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Product Name: FX Foundations


They are a company comprised of “a team of veteran professionals” (their words).

Company Name & Contact Details:
FX Foundations,
86-90 Paul Street
London EC2A 4NE


“FX foundations is an all in one professional forex trading portal.  We aim to offer daily and weekly forex technical analysis reports, forex training, free forex education, forex trading strategies, a live forex blog and forex signals including much much more.  The team is derived from full time professional traders catering for traders of all levels.” 


Bronze Service – £150 for 3 months

Silver Service – £260 for 6 months

Gold Service – £350 for 9 months

Platinum Service – £425 for 12 months

There is also an additional £49 one-off registration fee for all services.  All services receive the same package of facilities.

Money Back Guarantee:  They offer a 7 day free trial – details on the website.

What Do You Get?

– Member’s website with guides and video tutorials and also an archive of past daily newsletters.
– Several emails each day (Mon – Fri) with market information and indications of possible trades.
– Personal mentoring from skilled city traders who are actively trading in the same markets.
– 37 page User Manual which provides lots of background information.

Where To Buy: http://www.fxfoundations.com/?FXF=1 

Brief Summary: 

FX Foundations is a forex trading method to guide and train members to become successful forex traders.  The owners are a small team of experienced traders who operate out of the centre of London, trading for themselves every day and guiding people to use their strategies.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work? 

Yes it is essential that you have a basic understanding of the forex markets.  It is important to understand what this is – it is not a direct tipping service where they send out definitive bets/trades.  They teach members to understand forex trading and send out suggestions for trades to make using their charts and systems. They offer to mentor their members to achieve expertise and offer tools and charts to assist.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

You will need a betting bank in order to open a trading account with a suitable financial broker. To use £1 pips you will need a bank of at least £1,000.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Hard to say as it will depend on your increasing expertise and your £ invested per pip.  Early experience indicates that it may be possible to make between 500 and 1,000 pips per month.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

This will need quite a lot of effort and you will need to access the data between 0730 and 0900 each day and have access to forex trading figures and your chosen trading platform throughout the day to monitor when a trade might be placed.  Depending on your software, it may be possible to set up trades to start/finish at pre-determined levels. However to make this work it seems that you need to be monitoring emails and website trading data throughout the day.   You will not receive bets to place at specific times of the day.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

No, just a PC/laptop with internet access and an account with one or several financial brokers.  They do not recommend any specific companies but good examples would be IG Index, FXCM or GKFX Trading.  You need to see their up-to-date graphs of the current indices for the various currency pairs.  One advantage of these sites is that they usually take a small commission from your winnings so are unlikely to be wanting to bar you if you are successful.  The more successful you are, the more they profit.

Value For Money? 

Early indications are “yes”.  For a £50 per month outlay it could prove an absolute bargain compared to other hyped services that are much more expensive.  You should easily move well into profit if it performs as anticipated.

Does It Live Up To The Claim In The Promotion?

Early days but yes, it does seem to do what it says on the tin.

Quality Of Customer Service:

Initially the Customer Service has been excellent.

Early Performance

After having the service for approx. 10 days I am very impressed, both with the information coming out to me and with the level of customer service.

You have to work hard at this as it takes time and effort to get to grips with what trades are being recommended.

This week they have started sending out more daily messages and I’ve found this to be more helpful as it highlights the potential trades more easily.

There will always be an element of individual interpretation following this and specific results will vary between members but so far I have been guided in to 9 trades in the first 6 trading days, all of them winners, producing a total profit of 379 pips.

This definitely feels like a situation where the more effort you put in, the more you will get out and it does feel like I could become a successful trader. So far I’m well impressed but it’s very early days.

The next update will be after the first month’s trading (around the end of February/early March) and will contain my results and an account of further experiences with the service.

Midpoint Report – March 2015

I’ve now been using this for just over one month so it’s time for an update on experiences and results.

So far I am very impressed with the experience and with the results that I’ve achieved but I must re-iterate what I said at the start.

This is NOT a Forex tipping service that gives out specific daily trades to place on Forex.

It is NOT an automatic bot that places bets automatically for you and…

It is NOT a charting system that gives you indicators for betting opportunities.

What it does do is help you devise your own strategies by providing background information and guidance to trends that you use to formulate your own trades.

So what do you get for £50 per month?  Well, information is accessed in two ways:

(1)  Each day, between 0800 and 0830, you receive an email with the Daily Member Report.  This usually indicates 2 or 3 currency pairs that are of particular interest on that day.  This gives indications of whether “up” or “down” trades are favoured today and the possible entry and target points.  It also contains click-throughs to the website where an enhanced version of the message can be seen together with charts that show resistance areas etc.

(2)  The website also contains a daily “Team Order Board” which appears at around 0830 and which is sometimes updated later in the day if a potential trade is being indicated.  This usually involves most of the Major FX pairs which they mainly concentrate on.  They also frequently give out ideas for the FTSE, DOW, GOLD and BRENT.  The website also contains a host of other information and links.

So how do you use this to make money ?

It is most definitely not for the complete forex novice but if you have some basic knowledge it should certainly help you develop your skills and provide an ongoing resource for your future trading.

How  did I use it? Well, I started with a decent basic knowledge but I learnt a lot in the early days and took a week or so to absorb what their charts and indicators meant.  You are not given a definite strategy to follow and this could be used for short, medium or long term trading.

I prefer Day Trading so I decided to trade their tips and charts and go for short term bets – after the first week I decided to target each bet to win 30 pips and then stop and I set the Stop-Loss to 30 pts in the opposite direction.

I must stress that this is just my strategy and no doubt others will be operating in a totally different way.  Also I’m sure that others adopting the same strategy as myself would get different results as there is a lot of room for individual interpretation of the data.

So, how am I doing? The answer is – fantastic!

Between 27th January 2015 and 4th March 2015 I have placed 47 trades, of which just 4 were losers.

My level stakes profit stands at 1,220 pips and by using 0.1% increasing stakes a £1,000 starting bank would now be £3,305.95.

I use I.G. Index to place my bets but I’m sure that you can do this with any suitable bookie.

For an outlay of just £50 per month this is a real no-brainer. I can see this monthly fee being covered in one or two days even at £1 per pip.

The Customer Service seems to be excellent and they offer individual assistance.

The trial continues, probably for two or three months more and I will report back after another month or so. I actually can’t wait to continue!

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

FX Foundations Results 

Review Update – May 2015

I’ve now been using this for just over three months so it’s time for a further update on experiences and results.

I remain very impressed with the experience and with the results that I’ve achieved but I must re-iterate what I said at the start:

This is NOT a Forex tipping service that gives out specific daily trades to place on Forex.

And it is NOT an automatic bot that places bets automatically for you and it is NOT a charting system that gives you indicators for betting opportunities.

What it does do is help you devise your own strategies by providing background information and guidance to trends that you use to formulate your own trades. So what do you get for £50 per month?

Information is accessed in two ways:-

(1) Each day, between 0800 and 0830, you receive an email with the Daily Member Report. This usually indicates two or three currency pairs that are of particular interest on
that day. This gives indications of whether “up” or “down” trades are favoured today and the possible entry and target points.

It also contains click-throughs to the website where an enhanced version of the message can be seen together with charts that show resistance areas etc. During my review they have tended to concentrate on just a handful of currency pairs – AUD/USD, EUR/USD and GBP/USD being the most common.

(2) The website also contains a daily “Team Order Board” which appears at around 0830 and which is sometimes updated later in the day if a potential trade is being indicated. This usually involves most of the Major FX pairs which they mainly concentrate on. They also frequently give out ideas for the FTSE, DOW, GOLD and BRENT. The website also contains a host of other information and links.

So how do you use this to make money?

It is most definitely not for the complete forex novice but if you have some basic knowledge it should certainly help you develop your skills and provide an ongoing resource for your future trading.

How did I use it?

I started with a decent basic knowledge but I learnt a lot in the early days and took a week or so to absorb what their charts and indicators meant. You are not given a definite strategy to follow and the information provided could be used for short, medium or long term trading – it’s up to you.

I prefer Day Trading so I decided to trade their tips and charts and go for short term bets – after the first week I decided to target each bet to win 30 pips and then stop and I set the Stop-Loss to 40 pts in the opposite direction.

I must stress that this is just my strategy and no doubt others will be operating in a totally different way. Also I’m sure that others adopting the same strategy as myself
would get different results as there is a lot of room for individual interpretation of the data.

My full trading history can be viewed on the spreadsheet at the end of this report.

There were no trades between 18-20th March due to the uncertainty in the markets following the U.K. Budget and there were no bets for two weeks between 23rd March and 3rd April when I had no internet access due to a house-move.

The Results

How am I doing? Well, the answer is – Fantastic!

Between 27th January 2015 and 1st May 2015 I have placed 101 trades of which just 13 were losers. The level stakes profit stands at 2,451 pips and by using 0.1% increasing stakes a £1,000 starting bank would now be standing at £11,020.74.

I use I.G. Index to place my bets but I’m sure that you can do this with any suitable bookie. Over 12 weeks, using level stakes, this equates to an average profit of 204.25 pts per week and with a suitable betting bank it should be possible to work towards using at least £5 per point.

With my strategy this would make a profit of over £1,000 per week with a potential risk of £200 per trade on the stop-loss.

Any Negatives?

My only negative is to reiterate my earlier warnings. This is not a “get rich quick” system that sends out specific trades to make on a daily basis. It is a resource that provides lots of information each day with clear signals to the possibility of trades to make. These are often subjective and you need to work at it but in doing so you will learn a lot about trading and charts.

You need to have daily access to the internet and emails and you will need to be at your computer before 8 am. each day (Mon-Fri) – you will see from the spreadsheet that I had many trades starting at 8.30 am after the preparatory work. So you’ll need to factor in if you have a job or are commuting at that time etc…


For an outlay of just £50 per month this is a real no-brainer. I can see this monthly fee being covered in one or two days even at £1 per pip and it should be possible to make a substantial monthly income once you get to grips with it. The Customer Service seems to be very good and they offer individual assistance.

I will certainly be continuing with this and have added it to my personal portfolio for the future. Although the official review is now at an end, I will try to make periodic postings of an update on the results.

Highly recommended.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

FX Foundations Results

Review Update – August 2015

As I said in my last update – I have continued to use FX Foundations in my own personal trading. Here is an update for you on how I’ve been getting on.

Overall, between 27th January 2015 and 7th August 2015 I have placed 285 trades, of which just 40 were losers. That is a success rate of 86% on all my trades. There was an average of 11 trades each week. The level stakes profit stands at 5,687 pips over 26 weeks which equates to a weekly average of 218.73 pts with no losing weeks. The worst week was a small profit of 19 pts.

I use I.G. Index to place my bets but I’m sure that you can do this with any suitable bookie.

With my “scalping” technique the spread betting margins are kept within manageable limits. My maximum exposure was around 300 pts at any one time. With a suitable betting bank (approx. £1,500) it should be possible to work towards using at least £5 per point. With my strategy this would make a profit of over £1,000 per week with a potential risk of £200 per trade on the stop-loss.

I still believe that this is a fantastic resource. I personally have made a lot of money trading with this and I will most certainly be continuing with it in the future. Although, as you know, the official review is now at an end, I will try to make periodic postings of an update on the results.

You can see my updated results here:

FX Foundations Results


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  1. SteveBrennan62 says:

    I have been using this service for the past 3 months. The results are very encouraging and I have really enjoyed using the service. My goal is to become a full time trader and I believe that by utilising the support and excellent service provided here I will be successful. I would say that you do require a good base knowledge and you certainly need to commit time during the day. But if you are willing to put in the time you will not be disappointed.

  2. mollypop says:

    I must say that since joining the FXF team back in November my trading has gone from strength to strength. I am now consistently making 8-12% ROI per month and out of 53 trades only 6 have been losers. A personal service that stands out amongst the many other ‘holy grail’ (or not) systems. Do not hesitate with this one

  3. ac03afc says:

    I have been a member of FX Foundations from day it started and I cannot recommend the service enough. Ever since I started trading I dreamed of 100 points a week but it seemed impossible. Prior to joining FX Foundations I was losing money but since joining I usually make 100+ points a week even though I have a full time job.

