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Product Name:  Insider’s Edge

Author:  Tom Wake

Company Name & Contact Details:
Canonbury Publishing Ltd,
Unit 1,
Hainault Works,
Hainualt Road,
Little Heath,


Insider hints, tips and tricks to help you make money, save money, get healthier and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Price: Free

Money Back Guarantee: n/a

What Do You Get?

– Free weekly e-letter
– Insider’s Edge Website

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: 

Insider’s Edge by Tom Wake is a free weekly e-letter and new website that gives you hints and tips on various subject areas. Tom Wake promises to help you make money with the latest opportunities, gives you tips on how to save money and he also provides general health and lifestyle advice.

What’s It All About?

This e-letter was formerly known as the Biz Opp Jungle and written by Charlie Wright until he retired in July 2011. Now Tom Wake has taken over who he says is a good friend of Charlie’s. Tom’s background is in publishing – primarily as an editor, a copywriter and an online marketing consultant.

The weekly e-letter and website contains Insider hints, tips and tricks to help you save money and get healthier. The main titles on the website are, making money, saving money, household tips and health and lifestyle tips plus reviews.

The e-letter is free to join all you have to do is input your email address and you will be sent this weekly and can log onto the website at any time.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

No, anyone can join and its free. There are useful tips and tricks for you to look at and read each week.

The format that this is set out on the website is very user friendly and easy to understand. It also covers a range of interests from different business opportunity’s to saving money and health and lifestyle so whatever you’re interested in there should be something for everyone.


I’ve never heard of Tom Wake before but I have heard of Charlie Wright and Canonbury Publishing.

I did some research but I can find no reference to a Tom Wake online in any of the fields that he mentions. So I’m not sure how experienced he is or what credentials he holds.

Tom says that he has revamped the website since taking over and listening to all the feedback, so now it more user friendly.  Tips have their own sections, there are reviews on there and a share it feature.

This e-letter is free to join but I would imagine that each e-letter will contain upsell links for you to buy products/courses etc so this is why they are offering the e-letter for free in the hope you will take up other offers that they will send you. Obviously you don’t have to take up any of the offers and there may be other information in the e-letters that may be useful to you.

There is no harm in this as the actual content that is on the site seems good and they promise not to share your details.

The website itself is split into different sections like I mentioned above, it is clear and easy to read so anyone can benefit from this it just depends what interests you.  I think there will mostly be biz opps but it also covers lifestyle and health so something for everyone.

What I do find a little strange is why Tom has turned the review business that Charlie ran into this? It doesn’t seem to have much focus on a single subject so from my experience so far there have been some topics covered that I have no interest in.

Some recent articles include using a baking tray to get a better wi-fi signal and how to get the best mobile phone tariff.   They are useful things to know but I’m not sure I’d follow through with the advice.  The more interesting stuff was articles like 7 ways to make money at Christmas, although I found that some of the ideas were not really about Christmas, just some small jobs you could at any time of the year.  Things like buying up old stock and selling on, or taking advantage of trending products and trying to source them cheaper but sell via auctions sites like ebay.

I have to say I do find the articles an easy read and they are short so it should only take 30 seconds to work through.

There also seems to be some member interaction and I noticed this on an article, how to ‘newsjack’ to bring traffic. This was an idea I hadn’t heard of before but it seemed a good way to get traffic to your site, Tom gave a good example and I could see this type of marketing working if you get the right newsworthy item.   But as I say, there was some other members interaction on the site and these threads which is good because those other members can also help you with ideas.

Overall, this is an easy to navigate site with a host of good ideas on various subjects that should appeal to most people.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Tom Wake then please leave a comment below.


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