Football Cash Machine System Review

| March 2, 2015 | 91 Replies

Product Name: Football Cash Machine System

Author: Chris Williams

Company Name & Contact Details:
Hertford Road,
NN15 6LG

42 Swinford Hollow,
Little Billing,

Price: £27 rising by £1 every 4 sales to max £47.

Money Back Guarantee: N/A

What Do You Get ?

– Video system training plus summary PDF

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Football Cash Machine System by Chris Williams is a simple mechanical system aimed at generating consistent returns from soccer. It is said to be low risk and staking enhancement advice is also offered. 

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

5 point bank recommended.

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Selection takes about 3 minutes per match research.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection

Value for money?  


Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to emails.

Review – 02/04/2015 

As we are aware from previous reviews on Chris’ products he has a penchant for trading soccer games on Betfair and is pretty risk averse into the bargain. His latest product is continuing in this vein and indeed has superseded his Football Profits Service as he advises selections for this system on there now (subscribers here were offered a discounted price for the system).

It is not necessary to subscribe to the monthly tipping service to take advantage of the system – the benefit in so doing is merely time saving.

There is not a great deal we can say about the system without giving the game away. It is explained very readily in the videos available when you purchase and a betting newcomer would be able to follow the instructions easily.

The system only applies to formal leagues and the selection process uses a well known free stats site involving 3 main steps which take about 30 seconds each to assess. Users can look at as many leagues as they wish to generate selections and as no trading is involved the liquidity levels need not be as high as other systems.

Only 1 market is used and the minimum odds for betting is set at 1.05. However, a supplementary technique is also included which shows how to achieve this level without additional risk. A 98% strike rate is anticipated for valid selections.

Selections may be made at any time when the previous matches are complete and bets can be placed as required – thus the system can be employed when convenient to a user.

The low risk nature of the system can be seen from the recommended betting bank of just 5 points. Using the supplementary technique mentioned can achieve a higher ROI as well and so we have tested on the basis of both elements using the selections advised by the author so that members may also consider the potential value of that service.

In the period under review there have been 68 advised selections of which 1 did not make the minimum price stipulation. Of the remainder 66 won (98.5%) and using progressive staking on a daily basis the bank has increased by 121% (would have been 68% if not using the supplementary technique which came into play on 30 of the games) and an ROI of 7.72% is seen.

So within a month you are effectively playing with other peoples cash which cannot be too bad at all. It would be possible to start with minimal stakes and build your own bank thus allowing increased staking if required.

There will no doubt be those who suggest that all this can be done without the need to purchase a system. If you are that way inclined then you may well have done so but the product seems to us to fulfil a useful spot in the market for those who either do not have the inclination or the experience and the one off cost (currently £44) is hardly excessive.

The service title does seem justified on the performance thus far. We will update in early May.


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  1. magtino says:

    Looking at the results, most of the bets are
    settled in play,does this mean you have to sit in front of your computer during the game waiting for the right time to cash out,and is it a back and lay

    Not sure what this means,
    “£27 rising by £1 every 4 sales to max £47”

  2. thebetengine says:

    Bets are placed pre-match. There is no trading involved.

    With regard to the price, it appears that the price increases by £1 every time 4 copies of the system are sold.

    I have noticed that the price on the web site has increased throughout the day – but I cannot (obviously) tell you if it started at £27 or whether it does increase after every 4 sales or whether it is just arbitrarily increased.

  3. cwilliams says:

    The price increase is handled by JVZoo so cannot be arbitrarily increased by me! And yes, it did start at £27.

    Chris Williams

  4. magtino says:

    You need to have a strike rate of over 96% to make
    a profit from this system.

    chris williams I think you are missing a trick with this,their is another bet you could be placing that is better than 1.05 1/20,most of the time,but its not
    for me to tell you how to run your service.

  5. gerry747 says:

    Actually Chris Williams is quite an experienced fellow, especially in the greyhound market, you could learn a lot from him. Don’t really like the idea of the silly price increases, if it has a price, then that’s it!..

  6. cwilliams says:


    Your figures are not totally correct because you are ignoring the effects of applying the techniques outlined in Video 3. In any case, I am achieving a strike rate over 98%.
    Incidentally, I would have responded direct to your email but my replies to you are being bounced back with the message: “The email account that you tried to reach is disabled”

  7. cwilliams says:


    I’d heard about so-called ‘dimesale’ pricing of products being successful in increasing sales & since JVZoo made it so easy to set up, I thought I’d give it a go!

  8. gerry747 says:

    Cwilliams – You have a point, maybe every 4 seats I flog, I’ll stick a quid on the next, see how it goes.. 🙂 good luck Chris.

