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Great Bets


Martin Wilkins

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Great Bets 5 High Street Maidenhead, SL6 1JN email:


Join us today and make money with us.


£25 per 7 days/£99 per month/£249 per quarter/£459 per half year/ £849 per year

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned

What Do You Get   .

Multi sports tipping service

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Brief Summary

Great Bets from Martin Wilkins offer daily sports betting tips, mainly on horse racing but also soccer, tennis and a range of other sports. Advised by email daily and available in password protected area of website. Detailed results shown on site.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

1000 point bank recommended to cover all sports – now 500 points advised 1/17

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. Results disclosed on site show profit every month from March 2016 to date.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value for money?  

So far so good

Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to enquiries


The eagle eyed among you will have noted that the original 7 day free trial available for this service has now been replaced by a paid for option. This is a result of punters abusing the free trial offer by trying to sign up again and again using different emails so I hope those cheapskates are happy that they have denied others the opportunity to look at what the service has to offer without risk.

The home page gives a good overview of what is offered by the service with the option to drill down for more information as you require. Run by Martin Wilkins, he explains his passion for sports in general and how he has developed this into an ability to pick consistent winners – the service concentrates mainly on horse racing but your subscription will offer all the betting that is recommended. It is stressed that those looking for high priced bets would be better going elsewhere. Refreshingly, full results are shown on the site in an easy to follow format.

Selections are advised by email and are also available on a password protected members page on the website. Selections are published no later than midday but have been received the evening before racing on occasion. The bet recommended is clear and the prices quoted are generally available and can sometimes be bettered.

A betting bank of 500 points is recommended and it is suggested that a minimum monetary bank of £500 is required to take full advantage of the service. Staking is advised with each individual bet thus far in multiples of 10 points – the stake is based upon the confidence level for a selection. We have seen an average of 4 selections a day so far in the trial. The results so far (which can be seen here: GreatBetsR.xls) have been split into 2 tabs on the spreadsheet – horse racing and other sports.

Of the 127 selections in the trial to date 9 have been for non horse racing events and 8 of those on football plus an inspired tip for John Higgins to beat the Rocket in the snooker world. Overall the other sports tips have made a small 5 point loss

Turning to the horse racing there have been 118 runners with 38 successful – a strike rate of 32.2%. This after a slightly worrying end of December where we saw a draw down of 50% of the bank but in the end the performance has been strong with a 512 point profit at a respectable 13.01% ROI. A losing run of 16 is the worst experienced with 3 consecutive winners at best. As indicated in the website information the selections tend to be at the top end of the market with average odds around 3.7, the highest priced winners being at 7.0.

This is an impressive start for the trial with a capital gain of around 50% achieved which if maintained will make this a must have service. Priced at the higher end of the market the premium has thus far been justified.  The service felt right from the outset with no undue hype and a professional approach to everything. We will continue to monitor and update the review in February. For those who like a straightforward, easy to follow service then we suggest you should take a good look at this one.

Update 16/2/2017:

Although month 2 of the trial has not seen the level achieved in month 1 there has still been a profit made and many of the services we see would be trumpeting their performance from the tree tops if it matched these. Here Martin is saying he is not so happy with the outcome and will strive to do better. Right attitude certainly and he is generating trust in the potential which is ever welcome.

Only a couple more other sports tips seen which lost (20 points staked) and the overall horse racing situation is now 76 winners from 222 runners (34.2%) and a 683 point profit at an ROI of 9.67%.

The thread has seen a debate on taking the price when the selections are advised or waiting for BSP. Quite why anyone would do the latter is a bit of a mystery as the service has not advised this. If your bookmaker accounts are restricted then it would make sense to take the Betfair price early – the service has detailed comparative results for a period and it seems that the maximum profit is to be gained by using bookmaker accounts where the benefit of BOG can be obtained.

This genuine service looks to have the makings of a sound element of a betting portfolio and we will report again in March. Well worth a look in our view.

The updated results may be viewed here:

Great Bets Results

Update 16/3/2017:

A very large hiccough in February where an overall loss was recorded for the month, the first time since the service was launched. Those joining at that time must have had their faith severely tested but it is good to report that we seem to have come through the storm and profits have been restored.

