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Jolly Lock

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Jolly Lock Ltd  13 Monks Avenue, West Molesey, KT8 2HD email


Protect your identity and your profits with Jolly Lock IP.


£25 per month 1 user/£69 per month 3 users or £105 per month 5 users. No term contract – can be cancelled any time.

Special offer for Betting Rant members £15 for first month – 1 user licence only,

Money Back Guarantee:


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Software allowing use of internet by limited VPS

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Brief Summary

Jolly Lock IP is a limited type of Virtual Private Server which allows users to have remote cloud based desktop. Will also allow users to access their accounts from anywhere in the world thus overcoming country restrictions. .

How Much Money Do I need to get started?


How much money can I make?


How much time will I need to make this work?.

Initial set up in minutes then run as required

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value for money?  

Compares with many UK based services

Quality of customer service?  

Good – fast and non tech response to questions!


If you are not aware of the controversy surrounding the things that bookmakers are doing on your e-devices, often without your express permission, you must lead a sheltered life. This product is designed to allow you to open and use accounts with bookmakers but will prevent you from being infected by their spyware. (In case you think I am being over dramatic on this you should be aware that the Information Commission have found in favour of complaints from ordinary punters and the pressure groups continue to lobby strongly for the industry to be open and fair.)

When you open a bookmaker account you will be asked to agree to their use of cookies on your device. A seemingly normal request that most website make the main purpose being to allow the easy functioning of the site. But the bookmakers, in the name of fraud prevention, go further and not only load cookies that have an expiry date in 20 years or even 30 and longer but many secretly load a software program called IE Snare or Iovation which is designed to feed back any information about the use of your device. This is almost certainly illegal but to date it has not been possible to prevent this abuse continuing. Some bookmakers even load this program on your device when you just visit their site without you even opening an account with them.

Another issue that many punters are finding is that if they have the temerity to win a few quid their accounts quickly become limited or even closed and if your family or mates should happen to use one of your devices to place their bets there is a chance that they will be linked with you and suffer a similar fate.

For some time many have been using methods to try and escape the glare. This can be a Virtual Private Network, Virtual Private Server or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – VPN, VPS or VDI for short. Whilst they will help to some extent they are still operating from a hardware device and so will allow the spyware to be loaded for the bookmakers to carry on with their evil doings.

But help is now at hand from a new product Jolly Lock IPVD which is a cloud based remote desktop, thus having no hardware and so defeating the bookmakers in their spying attempts. Without physical hardware the bookies cannot load the programs. It is based on a VPS but does not have the full capabilities of one and thus becomes your security friend.

I know many members will already be saying this all sounds a bit to technical for me but it really isn’t – as long as you follow the instructions! If you are using Betting Rant there is nothing more complicated in setting up the Jolly Lock service so don’t be put off for that reason. The service will currently work on devices that use a Windows or Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.9 (Mavericks).It is not operative on mobiles but this is not really an issue as the bookmakers cannot spy on you so readily via their mobile apps.

On signing up you will receive a detailed instruction sheet by PDF which sets out exactly the steps you need to take. It may take a few hours for this to be received as it is necessary to acquire and allocate a unique internet address (known as IP address) to your service. This IP address will remain with you while you are subscribed and because it is static should not give bookies an indication that you are trying to get below their radar. Many who use a VPN are immediately alerting the bookmakers to their tactics because the IP address will be constantly changing.

You will download a program onto your pc which you then set up following the instructions and access to this is then just a click on the icon. This brings up an access portal as below

Enter your password and click OK to be presented with your personal cloud based desktop – it all takes less than 30 seconds once you are set up.  This is what you will then see

The desktop has several utilities pre-loaded and comes with around 25gb of storage space so you can save some files here if you wish. The main use is going to be to access websites and Google Chrome is pre-loaded and has been chosen because it has been shown to work properly across the range of sites you are likely to visit. (You will be advised that the version is out of date but this is not an issue as you are not putting your device at risk because you are using a ring fenced program which does not allow any access to the rest of your device).