    Over the past year the FXF team have been teaching me to write my own reports in the same style as theirs and I am making good progress. If I ever need any extra help or advice the FXF team are always incredibly quick to respond.

    I have also had lots of private lessons which I found incredibly useful. All my trading success is down to the FXF team.

    Over the years I have tried so many services but no other service comes close to FXF. No matter how highly recommended or how many awards the service has won, FXF is much more profitable. Since joining I have not had a single losing week. I honestly believed this was impossible trading until I joined FXF.

    The membership fee can easily be made made back in a single trade even at £1 a point so its a must for anyone who wants to make money trading

  4. Gary says:

    I have been a member for over a year now. The service which John provides is excellent. This service is about providing a base so you can find a style which suits you. I would not hesitate in recommending it. You will need to put time and effort in to get the most out of it however you can go a pace which suits you.

  5. TheBaker says:

    A sudden rush of very positive comments within the space of a few days from names that don’t seem familiar across the many posts on this forum. “Do not hesitate with this one” – “cannot recommend the service enough” – “I would not hesitate in recommending it.” All sound like so-called “testimonials” used on a myriad of sites.

  6. Maynard says:

    TheBaker, I’d tend to agree with you at first glance. However, the reviewer has given this a VERY positive verdict. Therefore it wouldn’t surprise me if the vendor had sent an email to all clients asking them to post their experiences here.

  7. moreman59 says:

    The positive comments simply reflect the service provided by FX Foundations. Having known them for a while now, I have found their service to be excellent. Certainly you need to put in the work and effort, as in all things. These people will give you every help and support.

  8. mmr31 says:

    I have been part of the service over the last 6 months or so. The information is presented in a style that is easy to understand, and the foundations on which decisions are made make sense. There is nothing over-complicated.
    The forecasts are usually very accurate.

  9. kennyboy999 says:

    im quite new to trading but im realy interested in trying out f x trading can anyone give me some advice I also go to the Philippines a DELETED BY MOD – DON’T POST PERSONAL CONTACT INFO ON HERE

  10. jwhite8359 says:

    Any update on this?

    Results looked encouraging.

  11. ronamcd says:

    Likewise, how is this system doing, would appreciate an update, many thanks

  12. quidmex says:

    There is no more update, this is already a conclusion.
    This is not a system or something like this, in the end of the day, you will have depend on yourself, it is profitable if you DO learned to trade their way.

  13. kk says:


    Thanks for sharing your experience with this service. You say that you are making it work despite having a full-time job, is this possible for a typical 8 to 5 job or is it because you have access to your PC during working hours?

  14. Mike Pears says:

    Hi guys. Here is an update on the review. I do intend to produce a more comprehensive update after a full 6 months of testing but I wanted to respond to the requests for additional information. Let me stress yet again that this is NOT a system that gives you bets to place. It is a resource full of excellent information which points you in the right direction for placing trades. You have to make your own decisions as to which trades to place. To answer “kk” above I do not think that this can be made to work if you don’t access your computer throughout the day but there may be someone out there who has done it ? Everyone will get different results to mine, either by making different decisions at different times or by using a different strategy. These are my actual results after the initial 12 week review period :-

    week 13 – + 232 pts
    week 14 – + 377 pts
    week 15 – + 94 pts
    week 16 – + 265 pts
    week 17 – + 199 pts
    week 18 – + 355 pts
    week 19 – + 247 pts

    In total, over 19 weeks I made 4,220 pts profit which averages at 222 pts per week. No losing weeks. There have been 193 trades (av 10 per week) with 21 losers so a 89% success rate.

    Needless to say I am very impressed with that but I would say that I have spent an average of 90 minutes each day on this. I am using it to make money.

    Hope that helps. I will produce a more detailed update after I’ve been going for six months (in 5 weeks time).

  15. mollypop says:

    I wanted to add a little more to this. I personally use the market order board to place my trades before I go to work, and check with my IG app in case I need to amend them from any updates. The team does offer up to 18 market opinions and views, and unless I am reading it incorrectly, I often see clear entry ‘zones’ with targets. I have my own risk of 2% per trade though others may differ.

    Anyone else do something similar to me?

  16. Terence Hannam says:

    @Mike Pears – have you got your 6 month update ready?
    Seems to have gone quiet on here for this system, anyone with positive results since June?

  17. aydelho says:

    Hi Terence
    Its been added to the bottom of the main review above.

  18. lovejoy says:

    I have just looked at the free trial and the price has gone up to £199 for 3 months although there is no mention of this on the website. Only when you come to pay do you find this out.

  19. leetaylor88 says:


    This is £150 for three months plus the one off £49 sign up fee mentioned in the review.

  20. sedmondston says:

    Is anyone still using this system / having success with it? It looks great but I have been bitten so many times in the past by things that ‘look great’!!

  21. revit says:

    So if i read the excel sheet correct you have a trading pot in IG index? of £259725.98 real money? how much would you charge to trade £1000 of mine to that amount lol!?

  22. lovejoy says:

    Thank you leetaylor88

  23. Emailonly says:

    When I see these “reviews” I always ask to myself why still in 2015 we have to read “statements” that even a child could produce. Why not give a MyFxBook link to the account used for the test? It is not a scalping way of trading so even a demo account could be acceptable, provided that:

    – it is registered with a reputable broker;
    – it has “track record verified”;
    – a sell/buy limit/stop order is entered and cancelled with the comment “FX Foundations MMReview test” so we are sure where it comes from.

    I would like to ask the reviewer and some of the people that so diligently came here to magnificent the service to provide such kind of proof. Sorry, but any other kind of “proof” is hogwash for me (and for professional traders too of course).


  24. Moonfish says:

    That’s amazing! Look like this is a real and genuine company where they offer you like that. I understand they are not giving you tips but all you just work it out yourself and follow their guides.

    I am certainly will be joining their programs and it is a good thing that they offer 7 day trail to find out what is like. Thank you for your comments/conclusion about that!

  25. captainjack says:

    H’m…I have my reservations about this. Mainly about turning £1000 into more than £250,000 in just 26 weeks. Anyone who could do this would be ranked as one of the world’s super-traders. It might be more believable if a copy of the actual account was shown rather than just numbers in a spreadsheet.
    A stop might have to be 50 points away from the entry. Assuming a starting bank of £1000 and 0.1% a point, this means a risk of 5% on one trade!
    I spoke to a mate of mine who worked as a trader for twenty years in the City. He said if he’d ever risked that much on any one trade he’d have been fired on the spot. 0.5% – 1% was his normal risk.
    If that doesn’t sound like much consider this: trading is about preservation of capital, that’s all. It’s about sustaining small losses and riding the winners.
    Risking say 1% means that after 4 losses (and yes you will have runs of losers like this regardless of which strategy you use!) you still have about 96% of your capital left. Risking 5% means you’ll have 80% left. Which would you rather have?
    The other thing I notice is that after saying that pips profit between January and May was 2,451, the reviewer then says his account “would now be standing at £11,020.74”. That’s an odd phrase to use. Surely, if the account had actually been traded with real money he would say something like “my account now stands at…”.
    If it’s a demo account then say so. The thing is a demo account means zero risk and may explain why relatively large percentage risks per trade were taken with the account.

  26. tintin3d says:

    Mike Pears says he’s making money with this, then shows a spread sheet with £250,000 in the bank and trading at £250+ a pip. I would love to see his actual IG account. Fantasy world!

  27. tom42 says:

    Am I missing something? I can’t see anything about a 250K trading pot!

  28. mushtaq1 says:

    Hi there,

    Can anybody give me more updates I’m thinking of joining ? How many pips can you make if you was average spending about spending two hours a day ?

  29. petermans23 says:

    Thanks for your comment captainjack!

    Of course, you are right. The comment from the reviewer: “The level stakes profit stands at 2,451 pips and by using 0.1% increasing stakes a £1,000 starting bank would now be standing at £11,020.74”

    So haven´t actually used any of his own money but just a demo that would give me no confidence at all by the review.

    So for me the review is worth nothing. Yes unfortunately worthless. I actually think that the reviewer himself/herself agrees with that.

    Once again capatainjack, thanks for reminding us of that!

  30. David Clarke says:

    I am an experienced trader that has been trading for nearly 10 years. I still work part time because my trading profits are not consistent enough for me to give up work entirely and make trading my only source of income. FX Foundations was bought to my attention by another review site that I subscribe to called Cashmaster, they reviewed FXF earlier this year and gave it a full recommendation. I didn’t subscribe to FXF then because I aspire to be an independent trader and do not wish to pay for any trading services. However, these recent results from More Money Review, and due to a change in my personal circumstances, which is putting pressure on me to nail my shortcomings as a trader, have prompted me to reconsider that aspiration.
    I am very seriously considering subscribing to FXF and very nearly pushed the button this morning but thought I’d check to see if there were any other reviews about FXF before I did, which bought me to this forum. Having read the comments above, particularly those of Captainjack (well done Captainjack for picking up on that sentence), I am now questioning my judgement on FXF and how truthful the More Money Reviewers findings are. So come on More Money Review come clean, what’s going on? Did you use real cash in a real trading account for this trial as is implied in your review, or was it a demo account? Are your results accurate, did you really turn £1000 into £250,000 in 6 months as you are claiming? This is really important for your credibility, and if you’re encouraging people to part with their hard earned cash because of a “not entirely honest” review just so that you can get some affiliate income, that’s crap! So respond to this and tell us whats going on, I’m sure all your readers would appreciate it.

  31. mollypop says:

    I am a long term member of FX foundations and must say some of the comments do make me chuckle. The service offers a basis for trading, giving market ideas and a whole host of other info. If people want to slate the reviewer of this service, then that is fine. But don’t knock a service which I can verify has helped my trading come on bundles in the past 18 months. The service (not the review) is IMO one of the best out there if you have failed to understand or trade the markets profitably. It won’t spoon feed you trades but will help you understand all aspects of the markets.

    Speak to one of the team and you will see their personal money management strategy is a lot more cautious and towards institutional ideas. Whatever thoughts members have on here, I don’t believe anyone who tries this service would be disappointed with what is offered.

  32. tintin3d says:

    Fair point. I think if the reviewer had just put how many pips he made or even put £1 a pip on the spread sheet instead of the crazy amounts he would have done the service more credit.
    Glad the service is working for you.

  33. David Clarke says:

    It’s good to hear what you say Mollypop. That’s exactly what I’m looking for, an honest and independent opinion. I’m not slating MMR but I do think it’s important these review sites are totally honest. By the way, I have every faith in Cashmaster who also gave FXF a glowing review. I do like the look of FXF, not to be spoon fed with trades, I definitely don’t want that, but to help me broaden my trading knowledge and improve my trading strategy. I have every intention of making contact with FXF before I subscribe to discuss the programme and find out whether it’s what I’m looking for.

  34. littleollie says:

    @Mike Pears

    Thanks for carrying out the review on this. Could you please confirm what time frame you are using to take trades. I have subscribed to this based on your review but I am struggling to match your trades to the levels and strategies provided. I appreciate you say they provide advice and you have used your own strategy but it must correlate with the provided levels or strategies in some way or there is no point paying for the service. Thanks in advance.

  35. petermans23 says:

    mollypop, I apologize on the reviewers behalf for destroying fx-foundations great results with his/her unserious review.

    Now can I ask you perhaps the most important question anybody have ever asked you at this forum?

    Well can I mollypop?

    According to you and your long term experience in these kind of matters: What is the best forex membership service to follow if you don´t know anything about forex and don´t know a thing about trading different currencies?

    I mean based on your great experiences which is the best forex trading system in the whole world?

    Which is the best forex membership service in the whole world?