A small profit was achieved on the sports bets since the last update and we are now just 15 points down overall for these (limited) selections.

For the horses we now have 112 winners from 329 runners (34%) and the starting bank is all but doubled. The ROI has taken a bit of a hit with the poor run and now stands at 8.7%. I have added a chart to the spreadsheet which shows the rather irregular pattern of the service exacerbated somewhat by a period of higher than usual staking in February. But the trend is north and Martin has shown he can deal with a poor run which can be the undoing of many tipsters.

We will continue to monitor the service which still looks to have good long term potential. Next update will be in April.

The spreadsheet with the latest results can be viewed here:

Great Bets Results

Update 16/4/2017:

It seems as though we were in the eye of the storm at the time of my last update as we saw a drawdown of 150% of the original starting bank and as noted by a member on the thread a starter at the peak would have seen the recommended bank wiped out. The impression was given to followers that losses were being chased and a foray into the first day of the Irish flat season was disastrous. Again there has been a partial recovery but the confidence of subscribers will have taken a significant blow which may be difficult to restore. (There has been nothing advised on the Sports side in the last month.)

Overall we now have 150 winners from 485 runners (30.9%) and are showing a capital profit of 44.5%. The ROI has fallen further to a mere 2.59% which will take some time to restore to acceptable levels. The graphic extract shows the very bumpy ride that subscribers have experienced.

The author did write to subscribers and accept responsibility for some strategic errors in the selections which is often not the case. The next 2 months are critical now to see if former glories can be restored and the expensive price tag justified. A good example of the need to look at things long term before risking your cash. The initial signs were positive and it may not be too late – let’s hope this genuine service can recover fully.

The updated results may be viewed here:

Great Bets Results 16Apr2017

Update 24/5/2017:

A big step has been taken in the right direction since the last update although not without a short period of uncertainty. There were also 4 other sports bets in this period which all lost so it might be wise to stick with the horses for now.

The sample size is now 640 bets with 203 winners at a strike rate of 31.72% and a capital profit of 159% with the ROI now coming back up and currently at 7.09%. Even before the purple day recently with 5 consecutive winners the trend was good although a look at the graph shows where some strength of character was needed. .

If this performance can be maintained for a further spell then the price tag is starting to look reasonable.

The latest results may be viewed here:

Great Bets Results May 2017

Update 30/6/2017:

The positive trend looked well set with the bank passing a 200% capital profit in mid month but there has been a bit of a decline recently and we are back to where we were at the time of the last update. Several emails have been sent asking for patience which will probably be justified but does not engender confidence at the time of receipt. The staking levels have been discussed on the thread and although the author advises that they are determined on the basis of the strength of the selections there does seem to be an element of loss chasing to the untrained eye. Our best indicator here is the graph which demonstrates the variable nature of the performance. And it really does show that timing is everything – something that applies to most services/systems.

The updated results may be viewed here:

Great Bets June 2017 Results

Update 31/8/2017:

Not a happy summer for the service with a sharp decline in fortunes at the end of July and a meander around the lower levels achieved since then.

We now have over 1,000 runners with the strike maintained at just under 31% there should be a good chance of success but recent subscribers will be less than happy and indeed might have lost their entire bank if joining mid July. At least the staking has been steady at the lowest level which is helpful but a strong performance is needed in September to have any chance of restoring confidence.

The updated results can be viewed here:

Great Bets Results Aug 2017

Final Update 31/10/2017:

September and October have generally seen more stagnation but a late burst at the end of October saw a move ahead in profits – this aided by a recent doubling of staking from the long running 10 points. We have been looking at the service for all but 10 months now and have seen 1311 runners with 403 winners (30.7%) the strike rate being pretty consistent throughout.

The betting bank shows a growth of 116% overall but did peak at over 200% and the ROI of 2.86% is not really at the level that you might hope for. There is clearly some expertise behind the service and with the number of places seen a small increase in strike rate is potentially there and with it an improvement in profits. You might argue, however, that there have been too many false dawns to allow real faith in the future.

The subscription level is at the top end of the market and unless you are staking £25 per selection or more the profits seen would not have covered the service costs. On this measure alone we could not regard the service as offering value, genuine as it is.

