horse racing!

  49. Ian H says:

    Good point Tim. He seemed friendly when I met him and he’s made me some decent money so far. I’ve spent some of the funds he’s made me during my trial on his platinum service so no complaints from me.

  50. Hi all,

    I’m still in shock as to the fact Martin is well aware of the forum and yet continues to be silent on this matter. He’s left himself wide open now.

    With regards to Ian and Tim you seem to be the only ones still supporting him and I’m starting to wonder if you know Martin and have been asked to submit these comments. Maybe this lot is just getting to my head now lol!

    The thing is with all due respect to you guys, there’s no way on this earth 20+ people are going to post negative things about Martin if they aren’t true.

    Sure, the tips I’ve received were profitable but we know from the comments above and on the forum that others have experienced different results. You should be looking at the bigger picture here guys.


    Connor Gallagher

  51. Ozzie says:

    Tim J & Ian H,

    I think we are all just trying to get to the bottom of this, but given what Andy says, it seems there is another twist.

    You seem to be happy that you paid £347 which now is £247. I’m not!!!

    I got two tips in January, then it stopped. By my calculation if Martin go that check for the two tips his unit staking is circa £350.

    This really is becoming a laughable joke.


  52. Col says:

    Ozzie – stop your moaning! I’m not defender of tipsters but he’s made me money and I believe that he deserves a chance for that. Why not call him and ask for an explanation? I called him about this and he put my mind at rest. Stop moaning and lets get behind him. I need him to keep on picking the winners.

  53. Tim J says:

    CONNOR GALLAGHER is a tipster himself! Have a look at his link Tell me Connor how do you make “as much as £3,000 – tax-free – each and every month…”. Power to the People!

  54. Hi Tim,

    I don’t hide from the fact that I run a weekly e-letter. Which, might I add, is FREE! The difference with myself is that I firstly don’t charge people, and secondly I don’t claim to have inside information.

    In fact, I preview just one race a week and add a weekly post to my blog. I don’t send out the names of horses what I think will win every day. You haven’t even tried my service, so how you can imply that it’s a poor one is beyond me!

    If you have an issue with the fact that I’m able to earn a decend second income (from doing MY OWN betting research) then I suggest you question your morals. Alternatively, you could also ask some of my existing members how they feel about the service.

    Col, I agree that Martin deserves a chance here too. To be fair though, he’s been given an opportunity to reply here and as of yet we haven’t heard a word from him. In addition, there are many people on here that have received negative results, even though some of us have had a profitable experience. If you ask me Martin has some answering to do.

    Kind regards,


  55. Tim J says:

    Hi Connor, I do not like being tricked by anyone. Your website claims you can make as much as “£3,000 – tax-free – each and every month…” and you’re going to give it to me for FREE!

    Come on mate, where’s the catch! Most of us have probably had our fingers burnt by someone, so it’s good to have someone whose prepared to put the record straight.

    Qu: “as much as £3,000 – tax-free – each and every month…”

    What’s in it for you?


  56. Hi Tim,

    I’m not tricking anyone. I mean, it’s not as if I’m sending letters from Gatwick when I’m purporting to be operating in Newmarket is it?

    There is absolutely no catch. The information I provide is free of charge, period. Whether I decide to launch a product/service at some point in the future is another story altogether, but rest assured the value will ALWAYS remain in the e-letter and blog posts.

    I’ve always liked writing, and just thought that some people might like to learn how I’m able to make a consistent profit from betting on the horses. There’s nothing blackhat involved here, nor am I launching an evil plan to cheat people out of their hard-earned money.

    Whether people choose to believe what I say, sign-up to my e-mails or read what I say is entirely up to them. Some people will be sceptical – and that’s MORE than understandable. On the other hand the fact remains that it’s completely free and members can unsubscribe at any time if they fail to see the value in it.

    Take a look at the site you’re on now. Jack is offering a report showing you how you could make £48,000 this year. On the other hand, I don’t see you questioning him about providing value to people and helping steer them in the right direction.

    With that said, I really don’t know what your issue is. I own up to the fact that I used to bet lazily, lose money left right and centre and follow so-called tipsters all the time. It’s only since I got off my backside and started putting in the EFFORT that I’ve reaped the rewards.

    So yes, I do earn a few thousand pounds a month. Sometimes I’ll earn less, sometimes more and every now and then I’ll have a losing period. Whether you choose to believe that or not is entirely your decision, but I do not appreciate implied negativity when it’s not warranted.

    My question to you Tim, is why on earth do you continue to defend Mr Raymond after reading the comments of others here? I tell it like it is and to be honest I can’t see so many people making up negative things about Martin if they’re not true. If Martin IS the real deal, then why has he not taken the opportunity to respond to this thread?



  57. Col says:

    I beginning to get this now… we got tipsters on here slagging off other tipsters to drum up some business.

    So Connor, you’re expecting me to believe you give out free tips that make thousands a month… yeah right!

    ‘Whether I decide to launch a product/service at some point in the future is another story altogether’ is a nice line. How much will you be charging ‘at some point in the future’??

  58. Ozzie says:

    Tim & Col,

    You guys make me laugh.

    I don’t know Connor from Fred or Bill but I feel I have to come to his defence. He offered up straight away(on the other site) the fact that he runs a (free) tipping service. He also said that he wouldn’t publicise it or give it to anyone that asked, so he doesn’t seem like a man with a of hidden agenda.

    Connor’s observations are logical and more to the point fair as far as I can see.

    I still don’t see Martin turning up here defending himself. Probably sending offer another mailer to another set of punters with another price another deal another set of times and inevitably probably another set of tips.

    What amuses me about your attitude, is your reluctance to question Martin’s business practice. Seems like if you two were involved in the Derren Brown trick, and you were lucky enough to get the good tips, you still wouldn’t question Derrren when you were interviewed on TV.

    I love and respect your loyalty.

    I just want my money back (not whinging). Have tried but have been refused. But I guess you two would say that is OK as well.


  59. Hi Col,

    For your information I’ve been operating online for several years and do not need to ‘slag off’ other tipsters to generate traffic to my website.

    If you actually head over to the site you will be able to see for yourself that I DO NOT imply at any point that I’m giving out free tips that will earn thousands a month.

    It’s a weekly bulletin of my thoughts, that WILL put you on the right track to betting successfully. I’m sharing with you the type of knowledge that has enabled ME to make a profit in the hope that you’ll learn from it, and apply it to your own betting activities.

    I personally find it quite funny how Martin himself has not posted, and yet there are two or three suspiciously-acting people (such as yourself) who continue to defend him. This leads me to believe that you’re operating on his behalf.

    I don’t like the word “tips” either. My information isn’t the same old rubbish you’ll find in your daily newspapers. I spend a lot of time researching the information I provide to my subscribers, and don’t take kindly to people ‘slagging off’ (as you put it) my service.

    Ok, so you think I’m deceiving you. Firstly, I’m not stating that ANYONE will make thousands per month from my information. I advise one race a week and unless people put in their own effort they may never achieve a substantial income from betting. In my defence, you’re expecting all of us to believe that Martin gives out the highest quality information to all of his subscribers for just a few hundred pounds?

    Rubbish. If that was the case there wouldn’t be several different people all reporting different results. Yet again you have failed to answer the questions directed at Martin and instead continue to throw questions my way. Just remember that I’m not the subject of this debate…


    Connor Gallagher

  60. Roy says:

    I think MR suspension in service over Xmas was justify with me anyway, the worst weather for 30 years it was and most meetings cancel for about 2 weeks and the horses would have been afected in there training routines and it was i thought very professional to let things settle down and let the horses get back into there proper training, he could have easily tip any favourite in that time to keep people happy but he did`nt and he has added that time that we missed onto the end of the 2 years so we are not missing out on anything. I have no reason to not doubt him at the moment and find he talks alot of sense, abit pissed off that he is still taking on clients and at a reduced rate though.

  61. Al says:

    Hi, maybe time to refocus a bit.

    It’s good to know that Martin Raymond has been in touch with the Site Moderator and I hope that he takes up the opportunity offered, to respond to the concerns raised.

    I think this is a good point at which to clarify those concerns. The first of which, is that those of us that originally signed up for Martin Raymond’s horse racing service late last year, have since found that depending on initial choice of Option, we would have joined a tipping service that to date has been entirely different from the other.

    In the original brochure advertising the service we were given two ways of joining: Option 1 – a month’s trial and Option 2 – a two-year subscription. The brochure listed a number of differences to consider in helping you choose. These included; start date, money back guarantee, access to 20/1 bet, text service, price discount and account management. At no point was there any mention about the tips themselves being dependent on Option selection.

    Now some here, have already raised this issue in telephone conversation and apparently Martin has acknowledged it, but in his opinion cannot see the problem as long as everyone’s making money. Which brings us to the second concern – that so far, the 2 services have been of widely contrasting quality.

    Here’s a recap on the contrasting fortunes of Option 1 and Option 2 subscribers.

    On Dec 19th Option 1 service begins to coincide with planned 10/1 bet, but the race is cancelled, whilst Option 2 receives a 2/1 winning tip.

    From Dec 20th until the end of the trial service on Jan 16th, Option 1 received 4 tips, 3 winners, 1 loser. For the same period Option 2 is suspended due to bad weather.

    The Option 1 trial has produced an impressive 75% strike rate and members are now given a chance to join Option 2 starting 21st Jan. However original Option 2 members are told no business until the 23rd Jan.

    The new Option 2 service begins with a winner on the 21st January and is suspended on the 25th Jan until the 6th Feb.

    The original Option 2 service completes its suspension on 23 Jan, and between then and the 29th Jan receives 5 tips, 1 winner and 4 losers. The next possible tip for this service is scheduled 4th Feb.

    To summarise, since 19th Dec Option 1/New Option 2 subscribers have received 5 tips, of which 4 won – an 80 % strike rate. During the same period, original Option 2 subscribers received 6 tips, 2 of which have won – a 33% strike rate

    So to date, a big contrast in fortune dependent on which Option you selected at signup, and given that there was nothing in the brochure to suggest this would be happening, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for an explanation?

    Anything above not factually correct, don’t hesitate to point it out!.

  62. PeterFenton says:

    I had the mailer in the post this week , luckily i threw it straight in the bin.

    This looks to me as described above a classic con.

    Get for argument sake 600 people involved and pick a six horse race , 100 people will have the winner .

    Next race similar story , etc etc eventually you will have some people loosing in evry race some may win in every race.

    You could even take the first five in a race and leave the outsiders.

    Has any one on here actually listed the races the were given and the horse in that race.

    Does that cross reference with any one elses tips in the same race.

    It would be interesting to collate.

    I just thank my stars that i threw it in the bin , although i shouldn’t be too smug as i’ve been conned by quite a few people in the past and paid a hell of a lot more money than you guys are talking about.

  63. Hi Guys,

    Al your points were very interesting. It’s certainly some sort of group/pyramid scheme and it’ll be interesting to see how the so-called tip gets on today.

    I’m pretty sure Martin will have to say something on his raceline about developments, and it’s possible that’s why he’s not openly replied on here, albeit there are a few looking suspicious.

    All the best,


  64. Ozzie says:


    A good job at describing what has happened, but I think you have only pulled out the main sytems/options.

    So although I (from may bets) recognise what you said, there is a gentleman here (Duncan Farmer) who’s experience is NOT reflected in what you describe. He seemed to get a real dud set of tips.

    (and actually if I was pedantic my situation was slightly different as I got 3/4 winners to selections)

    So I would recommend you NOT changing anything in you desrcription it is a good general summary but we should all note that actually the scenario is far, far more complicated….which is precisely the problem.

    Where are you Martin.

    Jack has given you a platform to fix the problem.

    Your silence is judging you.


  65. Steve says:

    Hi Pete

    I dont think its quite as simple as that (six tips in same race) as there hasnt been anyone saying on this or the other site that they have been given another horse in the same race as his winners have run in. I’m beginning to think MR is genuine, but trying to rake in as much as he can as quickly as possible.
    As for the advertising……dont companies like Loreal & Co say their products “get rid of wrinkles” or colgate say “keeps your teeth whiter than white”?? Unfortunately thats the advertising business. Lets wait and see what sort of a man & Tipster he really is when these services re-start.


  66. Col says:

    Connor, my only experience of MR is that he’s made me money so far. Long may it continue.

    Personally I have no agenda but have a problem with someone who is presumably not even a member (given that you make thousands a month from all your own hard work) writing reams and reams and reams and reams of text dissing other services and promoting his own.

  67. Wayne Hardy says:

    I’m from Newmarket and unlike Connor, can confirm Martin is a real person with a real racing background. I know Bruce (his father) well and can vouch for Martin. If you’re a real member and have got a problem, why not contact him instead of bleating on here?

  68. Tim J says:

    Connor – don’t lecture me on morals. You claim to make £3000 per month! Come on answer the question – at what real cost? TJ

  69. duncan farmer says:

    I do have problems , on the platinum service now for 2 months at a cost of £ 347 and have only had 2 winners from him . There was a period the 21 December to the 21 January when he gave out 5 tips with 4 winners , but I definately did not get these , I was informed by Mr Raymond that the service was suspended due to the bad weather!!! Yes I have written to him over a week ago , and he still has not replied .

  70. Wayne Hardy says:

    Hi Duncan, why not just call him if you’re unhappy? If you’re a member you must have a contact number.

  71. Col and Tim,

    What is your problem guys? FYI, I AM a member of the service. I joined it back in November when the first mailshot was dispatched, and thought this was actually genuine once I’d received four out of five winning bets. My initial idea was to review the service in my newsletter – to notify my subscribers as to whether Martin’s service was profitable, or yet another service full of empty promises.

    On the other hand, when I looked online the story is clearly different for others, and it’s vital that we take an open-minded and balanced opinion of things. Your responses so far would indicate that you don’t have the maturity to do so…

    Martin is obviously a real person; no-one on here is saying otherwise so I really don’t know what you’re getting at Wayne. As you can see above many of us have contacted him and not even received a reply. So please don’t start claiming that I’m attempting in any way to bring Martin down here. I – like most of us – just want the TRUTH, that’s all.

    To be brutally blunt Tim, you’re really starting to get on my nerves – and probably others too. You continue to pull ME down (when this thread is about Martin Raymond!) and fail YET AGAIN to answer anyone’s doubts about you.

    I believe I answered adaquetly the questions you fired my way, and find it quite ignorant that you only want to take a one-sided view of things. I have absolutely nothing to gain by operating in these forums other than the fact I’d like to take part having been involved myself, and help get to the bottom of this.

    Coming from someone who used to be as lazy and unsuccessful as they come, I believe I have the right to not only operate a weekly e-letter, but to question a man whose honesty at this stage is doubtful. I’ve said throughout that Martin STILL deserves the benefit of the doubt, but he most certainly has to prove himself on the back of all this negative press.

    If you actually have a problem with some of us trying to help others, then I suggest you seriously question whether what you’re doing here is ethical. For the final time, this is a review about MARTIN RAYMOND! If you would like to challenge my service, then why don’t you actually sign-up and see for yourself exactly what’s involved? At the moment, you’re not in a position to comment, matey.

    At the end of the day, there are many people on here who have allegedly been scammed and deserve the truth. If the old adage “the customer is always right” is true, then we have absolutely no reason to disagree with them. Are you suggesting that they’re lying?

    We should be working with each other, NOT against each other trying to work out why Connor Gallagher is posting here. We’re all in the same boat, so why you’re accusing myself of operating unethically is beyond me. There are a very small minority who fail to see through their own perception and are blinded by the fact they made a bit of money.

    If I’d have bet on them myself, I’d have made money too. The difference is my experience has taught me to paper test FIRST. I guarantee without a doubt you’d be complaining if the shoe was on the other foot. So please, until the truth is unearthed spare us your selfish judgement.

    Best wishes,

    Connor Gallagher

  72. John M says:

    Reading with interest all of the comments made about MR , I joined for the 1 month trial and had 3/4 winners which were short priced favs but made me a profit, so i then joined his platinum service which is due to restart on 6th feb, i also joined his SPECIAL bets which when i spoke to him told me the cost was 1k for approx 55 bets, when i said that this was a lot of money to lay out on the back of his word only he said i could pay half now-£500 and the rest later in the year- this service starts up tomorrow 5th with a number and pin to call at 12.I’ll post the result once it has run (if there is one!)

  73. Hi there,

    Having spoke personally with Martin I’d like to just give you all the nod so to speak on what exactly is going on. Firstly, he came across as very genuine, was very polite and certainly put my mind at ease.

    My advice – as I said earlier – is to give him the benefit of the doubt for now and continue to monitor the status of the bets. I sincerely HOPE and do believe he’ll produce the goods, and it will be interesting to monitor how the situatuon develops.



  74. Wayne Hardy says:

    Connor, glad you spoke to Martin. I’ve known of Raymond senior for years and know they’re very much a racing family.

  75. Col says:

    Has anyone else received a brochure today from a company called Brimardon? Anyone know what this is about?

  76. Andrew B says:

    Interesting to hear what John M says as I think that Martin Raymond has a menu of prices for persons wanting to subscribe to his “extra service” . My research indicates that some people are being asked for rather more than £500 to get started.

  77. Roy says:

    I think he started of at a bad time, when the flat starts thats when i think his tips might start flowing, hes from Newmarket all his contact must be from the flat so give him a chance before everyone starts slating him after just a few tips, his 10/1 chance looked good backed down to about 7/2 4/1 but the race was abandon 1 hr before the race if that won he would have been called God not a Scammer.

  78. William says:

    As with Connor, I also have spoken to M.R. and can confirm the above details, Except that the price he has quoted me is much more than £1,000!, could it be that this, like the Raceline is a ‘2 tier system’, just another red flag, when things seemed to be settling down.

    Who’s going to be happy, when they find out that some of the others are paying hundreds less, surely M.R. would want his customers to be happy, over the course of the next few months.


  79. Steve says:

    My mate Steve also spoke to him today and he said exactly the same. Martin has put his mind at rest and Steve is no mug i can assure you. Apparently MR has not replied to this site or the other because he is confident his results will do the speaking for him and feels he has better things to do with his time at the moment. Although he does stress he is not a magician. It was also implied that it is upto him how he distributes his info. Think about it…….100 people backing the same horse each time or 50 this one and 50 the next one, the prices just would not last. I was a sceptic until now, but its time to cool off as we have some heated conflicts simmering here. We all paid our money and new the possible consequences. Lets just hope both services keep their members happy for the two tears to come.

