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Product Name: Low Cost High Life

Author: Mark Homer

Company Name & Contact Details:
Progressive Property
Progressive Property Ltd.
Unit 9, Office Village
Forder Way, Cygnet Park
01733 898 557

Price: £9.99

Money Back Guarantee: Not Stated

What Do You Get?

–  Hard copy book

Where To Buy:  http://www.progressiveproperty.co.uk/low-cost-high-life/

Brief Summary:

The Low Cost High Life book from Mark Homer is said to show you how you can live a really good life for not much money and how you can transform your small savings in to a large cash sum in very little time.

What’s it all about?

This starts as a biography of Marks life and how his dads obsession with saving money, gave him his attitude towards money – bot how to save it and how to make it. When you understand this, you can see where this approach is going.

In this book, Mark outlines the current financial and economic situations. He says that, essentially, life is getting expensive and right now there is very little to be positive about if you
are relying on others or the state to help you out.

Costs of living have risen quite a bit and for many people taxes have increased or benefits of some sort stopped or been reduced. The pensions marketplace is a minefield and often the pension payouts themselves have dwindled or been badly affected.

Most of us know that we will have to work longer and harder than ever, just to try to maintain our lifestyles. But we know this won’t be possible when we are older and not working. Many people now face an uncertain retirement, with a lack of funding, and will be forced into working in their later years, for many even into their 70s.

As Mark outlines, and many can relate to, the gap between the rich and poor, is widening. If you are not in that privileged positions, what exactly are you going to do to solve your wealth problems?

Marks guide shows you how to plan for this and how to be better with your finances to protect them and build them up for the future.

Do I need any experience to make this work?

You need to be willing to change your approach, your mindset and actually take some action and follow the steps that Mark outlines. This is clear actionable material but you’ll need to look at your finances and lifestyle and see how you would implement what is taught.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

Nothing really, if you can get a copy of this book, you should be able to see how you can make small but important changes to your lifestyle and ways you spend your money. Mark shows you how to get more for less.

How Much Can I make?

In the book Mark promises that you can keep exactly the same lifestyles you have now and “spend invest” your way to a minimum of £1,791,735 in 20 years or less, with a proven approach.

That of course depends on a few factors, and I explain those below. Although what Mark outlines is possible, you obviously shouldn’t take this as a guarantee. From this book, you shouldn’t really be looking necessarily at an immediate return. You need to look at a change in your outlook, and a long-term plan of how you will achieve more.

How much time will it take me?

The book is 267 pages long, and actually, it seems longer when you work through it. That’s not to say it’s boring, just that the text is actually smaller than a normal book.

If you dedicate a weekend to this guide, you should be able to work through it and by the end you should have worked out your own personal blueprint of how to live a Low Cost High Life.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

No special equipment is needed at all.

Value For Money?

Yes, the book is cheap and you should be able to make not only savings but also implement some simple things in your life to return the cost of the book.

Does it live up to the claims in the promotion?

The book is accurately described. The sales page gives you a good overview of the contents and the book delivers what they outline.

Quality Of Customer Service?

As it’s a book, you don’t really need any assistance from their customer service. But I should point out that the company Mark owns is well regarded for their good customer service and will be able to point you in the direction of further resources should you need them.


Mark’s book tackles this subject using his own personal experience. Reading the early stages of the book you could mistakenly say that Mark has had everything given to him, from the good upbringing and a private education. But what you actually learn as you go on, is that Mark learnt many lessons, made a good few mistakes and has a sound and simple approach to life.

It’s his approach of getting value for money, spending wisely and investing well that is most useful to readers. He shows you how to spend your money sensibly and to make your money go further.

Anyone of any age can follow this, but certainly, those who are younger (under 40) have the greatest opportunity to make this work for them. Mark shows that time is the greatest benefit that everyone has, and in time, you can use the power of compounding to great effect. Mark has done this himself, in his own property investments, but in other areas too.

Compounding is one of the greatest secrets that all investment guru’s share. So you should pay attention to this area.

What I liked with this guide is that Mark gives you plenty of his own stories, experiences and real life examples of how things work, what he did and how you could do it too.

Even small things about creating a wealth mirage is good, it doesn’t mean you are a fraud but actually how you take shortcuts to put you in the right place, with the right knowledge and this basically gives you a leg up.

Mark has a lot of tips like this. I liked his approach on buying everything low. That might seem obvious, but the way he gives good examples of what he did and even on main items that people buy, like cars, is good advice, it might seem obvious what he says, but that is often true of many things.

Mark takes you through saving money and using it to your advantage every single day. It’s quite a challenge to do, but you will be gripped by how dedicated he is and how you could follow the same path if you put in the effort.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Mark Homer then please leave a comment below.


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