Full results details may be viewed here:

Great Bets Full Results


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  1. Traderjohn says:

    This service claims to have made a profit every month for
    the last 10 months,can anyone confirm this.

  2. Traderjohn says:

    2017 Results so far.

    13:10 Southwell Tatting 2.88 Won
    13:40 Musselburgh Cold March 7.00 Won
    13:45 Southwell Bring On A Spinner 3.75 Lost
    14:00 Cheltenham Village Vic 5.00 Lost
    14:20 Southwell Holiday Magic 3.75 Won
    14:45 Catterick Discoverie 7.50 Lost
    14:55 Southwell Anton Chigurh 5.00 Lost
    15:15 Fairyhouse Irish Bulletin 6.00 Lost
    13:00 Ayr Lochnell 5.00 Lost
    13:20 Plumpton Laissez Dire 2.38 Lost
    13:40 Southwell Piazon 2.88 Lost
    13:50 Plumpton No Comment 3.00 Won
    14:30 Ayr Desert Cry 5.00 Won
    15:10 Southwell Macho Mac 3.50 Lost
    15:20 Plumpton Brown Bear 5.00 Lost
    15:30 Ayr Thomas Do 5.00 Lost
    15:50 Plumpton Shimba Hills 5.00 Won
    13:45 Bangor On The Road 3.75 Lost
    14:40 Newcastle Medicine Hat 3.75 Lost
    15:00 Musselburgh Thankyou Very Much 3.25 Lost
    15:40 Newcastle Go George Go 1.91 Won
    16:10 Newcastle Dr Julius No 2.38 Lost
    16:40 Newcastle Roller 4.50 Lost
    15:15 Lingfield Petite Jack 3.50 Won
    18:45 Wolverhampton Athassel 3.00 Won
    19:15 Wolverhampton Menelik 3.00 Lost
    13:05 Southwell Playful Dude 2.25 Won
    15:10 Southwell Things Happen 2.50 Lost
    13:05 Wetherby Happy Diva 3.35 WON
    15:00 Kempton Saleh 3.2 WON

  3. Traderjohn says:

    16:00 Kempton Duck A L’orange 3.45 LOST
    1.00N Oscar’s Prospect 3.75 LOST
    1.50S Garde La Victoire 3.00 WON
    6.15W Cambodia 3.4 LOST

  4. Traderjohn says:

    3.00C Poppy Kay 3.3 LOST
    3.10F Bishops Court 3.9 WON
    4.00C Greyed A 2.66 LOST

  5. Traderjohn says:

    14:15 L Aurora Gray 2.5 WON
    15:10 D I Just Know 2.86 WON

  6. Traderjohn says:

    14:10 Wolverhampton Seaview 5/2 LOST
    14:30 Lingfield Druid’s Folly 7/4 LOST
    15:20 Southwell Big Amigo 9/4 WON

  7. Traderjohn says:

    19:45 Southampton v Liverpool Over 2.5 Goals 2.00 Lost
    12:35 Leicester Caprice D’anglais 1.91 Lost
    13:05 Leicester Un Prophete 3.25 Lost
    414:00 Newcastle Tatlisu 3.25 Lost
    14:10 Leicester Oliver’s Hill 3.25 Lost
    15:40 Leicester Top Ville Ben 2.00 Won

  8. daveyboy22 says:

    If you only use Betfair for this – you will lose money – I did.

    You must use BOG bookies and that is not for me.

    Over last 4 weeks, I have lost £356 using a £1,000 bank using exactly his recommended stakes.

  9. Traderjohn says:


    In January Great Bets made a profit of 508pts,
    so how did you lose.

    • daveyboy22 says:

      My subscription started 26th Dec and I cancelled 25th Jan, by which time I had lost £356 from the £1,000 bank to advised stakes. The only difference was that I took a Betfair Price at the time the selections were emailed rather than the Bookie prices advise – these were also BOG prices that sometimes much better starting prices were obtained than advised or initial Betfair price. In most cases my initial Betfair prices were very similar to advised Bookie prices.
      I have had many Bookie accounts restricted over the years and, therefore, I do not and cannot bet with them any more. I suggest that you would eventually be restricted with these bets with these advised bookies after a while. I am not suggesting anything untoward with this service – it was just not profitable for me using Betfair only.
      The results are obviously massively different if you only use Betfair – this is very common amongst a few Tipsters where they advise using BOG Bookies.
      I, for one, cannot use them.
      I wish I could find a backing service that is consistently profitable using just Betfair – unfortunately I have been unable to find one so far.