  9. myreview says:

    One of my first bets with this system produced a 0-0!! Sods law that, but it wasn’t a major league though. Maybe Chris wouldn’t have bet on it. What it does mean is that it will take 10 winning bets in a row to break even. That’s the down side to this method.

  10. cwilliams says:


    Quote: “You have a point, maybe every 4 seats I flog, I’ll stick a quid on the next, see how it goes..”

    But isn’t that exactly how EasyJet & Ryanair come up with their prices?!!

  11. gerry747 says:

    cwilliams – Yep your right, was always slow in the sales dept…. not my job thank god!….

  12. Pete Williams says:

    The sales page for this does not really help in making a decision regarding suitability to your personal betting style.

    The results page is meaningless as it gives no profit and loss figures. There has been one loss so far(unlike the previous and short proofing period), but there is no information to say how that impacted on the bottom line or what the ROI might be!

    Looking at the screenshots on the sales page the market being used is obviously a very low odds one with a high strike rate, so I suppose one can guess which goals market is being used. But wouldn’t a delayed entry offer more value?

    Obviously I don’t know the selection paramters and I assume lot of time and effort has gone into producing the videos – but it would seem to me this is something quite doable yourself without spending money on an unseen product and then £10 a month on the tips.

    Great article published today on such stuff by
    ‘The Judge’ in ‘Punters Verdict’…Not that Chris is like those being criticised here, although it is an easy trap to fall into!

  13. Pete Williams says:

    The review of this, published yesterday, lacks detail for anyone who may be interested in purchasing the materials.

    It mentions the ‘low risk nature of the system’ and yet member ‘myreview’ (above) mentions a losing bet taking 10 more bets to recover.

    What stakes is the reviwer using?
    What is his/her P/L?
    What’s a ‘formal league’ as opposed to ‘as many leagues as you want’?
    There were 68 advised selections – 66 won 1 didn’t qualify as under 1.05 odds; so what happened to the bank when, I presume, a loser was found?
    How long did it take the bank to recover?
    Where’s the spreadsheet of results for the different techniques?
    Is the reviewer making his/her own selections or just following the advised ones?
    What type of progressive staking is being used?

    These are the type of questions and information this review should be tackling; as it stands, you would actually find out a lot more by visiting Chris’ sales page / website which he has improved since launching the materials.

    I know all reviewers are volunteers and most of the sports ones have now been ditched by MMR, but can we please have a bit more useful detail!

  14. cwilliams says:

    Pete Williams

    I’m sure the reviewer may respond to the points you raise in your post – however, let me explain why you already have answers to most of your questions & the others are irrelevant.

    ‘myreview’ does state that a losing bet takes 10 bets to recover. This is not true because it does, of course, depend on the odds for subsequent bets.

    Even 10 bets would not be at odds with describing my system as ‘low risk’ because you need to tie this in with the strike-rate.

    Suppose I have a strike-rate of 98%. This means that for every 100 bets there will be 2 losers. If each loser requires 10 bets to recover losses, then you are still left with the profits from the remaining 78 bets. That strikes me as being very low risk because you have a lot of leeway to still make a profit even if the strike-rate was to drop further. If you disagree, then maybe you would like to define what you mean by ‘low risk’.

    Your desire to know the reviewers stakes plus P&L is irrelevant – the reviewer gives you the key figure which is the ROI. It is a bit like someone telling you that they get a 5% return on their savings account but you demand to know what investment they have & the actual amount of interest – the 5% figure tells you everything you need to know.

    Wanting to see a detailed spreadsheet of results & info about bank recovery are – in my opinion – just an attempt to gain enough information to try to work out what my system is without having to purchase it!

    The staking plan is specified in the review but is probably not detailed clearly enough. It is stated that the recommended betting bank is 5 points. Each bet is 1 point (ie 20% of the betting bank).

    Therefore the progressive staking is simply compounding whereby you use a stake that is 20% of the betting bank size as it increases/decreases on a daily basis.

    You do need to remember that any review given on sites such as this one are under an obligation not to reveal so much information that they reveal the system. This means that you cannot have all of the information that I’m sure you would like!

    At the end of the day, if people don’t feel that the review gives them enough information to be able to decide whether to buy my Football Cash Machine System, then don’t buy it & move on to something else.

    I think it is interesting that not a single user of FCM has posted on here complaining that the system is a load of rubbish. Everyone who emails me are making a profit. Indeed,subscribers to my FCM tipping service (Football Profits) are currently enjoying an excellent run of results – we are now on 81 consecutive winning bets.

