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Layman’s Profit

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Winning Information Network, Betfan Ltd 65 Morden Hill, Lewisham, SE13 7NP



The Layman’s way to race betting profit!.


£4.97 for 10 day trial then £29 per month or £49 per quarter (plus VAT in EU)

Money Back Guarantee:


What Do You Get   .

Horse race lay betting tipping service

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Brief Summary

Layman’s Profit from Winning Information Network is email based lay tipping service for horse racing. Also available via members area of website. Selections of highly rated horses author expects to lose. Max odds recommended 8.0.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

200 point bank recommended

How much money can I make?

Pre launch proofing showed 64 point profit from 28/9/2016 to 20/12/2016. Normally 1 point stakes but some 5 point “super lays” advised.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection and Betting Exchange account

Value for money?  

Steady start

Quality of customer service?  

Betfan always good on this aspect


Many punters express the view that a number of win tipping services should really be sold as Lay tips, their performance being poor and finding a winner is notoriously difficult as we know. So picking horses that will lose should be easy peasy should it not? Well over the last few years I have seen several services that claim they can do this but have not stood the test of time. It only takes a couple of winners at high odds to blow your betting bank wide apart and destroy any confidence that you may have in the author’s abilities.

If you can lose say 10 times your stake you feel bad when it happens and for most the feeling is too much to take so you go back into your shell and try to find winners again.

Layman’s Profit is a relatively new service from the Betfan group and offers selections of horses that the author considers will lose. Unlike many he does make wild claims of riches which is reassuring – see this extract from the marketing page:

I’m not going to lie to you. I can’t say this way of betting will put a Bentley on the drive or pay for a beautiful home in the countryside.

However, if you would be happy with an extra few hundred pounds each week then my service will be of serious interest to you.

I haven’t come online to make false promises of untold riches. I have simply developed a secret system that identifies low to medium priced losers and it’s working extremely well. It may not make you a fortune but it can certainly bring some nice profit.

Seems to me he starts from the right place and the way the service operates would add weight to this. No hype or excuses when the inevitable winner does come and sticks to the system so the questionable influence of so called insider knowledge is not a factor.

On signing up you receive a welcome email setting out what to expect and then daily emails with selections are sent in the late morning of race day. A betting bank of 200 points is advised with most selections staked at 1 point although up to 5 can be advised. A maximum lay price of 8.0 is recommended and the results advised on site are based on BSP. The selection emails advise a current price for the runner which appears to be based on the projected BSP as shown on Betfair. We have recorded to available price when emails received and also BSP

It seems that our trial started in the middle of a long run of success and we saw the last 10 in the sequence before a winner which unfortunately was a 3 point selection. A couple of successive winners followed a few days later but we then saw a run of 16 successful lays before the next losing bet. Overall there have been 34 runners with 30 successful on the basis that a price under 8 could be achieved at some point after receipt of the email. (We have highlighted in red the horses that are not included on the site results because they were over the 8.0 limit – the site profit will be less than might have been achieved). Most bets have been 1 point with a single 5 point bet and 7 at 3 points from which 2 of the 4 losing bets arose.

The service has been profitable thus far with a 7.3 points profit achieved after a drawdown of 16 points occurred. It appears to have been the worst month since the service launched – sorry! A 14.37% ROI based on the stake is reasonable but perhaps the 2.43% taking risk as the factor is a little on the low side.

I talked about confidence earlier, this being a vital part of the way a lay service operates and so far there has been no erosion here. If you achieve a profit in a poor month there would seem to be potential and we will continue to monitor and hopefully report some progress at the end of February.

You can see the trial results here:

Laymans Profit Results

Update 31/3/2017: We have now passed the 100 bet milestone and the return has been maintained with only a couple of alarms on the way. The bank is now 29 points up having reached a peak of 51 before a 3 point stake winner made a bit of a hole. Overall we have 90 successful lays from 105 runners (85.7%) and with the average stake now just over 2 points there has been some progress helped by a winning streak of 21 races. The worst losing run is 2 and subscribers will have built some confidence in the service.

At the normal monthly rate the price per point profit is around £3 which is not too bad but there is not much wriggle room there so performance needs to be maintained. The low entry cost will allow a look at how the service operates and whether it is likely to suit your betting style. Results on the WIN website are accurate and can be taken as a fair guide to continuing performance.

You can see my results here:

Laymans Profit Results


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