      • pointbet says:

        daveyboy i can help you to find good tipster following with Betfair exchange are you intersting?

        • daveyboy22 says:


          Sorry, for some reason I missed your reply.
          Yes, I would be very interested in finding a Tipster that can consistently win using Betfair.


        • stevef21 says:

          @ Pointbet

          I too would be interested, as 99% of the services I’ve encountered thus far have been losing ones, and strangely enough my BOG “allowances” have pretty much dried up, on top of losing the majority of my active accounts.

          Look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

        • Traderjohn says:


          Why the big secret,if you know a good tipster,post the
          name on here,thats what this website is for to share information.

    • stewardsenquiry says:

      Hi Traderjohn.

      Sorry to butt into this thread but just wanted to enquire two things. Are you saying that if anybody had staked £10 per point in January they would have made over £5K return? And also.. how many points are staked on each horse on average? I only ask is that I am new to all of this and the figures you quoted are staggering. Or have I missed the point entirely. I would have been happy just to get a £1K return as I am sure everybody on here would be too

      Please be gentle with your reply as I said…I am new to all of this 🙂

      • Tripper says:

        The £10 a point thing is pretty misleading as bets are all between 10 and 30 points (why not just 1-3 points ?) so you are staking £100 – £300 per selection and there can be 10 selections in a day occasionally.

        The 500 (or 50) point return is legitimate though and if you have access to BOG accounts you could have achieved it but you’d need a starting bank of a least £10,000 to achieve this.

        If you’re new to this there is no way I’d recommend starting with £10K even if you have it as you are very likely to bottle it during a losing run and end up losing money.

        Results to BSP seem to be running at around 30% of BOG returns which means you would need to be staking at a reasonable size to cover subs and make it worth while.

        There are tipsters out there making good returns to BSP but it involves betting away from the head of the market and being able to deal with long losing runs. I’m not going to mention any names as if more people join it would screw it for existing subscribers.

  10. Martin Wilkins says:

    Hi All,

    This is Martin from GreatBets and I thought I would respond on this on behalf of GreatBets. I have calculated all the bets between the period 26th December to 25th January, and you are right – it was a losing period, but the actual losing amount was -£128.36 using our recommended bookmakers based on a minimum bank of £500. If Daveyboy 22 had been following our instructions and bookmakers, he would have lost £128.36 based on a £500 bank level. However, if Daveyboy had stuck it out until the end of January 2017, he would have ended up on +£200.04 for that whole period. While I accept this was not a massive profit, it was still a profit – and it would have been achieved if Daveyboy22 had been more patient.

    The GreatBets system is a patient, long term system. You cannot expect to make money everyday. Unfortunately the period in which Daveyboy22 signed up, we went through a bad run, but we recovered well at the end of January 2017.

    The other point is that Daveyboy22 used Betfair. Now, I have an analysis of Betfair vs Traditional Bookmakers over the last 3 months and I can quote exact figures.

    Between the October 28th 2016 to 28th January 2017 was the period analysed. The data was actually done by a third party affiliate. Over this period which is 3 months, GreatBets made £827 using Traditional Bookmakers, but GreatBets also made £556 with Betfair. Whilst I appreciate the profits from Betfair were smaller, it clearly does still turn a tidy profit with Betfair, but to make maximum advantage of the system, we do recommend Traditional Bookmakers.

    The other point is about the closing down of accounts. I have been using these bookmakers for a long long time and I have never had my account closed down. Bookmakers do not tend to close down punters who bet who favourites and our system does that a lot. The reason why most people get an account closed down is because they took advantage of the free bets from the Traditional Bookmaker and arbed it off with Betfair. Very rarely does a bookmaker close you down for making big big profits – and this is a myth. It only happens when you make a lot of money and we are talking hundreds of thousands.

    Finally, to explain the staking. We recommend betting stakes of 10/20/30 points which is based on a minimum 500 point bank. To make this easier, we simply say use a bank of £500 and thus use stakes of £10, £20, and £30. If you had a £5,000 bank, you would therefore use stakes of £100/£200/£300.

