Lee Bolingbroke Racing Service Review

| July 29, 2011 | 29 Replies

Product Name: Lee Bolingbroke Racing Service 

Author: Lee Bolingbroke

Company Name & Contact Details:
LeeBolingbroke Racing Ltd
Unit 4
Barcombe Mills Road,
email: info@raceinfo.org


The UK’s leading Horse Racing Advisory Site

Price: Free trial offered initially. No pricing advised.

Money Back Guarantee: N/A

What Do You Get?

– Tipping service trial using national rate phone line.

Where To Buy:  http://www.raceinfo.org/

What’s It All About?  

The Lee Bolingbroke Racing Service is a horse racing tipping service.

This service is being offered by email and one of our members has started a trial which has been less than inspiring to date. We would be interested to hear from other members who have been approached or signed up or have any other experience of this company.

The claim on the website is somewhat grandiose and hardly holds much water. Members will note there are no real results disclosed on the site and a lack of detail about the service itself.

If you have any experience of this please leave your comments below.



Category: Betting, Horse Racing, Horse Racing Tipsters, Tipster Services

Comments (29)

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  1. benny20 says:

    we cant remember this guys name, but lee bollingbroke is a made up name which he hides/trades behind,he traded from a simlar area nr lewes , will update when we have more info DELETED BY MODERATOR Just google him and see not good feed back from any forums , just be aware !

  2. ronald says:

    lee bollingbroke sends me a text message every day ive phoned once 4 horses given all lost and at £1.53p a minute the called lasted 4 mins waffles on first before any mentioned of horses
    rubbish he can carry on text me but i shall not be calling
    regards ron.

  3. Bluefingers says:

    I got the ‘cold call’ from Lee Bolingbroke, whoever he is. I checked out his website, and there was no mention of how much it was to subscribe. There is no record of results on his website. I took up the free weeks trial, just to give him the benefit of the doubt, and I received a letter through the post. The first selection on the saturday won at 15/8. No selection sunday, no selection monday. Tuesday selection lost. Wednesday selection lost. Thursday selection lost. Friday selection (getting desperate), max 10 points bet, lost. Saturday 8 points bet lost. I got the feeling that he was chasing losses, a definite no-no.
    1 Win out of six bets, including losing a max bet… not too good. I checked out his accounts at Company House, I have more money in my housekeeping account than his company is worth. I have back checked his results over the week and I am sure that Lee Bolingbroke is not a tipster, he is using a system. I knew which horse he was going to advise today, because he is so transparent.
    Lee, if you are reading this, give me a ring, I am much better than you, I had six horses selected on friday, and every one won.
    To anyone else who is reading this, leave him alone. Check out the reviews on the internet and do not sign up for his premium service. He will ask you to place money on bets for him but he won’t pay if they lose.
    I have tried to phone him, and I have sent two emails which he hasn’t answered.

  4. nobby36 says:

    I keep getting the texts from Lee Bollingbroke (perhaps it should be Lee Broke! (as he would be if he backed his selections) but I don’t respond. What he does say in the texts (always)! is that the previous selections have all won! Remarkable.
    Leave alone is my advice.

  5. Scooby says:

    Hi Bluefingers,
    God only knows why you even bothered with this (deleted by moderator) character if you can pick 6 out of 6 winners on your own? Quite an achievement by anyones standards !!Please lets us know how you do it,and failing that,send me some tips !!
    I’m panting & drooling at the thought of 6/6 winners in one day !!Perhaps you should contact Jack & change your handle to Goldfingers ?

  6. Bluefingers says:

    I thought his site was just rubbish, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and watched his bets for a week. I never had any intention of placing any bets on his selections.
    The other matter, Out of the 4 systems that I use, friday was a good day. I exagerrated slightly, I atually had 5 winners on straight win bets, and a second place on an each way bet. I cleared just better than 10 points on the day. That was an exceptional day, some days I don’t have any selections at all. I have had days where I have won 3 out of 3 and 4 out of 4. I am going to keep going with what I am doing for a while, and I might set up a free service if the results hold up.
    Fair to say as well, I have had days where 3 out of 3 have lost. I can’t walk on water…yet.