    Good luck everyone

  80. Tim J says:

    Steve, think you’ve better understood what he explained to me as well. Seems like he’s doing his best, so fingers crossed! TJ

  81. Steve says:

    I like most people on here are not out to persicute anyone. Like ALL gamblers i am oppinionated about most things but typically sports. Football is my passion, but something i had to stop playing in 1990 whilst playing in the old Kent league. My oppinions led me into my local bookmakers where i started the long journey to hell through lies, cheating and losing my wages every week. In desperation i turned to “tipping lines” which not only put extra cash in Joe Corals account, but boosted the shareholders at BT as well.
    Since those days i have managed to control my losses and bet rarely. When i received MR’s letter i thought “have a go and try and make some money” as he is a name i know.
    His trial was profitable and thats what its all about, isnt it? His service is not for people who want 2/3 bets everyday, its for profit by select betting and not for daily entertainment. My point is this: Most comments and concerns are probably by people/punters who want the 2/3 bets a day, but my experience is you must be patient and trust who you are working with. Seeing the early start of this got me worried i was being ripped off, but i have now stood back and thought about it, so lets wait and see. After all we should get 2years to judge MR and not a 4 week trial. So yes fingers crossed.
    Good luck matey

  82. Ian H says:

    Hi All, had a really good chat with Martin earlier in the week. As Steve mentioned, MR also confirmed to me that given the way bookies react to his business he simply can’t have all his on one horse if the market isn’t strong enough. He went to explain that in the majority of cases the various groups will get the same horse, but sometimes if the market is weak he’ll have to make a judgement call as to which group gets what. He put my mind at rest as he explained that everyone will get the quality and that ultimately he is here to do his best for all and that everyone client/group that will make a profit.

    I also asked why there was more than one price doing the circuit to join his daily raceline. His explanation was that he was keen to expand his business and that meant get new clients in to help spread the cost which ultimately benefits everyone. In any normal business he said that it’s normal to offer a price concession – especially as they would have missed some of winners we’ve had.

    Summary – as per Steve, I’m no mug punter. He’s certainly a real person (although he also mentioned he’s no magician!). He’s certainly no conman, as to whether he can keep up the good work, well we will wait and see….

  83. Afternoon all,

    To be honest I think we all just blew this right out of proportion; myself included. As with all tipsters, the majority will prove useless and the minority have to prove themselves. We should still remain open-minded about the situation, but after having spoke to Martin I have to say he came across very much as the real deal.

    He said the same thing to me that obviously he can’t give out ALL his bets, and that in order to protect the sensitivity of his information he has to work around things in a way that is profitable to all. My advice is to see how it pans out and to remain faithful to him. I hope and think he’ll come up with the goods – albeit all of us go through losing streaks!

    I’m certainly no mug punter either, hence my open-minded scepticism in the beginning. I really do recommend all of you in doubt getting in touch. He’ll probably put your mind at ease, but what really matters here is the results and I feel quitely confident he might actually be different to the 99% of so-called ‘insiders’ out there.

    Best of luck,

    Connor Gallagher

  84. Mike Z says:

    Hi All
    I also recieved an invite from MR back in November but unlike most of you i read it and thought to myself this is another scam,so it went straight into the bin.
    Then in January I recieved another letter from MR explaining that it was unfortunate that I hadent joined in November as he had 5 out of 6 winners but there was still time and that he had 2 special bets on the agenda that would win at decent prices.
    I gave it some thought but decided to decline his offer once again.
    Then I recieved an E mail from the Money Tree
    which I read with interest especially from you guys.

  85. Colin says:

    Well, I am worried sick.

    Saw the results in the mail, did the stats, over 50% winners, over 90% placed – itself giving a 100 plus points. Seemed a nobrainer. But before sending my money, spoke to the office on the phone who assured me that that was the selection volume and quality I could expect and that there would be NO upsells “Unless I wanted to partake in comissions”
    So sent my 227 for discounted platinum membership. Have not heard anything yet. And cant get anything but answerphone.

    The problem is not the £227, although that is bad enough, but the cost of the bets proving it to be worthless or otherwise.

    That some people have had 4 from 5 at low prices is great, I dont mind low prices, just want winners, but that others have had different or no selections is the nasty bit

    We wait and see……..

  86. Colin,

    I’m all for sticking up for the honest punter and originally thought this was a scam. On the other hand, I spoke to Martin personally and he cleared everything up – in my opinion this is a genuine service.

    At the end of the day, results are what counts and they’re producing the goods at this stage. We’ll just have to wait and see how everything pans out, but I wouldn’t worry at all about your £227 mate. It took a while also for me to get my welcome letter.



  87. Steve says:

    Dont panic, you saved yourself some money yesterday. 12pts (£240 for me) down on 2 bets. Not the Promised 10pt Maximum. Thats now 3 times the max bet has failed to materialise.

  88. dave huxford says:

    has anybody had any info or dealings with a racing tipster called the sting.i joined his service in oct and its costing me a fortune.i joined his no horse less than 8-1 winners at a special discount price of £95 for a year.if i had stuck to his staking plan i would be down about £2500.

  89. Hi,

    There are certainly a lot of sharks out there and it seems there are a good lot of you here who have been scammed time and time again – we’ve all most probably been there, done that and got the t-shirt!

    On the other hand I’d advise you all to keep your money in your pocket to start with when you’re trying these services out. Obviously everyone has freedom of choice, but it is DISCIPLINE and HARD WORK that makes a long-term professional.

    As you can see Mike bet and lost £200 on a horse that he was “told” would win. The vast majority of these guys just give different people different horses in the same race in the hope that one of them will win and send them a cheque. It’s all absolute B.S and all I can say is allow this to be a lesson to you Mike. If you put the work in, have the resources and remain patient then you WILL be successful, I promise you that.



  90. John Kane says:

    You are problably being played here.
    I hope that MR delivers for those of you who have paid good money up front.
    However, these raceline services have been fleecing people for many years and you will find that consumer direct/trading standards can do little to control the activities of these people.
    I toss most of these glossy invitations in the bin although the MR one did get my attention. I made my decision following the collapse of the Mark Winstanley service (if someone in the know can’t make it pay then what chance the scammers will!)
    I learned my lesson when paying trial fees to C&S (Christopher Emmerson), Chris Munce and Stanley Harris – they all turned out to be the same guy called Brian Munce who appeared at court in Brighton eventually (reported in the Racing Post 2008).
    The giveaway was the voice on the recorded message Christopher Emmerson (plummy and posh), Sidney Harris (extremely rough) and Chris Munce (somewhere in between) I used to put the calls on loudspeaker for all the family to have a laugh as you could tell it was the same person adopting various tones.
    If you want to access the opinion of people with a good background on analysing racing then you could do worse than register with OLBG the online betting guide as a number of knowledgeable guys blog on there with good insights and tips, all of which is free!!

  91. Pegwell Bay says:

    It ain’t rocket science!

    Glossy brochure=>=>=>=>=>=>BIN !

  92. Jack Whiteman says:


    Jack here.

    Thanks for all your comments on Spicer Racing. I’ve moved them to a separate page that you can find here:

    Best wishes


  93. Al says:

    Hi, just an update on the MR Platinum service.
    Actually there are by now apparently a number of variants of this service, so the particular Platinum service that I refer to here is the one I signed up for, – the original Option 1 described in this review.

    Earlier in this thread on 3rd Feb, I stated that this Option had had 4 out of 5 winners, before the service was suspended until the 6th Feb.
    Since the 6th Feb resumption, there have been 6 selections, – 1 winner, 5 losers, 3 of which were unplaced, and I am well on the way to cancelling the profit I made during the trial period.

    So, essentially, Option 1 enjoyed an 80% strike rate, prior to the suspension where members were canvassed for substantially more money to access an even better service. Then after the suspension ended the strike rate has dropped to its current 17%.

    In his brochure Martin Raymond clearly sets out his performance over the first 10 months of 2009. The average monthly strike rate is over 50%, and many of those picks were at markedly longer odds than the short priced favourites that I have been given. But maybe I shouldn’t whinge, at least Option 1 and Option 2 now have more comparable performance!

    I think from now on, I will continue to adhere to his points staking system, but with minimal amounts. -If I’m going to continue to lose money of which I sense a distinct possiblity, I’d rather keep it to a minimum.

  94. Steve says:


    You really shouldnt continue to back these tips. Monitor them, yes but it is plain to see that these are now just speculative tips of favorites. I went to Lingfield yesterday for the first time in six years and it reminded me of the sort of people that are within the sport (the gambling side), conmen, gangsters and desperate to earn a tax free £ whatever possible way they can. Some of the conversations i overheard were quite laughable. I actually heard one dodgy looking 40 something guy trying to convince a punter that he too could supply him with info for large sums of money. He was even bragging about being at “the judges” (famous tipster) funeral recently. I am pretty sure that our subscriptions are supplying these guys “tipsters” with their stake money.
    Its a dodgy line of business and almost is a license to con.
    I certainly wont be using this method to bankrupcy any longer.

  95. geoff says:

    i started the months trial yesterday the tip lost it went down to the start like a mule came back like a carthorse if this was the big gamble.i dont hold out much hope for the futher.geoff

  96. Mel Gee says:

    The thread re Martin Raymond seems to have run out of steam, but no definitve answer to the problem of M R having differing services for different people. I joined the platinum service in Feb and got my first tip on the 5th, Traffic Control, 3rd @ 7/2. Then next day e/w Battlecry 2nd at Wetherby followed by Pendragon on 9th PU, Doubnov winning by a nose at Ling 10th, followed by 4 losers Jessica Wigmo, Nadinska,Kingsdale Orion and Celtic Sovereign. On Sat 21st 2/2 winners with Spruce and Little Josh at 3/1 and 5/1. Healthy £607.50 profit to date but it does not excuse Martin if he is running a “not so honest” operation. Did Martin ever come on to this forum – or did I miss it!? Has anyone got an update?

  97. William says:

    Hi all,

    since my last post, ive again spoken to Martin Raymond about some matters and he was very open, asking to call in with any concerns etc. No real concerns as im still making a little profit, +51.93 points, + 20.83 from trial end to 22.2.10. Thats the bottom line with me, profit, following his points per bet + compounding my bank.

    It seems hes not about to get involved in this forum or the other, but to let his service do his talking, which is fine, by me. If you are a member, then he has a number and he will discuss. I dont have any hidden agenda, simply want to make some extra cash, nothing bad has happened, we all can have suspicions, but if the cash keeps coming back to me then im happy.

  98. Jon says:

    Hi all, anyone remember how many points were advised for Jessica Wigmo?

    I joined the two year service and also the special pro service, the first horse to run for this service was… wait for it JESSICA WIGMO.

    Me thinks the plot thickens.

  99. Al says:

    Hi folks,

    Below are the MR tips and results in detail for my version of the service received for Feb:

    6/2/10 Kings Salute, 13/8, second, -8 points
    6/2/10 Battlecry, 11/2, second, +0.5 pts (2 pts e/w bet)
    9/2/10 Pendragon, 5/2, unplaced, -5 pts
    13/2/10 Alfie Sheran, 5/2, winner, +20 pts (8 pt bet)
    16/2/10 Kingsdale Orion, 3/1, unplaced, -8 pts (4 pts e/w bet)
    17/2/10 Celtic Sovereign, 6/4, pu, -8 pts
    20/2/10 Paws & Claws, 6/1, pu, -6 pts ( 3pts e/w bet)
    20/2/10 Spruce, 5/2, winner, +15 pts (6 pt bet)
    23/2/10 Aboukir Bay, 7/1, third, -5 pts
    27/02/10 Frascati Park, 15/2 second +1.5 pts (3 pts e/w bet)

    10 tips in all, with 2 winners, 2 placed e/w bets, 6 losers. Using the MR staking system this has given me a minus 4 points return for the month.

  100. steve says:

    Thats about exactly correct, not the sort of performance one would expect from someone as well known as MR. The daily newspapers have been doing better and they only cost 30p a day.

  101. duncan farmer says:

    Yeh same as Al , not at all impressed .As has been mentioned before there are at least 4 different groups all getting different tips , how he keeps on top of it i don’t know , before long he’s gonna get caught out .

  102. Wayne says:

    Had 2 bets from Martin Raymond yesterday – both won! Elite Land 9/1 and No Panic 8/1. Picked up over £10k on the double – the guys a legend!!!!!!

  103. roger says:

    I never got two winners

  104. Mel Gee says:

    I got both horses too. I am over £2k up with Martin since Feb 5th, so no complaint here

  105. Roy says:

    Who was on the great Cheltenham `betting coup` the bet of the festival, the 7/1 plot, the perfect storm brewing, a bet like this dosn`t come up very often (thank f@ck) from top contact who tends NOT to make mistakes etc etc, just put £50 on for me for the tip, the horse Alfie Sherin trails in 12th, Martin that was bad tipping apart from having to put an extra £50 on to get a tip for a clear favourite but in a race where there has only been 1 winning favourite out the last 15 runnings of that race how could he make it sound such a good thing. I misted the 8/1 9/1 and 10/1 winners waiting for this pile of manure so doubleee pissed off.

  106. Mel Gel says:

    Roy. You are in one of the groups that fell for this awful trick. Never put money on for these people. I was given two selections for Cheltenham – Big Zeb WON @ 10/1 and Sentry Duty LOST. This followed two WINS @ 7/1 and 17/2 on the Monday before Chelts. Almost £3k up now so although I don’t agree with his business methods, I can’t complain.

  107. Stevie says:

    To make things worse Roy, he actually tipped this horse Alfie Sherrin to one of his groups on the day….Free!

  108. steve says:

    Its all very good, people suddenly appearing saying I am up this and i have won that. What about the people that have been bankrupt by MR’s tips since December 09? So he gave an e/w double the other week and funny enough, the following morning evryone received a letter asking them to join his “ALL NEW” double syndicate.
    People seem to forget all the promises that have not been kept and all the stunts he has pulled, oh and all the extra money he wants for handicap coups that trail in 17th was it?

    The man is preying on people who are desperate to find winners.

    Its better to make mistakes of your own in life, than to make them off of someone elses advice.

  109. Al says:

    Ok Folks,

    Details of what my version of the MR service received in March.

    Date Horse Odds Position Bet P/L
    6th H’King 9/2 Fell 5 pts -5

    6th Cuc’Run 5/4 2nd 5 pts -10

    13th Qroktou 9/4 2nd 6 pts -16

    13th Ed’knight 1/1 won 5 pts -11

    15th No Panic 7/1 won 2 pt e/w +6.5

    15th El’Land 17/2 won 3 pt e/w +38.5

    17th Big Zeb 11/1 won 2 pt e/w +66

    18th S’ry Duty 14/1 up 2 pt e/w +62

    19th Tarkari 16/1 up 2 pt e/w +58

    19th Ashkazar 6/1 up 4 pt e/w +50

    27th Penitent 3/1 won 5 pt +65 pt

    So there you have it, dramatic turnaround after February’s performance. MR seems to have changed strategy – going for much longer odds with e/w bets and certainly paid dividends this month. Very much hope this continues into April.
    As ever must warn folk that what I get may well not be what you get if you decide to sign up.

  110. Hi,

    After a long streak of losers Martin gives two each-way bets and both win at prices of 7-1 and 17-2. Somewhat unsurprisingly, we all receive a letter the next day offering memberships to a brand new each-way double syndicate.

    What really annoys me is how people have the arrogance to take honest punters for such a ride. From what I can remember the bets weren’t advised as an each-way double in the first place, and yet Martin is quickly at his computer typing up another marketing piece after two *very rare* winners.

    As Steve said, people seem to forget all the allegations made and promises that haven’t been kept and this underlines the short-term nature of the punter. After two quick-fire winners this tipster is quickly back on a pedestal again and has many members positioned exactly where he wants them to be.

    The brutal truth is that many people will never wise up and stop letting these people legally steal their hard-earned cash. After several months of monitoring this service, my advice is to steer well clear of Martin Raymond.

    Kind Regards,

    Connor Gallgher

  111. stephen m says:

    been using this service for 3 months and joined the ew doubles scheme (still to start) made an absolute fortune lately after a very shakey start very surpried to find out some of these comments and have noticed a 2 differant horses tipped above that i did not recieve (did not win)but i certainly cant complain almost cleared my mortgage this month

  112. lobbydosser says:

    seems to me there are a good few fanatical gamblers laying down thousands in the hope of becoming millionaires quickly.Dream on???

  113. Pegwell Bay says:

    ” The brutal truth is that many people will never wise up ”

    Connor – well said – if they carry on being shafted that’s their problem – I wouldn’t waste your breath anymore !

  114. ricman says:

    I’ve been with Martin Raymond since the end of November 2009 on the Platinum service and since early January on another service and I’m up well on Martin’s tips (and consequently I’ve been booted out by Victor Chandler for being too successful!). Well done Martin – I’ve no complaints!

  115. Mark says:

    I have been using Martin since Dec 09. I have used £5,£10 & £15/point stakes over the months.
    Jan £177
    Feb £149
    Mar £806
    Apr £609
    I also recieve txts from Martin regarding on the day value bets.
    I have no problem except today he has suspended the raceline?

  116. Lestashuffle says:

    I’m in full agreement with ricman. I too have been a member with Martin since November09 and after a slow start and a bad winter his tips have come good and at excellent prices. It makes me wonder if the guys losing money have joined a rogue site using his name. I’ve never had such good advice and consistent profit. Its in the long term that it all matters and my betting bank can now stand a long run of losers and still be in profit.

  117. Lestashuffle says:

    He’s suspended the raceline due to his information getting leaked to the bookies, consequently the prices are being slashed within minutes of the information going out.
    The day after two very good E/W tips too! 2nd @ 5/1 and 1st @ 3/1sp. 11/2 and 6/1 was the prices I got.

  118. Liam Hamilton says:

    Must admit am really concerned I’ve lost my money with the race line suspension – especially as he’s been on better form recently.