  15. Pete Williams says:

    Well that’s made it clearer!
    As the only losing ‘bet’ has been a 0-0 and the 81 consecutive bets have all won it doesn’t take much to work out that the market is probably Over 0.5 goals or an equivalent on Betfair.
    Despite the response above people are essentially paying for a selection procedure and a staking plan.

    I’m not bothered about the ‘system’ but it seems to be something anyone could have a go at themselves using a stats site…but it looks like it may take a certain mindset to do this!
    Would love to hear from any FCM user on here!

  16. Pete Williams says:

    A 0-0 from Burnley v Spurs saw the end of a good winning sequence and a £120 loss for the vendor which will take some time to claw back.

    I think it is interesting that not a single user of FCM has posted on here to share their thoughts on the system. It is not inconceivable that a few other 0-0’s will wipe out the profits of the previous 81 bets! Using such high stakes on this strategy will require a very particular mindset…is it really worth buying for £47?

  17. S&M says:

    @ Pete Williams

    I was pondering on whether to buy this system, but £120 on a single bet is a bit steep, in fact WAY TOO STEEP for me!

    Can I please ask… What kind of bank is/was used to be placing £120 on a single game as most systems I have used in the past have advised anywhere from 20 – 200 point banks?

    20 points would mean having a £2400 minimum bank, to be placing £120.

    Thanks for any help.

  18. cwilliams says:

    Pete Williams

    You state: “a £120 loss for the vendor which will take some time to claw back.”

    If you go & check my Betfair P&L screenshots on the FCM salespage, you will see that I have updated them. They show that I (& my tipping service subscribers) have recovered the £120 losing bet in just 5 days & 14 bets. I would hardly describe this as “some time to claw back” the loss.

    You will also note that I am making a decent profit so far this month – despite the losing bet. The strike rate is a mere 96.9%.


    It’s probably best as I (the actual bettor) tell you about my betting bank & staking strategy rather than Pete Williams who will simply be guessing.

    It is traditional with most systems to advise that stakes should be about 5% of the betting bank. But this is because they are dealing with pretty low strike-rates. Once you have a strike-rate as high as FCM is achieving, then you can (in my opinion) increase the stakes to 20% (ie the bank is 5 points).

    This means that £120 stakes equates to a bank of £600 – which is what I was using. As of last night, after 4 more out of 4 winners, my bank stands at just over £700. My stakes today are therefore a max of £140 per match.

    Chris Williams

  19. gerry747 says:

    Pete Williams – Just curious, take it this is you? “An Interpretative Review” with you having “peamean” same username on the bet engine forum?

  20. gerry747 says:

    correction – pemean!….

  21. hrr says:

    Pete Williams Have a look at this, Its a staking plan using a % bank a there is a slide show showing you 9 losing bets in a row and on a win it will recover you lost with a small profit

    Trying to help mate on that big loss you had


  22. hrr says:

    Gerry – So are they affiliated to the system now it makes cents 🙂

  23. tom42 says:

    @hrr are you an alchemist?

    If you are typically betting at around 10/1 ON….

  24. hrr says:

    tom42 – sorry mate you have lost me now 10/1 on

  25. hrr says:

    tom42 – were trying mate to turn based metal in to gold 🙂

  26. cwilliams says:


    Just so that you are not confused:

    I am Chris Williams – the seller of Football Cash Machine.

    Pete Williams is neither a relation of mine, nor in any way connected with FCM. He simply has the same surname as me.

  27. hrr says:

    cwilliams – Sorry mate i’m confused as i didn’t mention anything regarding whether Pete was your relation, my comment was actually for Pete Williams as his last comment happened to be on your thread and i thought he had lost a big lump sum so thought the calculator would help.

    Now reading the thread properly i now know this isn’t the case and actually this might be of some use to you and by all means have a look at it as it’s free.

    To be honest i don’t know which thread i’m on most of the time. 🙂

  28. simoncav says:

    Is there some history we don’t know about? It seems more like a “snide dig” than an impartial review when Pete Williams has anything to say about FCM.

    I think the £120 loss was made back in the space of a week and the week-on-week winning seems to be ongoing. when all is said and done it has been “other people’s money” at stake for a long time now because of the number of wins.

    S&M – don’t get sidetracked by Pete. one of the main advantages of this system is that the starting stakes are LOW – as little as a £10 pot.

    After a while your pot will be somewhat larger (thank to other people’s money) and then you can choose to either stick at £2 bets – or perhaps move to £5 bets.

    Chris has being doing this a bit longer than most of us and has built up his pot and confidence in his system to the point that for him a bet that size is perfectly reasonable – it does NOT mean anyone else has to set their sights that high.

    Personally I am a fairly timid player when it comes to new systems and although Chris’s system is working well, I am still usually only betting £20 a time (my playing around with pot is now around £100).

