Football Correct Score Lay System Review

| November 26, 2015 | 25 Replies

Product Name: Football Correct Score Lay System

Author: Chris Williams

Company Name & Contact Details:
Hertford Road,
NN15 6LG


42 Swinford Hollow,
Little Billing,

Price: £37

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get?

– Browser based video system training

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Football Correct Score Lay Method, by Chris Williams, offers a system for laying the correct score in football matches. Max lay odds are 9.0. Chris claims he saw a strike rate in his testing of around 87%. Basic and advanced techniques are covered.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Chris suggests a 20 point bank with liability of one point per trade.

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. Normally 10-40% per trade profit.

How much time will I need to make this work?

Selection process takes about two minutes per game.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection.

Value for money?  

It’s made a fair start.

Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to emails.

Review – 10/12/2015 

Chris is now becoming a prolific system publisher! This is probably the simplest one so far, but he accepts that it may not appeal to a wider audience as lay betting is involved.

The seven-minute video on the product website gives a good indication of what to expect from the system.

If you decide to go ahead you will receive access codes for the training videos which are browser based. In total there are 105 minutes of content which fully explain the system and now includes a supplementary system which allows two bets in a selected match.

There is an advanced technique as well which should improve the ROI, although the suggestion is that you use the initial method to become fully cognisant with the method.

The system is very simple indeed and involves checking one free website for initial data and then cross checking on Betfair that the market prices are below the maximum lay price of 9.0. Should this be the case then you place your bet and forget it until the match has run. We cannot give any further detail without prejudicing the system and for the same reason full results cannot be published.

In this initial trial we have looked at the base method only and will cover the advanced and supplementary options in the update.

We have checked a total of 48 games and all but 3 of these have been successful. The average lay odds at 8.1 are a little higher than suggested but using the suggested liability staking method at 5% of the bank progressively we have seen a 9.5% capital growth in the month. Certainly better than the bank will offer and all for very little time input indeed. To protect the system my spreadsheet merely shows the odds and staking for the matches selected.

On a £500 bank you would have covered the cost of the system with my selections and there is certainly potential for more matches to be used if you wish. I have stayed with the top 2 divisions in European and UK games with a max of 2 games per day.

So a fair start here and it will be interesting to see if the additional strategy options can increase the profit further.

As stated we cannot publish full details of our results – only the basic details. But you can see those here:

Football Correct Score Lay System Results


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Comments (25)

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  1. marklv says:

    Laying correct scores makes sense. Although the odds are potentially very risky, the likelihood of a lot of scores is extremely low in many leagues and this can be forecast with reasonable accuracy.

  2. pen01 says:

    Bit quiet on this thread,was hoping to see a few comments on this lay system,anyone purchased this?.

    Have since purchased another correct score lay system,which does work very well,and for a lot less than this one!.

    Would still like to know though if anybody has had any success with this lay system.


  3. RJM says:


    What system are you using then that is cheaper?

    Perhaps “MMR” could review it?

  4. pen01 says:


    Not sure if I am allowed to say,could be suggested that I have a financial interest in sales,which I don’t.

  5. Michelle Roberts says:


    If you want you can email me at to tell me the name of the service/system and we’ll try and get a copy to review.


  6. pen01 says:


    I have just discovered the system/method seems to be in the Public Domain,during a Google search for laying correct scores,a website came up with it listed,with full details,so its free!!,good job I didn’t pay much for it on Ebay.


  7. phillipa44 says:

    so where is it in the PD?

  8. pen01 says:

    Did not keep the link as not wanted,already had all the details.

    If you search “correct score laying”,it should come up.

  9. Michelle Roberts says:


    Is this the product website that you saw:

    If so then we’ll get a review set up of it.


  10. pen01 says:


    No its not that one,I have looked it up again.

    Website is

    On right hand side under “Top posts & pages,click on “wacky or what lay the last score method”.

    Does not require a review,just check the last scores on flashscore,easy and quick.

    Free system for all,no search required.

  11. cwilliams says:


    I’ve taken a look at the system you mention & should point out to anyone interested in using it that the lowest lay odds shown on pemean’s blog are 8.8 in his test of the method. Most lay odds he used are in excess of 10.0!

    With my Correct Score Lay System, then the basic method has a max lay odds limit of 9.0 & the advanced technique has lay odds typically in the range 3.0 – 5.0.

  12. TheBulldog says:

    I have not purchased the system and get what others have said about free similar systems. But I guess the value in this system is in the video tutorials, so if that suits your learning style then this could be just the thing. I like the idea though and maybe with cwilliams system, he has done some of the donkey work.

    Does this systems profit take into account betfairs commission?

  13. pen01 says:


    You can of course pick a match where the last result was say 1-0 or 0-1,odds would be then be a bit lower.

    Looking through the past final scores,very few have the same score twice.

    This is not my system,just something that I came across while searching,and having seen that you have a correct score laying system,my interest was aroused.
    I was hoping to see a few comments from people who have purchased your system,but there seems to be none on here so far,prefer not to risk £39.00 at present!!