  119. amelia says:

    That’s strange, I’m with Martin Blakely Handicap Gold, last week he said his emails were being leaked to the bookies and consequently the prices are being slashed straightaway. Apparently he is devising some system to stop this happening. What a coincidence. Perhaps all the bookmakers are signing up to these tipsters???

  120. stephen m says:

    this is the best money i ever spent hope the raceline returns soon as its been flying lately think people who are not making money from this must not be following the staking plan you have to use the system he gives you stick to it i started on 10 a point after elite land and no panic rtaised my stakes to 50 a point ad now had a few accounts closed long may that continue

  121. stephen m says:

    has anyone recieved the letter he posted?

  122. Jack Whiteman says:

    Would anyone care to provide historical data of bets placed.

    One early compliant was that several versions of the service were available. With different people getting different bets.

    Is this still happening?


  123. Liam says:

    6.2.2010 2.20 Wetherby Battlecry 9-4 EW 2 points won
    6.2.2010 4.10 Lingfield Kings Salute 6-4 W 8 points Lost
    9.2.2010 2.10 Sedgfield Pendragon 9-4 W 5 points Lost
    13.2.2010 2.00 Newbury Alfie Sherrin 2-1 W 7 points Won
    16.2.2010 2.10 Newctle Kingsdale Orion 3-1 EW 4 points Lost
    17.2.2010 7.10 Kempton Celtic Soverign 5/4 W 8 points Lost
    20.2.2010 3.20 Lingfield Spruce 5/2 w 6 points Won
    20.2.2010 2.30 Haydock Pause & Clause 5/1 EW 3 points Lost
    23.2.2010 3.50 Taunton Aboukir Bay 9/2 W 5 points Lost
    27.2.2010 2.00 Haydock Frascati Park 13/2 EW 6 points Won
    6.3.2010 4.00 Doncaster Cucumber Run 6/5 W 5 points Lost
    6.3.2010 2.05 Newbury Henry King 9/2 W 5 points Lost
    13.3.2010 2.20 Chepstow Qroktou 5/2 W 6 points Lost
    13.3.2010 2.50 Whampton EdinburghKnight 1/1 W 6 points Won
    15.3.20103.40 Stratford No Panic 7/1 E/W 4 points Won
    15.3.2010 4.40 StratfordElite Land 8/1 E/4 6 points Won
    17.3.2010 3.20 C/ham Big Zeb 11/1 E/W 4 points Won
    18.3.2010 2.05 C/ham Alfie Sherrin 4/1 W 7 points Lost
    18.3.2010 3.05 C/ham Sentry Duty 14/1 EW 4 points Lost
    19.3.2010 2.05 C/ham Tarkari 16/1 E/W 4 points Lost
    19.3.2010 4.40 C/ham Ashkasar 6/1 W 4 points Lost
    27.3.2010 2.20 D/caster Pennitent 3/1 W 5 points Won

    7.4.2010 E/W Double Service
    Illustrious Prince / Kings Song 1 point Lost
    8.4.2010 5.30 Aintree Ainama 10/3 E/W 6 points Lost
    9.4.2010 2.00 Aintree Escortmen 7/2 W 4 points Lost
    9.4.2010 3.45 Aintree Offshore Acct 13/2 E/W 4 points Lost
    10.4.2010 2.15 Aintree Tatanino 7/2 W 3 points Won
    14.04.2009 4.45 N/marketTimepiece SP E/W 2 points Lost
    14.04.2009 9.05 Kempton Golden Rules SP E/W 2 points Won

    Each Way Double Service
    14.04.2009 E/W DOUBLE
    Timepiece / Golden Rules SP E/W 2 L
    15.04.2009 3.20 Cheltenham Chilli Rose 9/2 E/W 3 L
    15.04.2009 3.55 Cheltenham Picture This 10/3 E/W 3 W
    15.04.2009 E/W DOUBLE Chilli Rose / Picture This E/W 3 L
    16.04.2010 4.55 Newbury HinduCush 7/4 E/W 1 W
    16.04.2010 7.55 Dundalk Alamander 4/1 E/W 1 W
    16.04.2010 E/W DOUBLE Hinducush/Alamander E/W W
    17.04.2010 2.15 Ayr Kangaroo Court 9/2 W 5 L.
    21.04.2010 4.05 Ascot Alainmaar 10-3 W 5 W
    24.04.2010 4.50 Sandown Dunn’o SP E/W 1 W
    24.04.2010 8.50 Wolverhampton White Finch 4/1 E/W 1 L
    24.04.2010 E/W DOUBLE Dunn’o / White Finch E/W L
    26.04.2010 2.10 Newcastle Miss Daawe 9/2 E/W 2 W
    26.04.2010 6.40 Windsor Get Carter 9/2 E/W 2 W
    26.04.2010 E/W DOUBLE Miss Daawe / Get Carter E/W 2 W

  124. Liam says:

    6.2.2010 2.20 Wetherby Battlecry 9-4 EW 2 points won
    6.2.2010 4.10 Lingfield Kings Salute 6-4 W 8 points Lost
    9.2.2010 2.10 Sedgfield Pendragon 9-4 W 5 points Lost
    13.2.2010 2.00 Newbury Alfie Sherrin 2-1 W 7 points Won
    16.2.2010 2.10 Newctle Kingsdale Orion 3-1 EW 4 points Lost
    17.2.2010 7.10 Kempton Celtic Soverign 5/4 W 8 points Lost
    20.2.2010 3.20 Lingfield Spruce 5/2 w 6 points Won
    20.2.2010 2.30 Haydock Pause & Clause 5/1 EW 3 points Lost
    23.2.2010 3.50 Taunton Aboukir Bay 9/2 W 5 points Lost
    27.2.2010 2.00 Haydock Frascati Park 13/2 EW 6 points Won
    6.3.2010 4.00 Doncaster Cucumber Run 6/5 W 5 points Lost
    6.3.2010 2.05 Newbury Henry King 9/2 W 5 points Lost
    13.3.2010 2.20 Chepstow Qroktou 5/2 W 6 points Lost
    13.3.2010 2.50 Whampton EdinburghKnight 1/1 W 6 points Won
    15.3.20103.40 Stratford No Panic 7/1 E/W 4 points Won
    15.3.2010 4.40 StratfordElite Land 8/1 E/4 6 points Won
    17.3.2010 3.20 C/ham Big Zeb 11/1 E/W 4 points Won
    18.3.2010 2.05 C/ham Alfie Sherrin 4/1 W 7 points Lost
    18.3.2010 3.05 C/ham Sentry Duty 14/1 EW 4 points Lost
    19.3.2010 2.05 C/ham Tarkari 16/1 E/W 4 points Lost
    19.3.2010 4.40 C/ham Ashkasar 6/1 W 4 points Lost
    27.3.2010 2.20 D/caster Pennitent 3/1 W 5 points Won

    7.4.2010 E/W Double Service
    Illustrious Prince / Kings Song 1 point Lost
    8.4.2010 5.30 Aintree Ainama 10/3 E/W 6 points Lost
    9.4.2010 2.00 Aintree Escortmen 7/2 W 4 points Lost
    9.4.2010 3.45 Aintree Offshore Acct 13/2 E/W 4 points Lost
    10.4.2010 2.15 Aintree Tatanino 7/2 W 3 points Won
    14.04.2009 4.45 N/marketTimepiece SP E/W 2 points Lost
    14.04.2009 9.05 Kempton Golden Rules SP E/W 2 points Won

    Each Way Double Service
    Timepiece / Golden Rules SP E/W
    2 points Lost

    15.04.2009 3.20 C/ham Chilli Rose 9/2 E/W 3 points Lost
    15.04.2009 3.55 C/ham Picture This 10/3 E/W 3 points Won

    Each Way Double Service
    15.04.2009 Chilli Rose / Picture This
    3 points Lost

    16.04.2010 4.55 Newbury HinduCush 7/4 E/W 1 point 3RD
    16.04.2010 7.55 Dundalk Alamander 4/1 E/W 1 point Won

    16.04.2010 E/W DOUBLE
    Hinducush/Alamander E/W WON

    17.04.2010 2.15 Ayr Kangaroo Court 9/2 W 5 points Lost
    21.04.2010 4.05 Ascot Alainmaar 10-3 W 5 points Won
    24.04.2010 4.50 Sandown Dunn’o SP E/W
    1 point Won
    24.04.2010 8.50 W/hamptonWhite Finch 4/1 E/W 1 point Lost

    Each Way Double Service Dunn’o / White Finch E/W Lost

    26.04.2010 2.10 Newcastle Miss Daawe 9/2 E/W 2 points 2nd
    26.04.2010 6.40 Windsor Get Carter 9/2 E/W 2 points Won

    E/W DOUBLE Miss Daawe / Get Carter E/W 2 points

  125. Liam says:

    Hi Jack,

    Have just posted the historical data for you



  126. Jack Whiteman says:

    THanks Liam

    can anyone else provide data – be interesting to see if Martin is still offering one service but providing different tips to members.

  127. Lestashuffle says:

    I have exactly the information as Liam has listed above. Although I didn’t subscribe to the Doubles Service. Every tip can’t win every time because there is always an uncertainty in racing. If everyone just followed Martin’s advice as he gives it they should be well in profit. Its the best advice I’ve ever received.

    Just received his letter and he is setting up a secure phone system with pin numbers so as to stop unsubscribed people ringing for his tips. Hope it gets up and running soon. I’m missing taking cash off the bookies!

    Anyone who has lost money is obviously not following his advice to the letter.

  128. Hi Jack,

    I don’t have a full list of results, as I have my own projects to manage. I monitored this service up until mid-April and have been disappointed with the service on the whole.

    For myself, the most disturbing elements have been the vast amount of follow-up marketing promotions, different betting groups and a number of raceline suspensions. There are a number of questions which remain unanswered and in the meantime I’d advise anyone to steer a cautious path.



  129. Liam Hamilton says:

    I’m equally concerned with the Each Way Doubles Service, which was an additional £250, and since inception has failed to generate any wins.

    The 4 tips I’ve had on this service, have generated next to no return.

    Hopefully the raceline resumes soon, and some of the more negative comments on here prove unfounded.

  130. Martyn Hunter says:

    I found this web site after Martin Raymond rang me this afternoon with details of how his service is going to resume after the suspension. Because he was asking £3,000 for a two year membership I thought I should check him out a bit more before parting with any money.

    Like others who have posted comments I have found the tips he has given very profitable and so was disappointed when he suspended the service. But after reading some other posts from people who appear to have had poor results I wondered what exactly is going on.

    He doesn’t accept credit/debit cards which is not a good sign as I always like to use visa for that extra bit of protection when buying.

    He says the new service will be four times more profitable but I now have my doubts and £3,000 is a lot of money to pay to find out.

    Anyone else had this offer?

  131. Roy says:

    Wow £3000 thats alot of money for someone who has only been tipping from just before xmas with no other track record, if he had say 3 years of verified tips showing profit in most months fair enough but he dosnt, i think he is running before he can walk,i think personally that price is just ridiculous, if he hits a loosing streak after you pay that amount of money its going to seem along way back.

  132. Lestashuffle says:

    If you have paid already I don’t think he will ask for any more money until the two years are up. And if the results carry on as they have been I will be well in profit to pay the 3k.
    I think the main problem here is a minority of his subscribers expect every tip to win and that is just not going to happen with any tipping service.
    Regarding the doubles I kept away from it as I think its hard enough to get 1 winner never mind anymore. The only time I do one is when he advises 2 on his regular line and I only have £5 E/W which is my minimum stake.
    I’m in no doubt about Martins service. After trying many over the years his is the only one that seems consistant. I know we will having losing days but its about the long term and its going to take one hell of a losing run to deplete my betting bank after the winners we’ve had so far.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to reccomend his service, its first class!

  133. Joe says:

    I understand you cant always pick winners but what seems alarming reading through these posts is that different people seem to be getting different information.
    Also seeing as the phone service is not running at the moment how is anyone getting any tips and how much is this guy going to ask for next?
    Will the people who paid £347 now get a secong rate service?

  134. Martyn Hunter says:

    That’s a good point Joe. I also paid £347 and have decided I am not paying £3,000 for two years of what should be the same service but apparently with more bets per week.

    So what are we going to get for the next two years for the £347 we have already paid?

    If he was so confident of the £3,000 service he should allow people to pay quarterly and then he can prove his worth. The most successful services even allow you to pay monthly because they know they are worth it.

  135. Martyn Hunter says:

    I’ve just opened my post and have a letter from Martin Raymond which looks like it’s been sent to all Platinum members, saying he hopes to have the service up and running again soon.

    So what service will that be exactly. I, like you others have paid £347 for a two year service which up until the suspension was excellent and profitable.

    Now I’ve been asked for £3,000 on top for the next two years. As I said I’m not paying that but what will the quality of the Platinum service be if he is giving the best information to those who have paid him the big money?

    It’s such a shame because he had been providing, what I found to be, a very profitable series of bets.

  136. Edmund Lynch says:

    Message on the Each Way Doubles line today, saying he’s sorted the problems with the Raceline and expects the service to resume next week.

  137. Jon says:

    Martin’s made me a load of money so far so can’t grumble. I agree with you Shuffle that this guy seems to be the real deal.

  138. Smokey says:

    If you have paid £347 for 2yrs that’s what you should get, if he want’s to cancel the arrangement he should refund pro-rata your money back, then ask you for a new arrangement. If he is doing the things people say he should be exposed to the trading standards office, i suggest those of you who feel cheated do this. After all you all have his address.

  139. Baby-faced Assassin says:

    I think £3k for 2 yrs of Martin’s service is still too cheap, £25k sounds much better.. Do you agreed Mr Raymond, you are a very greedy man and you will end up with nothing one day , proud of your talented tips but your hunger for greed is a big let down……

  140. raceman says:

    Its all a con!

  141. Dr Who says:

    I paid £20-someting for a month’s trial and reasonably good tips came for 10 days by SMS, then silence. Eventually I got hold of his assistant on the phone one day and he said sorry; started tips again for the final 10-days of the month; promised me an extra couple of weeks to make up for the gap. When I claiemd this he said he had to check the extra time promised with MR and I heard no more. Meanwhile mail was being addressed to a non-existent house number in my road. Final offer was a cheap sub for some period or other but I was fed up by then.

  142. Jon says:

    Hey, anyone know of a decent football advisory service?

  143. stephen says:

    has anyone heard when raceline returns got letter saying MR was going to call members and have not heard athing

  144. RoyO says:

    I rec.d a letter from M.R.on 3rd june instructing me to dial a supplied phone no, and punch in a personal pin no.This call went thro’.A tip was given (a repeat of a tip given a few days earlier by way of a test I presume)2pts e.w. on Rumoush in the 4.05 at Epsom today-it finished 4th!Could only make a late run after being boxed in during the latter half of the race…Bugger!Martin seems to be genuinely trying to sort out the mess and I’m stickin’with him.

  145. peterc says:

    since the restart of the now martin raymond (newmarket racing) tipping line he has given 4 tips all losers plus the anti post bet on ramouch in the oaks that also lost not a good start for someone so well conected and in the know ?????

  146. peterc says:

    another loser yesterday for mr raymond (plume)9.0 goodwood put up at 6/4 finished 3rd at evens

  147. Steve B says:

    Martin Raymond has now re-opened as Newmarket Racing on Friday 4th June.

    June 4th Lost
    June 5th Lost
    June 8th Lost
    June 9th Lost
    June 10th Lost
    June 11th Lost
    June 12th Lost
    June 12th Lost

    Jack, you need to start a new thread under a review of “Newmarket Racing”. His new trading title. I’m sure your reader’s will be interested in his results.

    I don’t know what’s going on because before the service was suspended it was the most profitable and consistent I had come across. Now it’s just inexplicable. 8 bets and 8 losers. I still feel that he is genuine but in this game it’s results that count.

    Let’s hope he turns it around. Soon!

  148. peterc says:

    martin raymond (newmarket racing) two more losers today bohemian melody 220 sandown . atlantic beach 525 york am i the only mug

  149. raceman says:

    Keep us informed of the results please guys.

  150. Steve B says:

    peterc: Are you sure he gave you Bohemian Melody? The two bets he gave me were Huzzah in the 2.55 at Sandown (he asked me to ring back at 12.15 for that) and Atlantic Beach.

    If he did give you a different selection then something funny is going on.

    Huzzah lost by the way.

    Can you list the bets he’s given you since 5th June so I can see if they are the same as mine.

  151. pedro says:

    Only had two tips since restart,one being Rumoush.Also supposed to be receiving tips by text-not yet happening.Was informed by letter that a phonecall would be received prior to restart-still waiting.Looks like people have different times to phone in.Nothing much seems to have changed except success rate is currently on a downwards trend.

  152. peterc says:

    hi steve b this is my list of bets from the 5th sorry if some of names maybe slightly wrong my records are at home. ramouch liberty lady katerino ?. cool dodgem ?. nahab .plumb .atlantic beach .and hussah not (bohemian melody)hi pedro only two tips what a touch you have saved a nice few quid jokes aside you should be getting all the info give him a call ive always managed to speak with him that must be a good sign

  153. Steve B says:

    Hi peterc. yeah that’s the same bets as I got. Hopefully the winners will come now. It was bad run last week. I still think he will turn it around. Let’s hope so!

  154. raceman says:

    Please keep me informed of all bets,I think some people are getting different horseswhich is a concern!!

  155. calvin says:

    have you people paid the extra money cos i paid £350 for 2 years and called the othher day as i got letter with pin (not working )then called them and they asked me if i had paid i said no they said they would call back but nothing (that was a wwek ago so if he cant keep his word for 2 years onfo i will be seeking refund for 18 monthes at least £200 as i have found some great services that are proffed profit 1 for £50 per month (750 points profit last year ) and another for £650 per year (500 points pofit last year) and not greedy (ie back alfi sherring its 100% banker but send us £50 pound (i lost £500 ) cheers you Greedy CXXt

  156. raceman says:

    Has anyone else been asked for £3000 in cash for the best info?

  157. Tony McCoy says:

    The levels of desperation rise….

  158. Peter says:

    Guys i have paid £350 for 2 years he asked for extra money i said no, from the start of the new
    service i have had 8 horses from him they have all been losers the people that paid 1/2/3k extra are you getting better info?
    Calvin any chance of revealing the other racelines as i have had enough of MR

  159. Jon says:

    I’ve had some stuff in the post from someone purporting to be Martin Raymond. I spoke to his office and they set my mind to rest!