    If you could only choose one mollypop where you could learn the basics and perhaps also have a chance to make some profit from Forex trading which one would you pick?

    And why?

    I am very grateful for you taking the time and helping us out here!

    Many thanks!

    Have a great day!

  36. Moonfish says:

    I am not sure why some people above may thinking this service may not work or whatever.

    Simple answer: Go and find out over there. Test it yourself and come back here to see if you like it or not. Remember their service offer you 7 day trail and if you feel their service may not work for you then unsubscribe them. That won’t harm you!

    7 day free trail…..is a free service!

    What are you waiting here for? Go on…..Have a look! 🙂

  37. Emailonly says:

    The facts here are two:

    – 7 days aren’t sufficient to prove if you could be profitable, and review sites like this one are there to test in our place and give a comprehensive judgement on a much longer trading period;

    – “proofs” like screenshots or Excel files can be forged even from a child and mean nothing.

  38. mollypop says:

    I have to disagree at emailonly. 7 days is plenty to see if this service would suit YOU as a trader and if it can be profitable and of help to you. The 7 days are there to see if you believe the FXF team provide foundations and ideas that can help your trading. Yes – Continue
    No – Cancel and pay NOTHING

    To also disagree – 7 days are more than enough to prove if a service is profitable. Whether it is profitable long term is another matter (for the reviewer or other members to determine which is clear they have) but to state for a ‘fact’ 7 days aren’t sufficient to prove if profitable is an absolute myth!

  39. Moonfish says:

    Emailonly….You are right but the question is how do you know about that? Worth to find out there and test it yourself.

    It is all based on your assumptions which it is unproven yourself.

    Ok, Imagine if you are in ‘Get me out’ opportunity somewhere in Australia where many people refused go there. I would grab this and find out from there to take my experience. Once I learn from there, then I come back to bring up with some information to see if they are great or rubbish.

    That’s the same thing….All you can try taste it yourself.

    I have not join them yet but I will plan to. If FXFoundations do not offer 7 day trail or no money back guaranteed then I will not consider this further.

    7 day trail is too good to offer!!! 🙂

  40. Hammy193 says:

    What most people are forgetting is that the reviewer is not increasing his/her stakes after each bet as shown in the excel spread sheet. The reviewer clearly states he is using level stakes without any increase.

    The spread sheet shows the potential of an aggressive bank management style, which most people would never implement due to the high amounts you soon start to risk when trading at £100/point. Risking £4,000 per trade would be psychologically unbearable for some people to deal with in just 26 weeks.

    I have full confidence the review made the amount of pips stated and stuck with a level staking plan maybe increasing gradually at a comfortable level and pace for his/her own personal trading style.

  41. Emailonly says:


    I agree with you that 7 days can be sufficient to understand if the service can “suit” you about your daily commitments etc., but I don’t think to have understood your point about profitability, because you firstky say that “7 days are more than enough to prove if a service is profitable. Whether it is profitable long term is another matter”. So what are we searching for? To spend one month or two on the Forex market as a “tourist” or to become a trader for a living or to integrate our fixed incomes? This is why a test of a service should last for 6 months at least, as the reviewer did in fact. The problem is that the proof has been given in a childish way.

  42. Emailonly says:


    So what is the meaning of existence of review sites like this, to “find out there and test it yourself”? 🙂

    So this could be a site with only statements like this: “Hey guys, there is this website about forex trading! Try it yourself, its free for 7 days!”

    Guys, I said that the review meant nothing with the report given as an Excel file and that 7 days of free test are not useful to find if a service/method is profitable (longer term, of course), so please let’s stay on topic and try to find if somebody here can give a MyFxBook link with the characteristics I asked before about the service.

  43. mollypop says:


    You are missing the point massively here. And your comments already tell me please steer clear of FX foundations. Your nay saying attitude is one which is certainly not welcomed in the small trading group I participate in and that was set up by the FXF team themselves.

    With regards to profitability…

    So what is the point of a review? Is this site not independent? Surely the point of these sites are to give an honest and genuine review of a service over a prolonged period. Has this been done…? YES

    Was this service profitable over this period…? YES

    Can the 7 days prove it can be profitable….. YES?

    Do you expect these services to be free? Should they offer emailonly 6 months free to satisfy their needs? Come on now.

    IN answering YES to the above, I cannot see why on earth is the service being slated here, when it seems to have adhered to all purposes of an independent review? How can anyone expect to potentially join a genuine and decent service when people such as yourself quickly slate it. I was someone who chucked good honest money at services which were reviewed and run by marketing friends.

    This time I stumble upon a great service and yet again naysayers are here to ruin a great opportunity in a world which is inundated with sharks looking to market the next holy grail. As Moonfish says, try it for FREE and see if it suits you.

    Sorry for anyone who feels I have gone over the top here, but I cannot help but feel for the FXF team who genuinely help people like me only to be slated time and time again. Perhaps I should reveal the 27 times prior to FXF I bought into mass marketed systems, strategies and the next pile of Shi** which cost me in excess of £4k to never see a penny returned.

  44. Moonfish says:


    Ok fair enough. If that what you want then you are happy the way you stick with it.

    Please let me know if you change your mind! ha! 🙂

  45. MMR admin says:

    @ David Clarke

    Can I just say that in no point during our review did we say that we made £25,000 in six months. I don’t even know where you’ve got that figure from.

    FX Foundations is not an out and out tipping service, so everyone’s results will be different.

    The service is an educational/training site that provide assistance and information to help each individual devise their own trading strategy and therefore their own trades.

    Our review stresses that his results are based on his strategy alone and that not everyone else will achieve the same.

    This is a service that you get out what you put in. And yes, does require some user intelligence and trading experience. If you have that then, like other things on the market (i.e the PATE theories) you can make plenty of money.

    If you don’t have that or are looking for an out and out tipping service, then this is not for you.

    Michelle Roberts

  46. elibextra says:


    Here here Mollypop, very well said , i too have felt the frustration your experiencing with alot of people on here.

    Myself i successfully make money from horse racing but either that or trading they both have a similar success rate in that only 2-4% of punters/traders win, so really its no wonder that even when a service is honest, genuine, and the real deal the 95%ers are out there ready to rubbish it, and it is that very fact why those people DONT make money.

    I think people come on here looking for the holy grail, something thats just gonna pop into their inbox and say do this do that and BAM……loads of money……its just not real,it does NOT happen, get to know your market, study whatever you can trading or punting, apply the correct mindset, a realistic one, and most importantly treat whatever your interested in as a business.

    Thats enough of me going on must get back to WORK……its the only way to make money….:)

  47. mike88 says:

    @ MMR Admin

    I think the £250,000 (exact figure is £259,725) that is referred to comes about from the link to your results in your August 2015 review update – your ‘FX Foundation Trading record’

    I’m still very much interested in looking further into FX Foundations, have heard many good reports about them but I think all of the latest arguments have been raised from the spreadsheet you issued – referred to above. Could you please clarify that you actually made those results with a real money trading account or a demo account?

  48. Moonfish says:

    @mike88….You are right! Something puzzle with MMR admin’s spreadsheet.

    @MMR admin….Am confused. Please clarify with your trading results. Is that what you are doing this?

  49. Emailonly says:


    It seems to me that your judgement about FXF is not so unbiased, because you still did’t get the fact that I haven’t criticized it but the way the test has been done, and that can apply to every test about a Forex trading method or service or EA or whatever. Do you really think that answering like a disciple of an “inner circle” or sect can be useful to everybody that needs to know if it could (I say “could” and t least proven by “facts”) be profitable for itself?

    “Please STEER CLEAR of FX foundations. Your nay saying ATTITUDE is one which is certainly NOT WELCOMED in the SMALL trading group I PARTICIPATE IN”… Wow, a very technical opinion to whom needs to know the truth…

    And what about your self made questions and self made answers? In the future I will ask technical opinions about Forex trading and EAs to my child:

    – Have you made your homeworks? YES

    – Have you cleaned your room? YES

    Good to know, because I’m already profitable with my trading (even if I still have a job in a financial company and I’m far to decide if I can resign from it) but I’m always open to any other method to add to my trading arsenal of strategies (forex, index options, ETF global rotation etc.); the only little problem is that today we have all the technical weapons to know if a method or EA or whatever is profitable or not and what? We continue to see Word and Excel files, screenshots with demo accounts, cents accounts, bucket shop brokers etc. as “proofs of profitability” as we had 8 years ago (if you were in this business already like me). This is what I pointed out, nothing else. And I even didn’t ask for a REAL money account and overlooked the crazy money management the tester used, because if I had… honestly… I should have also pointed out that trading this way would have fired him from any institutional firm in no time.

    I asked just the proof that the method “could be” profitable over the long run and agreed that 7 days of test are good to taste if it suits your daily commitments, due to the extensive effort the service require to be followed.

    In my opinion I think you should have used the same incisive and unbiased way of judgement in the past, because probably most of your “27 times prior to FXF I bought into mass marketed systems, strategies” and your £4k went in crap EAs and systems advertised with colourful and glittering screenshots of MT4 statements and Excel files. I’m glad you found FXF, but with your “professional and rational” approach it could very well have been your 28th method to reach the trash bin. 🙂

  50. Emailonly says:


    I hope my previous answer to Mollypop cleared finally my point and that I don’t think FXF is not or cannot be a good service. I don’t need them to start being profitable but… you and Mollypop made me very curious and I think I will give FXF a try.
    I hope I won’t be kicked out in my ass by Mollypop and the “magical inner circle” for what I said here 🙂

  51. mollypop says:


    It can become rather embarrassing for all concerned going back and forth with sly digs. However I would like to address your concerns. My unbiased opinion…My issue lies in the fact and is always raised when people are quick to judge yet never give praise when it is due. This is certainly seen in FXF. Many a comment here looks to give blame to the reviewer or the service, yet nobody has actually stated they tried the service for 7 days, and here are my personal thoughts. It is easy to be an armchair poster…

    Your point is correct on ’21st century techniques/tools’ to display results, but who gave these results? The FX foundations service did not give the review so perhaps this needs to be directed at MMR? My ‘inner circle’ is simply a group set up by FX foundations that allows 4 previously failing traders to chat daily with an FX mentor in order to achieve success. Success breeds success and failure will often breed failure. In my opinion, if I had someone like you in my group, it would cause issues. I don’t surround myself with negative people, those who assume failure before even giving something a chance. So call me biased or selfish, but the last thing I would want is to see my own group lose its mentor because the service is being plagued by negative naysayers like yourself.

    To address your point on an unbiased opinion….

    My 27 times of failure and purchases were certainly not made based on screenshots or excel files. They came from liaising with those offered the service/system and engaging in their method of trading. Only at FX Foundations did I finally believe the guy at the other end of the call was genuine and new were they were doing. They came from marketing emails/seminars etc etc. If I had the benefit of an independent review site like More money when I was purchasing my first port of call would be to try the service. You however call for proof. How about you get of your armchair and get the proof yourself? Naysayers like you do a lot of talking and never really walk the walk. Probably look for others to do the testing, and then think and think and think about perhaps dipping your toe in the water.

    The only FACT with this service is that is has to be applicable to you. What could work for me may not work for you. It is how you use the information, strategies and ideas detailed by the site that is FACT. This is not a mechanical buy sell system. Perhaps that is what is causing you trouble?

    With regards to your thoughts on self made questions, sometimes in life you have to spell it out for people. You stated a fact which was proven INCORRECT ”7 days aren’t sufficient to prove if you could be profitable, and review sites like this one are there to test in our place and give a comprehensive judgement on a much longer trading period;”

    You now change your opinion. My self made questions answer this ridiculous unproven factual statement by giving a correct factual answer. I have made a mockery of your question giving a correct and clearly apparent response to your so called facts. If you took my satirical reply as genuine response then that really does sum you up.