    So, to summarise:

    1. You really should use a Traditional Bookmaker to get the maximum profits.
    2. If you cannot use a Traditional Bookmaker, you can use Betfair, but I would estimate you would make around 70% of the profit that you would make using a Traditional Bookmaker. However, it is still profitable using Betfair and you can make good profits.
    3. You only need a £500 bank to get started. On average, you can make around £300 a month profit (based on the average profit made over the 11 months). On a £5,000 bank, you can make £3,000 a month.
    4. You will never be betting £3,000 a day – I have no idea where that comment came from.
    5. Finally, bookmakers close down accounts because people are silly with bonus offers and other reasons. Bookmakers will only close down your account if you are making a seriously high amount of money, but we recommend having 3 bookmakers and I have been gambling for a long long time, and I have not had an account closed down.

    To summarise, GreatBets is a great betting system that has won every single month since we first started. We have never had a losing month. That is not to say we have not had a losing run/spell. You have to be patient when following the system. If you trade for a week or smaller period, you can lose, but if you stay with us long term, you will benefit in the long term.

    Just to finish, if you had started with a £500 bank in March 2016, you would have made £3,385.05 profit and that is keeping the same stakes. Strictly speaking to maximise our system, you should increase the stakes as your bank increases. There is a lot of profit to be made with GreatBets – and I believe that my system is one of the best systems out there. I do not know of any other system that has made profit every single month since it started.

    Full results here –

    Thanks for listening and if anyone needs any further advice, please feel free to email me at


    • daveyboy22 says:

      My loss was using a £1,000 bank and not £500 and I used recommended stakes. I took prices on Betfair at the time of the emails – perhaps BSP prices are better?
      I admit my impatience but after losing a third of my bank very quickly during my very first month I deemed it would only work with Bookies and not Betfair.
      I have had Bookie accounts restricted and have never arbed in my life.
      I will keep an eye on future results and may well consider joining again IF it can be shown that BSP prices can make a consistent profit.
      Perhaps you could keep a separate running total for BSP results as well?
      As I said previously, I have never found a backing service that consistently makes profit just using Betfair – I hope that your’s is an exception.

  11. stewardsenquiry says:


    Regarding the £3000 per day figure and where it came from. This was actually UP TO £3000 per day and just based on a previous comment made by Tripper that you COULD be getting 10 selections per day and COULD be betting UP TO £300 on aach. He did NOT state that you WOULD… ONLY that you COULD.
    I hope that clears that one up

  12. bagpus says:

    Started with Great Bets on the first of February. (I am a 75 year old looking to give my pension a boost.)
    My confidence is getting low now as at the 21st February the month is showing a 157 point loss to date. (If you add the 99 point monthly fee that I paid it means I am 256 points (or pounds) down with 8 days of the month left. Can anyone give me a lift here as I need some reassurance from somewhere!!! Cheers

  13. Tripper says:

    157 points loss month to date isn’t that bad (15.7 points really) especially in the context of no losing months since last March when they began. I can only see proof of results for the past three months or so but they seem to be similar to the previously reported results.

    One concern would be there seems to be an element of panic in the staking since Saturday and Martin has made 17 of his 19 bets maximum bets at 30 points each which looks like loss recovery to me. Unfortunately, it’s failed badly leading to the losses staking up.

    Martin seems responsive and there have been drawdown periods in the past so no major panic yet.

    I’m yet to find a tipster that makes more with variable staking than to level stakes so I’d consider ignoring the staking advice and just betting to level stakes from next month.

  14. bagpus says:

    Although as you say 157 points down may not be a lot, there is the 99 point subscription to take into account also making it 267 points to make up to break even (In the 7days left of the month!!)

    • Michael Dougall says:

      Well bagpus, your mood won’t have lifted much on this last day of February!

      Not that it’ll be any consolation, but I signed up and started following Great Bets on 10th February following a swathe of excellent reviews from pretty much any review site worth talking about.

      No losing months ever? This is for me! Guess what … the month I join becomes the first, and only, losing month to date. Surprised … I wasn’t, because (and I know everyone thinks this, but with me I can guarantee it’s true) whenever I join ANY service, no matter how successful, it immediately nosedives!