  160. Steve B says:

    What do you mean they put your mind at rest? Who was the letter from?

  161. calvin says:

    i will be seeing citizenes advice today about recovering costs as i think it was all a ploy all along as i paid with visa card and visa polices state you can only do a charge back vithin 6 Monthes and now they do not accept card i have kept all correspondents and a soliicter friend said to send a letter regestered post stating you want a refund and why (decption , breach of crontract )make money guarntee
    as for for these new services i will publish end of next month after i have profed my self

  162. Tony McCoy says:

    Why would any one want to sell good tips if they could get a tax free hassle free income for themselves without wrecking the prices?

    The only reason people sell tips is to pay off their own credit cards debts.

    Hopefully, this site will help folks save their hard earned and not get conned.

  163. peterc says:

    another loser yesterday for martin raymond shakespearean put up at 9/2 said to have had a very good word for it . hi raceman i was asked to pay £2000 for extra info but declined thank god but im sure plenty fell for it its not the first time a tipster has tried it on after a few winners and catch punetrs at there most greedy time

  164. anthony07 says:

    surprised peterc got tip yesterday,phoned raceline on monday and was given message explaining last weeks buissness and how that was as bad as it got,was told on message there was no more buissness to thursday,i was one of the members who was asked how much i had won and would i pay more money for a better service (before raceline susspended) i refused to pay anymore,mr raymond seems very sincere in his messages but personally i think he”s playing the people who did,nt pay any more .

  165. Steve B says:

    anthony07: the bet yesterday was sent by text and said it was an “account bet”.

    You were lucky you didn’t get the text. It came nowhere.

    That’s 9 losers in a row since the re-start of the service. Hopefully today will be a winner!

  166. Smokey says:

    This man must be exposed, he has only gave 1 tip since he restarted and it lost. I am in the process of contacting the OFT.

  167. Lestashuffle says:

    I haven’t been asked to pay anymore money since my original payment of £347. I don’t know whats happening here but my theory is that some people must be subscribed to someone claiming to be Martin Raymond hence the asking of more money.

    I spoke to Martin on the phone last week and there was no mention of paying him anymore cash. I’ve never took money from the bookies as well as I have since joining Martin’s service. Admittedly since the service had resumed the results have’nt gone our way but I’m still well in profit at I’m not unduly worried because I know it will come good. You have to remember that there are gambles on other horses too which Martin may not have connections with and could be in the same race as the tips we get off him.
    As regards to Rumoush in the Oaks I personally think it was Jockey error as the winner came past our horse and went for the gap that Richard Hills wouldn’t go for! I’m not saying we would have won but we would certainly have had a place at least.

    You are always going to have a bad run with any tipping service. Its all about the Long term profit not what the last week or month has produced. I’m without doubt that I’ll be in profit using Martins service. Its still early days yet and I’m more confident with my gambling than ever before.

    I’m sure that some of you guys on here are with a pirate service using his name and I do hope they get exposed. As for the guys with the genuine service all i can say is “be patient and judge the service over the long term as that is what counts”

    All the Best everyone and good luck

  168. Lestashuffle says:

    Smokey, if you go a week without a tip there will be a week added to you subscription at the end so your not losing out by not getting a tip.

  169. bowler1 says:

    Only had 2 advised bets since restart Ramoush & Plume both lost. Dunno how he works out who to advise, the advice has been looking forward to Royal Ascot,so far no bets: Tues the going, weds & thurs no bet!!!

  170. pedro says:

    I paid the origional £347 and seem to be on the same list as bowler1 with 12.30pm being the time to call each day.Does any one have different call times ?,if so this would be how he is managing his different lists.Still not receiving text messages.

  171. stephen says:

    im on the 1230 line as well and have not received a single horse since rumoosh tried to contact MR to find out whats going on not heard a thing but hope we get started soon because it was the most profitable tipster i hav ever been involved with his customer service is the only thing iv had problems with

  172. Clive says:

    I hear on another forum that he has given 8 losers on the trot from these new contacts!

    Sorry but my members could have won £12,000 to £1 unit stakes in the last 2 weeks veryfiable by emailing people on ebay who have purchased from me. You couls also email a couple of people on facebook who are not members but whom I have emailed a 4,022/1 fivefold, a £10,660 Heinz.

    You will also find details on the new website

    I got sick and tired of all these tipsters so set out to prove I can do better for you myself.


  173. Jack Whiteman says:


    i’ll start a new thread for your service. Set me up a trial subscription and i’ll report live results on that thread.

    my email


  174. peterc says:

    wow a winner ripon 540 polish world put up at 9/4 won well 11/8 hope thats a start of better times was you on steve B guess you was suffering too good luck hope you got the price

  175. peterc says:

    clive go away you f***ing parasite

  176. Smokey says:

    Peterc,how did you get Polish World?? it wasn’t on his line at 12-30.

  177. peterc says:

    my time to call is 11.30 also got it by text at 11.35 but by then the 9/4 was gone. dont understand whats going on looks like there could be more than one service running ?

  178. raceman says:

    Wow a winner at last,this is a joke!!

  179. Peter says:

    weird thing is he sent a text at 11.30 ish saying 9/4 best price the horse was 5/1 in the earlier is he using second hand info? 1st winner out of 8/9 bets lets see what happens!!

  180. Steve B says:

    peterc: Yeah I got Polish World but only 2/1. Then there was a 10% deduction under rule 4.

    At least it was a good win. The start of getting the money back from last weeks losers I hope!

    I don’t understand why some have been told to ring at 12.30. It should be 11.30.

  181. Jo H says:

    Requested in May, and just received, a refund of £260 for 18 months outstanding after I decided to pull out, having advised MR in 2 letters and a ‘phone call that I wished to do so. Joined end-Nov for 2 years (Platinum), not entirely happy with the results, and, like others, inadvertently discovered more than one Raceline! 2 years is too long in those circumstances, especially with time added on for breaks in service which extends it even more. So saw my chance to withdraw after 6 months when the Raceline was suspended. MR not happy – said “the selfish minority” (ie those leaking the tips) “are spoiling it for everyone else”. Reminded me I’d joined for 2 years. I reminded HIM it was not a CONTRACT but an agreement to join on the understanding that he would provide an unbroken service for 2 years. As you all know, there WAS a break of a few weeks, so as far as I was concerned, my original agreement was rescinded – and I decided against entering into a ‘new’ one when the Raceline resumed. MR courteous throughout, although his admin leaves much to be desired – seems naive and unprofessional. It appears he has the contacts and ‘horse knowledge’ and wants to earn money from that (and why not?), but lack of focus, business sense (and good advisors?) could prevent him being successful, long-term. His seeming ‘greed’ in running two (or more?!) Racelines could well be his undoing. And yes – he DOES know there’s a forum about him! My advice? If in any doubt, pull out.

  182. Roy says:

    I must admit it does feel like iam getting 1/3 of the service i was, split up between the people that payed £2000 and the 2 racelines, i do feel this will only put of people subscribing again.
    What he should have done is had 1 service over 1 year put up his results for every month on his website and proofed them,then if he had done well over the year then he could have asked about £1000 to re-subscribed for a year or say £300 a quarter thats the way i would have done it.

  183. pedro says:

    TODAYS 12.30PM BET.Newmarket Star Surprise came seventh.Did anyone who paid £347 receive any other advice or at a different time?

  184. bowler1 says:

    Same as you today Pedro, by the way did you get Polish World? I didn’t!

  185. peterc says:

    1130 message star surprise 7/2win bet finished 7th 13/8. 1230 message dancing maite 9/1 ew bet 3rd 9/2. and a text to back king torus at 7/2 as there was going to be alot money going on so get on 4th at 7/2 so dont know what happened to the gamble ? all this for £347 lucky me

  186. bowler1 says:

    I paid for a year after I took the option of the 30 day trial & it looks like I get the same service as Pedro, looks like Peterc gets a different service but paid for the 2 yrs same as Pedro and Roy a different service again. Reading recent comments on this site it seems if your a fairly heavy punter which he will now know after answering his questionaire (if honest) he’ll come to you with a more expensive package. 3 syndicates at least methinks. Jo H (18th June) has made some good points and has me thinking.

  187. pedro says:

    bowler1. No I didnt receive Polish World.To use your nom de plume it seems as if we are all being bowled a googly! What does anyone think about the 11.30am tips being put up on this site when received followed by the 12.30 pm and
    any other info. that comes available during the day. It seems that we are being treated with contempt,there must be enough brains on this forum to come up with a solution.

  188. Steve B says:

    You can’t put the tips on here before they’ve run otherwise you’re just giving away the information we’ve all paid for. That would be crazy.

  189. pedro says:

    Steve B,I understand where you are coming from,but at least we would all be receiving all the tips that we have paid for and at least give us a chance of making some money.Also it would stop him selling on to even more people.Anyway just thinking outside the box.Does anyone have any better ideas?

  190. peterc says:

    im with you steve B no way you can you put the selections on here before they have run he would have the right to shut the service down again dont go there lets see how things go for now

  191. pedro says:

    Steve B,Peter C, How much did you two pay?how many tips have you had since restart.I have had three tips-all losers,no texts.You can not lose anything when you are being given nothing.

  192. Smokey says:

    If you sit down and think about it this confidance trickster says he will make you a profit over 2yrs, so whatever you payed he only has to match it plus 1p, in essence the gambling factor is up to you, i am a subscriber and only had 2 advises since restart both lost one being an unraced 2yr old with a woman rider Haley Turner, so the form factor is right out of the window, try and pick the ones that appeal to YOU and go through the form, if you make a case out for it BACK it.

  193. Born Loser says:

    There seems to be some consistency over the revamped service…..I have had Plume (3rd) and Star Surprise (unplaced)…nothing at Royal Ascot. Are those who are supposedly with MR (newmarket racing) actually dealing with MR? They seem to call in at 11.30 but do they use a pin system? The 12.30 line (with pin) has only had two bets advised as above. I am prepared to be patient with my bets and certainly no bet means no loss but given credentials I would have thought MR would have been aware of Laddies Poker Two gamble which is the biggest out of HQ this season. The actual selections provided also calls into question MR returns for last year which according to the blurb including numerous 8-1 plus bets. Nevertheless I am still showing a healthy return to date and prepared to be patient.I think we need to provide accurate feedback on bets received on the 12.30 line which appears to be the genuine revamped service. Sorry for those who have been rogue punts each day….I hope they aren’t from MR

  194. peterc says:

    hi born loser since the restart of the service i call at 11.30 and use my pin number i have had 14 tips one winner 9/4 one placed 3rd 10/1 a non runner and 11 losers with a losing run of 9 not a good start but it would only take 3/4 winners at odds of around 3/4 to 1 to get out this mess no one likes losing runs so lets all hope he bangs in a few winners this week or me and and family are off to the poor house
    good luck to all

  195. Born Loser says:

    Thanks peterc….does sound like there are two services in operation which is disappointing. I wonder why some people on the 11.30 service have been receiving bets (and dud ones to boot) and others like myself on the 12.30 service only 2. The messages I receive are measured and the reasons for no bet set out. Not sure what MR hopes to achieve by having 2 services as it dilutes the quality of the service and means that he will not achieve either repeat business or new business when prospective subscribers check this thread. As for the refund guarantee I think it is a legal technicality. No subscriber is going to use the service for 2 years if its duff. I have already won my £347 back and then some so in that respect no complaints. Those who have serious doubts and not in it for the long game should take any profits made (?) and leave well alone.
    Update….no bet advised today

  196. Steve B says:

    Born Loser: The 11.30 message advised a bet tonight. I’ll let you know how it gets on.

  197. peterc says:

    hi everyone update from yesterday on the 11.30 message 6.50 chepstow nativity 7/1 came home 8th to take the latest losing run to 4. ps born loser you need to change your name to (lucky sod)for being on the 12.30 message maybe the rest of us are being punished for not parting with the extra £2/3000 he wanted .would like to bet today he comes up with a short priced one to try to make things a bit better and stop the losing run . good luck

  198. Born Loser says:

    Updste on 12.30 line… bets on Tuesday 22/6 or Wednesday 23/6…call back Thursday. peterc I am not sure why the 11.30 line are getting bets everyday but I dont think anyone on here on the 12.30 line has paid 000’s. Looking at the thread we are all in our original 2 year period and I have never been asked for anymore. Giving daily bets seems to go directly against the patient approach MR asked everyone to adopt when the service was suspended and always has done on the 12.30 line. peterc can you provide full list of bets received with dates etc…..

  199. Steve B says:

    Two more bets today on the 11.30 message. Both unplaced.

    So since the re-start of the Martin Raymond service, that he now calls Newmarket Racing, it stands at minus 45.8 points.

    I really don’t think that his father can be very pleased that his son is ruining the family name. The man is either completely incompetent or he’s being used to feed wrong information for the bookies benefit.

    The on-course bookies are the one’s who are gaining. It’s all beginning to smell a bit.

    Jack, you must make sure that people searching the internet can find information here about “Newmarket Racing”. If he’s mailing people they need to be able to find out the facts before they lose their money.

    I did mention this to you a week or so ago but there was no response.

  200. peterc says:

    hi steve b didnt mr say that last week was a one off ? its getting worse i have shares in horses at david evans yard and was told little sark had little chance from the stable so where does he get his info he could have asked me i backed the winner

  201. Peter says:

    Steve as you say a loss of 45 points & when you listen to his message after last week he seams to think he/we had a good week!one winner & 1 placed horse his service is crap he is playing a game with peoples money all the people like me who would not pay any more is he just giving us crap info? also anyone willing to say who has paid him the extra money how has your results been?

  202. Smokey says:

    At the end of the day he is stringing us all along, he needs money he is a compulsive gambler and a loosing one at that and we are feeding his habit. It’s becoming obvious, people ringing at differant times, he has sectioned the country into segments and your turn will come with a reasonable run then your on the back burner until next time or until you get fed up. This is a very clever man and must be treated with extreme caution.

  203. pedro says:

    Has anyone received any tips today?

  204. Born Loser says:

    Nothing advised on the 12.30 line today 24/6… back tomorrow. Given the lack of activity I have tried to take a measured approach to my own betting. Did anyone else follow up on Sparkling Smile which was an advice in April?

    Has anyone on the thread paid 000’s and what kind of service and advices are you receiving?

  205. pedro says:

    Yet another day with no tips,three since restart.This from the man who was coming back with a new improved service.Does anyone live close enough to Newmarket to go and see the man face to face.

  206. peterc says:

    hi pedro since the restart ive had 14 tips 11 losers 1 non runner 1 winner and 1 placed 3rd so your doing very well as he is at newmarket today maybe we will get some red hot info by text (ha ha)good luck

  207. Born Loser says:

    Hi everyone

    Just to confirm no advice on 12.30 line today. I am patient but 3 bets (all losers) in 3 weeks is not the service he sold us and bears no relation to his betting pattern for the same part of the season in 2009.

  208. Edmund Lynch says:

    Equally concerning is the each way double service which has yet to produce a winning each way double

    yesterdays first selection was 7th….

    Starting to feel slightly conned

  209. anthony07 says:

    anybody on the 11.30 line get anything yesterday, all i got was an adnin message about mobile text service (have sent him mobile no. twice)readon another forum advised 2 selections, saturn way 7th,perfect blossom 15/8(advised 4-1) 1st.

  210. Steve B says:

    Where is the other Forum?

  211. anthony07 says:

    ukbetting-tips(go to home page)

  212. anthony07 says:

    had my best week ever on the martin raymond 11.30 line,never backed one of his selections and saved myself approx 17 points,the mans a c==t

  213. Smokey says:

    This man is good alright, it seems he’s cleaned everybody out. Now working for the bookmaker? 2 advices today on the 12-30 line in my SEGMENT of the country e/w 9/4 2nd advised sp so thats a loss, e/w 8/1 LAST at sp ANOTHER LOSS. Another thing you would think he would tip Newmarket trained horses, he lives there dosn’t he?? We ALL need to put this man out of bussiness and i urge you ALL to report him to the OFT very urgently. As i said before you all have his contact details.

  214. pedro says:

    Smokey ,my area is the North West,does this tie in with yours?

  215. Smokey says:

    Yes, What tips did you recieve today Pedro? and what was the one before that?

  216. calvin says:


  217. Steve B says:

    I don’t know what Martin Raymond is playing at but Saturday he gave another two rubbish tips on the 11.30 line. Newcastle 4.45 Daaweitza each way, unplaced. Then I had to ring back at 12.15 for confirmation of another good tip. Uptown Guy each way in the 4.15 Newcastle. Second at 9/4. It was available at 3/1 but he said leave to SP.

  218. Steve Patt says:

    Just ask for your money and move on. It’s better than wasting more negative energy on this guy.

  219. systemgold says:

    Stop wasting your money on ANY so called tipsters,they will all show a loss over a period of time.My advice is to do develop your own strategies and if you think that you’ve find a profitable approach stick with it.
    I’am currently following a certain method and 11 out of last 14 bets have won showing a lsp of over 38pts;as a matter of interest theres 1 bet today;3.25 Windsor ‘AERODYNAMIC’ best price is 3-1.

  220. Steve B says:

    systemgold: I think you must be having a laugh. Do you work with Martin Raymond.

    His selection today is AERODYNAMIC in the 3.25 at Windsor. I wouldn’t put your money on it if I were you.

  221. OK eire says:

    ref to steve b mr raymond tips aerodynamic in 3.25 at windsor surely it should be con artist that he put up

  222. Slim says:

    Yes, Con Artist won!

  223. Steve B says:

    Dave: I’ve had a look at the link you posted and agree. I tried Richard Dunwoody’s service and quickly gave it the swerve.

    The only way they can make money is by charging a low cost to subscribers and then get money from on course bookies to feed the rubbish. It seems that unless people read reviews on sites like this there will always be an endless supply of mugs.

    Thank you More Money Review for giving us this space to share our experience.

  224. pedro says:

    What about every subscriber e mailing RACING POST, RACING AND FOOTBALL OUTLOOK,THE SUN and any other publications who you think may be interested in bringing this man to the attention of all genuine investors.Rarely have I ever seen one man on one website evoke so much comment and so many people seeming so impotent.