    Bet what you are comfortable with – so long as you don’t fluctuate your bets wildly from one day to the next, then the system should work as well for you as it does for everyone else.


  29. Pete Williams says:

    @ simoncav
    No history, no ‘snide dig’ and no ‘conspiracy’ – just dialogue to get responses by which people can make a consumer choice…I thought that this was the purpose of this site.
    It would be much better if those that have paid for the strategy would actually make more comments to enable others to decide if it is worth paying £47 for this product which has a very short history of accountability.

    Chris has the business acumen to make money from selling a simple strategy and if it actually makes money for his customers in the long term term all well and good.

    However, starting with such small stakes why not use the £47 as a bank to do it yourself by backing the over 0.5 goals market in selected games – something which I have done after reading Chris’ initial sales email.

    As Chris has said I am only guessing what market is being used and have no idea about the staking plan.

    As far as the ‘clawback’ comment above is concerned, that was made before Chris had updated his results page. Although I was surprised at the speed of recovery as I mixed up the Betfair P/L with the bank being used i.e. the P/L of over £200 had taken a hit of £120 and this would lead to reduced stakes…as my own experiment had!
    I had reached £40 stakes with my initial starting bank of £30 but reduced that to £20 after the same losing game was selected.

    Chris says he is using a £140 stake now off a bank of £700…but I’m a bit confused as some selections are backed at the same time which would mean a higher % is being used overall!

    @ S&M Don’t let my views put you off – if this is something which would fit your betting style and is successful then go for it…but from what you say it might not be and that’s the main problem with buying something ‘blind’ without any type of guarantee which would suit purchaser and vendor alike.

    @hrr…Thank you, I am immensely impressed with your hard work and willingness to develop the ideas Gerry747 and other likeminded people have given on this site. It’s tools like you are developing which will help people to use the strategies in their own way and the £20 a year for the GFB to cover some of your costs is a bargain.

    Sorry for the longwinded post and late reply but have been busy with other things.

    P.S. Had a few good wins over the weekend by backing over 0.5 at HT for a few games I identified in the Campionship.

  30. gerry747 says:

    Chris Williams – Hi Chris, you might have noticed from your sales record, our football guy has actually bought your system/method. To be honest we had a fair idea what is was about, but we were curious on your filters. Also wanted to see your presentation!…. 🙂

    Your one of the few vendors with a decent honest track record, and it’s a pity we get the odd one on MMR just trying to spoil it for you!…..

    I use to enjoy your picks on the greyhounds years ago, when I didn’t have much idea. Anyway mate, good luck for the future.!…..

  31. cwilliams says:


    I did notice the purchase, so thank you very much!

    I have a long track record of “interacting” with characters who inhabit forums such as this one. I treat it all as a bit of fun & try to ensure that I don’t get too involved or obsessed with trying to prove a point.

    Hopefully, FCM will make you a steady profit over the coming months. I certainly regard it as the best means of making money on Betfair that I’ve developed so far. What is important is why the system works – this was something that I did not expand upon in the FCM videos & I might do so at some time in the future.

    The thinking behind the system is, I believe, something that can be used to develop other betting techniques.

  32. Pete Williams says:

    @ gerry747

    As much as I hate going off the thread topic I assume you are referring to me with your comment above.

    Firstly I am not ‘odd’ neither am I ‘spoiling’ anything – I’m quite surprised and offended by your comment, especially in view of your own comments concerning Steve Davidsons products.
    Without contraries there is no progression, but there is no need to make personal and irrelevant comments about contributors.

    To bring this thread back to the topic;

    Your ‘football guy’ must have everything ‘football related’ under the sun including your laptop! Perhaps you could get him to comment on here or feedback his intelligence on using FCM and some other pertinent products/ideas which are currently being reviewed on MMR.

  33. cwilliams says:

    Pete Williams

    You write:

    “As much as I hate going off the thread topic…”


    It didn’t seem to bother you with your post of April 12th when you managed to get in a testimonial for gerry 747; a plug about what good value GFB is at only £20 a year; and a mention of how well you did betting over the weekend!

    Just for the record, my Football Cash Machine tipping service gave out 3 bets last Friday; 8 on Saturday; 5 on Sunday & 1 yesterday. They all were successful.

    The run of consecutive winning bets since the last loser now stands at 20.

  34. gerry747 says:

    Pete Williams – Hi, reference to odd!.. meaning one! like odd one!… not you are odd!…. okay!… I think when you went into such detail and even put it on another site, also stating and advising how the £47 could be spent, not to mention other comments.

    It seemed you just intended having a go at Chris and his system. If I’m wrong, I apologize, but other members even thought there was something more behind your comments. I’ve always found Chris Williams to be an honest and very helpful guy, having dealt with him years ago.