      In fact, I should actually offer my services as a tester of products, because if it works with someone as cursed as me … it must be a goldmine!

      Unfortunately for you all, I’m going to continue to follow the tips, if only in an attempt to avoid visiting an exorcist. I’ve personally been in touch with Martin Wilkins and he seems like a decent and honest guy … and surely someone’s luck, hopefully mine, must turn at some point!!!

      (I do tend to agree with the comment regarding the increased stakes following a losing spell as, perhaps, something of a ‘loss recovery’ strategy, but perhaps this has worked for him before)!

      Anyway, good luck to anyone who is unlucky enough to be following a tipster/service at the same time as I am ….

      • bagpus says:

        All the reviewers have gone quite following February’s results. With the monthly subs, February was a loss of over £300 for any one who joined that month!!

  15. Tripper says:

    I’ve just reread Martin’s post where he says bookmakers don’t close your accounts unless you’ve won ‘hundreds of thousands’. Anyone who bets with bookmakers and wins knows what a ridiculously naive statement that is.

  16. Tripper says:

    ……sorry but just read some more. One if their chosen bookmakers is Boyle Sports, really Boyle Sports !!

    They closed my account down after 5 bets when I was £20 up at the time. Martin, if you’re still listening are you saying you still have a Boyle Sports account open ? If you say you do that is your credibility blown.

  17. bagpus says:

    Is there a review to the end of February as the last post is to 16th February. As February was a losing month it would be nice to see the review

  18. mike88 says:

    Bagpus, what do you want to see reviewed? Are you still subscribed? Yes, February was a losing month but 8 days into March and over half that loss has been made up. I, like you, joined up at the wrong time and took a hit but it doesn’t overly concern me given the track record. I’ll be sticking with it.

    My only advice would be that the advised bank of 500 point needs to be increased because I just slightly wiped that out in February.

    The service generally I find good and communication from Martin is good.

  19. bagpus says:

    January…a profit of 508 points meaning £508 from a £500 betting bank…LESS THE £95 MONTHLY FEE giving January a NETT gain of £408.
    February…A LOSS OF 203 points meaning a loss of £203 on a £500 betting bank. PLUS A FURTHER LOSS OF THE £95 monthly fee MEANING A FEBRUARY NETT LOSS OF £303. This gives a nett gain of £105 over 2 months meaning a £57.50 gain per month over the 2 months for a £95 per month fee. Still a profit but these figures bring it down to earth a bit. It is annoying when the reviews give the headline figures but do not take into consideration the very high fees for this service.

  20. bagpus says:

    Sorry, my maths are a bit out, should be £52.50 per month gain

  21. mike88 says:

    As an alternative, if you look at it over a 12 month period, up to now it has made 3272 points. If working on a £500 bank gives a profit of £3272 less subs costs of £1287 leaving a clear profit of £1985 or averages out at £165/month. The high subscription costs clearly have a huge impact on the overall profitability and what the above concludes is that if you’re only working on a £500 bank then in all probability its not worth it. However, if you have the funds (and the appetite for risk) to increase that starting bank it does become much more viable. A £1000 bank would have resulted in a clear profit £5257 for 12 months and a bank of £2500 would have resulted in a clear profit £15,073. Going on from there is obviously possible but you’d have to have a good level of disposable cash and balls of steel to be laying out the kind of money that is required to meet the results! Especially in situations like we had at the end of February where 10 bets were given at a total outlay of 250 points!

  22. bagpus says:

    Thanks Mike88
    I was looking at the 2 moth period of my membership but as you say over a longer term it looks okay.

  23. bagpus says:

    Come on boys, any more comments on how Great Bets are performing?

    • Tripper says:

      All results are posted daily on the website, if you’re a member you know what they are. Not sure what more comment you want to hear.

      All in all results have been pretty average over the past couple of months, I certainly don’t think it’s for anyone that can only afford a £500 bank.

      • mike88 says:

        I agree with Tripper, results are posted daily on the website so not really sure what else you want? As you will see, we’re up 152 points this month. I’m guessing you’re comment is brought about from the fact that it had a bad day yesterday even though its still up 152 points for the month?

  24. bagpus says:

    53 points up for the month allowing for the £99 monthly fee!!