  225. Born Loser says:

    Hi Everyone

    Unable to view threads from 25/6 and 26/6 but update on Saturday advise on 12.30 line. Uptown Guy (2 pts e/w) finished 2nd 9/4. (not really e/w option) and Daaweitza (3 pts e/w) Unplaced. On face of it not what you would call hot information being as they were an unraced 2 year old and an exposed handicapper. On 12.30 line today gave reason for Daaweitza as horse being lame (but not as lame as the tip). Advised to call back on Friday. Going to significantly reduce my level stakes from now on as I did on Saturday until he demonstrates a return to form. Could be the beginning of the end I fear….

  226. bowler1 says:

    June no winners – 29 points for the month 18 phone calls (at least not a quid a throw though)had all the wind up & Bulls$$t for R/ASCOT just like G/N week and no bet!!! am just about even since joining last year but beginning to think his tips are more luck than judgement any one had a winner recently???. I notice going through the blog the heavy hitters haven’t said much recently!!!! are they doing well?

  227. Steve B says:

    As a previous heavy hitter I would suggest that no one invests anymore of their money on these tips. I am out of it. Martin may be a nice guy but he won’t make you any money. And that, ultimately, is what it’s all about.

  228. stephen says:

    whoohoo a winner pendragon got 6/4 martins back ?????????????????????????????????????

  229. Born Loser says:

    Yes stephen

    The 12.30 line advised Pendragon at 13-8 but silly me I missed it having gone for my own nap Sparkling Smile (owes me nothing)..Hoiwever as regards Mr Raymond one swallow doesn’t make a summer but I am encouraged that it returned odds on. Fingers crossed for tomorrow….
    Given the negative response to my enaquiry about those on the thread who may have parted with 000’s I will take it that no one did……

    Best returns


  230. bowler1 says:

    lets see what the goings like eh

  231. Born Loser says:

    Hi Everyone

    But at least we have an advice for tomorrow…..but not the biggest surprise! I am still taking a cautious approach and if I can build on my pool already achieved then that would be a bonus.

  232. stephen says:

    1 winner and 1 loser today not to bad things picking up again hopefully i halved my stakes thinking of putting it back up still to decide

  233. Born Loser says:

    Starspangled Banner made sense…….Victorian Bounty didnt (12.30 line)……still showing good return even to my reduced level stake…..if stuck by previous betting plan would show much more……however criticisms here and other thread are still relevant….

  234. Ade says:

    Damn. missed Starspangled Banner, what points did he recommend?
    I’m keeping track of losses to his stake plan -31.6 since june, including todays losing favourite ‘tip’!!!

  235. Steve says:

    At last people are beginning to work out what MR is upto. Ask yourself this, why does he promote various bookmakers to you on his website? The same bookies that are quick to close your account as soon as you start taking off them. He is a feeder. The only way you will close him, is to all get together, meet up and confront him. He is taking the piss out of you all.

  236. Frank says:

    Maybe MR meant for you to LAY the bets but forgot to say, but if that’s the case then we could all be millionairs by Christmas

  237. Amber says:

    Hi All,
    Well just discovered this website today,wished I’d found it earlier.It has been lonely out there fighting the MR demons!!
    I am on the 12.30 call. I have stopped using his service because all my betting bank has been lost on MR service,plus his Elite service, and Martin Blakey service.Had refund from Martin Blakey after sending a letter of complaint, so thankful of that. £160 back but lost over £1000 when I should have been £8000 up!

    Sent MR a letter at the same time.I asked for a refund for the Elite service. This was offered to me for £3000 (phonecall) good contacts as mentioned by a couple of others. I said I couldn’t afford that so MR dropped it to £1500 750 up front and 750 anytime in the next year.
    I have learnt from this forum some paid £500 up front and 500 later when winners came.
    This is the 8 losers on the trot (some couldn’t even get that speed up). It has been an appalling service. And I have lost well over £1000. Putting more money on these horses because he built it up to be so good.

    MR called me and said he would only take 3 mins of my time, I kept him on the phone for 18 mins.
    He agreed that it had gone badly and he was on the contacts backs to improve as he had paid them alot of money. So what’s that about that they let him in as a thank you for all the work he had done for them in the past? More lies.

    He refused to give me a refund until 1 year/ 55 horses is up, and only if it shows a loss of course. He waved goodbye to the other £750 I owed him and said I didn’t need to pay anymore money to him. Obviously I am not betting on it just measuring results. But I want my £750 back now.
    I’m sticking with my system(abandoned it to fund the tipsters) and my betting bank is slowly building.touchwood!

    If I had £200+ back from MR service + Elite service that would be nearly a grand and I could do with that, we all could.
    He comes across as a trustworthy guy, but he is taking the pee out of all of us.
    I threatened the Matin Blakey service with Trading Standards and got a refund, but I didn’t do this with MR and maybe I should have.
    Lets hope we all get the result we paid for, be it refund or winners, don’t hold your breath though!!

  238. Steve says:

    I have just read the post by Amber and it has made me feel so lucky to think i didnt say “yes ok” to Martin Raymond back in November last year. I so nearly did, especially after his offer of half now and the rest when the “winners” have made large sums of profit. I cant believe he has ripped so many people off for thousands and 9 months later still getting away with it and still breathing. All i lost is stake money (relatively small amounts) as i dare to say it, saw this coming. The man has fleeced people by using his well known name to gain trust off people looking for access to horse racing information. He is very clever and knows the rules and could probably convince some people that England had just won the world cup. Stear clear unless you are lucky enough to burn your hard earnt cash. He is a gambler who is prepared to lie and cheat to feed his habit. Im sure we have all done that in the past! I know i have 🙂

  239. bowler1 says:

    Oh dear, having read Amber & Steves recent comments and after today & yesterdays tips, I’m beginning to think a little bit of panic is setting in now. I’m down now & the doubt of money back at the end of all this is creeping in since unless I’m very much mistaken there’ll be no money left for a single refund let alone many! Not heard him on the telephone line for abit and how many points we’re up etc awaiting the progress report. Gonna go chew a wasp.

  240. Born Loser says:

    Alice’s tips aren’t much better… strike rate is better than MRs but it was the thought of having a regular return to well planned bets that interested me. To regain any confidence he will have to come back with a series of winners (whatever)…….but he’s probably on his jollies and leaving Alice with the pin……..
    The fact is that most of British racing is sub standard and feeds a veracious bookmaking industry. Windsor on Monday was a shocker and very much the rule…..

  241. bowler1 says:

    Similar frame of mind & inclined to agree with Born Loser. Mmmmh only advice was wed lost 6pts & thurs lost 8pts this is getting serious and interested to think it was time he appeared on the MORNING LINE or enough of us e:mailed in to create comment.Lets see who sticks together or are they all conmen? Mebbe Macreeereak (scuse pelling) might give an honest answer as to this CHARACTER!!!! or spout off !!.Worth a shot mebbe!!!

  242. Steve says:

    Nice thought BOWLER 1, but they are a very tight nit community in the racing world and look at it as a sport for fun rather than something for “outsiders” to make money on. Derek Thompson runs a tipping line as do the likes of John Francombe, they will make excuses for MR simply to uphold his fathers reputation.
    Martin knows this, he also knows as one of us drops out of his service another two will join. He will always use the phrase that “nothing is garunteed” and “thats racing” to protect himself. It would be so difficult for Trading Standards or any other consumer protecting agency to make a case against him. Its a simple choice, stick with him and risk losing everything or leave well alone and cap your losses.

  243. anthony07 says:

    bowler1 just wondering,you said lost 8 points on thurs,were your 2 bets bonnie prince charlie 9/2 (placed)2pts e/way and royal holiday 2 pts e/way (unplaced)? His latest e/way nugget just finished unplaced at 7/2.

  244. Adey says:

    41.4 points loss to Martin’s recommended stake plan, since the start of the “New Service”

    Martin is a great sales man, but the worst tipster on the planet… Ever.

    I managed to get a partial refund of £500 as a good will gesture, as I emptied my betting account through his “inside info”.

    Is there any point in risking another six points tonight? I don’t think so!

  245. Adey says:

    Ooh shock! Martin Raymond tips another loser. 3 points each way
    Tae Kwon Do. Sixth place and no chance of even coming close to returning any profit.
    46.4 points total nett loss over 2 months.

    Keep blogging guys. Don’t let anyone else fall for this.

  246. Edmund Lynch says:

    One of the other websites claims his new ‘scam’ is providing the tips knowing they’ll lose, we all bet on them , price tumbles and he lays against them

    As someone who can’t afford to lose any more cash to him, is this a plausible possibility?

  247. pedro says:

    Edmund Lynch, what is the detail of the other site you refer to regarding MR?

  248. peter from putney says:

    before i start would like to say martin when you read this and i know you do im not peter c im peter cawdron from putney london sw15.right hi every one had a call from martin raymond a couple of weeks ago he said he was going to cancel my account with him and give me a full refund of £347 over some comments posted on a website told him its not me but anyway couple of days later money back in my account and reading back over the comments made since the info remains the same (crap)so i had a right result thanks peter c .cant understand he would like every one to sit back and shut up and not be upset about losing money i had 1 winner in 16 if he had 15 winners and 1 loser he would be loving the praise put up on these forums and be a hero but its not to be .i dont think it will belong before trading standards or watch dog catch up with him and expose him .so every one please stop hidding behind silly false names free speech is your right let him know who you are or are you worried that may upset the man whose tucking you right up ?

  249. Smokey says:

    This man lives in Newmarket (or dose he??) name the last horse trained there that he tipped. Nearly every horse he has tipped has been trained in the north, Brian Ellison being the main trainer, only a few trained in Newmarket has he given, this must tell it’s own story. This man is a bookies stooge, gives the odd winner to keep you sweet, 9 times out of 10 it’s a favourite (childs play). This man must be stopped from embeselment, i urge all of you to write to any racing authority to expose him even if it means bringing his family into disrepute.

  250. Edmund Lynch says:

    Pretty shocking reading – am starting to think we’ve all been conned

  251. Smokey says:

    Lets really hurt this fraudster and LAY every tip he gives, then his pals the bookmakers WILL sort him out. I have already writen to various authorities but it takes more than just one so come on.

  252. Edmund Lynch says:

    What’s really concerning is the complete silence from Martin – especially as on the one occasion where there was a winner, that seemed to make up for the numerous losers from previous weeks
    I also forked out for the each way doubles service – the results for that are even worse.
    Personally I think Martin should be contacting every member to explain what’s going on – I genuinely want to believe that this isn’t a con but the situation isn’t looking good
    Have a mate who’s a producer on Watchdog – think I’ll get him on the case if the situation hasn’t improved in the next few weeks – I can’t afford to lose the £500+ I’ve paid out so far
    I genunely want to believe Martin and his claims but the fact that both phone lines are losing significantly since the new improved service was introduced, the lack of any service on the each way doubles service plus the complete silence from Martin is making it very difficult.

  253. Smokey says:

    Thats two come on we need more to put this man to bed once and for all. Well done Edmund Lynch.

  254. Steve says:

    Can anybody please put up the tips he has given since the restart. I havent logged them as not betting them. I have a plan, but i must have his selections and they must be 100% accurate. Time the boot was on the other foot!

  255. anthony07 says:

    STEVE,the tips i have received off the 11.30 calls since the 4th june are as follows 4th rumoosh 2e/w lost,5th lady liberty 3win lost,8th kathatino 2e/w lost,9th fiftymore 2e/w lost,11th plume 4win lost,12th huzzah 2e/w atlantic beach 2e/w both lost,18th non/run,19th dancingmaite 2e/w placed 10/1 (1/5)and star surprise 3 win lost,21st 2e/w nativity lost,22nd sark 2e/w, minder 2e/w both lost, 26th daiwitza 2e/w lost, uptown guy 3e/w s.p (9/4 placed) 27th aerodynamic 6 win lost, JULY 2nd pendragon 6 win 6/4 winner,9th victorian bounty 1.5 e/w lost, 10th faithful one 4 win lost 14th film festival 4 win lost,16th vincanto 3e/w lost 17th tae kon do 3e/w lost thats my list,have not worked out the loss figure,because i stopped backing most of them myself.

  256. stephen says:

    anthony did you not get star spangled banner as well it was given to 1230 line on july 9th?

  257. Smokey says:

    Come on start writing to somebody about this gross liar and extortionist, he MUST be stopped he’s costing people a very lot of money.

  258. Steve says:

    Everyone must start off by reporting him to their local police station. Giving his details and what you have paid out to him. Its the only way to get the ball rolling. He is behind a massive fraudulent betting syndicate and it needs exposing. I already have spoke to mine.

  259. Born Loser says:

    I dont think Martin is giving tips so that he can lay them because if he knew they were going to lose there is no need to advise them. It is unlikely that the same subscribers are taking his odds on the exchanges as most of us are betting with well known bookmakers. Being on the 12.30 line I could accept a poor run if there was a flood of daily information. However the gaps and the corresponding advises suggest that he does not have inside information of any worth or a knowledge of the day in day out betting markets (Is there a parallel Brian Ellison stable?) I know it might seem a bit strange but I kinda like his bets to make sense and since the restart they simply dont. Laying these god forsaken animals sounds like a good idea…..shame we cant club together and make the most of this. Will now write for refund of my £ 347 as I am more than capable of losing it on my own merits. Disappointing.

  260. Edmund Lynch says:


    Here are the 12.30 and the E/W Double line selections :

    03.06 5.00 Newton Abbot Watergate
    03.06 8.35 Uttoxter Ring Bo Ree
    05.06 2.40 Epsom Antara
    05.06 4.50 Musselburgh Antigua Sunrise
    11.06 9.00 Goodwood Plume New Market Star Surprise
    25.06 6.30 Newmarket Saturn Way
    25.06 9.30 Newcastle Perfect Blossom
    26.06 4.15 Newcastle Uptown Guy
    26.06 4.45 Newcastle Daawitzer
    02.07 7.55 Beverly Pendragon Whampton White Devil
    06.07 3.00 Pontefract Monckton Vale
    09.07 3.10 Newmarket Star Spangled Banner
    09.07 4.10 Ascot Victorian Bounty
    10.07 5.15 Ascot Rapid Water
    14.07 3.20 Catterick Film Festival
    15.07 2.50 Hamilton Bonnie Prince Blue
    15.07 3.25 Hamilton Royal Holiday
    16.07 7.50 Hamilton Irish Heartbeat
    17.07 5.40 Ripon Tae Kwon Do

    Hope that helps…


  261. anthony07 says:

    steve, sorry i forgot starspangledbanner,also the two on 15th bonnie prince blue 2e/w 2nd 9/2 royal holiday 2e/w 9/1 lost,did not get irish heartbeat read on another forum that was sent as late news by text,I think thats the lot.

  262. Steve says:

    Born loser, if martin identified those horses as potential losers/lay bets it would be in his interest to get their prices slashed thus not causing him too much liability if they did win. So if its 5/1 his potential losses would be far greater than if he manipulated the market to force its price down to say 2/1. Its quite methodical but feasible.

  263. Johnny B says:

    I suspect this man is a fraudster called Geoffrey Wynn who masqueraded as the Epsom Bloodstock Agency in 1995.The scam is to buy a mailing list of 100 mug punters and in a ten runner race send the name of a different horse to ten people each = 100.The ten people who get the winning horse are offered a special exclusive service for another £5oo….and so the scam develops.Millions can be made in these scams and unfortunately in my younger days i lost considerable amounts of money.Using some logic,analysis and various factors in the signpost section of the Racing Post it is possible to find you own winners/each-way selections.I keep a debit/credit book of all my bets,only betting on Grade 3 Handicaps and conditions races…poor quality midweek racing will kill you! and i make a small profit of about 9% per annum,which is an excellent return,Please be assured that taking advice from a tipster will lead to the Poorhouse, sooner or later….BE REALISTIC..WORK YOUR OWN HORSE OUT.

  264. Edmund Lynch says:

    So the various people who leave messages on his service – are they part of the scam or innocent employees ?

    Can one of you guys advise how the laying system works – am a novice at all this

  265. Steve Patt says:


    Good advice, I’m afraid most people are looking for a quick way to pick winners which is why tipsters can make good money win or lose.

    The only way to win, long term, is to make the effort to find your own systems that way you know exactly how it works and the buck stops with YOU

  266. John says:

    Edmund – you are welocme to drop me your email address to and I will be happy to send you a simple laying guide that will reveal all:)

  267. Johnny B says:

    Unfortunately laying horses will offer no more chance of success than backing them…ive paper traded this and although many favourites lose on the all-weather it only takes a 5/2 fav to win followed by a 7/2 fav and your profit is wiped out.The brutal fact remains that if you have a £5o bet weekly for 50 weeks yearly…£2500 and make 10% profit on turnover and up with £2750 this represents a very good return,enough for a decent case of wine or Ryanair holiday!…too make a living from horses you would need to start with £250000 and hope to make £25000 betting at £5000 weekly…but you would be unlikely to get bets on at this amount.For people looking for income stream the only viable option is Share Trading or Forex Trading both of which require 2-3 months study/paper trading and high self-discipline.Horse racing tipsters make money from people paying for tips….which you could work out yourself.Remember that inside information on a race may include information on every horse running so your still no nearer a winner.Also remember i mentioned that 10% return was excellent…that actually beats the Bookmakers percentage!wild claims of making thousands yearly from small stakes is not possible…if it were every investment bank in britain would subscibe and every bookie would be bankrupt…PLEASE DONT WASTE ANYMORE MONEY ON THIS FRAUD

  268. Steve says:

    Jonny B, funny you should mention The Epsom Bloodstock Agency as they contacted me shortly after Martin Raymond did. A man calling himself Geoffrey Spicer tried to convince me he had a winner if i paid £100 for it. I said no way, but he gave me a horse (free) but it lost.