    I now have my laptop back, but thanks for your concern. Yes our guy has bought many Steve D products, and he’d be the first to admit, most were garbage. Update on him using the FCM, he has at the moment a 100% winning strike rate on about 50 games, very good you think?…

    I too personally think the majority of Davidson’s products are useless, just my opinion. My comments not really personal, just the impression you gave!….

  35. gerry747 says:

    cwilliams – Hi, that run of about 50 games our guy did, he did bend the rules a little, not much, but it paid off!…:-)

  36. cwilliams says:


    I have been tempted to bend the rules on a couple of occasions but I can imagine what the reaction would be from users! (“You told us to stick to the rules, so why aren’t you?”)

    My record to date is 81 consecutive winners. Who will be the first to break the 100?


  37. gerry747 says:

    cwilliams – What he was actually doing was, if one team matched the criteria with very good figures and the other didn’t, he took a chance. Did a little extra research first though… I’ve had a go, 12 straight wins, certainly like your filters!….

  38. Pete Williams says:

    Well done Chris, I’m really pleased your strategy is doing so well and proving itself over the last three months – long may it continue for you and your customers.

    As you say, and I have said eleswhere, this is something that can be used to develop other betting techniques.

    Although I don’t have your ‘system,’ your published results have led me to experiment with my selections for another market I bet on. With careful staking and recycling it is currently working for me with just one loss from 68 selections.

    Thank you for your valued input via your honest publication of results on your site – a site which I suggest readers of this review thread should visit as it offers a good insight into your product.

    @gerry747; OK, the written word is always harder to interpret and more open to mis-interpretation.
    I would never ‘have a go’ at anyone personally but I would always question marketing techniques and product accountability – as indeed you have in the past, as well as your offering of ideas for discussion and development which are highly respected.

    I hope ‘bending the rules’ for your ‘football guy’ continues to pay off…wonder why he had to do it?

  39. gerry747 says:

    Pete Williams – No problem mate, the written word often gives the wrong impression… Our guy is very good at betting on football, he just got a few extra games to bet on doing it.

  40. cwilliams says:

    Pete Williams

    Here we go yet again. Now you seem to want to have another dig at my system with the comment “I hope ‘bending the rules’ for your ‘football guy’ continues to pay off…wonder why he had to do it?”

    What makes you think that “he had to do it”? He didn’t have to – the system works perfectly well as I originally created it. This is corroborated by my results; the MMR reviewers results; and my clients.

    The football guy CHOSE to alter the rules. People are allowed to do that provided they accept the consequences.

  41. Pete Williams says:

    @ cwilliams

    What a silly comment which belies your own comments above and comes across as rather petty and unprofessional.

  42. cwilliams says:

    Pete Williams

    So please explain exactly what was your intention by you using the phrase ‘wonder why he had to do it?’

  43. Pete Williams says:

    I would rather keep the thread for the purpose it was intended rather than explaining irrelevant semantics – it was actually a straight forward question with no hidden agenda which you have interpreted rather personally.

    @readers interested in the product
    Apologies to any readers of this thread for sharing such drivel.

    Look at the site, decide if the product would be a useful addition to your portfolio and consider the risk reward ratio.

    There is a useful discussion thread on the OBLG forum started a few years ago using a similar style of betting, it might be of interest to prospective purchasers as there is little feedback from users of FCM being given here.

  44. cwilliams says:

    Pete Williams

    Oh you have an agenda, however much you deny it. Other people on this thread have already commented on your attitude to FCM. And you should read some of the emails I am receiving about you from other users of this forum as well as FCM clients!

    There will be probably very little feedback from existing FCM users – why would anyone want other people to buy a system that is proving to be very profitable with low risk.

    In fact, I am being pestered to remove the system from sale to ensure that the market cannot be saturated. I am seriously considering doing this – or increasing the price very substantially.

  45. rinti says:

    I have just bought the system, Gerry recommended it to me and I also like that Chris Williams is here to answer any questions and concerns. I will report after I watch the videos and the first bets.

  46. Pete Williams says:

    I don’t know why you are commenting thus…all very strange and highly unprofessional from a vendor.

    I will not be drawn into a tirade of personal remarks and nor will I be bullied into responding to your rather immature comments on here.

    There are very few people making comments on this thread and I can only apologise to those that have to wade through this dross – so I will ‘exit left’ and let any prospective customers interested in your product ask any salient questions for your soon to be ‘taken off the market’ or ‘price increased product’.