  7. frankieparis says:

    hi folks , i to have had dealings with lee (deleted by moderator) stay with him and you will go broke stay well clear,regards frankie .

  8. solanki59 says:

    hi all, can’t believe ALL the negative comments about this man! in my experience all services have ups and downs.he does own winners, look at viva colonia at market rasen couple of saturdays back! 14/1! I called XXXXXXXXX about a month ago and had 5 winners in the same day so i guess it’s pot luck!

  9. Juno and the Paycock says:

    Hi solanki59.
    Are you Lee Bolingbroke??

  10. Bluefingers says:

    I sent ‘Lee Bolingbroke’ a polite email asking him to refrain from sending any further ‘selections’. They stopped straight away. I guess he gets his emails, just doesn’t like to respond to any questionning about his ‘service’. 30 points down over a one week trial, that could be 120 points a month. One of the worst I have come across.

  11. CJ says:

    Had a free trial couple of years ago – absolute rubbish

  12. raceman says:

    I must say the above comments surprise me,I have had a very profitable time since joining in February with winners up to 12/1,he had a runner today at Newcastle called Aftertimer which ran ok and was not advised as a bet.I presume they all have good and bad runs.

  13. anthony07 says:

    last year had a free trial with lee bollingbrooke for 2 weeks,showed a small profit,but did not pursue,then about a month later had a call from him or one of his assistants saying they had one of his own horses running shortly that would definately win and if i subscribed for a year (£195 i think)would more than cover cost of subscription,sounded genuine, warned me about a lot of bad services out there and said he would,nt pressure me into making a decision then and there,2 days later he phoned to say the horse was running shortly and would definately win,being an idiot i joined there and then,he told me the name of the horse(can,t remember its name)and told me to have as much as i liked on it e/way,came 6th of 8,the next day phone rang,noticed it was his no.thought he was ringing to apologise,he asked me if i had a big bet on it,i said yes £200 e/way, then asked me if i could get big bets on? i said probably, he then asked me if i could get £500 on a horse for him, i asked him how would i get the£500 pound off him (knew exactly what he wanted) NO he said you dont understand you put £500 on for me out of your own money and what ever i want for myself,these bets come from guys who win £10,000 plus a year betting, i asked him if he was taking the piss, told him if he had any sense he would ask people to put £50 MAX, He then hung up,about a week later got my pin number through for his service,listened to the selections,COMPLETE CRAP never backed any of them,i then just stopped phoning, an expensive .lesson for one bet,£595 suppose greed got the better of me,about a week ago i started receiving texts saying as a former member i am entitled to access to a premium rate number,for his service,have repeatedly texted him to stop sending me texts,still receiving them, (DELETED BY MODERATOR) AVOID AT ANY COSTS

  14. Scooby says:

    Well it seems that the negative posts heavily outweigh the positives on this one?
    anthony07 post has fully made my own mind up on this character.Anyone who conducts their business like that should have a health warning tattooed on their forehead or some other appropriate words? And fair play to you anthony07 for telling us about your unfortunate experiences.
    Not everyone would be so honest about taking a £600 kicking!!

  15. Scooby says:

    Hi Bluefingers,
    Hows your walking on water plan coming along?
    Yeah,I know it’s only been a few days, but I’ve seen how fast you number crunch on a different thread !! Would I be a wise man to start looking for a star to follow yet?
    Last one one I tracked turned out to be space junk that crashed & burned in a STorm !!!
    Its just about Friday again, so good crunching for another five and a half out of six:0)
    PS, have you or anyone else out there got any opinions/advise on using race trends as a betting tool? Probably should start another thread about it instead of here?(Sorry)

  16. weehawk says:

    This lee guy is an absolute joke I recieved that many losing tips that i started sending him some winning tips to help the loser out. I phoned his service a few times and the money on my pay & go phone kept running out before he actually gave me the daily tips, waffled on telling me how unlucky his tips had been the previous day, as if i didn’t already know that. steer clear you will only lose money.

