Football Trading Secrets Method 9 Review

| March 1, 2017 | 50 Replies

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Football Trading Secrets – Method 9


Chris Williams

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Hertford Road, Kettering NN15 6LG or 42 Swinford Hollow, Little Billing, Northampton NN3 9UN email:


£27 until 10/3/2017 then £37

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Video system training download

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Brief Summary

Football Trading Secrets Method 9 by Chris Williams is a simple strategy for low risk betting on Over/Under 4.5 goals market in football games. Video training included. Strike rate should be in excess of 90%. Back betting only.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Suggested 20 point bank with 1 point staking per selection

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. Normally 6-20% per trade profit

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes daily to make selections. No need to follow live games

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection and Betfair account recommended

Value for money?  


Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to emails


As ever with Chris’ systems you can get a pretty good idea of what is coming from his marketing page and our experience shows that he will have done his homework very thoroughly before releasing to the public.

Method 9 is possibly the most straightforward yet and the information disclosed on the website is about as much as can be said without giving the whole game away. You will receive access to a training video which covers all the aspects of the strategy and will allow you to get started straight away. The main thrust is to place a back bet in the Over/Under 4.5 goals market but additional guidance is given for a lower risk possibility in the 5.5 market.

The selection process is simple and involves checking 1 free website followed up by verification through the Betfair exchange. An individual match can be checked in less than 2 minutes and once you have mastered the process you will find it easy to adopt a risk approach that suits your own stance. The intention is that once backed a match is left to run its course but should you have the time it is possible to monitor in play and trade out to minimise a loss if the games looks like going against you.

I found that checking early in the morning for possible selections worked well but there is no reason why the process cannot be completed the day before games if that is more suitable for the individual. Bets can be placed on Betfair or with a bookmaker as preferred. I tended to stay with the better leagues so liquidity did not become an issue.

It is suggested that a betting bank of 20 points is appropriate initially, staking 1 point on each game. With experience of the strategy in practice you may be able to increase the stake to 2 points in due course.

With nearly 2 months experience of using the method (the inevitable International breaks occurred!) I have been able to find 190 selections using a relatively conservative take on the criteria. The strike rate has been 96.32% and one reason I delayed this report was to see how long the winning streak I was experiencing could carry on – turned out to be 93 games and ironically it was a game where a 1-0 was almost nailed on that caused the upset. Mixed feelings for me as 3 points for the Tigers were vital but I wanted to get the run to 100. I also made an error in choosing a first game of the season match in Finland where there could be no proper form guide.

Since then a rather more normal pattern has been seen and I wonder if a little more caution might be needed as end of season non important games can feature. An individual user will soon get a feel for this sort of thing and probably improve their outcomes.

The outcome of my testing was that the bank has increased by 48% in the trial (compounding stakes would have improved this further) and an ROI of 4.87% achieved which is reduced following the losers seen recently. There was no drawdown on the bank at any time and I have not traded out at any point although this would have been possible – the challenge is probably not to come out too soon which is easier said than done.

For those that want to consider improving the return you may consider placing the selections in doubles or even trebles – with the good winning runs seen there is potential here.

It is important to stress that each user will have differing results as their selection process will vary from mine in risk terms but the principle is there and with careful use a worthwhile profit can be achieved.

At the now full price of £37 the strategy should pay for itself in a few days leaving a potential on going  profit for subscribers.

The full trial results may be viewed here:

FTS Method 9 Results


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  1. JohnU says:

    I have been looking for something which has a high win percentage and can be used as a ‘slow burn’ to eventual compounding.
    Whilst a few days is clearly too short to make any wild predictions i would make the following to hopefully encourage others;
    1. I contacted Chris with a few ‘pre-purchase’ Q s and he got back to me promptly, courteously and professionally.
    2. After 4 days i have found that everything stated in Peter P’s review is spot on – so i suggest anyone interested re – reads it
    3. Have had 20 selections over first 4 days and 19 have Won money and the very last, late last night, i traded out for ‘no win/no lose’ situation as i wanted to avoid leaving an open trade after bedtime.
    4. I have made £38.33 in 4 days and an ROI of 7.67 %, so as the review predicted you can make the purchase cost back in days!
    5. I accept that at some point a Loser will come bit hopefully i will be in a position to trade out and avoid a maximum loss.
    6. the method is so simple a 10 year old could hack it, and if you want you can make the selections on the morning (also i believe the night before but have not done so yet)
    7. Nothing in life is guaranteed but i do believe ( as the Review found) that there is ‘Value’ in this – you don’t strike bets below a certain figure!
    8. I am quite busy with various things these days but will be continuing with this one and hopefully up-date periodically to say how its going.
    9. Considering that something like 98 % of Systems for sale don’t work, or worse still are just ill conceived rubbish, i am very trusting that this one is well thought through and will continue to make overall profits, 🙂

  2. Traderjohn says:

    What is the FREE website he uses.