  47. gerry747 says:

    rinti – See you got it then, a couple more winners for me today, in the Egyptian premier league of all places!…:-)

    They fitted the criteria, and it worked. 15 winners on the bounce now, but I’m way behind our computer guy and his 100% record. He’s got more time than me, maybe I should do something about that eh? 🙂

  48. TheBaker says:

    I have this system and I am not using it. Why? Well let’s put some “flesh” on the figures. You say at the beginning of March – ” I am achieving a strike rate over 98%.” That seems excellent on the face of it. However, using actual ££’s give a different perspective.
    I will be generous and say that the winning odds are 1.10, although most are in the 1.05 range. Take 100 bets at £10 – a total outlay of £1000. You win 98 – so that’s 98 x £1 = £98. You lose 2 bets – 2 x £10 = £20. Therefore a profit of £78 which represents a percentage profit on outlay of 0.078%. Worth it? Not for me thanks.

  49. gerry747 says:

    TheBaker – Yep I agree the profit margin is low if you just stuck to those stakes. Your not taking into account different staking plans. With an average strike rate of 98% and compounding or an alternative staking plan, your profits would be much higher.

    Chris admits this is a steady slow burner, but just look at his betting bank, it does make money. I’m just doing this for a bit of fun and a change, as I like to try out different angles. My bigger profits come from elsewhere, but a profit is still a profit!…

    Any newbie who wants a high strike rate, doing something that is not hard to do, and makes a steady income, this is ideal in my opinion!….

  50. cwilliams says:


    Using the methods shown in Video 3, you can easily achieve an ROI in excess of 10%. Even so – you are missing the point. FCM has a very high strike-rate. This means that you can safely use a much higher percentage of your betting bank per bet compared to what you are normally expected to use.

    My stakes are now up at £200 per bet. Last night, there were 2 matches on the tipping service. Both were successful & my personal profit (after Betfair commission) was £45-49p – you can check out my Betfair P&L screenshots on the website (link at top of this page). In my view, not bad for less than an hour’s “work”.

    Obviously, FCM will not be to everyone’s taste – I have no problem with that. However, anyone who is not making a regular profit from Betfair should keep checking out FCM to see how it performs over the coming months.

  51. rinti says:


    If only 1 of the teams fits the 1st rule and only one fits the 2nd rule is this a valid selection considering the 3rd rule fits as well ?

    The “ideally both” is confusing me.


  52. gerry747 says:

    rinti – ideally both? you know, would you attempt to cross the Atlantic on two good engines, or one good and one sick?… 🙂

  53. cwilliams says:


    One is enough to meet the rules – but both would be better. If you have any more questions about using the system, it’s probably better if you email me at I’ll then be abletogive you a more in-depth reply.

  54. rinti says:


    I got my first bet an it was a winning one.

    Gerry, I will leave the decisions about airplanes to you mate 😀

  55. gerry747 says:

    rinti – Pleased you got off to a winning start. Two is always good, four even better mate!….:-) Managed to watch a “Very British Airline” last night on TV. What a load of crap!… BA make themselves out to be so good. Just ask them what their percentage is on a safety record eh?.. Put it this way, Chris’s system beats them hands down percentage wise!…..

  56. ljones8500 says:


    I am a fan as I have been doing something similar but wanted to here your selection criteria. Just purchased and more than happy.

    where do I get your selections for £10 pr month?

  57. ljones8500 says:

    Sorry Chris, found it!

  58. cwilliams says:


    Welcome to the club! Hopefully I’ll get you off to a profitable start with tonight’s 3 bets.


  59. gerry747 says:

    rinti – Two wins then it all went wrong on the 3rd game. Took cash out 82nd minute, reduced the loss, you guessed it 2 minutes later. Did a quick bet on match odds, they managed to hold on, so got my profit!…. talk about doing it the hard way!….:-)

  60. rinti says:

    Hah, I got higher odds on that match and left it glad they scored full pack 5 of 5 tonight.

  61. gerry747 says:

    rinti – I suppose from my picks I’ve still got a 100% strike rate. Must leave that cash out button alone!…. and let it run!…

  62. cwilliams says:


    You did what is the classic punters assessment of a match – if a goal isn’t scored within a certain time, then the odds of it happenning are reduced. This is wrong!

  63. gerry747 says:

    cwilliams – Yep your right, I was just fortunate enough to get enough odds on the win to recoup, I should know better!…. still made a profit, so it ended well!…

  64. gerry747 says:

    rinti – See if I can avoid cock-ups today, two wins already, three to go. There’s probably more, just not got round to checking.

    cwilliams – Just wondered is there any chance you having a word with Kevin @ HRR just thought he could maybe create a scanner with your filters, save having to go through checking the list every time? just a thought!…

  65. rinti says:

    Gerry I selected 6 for today and already placed the bets, do not think there were any in the morning though.