  269. Johnny B says:

    Thanks Steve,very interesting that The Epsom Bloodstock Agency are still operating…Geoffrey Spicer/Wynn may well be also using the alias Martin Raymond.He also pretended to be Sid Harris from Premier Racing.This man is a sophisticated fraudster who operates with his wife/partner who answers the phone and says that he is not available.Trading standards and the Police should be called if Epsom Bloodstock Agency or Geoffrey Spicer contact them,he has been providing fake information for years

  270. Born Loser says:

    Hi Steve

    I understand the concept but dont see that MR has enough influence or subscribers to dramatically change the odds on an advice and that when they do shorten it is because of general weight of betting. This is why I never quite understood the suspension on grounds of odds being shortened by the information being spread too widely. Interesting that since the restart there have been no such concerns which he may view as his pin system working but I view as the complete lack of interest in his selections. Has anyone followed previous advices over subsequent races as there have been a couple of recent successes which I followed Miss Daawe and tonight Star Surprise.

    Still set on getting refund….

    Nice to see forum widen its comments and perhaps we could share our own views on upcoming events eg King George..

  271. Jon says:

    Hi All,
    Remember its easier to win £10 with a hundred pound bank then win £100 with a tenner.

    I find betting for place only on Betfair pulls me in a regular income. Start with a bank of say £100 and aim to win £10 per day.

    When I first started this I got the bank to £2000 in a matter of a few weeks, increasing the daily aim as the bank grew. I then withdrew £1900 left the £100 in and started again. that was sometime ago and have yet to have a losing month. Give it a try. Jon

  272. John says:

    Go on then Jon – I’ll bite … but surely you have to have a system? Simply betting on place only can just as easily lose you your bank just as trying to find winners can. What’s your exposure with each bet or are you compounding etc …

  273. Jon says:

    Hi John,
    No system but you must have some knowledge on form and back the horse you think will finish in the first three.

    On an average I win about 8 out of 10 races, never go for odds on shots and never aim for your daily target in one go.

    If your target for the day was £10 your first bet would be around £10 at say 1.57 on betfair and pulls in around half of your target and so on. I look for races of around 8 to 10 runners and take into account jockeys, trainers and going etc.

    I realise that most people on this forum will have little or no knowledge on form and this will be of little use to them but we all have to start somewere so look listen and learn.

    Try paper trade at first to see how you go. Hope this helps. Best of luck. Jon.

  274. John says:

    Thanks Jon … I do have extensive form knowledge etc but 80% is a very healthy strike rate for placing horses so I congratulate you … must give you quite a considerable income on odds against horses …. how many bets do you find a day on average?

  275. Jon says:

    Hi John,
    Some days target is met after 2 or 3 races, some days drop one and have to go 2 or 3 more.

    Also it all depends on how you play, a friend of mine who tried this for himself got to about £500 and then lost the lot, but he would not stop after target met and thought he could bet in every race big handicaps, the lot.

    I myself quit after target met or if I thought I had lost enough that it would be difficult to recover on that day, Say after 2 losing bets, but each day is a different play and hard for me to set out a play strat.

    I would think with your own knowledge you would be able to make this pay and build in your own rules. Let me know how you get on if you do give it a try. Someone always knows more then I do and I,m more then ready to listen.
    Best of luck. Jon.

  276. Jon says:

    Hi John,
    Late start for me today, friend in need.
    However Crying Lightening 1.5 forced wide on its last race at Royal Ascot, needed the extra furlong, finishing like a train today 3rd, should win next time out. (no charge for this) and Regal Rave 1.62 R. Winston 1st easily. Two bets, target met, quit. All to do again tomorrow. Jon.

  277. raceman says:

    Any news on latest MR bets and fronm what lines,seems quiet.

  278. John says:

    Jon, thanks for that – I can’t seem to get your earler posts up – did you say you only back at odds on? Do you use a loss/stop method?

  279. Jon says:

    John, I had same problem this morning with the site. I never back odds on favs for a place.

    Each days staking depends on how many races I would be prepared to back in to reach my target,
    Some days I would find only say 3 races I would be betting in, so if I lost in the first race I would find it find it difficult to recover losses and hit my target so would quit with a small loss then chase with higher stakes.

    Hope this helps, difficult to put into words because I get a different scenario each day on how I will play. Jon.

  280. Jon says:

    John, Take today for E.G.

    Went against my own rules and backed J.Spencer on Alsace Lorraine for a place @ 1.31 to get the target money in one go, ran third in a 7 runner field but paid 3 places on Betfair so paid off. Just for the record, no loss this month, 23 consecutive win days, targets met.

  281. Tony O'Donoghue says:

    Today for the first time in ages an each way double – not a good start the 1st horse, Ardent in the 3.10 at Thirsk came errrrr 7th. will update after the 2nd one.

  282. raceman says:

    Hi Tony, what happened to the 2nd one? Been waiting and waiting.

  283. Tony O'Donoghue says:

    Mountain Hiker in the 6.10 at Newmarket – won

  284. anthony07 says:

    Dream Acheived,2e/way,another 7/2 shot e/w against an odds on fav,anyone who knows anything about betting will tell you never back e/way in a 7 runner race,and this from someone who has spent his whole life in racing,these selections are getting more and more desperate.

  285. Tony O'Donoghue says:

    Ironically his each way double service has never had an each way double won!

  286. Smokey says:

    I did not get any bad info yesterday 23/7/10. So it just shows you this man is DANGEROUS.

  287. Tony O'Donoghue says:

    This is his dedicated each way double service, not the normal raceline, that I paid extra for – is there more than one line for this too ?

  288. raceman says:

    What are the selections today,am confused!

  289. Tony O'Donoghue says:

    There was no each way double selection today, there was one pick on 12.30 line, 2.00 York Face the Problem – surprise surprise it won – can imagine his next message !

  290. Steve says:

    Whats Going on here??? This is a thread about Martin Raymonds tipping service. Any other business should move to a forum else where. Thanks lads.

  291. Steve Patt says:

    Why is anyone still using this service???

  292. Smokey says:

    I would hazard a guess at his tip today sunday 25/7/10 it will be Hamloola 2-50 Ascot, but then again it depends on what service your on and what part of the country your in and what time you get the message. Let me know what you get and where you live and what time you get it please. Lets start building a picture for the authorities, THANKS.

  293. Smokey says:

    Hamloola is a non runner so now i’m non the wiser.

  294. Edmund Lynch says:

    No bet anyway today so maybe you were right Smokey!

  295. Smokey says:

    Bet i wasn’t far wrong Ed.

  296. Smokey says:

    Late News Rapid Water, 5-10 Ascot by text message
    e/way, stone last.

  297. Steve says:

    More false info from Raymond. Two horses ran today that he has recently tipped up. I spotted them as soon as he said yesterday “ring back tomorrow, Sunday”. He then pulls out as says no bet! The two nags in question were Film Festival 3.35 Pontefract won 14/1 & Pendragon 4.00 Ascot won backed into 10/3 from 9/2. Why didnt he give these out if he got real info from the Ellison yard??? Luckily i backed them only small e/w but made a couple of hundred. He then has the cheek to txt at 4.40 saying he has track side info…..Rapid Waters well fancied worth e/w bet. A 20 runner handicap and he wants to risk cash that he usually says he wont risk.

  298. Smokey says:

    No, the words con man springs to mind. This man must be stopped. Everybody should ask for a refund and the racing press MUST be made aware of his antics, it’s no good just a few of us doing it we ALL have to do it.

  299. Born Loser says:

    I made reference to his previous tips coming out later on and winning…..had small amount on Pendragon but didnt notice Film Festival. Again proof that he has no consistent solid inside info. I tend to agree with Smokey that to have a longer lasting impact we need to ALL seek a refund. He was more cocky on Sunday with the success of Face the problem although he referred to it as Face the music …..Fraudian slip I fear….

  300. Smokey says:

    I noticed he gave Rapid Water after Pendragon and Film Festival had won, if thats not covering his arse i don’t know what is. Brian Ellison is on a bit of a roll so where is the INFO Martin????. Ring him up and tell him your letter is on it’s way for a refund.

  301. Smokey says:

    12-30 Line, King of Swords, 4-50 Beverley 2pts e/way best price 7/2, Any punter worth his salt knows it must be 5/1 to get your money back, this man is a f-cking joker.

  302. Tony O'Donoghue says:

    Unplaced as well – refund time I think – I can’t believe that he hasn’t made any comments about what he’s up to at the moment – must think we’re all idiots

  303. Smokey says:

    He can’t make comments about fleecing us, we are idiots if we let him get away with it ACT NOW.

  304. Born Loser says:

    Its a bad day if King of Swords e/w at 7-2 advised is the best you can come up with. I wouldn’t back it with Martin’s money. Has anyone worked out how many horses advised since restart is stabled at HQ since according to his literature he is at the “heart of it”.

    Do you think Rumoosh will come back and haunt him in the Nassau? Quite possibly…

  305. Smokey says:

    Not if he tips it up.

  306. Steve says:

    If i was Mr Raymond, i would be so embarrassed with my performance i’d of been on my toes with the cash. I really dont think he is in the country anymore, how does he know who he is deeling with out here. He runs the risk of being taken out with the game he is playing, so surely he has moved somewhere nice and hot. Maybe he has taken sanctuary with one of his dads Arab friends?

  307. Peter says:

    Dont you think its weird that on Saturday hes says on his line he might have a horse running he has been waiting for but then on Sunday no bet advised but then king of swords tipped yesterday that had run on Sunday, i still feel we havent heard from anyone that gave him extra money & i feel they may be getting different info that may be better info than what we get the poeple that woudlent give him more money, is that why they are keeping quiet i wonder?

  308. Smokey says:

    An E/Way winner @ 6/1 Ghimaar, One Swallow don’t make a Summer, be carefull tonight Sooraah 7-30 Sandown, Hot race.

  309. bowler1 says:

    Good for you Smokey. Wonder how many more of M/R clients got that one? As is I got the 7.30 tip on the 12.30 line. I’m minus a lot of points now on his system am just glad I didn’t buy into his other ventures.

  310. Born Loser says:

    Hooray for Soorah

    I told you the man was a genius…..on a serious note a really classy performance and should go in next time round too….

  311. Smokey says:

    He has a very long way to go to win back the confidance of his clients, Did you not get the text message Bowler? as i am only on the 12.30 line myself, in fact how many DID get the text message? please respond. Still wan’t my money back. The man is still a TOSSER.

  312. Edmund Lynch says:

    Also had his first each way double win today on the 6.40 and 8.50 at Leicester

  313. Adey says:

    Hi Peter
    I’m one of the idiots than gave him extra money. I can assure you i’m getting the same crap you are! In fact I didn’t get Ghimaar.

    Since the restart I am about 24 points down including todays Soorah which I think was favourite anyway!

  314. Peter says:

    Thanks Adey sorry to hear you gave him extra money you know what they say when something seams too good to be true it normaly is £360 for 2 years!!

  315. Smokey says:

    It just goes to show people are getting differant info, it seems he is keeping differant sections sweet for a SMALL time then moving on to the next section. The trouble is that you don’t know when that time is here and by that time your in the shit so you don’t have the confidance to back them, and as long as he keeps his promise of a profit over 2yrs he’s clean only if it’s £1.

  316. anthony07 says:

    Bowler1 and Smokey What price did he recommend soorah at,i,m on the 11.30 line,he recommended the tip at 9/4 which after checking oddschecker had already shortened up before message was received (2/1 best).I also never got ghimaar (not that i’m backing them anyway).has anyone asking for a refund heard anything from him, I’ve heard nothing

  317. bowler1 says:

    Hi anthony7 Advised 2/1 with some 9/4 with others on 12.30 line but couldn’t get that price use racing post online for odds at 12.35 best i could get was 7/4 but was lucky in a sense bet 365 paid sp @15/8(he doesn’t mention that site i think & always pays sp if bigger). Must admit missed Ghimaar coz i wasnt expecting a txt! perhaps if he’d said at the start of the week stay tuned or summatt i wouldn’t have missed it crap admin. Smokey 29/7 has a good point though.

  318. Tony O'Donoghue says:

    especially as he was back to bad form with todays double, with a 3/1 4th and a 8/1 23rd placed on the 12.30 line.

    He’s ‘refunded’ if thats the right word, the start date of the each way double line, membership of which now only started on Wednesday, after discussing it with his ‘contacts’.

    This is really starting to baffle me now, think Smokey has a good point though on 29/7 too.

  319. Born Loser says:

    Normal service resumed…..

    Actually worked out case for Shabak Hom before calling 12.30 line so cant blame him for this…and also thought enough about Genki….but where is the inside info? Also it was Archie giving out the info….what with Alice too surely MR is overstaffed or as Smokey and others fear they are needed to keep the various lines going…..Of course he offers money back if no profit after 2 years but you could be in the gutter by then. For me the grounds to argue for a refund are the nature of the service provided compared to company literature (false enducement), the suspicion that he has a number of lines in operation (presented as a one line single advice operation) and that he is not accessing inside information which is what he said the advance subscription was for (numerous examples but Ellison’s yard a prime one)…..Good luck to everyone

  320. bowler1 says:

    I think Born Loser is close to the knuckle here. and looking back to Johny B & his comment 21/7 I guess its fair to say if several online tipsters say 4/5 get together newmarket ain’t a big place offer advice in the main on 8/9 horse fields dump 3/4 outsiders and between them on a daily basis one will get a winner considering the amount of phone calls 4/5 per week are made if we averaged out at 1 winner every 5 calls that would compute? (the glossy thing he sent £28122 profit didn’t state it was proved? he has 6 Winners every month) I wonder if in August he will tell us how many points we’re up (in his own world could be getting difficult with all these lines might ask for a hard copy so i can get my friends to join) and compare it to my reckoning. Nemind only -10pts today

  321. Smokey says:

    We need to contact the racing media as a matter of urgency, i have done this but like i keep saying a few people is no good, they need a rampage of people for them to sit up and take note. When you write to these people just say that he is putting the whole of the sport into disrepute and that includes you the MEDIA, believe me they will sit up and take note, so spend 10mins and put pen to paper. This man is if you let him destroying livelyhoods, Thank You.

  322. Johnny B says:

    As i have previously mentioned on here i suspect this man is Geoffrey spicer of epsom bloodstock agency or sid harris of premier racing…he could be the fraudster who has been operating over a decade giving different people different horses using different alias.Besides this there is no such thing as inside information unless you want to bet on low class midweek racing and end up in the poorhouse.does anybody have a set of debit/credit logs of each racr they have bet on for a year with a balance sheet/profit on turnover with a profit figure generated for the year.if people are going to bet on horses you need to treat it as a business and keep a book…..i choose my own horses using a free internet site and a 50p newspaper using a simple logical system i just got 8 winners from 14 bets at goodwood…57% strike rate including an 8-1 and 16-1 winner and it didnt cost me a penny as i buy a paper anyway…did any tipster match that?

  323. Edmund Lynch says:

    On my 12.30 raceline it was MR himself not Archie

  324. Edmund Lynch says:

    Actually got that wrong – it was Archie

  325. Steve says:

    I think the Voice, accent and vocabulary of “Archie” says it all about this operation. Genki 10lbs higher than last year… me a favour!!! These are all computer generated tips, like i said back in Feb/March. It failed him in the past and it is doing the same NOW!

  326. Johnny B says:

    Is everyone on here stupid!…if you havent got the brain to work out your own horses you deserve to lose your shirt…no wonder tipsters are making fortunes!…a fool and his money are soon parted.

  327. Smokey says:

    You obviously havn’t got a brain Johnny if you need a web site.

  328. bowler1 says:

    Johnny B ure obviously going to be a millionaire SOOOON (gimme the plan) although you’ve made relevant points previously, I ain’t biting so cheerio! So MR lets hear a bit of bull & see how many points we’up at the start of August.

  329. Born Loser says:

    If Johnny B has found a profitable system then well done…but it begs the question why he is on a thread for those who haven’t. If we wants to share it with us all then we can review it accordingly…if not…then find a more appropriate forum for those who have cracked it….Even with a system I still dont know how you would account for the variables in British Racing ie triers, non-triers, going, exchanges, handicap ratings and ofcourse the long standing belief (and knowledge)that it is to at least some degree corrupt. You cannot guarantee a horse will win but you can guarantee it will lose…

    Can’t wait to find out what the 12.30 line will bring on Wed.

  330. Shane says:

    Clive (June 17th)

    What’s your ebay id?

    I’d like to see any feedback left before joining your service

  331. Tony O'Donoghue says:

    Saw this latest post from the other website I’d mentioned earlier – says it all really….


    View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles



    Join Date:Sep 2008
    Thanked 4,080 Times in 1,319 Posts Re: martin raymond

    MR was spotted at goodwood last thursday by a close contact of mine who actually had a drink with him and when the ukbt subject arose his reply “they can write and say what they want about me and i dont care coz it those lot that have made rich”

  332. Johnny B says:

    Not sure why some previous answers on here assume im angling for selling a system!…i commented that i find my own horses using a daily newspaper and a section of the racing post and achieve a modest profit…im not selling anything…im an ordinary weekend punter who share trades for a living…im not giving those secrets away either.My point of joining this thread is that having lost thousands when i was younger i want others to realise that tipsters have no special powers or inside information rubbish and by paying them money they will respond by sticking a pin in a paper and giving you anything…after all you have paid in advance!

  333. Smokey says:

    Make your mind up Johnny, you said that you use an internet site posted July31st, are you MR in disguise?

  334. Born Loser says:

    Hey guess what…..King of Swords goes in well backed….but Martin knew nothing about it… there a system developing here? Call back Friday on 12.30 line….

  335. Johnny B says:

    Smokey,the internet site is the racing post online!…all you need to analyse are the declarations for tomorrows racing and concentrate on races that are grade 3 handicap and above,ie top grade handicaps,group/conditions races.The secret to finding winners is there right before your very eyes without any need for a tipster.any sensible analysis of this section will find you hordes of winners at good prices!exactly how is for you to look at and find out for yourself..but i found it!…when you see it and get 16/1 and 8/1 winners evry week you will realise what a waste of money tipsters are.

  336. Andrew B says:

    I have to agree with Johnny B and have come to exactly the same conclusion as he has. Much more profitable results come from your own analysis , although I do still bet on races below grade 3 on occasion.

  337. Smokey says:

    Today 07/08/2010 2 selections e/way 4/1 and e/way 7/2 what a wanker.

  338. Tony O'Donoghue says:

    Plus a late 7/1 each way text which err…. won !

