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Product Name: Instant Article Wizard

Author: Jonathan Leger

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Create Top-Quality Unique Content –From Scratch, In Minutes– Even If You Know Nothing About The Topic!

Price: $7 for a 7-day trial, then $77 / year.

Money Back Guarantee:  none

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Brief Summary: 

Instant Article Wizard from Jonathan Leger is a content writing tool for websites.

What’s It All About?

Instant Article wizard software is, as the name suggests, an instant article writer. It helps you to write content or articles for your website and these articles will help you rank in the search engines. The more articles you have the higher up the rankings in Google and other search engines you should appear. They claim this software will get you higher up the rankings and save you time in collecting the information and accumulate it in a simple way…

So let me quickly explain how software like this works. First you will enter one of your keywords into the software. It then writes an article based on the keyword/s you entered.  It does this in the style of an author with proper grammar, paragraphs and phrases.

This is very appealing for website owners because they believe they can use software such as this to produce more relevant content for their websites, quicker and without large costs. It seems a perfect way to boost your website with more quality content that is highly targeted. So in theory this will bring you more people to your site, because you have more pages ranking in the search engines, and therefore showing higher in the page rankings. Then it also helps you because you have more articles on your site that those visitors can read, so they stay at your site longer.

When you read and understand this process, it seems very simple and exactly what you should be doing.  Sadly most software content generation systems don’t always help you out.

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

This is easy to use but you will need to have your own online business up and running and have a good understanding of using articles for your website and what it entails. I’ve briefly explained about rankings in websites and building more content about, really you should have a basic knowledge of search engine optimisation.

This is going to cost you per year so please make sure you are confident that you will be able to recover the cost of this and be able to implement this into your business.

How Much Time Will It Take Me?

Using the software is easy and you should find that you can get going quickly and easily. This will save you time, by creating content for your articles. As already mentioned you just input your keywords and it will produce an article for you, so you should know within the 30 days money back guarantee time period whether this will be able to be implemented into your business.

I strongly advise that you look closely at each article to see if it is of the quality you would require. Make a decision quickly if this product seems to do what it promises and see how well those articles it generates, produces traffic and the required goal for your website.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

90% of the sales promotion is full of customer’s testimonials, which is always good to see. The promotion explains briefly what this is and how it works, but if you are unfamiliar with creating articles for your site and what this can do for you, you will probably wonder still what this is all about.


It seems as though there are two versions of this software.

The instant Article Wizard, which this review is on and then there is Instant Article Wizard Pro, which I think is an upgrade to this software. You may be up-sold to the Pro version if you decide to purchase the software, but it seems from some feedback I’ve seen you don’t need the Pro version and users on this software seem to think the quality of the content that this produces is good.

Many of the testimonials are for support and bonus items, not for the actual product delivering long-term success for its users.

One criticism that I have, is that I do not understand why any vendor offers dozens of unrelated bonus items if you purchase their main item. This is definitely the case here with dozen upon dozen bonus items. Everything from creating products to copywriting. This really is a case of information overload and although it’s all additional material for free, I found it information overload, why they would do this? I want to buy a software system not have dozens of pdf documents across such a huge range of products that I must work through.

When I then looked at all those testimonials, again it made me realise there was a huge number swayed by this extra material. It’s a shame because this product has been around since 2011 I believe, and I would rather those people were commenting on how the product had worked for the past two years, rather than saying what wonder bonus items they got.

Every single article or content software system I’ve looked at before has failed to produce to a consistent level.

The other problems faced with software systems are those where the content actually makes little sense, software systems find it very hard to produce content where every single sentence makes sense.

Finally, software systems are also known to actually harm your website ranking. This might seem odd to a novice user but Google and other search engines are very smart, they can tell by the sentence and paragraph structures whether you content is written by a human or via a software system. If they suspect the later then they will penalise and downgrade your website and all its pages.

You can read more about the normal problems with article spinning, or content creation software at this site

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Jonathan Leger then please leave a comment below.



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