  25. bagpus says:

    That’s it boys, that’s me out…no money left!!!
    Joined Great Bets on 1st Feb…..they have never had a losing month the reviewers said….until I joined!!!!
    February…a loss of £ 203 from my betting bank
    March to date a loss of £227 leaving my betting bank at £69 from £500 which is not enough to bet on.
    Total losses for the 2 months to date are:
    £431 loss of betting bank plus loss of £198 in the 2 months subscriptions giving me a total loss of £629 over the 2 months
    I know there are still 5 days to go but I am not going to throw any more money in, as my betting bank has run out.
    Best of luck to those of you who are going to carry on

  26. Tripper says:

    Would be very hard to defend their staking over the last few days and to not see it as loss chasing.

    Every bet in last few days has been a 30 point maximum, placed on much higher prices than they usually advise and today they were staking all bets as maximums on the first day of the flat season on Irish racing on poor ground.

    If they’ve bust the advised 500 bank that I’m afraid is also inexcusable.

  27. bagpus says:

    Yes, they bust my (recommended) £500 bank in 2 months
    To tell the truth I am sitting this morning licking my wounds, taking my losses, biting my lip and wondering where to go from here

  28. mike88 says:

    Sadly I have to agree fellas. I’ve been defending him up until now but the staking the past couple of days has been suicidal and he’s completely lost my confidence. As an outsider looking in it smacks of desperation in hoping to make up for the previous days losses. My 500 point bank has also been blown so it’s very unfair to advise that as a required bank level. Going to stick with it but at much reduced stakes in the hope (maybe naively) that he turns it around.

  29. kevg000 says:

    As with all systems past history does not guarantee future results. During a 15 day period of using the service March 10 to 25th 2017 I received selections from Great Bets of 74 bets with 57 Losers and just 16 winners. Resulting in a betting bank loss of £427. If you include the £25 subscription to the service that is a total loss of £452. Needless to say I no longer subscribe to the service as I’m not foolhardy or continuously stupid enough to continue giving my money away. I did contact them regarding my results. Unsurprisingly I never received a reply. I have a full detailed breakdown of all the bets received and the subsequent results during this period. Happy to supply them to anyone that wants confirmation not to use this service based on my experience. There were subsequent losses in Feb 2017 above £200 too so it looks like the system has run its course

  30. bagpus says:

    Still watching the selections without putting the bets on. Another 90 point loss on Monday
    Looks like another losing month, could be quite heavy

  31. mike88 says:

    I commented when he had a bad run so I think it’s only fair to comment to mention how well he has done to pull it back over the past couple of days to a positive position of over 100 points. Unfortunately, the staking plan and amount of risk subscribers were exposed to over that bad run which resulted in smashing the advised 500 point bank made me lose confidence in him so I reduced my stakes after pumping more money in. Typical for me in that I wasn’t able to take advantage of the good results over the past couple of days!

  32. bagpus says:

    I stopped betting when my betting bank was just about all lost after 3 weeks in March. My losses for my membership from the 1st Feb. were £629 allowing for loss of betting bank and monthly fees.
    I still see how its going however and March showed a gain of £82.73. HOWEVER after allowing for the £99 monthly fee, March actually shows A LOSS OF £16.27
    Year to date (3 months) I make it a gain of £90 over the three months allowing for fees etc. so year to date shows a gain of £30 per month for a £99 fee. Had it not been the large gain in January the losses would of course be very high.
    We will see how April goes as that will make it a third of the year gone.

  33. bagpus says:

    Is anybody else out there?
    Are you still going with it
    Any comments?

  34. bagpus says:

    End of term report:
    I joined on Feb 1st and the quarter (3 months) results are:
    Overall gain £103.80 BUT less the 3 moths subs at £99 per month are £297 which gives A NET LOSS FOR THE QUARTER OF £193.20
    Anyone thinking of joining I would recommend that the £500 starting bank is useless and you need £1,000 betting bank to make this work.
    They emptied my £500 betting bank after 7 weeks and I had a choice of shoving more money into what for me was a losing service or calling it a day which is what I did. I may have been just unlucky but my total losses from this service for losing bets and subs were £629

  35. bagpus says:

    I notice they have changed their recommended betting bank of £500 to one of £1,000
    This makes more sense

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