  339. Johnny B says:

    My 80pence newspaper plus 15 minute look at a section of racing post online identified 2 bets.Firstly Les Fazzani- lost 9/2 and Al Khaleej won 11/1….another profitable day on top of substantial profit at Goodwood…and people on here are paying for Martin Raymond.How can anyone give a 7/2 price each-way…it makes no sense if you intend to make a profit over a year!..ah well Martins making good money anyway.

  340. Smokey says:

    You have made your point Johnny and i wish you all the best in the future.

  341. Steve says:

    People pay for so called “inside info” for one simple reason…. They dont trust their own method of selections. Thats me included! Martin Raymond however has made me stick to me own theories and selections and trust my own judgement. He is just as inconsistent as most. His txtd tips seem to be doing than the phone line, so have stuck to those only recently.

  342. raceman says:

    Any recent activity,seems quite lately.

  343. Colin says:

    Probably all the bile has been spilt!!!

  344. Liam Hamilton says:

    No no tips all week on either the 12.30 or the E/W double, next time to call Tuesday

  345. JD says:

    I got a phone call this morning from the man himself(Martin Raymond) offering me a place in his “new” service open only to the specially chosen like myself.As a current member of his,I have had my doubts about him for some time.This time he wanted £2000 upfront,later dropped to a grand now and a grand next year.Luckily I came across this website which seems to support the misgivings I have.Glad I did not commit myself now.

  346. Lion53m says:

    I have been away for the last month and returned to discover 3 texts from MR – 28/7/10 2.10 Goodwood – Ghimaar. I checked with Sporting life, it won at 6/1.
    The next text was on 7/8/10 3.45 Newmarket – Morning Charm. It won at 5/1.
    Last text was 9/8/10 – 8.10 windsor – Super duplex. That won at 5/1.
    I came onto this site expecting jubilation.
    Where have you all gone? Still on holiday?
    I couldn’t use the phone lines with being out of the Country.
    Can anyone update me on what I have missed. Has he finally discovered a winning streak?

  347. Smokey says:

    That’s about it you hav’nt missed much, to be fair he’s having a 50/50 ratio and being very cagey.

  348. robbie says:

    im with mr i paid an extra 400 after he shut down his 1st tipster which was very successful but since june im about 30 point down last bet was 29/08/10 had 4 pts win on an 15/8 win then 2pt e/w on 9/1 nowhere get txts off him which seem to do better still with him but im gonnna give him about an other 15/20 pts more then thats it

  349. Lion53m says:

    I had a text today for Domination in 3.20 at Lingfield. He recommended an e/w bet. I could only get 3/1 which I declined. It came in 3rd. Glad I didn’t back it.

  350. Smokey says:

    Any horse needs to be 5/1 to get your money back e/way, he’s advising 4/1 e/way your on a loser right away. Tosser.

  351. bluiboy says:

    I have followed this forum now for a couple of months. I joined MR back in Dec 2009 on the trial, then Jan 2010 on Platinum and June 2010 joined the Private members service. Just to confirm I have followed all bets since the first (Dec 2009) at level stakes, exactly as MR has instructed and up to end of April I was up 150 points. From 1st of June (Private members service)I am currently at
    -18 points with August producing + 26 points. All in all I am still up 130 points. I have details of every tip provided and they match what others have posted. I will continue with MR and continue to follow this forum, but it seems some people do not follow instructions well and leave it late to bet, so get poor odds. I got 9/2 on Domination, e/w and so I have got my money back! Had it won I would be up, had I not bet and it won, well there you go, enough said!! A 2 year service and only 3 months in and only 18 points down (since June), hardly a crime!!!!

  352. bluiboy says:

    Interesting, why would one not keep an accurate record of bets advised? Surely this would give false results or even worse make one feel they are a mug!!
    Fact is, 40 points down in June (fair comment) but 150 points up from 21/12/09 to April 26/04/10 (first to last bet of trial and Platinum service). August, 26 points up. If you think about this……… well I’m thinking this adds up to over 130 points up for 9 months 9as mentioned before).
    At £10/point (small bets) = £1300 profit,
    Mugs money!!

  353. Steve B says:

    Yes, Mr Raymond’s trick appears to be getting an influx of new customers who he gives excellent information to, I was one along with you. Then coming up with some story about bookies complaining and such like. Then he rings around trying to get more money for his “new service”. He actually asked me for £3,000. Apparently it varies depending who he speaks to and how much he thinks he can get out of them.

    I eventually got the new service without paying any more but it seems he managed to get further money from others.

    Once you have paid more money you then get far inferior information. I appreciate you are looking at the overall picture and are still 130 points up, but it still doesn’t change the fact that someone who purports to have excellent contacts can give such awful information at a time of the season when he should be in a position to make hay.

    If you stay following his advices that profit can eventually be lost.

    Try reading all the posts above and that will give you a clearer picture.

  354. Smokey says:

    How can you get your money back at 9/2 1/5th the odds,bluiboy???

  355. bluiboy says:

    Smokey, ok so I acually got a return of £19 on a £20 bet, so officially its a 5% loss on the bet. Some bets also produce a small percentage profit and I work on an allowance of 10% either way. I understand Steve B comments and other posts here and I also bet using my own system which over a period of time returns a healthy profit, but not always in the short term. I am also in doubt of MR credentials at this moment in time but still in healthy profit over the last 8/9 months with him and with last month 26 points up still in a position to continue with MR in the near future. There are some on this post that are in the same position as me (Mark April 27th) close to £2000 profit at that point and if following as I have would still be up £1500. Any comments Mark?
    If there are other more profitable systems out please inform me, Steve B.
    Also a few posts say they will contact MR, has anyone done so and what is his reply? Has anyone received a refund since June as they have said they would ask? Also, how sure are some that information being received is different? When reading ALL the posts on here I have received every tip that is listed on this thread either by phoning in or receiving txts. I have also placed a bet on every one. I notice others on here have said they have missed some bets, forgot to phone in, on holiday or didn’t bet becuase of doubt in qaulity of bet. Surely as with any system consistancy in placing bets is paramount. My thoughts are to see out for a while, possibly also post every tip I receive over the next month or two and then any one who does not recieve them or actually receives other tips can post as well.

  356. robbie says:

    hi bliboy ive been with mr since dec and excellent results and i follow him to the law i do £20 a point and do as he says but im 28 points down since thew new service i do get txts but he does not class this as an acc bet?so i usually have 20 on it but with the service if he says 4pts i do 4 pts but when its not an acc bet i just go small wot do u do when its not an acc bet?im still with him but gettin supicous i paid extra money for more tips but only had 5 bets in augest and a few txts but not acc bets which have actually done quite well

  357. robbie says:

    just had 6 pts 11/8 on picabo in 1.55 at thirsk fingers crossed this could b the final straw he has not given alot of 6 pt bets on the new service

  358. robbie says:

    actually wrong horse sorry. just got the number but looked at the wrong time of race so not picabo sorry

  359. Steve B says:

    Robbie: It was Picabo and it won at 5/4. Did you have 6 points on it (£120)?

  360. bluiboy says:

    Hi robbie, I stick to £10 per point and I lump the text bets in with the account bets so as not to confuse things, so I’m showing 18 points down since new service in total. If it’s an account bet I follow the instructions to the letter. If it’s a non account bet, i.e txt bet saying he advises a good bet I will do £10 win regardless of price.
    A couple of points to make is different people will always accumulate/lose different amount of points because of the different prices gained at time of bet.
    The other point, today for eaxample, account bet, Picabo 6 points win at 11/8. I bet £60 at odds of 5/4 and returned £75 pound profit. I will log this as 7 points win (not 7.5 points) which allows for my earlier comment yesterday when I said I got my money back on Dommination. Lastly, early this morning I spent over 1 hr looking at form, watching tv, reading the papers etc. and in the end bet on two losers, one was odds on! With MR I spent 1 minute on the phone and less than a minute placing the bet, then forgot about it until now. Whether his form picks up or not it is less hassle to bet using his system and for those who say todays tip (as good as evens) anyone could have picked, there were several ‘near even’ priced horses today and most did not win! 2 came in at Kempton and MR’s tip at Thirks, total of 3 out of about 10, evens or odds on horses. One of Kemptons was 2/1 on, so not worth it anyway, which means MR tip today was one of only two even pirced winners.

  361. Steve says:

    You guys are going on about the Domination tip and whether or not you could make money out of a 9/2 e/w bet. Well you have all not seen what shite “info” MR is giving out to you. A few months ago he wound up a service because a horse he was involved with had had its price smashed thus leading to MR saying secret info is being leaked ect. That horse was SPARKLING SMILE! It has now won what 5 times this seasons and he has not tipped it once, why not? But he gave you Domination the other day and his horse Sparkling smile won the race at 7/1!! What do you think this means???

  362. robbie says:

    i did have 120 on it at 11/8. i only said it was the wrong horse because its not fair on mr to say the name of the horse b4 the race i wasnt thinkin. he is coming good again but not the prices like b4 but i will stick him for a while and i will keep u informed

  363. Smokey says:

    WOW a 11/8 winner, it’s a wonder he never gave it e/way haha.

  364. Shane says:

    Clive Elliot who posted a few times on here is not better than other tipsters
    He fails to mention on his site that he gave me 3 odds to bets that all ran like donkeys, none were anywhere near
    Most of the selection where he claims to get 5 timers etc bombed out too, not even a treble
    strange that his website is now full of rubbish with links to horse racing news rather than any losing bets
    he only metions winners, which are very rare in amongst selections
    i hade a trial from strikeline, who made a profit, although very few winners, the winning prices were good tho
    I dont care if this gets removed or if i get banned from this forum for putting this, because at least some people may see it before it goes.
    clive elliot is just the same as everyone else, he can shout about winners, but always forgets to mention the losers.
    odds to bets cannot be “info”, they are shortish priced faves, less that 2/1 and run like they’ve took a bullet to their head in the stalls.

  365. Steve Patt says:

    Everyone who bets on horses or places a trade in the markets needs to do one important thing TAKE RESPONSABILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS. The bottom line is the only people making a living from horse racing are spending a lot of time studying form, making their own decisions, and taking responsibility for their actions. The only other way to make a living from gambling is selling tips for others to follow and if necessary massaging the results to keep new punters signing up.
    Is anyone out there making good returns from the tips they are given?

  366. Steve B says:

    Yes Steve. I have been making good profits for about 10 years following the information from Mark Holder.

    Unfortunately for those wanting to follow him he made the service Private in 2008 so he is no longer taking on new clients.

    For those fortunate enough to be in the Private club our main concern is that he doesn’t retire or, God forbid, become ill.

    The truly good racing tipsters don’t need to keep advertising to replace disgruntled customers because their existing customers don’t leave.

    So if you see tipping services repeatedly advertising there service to attract new customers you have to ask yourself why? If they were any good they wouldn’t need to advertise.

  367. Steve Patt says:

    Finding someone like Mark Holder is as rare as chicken teeth, and as you say if a tipster is any good they needn’t keep advertising for new custom.
    I no longer gamble on the horses because I simply don’t have the skill or time to devote to finding my own selections.
    Personally I’m now finding it more rewarding learning and trading forex. But at the end of the day I take responsability for every trade I place and don’t try to pass the buck for my actions.
    Unfortunately to win at anything takes some effort and it’s that need for effort that the sharks feed on.

  368. Mark says:

    Hi all.

    Been reading through the reviews.

    Looked through loads of messages on here and noticed that someone said MR was now operating as something like Newbury Racing, saw someone else mention Mark Holder.

    If you google mark holder racing tipster, the first site up is newbury racing, don’t know if it’s a coincidence. I checked the site out and then found this after some more searching

    This details well known tipsters, a guy called Henry Rix is the top of the list for ROI%, so I googled his name and a site comes up that is almost identical to newbury racing.

    I’m sceptical about racing tipsters who charge as mentioned by others.

    If the tips are so good, why are they selling them for £30 a month, when they could actually take a GAMBLE and go with their own tips?

    These schemes just seem to be the same where they put customers into groups.

    Each group gets told a certain horse in the same race, the ones that lose get an apology message, the ones that win get another tip.

    It keeps going until there is a group that have had say 6 or 7 winning “tips” on the trot and that is when they normally ask for a fee to continue or offer and upgraded service.

    Best off avoiding, if you are winning then good on ya, but if you follow these tipsters, your run will come to an end

    All the best everyone


  369. Steve B says:

    Mark: If you read the Newbury Racing site you will see that it reviews tipsters and fraudulently offers you their information for a fraction of the real subscription.

    Mark Holder’s service has been Private since 2008 and accepts no new members. He has nothing whatsoever to do with Newbury Racing and I wouldn’t waste money paying Newbury Racing for what they say is a certain tipsters information because it rarely is genuine.

    The genuine information given to paid up members costs £1,600 a year and is worth every penny. I am lucky enough to be a subscriber.

  370. Magocks says:

    Martin Raymond now operates under Newmarket Racing, not Newbury Racing.

  371. Smokey says:

    This fellow gets worse, E/way 4/1 unplaced (whats the point e/way at that price). 6/4 6pts win unplaced.

  372. robbie says:

    i like reading this forum its very good ive really just started with betting and martin raymond is my only tipster ive tried a couple of systems and done well but then lost all the money back so left but am tryin to get a portfolio going do u have any recommenditions?henry rix expensive but is he worth it any feedback would b appreciated cheers im startin to doubt martin raymond

  373. Steve says:

    Robbie – Swerve them all mate. Ive probably tried them all over the last 25 years. From The Racing Telegraph and Mark Holder in the 90’s to Lee Bollingbroke and Martin Raymond to date. They are all conmen who couldnt give a shit who’s lives or bank accounts they wreck! Yes, they more than likely do get info but obviously they are not allowed to leak this to the general public as they would be left out in future. Think of the racing industry a bit like the print industry was before the 90’s………” a closed shop “. Do your own thing.

  374. Steve B says:

    Yes Robbie. I agree with Steve. Stop trying to find a tipster who will make you money. All you will do is end up disappointed and poorer for all your wasted effort.

    I would say that Henry Rix and Mark Holder are genuine but you need a great deal of discipline and a fair sized betting bank to benefit from their information. You can’t join Mark Holder now because his membership is closed to new members.

    Henry Rix is expensive and you need to be able to go 30 or 40 points down at times but then you get some long priced winners that get you that back and then some. Assuming you can get your bet on with the bookies. Never the easiest thing to do.

    I wouldn’t call it easy money and so my advice is the same as Steve. Do your own thing.

  375. Steve says:

    Take yesterday for an example and this is not the first time it has happened. Yesterday Raymond tipped a Fahey horse in the first race at Ayr called NEW SPRINGS a 13/8 shot backed down to Evens. The thing is still running and on form i certainly wouldnt of touched it. Forget the fact that it played up behind the stalls at the start, it was never a 13/8 and i backed the 2rd Machos Magic at 6/1 simple because it had run in a better grade previously. Now NEW SPRINGS was advised as info as Raymond had said on his line that he had been waiting for confirmation before he put his line out. Fahey then went on to win TWO races later in the day, the next race a 7/2 winner by 2.5 lengths and later a another 7/2 winner. Also on the card yesterday PENDRAGON won yet again at 9/2, another horse Raymond has claimed to get the “inside info” on in the past. Its all bullshit mate. Good luck if you back his tip today in the 5.50 (txtd) at Wolverhampton, personally i wont!

  376. robbie says:

    cheers for the advice.sorry to b a pain wot about any of the people that lay horses is there any goods ones cheers for ur help

  377. Smokey says:

    In a nutshell the man is just a chancer, he never gives a theory for backing a horse, just so called information. I have had more winners than M R this season purely on hunches and theory and of course a bit of luck. I pick a bunch of horses about 15 and follow them throughout the season no matter what they run against, the results are amazing. Mostley in low rated hcps where there less noticable.

  378. bern says:

    robbie, the words of the 2 marks are spot on. reminds me of a bit of a sermon, but fact is its so true and struck a cord with me and my gambling over the last 30 years. the old saying is. there is a bookmaker on every corner. stop dreaming. the game is so damed difficult. good luck to all

  379. Ian says:

    Hi all. Just signed up and very interested to read all the comments about MR. As we all know there are a lot of so called tipsters and the vast majority are very poor. He is one of them. I make a second income out of racing and sports betting and was hoping that MR would provide a good profit. Including the feee for joining and the losses i am afew thousand down with no sign of any improvement. Has anyone tried to get any money back. I am all for writing to the medai and racing Post and OFT and se what we can do.

  380. Bruce Raymond says:

    I cannot believe the amount of comments that this guy is receiving. Just trust me I live and work around Newmarket – stay clear – all you are doing is paying for him to live off the name of his father. If you’ve paid money to this guy you would absolutely cringe to see him driving around in his mercedes and drinking your money down the pub.
    Just don’t fall for any of it. The Newmarket bit, being a jockeys agent (hopeless at that to) and utlising his dad’s good name for profit.
    This guy is not a horse racing professional. He uses your subs to fund a lavish lifestyle. Wake up and smell the coffee – he’s a johnny the guesser – always has been and always will be.
    I absolutely promise you that 90% of you would achieve better results with an hours read of the racing post in the morning – I doubt whether Martin Raymond would put that much effort into the tips.
    If you must pay for advice then please use someone with an ounce of credibility. As people have said before on here – henry rix, mark holder (yes service closed but his former business partner Andrew has a similiar methodology running optimum racing), pricewise extra or the timeform jury.
    I’m not spamming these people and I have no connections to them – they’ll have winning runs and losing runs, but I KNOW they do the work at the game. You’ll make money but the rub is that its very hard to get on their selections.
    Any bookmaking insider/PRO will tell you that Martin Raymond isn’t even on their radar. He’s not a factor. He guesses and goes down the pub. The Red Lion in Cheveley if anyone wants their money back…….!

  381. Jack Whiteman says:

    All – this thread has been running some time and seems nothings changed.

    back on 2nd Feb 2010 I posted the message below after some discussions with Martin via email.

    I’m still waiting for a reply. Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know?


    here’s that messages I posted in Feb2010- it’s towards the top of the page if you want to double check.


    Hi All

    Jack here.

    Thank you for your comments on this service.

    Mr Raymond has been in touch regarding this review and your comments and he feels some of them are false, factually incorrect and harmful to his business.