    About the scanner, very interested as well.

  66. gerry747 says:

    rinti – I got 2 at lunch time, Bundes 2 and championship,
    The scanner, apparently it’s being discussed!…

  67. rinti says:

    2 losers in 2 consecutive days and my bank is in the red, it will take like 30 winning bets to recover them and if i get another loser a lot more.

    I think I will just identify matches that fit the criteria and wait for at least odds 1.50, most of the matches won’t get there, but some will and a loser will be recovered much faster with these odds and the selections is as valid as it was before the match.

  68. cwilliams says:


    If it’s any consolation, my bank has also been hit. I know it can be tough when you hit a bit of turbulence & the results are not what you want. Just remember that I – & perhaps more importantly others – have reported long consecutive runs of winning bets. You will feel completely different if the next 90+ bets get the strike-rate back to where it was.

  69. cwilliams says:


    Just to confirm that I am in touch with Kevin & we are discussing the software scanner.

  70. gerry747 says:

    cwilliams – Thanks for that, yep, I too hit a bit of “turbulance” last couple of days, you’d think I would be use to it by now!…. 🙂

  71. grdhood says:

    Hi Ive just purchased this. What is the supplementry technique the reviewer states he used on 30 of the games?

  72. gerry747 says:

    grdhood – He’s means the progressive staking!….

  73. gerry747 says:

    or He even!….:-)

  74. hrr says:


    Hi Chris, below is an image of the analyser I have developed which collects the varying data to make an auto scanner for the FCM criteria. From a single click it will scan through each Team that’s playing that day and produce the necessary criteria for FCM.

    Let me know what you think, bear in mind this is in basic form as more data can be added from the particular site used.


  75. cwilliams says:


    I think you should have sent the png to me by email rather than making it public! Or are you expecting me to post comments & suggest enhancements on this forum?

    If I cannot trust you with information, then we will not be doing business together.

  76. hrr says:


    Apologies if you think I was giving any information away and the image has now been removed.

    Nothing has been made public, the image is not that Software, like I mentioned above this is my analyser that I work with and there a multitude of data and nothing specific is shown.

    This s very much like my business card so to speak to show what data I can extract.

    Sorry I you think that way you comments suggests.

  77. hrr says:

    oops *sorry if you think that way your comment suggests

  78. cwilliams says:


    Thanks for removing the image. I am in quite a grumpy mood today so I’m probably being a bit over-sensitive!

    I’ll respond to your email later today.

  79. lisa777 says:

    Hi – no one has posted here for sometime.

    Is it still making good profits consistently.

    Does anyone have an update pls?


  80. TheGM says:


    Per pemean @

    “3 losses from 12 selections…must have hit those hard earned profits hard – but as the P/L is no longer being shown or reported upon on the vendors website, one does not know! Those ‘idiots’ (as the vendor called them) who cancelled their subscriptions have certainly had a short term relief!”

    Per Joseph Buchdahl @

    “There is really no getting away from it. Progressive money management is stupid, and anyone who promotes it is either deceitful or stupid.”

    Per a sign on a Las Vegas motel room wall:

    “If you wish to try your luck at our tables – YOU’RE WELCOME. If you have a system – stay right where you are! We’ll send a limmo round to get you.”

    For anyone wanting to order a limmo please leave your name and number below. A limmo service seems like a great business model around these parts.


  81. cwilliams says:


    I have not been reporting the P&L on the website due to the low number of bets that I have had so far this month.

    Of course, people like you & Pete Williams then immediately jump to the conclusion that I must be trying to hide the setback – but I can assure you that the P&L figures will be shown together with the Betfair screenshots at the end of the month as always regardless of how bad they may look.

    And surely if I was trying to hide results, why would I update the easily-accessible results table on the website after each match – that is of course where pemean (Pete Williams) got the results from.

    You are of course quite right that 3 losses from 12 selections has hit profits hard (and to update you, the current results for June are 3 losses from a total of 14 ‘official’ bets plus there have been 7 additional optional bets, all of which have been successful).

    But you cannot just look at a very small window of results to judge the effectiveness of a betting technique. Since I started posting results, I have had a total of 281 successful bets out of 292 selections – a 96.2% strike-rate. That equates to Betfair odds of 1.04. But I am always getting odds in excess of 1.05 which means that I have to make a profit. And the higher I can get the strike-rate in the future, then the more profit I will make.

    Don’t worry – I will explaining the maths behind my FCM system in simpler terms when I release a major update to the FootballProfits site in a couple of weeks time.

    Your comments that ‘compounding’ is a ‘loss-recovery’ system shows a profound ignorance of what compounding is all about. It has nothing to do with Martingale-style profit chasing to recover losses. Once again, I daresay I’ll have to produce a very simple, easy-to-understand, explanation on the revised website.