    I will once again stand and give praise to this service. Like many others and prior to finding this service, you can call me naive and you would be 100% correct. I bought into promises, and all but 1 were utter lies. So to the people that changed my trading career and finally began to offer something which I could benefit from I am going to stand tall and defend them. This place is full of sharks who prey on the naive (yes I was one of them) and rarely do I see a service or system that supersedes these guys. When I do, I shout from the roof.

    I am over and out now emailonly but wish you the best now we have clarified my points.

  52. Moonfish says:


    Good! Yes that would be worth try yourself. When you go in FXFoundations and please let us know with your experience with them. Hopefully, it will be positive….or maybe not.

    Good Luck! 🙂

  53. mike88 says:


    I must agree. I have had fairly recent email correspondance with the guys at FXF, found them quick to respond, very helpful and courteous. I think the lack of clarification and confusion around the MMR results has led to FXF taking an unfair ‘bashing’. The results posted on the spreadsheet has led most people to become suspicious which is no fault of FXF.

    The MMR admin team stated above:

    ‘Can I just say that in no point during our review did we say that we made £25,000 in six months. I don’t even know where you’ve got that figure from’.

    First off, I assume that they meant £250,000 rather than £25,000. The spreadsheet results and review update that went with it certainly give the reader the impression that they made £259,725 in approx 6 months. This is where the doubt seems to come in. I’m more than willing to keep an open mind but we do need the admin team or reviewer to back this up with a bit more proof. Without it, it is unfortunately reflecting badly on FXF which I think is very unfair. Many people base big decisions on review sites like MMR and I think they have a responsibility to be honest and open. Hopefully we’ll get an answer to this so we can put the arguments to bed!

  54. mollypop says:


    Really well said. I agree, this does need to be clarified. I find it unfair on the ‘team’ do have any negative press especially when it does go above and beyond with regards to both service and customer relations.

  55. littleollie says:

    This is repeated as my post took a while to go through moderation so may have been missed.

    @Mike Pears

    Thanks for carrying out the review on this. Could you please confirm what time frame you are using to take trades. I have subscribed to this based on your review but I am struggling to match your trades to the levels and strategies provided. I appreciate you say they provide advice and you have used your own strategy but it must correlate with the provided levels or strategies in some way or there is no point paying for the service. Thanks in advance.

    FXF are using this in their advertising so I would like to see how the results are based on their methods. I appreciate it is your interpretation and results will differ but I am just struggling to correlate the results with the information provided by FXF and I have subscribed based on this review.

    The FXF service is very professional and will be of use so I am not criticising them, I am just trying to see how the results were obtained and knowing the time frames used will help.


  56. mollypop says:

    If it helps @littleollie….

    I personally use the predicted market direction and zones and switch to 1 hour and 15 min charts. My main point of entry revolves around the foundations and looking to see a reversal from the immediate trend towards the longer term trend.

    I personally use the market order board to see where direction changes but in general use all levels and foundations the reports provide.

    Hope that helps and if Mike at MMR could confirm what he does, that would be great

  57. littleollie says:

    Thanks @mollypop

  58. Emailonly says:


    Thank you for your info about some important characteristics of FXF you revealed that could be helpful to anybody, me included, interested in it. At last your info have been far more useful of the initial review itself. And at the end now I’ve understood why still you didn’t get the point that my criticism was set on the kind of review and NOT on FXF: psicologically speaking, it seems that you have made so so bad experiences in this arena that when you found a method/system/mentor that put you on the right way you started feeling to be obliged to give back all the good you received and to stand proudly against anybody trying to criticize them (even if not criticizing really, as we saw in my case). I like it, it seems to be something akin Love and against the force of Love I cannot oppose the rationality of numbers even if in this industry, and I already told you I work in a financial institution (no “armchair” or “naysayer” poster/trader, sorry…), only clear and repeatable results over the long run count.

    Thank you again for your precious info. I’ll give a try to FXF and I hope to see here someday a MyFxBook link to a demo account of yours: it will be the best credit they deserve for what they did for your trading career.

  59. Emailonly says:


    Thank you very much! I’ll try for sure and if I will do well I’ll come back to give FXF the merit they deserve.

  60. DRSTOCH says:

    mmr admin

    Why not answer the simple question, was this a demo account or not. You are losing credibility

  61. Moonfish says:

    Yes I like to hear from the MMR admin. They seem not answer anything at all. We are all waiting for you….

  62. Moonfish says:

    I got their email…

    I have emailed our reviewer who reviewed FX Foundations – Mike Pears – and have asked him to go on to the site to answer the questions posted.

    If he hasn’t done so by tomorrow I’ll chase him up.


    Michelle Roberts
    Head Of Research

    More Money Review

  63. Mike Pears says:

    Apologies for the lack of any response from me (the reviewer) to all the above comments. I have only just been made aware of this as the review is officially finished and no-one told me about all these postings !

    I will study the remarks and then respond a.s.a.p.

    Mike Pears

  64. mike88 says:

    Thanks Mike, will be good to get some clarification. One thing which I have just identified is the stake amounts shown. The basis of the results spreadsheet is that the stake is based on 0.1% of the current bank. However, take the 30th Jan – 2 trades placed at around the same time, one is placed at a stake of 1.2 (i.e 0.1% of the bank) and the other is placed at roughly the same time at 1.3 – this should only have been placed at 1.3 if the previous trade had finished and won. If the basis is to place trades at 0.1% of the bank, then both trades, which were placed at the same time, should have been placed at 1.2. Examples of this happen over and over again down the sheet which has a huge effect on the bottom line figure. To me, it looks like the formula has just been put in the spreadsheet and copied all the way down – this really does question the validity of the results and questions if those were actually traded.

  65. Moonfish says:

    Thank you Mike. I look forward to see your comment soon! 🙂

  66. DRSTOCH says:

    My thanks to mike88 for his astute observations.
    This review is starting to look like a joke.
    All I want is honesty and transparency.Is that too much to ask?

  67. mollypop says:

    As a member of FX Foundations I am feeling for the team here. I have looked over the spreadsheets provided here and the results in regards to the direction and trade ideas the team set are in all honesty extremely genuine.

    Where this reviewer has made a big mistake is relaying this information. Firstly, turning £1k into £250k is ridiculous (and I am a member of this site). The team would never ever put in place a risk module like this.

    I think the reviewer needs to hurry up and speak here as this is not right. It is clear the figures for compounding and staking are incorrect or as Mike pointed out a clear formula error.

    I for one would like the reviewer to post whatever solid proof they have of his trading record in order to relieve the FXF brand of this utter mess

  68. mollypop says:


    I agree. It is the staking plan and numbers at fault here and not a reflection on the service at all.

    I have checked the trading days against these excel sheets and see direction of trades with confirmed PIP counts and increments a fair reflection.

    Where this review can be questioned is clearly on staking plan. Please advise MMR team reviewer.

  69. mike88 says:

    That’s right mollypop, its great that the results have been checked and verified by you, that gives me more confidence. As you say, the staking plan and numbers are what is making the whole thing questionable. For instance, on the 13th May, 5 trades were taken and 4 of those were at the same time (08.30) yet each of those were at different stakes based on 0.1% of the previous bank. This would obviously not be possible to do (without a crystal ball!) and all of those trades should have been placed at the same stake based on the previous days closing bank. Hopefully we’ll get clarification soon.

  70. Moonfish says:

    Its a bit joke now is it? Not sure If this sound a really good evidence…?…Mmmmm…

  71. mollypop says:

    Can we get back on point with these. MMR – Where is ‘Mike’ the reviewer. I feel so sorry for the FX Foundation team here, being blighted but clear incompetence from the MMR site.

    Let us get this cleared up asap so people can actually discuss the service

  72. DRSTOCH says:

    Well said mollypop. I don’t think any one is critical
    of FXF, we just want clarity fro mmr.

  73. Mike Pears says:

    Once again, apologies for the lack of response to these posts – I only became aware on Friday of these comments. This will be a long message.

    First I must stress the independent nature of these reviews. I am not paid to do this and I have no affiliations for selling these products. I do this because I am passionate about trading and betting and I am looking for things that work so that I can use them for a long time. No doubt like most of you I have suffered from trying useless systems and strategies and I have reviewed quite a few of them on this site. I have personally spent approximately 200 hours of my own time to produce this particular 6 month review.

    I am appalled at some of the arrogance shown by certain people on here. It is sad that there are people who just want to criticise – they will ignore the good and search for things to criticise. I make special mention of “petermans23” who seems to think that he knows what I’m thinking and has the audacity to apologise on my behalf (for what ?). Such arrogance is incredible !

    To summarise, the recent comments seem to be mainly concerned about the following :-

    (1) They doubt the voracity of the results – are they genuine ?
    (2) The profit figures seem to be quoted as £250,000 ?
    (3) The childish nature of the way the review has been posted ?
    (4) Whether the reviewer has been receiving financial reward for posting good results ?
    (5) Whether the figures are based on real trading ?
    (6) Someone wants screen shots posting of trading accounts ?
    (7) What precise method am I using in my trading ?

    First I must repeat what I’ve been saying throughout the review. This is not a ready made tipping service that tells you precisely what to trade on any given day. It is a resource which provides information and indicators for possible trades on a large variety of currency pairs and some commodities and indexes. They issue charts and commentary and I concentrate on their “daily trading blog” which highlights the currency pairs to consider for the day with resistance and support zones and suggested entry and closing zones. It is up to the individual to decide when and what to trade and everyone will consequently have different results. Over a six month period the information has proved itself to be excellent.

    Let me explain to Fx Foundation users the precise method that I use to produce these results. I decided to use scalping techniques with no trades lasting beyond the end of the day (I close any remaining trades at 2030). I set my profit target to 30 pips on each trade and set my stop to 40 pips in the opposite direction. My trading decisions are based on their Daily Trading Blog – I do not use the charts to trade. I interpret their commentary to decide when to trade, usually waiting for the index to reach near to their Support or Resistance levels and then watching for the reversal to be confirmed in the next candlestick. I make my own notes as a guide to trading opportunities and check the charts regularly (usually every couple of hours). My trade closes at the 30 pip target or if stopped out at a 40 pip loss. I always close out those trades still running at 2030 hrs and take the resulting profit or loss. Over the 6 month period I averaged 2.18 trades each day; some days there were 4 or 5 while on others there were none at all. That’s it. As I progressed I learnt a lot from these reports and from studying the charts and it has made me much more skilled at recognising patterns and identifying trading opportunites. Since the end of the 6 month review there have been 6 further weeks showing results of (week 27) 152 pts profit (week 28) 77 pts profit (week 29) 181 pts profit (week 30) 145 pts profit (week 31) 245 pts profit (week 32) 79 pts profit. That totals 6,566 pts profit over 32 weeks to LEVEL STAKES and averages 205 pts per week. There have been no losing weeks. I spend between one and two hours each day on this, Monday to Friday.

    Here is an example of a Trading Advice from last Friday (25th September). The Blog stated – “BEARISH. 135.35-136.00 is the key fibo resistance zone we have in place. 135.40 is a resistance level prior to this zone. A move back towards 133.30 will be the first interest for the market coming lower. The team are going to focus on a re-trace and easing of oversold market pressure back towards resistance. This should then allow for an entry and move lower. Focus on easing back towards resistance and from oversold pressure. 135.35-136.00 is a key resistance zone and this will help bring the market lower.” At 1630 it reached 13540 and then started to retrace downwards. I entered a trade at 1630 at 13536 with my usual 30 pt target to 13506. My Stop was set 40 pts higher at 13576. The result – it hit 13506 at 1743 hrs and made the 30 pt profit (£90 to me).

    (1) and (2). Many people seem to be getting over-excited about the £250,000 figure. The only reason that this is included on the results spreadsheet is because it is part of the MMR standard sheet that we are required to use. I assume that it is there to serve as a comparison with other services so that there can be uniformity in the reporting of results across different methods. Any anomalies in the spreadsheet staking for this are as a result of the way the spreadsheet is constructed. My only concern was in level staking so I was not concerned with the maths of increasing stakes on simultaneous trades and I just let the spreadsheet do its thing (obviously a mistake in retrospect). This whole concept is ludicrous and I would prefer to have omitted it. No-one would surely contemplate staking £432 per point with a Stop Loss risk of £17,280. You should note that in the 6 month review I only quoted the level stakes profits which would obviously be traded using pounds or pence per pip. I find it hard to believe that anyone would concentrate on these other figures when all the commentary is about level stakes. The figure to consider is that with a £1 per point stake the profit is £6,566 over 32 weeks.

