Football Trading Secrets Method 8 Review

| April 6, 2016 | 17 Replies

Product Name: Football Trading Secrets – Method 8

Author: Chris Williams

Company Name & Contact Details:
Hertford Road,
NN15 6LG


42 Swinford Hollow,
Little Billing,

Price: £16.20 rising by 10p increments to max £17

Money Back Guarantee: N/A

What Do You Get?

– Training video on how to use the system.

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Football Trading Secrets Method 8, by Chris Williams, is a simple trading system for in-play football matches. It uses one market only and bets are dependent on the half-time score for qualification. The aim is to trade out during second half of game.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Suggested 20 point bank with 1 point staking per selection

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. Normally 6-20% per trade profit

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Up to 45 minutes per match selected

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection and Betfair account recommended

Value for money?


Quality of customer service?

Prompt response to emails.

Review – 29.04.16

Chris is now well known to members for producing a number of decent systems and services, this being the latest in his series of football trading methods and as with most of the others is pretty simple to both understand and operate.

The marketing page offers accurate information regarding the method and we will be unable to add a great deal more with out giving away the workings of the system. For the same reason no detailed results can be published but we do have specific records of trades we have monitored over the trial.

Having paid your fee you are provided with immediate access to a 38 minute training video which deals comprehensively with all aspects of the method from match selection through live trades and what to do if things do not go as planned. What is so good about the training (both here and for other methods) is that the absolute beginner is catered for at all stages and nothing is left to the individual to decide. There will be times when a judgement call is required by the user and the material provided gives as much guidance as possible to help when this occurs.

Selection for the method is simple and based on half time score line in any match plus a minimum odds criterion. I have used an additional personal filter regarding liquidity to try to ensure that any trading would be easily matched but this is not a requirement. Potential users should be aware that a total loss of stake is possible using the method which is a back to lay operation.

Matches may be selected at any time during the day to suit the user and the only commitment then is that you will need to be able to monitor a qualifying match potentially until the conclusion – it would usually be less time depending on the progress of the game. There are likely to be more opportunities at weekends but a regular flow of selections has been possible during the week.

Staking is suggested at 1 point of a 20 point bank per qualifying match – I have applied this progressively on a daily basis.

Thus far I have found 76 matches to monitor which have produced a capital profit of 12.5%. There were 3 total stake losers in that sample and the ROI is standing at 3.15%. With a £1,000 starting bank it would have taken 6 games to cover the one of cost of the method – in general the likely profit from a game would be around 50% of the untraded potential.

Chris does suggest that users may wish to consider just backing the selections they uncover and not actually trading the games – my record of the outcome for the same matches if adopting this approach shows that a loss of around 0.5 points would have been seen with a total loss in 13 games.

If you are going to use this method then your main investment will be time as the cost is minimal and it is then a question of finding qualifying matches. I have spent around 20 minutes per day finding games and this has enabled a reasonable number of selections to be uncovered. Especially at weekends there would be scope for more trades with additional initial checking.

I suspect some will say having purchased that the method is pretty obvious and why do I need to buy. Like many things the clouds tend to lift only after you have seen a detailed explanation of how to achieve the end results and with the small cost involved here there is no reason not to give it a go if this style of betting appeals to you. Chris will certainly help you if you have any difficulties using the method and we consider the whole package to offer good value.

NOTE: Please take care not to disclose system details in any comments


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Comments (17)

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  1. wolverine5pl says:

    got it. very basic system. and looks like should be profitable.
    only downside is training video. very painful to watch, takes 10x then should, and base on that wont buy anything else.
    other thing i’m not happy that not much time spent on match selection.

  2. wolverine5pl says:

    so far 8 bets traded. 100% success, roi between 5-9% on each bet. very simple system

  3. tom42 says:

    How much do you lose, when you lose. All your stake or just a smaller percentage of it?

  4. RJM says:

    You would lose your stake as stated in the review.

  5. wolverine5pl says:

    depends. you can trade out or leave it so either you bet and forget or trade.

  6. edgarnaranjo says:

    This is a straight forward system that simply works!! good strike rate and good returns!

  7. RJM says:


    I have you actually purchased this one?

  8. cwilliams says:


    I’m able to confirm that Edgar did purchase Method 8 from me in March. I’m pleased to hear that he quickly recovered the small amount that I charge for my products & is now making a profit!

  9. RJM says:


    That is good to hear.

  10. chinablade says:

    Hi, Does anyone know if this is similar to his new system, the Half Time Football Cash Machine?
    I’ve just bought that one and was wondering if it was worth buying this one as well, or if they were too closely related.

    Agree with wolverine about his videos, the ones I have are all too long and rambling. However, they only need watching once while taking notes, so it needn’t put anyone off buying.
    Although having said that, the second video for Method 4 made me wonder if he really trades these himself after he has released them….

  11. edgarnaranjo says:


    Yes I did purchase the method and it does work just choose the right games as Chris suggests and it will give you consistent green figures

    Where can I finf this “Half Time Football Cash Machine” you mention?

  12. cwilliams says:


    I’ve sent you an email with a link to the salespage. Existing clients like yourself can get the video at a specially reduced price.


    The Half-Time Football Cash Machine System is similar to Method 8 but not the same. MMR have a copy for review so I expect a thread will be started shortly.

  13. chinablade says:


    Thanks for the reply. Do they compliment each other then, for example could you use both methods at the same time on one game?

    As an existing customer of yours, I wish I had known that I could get a specially reduced price on the Half Time Football Cash Machine!
    Not that it matters too much really, it’s working really well for me so far, so should soon get my purchase price back anyway 🙂

  14. cwilliams says:


    You could use both methods on the same match – I prefer the HTFCM method though because it is more ‘set & forget’.

    Glad to hear that you’re finding it works well – I’ve had several clients email to say that they’ve already got the purchase price back. With the new European season starting then you should find that the profits will build up nicely.

  15. wanderer says:

    Hey Chris , can i get the link with the discount too a an existing customer.

  16. cwilliams says:


    With Edgar it was easy – his username on here is the same as his real name, so I was easily able to find his email address & send him the link.

    Since MMR (quite rightly) forbids you from posting your email on this thread, then I suggest you email me at my email address listed at the top of this page under the product Contact Details section.

    Let me know which product you have previously purchased & I will then let you have the link.

  17. wanderer says:

    Thanks Chris ,i will email you.

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