  3. mike88 says:

    Traderjohn, I won’t name it exactly for the risk of getting jumped on but its a standard football stats type website – very much similar to Forebet, etc. However, the specific website I have trouble with showing the information so I do in fact use Forebet instead.

  4. Traderjohn says:

    Nobody should be jumping on you,its a free website,anybody can see it,
    i use Forebet and Footystats for over/under 2.5 goals,todays bet was
    Bangkok United v Samut Sakhon City Power Over 2.5 result 4-0.
    This is another website i use for FREE bets,
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the free bets,they
    have around an 80% strike rate,average price 1.8.
    Ignore the rest of the website its a SCAM.

  5. mike88 says:

    TraderJohn, thanks for the information. With regard to the stakegains website, when you say the paid info is a scam, do you mean that the results they are posting are incorrect in a similar way to what investinbetting are doing – not reporting the results fully? I’ll give the free tips a go though – have you been following them for long?
    Many thanks.

  6. Traderjohn says:


    They claim to have fixed matches,the latest bet is odds of 150/1,
    thats cr@p,stick with the free bets,i watched the free bets for 2 weeks
    before i started backing them and the results are genuine,i have backed
    the last 3 bets which all won and Iam up £34.
    Another website i have just found that gives free bets is,
    this has nothing to do with the other website,they just have the same name.
    back check there results they have a high strike rate.

    • mike88 says:

      Yes I must admit i did laugh at the results/odds they were showing on their fixed odds results table. It was the results archive that took more of my interest. Thanks for the Stakegains website information, i’ll keep an eye on that one too.
      There seem to be a lot of these type of websites about at the moment and I wonder if they’re all run by the same people.
      I’m after a service which gives an average of 4 winning runs in a row at odds of circa 1.8 to run on a rolling stake basis turning £10 into £100 on each winning run. Would be great if one of these websites could do that but I’ll have to keep monitoring them to find out.

  7. Alanovic says:

    Has anyone been using method 9 over a long period of time? Does it produce a long term profit? I’m asking this because I’ve purchased it but I’m not convinced were the value in the odds is. I’ve also done some back testing of about 300 selections based on the main suggested selection criteria and the hit rate was about 82%.

  8. JohnU says:

    @alanovic. Interesting question, but i am rather puzzled by what you have said re.’Back testing’. I’m not sure on 2 fronts, firstly how long ago did you purchase it, and if recent have you tried going through the process yet ? Second would you mind explaining HOW exactly you back tested and what exactly the 82 % represents? Obviously we both need to be careful not to ‘give too much away which is unfair to the vendor.
    I realise i may have missed a point here but i’m not aware that you can back check the prices of markets such as this on Betfair, and given that times are variable as when people put their own bets on then one couldn’t achieve totally accuracy anyway. A for instance was a match which i spotted at one price in the morning and it had dropped quite a bit by the time i placed the bet. Without giving away the pricing criteria how, with your back-checking have you ensured that the price meets Chris’ minimum acceptable odds criteria? As another observation on Sunday there were a number of matches that appeared to meet all the criteria EXCEPT that they were below that criteria on pricing when i looked them up on Betfair in the morning – so i passed on those and selected 4 other games which all Won.

    For the record i had my first losing day on Saturday having traded out early on one and then getting a complete loser which was an ‘ouch’ moment. To update my earlier post figures, despite these 2 losses – i have now had exactly 50 Trades, 47 Winners, 1 Break even and 2 losers. (Had i hung on in there on the one i traded out on saturday, it eventually became i winner so my decision cost me £15 net) Have won £64.01 to date in 11 trading days (10 Won). Not earth – shattering but it seems to lend itself perfectly to a ‘slow – burn’ method to ‘compound’. 🙂 If you read the Reviewer above and have looked at Peter’s actually results then you will have seen that he had 93 Winners on the trot. Whether you will find anyone who has used it longer term than his 2 months we will have to wait and see! All the best.