    (5) Are the figures based on real trading ? Again, “petermans23” and others seem to think they are mind readers. These trades were based on a combination of “paper trading” in the early days and then by using my own money once it had proved it’s worth. It seems that some people think that reviews are only valid when risking real money ! If I had started gambling real money on all the reviews I have done over the years then I would probably be living on the streets by now. All new reviews are paper traded at first to establish confidence (or not) in the process. If it succeeds then I would always move on to using my own money and that’s what I did with this. I use IG Index but you could use many companies for this and others would permit smaller stakes. I paper traded for 12 weeks, always making the trades as if it was my own money. I waited for the slump but it never came. I had no reason to exaggerate or bend the results as I wanted to know if eventually it would be worth risking my own money. I started with £1 per pt aiming for £30 profit on each trade and risking £40. I then increased to £2 so that I was trading with the bookies money. I then moved on to £3 per point and that’s where I am at the present time. This means that I am currently aiming to make 30x £3 = £90 per trade and risking a Stop Loss of £120. In this way I am averaging a profit of £624 per week. My next move will be to increase to £4 per point (risking £160) and then eventually to £5.

    (3) and (4). How is this review portrayed in a “childish way” ? The spreadsheet is clear and unambiguous regarding the use of level stakes. Hopefully this posting will help the detractors to look at it properly with an unbiased mind. I repeat, I do not have any financial benefits from this review process. This is not an advert for Fx Foundations. It is an honest appraisal from someone learning to use their information.

    (6) There is a request for screenshots of a reviewers trading account. Really ? These types of screenshot are generally used to try to convince people to buy a service on the basis of “look what you could have had”. A reviewer is not trying to sell you anything and I’m not giving that type of information to anyone in the public domain. You either believe the figures or you don’t. When doing a review you cannot go into too much detail about the precise rules and processes being used as there is a danger of infringing copyright etc.

    So in conclusion, this thread is now full of comments from people who appear to be looking for the negatives while ignoring the positives. I do not understand why some people are only concentrating on the £250,000 figure when the whole review constantly refers to level stakes profits. If you don’t believe the results then I cannot help you – they are genuine and the result of much hard work. It is clear that this page is being read by the usual suspects who are determined to slag off everything and not believe a word. But don’t slag off the FX Foundations team. There are services out there trying to charge thousands of pounds. This information and service is certainly the best that I have ever come across and is in my opinion worth every penny but it does require work and dedication and could never be considered as a “get rich quick” scheme. This is not what those searching for the “holy grail” are prepared to do. If you don’t like or believe what you read then don’t buy it !

    The best recommendation I could give is that I will most certainly be continuing with this service in the future for my own profits. It is already boosting my retirement income considerably and I don’t think that I could do without it !!

    Mike Pears

  74. DRSTOCH says:

    Thank you Mike. Case solved

  75. mollypop says:

    Thank you Mike. This is what we have all been waiting for and I think this more than solves the issue regarding the incremental stake column. I personally don’t see any unanswered questions here.

    The pip counts, use of information and WIN rate is outlined and clearly enhances and highlights how the reviewer has successfully used this service. The one issue being staking and ‘profit’ has been explained and I for one can SHOUT about this service.

    I would like to thank Mike for taking the time to reply and also clarifying for the naysayers. As I have previously highlighted here, the value is in the FXF information and relating it to YOUR trading.

    Finally we can put all this childish behaviour to bed and start to help out those who give this service a try.

  76. Moonfish says:

    Thank you Mike for your time to do that. I do understand where you coming from and that’s made me feel better when you explained all your stuff and the FX foundations.

    I am going to join them soon when I’m ready as I have to sort it out other things first.

    I really appreciated for your time and effort and I do not need any further information or clarification from you now on.

    Many thanks! 🙂

  77. Moonfish says:

    Likewise Mollypop 🙂

  78. tintin3d says:

    Hi Mike.
    Thanks for the in depth reply. You say above “My trading decisions are based on their daily trading blog-I do not use the charts to trade.”
    Later you say
    “As I progressed I learnt a lot from these reports and from studying the charts and it has made me much more skilled at recognising patterns and identifying trading opportunities.”
    Could you clear that up for me?

  79. mollypop says:


    I think I can help. The site offers daily and weekly reports (visual charts included) and on a daily basis we get a shortened version of these which break down intended direction, trade areas and market commentary.

    What I can assume is that ‘Mike’ learns and applies what is seen on the market order board rather than the daily reports which are much longer and more detailed. The market order board does not show any visual but focuses on detailing foundations and other aspects.

  80. tintin3d says:

    Thanks for that mollypop.

  81. mollypop says:

    I must say the naysayers on this post are quite hilarious. Where have you all gone? The reviewer provides justification and just 2 ‘thanks’ for taking what looks like a decent amount of time to respond. I think that sums up why so many fail when a successful service is provided. People are more interested in finding fault than actually using something that works!

  82. Steveson21 says:

    mollypop bore off.

  83. mollypop says:


    Another ‘well educated’ individual browsing MMR from the comfort of their armchair. Well done

  84. Steveson21 says:

    No problem moollypop you really are so clever.

  85. LenzieLad says:

    Mike … genius update on 27/09! I’ve signed up for FXF and am going through the ‘learning curve’ as we speak; however that update has, if anything, assisted with the interpretation (or, at least, one method of interpretation) of the Daily Reports/Market blogs and I will commence live trading in early course.

    As an aside, I, like so many others, have tried numerous different trading methods/systems over the years (including, I have to say, a good few recommended by MMR) and been left disappointed and in deficit. That said, I find it hilarious that there are so many people seemingly hell bent on decrying systems – if you really don’t believe a review, then don’t subscribe! So many people seem to want huge returns for no effort … a ‘signal service’ that ‘delivers 1000 pips a month for £9.99’ – I mean c’mon, wake up! If you want to see if something works for YOU – then try it yourself! People really should stop relying on everyone else to spoon feed them and then complain when it goes wrong! Some just can’t help waiting for the ‘holy grail’; while some actually put in a little effort and smile as profit eventually comes their way. Well,here’s hoping …

    Good luck to everyone in their quest for a little bit of extra ‘financial independence’, and thanks again Mike …

  86. pabrmu says:

    Thank you for all your useful comments and thoughts.
    Like you and many others, I have paid thousands over the years for dreams that never materialise.
    I think you said in an earlier post that you had some knowledge in trading prior to this system.
    I know the very basics of Forex and candlesticks, but have never actually traded.
    In your opinion, will this system be suited to an absolute newbie, albeit a newbie that is prepared to work hard to learn

  87. mollypop says:


    Absolutely. FXF is all about how much effort you want to put in. The team provide everything you need to make a success of trading, from education, explanations, daily reports to 1 to 1 mentoring. I have even been part of a small group who were privileged enough to have a day workshop with our mentor.

    If you are prepared to put some effort in, the team cannot do enough to make sure you learn how to read and interpret markets in order to find value in potential trades. Mechanical systems simply don’t do this.

    Good luck if you decide to join, it will certainly be better than the latest holy grail system to hit the market!

  88. Emailonly says:


    As I said, I will give a try to FX Foundations thanks to yours and other testimonials but reading this kind of posts if it were for you I should have started to think that more than a beloved one of FXF, as I already wrote, your are a vengeful mercenary that on the long run will not make a good service to them. Maybe you failed in past due to a lot of “revenge” trading…

    And please remember again that if in general you need a “proof” like an Excel file, one of my children could spend also a “decent amount of time” in is his spare time after the school watching an MT4 chart IN THE PAST and fill the file with so many succesful trades as you need 🙂

  89. Andrew says:

    Mike Pears or Mollypop

    I am new to FXF and im trying to incorporate it into my life the best i can and hopefully get this working for me. I work full time so hope to be able to like you mollypop set orders up at the begining of the day and monitor the best i can throughout, that is the plan at the moment anyway.

    Just looking at Mike’s post and how he trades from there blog. I am looking at his stated traded on 25th September in the post and mentions “135.35-136.00 is the key fibo resistance zone we have in place. 135.40 is a resistance level prior to this zone.” but when i look at the blog im seeing “135.35-136.00 is the key fibo resistance zone we have in place. 134.80 is a resistance level prior to this zone.” Obviously i am now looking at historical data and haven’t ever looked at this area in a morning so cannot comment on whether this has changed since. But going off 134.80 rather than the 135.40, this would of been a failed trade (please don’t see me as picking holes in this, im just wanting clarification for myself and anyone else who maybe seeing the same as myself) Im going off the EURJPY (unless im wrong)

    Do you go through all the markets outlined in the blog or do you concentrate on a set few markets?

    IF you can help with how else you manage this or anyone else reading who also trades the same way im intending too, please let me know how you trade and manage your positions.

    Thanks in advance to your response.

  90. mollypop says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I would direct these at one of the FXF team rather than here. They are far more skilled to deal with this specific type of query. I simply state how I trade and cannot discuss or comment on what might suit each individual.

  91. tintin3d says:

    Hi Mollypop. Have you received your email today?

  92. tintin3d says:

    Hi Mollypop. Ignore previous post.

  93. mike88 says:

    A bit belated, have been away with work, but thank you Mike Pears for a comprehensive and detailed response to the questions which were being asked, appears to have cleared everything up!

  94. expatsparky says:

    I think what does need putting right in all this is the statement on the cashmaster website which brought me and I’m guessing several others….” tested the service for 26 weeks and managed to turn a starting bank of £1000 into… £259,725.

    Yes, you read that correctly. They turned a thousand pounds into over a quarter of a million quid in six months.

    This is obviously either a blatant lie or at best a completely unsubstantiated claim to earn commissions from affiliate sales.

  95. mrmoney44 says:

    Indeed…Seems obvious that CashMaster has just taken the spreadsheet at its word and “informed” it’s readership that these trades were for real. Whereas as outlined above by the reviewer it’s just a function of the spreadsheet theoretical formulas. Perhaps someone should inform Mr Cashmaster of this ?

  96. utterpunt says:

    Interested to know how people are getting on with this particularly the newer members?

    Do they actually provide any trading systems/ideas with what to do with these levels?

    I note in Andrews post (29/09/15) he mentions “135.35-136.00 is the key fibo resistance zone”
    This is quite a large range assuming its not a typo so doesn’t seem particularly useful unless using massive stops. Presumably I’m missing something there.

  97. mollypop says:

    Morning all.

    Service is doing as well as usual. In reply to utterpunt, you do have to understand the methodology of the FXF strategies in order to understand where the ‘triggers’ for entry appear.

    Zones are set to cater for all different type of traders. I myself would set an alert in this identified zone and check that the foundations were present and react accordingly. Other long term traders (speak if you may!) would use the zone as entry area.

    Hope that helps. Does the reviewer have an update on how he is doing?

  98. crowtonian says:

    Some interesting stuff here.Just came across this thread as I got an email last week from fxf offering 1mth’s quality forex truing and Signals and not to miss out on 800pips a mth.

    Well I’m giving it a go but as stated above it is most definitely not for those new to forex or indices/commodities trading.

    I don’d really like the format whereby you click on members, then live blog to load market order board. This covers up to 12 instruments with a commentary on each with immediate trade interest. Sadly no charts accompany these and it ‘s the daily reports which have the charts; only 3pairs last week/ cable, aud/usd and eur/usd.These charts show the zones of interest as referred to above and will be clear to the experienced trader. They are written and compiled the day before you receive the email. I may have overlooked something but I could find no mention of high impact data which could significantly affect the fx pairs- euro of course was a prime example. Dax was another where I couldn’t agree on analysis. 4hr showed clear up trend. Everyone of course will quite rightly make up their own mind but in essence this is only for those well versed in fx. and more useful for scalping as the reviewer has pointed out. I will be contacting them with my queries as I think they should provide the charts where they believe the trader should concentrate their efforts. Otherwise it may well be preferable to look at GBP/JPY as this pair has a good ADR. and may be a good place to start. I’ll return idc with their comments.