  17. benny20 says:

    Hi, we found the info in this guy, it surfaced some time back . from a source from the courts that John ( Jock) Mccracken and later Lee Bollingbroke are /were the same person see the thread on here
    http://www.moremoneyreview.com/john-mccracken-review-2937.html they think he set up lee bollingbroke racing ltd check out their directors as well. or someones running the tipping line for him??

  18. bestmate says:

    hello i been with this man since april will be with him till april next year, you phone him
    on days when he tells you to when you ring for
    advice on that day you are told when next time
    so far i must say im in front up till now but
    taken the price i payed im a small amount
    behind at present but a long way to go before
    i can say good or bad, last 3 bets lost, bet before that won i took 9/1 bet won 9/2 so up and down, what i will say the advise given he
    picks himself so i think in the long run you will lose. i will let you all know. to finish
    does anybody know a service that you can profit from. bestmate thank you for reading reply

  19. thumper says:

    Well, what to say about our Lee – or whoever he really is. I tried his service for a little while after a disastrous “FREE TRIAL” (so frankly nobody but myself and being a raw rookie to blame) but ended up significantly out of pocket. Everything seemed to be recommended as “MAX!” or “PLATINUM!!” bets too, except I found that the SR was around 23% in reality. I cut my losses and ran, and although I see some positive comment here I would advise anyone else to leave it alone.

  20. joey123 says:

    so the dreaded lee whoever is still at it,presumably trying to get some winter holiday money.a pal of mine had a taste of this joker,and guess what?He ended up nearly broke.wonder if theres a craptic clue in his name.anybody who waffles on a 09 number,is definitely taking the p__s.Could’nt get my flyer in the bin quick enough.The saving grace is,i have’nt had to listen his waffle or suffer any losses.

  21. shek2nd says:

    lee bolingbroke has horses in training with julie camacho

  22. Bluefingers says:

    I have asked this ‘gentleman’ to remove my details from his database but he still pounds me with free trials etc..
    Out of interest his ‘ten point max bet’ yesterday (which I hope nobody put any money on), which he assured was practically unbeatable, lost by 10 lengths!
    The guy is becoming a nuisance, a bit like an irratating fly that won’t leave you alone when you are trying to eat your dinner.

  23. boldyman says:

    to be honest,even tho there hasnt been many winners there has been many only just beaten and there abouts.as we know the weather hasnt been great so results have been very unpredictable of late.he even stopped the free trial becouse of this which i dont think is the work of a con artist or anything like that.
    he has started up again and today gave a 7/1 winner,so i think now that the weather has improved is the time to judge his tips over a longer period.
    how many rubbish systems are their out there that give out 5-10 tips a day and hardly get any winners so just give him a chance and i for one will.

  24. hollyhannah says:

    just done his free trial made about 240 from four tips wants me to join for 500 for the year after reading comments above think I will give it a miss.Thanks guys

  25. hopalong1948 says:

    Started a free trial 23rd Feb 2013 with a 0871 number to ring at midday. Paper traded and could see it was going nowhere, have stopped ringing the number but still getting SMS with advice. So far 23 bets with 5 wins

  26. fstudent12 says:

    Just completed a free trial with this firm, had 5 bets and 3 winners and not bad prices. However since I’ve had emails near on everyday offering bets, I’ve not taken any but the next day I get emails telling me I missed this winner and that winner, including 2 winners yesterday. I’m tempted to sign up and today I get an email telling me to call about a bet on one of his own horses today, so I done a search online on the Racing Post and he doesn’t even have a horse running today. Is anyone a member , as don’t want to waste money if it’s just false advertising.

  27. chris29 says:

    Am on on one of his 7 days free trials, which has been thoroughly underwhelming, ie 1 win from 8 bets.

    Today, his email briefly apologised, saying his performance so far wasn’t “typical”. Quite amusing really, given the previous posts here.

  28. GregTheBlue says:

    i received an email from him yesterday…offering a free trial…

    i read up on his services on here, and im not even gonna bother with the trial…

  29. MMR Reviewer says:

    It appears that Mr B is now trying his luck using affiliates and their mailing lists. The offer is the same as available through the website address shown above.

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