    So I’ve invited him to give a reply via this site, so that he can address any concerns you may have.

    I’ll post here if and when the reply arrives.

    Best wishes


  382. Isabel Charleton says:

    Weird one yesterday on the E/W double service, while there was no Each Way double he gave Red Rouble as a single bet in the 2.30 at Towcaster, but gave no tip at all on the 12.30 line

  383. Jon says:

    And that tip has made me some money… keep em coming Martin.

  384. bluiboy says:

    Anyone going to the races with Martin?

  385. Jack Whiteman says:

    bluiboy – what’s the offer here? Has Martin asked for people to attend a race day that he is hosting?

  386. bluiboy says:

    Hi Jack,

    Yes, I’ve had 2 letters offering 4 seperate dates for a complimentry day at the races hosted by Martin himself. Accompanying both invitations is a flyer for ‘The Iceman’-Tony Beech. For a fee of £500 you can join The Iceman Service and get tips for action in Ireland where ‘Tony Beech is cleaning up’ Obviously I have declined the offer of this service, due to his Platinum service (12.30 line) being over 30 points down from its start and slowly getting worse. Bruce Raymond’s comments (not related I hope) are interesting on 25/09, could be worth a visit to Martin’s local pub and twisting his arm a little to refunding my money!
    Will happily send you a copy of the letters if you would like, let me know.

  387. bowler1 says:

    After the last fortnights tips am down big style this doesn’t include 3 x texts which were also useless but don’t count of course. Is anyone else getting a different letter every week from different tipsters offering the earth Millionaires the last letter I rec’d. Am sure he knows he’s going t%%s up & selling our addresses on.

  388. devamed says:

    Here are the tips I have recieved form Martin & also his project line:

    Emirates Dream Newmarket Eachway 26
    Alben Star York Win 2.75
    George Nympton Chepstow Win 5.5
    Gullible Gordon Chepstow Win 3.25
    Wolf Moon Cheltenham Win 5.9
    Willing Foe Newmarket Win 2.1
    Pillar Of Hercules Kelso Win 2.62
    Acey Cheltenham Win 3.75
    Picabo Windsor Win 3.5
    John’s Gift Exeter Eachway 9.5
    Nicholas Pocock Yarmouth Win 3.25
    Empirico Navan Eachway 9

    For a £10 level stake he has returned 3 wins with a loss of £42

  389. bluiboy says:


    At £10 level stakes, £42 = (-4.2 points). If you had followed MR staking plan and placed bets to his reccomended points system you would be 16 points down so at £10 point = -£160!!!

  390. William says:

    Has anyone had longer than Martin Raymond to prove himself?

    The modest profit he made for us in the early stages of this service was OK, but my bank is at the same level as of March 3rd, this after some very bad periods and Martin knowing ‘what needed to be done’ and redoubling his efforts!

    The extra track side info/other good tips have amounted to a negative income.

    Finally we come to the ‘Project’ or what ever else its called, the one where some mugs shelled out between 1-2k for 50 tips. This is truly awful, the tips have been very poor, the bank is well down and never looks like going into profit, not to mention covering the £1,000 – £2,000 for this service, Something Martin, wanted to do and had made his mission to get into, work with these guys……..

    Martin Raymond wont make you money, you will make him money.

  391. Garry McGlennon says:

    Another shocking selection today – horse never in the running in the 5.25 at Newbury – Beau Fighter – there’s benefit of the doubt and there’s benefit of the doubt. The each way double has also been deathly silent as well – wonder what the excuse will be on Monday

  392. Born Loser says:

    Not been on this forum for sometime as doing OK with own bets….I know it is a bit lazy of me but does anyone have the stats for the 12.30 service since the restart with Rumoosh in the Oaks….I haven’t really used it much since August as there have been hardly any Newmarket trained advices….looking to get pro rata refund on Platinum stake via Courts….
    PS Gullible Gordon won next time out…..makes you wonder if Martin is also being played…..

  393. Smokey says:

    Only one way to finish this fraudster,DON’T re-subscribe.

  394. SirWilliam says:

    I joined M Raymond’s service earlier this year and the only way to make/save money is by NOT following his tips. Without a doubt a very unsatisfactory and loss-making service!

  395. Dave says:

    Martin’s service is disappointing to say the least. On Saturday he gave a shortie which lost and then seemingly chasing losses gave another which also lost, then a 10-1 each way which also lost. Martin wants £2000 for two year’s service. I was doing well early on so signed up but a couple of months in I’m throwing in the towel. I’m embarrased to have been stung like this, unfortunately I also gave money to The Iceman who also loses. Steer clear.

  396. Pad says:

    Doubts started creeping in, but credit to Martin for the bet yesterday – first time over hurdles and won by over 10 lengths!!

  397. shek says:

    Another one today profit 15pts at advised price

  398. Davey says:

    Joined Newmarket Racing back in December 2009 for the initial fee of £47. Paid the £347 and then an additional £500 to join the Platinum scheme in May. I have lost money on Newmarket Racing tips. More by luck than judgement however I have managed to come out even. I tend to look at what other racing gurus are saying about MR’s selections and only bet when they look good. Thusfar I have mostly managed to avoid the losing selections.
    Interesting to note that not many of his selections originate from Newmarket the so called ‘home of racing’and when there has been racing at Newmarket no tips from Mr Raymond.
    My advice would be to avoid these so called tipsters like the plague. Better to buy the ‘Racing Post’ or ‘Sporting Life’. I think your days are numbered Martin if you are reading this. BBC’s ‘Watchdog’ may be paying you a visit.

  399. Dave says:

    Pad, Shek, funny that. I got a text from Martin this morning hailing the great profits last week, which you seem to endorse. However, I was only given losers. I paid the initial £347 then he wanted another £2000 to join the ‘Platinum’ scheme. I paid £1000 and said I’d pay the next grand if and when he’d proved himself. I’m not backing any more of the tips now and need to write off the huge amount of money I’ve paid him and the losses I’ve incurred as a result.

  400. denzal d says:

    hi i wonder if anyone could give me any info on a guy called reg edwards he sent me a letter ofering me 3 horses expected to win for 50 quid, now im not taking up this offer but wonderd if anyone else had recieved it,i already subscribe to a great tipping line called blue sky racing,im in my second year,last year the service made me 67 points profit(i couldnt get his prices he claimed)i bet 100 pound a point,this year im on 31 points,i did have agood betting bank i used my redundancy,look at his web site

  401. Steve says:

    Born Loser, i to have sent Martin his final demand for my money back. My original letter produced a cheque from him for £100 and a letter that looked generic as its content had nothing to do with my complaint. I have found out alot of legal stuff and i am assured that everyone can get their money back plus more for damages if you go down the “misleading advertisment” and “witholding vital information when extracting monies”. His original advert/brochure made loads of promises that never materialised. Im waiting for his 2nd reply with refund balance. He has about two weeks left before i apply at the civil courts.

  402. Steve says:

    GOOD NEWS………this morning i received a postal order by registered post for £247 from Mr Raymond. Thats the balance he owed me and fair play to him he has now paid up. With the postal order was a brief letter stating that his service had a 45pt profit last week. Thats typical of gamblers……they only brag about their wins and not their losses. Good luck to those who carry on with him. I know ive done the rite thing and pulled out.

  403. Dave says:

    Devamed, I haven’t had all the same tips as you and I have had some you didn’t get. Curiouser and curioser. I will ask Martin for a refund because I’ve given him money for bad advice. Admittedly that’s my own stupidity.

  404. WALT says:


  405. robbie says:

    i was on holidays last week he reckons he made 45 points then could u tell me the bets no it wes champpion court was there any other cheers

  406. jacey says:

    I’m one of the mugs that joined the platinum/elite membership, with the promise of 50 winners this year. I’ve not even seen 50 runners. I intend to request all my money back. Steve, I would welcome any info you can give to help.

  407. Steve says:

    Jacey, go onto the UK betting tips site. Search MR thread. I am sjgonline….inbox me there and i will sort you out.

  408. huw says:

    I used Martin Raymond’s service years ago, what a load of old rubbish it turned out to be! anyway lads, I can tip you as many losers as he does and for a bit cheaper too, so if anyone wants to send me some dosh for a crappy tipping service just post a reply and then send me your hard earned, i’ll gladly send you as many losers as you want by return, and whats more, you can send it to me for as long as you like, no monthly fees, no annual subscription and definitely no premium service with others jumping on the bandwagon, just what it says on the tin…me giving you losers for cash. How bad is that eh! Come on guys dig deep, i’m ready

  409. Zagger says:

    I’m not into Racing myself, but I came across this website which might be of interest to you guys.
    The site is ,
    It had a write up in the Daily Telegraph,so I would think it’s not your usual scam artist!!
    I think it’s FREE to join, by the way.

  410. Dave says:

    Steve, I don’t know how you managed to get your refund but I’ve asked for the same (twice) and have been refused. It seems just another expensive lesson learnt, sometimes it costs a lot to finally arrive at services that are decent and profitable (and there are some).

  411. Pad says:

    Hi Robbie, been away for a bit. The 50 points profit that Martin mentioned included Champion Court (8/1) and Agean Dawn (5/2).

  412. kendo says:

    Thank you for the disturbing comments I will steer well clear.

  413. Ian says:


    I have been involved in racing and football betting for many years and have tried many different tipsters. The vast majority are no good as we all find out to our expense. I joined because of who he is but the service is one of the worst. I have tried several times to obtain a refund but with no luck. I am writing to the racing post and am taking this further. Be great if several of us managed to do that. Not sure it will get us anywhere. Stick to my own selections that make good money so not bothering trying to chase a golden egg.

  414. Jay J says:

    Martin Raymond,more like “Teasy Weasy” Raymond thweetie,and I’d personally truste anyone with such a name!

  415. Smokey says:

    This man MUST be banged to rights.

  416. raceman says:

    any winners lately???

  417. bowler1 says:

    Erh No Semi Colon 9th Dec lost Jaunty Journey Last Sat 8th e/w lost. A fair bit down now + phone calls & subscription also getting a fair bit of post from other tipsters straight in the bin with them though!!. Should have seen it coming what with all the other comments that have been made. Nemind a lesson learnt the hard way is never to forget or repeat it. Like Ian 28 Dec his MRs advert/blurb was good & I relied on reputation. Mark (the couch) Winstanley spoke highly of him (well informed) in the blurb & he was one of the tipsters who wrote to me recently!

  418. William says:

    The Elite/Project

    Anyone who joined this extra Martin Raymond service, know how it finished up , now its over a year since its start?

    There was various costs depending on how MR felt, I guess but figures of between 1-2K were about the average.

    There was meant to be around 50 bets from a Pro Gambling Team who have about 45-60 horses under their control.

    Last time I looked it was some thing like 1 win in 12 and looking like a dead duck.

    Update appreciated,


  419. Dave says:

    Terrible results. I paid the guy a lot of money for 2 years for his ‘new, improved’ service. The reason I did this was because I was doing pretty well on the old service. However, since the new improved service things have fallen apart, I requested a pro rata refund but received the expected answer, I don’t back his tips any more and this is just as well, they go from bad to worse

  420. Mick says:

    I too have fallen for Mr Raymonds terrible service and would implore others not to follow suite,he has had 3 seperate payments totalling £2247,i started with a bank of £1500 and used £20 per pt also £50 per bet on his so called elite sevice,my bank was empty by September 2010.I have wrote to him asking for my money back more in hope than anticipation.

  421. Dave says:

    Good luck Mick, you won’t be the first to ask for a refund, someone on this forum actually received a refund I believe but he ignored my request for a pro rata refund. I tend to do ok after 3 years of gambling and I think the failed services, though painful, have helped me recognize the bad guys. Martin Bishop’s another one to steer clear of, though not in the same badness mould as Raymond, he just gives out losers. When you go on his website he lists the winners but not the losers, this is generally a big clue. He makes very false claims about profits. If you ever see the words Chris and Munce, avoid like the plague! And any glossy A4s from ATP, no no no no no!

  422. Mike says:

    Thanks Dave,i think M.R.must have got my letter because i cannot access my pin,today what a tosser!i will make him pissed off even if i get nothing back us yorkies are nothing if not tenacious,watch this space!

  423. T Hodgson says:

    M R is bad news thanks for the info

  424. John C says:

    With reference to Martin Raymond, anyone who is considering joining any of his so called racing information services, do not bother.He must rate as one of the most all time useless services for tipping horses I have ever come accross,and I have tried a few. Like many others I got sucked into his tipping service after a quite good start, but this soon changed and now he does not even text his tips, and expects you to contact him by phone. Yes he sounds very plausible on the phone but don’t be fooled. For example the 19 selections given for Jan 2011 up to Sat Feb 26th, just 3 won at odds of 15/8, 4/6 & 5/4. Of the others 12 where Unplaced. If there was a trophy for worst tipster of the season he would be the best bet to win by a distance. Give this conman a wide berth, he can do serious damage to your finances.

  425. bowler1 says:

    Must agree with John C. Had 2 tips Feb Valentine Vic 18 Feb advised 6pts to win lost also Sleepy 3 Feb 8pts to win lost not heard a thing since & my pin is invalid which ain’t no bad thing.

  426. bluiboy says:

    Has anybody had any contact with Martin recently? I too have stopped phoning in and now do not receive any texts from him, which is a good thing, apart form the money lost over the last 6-8 months. Is he still supplying tips for anybody who still follows him?

  427. james says:

    look guys …if you want a decent tipster try this guy….its a free news letter service…he follows stables….….great profits this month…..also check out daqman…at the betdaq betting exchange….he is first class and its free

  428. Liam Hamilton says:

    He changed the number a few weeks ago, I’ve also stopped phoning now, get the occasional text.

  429. moles40 says:

    Why do people pay money to so called horse racing systems.

    If these tipsters were any good they would just back these horses themselves.

    Think of that the next time you geta flyer.

  430. John C says:

    Just to up-date anyone who thinks of joining Martin Raymond. I have received just 3 tips by text since the 26th March to the 8th April. Suprise , suprise all 3 got beat although one did struggle to finish 2nd. I had the good fortune not to back any of them, as this man has in my mind become a legend at tipping losers. As I have advised previously aviod any Martin Raymond race tipping service, it will only cost you a lot of hard earned cash.

  431. Liam Hamilton says:

    Agreed – I’m suing for cash back.

  432. Robert Day says:

    My advice to all is avoid any of these offers.
    I doubt if he is or ever has been a jockeys agent
    email any one on channel 4 they should have heard of him?. The big man himself says they are all crooks. I can give some advice though look at small races 10 max, study the first 5 in betting on Handicaps first 6 in non Handicaps,
    then go to Trainer/Jockeys column look at the %
    for each at that track study the 3 best.
    after time you will see a pattern emerg.
    Best of luck Bob.

  433. john U says:

    I think what Robert has to say is good advice.
    After 30 odd years involvement with the Horses its fair to say that most Punters can do just as well, if not better than 90% of Tipsters and System Vendors.
    Sometimes you have to have a bit more confidence in trying your own Winner finding Methods! You can often frame these with just your Daily Paper.
    I have been monitoring my own approach over the last 7 weeks which averages around 2 or 3 selections a day utilising Well regarded horses in fields of less than 12 and with some decent recent form. At present the Strike rate is 35% Winners and over 23% Return on Investment. Admittedly a short test period but if its still performing in 6 months time, well who knows?
    Your own methodology also has the distinct advantage that you are not paying for either a ‘System’ or daily selections.
    Also don’t get into a mentality of having to bet every day, and especially take care of Saturdays because often there is a lot more competition at that time.(I rarely find Saturday a Winning day and know lots of other folk who leave it alone!) Also watch the seasons – as at present the Code change to the flat, at present there are a lot of large fields of horses with no current form – a real graveyard that one!
    So – if you have been stung more times than a bee-keeper set up your own method and even ‘paper trade’ for 3 or 4 weeks and, as they say, start small. As soon as you can afford £2 a Horse i would use Betfair – better than ISP 90% of the time!
    Hope this helps and encourages folk.

  434. DELETED BY MODERATOR, changing tactics a few weeks after joining and demanding a LOT more money for more security and a better service which never materialised. I was badly stung by this guy.

  435. Juno and the Paycock says:


    It is very difficult to predict which horses will win due to the fact that most people look at the beast which is being tipped, but the form and running of the other contenders are just as important – the vast majority of punters ignore the rest of the field.

    You can only creep ahead if you can find value, to pay for your mistakes.

    Professional gamblers only work on 2 – 3% profit over the year and they use large stakes and huge banks.
    They often have friends and family who are runners and who don’t get paid.
    They are so busy with all their calculations and observations they literally don’t have time to run a tipping service.

    In the whole of England, there are only around 20 – 25 successful gamblers who make a good living from purely gambling. I know some of them personally and I can tell you, they would never contemplate offering a tipping service as they make plenty of money (and lose too at times!) without sharing it with anyone!

    One of the so called friends of one of these professionals tried to be a smart arse and sold the selections to a daily newspaper tipster.

    Within a week, the professional found out and cut the sleaze bag out of his life.

    The professionals tend to live very quiet lives and keep a very low profile. They are very well known in horse racing circles and Betfair has been a godsend for them – they even get their own tent at the annual Betfair Fair!

    They work extremely hard at their game and they always say there are no secrets – all the information is out there.You need to read and read and read.They often find a bet at the last minute, so they really can’t find time to run a tippping service, even if they wanted to!

    They spend all day looking for value.

    It’s not as glamourous a lifestyle as you think as they have their ups and downs – sometimes downs for months – but they have skills of keeping their cool which the rest of us never would have 🙂

    Now you see where “tipsters” come from…..

  436. bluiboy says:

    I know its been a long time since any post on here………but I thought some of you here may be interested in the following; A British Horseracing Authority press release……go to their website and look up a release for 19 Dec 2012 (the 2nd one)….very interesting reading indeed!!

  437. bluiboy says:

    Their was also an article in The Racing Post on the same day which can be accessed on their website!

  438. bluiboy says:

    There is also an email address at the bottom of the Horseracing Authority press release which you could use to request more info on this.

  439. bluiboy says:

    The disciplinary inquiry is set for April 29 to May 03 this year…..although that is subject to change.

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