You then just use this desktop for visiting the websites where you do not want to leave any connection with your normal internet usage and as we are talking bookmakers here not only will they not be able to link your visit to your current account (unless you log in using it of course!) they will not be able to download any of their spyware because the service does not give the facility to run any other programs/apps without Jolly Lock building it in to their program. I have tested the use of 2 separate Betfair accounts on my device at the same time to make sure there is no connection identifiable and as you will see from the screenshot the IP addresses are completely different (I have only shown the initial numbers for obvious reasons!)

Some of you will be aware that certain bookmakers block access to your account if you block the use of IE Snare on your device. Other bookmakers try to load this before you even open an account. If you are using Jolly Lock then neither of these actions can be completed so you are protecting your privacy as far as you can. I have checked both these instances and nothing has been left on my device after use.

Some VPN users complain of slower browsing speeds which is a potential problem when you want to get bets on quickly. Well Jolly Lock is operating using a high speed connection so the limitation is likely to be your own router connection – see the speed test result for my set up

I have concentrated on the security potential of using Jolly Lock as I think this is becoming more and more critical for the ordinary punter. Why should a cosy club of businesses that practice methods which in any other sphere would have been outed in the 1980’s be allowed to carry on unchallenged. This service allows you to fight back but may also have other benefits.

It is critical that you present yourself to the bookmaker as a mug punter. By using Jolly Lock you can give this as good a go as possible as they cannot link your betting for things like arbing and so as long as you are careful about how you conduct your individual accounts you ought to be able to keep them active for longer. The Jolly Lock program cannot do that on its own but it can certainly make it easier for you to achieve this.

Do you want to bet while on holiday in outer Mongolia? Often you may get a connection and then find you cannot connect because the bookie is not licenced in that country. Well if you put Jolly Lock on your lap top as well (you can load onto any number of devices so long as you only log in from one at any given time) you will be able to carry on as if you were sitting in your front room at home.

Matched betting is another area where the bookies get nervous as they really only want you to take advantage of their offers if you don’t really know what you are doing. If you are able to take advantage of using an alternative identity then you can spread the match over these and so disguise the connection even further.

And in the future it is likely that you will be able to operate betting bots using the service. Currently the software needs to be on a hard drive but cloud bots are coming and I understand from my discussions with Jolly Lock that they may be able to place current bots as a program option on their service so registered bot users could load up their selections and then close down the connection as the bot will continue to run on the Jolly Lock server. Power cuts matter not then!

Regular readers will know I am in no way a computer geek and so I have had the Jolly Lock program looked at by those who understand how to check the technical claims. I have been told that everything is as indicated and it does what it says it will. A couple of things to bear in mind are that when closing the Jolly Lock program you should also make sure you log out of the accounts you had open or they will remain in that state even though you cannot see them on your desktop. And BET365 will not work on the desktop – they already do not allow VPN users to access them through such portals and their apparently clever use of Flash programming has identified that Jolly Lock is similar. They do not use IE Snare so you are as safe as you can be running their site on your normal device.

Now over the last week or so I have bored rigid the support guy at Jolly Lock with a lot of minor questions which he has answered readily. I am pleased to say that he has also agreed a special exclusive deal for Betting Rant members where you can try the service for just £15 in month 1 so it will be possible to take a really good look at the service for a nominal fee and decide if you want to carry on. There is no fixed contract length on any subscription so you may cancel at any time without penalty.


I am happy to recommend this service to readers as it both appears to do what it says it will and so will help you maintain your privacy but is also at a reasonable price. It is difficult to compare to other products directly as this seems to be a one off at the moment but for serious punters it could well become a no brainer.



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  1. David Ayerst says:

    Hi All

    Jolly Lock is hosting a webinar on the 4th April from 19.00 – 20.00. This is your opportunity to hear from leading campaigners for fairer rights for the honest punter and hear what they have to say.

    For more information and to register for this very special event follow this link

    This is an event not to be missed so register now as places are limited

  2. Herbert says:

    Expensive compared to a VPN with dedicated IP and virtual machine set up.

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