  14. Tim O'loughlin says:

    hmmm. So is cwilliams the Chris Williams owner of this system?

    If so, seem strange that the first post was made on Dec 11 2015 yet cwilliams first post is Jan 16 2016 to advise that “he’s” correct lay system is superior to the one mentioned by pen01.

    No further details provided for those interested in his system.

    And Mr Williams obviously browses MMR as he targeted me for copying a link for MMR members on the Turn Around Trader thread.

    Mr Williams claimed I was breaking copyright laws. I explained my position on that thread and as the link was to a file that wasn’t copyrighted there was no issues.

    After he was proven wrong,he didn’t even have the decency to retract his accusation.

    Not sure what his system is like, but I personally will stay well away from this guy.

  15. cwilliams says:

    @Tim O’loughlin

    You write: ” I personally will stay well away from this guy”

    My response: “Good”

    WRT the copyright issue, I suggest you read up on Copyright Law. If a document has a copyright statement making it clear that the document must not be copied, distributed, etc unless permission has been given by the copyright owner, then you cannot post a link to such a document without seeking the copyright owner’s permission. The law is very clear on this – & that is doubtless why MMR decided not to permit the link to be posted (they would also be liable for any copyright infringement if they did so).

    If I wanted to post a link in a similar situation, then I would first of all have the courtesy to contact the copyright owner & get his permission. In 99% of cases (in my experience), permission is usually granted.

  16. Tim O'loughlin says:

    Thank you Mr Williams.

    I think Abraham Lincoln said it best “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt”

    I will repeat what has already been written which you’re just too obnoxious to take on board.


    I think others will make up their own mind about you Mr Williams. One who spends more time on other threads make false accusations and then being too full of himself to admit he was wrong.

    Just the sort of person you would want to purchase a training system from. Just try and stop me.

    Any Maynard if you are unfortunate enough to be reading this, I am trying but some people just make it very difficult to keep New Year promises!

  17. Tim O'loughlin says:

    “And” not any sorry

  18. cwilliams says:


    Any chance you can remove Tim O’loughlin’s personal insults & posts from this thread that are completely off-topic?

  19. Maynard says:

    I downloaded the Turnaround Trader manual many moons ago. On page 1 the following notice is clearly displayed:

    “All rights reserved. No reproduction, copying or transmission of this publication may be made without written permission. No paragraph of this publication may be reproduced, copied or transmitted without written permission, or in accordance with the Copyright Act 1956 (amended).”

    Even if that notice had NOT been included, it would have still been a breach of copyright to reproduce the manual, in print or electronically (i.e. via a link), because every publication AUTOMATICALLY attracts copyright protection the moment it is written, without the author having to do a thing.

    Just sayin’. 🙂

  20. moonhead says:

    I know this is a bit off subject, but can anybody tell if it’s worth buying the MMR premier sight, there doesn’t seem to be a review sight for it on here, I know it’s their own material but I just thought they might of put it up for review so people could comment on

  21. Tim O'loughlin says:


    Worth trialling MMR full membership. I did, and found much of the content is for GB members only (I’m from Australia), but to be fair I had emailed Michelle and she assured me that there was a lot of content available to all.

    This was the case, although in the end I found it wasn’t for me. I received a full refund, as there was a full year trial period.

    As for the copyright saga, I am over it well and truly.

    There is a download for Guy Cohen’s Turn Around Trader on Google. I believe I said it was from the site and I apologise for that.

    However, the link is available to the global community. Certainly if anyone wanted to sell and profit from this than that would be another story.

    And yes I have read the copyright warning, but as I said the link is for everyone to download. Is direction them to that link against the law. You know what? I really don’t give a shi* anymore.

    Politically correct bullshi*. We all know that no one, not the publisher or anyone else was done any harm through this. In fact the publisher would I’m sure be happy if people were reading up on his product and deciding if they were interested or not.

    Let’s ask him if/when Michelle get’s him to come on the site.

    But the editor of this site certainly won’t have to scold me for copyright breaches or whatever in the future, I just won’t bother.

    And as for Mr Williams, maybe the only positive out of this is that people can make their own judgment about him before parting with any hard earned for his system. Nothing derogatory about that I trust.

  22. lisa777 says:

    Has anyone bought this, and if so, how is it going – is it profitable? Risk v reward bit scary but would like to hear what a user of this system has to say about it???


  23. Weller says:

    @moonhead the MMR premier service has packed up with no word or warning

  24. PEPPIDOG says:

    @Tim O’loughlin

    Sorry to use this thread to message you but I wondered, if Michelle was monitoring this thread, and with your permission, whether I could get hold of your e-mail addy?
    I am looking for people down under to help me with a little project I am setting up, 5K AUD – 8K plus AUD per month. Easy work

    Apologies Michelle if this is out of order. Didn’t know how to get hold of him any other way

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