  99. mollypop says:


    Have you taken note of the weekly reports section? 16 markets on offer this week. The manual does state news and data should be part of your own plan and any trader would always check this prior to trading.

    As far as I am aware, all markets are written each morning and give up to date info (just check the chart visuals).

    Let us know how you get on with questions. Have you had a 1 to 1 session? Joined the trading groups yet?

  100. M k Lee says:

    Hi mollypop,

    I took the plunge last week and noticed the blog seems like a summary of the daily reports. Although was a little disappointed there was no blog both today and last Monday. Do you know why this is?

    I emailed to arrange my 1 to 1 session. Can you tell me how to join the trading groups please?

    Thanks in advance.

  101. mollypop says:

    Hi M K Lee,

    On Monday I was advised to use the WEEKLY market reports. This highlights current foundations, current SR and allows me (or anyone) to replicate this information on my chart for the week ahead.

    I then update as the live blogs come in on Tuesday onwards and re-arrange specific zones as per the live blog.

    Make sense?

    I believe once you have the 1 to 1 and they determine your trade level they will look to add you to a group of similar minded traders.

  102. M k Lee says:

    Thanks for your reply Mollypop.

  103. M k Lee says:

    Well.. an appointment was confirmed for my 1 to 1 session this evening, but it never materialised.

  104. ANDY_P says:

    Is this for real in 3 months you bank grows 4 times?Can someone please confirm this i dont belive it.Why isn`t wall street all over this

  105. tintin3d says:

    @M k Lee

    Did you ever get your 1 to 1 session?

  106. LenzieLad says:

    Mike Pears

    Mike, can you oblige and clarify … when you say you act on/interpret information in the Daily Blog, do you act only on those areas where they specify ‘Immediate Trade Interest’, or do you act on other currency pairs/commodities dependant on how you read these?

    Many thanks …

  107. crowtonian says:

    @LenzieLad, I don’t think he actually states which currency pairs he focuses on-maybe he decides from the daily email at 8am isn. Tbh unless you’re an experienced trader you’ll have difficulty deciding what specific instrument to trade. As molly points out 16 markets covered and you decide. By the time you’ve digested all that and brought up the charts you could well become confused. Seem to be mainly 3 pairs on the daily report so maybe you could start with those.
    You could try Action Forex whereby you get excellent free info on pp’s, S&R levels together with analysis incl. Fibs etc. The reviewer is ,from his trades a scalper and the RR doesn’t appear to be >1.
    Anyway, make up your own mind but prob. best to concentrate on 1/2 markets to begin with. I really cannot see why these so called veteran traders can’t provide specific instructions for each trade with entry,stop and exit levels. Also they should state each day high impact data which may have significant effect on the currencies concerned.

  108. mollypop says:

    @crowntonian you are correct it is ultimately down to you as a trader which markets you prefer to trade, but the team do give indication on their interest.

    Stops, exits and entry areas are given in the market order board, but you as a trader need to ultimately determine how best to enter and exit based on your own personal goals or expected rewards. For example, the bank size, margin and leverage with your broker will dictate how many pairs you can actually trade at any one time.

    If you are a trader, who doesn’t look at forex data. This is a crucial part of intended and expected movement for that day.

  109. crowtonian says:

    Sorry, don’t follow you.I would’ve thought everyman jack would be looking at the appropriate data for the instrument/s they’re tracking. The word “areas” is significant as they are non-specific.
    All the data you need to know can be found on the Action Forex website- providing entry and exit areas.
    Forex Factory and Fx Street are other worthy sites for quality info.

    Good luck for this week

  110. ANDY_P says:

    Did they use a demo account for this .It sounds to good to be true

  111. deankenny says:

    Cashmaster produces some fantastic results, however experience has shown me cashmaster is DELETED BY MOD – LIBELLOUS COMMENTS When I found out this I was extremely dissapointed as cashmaster was my main source for reviews of products around betting and trading. This product is exactly the same, he produces SOLID RESULTS, but this isnt a signal service!! This is a tutoring and advice service, why provide solid numbers when they were not given to you? Simple, to intice customers to click the affiliate link.

    Now let me get one thing straight, I am not saying this company are a scam/don’t work etc, they are legit and do what they say on thier website.

    My gripe is with the review sites, who are making noobs sign up to this with basic knowledge then getting burnt by big momma market.

    THIS IS NOT A SIGNAL SERVICE, any review site showing SOLID numbers and not stating this, like cashmaster etc, need to be tread upon carefully. Like I said I got suckered into a few big paid services over at cashmaster which ended up either being scams or completely fake with fake results which never materialised to real life.

  112. crowtonian says:

    Actually I believe the reviewer used a live account but all his trades were of the scalping variety- not recommended for the novice trader. Strange that all these veteran traders have no names or details of their trading backgrounds; nowhere disclosed as I can see.
    Bet on the trend m8

  113. Michelle Roberts says:


    Can I just draw your attention to our review at the top of the page – where we categorically state, several times that this is not a direct tipping service and that our results were born out of our reviewers interpretation of the information and education provided by FX Foundations.

    I’m not sure what Cashmaster are doing – but we have made it clear that it is an aid to helping a trader develop their own strategies and not a “hold your hand” tips service.

    We posted our results to both prove that we had used the service and to show what potentially could be achieved by other members who already have trading experience and want to develop further.


  114. deankenny says:

    Michelle, I never said anything about your review, my comment was in reply to those that brought up cashmaster.

    All they have done is put a load of positive results on daily without any indication to the fact it’s not a signal service, they are misrepresenting it to look like one sneakily, disgusting behaviour from them, and it doesn’t surprise me. As I said I followed couple of cashmasters apparent good shouts and got burnt. At least he got his affiliate commission huh.

  115. Michelle Roberts says:


    Sorry for the mistake I thought you were referring to our site.


  116. mollypop says:

    I may have missed something, but I don’t believe the FXF team ever state they are a signal service. Mike the reviewer doesn’t state this either.

    Can someone shed some light on this?

    The service as Deankenny has explained does work, does not provide signals per se, but it does provide plenty of education for traders of all levels.

    I see this turning sour like the last time when Mike had to proof his results via the MMR universal spreadsheet. Not sure anyone came out ‘winning’ that argument or discussion.

  117. crowtonian says:

    Well, I’ll send Michelle the email I received on 16October which categorical states Imonths quality forex training and signals for £50.

    The email was headed up” Can you afford to miss out on over 800 pips a month”

    Michelle will no doubt confirm this to everyone.

    Good Luck

  118. Michelle Roberts says:


    I have received the email you forwarded on to me and can confirm that the email did say “£50 for 1 Month’s Quality Forex Training and Signals”.

    But further down in the email they only talk about the information and training – not about sending specific signals.


  119. ANDY_P says:

    Do you need to stay on the computer all day or can you have a passive approach for this?Can i trade in the morning set up my profit and stop loss and see at the end of the day wiether i have won or lost.Or do i need to check it out from time to time in order to use the scalping techniques that the reviewr has mentioned an cut my losses or wins sooner?
    Thank you

  120. crowtonian says:

    @ANDY_P, indeed you would m8. if you’re scalping it’s ipso facto A you’d need to be there for the potential set up.
    As regards signals why would they be mentioned if they’re never provided, along with over 800 pips a month???

    Sprat and mackerel come to mind.

    All the best Andy

  121. ANDY_P says:

    What i don`t understand with all the abreviations so you will need to stay at the computer all day long that one is a yes.

    And the service provided 800 pips per month?

    But isn`t the fact that he is reinvesting all of the profits whats making it grow so hugely?
    Thank you

  122. ANDY_P says:

    And Michels is this a training program not a signal provider?i see you talking to crowtonian and saying something that they are no signals provided?

    What is this product and more importantly the review.Did the reviewer undergo a training course and based on that training course he was able to make these results.

    Or did he recieved trading signals?

  123. Michelle Roberts says:


    As our reviewer points out in his review above FX Foundations is not a signal/tipping service – it is an educational and market information service that aids traders with their own trading.

    As such it is not best for complete beginners. Our reviewer already has trading experience and was using the education and information as a trading tool to help make better trading decisions.

    His results therefore will not be the same as everyone else’s – everyone will experience different levels of success depending on their own trading strategies.

    Hope that makes sense.


  124. ANDY_P says:

    Yes it does thank you

  125. ANDY_P says:

    Just 1 more question do they offer information in the from.We at fx foundations have the following prefference the trend will go up to x level set of if it goes the other way arrount it will go as low as y level.

  126. kingpat43 says:

    What is the latest update about this trend?
    Is it living up to expectations?

  127. ANDY_P says:

    Yup it does but my trading skills are not so good as to well interpret theri technical analisys.The language used is extremly specialized.THey dont say that in our oppioniion the trend will be down and bearish untill i reaches x point.They go like if it will go down it will be this if it will go up it will be that.They don`t emphasise the exact way the trend will go they leave a lot for interpretation

  128. kingpat43 says:

    Andy_P For me to get the understanding of what you are saying you can copy and paste one of their past forecast.I told care if it is 10 days or 15 days ago technical analysis.
    I just wanna read to understand what you are saying.Thanks

  129. ANDY_P says:

    Market AUDUSD

    Preferred direction – Neutral

    Immediate zones of interest -7205 is a resistance level.

    7265-7310 is the resistance zone

    Target areas – 7220 is now the immediate bullish target

    7200 is the bearish target

    Change in opinion – Below the 7100 and we move back towards a bearish
    driven market with bears in control and USD dominating again. A move
    back above 7310 and once again the team will favour the bulls coming in
    to send this market higher.

    Commentary -The bottom of this market has now broken and we do respect
    the potential for USD bulls to send this market lower and back towards
    long term bearish targets. The team remain trading this tight market
    range though we now favour the bears, looking to trade lower from key
    fibo levels and resistance. The team now put together trend lines, fibo
    levels, 00 numbers and the USD strength to help send this market lower.
    From the 7300 we continue to favour a move lower, adding to short
    entries at 7200 and then 7265-7310. Only above this area would we switch
    back to a neutral market and stance

  130. kingpat43 says:

    Andy_P thanks.I know understand you.

  131. ANDY_P says:

    So what exacly are they telling us here from what i understand it can go either ways.How do you know what to choese .Do you chose bearish because it appears more times?

  132. kingpat43 says:

    Did i spelled now as “know”hahaha sorry for the typographical error.

    Let me go straight to the topic.For what you copied And pasted over here, when you read the commentary very well; you will clearly see they favor DOWN MOVE.They think the market is likely to come down.Let me copy and paste part of the commentary for you.
    “The team remain trading this tight market
    range though we now favour the bears, looking to trade lower from key
    fibo levels and resistance……..From the 7300 we continue to favour a move lower, adding to short
    entries at 7200 and then 7265-7310. Only above this area would we switch
    back to a neutral market and stance” Fx foundation team according to them were waiting to trade below the fibo resistance level which is 7265 to 7310 which is about 45 pipps.

    Again let me emphasis I am not a guru and just interpreting it base upon my understanding.
    If you are thinking of 1:1 risk reward ration and as fx foundation are predicting the market to fall to 7100 but it is going to move upward when it breaks the 7265 to 7310 resistance zone,You can enter sell at 7200 price level or slightly above for a target 100 pipp with 100 pipp S/L but if you are using the reviewer method then you should enter the market and sell on the resistance zone when the market retraces from the Fib resitance zone which Is 7270 to 7300 with your stop loss 40pipp and target of 30pipp profit.

