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Product Name: Jay Abraham Group

Author: Jay Abraham

Contact Details:
The Abraham Group
23639 Hawthorne Blvd #301,
Torrance, CA 90505
Tel: 1.310.465.1840


Every Business Owner deserves the right to learn how to  increase sales, multiply profits and mine every hidden opportunity in their world.

Price: Free initially, then you can make regular payments for various levels of course material, or pay mentoring and both private and group, from $2000 up to $20,000

Money Back Guarantee:  Not specified

What do you get?

– The group provide both entrepreneurs and business owners various free and paid course, podcasts, tutorials and mentoring.

Where to buy: http://www.abraham.com/

Brief Summary: 

Jay Abraham Group is run by business coach Jay Abraham and offers various levels of membership to business owners who are looking to take their business to the next level.

What’s it all about?

If you are a business owner or in the first stages of running a business then Jay Abraham is perhaps someone who can help you.

With his training and mentoring, he aims to show you the best ways to structure and focus your attention so you can grow your business.

Jay says he will share with you 39 different resources to help you move your business forward including copywriting and advanced sales techniques. He goes on to show you how to take your lowest price clients and re-energise them so they start becoming your best customers.

According to Jay, each item that he shows you has the capability of boosting your sales performance and expanding your profit significantly.

He also claims that is requires no extra effort, extra investment or any dangerous risk.

Do i need any experience to make this work?

You really need to be an established business owner, although the material is taught at a basic level you will get more from this if you have a current business and can implement the material taught right away and see the impact.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

Although many of the techniques can be implemented into a current business, you should be willing to spend more money in the right areas to try and grow your sales.  What Jay really teaches is how to take an existing business and get it paying you more money, via more sales and much higher prices.  You can see this in his own business, where he teaches some basic material for free, then gets members paying regular recurring payments on a monthly basis, right through to private training at very high prices.

How Much Can I make?

Jay doesn’t make specific income promises, because not only does it depend on the type of business you are running, but also how much time and effort you are willing to put into it.  Each business is different but the general strategy is the same.  Getting your customers or business clients playing you more money more often.

How much time will it take me?

You should look at this as a long-term business investment.  Not only in terms of the money, you spend but also the time you put into it.  The learning is ongoing, and if you go for the highest level of membership then you could easily be paying Jay five figures to get his teaching and business overview.

Value For Money?

I would say yes for the right business owners, this investment should be seen as exactly that, an investment into your business.  You have to be serious about taking your current business and looking to double the revenue you make.

Different businesses have different challenges and Jay tries to get you to focus purely on growth areas, those that you can spend less time for bigger return.  It’s about trying to take more money from your current activities but with less effort and cost in the long term.

Does it live up to the claims in the promotion?

The sales promotion is to the point – they promise to show you how to increase those profits whilst getting more focus and dedication in your business.

You can see from the sales material that Jay has very powerful testimonials from some of the most famous names and businesses in the world.   This is a man who has helped more business owners than perhaps anyone else.

Quality Of Customer Service?

Excellent. Normally questions you raise are answered within 24/48 hours. The staff know the products available and can give you a response on how the programs work.

Review – 06/02/2015

Jay’s coaching is for those business owners who see the bigger picture and can learn, listen and then implement what he is saying.  Everyone who looks at his material will get something different from it, so regardless of the business you are involved in you should be able to apply the techniques to help you grow and be more successful.

Whether your challenge is marketing, erratic sales, fierce competition, limited resources, poorly performing strategy or revenue model, these resources provide answers, solutions, strategies you’re looking for.

What I liked is that Jay gives you a lot of material before you even have to register with your email address. This immediately made me trust him more.

When I worked through the videos, podcasts, pdf’s, slideshows and audio files, I was able to get a good grasp of what is being taught and his methods.  In this free material, you should get enough ideas to start implementing in to your business right away.

What each item does is focus on one or two key areas of business and how to solve the problems and further growth.  Even if you don’t look at everything, you should be able to look at what is causing you the biggest headache and find some material here to help you solve that problem.

When you sign up you’ll immediately gain access to hours of hands-on instructional videos.  All of this material is covered with hundreds of real-life case studies, success story examples and illustrative lessons.

This starter material is just the start, Jay keeps giving your more material. Each month you’ll be given new interviews, blueprints and private sessions.

I would recommend this training and program.  You get a lot of free material, so much so that it is a bit overwhelming at first, but you are getting very valuable material that should help any business.

You can then decide if it’s necessary for you to pay for higher levels of membership, mentoring or events.  If you did, I would say you should be able to return the cost of the course if you take action and implement the ideas into your business.

If you have any experience of Jay Abraham then please leave a comment below.



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