Insane Curve Review

| August 17, 2015 | 13 Replies

Product Name: Insane Curve

Author: B-K

Company Name & Contact Details:
Streetwise Publications Ltd,
Eden House,
Genesis Park,
Sheffield Road,
S60 1DX
Tel: 01709 820033
Fax: 01709 360611


“The Next ‘Insane Curve’ Could Make You An Easy £500-£1,500 One Hour Next Week!”

Price: £79.00

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

What Do You Get?

– Insane Curve manual

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Insane Curve is a system based on what the author (only known as ‘B-K’) calls a “totally new way of trading” that will apparently be as big as forex trading in a few years time. According to the author there are no charts to read and no complex strategies involved.

What Is It All About?

Buying and selling “Altcoins” – the alternative currencies that include Bitcoin.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

No – the manual attempts to teach you how to trade in altcoins.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

£100 is mentioned – the technique is to increase your initial stake and then trade up.

How Much Money Can I Make?

This is not clear to me. I’m not convinced that I would make any profit.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

This needs many hours of initial study and on-going study coupled with time spent on Twitter. I guess it might need 30-60 minutes per day.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Access to the internet via computer and a suitable trading account.

Value For Money?

No, not in my opinion.

Does It Live Up To The Claim In The Promotion?

Not in my opinion.

Quality Of Customer Service:

Not tested. Support is offered and Q&A webinars are mentioned but this was not tested and I was never informed about any further training.

Full Review

There are dozens of “altcoins” released each month. Most fail but just one or two are successful and rise in value. When they do succeed their price can rocket upwards with huge profits being made by buying and selling at the right time.

This guide is all about looking for these new issues, spotting those that are likely to be successful and trading them. It is looking to “ride the wave on an insane curve as it becomes popular”. They say it can rise faster than any other investment – often tripling or quadrupling. They compare this to trading in Penny Shares.

According to the authors this world (called the Crypto Community) is full of scams and cons as people try to rig the market with false information so that the price will go artificially high so they can profit.

“Pump and Dump” is often mentioned – where the price rises rapidly and then falls back sharply, often ending way below where it started. That fact alone makes me cringe at the thought of getting involved in this murky world.

To get involved you need to set up a suitable trading account and the book spends many pages explaining how and where to do this. The manual then goes into great detail about all aspects of this trading with worked examples.

You also need to get heavily involved with the Crypto Community on Twitter as this is their recommended source of information about new releases and their prospects. I must admit that I found it all rather tedious and boring but that may be because I had little interest in the subject.

The manual ends with an attempt to push a more advanced system that they use. There is no mention of price but no doubt it will be more expensive. It actually portrays this manual as merely a starter for the main course to follow – a very expensive appetiser. They promised further news on this but nothing has been heard.

Results and Conclusion

I did not attempt any trades in altcoins so I have no actual results to report. I can only report my observations about the materials and the concept.

I personally have no interest in this whatsoever. I do not want to get involved in risking my own money in what seems a very murky world. The manual is comprehensive in explaining about trading Altcoin and if you are interested in this type of trading then it will probably help you do so.

Whether it’s worth paying £79 for this is very dubious and I’m sure that much of this information can be found elsewhere on the internet.

Would I buy it – clearly no. Would I recommend it to others to purchase – no. I suppose to many people £79 is not a lot of money but in my opinion there are many better ways to spend your money.



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Comments (13)

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  1. fudstoneboy says:

    Bitcoin trading….

  2. Stevegurgi says:

    I got the system….phew! looks like a high risk system to me…..sent it back , way over my head, trying to find a currency that isn’t really real and betting on it to be a success! read about this sort of “trading” , they say it’s one of the highest risk way of trying to make money there is!

  3. mikewalks says:

    It sounds pretty typical Streetwise to me. Can you confirm stevegurgi that it is bitcoin trading as per fudstoneboy’s comment. If it is a straight bet and not spread betting your risk will be no greater than the horses or football as all you can lose is your initial stake but I suspect that the risk is something akin to betting on Altrincham from the Conference to beat Man U 10-0 at Old Trafford.

    Hope you get your refund stevegurgi.

  4. fudstoneboy says:

    According to the bumph I received mikewalks it is straight betting, not spreads, so your only loss would be your original stake, not have it racking up massive losses for covering the sprea, its the usual bumph visit a few websites or forums to confirm a couple of market movements then place your bet and walk away……..

  5. Richard Adams says:

    Far too complicated for me. Not all that risky as like is said all you can lose is your original stake. Streetwise sales pitch said it is easy to do, only a few minutes a day etc. I reckon this needs quite a bit of time to get your head round and do. And you’ve got to do stuff on twitter as well.
    Am sending back for refund. Streetwise are pretty good about this.

  6. Stevegurgi says:

    yes, it is straight betting………..just not much chance of making money….. when I looked online about bitcoin trading they said it was high risk but that was maybe a different sort of trading bitcoin than this system. But the system isn’t easy, and the manual made heavy reading and the “strange” way the author wrote about it, made me give up and send for a refund….complicated spaced out stuff! phew! Might be straight bets, but the evaluation process to find a non real currency that may be a success in the real world???? didn’t convince me! ahhahhahh!

  7. mikewalks says:

    Thanks for all the feedback. I will give this one a miss.

  8. Alan Piggott says:

    I echo the thoughts of Richard and Stevegurgi and am sending mine back.

  9. andrewantiga says:

    well done good review I was in two minds great reviews will give a miss

  10. Troggster says:

    Not exactly Bitcoin trading – more trying to spot the ‘next Bitcoin’. May work if you have the time and inclination but not for me. Sent it back and got a prompt refund no problem.

  11. voodoo1 says:

    “Give Me 15 Minutes Of Your Time And I’ll Teach You How To Make Up To £100 An Hour From Your PC, Laptop, Or Even Your Phone.

    No Work…No Hassle…No Risk…But There Might Be A Catch!

    Hey guys the above sales letter dropped on me mat,
    The Infallible System by Kenneth Salmon, anyone bought it?Any reviews…. As ever from streetwise a sure fire method of making cash!!!

  12. stuckinminorchords says:

    Hang on, you wrote this review and didn’t even try the system yourself? Altcoin trading can be very profitable once you understand it and put the work in, It always seems that people on this site want an easy push button profit system, Im sorry but that just isnt going to happen. You HAVE to put the work in to make money. I trade crypto currencies and Bitcoin. There is too much profit sitting on the table if your not involved in this world. I think the Bitking guide is a great intro to that world. But you know what folks take it or leave it, move onto the next ‘buy here’ ‘sell here’ system. P.S Bitcoin will reach $345 in the next month. You can take or leave that advice too…..or is this world too “mysterious” for you….?

  13. amramlisa says:

    Totally spot on with your bitcoin prediction. Well done.

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