  133. crowtonian says:

    hi guys, half price offer atm so get in there if you wish. did send their promotional offer to Michelle.
    Don’t much care for R/R above , risk 40 for 30 tricky scalping that!!

  134. kingpat43 says:

    ANDY_P can have you email address.We can have some private discussions.

  135. kingpat43 says:

    ANDY_P can i have you email address?We can have some private discussions.

  136. M k Lee says:


    I received that offer too. But it’s misleading as the offer is 1/3 off the usual price and not 50% off.

  137. crowtonian says:

    @M k Lee, well the whole shebang to me is misleading and they still persist in mentioning pips/points. Be good if they could back up their statements with proof of their own trading accounts but I doubt if this would ever be forthcoming.
    Anyway, you can get all the info you need from Action Forex and Live Charts for zilch.
    The reviewer has used a scalping strategy which is clearly very high risk so the whole thing is of no value despite molly’s affirmation to the contrary.

  138. limerickmick says:

    Disappointed at the owners of this site recommending products that do not live up to the promotional hype.

    I joined unfortunately for a month and a number of issues that frustrated me are as follows;
    1. The manual is poorly written and the indicators are not explained in detail so even setting up a chart would be open to interpretation.
    2. 3 strategies mentioned in the manual but only 2 explained and even then they are not definitively defined.
    3. The 1 to 1 chat is a skpe texting contact!You don’t get to speak to anyone which is a major drawback.Impossible to ask any question in detail as you keep wondering if the person you are texting is still actually online. I abandoned the contact after a few minutes as realised that I would never be able to clearly write what I wanted to ask if I was having a conversation.
    4. The videos used to explain the indicators are each less than 3 minutes in duration. If you can understand the workings of an indicator in less than 3 minutes then you are too advanced for this package and if you need education on indicators the 3 minutes per indicator is totally insufficient.
    5. The whole entry / exit system is open to interpretation and the live blog is only updated once a day at 7.30am so after one month hadn’t a clue when to enter a trade & I am not a beginner. Lets face it,if you subscribe to this service then you could not be considered a profitable trader and anyone that does subscribe is in need of precise signals and information.I did not benefit one iota from my months subscription and I am most disappointed at this site for recommending this product which will colour my judgement of any future recommendations.

  139. ANDY_P says:


    Do they have pictures on that blog showing wiether to go long or or short?

  140. crowtonian says:

    said before-leave it well alone and a complete waste of £50 and even the latest promo is useless.

    Most decent trading sites will have names and their trading backgrounds but nothing there. Very much like forex profit builder.

  141. limerickmick says:

    Andy P

    They have a chart with the indicators and an analysis with support and resistance zones.
    They state that bullish above xxx
    They state neutral between xxxx & xxxx
    They state bearish below xxxxx

  142. blue says:

    All very general stuff despite them saying it’s a signal service.
    @limerickmick, agree 100%. I asked for a refund 3 days after joining under distance selling rules but was rejected on grounds that I had access to sensitive information which is the same info that was available to people on the free service when it was offered?????

    Your subscription:
    Daily forex market technical analysis reports with up to 18 markets. These reports include (forex signals), detailed forex market commentary, a market visual, Support and resistance areas and a full market profile. This is known as your trading platform.
    Follow the link to our pricing page and join the service by subscribing to some of the very best and most competitive trading education, daily technical analysis and (forex trade signal services currently available to the retail trader).
    Multiple reports on both a daily and weekly basis. Daily trading + weekly with live update Daily forex market technical analysis reports with up to 18 markets. These reports include (forex signals), detailed forex market commentary, a market visual, Support and resistance areas and a full market profile. You also have access to a live forex blog which details the FX foundations teams market thoughts including our stance on expected market movement

  143. crowtonian says:

    Anyone care to send their promo to the ASA; they’re not even licensed to give trading signals.

    @blue, can you maybe do this ?

    Strange we’ve not heard from mop! maybe busy making a mint from their “signals”, not.

  144. DRSTOCH says:

    If this is so bad, how come Mike Pears did so well?

  145. kingpat43 says:

    It is very simple,Mike Pears created his own system from fx-foundation predictions but a host of people see that strategy as too risky.We are yet to hear from anyone who will claim he used mike strategy yet failed.

  146. grainofsand says:

    they give “examples” of trades in their pdf manual yet none of the trades show the exact price the trade was supposedly entered at, leaving you to try and guess, they also mention that when the price gets near, or enters a key zone then we start to look for a pivot and then a trigger but what are these mysterious pivots and triggers,i have read through the material several times and i am still at a loss as to how to enter a trade, the whole manual is very ambiguous and open to missinterpretation, what they should do is show an example of a recent trade that they took, with exact entry price, stop loss and profit target highlighted on a chart.

  147. DRSTOCH says:

    Thankyou kingpat. I do find it strange that if this is so good we don’t hear from people on this thread with their
    winning trades unlike thread on pate

  148. crowtonian says:

    @DRSTOCH, I think you can safely draw your own conclusions! Maybe only molly mop has cleaned up and taken his trading to the next level; but then he is a scaffolder!!

    Blue asked for a refund as did I. No documented evidence of their so called 9000 pips last year/ 12mths to date etc. and most definitely no signals provided.

    I’m sending their promo material to the ASA to see what they make of it.

  149. DRSTOCH says:

    @crowtonian Thanks for reply, I shall watch this thread wiyh intrest

  150. tintin3d says:

    @M k Lee
    Did you ever get your 1 to 1?

    Do you still use the PATe method?

  151. mollypop says:

    hi all.

    Just thought i would catch up on the thread. I have never once said they are a signal service, neither has Mike or any MMR staff, because they are not.

    What I have obtained from this service is a set of principles which have been expanded on in my 1 to 1 sessions and allowed me to create a strategy in which I successfully trade. I use the reports to set my directional interest, areas of potential movement and then manage to act according to the strategy I have devised.

    The only time I have seen ‘pip counts’ mentioned is from Mike the reviewer. So if anyone needs to give evidence it would be the reviewer who actually made 9000 pips.

    Mike Pears…. Do you have your list of trades?

    I am lost as to where people think this is a signal service. Anyone else received a SMS or direct signal to buy/sell at level X? I doubt it as I have been a member for over a year and never received this.

  152. M k Lee says:

    @Crowtonian @limerickmick @tintin3d

    I’ll have to agree with you two – Crowtonian & limerickmick

    Yes, I did receive my 1 to 1 at the 3rd time of asking.. on Skype. The first thing he said was my comments on MMR (ie this thread!) were unfair and don’t reflect the service. So there’s a snake in the grass.. is it you mollypop?

    As you can imagine I was somewhat surprised he knew about my comments. Maybe he is a member of MMR?! Anyhow I was only stating a fact.

    I realised before I signed up (after reading this thread) it wasn’t a signal service as such. However as limerickmick has also experienced, the S/P levels are open too much to interpretation. The 1 to 1 session was only 20 minutes long and half of that was chatting about my comments on MMR.

    I’m afraid I too have lost faith in MMR’s recommendations after the experience.

  153. mollypop says:

    @MKLEE – No snake in the grass here, just once of the successes of both MMR and FX foundations who has the time to spread the word. Even you admit ”I realised before I signed up (after reading this thread) it wasn’t a signal service as such.” So why do people continue to complain it is not a signal service.

    I am not here to tell people whether their experience was good or bad, I can only comment on my own personal respect for the service. I too have had bad experiences, but this has genuinely worked for me.

    The whole point of sites like MMR are to allow for open discussion and a genuine review. We have MMR and their reviewer recommending this service, and I too am entitled to post my opinion on my success. So too are the others on here entitled to post theirs. If it didn’t work for you, move on and find that service that does. If it works well done, you may start winning in this long/short world of trading.

    Those who say they have lost faith in MMR – come on guys. They have a reviewer who has come on and posted results and spoken about how he uses the service successfully. Is MMR supposed to criticize every service to make you happy? I will keep you guys updated on how I do things and if anyone would like to set up a trading group feel free to count me in.

  154. limerickmick says:

    In relation to advertising for this product,can MMR honestly stand over the extract hereunder?
    “What Do You Get?

    – Several emails each day (Mon – Fri) with market information and indications of possible trades.
    – Personal mentoring from skilled city traders who are actively trading in the same markets.”

    You get 1 e mail per day.
    Personal mentoring is not a Skype texting session.you do not get to speak to any of the mysterious traders!

  155. Michelle Roberts says:


    The “What Do You Get? section is written at the very beginning – before we even start the review. And it is taken from what is stated on the promotional material.

    Then in our full review we analyse if “What do you get” is actually what you get.

    It’s the same layout on every one of our review pages.


  156. mollypop says:

    Sorry Mick, did you have more than 1 session? So you didn’t get to the 1 to 1 session with screen sharing?

    Or invited to the 1 day workshop?

    Being a member for less than 4 weeks over the Xmas period is not really a true reflection of the service I have received over the past 12 months.

    ”Mentorship is a personal development a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.” I am not sure how you would describe personal mentoring Mick, but perhaps that is why we have differed in our success.

  157. M k Lee says:


    So how do you suppose he knew about my comments on this thread?

    Yes, I stated it’s not a signal service. But I expected something more considering the sales spiel on the site. Offering a service with S/R levels expanding a 30-50 pip range is hardly mentoring.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “Is MMR supposed to criticize every service to make you happy?”

    Of course we will move on if the service/product is sub standard. But the point is we subscribe to MMR in order to make an informed decision and in turn save money. As you have read there are at least a few people here who have wasted their money, AFTER reading the review.

    Due to YOUR comments, I too asked about the 1 to 1 workshop and joining a group. His reply was I needed to subscribe for at least 3 months or more! That reply comes across as someone who is just out to earn fees and not from someone who is looking to help their members. I’d like to add, he was quite insistent I’d recommended his 1 to 1 session. That wasn’t going to happen as my 1 to 1 session consisted 3 attempts to arrange, 10 mins out of 20 debating my comments and 1 screen shot.

  158. mollypop says:

    Mklee – I cannot comment on your personal 1 to 1 session nor how I knew about your comments. I can only comment from my personal perspective.

    Clearly you were in need of a more direct signal service and you were unable to use a specific trading range or area to select a trade of value for you.

    May I ask what your experience in trading is? Beginner? Successful?

    I am extremely mystified about your comments in regards to the team wanting to earn fees. I currently subscribe at £50 per month and in general speak to my mentor for 90 minutes each month. Add to this the time it would take them to produce reports and at around £12.50 per week, I hardly think they are in this just for the money.

    Perhaps you want to look at the Forex scams that charge £499 and upwards for this type of service. As you say, you have moved on, so I do hope you find something that suits, MMR has plenty of solid recommendations

  159. tintin3d says:


    Sept 19th 2015 5.16am “7 days is plenty to see if this service would suit you”
    “7 days are more than enough to prove if a service is profitable”
    “but to state for a ‘fact’ 7 days aren’t sufficient to prove if profitable is an absolute myth!”


    Jan 18th 2016 2.06pm

    “Being a member for less than 4 weeks over the Xmas period is not really a true reflection of the service.” ?????

  160. mollypop says:


    You are not seeing the difference. After 7 days you can see if the service suits you. Style of information given, report style, trading style, trade frequency etc etc. 7 days can also show you if this service is going to be of benefit and profitable to you.

    However – What you cannot do in 7 days is engage in a workshop, discuss all your requirements with a mentor and experience a varying set of conditions which prove the success of what is taught. Over the Xmas period this becomes even more so.

    In short – 7 days can determine if this service is for you, but 7 days clearly doesn’t show a true reflection of the service. Take a car for a 1 hour test drive – Does it suit you? Possibly and you may purchase. Now drive that car for 4 weeks, rain, snow, off road conditions, kids from school. Now does it suit? You are far more equipped to judge this vehicle after 4 weeks than you are 1 hour of a test drive.

    Again the incompetence and alternative agenda of a member on here ultimately leads to a false representation of this service. I see why people disregard review sites, because unfortunately they turn into soap operas rather than the actual product being discussed!