  9. JohnU says:


    Thanks for sharing the info above. I will take a look at both the stakegains sites in due course.

    I completely agree re a lot of these websites and what really made me howl was one site (can t recall which one, but not any we have mentioned above) which in its Results had claimed it got the Oldham 3 Charlton 4 result predicted. Well that’s a new one. The words ‘fixed matches’ seemed a bizarre term but i have since kept off such sites.
    As for your last comment Mike without wishing to sound cynical i think we could all do with a service like the one that you say you are after! 🙂 If you could get 4 on the trot like that and only 1 loser you would make a stonking 50% ROI over every 5 games. To be fair with Footie in my experience anything that gains between 5 and 15 % ROI is probably the best we can all hope for. IF per chance you do find such a method please do give us the ‘Heads up’ 🙂 All the best.

    • mike88 says:

      I probably didn’t explain myself too well reading it back. To get a system that wins 4 on the trot then loses one then wins another 4 on the trot, etc I do appreciate is pretty much non existent. I’m searching for something that gives 4 wins on the trot just 3 or 4 times a month interspersed with wins and loses. I’m currently subscribed to investinbetting after TraderJohns recommendation and it’s not doing too badly the way I’m working it. This month is my first month subscribed and, based on a rolling over a £10 stake to £100 which has only happened twice this month, I’m up £68. Not exactly groundbreaking but the previous 2 months would have seen results of circa £250 and £480 based on £10 stakes. My only concern is how genuine the results that they are showing are because sometimes they give a tip in the morning, if that loses they give a second tip and if that wins they show just the winning tip on their results page. It’s therefore difficult to gauge as I was not subscribed to them during July and August. Going to stick with it and see how it goes.

  10. Traderjohn says:

    mike88 have just had 10 winners in a row and its FREE,
    they have had 4 winners in a row 3 times this month,what more
    do you want.
    If you are going to back 4 in a row,you have to back them as
    singles aswell to cover your bet.

  11. JohnU says:


    Understood re your reply on 26 th – all the best with it all.

    @Traderjohn, many thanks for sharing that i am sure we all really appreciate it 🙂 I had a good look at the site last evening and those Free ones seem very lucrative. Can i just check a point of detail please, have you been on the selections for those 10 bets ? (or if not for roughly how many?) The reason i ask is that if their full record of ‘free’ ones is to be believed than the results are amazing, (all but just 4 Losing ones in a full month of 1 per day – and really good prices) BUT having looked at, and subscribed briefly to one of these Sites as we now know most of them DO NOT publish the true results for their ‘paid – for’ services. I am going to be monitoring them closely though and begin to follow them initially with low stakes. Thanks John

  12. Traderjohn says:

    I started following the FREE bets at the start of Sept.,
    and backed the last 4 winners,so i can confirm that the 10 winners in a
    row are genuine.

  13. Traderjohn says:

    Just looked through the Stakegains results and if you had only
    backed there tips when they give a Home win or Away win you
    would have had 27 winners in a row.

    • JohnU says:


      Many thanks- that’s very interesting and helpful. Goodness me it would be great if they could keep replicating that kind of winning level and prices ( i have just calculated Ave Winner price for the Winners in the 34 days shown and it is 1.895, which is excellent)

      Interesting too re the Home/Away winners – amazing.
      Cheers, John

  14. Traderjohn says:


    The subscription service is a scam,most of these people live
    in Macedonia where all these type of scams come from,
    the free bets are just to get you to subscribe.
    Where do you live,Iam in Gateshead.

  15. Geordiematty123 says:

    Another winner on free tips

  16. JohnU says:

    Yes another Free Winner, but mighty close with that late goal! Its really good that we know form Traderjohn’s monitoring of whole of September shows the results are sound. Strange to say, with the High strike rate and ROI, that whether its a scam or not they must get a lot of people who are paid subscribers. Long may profitable ‘Freebies’ continue 🙂

  17. Traderjohn says:

    I posted a message on here a couple of days ago but it is waiting for
    moderation and now it is out of date and you should ignore it.
    These are the 2 websites Iam now following for FREE bets, 85%
    master-tickets1x2 90%
    i haven’t posted the full website address because i think thats what
    gets my posts moderated.
    Iam doing 2 singles and a double.

    Admin you need to start a new thread where we can post this stuff.