  161. mollypop says:

    I will make this my last comment, as I can see this heading one way and I do my best to avoid any kind of conflict in life.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I will be the first to admit this is not for everyone. I am here to simply vouch for the service I have received for the past 12+ months and can stand by Mike Pears and his review of the fact you can learn a lot and profit with this service. I stand by the claims of success, 1 to 1 mentoring and the accuracy of the reports and trade ideas given.

    If it didn’t work from you there are plenty more that can help and I am sure this site can point you in the correct direction with reviews on a daily basis.

    Good luck in your next voyage!

  162. tintin3d says:


    Thank you for your reasoned replies.

    All the best with your trading.

  163. limerickmick says:

    “@mollypop Sorry Mick, did you have more than 1 session? So you didn’t get to the 1 to 1 session with screen sharing?

    Or invited to the 1 day workshop?”

    in response to your queries the 1 to 1 was a Skype texting exercise and impossible to get any useful information due to time taken to text the query and wait for a response and to ascertain if the person I was texting was actually still online..never heard of the 1 to 1 workshop until now..
    again my comments in relation to regular e mails was not replied to as there was only 1 daily e mail during the duration that I was a member..good luck to whoever is subscribing but a bit of credibility seems to be absent in respect of this product…

  164. tintin3d says:

    Well I think @mollypop did FX Foundations proud.
    I wonder what happened to @SteveBrennan, @ac03afc, @Gary, @moreman59 and @mmr31.
    Not a word since they all came on together at the start of the thread.

  165. lewi55aunder5 says:

    Hello all,

    It seems like the fxf team are getting a bit of a bad name here for not being a signal service, when they aren’t and don’t say they are!

    For me, it’s been great – I’ve learnt a lot (made some mistakes) but I feel John and the team are teaching a trading approach, not hand feeding signals – if anybody says they know at the start of the day what price a market will turn at they’re lying. Fxf suggest a zone based on chart patterns and then a combination of other “foundations” you should consider. The more you see, the stronger the case for a reversal. Bulls vs bears.

    So…how am I doing? A spreadbettor for a few years, never that profitable, I’ve used fxf for 3 months. Best weeks have seen 200 pips and I’ve averaged 20 pips per day over that time. More importantly, I’ve rarely had a losing day (once I’d got to grips with it,took about a fortnight),and it’s that consistency that I value.

    Is this for novices? Probably not, but if you take time to learn (and spend time in front of your screen) then they will help you improve as a trader.

    Will they make you 800 pips a month? No. But with some time investment on your behalf they can help you make yourself 800 pips.

  166. M k Lee says:


    I’m wondering why you are so defensive.. and condescending. Do you work for fxf?

  167. M k Lee says:


    You state “Again the incompetence and alternative agenda of a member on here ultimately leads to a false representation of this service.”
    You sound just like Mike @fxf. There is more than ONE member who is not happy, so it’s just you who is competent right?

    “I do my best to avoid any kind of conflict in life.”
    However, every time someone has made negative comments, you are there to disagree.

    Shouldn’t you be planning your trades at that time in the morning? Instead of taking so much time to defend fxf.

  168. carradus187 says:


    is there anyway i can talk to you about entiries am refiniing mine and would love to get more info and maybe bounce ideas about this issue and get new ideas and new angles but all in all the info is great. FXF IS GREAT

  169. crowtonian says:

    If fxf is great we all look forward to seeing your great trades according to their so called zones of interest across a dozen or so markets ; take your pick m8- it’s all baloney

  170. deankenny says:

    Been using for couple months now. I believe I been suckered into yet another sales hype again, but this time it’s more clever, instead of all the lights and stars kind of sales, they have taken an attempt at “pretending to be honest” kind of sales, and it is scary to think it’s working.

    there is no mentoring, I am not learning anything apart from support and resistence on a chart, not why how or why, number of times these zones hold, sometimes they do not.

    Wording such as if we stay above 1.35000 we are bullish well you don’t say!!!!! I thought we would be bearish if a support held!!!

    If we break below 1.35 we are bearish, what is a break? candle go through support? candle hold below support? time below support? I don’t know, because FXF gives me no idea how to interpret any of it.

  171. carradus187 says:


    well i have sent John a screen shot of my account since moving brokers on the 11th on feb showing 26 trades 2 losers + 600 pips in 14 trading days using there method and am happy to show you too as you said you are looking forward to seeing 🙂 however I already know 100% that you will choose too either say that it was done using a different method or I stole the account details from another trader even though it has my name on it,
    You have somehow managed to fail which i find mad because even with almost no trading knowledge and no experience you can still win more trades then you lose by entering once you see a bounce from the zones of interest, the information is there on the site who ever said 3 minute video isnt long enough to understand how a foundation works you obviously have no trading knowledge because mine was small but i understood it so spend time on babypips or other free websites to learn in more detail if you cant be bothered fine but thats probably why you have failed, the more you put in to fx foundations and trading the more you will get out

  172. crowtonian says:

    Yep! definitely failed to find it of any use so perhaps John can post your trading details on this site. As I’ve said many times all their info is freely available on the Action Forex site look at dean kenny’s comments and I’m sure he’s no duffer. 12 markets ??? no retail trader does that many. Been trading over 7yrs m8 and I understand pretty well thx.

  173. Gary says:

    Hi Guys

    It seems like there are a mixed bunch of reviews on here. I have yet to see any bad reviews from FXF members or at least those who have used the service for a decent length of time.

    I have been a member for a number of years and it has helped my trading. However I have not made full use of the service due to work commitments and changes in family life. I have dipped in and out using it when I have had time. My goal is to become a full time trader and I have set a time frame to do this.

    My experience of the service has been very positive and I wish to provide further evidence of the value of their service. At present I lack structure in my trading so I have spoken to the team at FXF and will start posing my results on a regular basis. This will help provide me with structure and help validate the service. Now I must stress I am not doing this full time and will be dipping in and out so the results are down to how I personally interpret the service.

    To echo some of the other comments – FXF is NOT a tipping service and the claims made by other sites have not been made by FXF, its just marketing by other sites. My advice would be to do you own due diligence. I will state I am not affiliated to FXF and have been a member for a long time. I will post results hopefully on a weekly basis.

  174. jwhite8359 says:

    I see they have launched a trade copier service copying the trades of one of their best traders (Mike Pears i think).

    Has anyone signed up for it or know how much they are charging for it?

  175. tweezyb says:

    The signal service costs £199 per month but has no money back guarantee which maybe tells us something. Not signed up for it myself having had a bad experience with the FXF service first time around. Apparently it averages 600 pips per month but I have to say I’m sceptical. I’d be interested to hear of anyone’s experiences first hand? If the results are as good as they say, it would be well worth the monthly fee. I have asked for a copy of the trade results but as yet nothing has been provided.

  176. fiscelan says:

    To all of those who say it doors not work. You need to have basic chart and price action understanding. And you need to put some work at it.

    I’ve only joined FXF since a month but I can already see how their daily bulletin can help me trade.

    Many here expect a set and forget with exact entry and exit points. That’s not what FXF provide, fortunately! They provide much more: learn a man to fish as the saying goes..

  177. Gary says:

    Hi Guys,

    Last week I had 2 trades and ended up +2 PIPS for the week (one winner one loser), there was another on offer which turned out to be a winner. Unfortunately I was away from my desk at the time.

    Now one thing I did not clarify was how I am trading. Last week I adjusted my stops and a 32 PIP gain turned into a loss. So to clarify I am using my own live account, sometimes I adjust stops today I have a live trade which hit the 30 PIP mark however I brought the stop to B/E and am hoping to hit a higher mark. Now this does not help anyone following my review as you will need to weigh up if I am adding alpha. So for the purposes of this I will report only live trades I take, with a stop of 40 PIPS and a target of 30 PIPS (as this is what was used in previous reviews) I may adjust the stops and targets in my live account so my actual results will differ, however it will also show if I am adding value.

    FXF produce a daily report what highlights areas of interest. I will only trade in these areas of interest and am trading the FXF methodology. I am only trading currency pairs. I use a 4hr time frame then move to the 1hr and 15min chart to look for triggers.

    I will try to report on a weekly basis.

  178. kingpat43 says:

    Good job Gary,I will be following with an attention.Yes 40 SL and 30 Tp.If you end up with a loss then I will accept this product isn’t working as reported.

  179. Emailonly says:

    i m subscribed to trade copier for last 7 weeks shall we i m very disappointed and leave it at that!!

  180. unreal says:

    I am also subscribed to the signal service, so far break even. Far away from the 85% strike rate, it is more 60% and he only takes 2,5 trades per week which is not enough!

  181. Joogy says:

    Hola all,

    I tried this on a 6 month subscription. Below is the email I sent them before starting:

    ‘I received emails from all sorts of people in the past but after much research,I come to the conclusion they are just scams. I did get in touch with Nicky and Alex Org (you have probably heard of them) as they had so many systems but it seems if I work 9 to 5, nothing is useful, even though in my limited knowledge markets are
    open 24 hours a day throughout the world! My aim is to eventually become a full time trader but I just need guidance and it has to be idiot proof one at that! One question I wanted to ask is how are you that different from babypips.com where I could learn for free?

    This is the response I received:

    Good morning Nas,
    Well we can certainly help. We would be lying to you if we said you could see more success trading outside the 9-5 hours, however you can still trade successfully using the FXF market order board and reports to trade. If you were to sign up to a 3-6 month plan, we would assign you a 1 to 1 mentor and you would tailor a plan that fits your lifestyle. Babypips is great for general knowledge, but they wont give you trade ideas, they wont teach you how to trade a specific and successful way, they wont offer a 24/7 1 to 1 mentor. What we do at FXF is something NO other service does. For the cost, we offer far more than anyone. The fact is, at FXF you could spend up to 20 hours a month working with your mentor, and at the overall cost, our mentors clearly don’t work for the money. We genuinely care about you as a trader and for you to see success, how many others care about this? Please let us know if you have any further questions. Kind regards, The FXF team

    There were other emails back and forth which would take up the whole space here but basically I wanted assurances this was idiot proof. They said and I quote:

    ‘This is more than idiot proof. We have taught thousands of students and encountered all types of situations and levels of intelligence, so don’t feel you have or possess anything we have not seen before! You will be very surprised in what you actually need to know, and maths or reading graphs has ZERO relevance to what we do here. Can you spot a man in a picture? If so you qualify!’

    I joined and my mentor was someone called John. You can only email or skype your mentor. No phone line is provided.

    After all my emails, on my first skype session I was told to refer to babypips!
    This referall of babypips was mentioned continuously throughout my six month period and I would be happy to show the skype transcripts indicating this.


    I did not trade during the six month period as I simply could not get my head around things.
    You would have to ask someone who is used to trading and has used this to evaluate if it works.

    I still regard myself as a complete novice and I get sent many offers of systems but what I have realised is that babypips is the way forward to gain an understanding of trading.

    I hope the above helps anyone to make an informed decision.


  182. jwhite8359 says:

    So 6 months after launching a signal service in association with Mike Pears the service has now been closed and their association with Mike Pears terminated.

    At launch they spoke of 1000 pips a month average, six months later they’ve made precisely nothing. Does this mean that the remarkable returns Mike returned in his review for this site are complete fiction or was the pressure of other peoples money just too much for a small retail trader. We will probably never know the truth.

    FX Foundations are now taking control of the copier and trading it themselves. Hopefully they can prove they trade their own system profitably otherwise their credibility will surely be blown for good.

    Going to be a make or break few months for this service.

  183. crowtonian says:

    told you so!! ever find out who these super veteran traders are: no phone no address no background- says it all

  184. bogdanm says:

    These guys now have new pricing a new services they say that they get 100 pips per week that’s about 40% increase on your capital per month.

    The 149£ service also gives you entry and stop loss points how is now your experience with the product is it worth investing 1.5k?

    149£ to test it without money and than 149£+1000£ to try it with money.
    Thank you

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