  18. mike88 says:

    Thanks for that. I’ll have a look at master-tickets. To be honest, there are so many different ones on the banners on each of these sites it’s a minefield trying to decide which one to try next!
    Have put investinbetting on hold for the moment. Not great results for Sept so I’ll stick with Stakegains and also keep an eye on master-tickets.

  19. Traderjohn says:


    There are hundreds of these type of websites,i found a blog
    that listed about 500 of these Fixed Match scams.
    My rules are that they have to show at least one months past
    results of there free bets with a strike rate of at least 80%,
    i then watch them for about ten days to see if they change any
    of there losers to winners.
    These people might be scammers,ripping people off,but they put
    in some effort to find winners for there free bets and we can
    take advantage of this and make some money.

  20. JohnU says:

    @ Traderjohn

    Just a quick thank you again for sharing the information you have in your last 2 posts – greatly appreciated.

    @ Anybody and/or Matt Houghton if he is around? 🙂
    Nowhere else to post this but has anyone else seen this from Matt??

    RE: The £1,256 chink in the bookies armour.

    This has found itself to me in a number of emails and whilst it sounds very interesting i have emailed Matt a couple of times for information that will help me decide whether to partake or not – unfortunately he has not got back to me yet and i don’t want to miss a potential service to join.

    Here is the gist of it and i wanted to ask if anyone else knows the info. or maybe has even commenced using the service please?
    To avoid wasting either of our times I would welcome some more information before making a considered buying decision.

    *After 30 + years of interest in this industry now have a very strict and tight set of criteria before I decide whether to get involved in anything – even if there is a ‘money back guarantee’ etc.

    *So I wanted to ask if you, or the originator, could please provide past results (even if that excludes to individual bet details be they Teams or Names or whatever) A results ‘profile’ is a very necessary part of the detail which most people need for being able to assess whether something may or may not suit ones betting style, betting Bank and ‘Risk/Reward’ attitude. Also I would have thought a ‘ROI’ figure would have been needed too – and ideally one over a decent period of time – ideally 12, but at least 6 months, for someone who is clearly ‘under the bookies radar’ the originator would I would assume have meticulous records for this to ensure he is extracting ‘value’ whereby clearly (assuming the intonation of the ‘copy’ is correct) the whole approach must be to gain ‘value’ prices that are well above ‘true’ prices.

    *As I read it would be subscribers are being asked to subscribe on the basis of an assertion that there is a ‘loophole’ in a ‘system’. I appreciate that he ‘can’t give too much information’ but without a good deal more in terms of figures requested above, then for me there is a striking lack of necessary detail in order to decide which way to jump. I would really love to give it a whirl, but need more before I decide to!


    • risky says:

      Hi Guys, really appreciate the work you put in here, i see Stakegains another winner, the other web site that is mentioned master-tickets..? you say they have a 90% win ratio at the moment, is there any way you can reveal the web address/site, direct to me so i can also follow there results.

    • Hi John,

      I haven’t received any emails from you I’m afraid. Are you using the correct email address? It’s

      It’s not so much a specific loophole in the way, say, a matched betting service is, more an area that that bookmakers are unable to price up adequately.

      The average odds are very high so it won’t be suitable for a lot of people but may or may not be something you find worthwhile pursuing.

      If you email me I’ll send you a copy of the full track record.


  21. risky says:

    sorry the Stakegains bet lost, apologies.

  22. Traderjohn says:


    www. master-tickets1x2 . com close the gaps

  23. risky says:

    Thanks TraderJohn

  24. JohnU says:

    Mild blip on Stake gains – 3 losers in last 5 freebies. I haven’t got into utilising the master tickets Tarerjohn referred to, but will do soon. How are you doing overall with the ‘Doubles’ (prior to this latest blip of course)? Thanks J

  25. JohnU says:

    Woops -TraderJohn ..even:-)

  26. Traderjohn says:


    I dropped a bit of a clanger with the masterticket results,
    the results i posted are for a different website and i
    cannot remember which site they are for.
    up till yesterday Stakegains had 31 winners in a row on
    Home Wins and Away Wins when there was only one bet on the day.
    Iam monitoring two other sites that have around a 90% strike
    rate on there past results but i need to check that they are not
    changing losers to winners.
    I will post again when i have finished checking the results.

    • Geordiematty123 says:

      I thought when I seen master tickets results to yours they were different. But didn’t want to make a fool of myself in case I was wrong ha

    • JohnU says:

      @ Traderjohn

      No worries – these things happen to us all 🙂
      Like all services they have their losing runs and another ‘ouch’ on stakegains with a 4 th Loser in the last 6 yesterday.As you have said their record overall, especially the run for home and away wins is brilliant – and for a FREE service. Hopefully they will get past the current mini losing run otherwise it will put off would be subscription payers!

      As for monitoring others and reporting back in the future i am sure we all appreciate that – thanks J

      • JohnU says:

        The joys of Win /Lose sequences in any Sports betting methods. After the Welsh Prem game lost for the Freebie last night that makes it 5 from last 7 Losers, BUT only 2 of those 5 were matches as highlighted by Taderjohn, ie those with a Single Outcome forecast, if Jusy a choice of H, A or Draw. The other 3 losers all features an attempted ‘Double option’ such as X2 or 1X. Strange that after 31 successive wins as highlighted by Traderjohn above with that single options now have had the 2 losers in succession. The joys of betting hey! 🙂

  27. Geordiematty123 says:

    Stakegains have took a at all there past free results. Probably because of losing run

    • JohnU says:

      Just noticed that too. Awful run of 6 L from 8 bets, and last 3 of the ‘Single – handed’ predictions have lost after 31 straight wins. I will be standing aside until they hopefully get their act together!

  28. Ice Blue says:

    Make that a losing run of 7. Probably better LAYING their selections now:)

    • JohnU says:

      @ Ice Blue or others

      I haven’t been as attentive with stakegains since the 7 from 9 losers, but i did notice they gave Swansea V Huddersfield as under 2.5 goals at weekend. Just wondered what the other recent results have been like?

      @ Traderjohn

      Just wondered if the monitoring other sites is proving fruitful? Maybe a bit early for conclusions as yet?

  29. mike88 says:

    @ JohnU
    Stakegains Winners Vs losers this month starting on the 1st Oct, by my records has been: WWWLWLWLLLLLLWL. Very disappointing when comparing to their past results (if these can be trusted) which they did, until recently, list out.

    Has anyone been curious enough to take out a 7 day package to their subscription tips? Results on those look a bit too good to be true. Am guessing that they may also offer daily recovery bets if the first bet loses giving a small loss or breakeven result overall for the day depending on the odds of the second bet. Investinbetting did this and then record it as a winning day if the second daily bet wins!

    @Traderjohn, would also be interested to hear how your monitoring of the other possibilities is going!?

  30. Traderjohn says:

    The two services Iam monitoring have not had a bet for 10 days,
    they have gaps in there results and i thought they were leaving
    out losers but it looks like they might not be.

    Do not be tempted to join the Stakegains service,i had an email
    conversation with the owner and told him if he proved to me that
    his bets were genuine by sending me a Test bet i would recommend
    his service to other people,he wouldn’t have any of it and just
    made excuses up on why he couldn’t give his bets for free.

    All these type of websites are based in Macedonia where most internet
    scams come from.

    This is the service Iam following at the minute,
    http:// smicer-1×2. com/ WWWWWWXLWWLWWWWLWWWWWW

    I think the way to make money from these type of websites is to move
    on when results start losing.

  31. Ice Blue says:

    John U

    The Swansea match was pretty much the only winner they have had recently. You are not missing anything by not watching their tips.

    Mike 88
    Traderjohn is right. Don’t join their service. 70 euros or thereabouts is a lot of money to spend on finding out whether their service is any good. And yes those results do look waaaaaay too good to be true.You’d need a crystal ball to predict matches that accurately!!

  32. mike88 says:

    Yes, as much as I’m tempted to subscribe for 7 days to subdue my curiosity, I figure the 30 euros is better off in my pocket than theirs! The fact that they wouldn’t give TraderJohn a 1 day test bet instantly flashes up as a concern.

    @TraderJohn, thanks for the information regarding the smicer website. Can I just check that I’m looking at the correct website though, is it definitely .com at the end? That website appears to differ slightly in results from what you’re showing above or have they changed their results? The one I’m looking t shows results for the 9th to the 16th with results being WWLWWWW and then the 16th (Lorient – Niort) has not been confirmed yet although it was a loss.

  33. Traderjohn says:


    You have got the right website, the results i showed had one loser missing
    but the rest are correct.

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