    In the meantime, I’m sure you & Pete Williams will keep a close watch on my future results – just ensure that winning results are posted as quickly as losing bets!

  82. TheBaker says:

    Perhaps TheGM can explain how he equates “compounding” to “loss recovery”?

  83. cwilliams says:


    Looks as if we won’ be getting an answer soon from TheGM.


    You might want to take a look at a video I’ve now posted on my blog which explains why I think some people who unsubscribed from my FootballProfits tipping service are still idiots!

    Hopefully, it will make a lot more people think more about how they bet & explain the reasoning behind the Football Cash Machine System

  84. EssBee says:

    Long time lurker of this site, & usually check out for potential scams. I haven’t got round to posting until now, but reading thru these posts feel I have to put in my tuppence worth.
    I have been using Cash Machine System since it’s inception. I find it an excellent addition to any portfolio, & criticism is unfounded.It’s low risk, & returning more than any bank/isa investment.There was a blip this month, which will happen with any system. The low number of bets this month make it look worse, but will be recovered.
    I have always found Chris very good to deaal with, & answers emails promptly & happy to give advice.

  85. TheGM says:


    Thankyou for the video.

    A fair summary of the video can be described as thus:

    If you can obtain (decimal) ODDs of 2.1 on a fair (unbiased) coin flip you have a +EV (positve expected value) wager. (See

    Your attempts to directly compare that scenario with your FCM tipping service fail (in my opinion).

    We “know” the SR% of Heads/Tails is 50%. The evidence that FCM enjoys a SR% > 95% is not established.

    You state within the video that it would take “1,000 or 2,000” events to “converge” upon the actual SR% when betting at ODDs around 1.05.

    I suggest a minimum figure of 10,000 for any degree of reliabilty.

    Nonetheless you offer a betting record across a paltry <300 events to establish a current SR 96.2%. FCM is on precarious ground.

    Several posters mentioned "progressive staking" above (even the MMM reviewer) without challenge. It transpires that a so called "compounding staking" plan is recommended which is perhaps more commonly referred to as "persentage of bank" staking.

    Such staking invariably relies on a 'correct sequence' of WIN/LOSS to produce consistent profits. If an 'unfortunate sequence' is struck even +EV bets can be turned into losses.

    TheBaker (on 22 April) offered a betting example of 100 $10 bets struck at ODDs 1.10 whereby SR98% was obtained.

    A mooted profit of $78 was declared with a ROI erroneously given as 0.078%. It's actually 7.8% which represents a surely fabulous return.

    I wonder why cwilliams, someone boasting illustrious academia antecedents such as yours, failed to pick up such a glaring factual error.

    Lastly, may I suggest a more realistic betting example for consideration. 100 bets of $20 @ 1.05 with SR95% generate a LOSS.

    By comparison your current SR96.2% is skating on thin ice. And it would come as no surprise that a 'percentage of bank' staking plan could push it into the red.

    Suffice to say IMHO it will be a long await before evidence emerges FCM can generate a profit.


  86. cwilliams says:


    Thanks for the positive comments about FCM. I suspect that your post (because it says something positive) will not be appearing on a certain person’s blog!


    You write:

    “The evidence that FCM enjoys a SR% > 95% is not established.

    You state within the video that it would take “1,000 or 2,000″ events to “converge” upon the actual SR% when betting at ODDs around 1.05.

    I suggest a minimum figure of 10,000 for any degree of reliabilty.”

    Do remember that the odds are only 1.05 if the whole stake for a bet is placed at 1.05. The vast majority of my bets get matched at higher average odds with the stake spread over a range of odds.

    The minimum figure of 10,000 sounds great & I am sure you will join me in insisting that all MMR reviews & posts by people promoting the systems that they use will only be allowed once they have the 10,000 results threshold!

    I hadn’t spotted TheBaker’s error nor the ‘progressive staking’ comments by other posters because (this may come as a surprise) I don’t spend every day going through MMR threads thinking “Oh, I must post a comment because there is a factual error”. I do have much better – & more profitable – uses for my time.

    “Suffice to say IMHO it will be a long await before evidence emerges FCM can generate a profit.”

    So I guess you aren’t going to become a client of mine in the near future!

  87. TheGM says:


    “The minimum figure of 10,000 sounds great & I am sure you will join me in insisting that all MMR reviews & posts by people promoting the systems that they use will only be allowed once they have the 10,000 results threshold!”

    A profitable track record of 1,000 bets struck at average ODDs 2.0 could justify bragging rights.

    A 1,000 bets struck at average ODDs 1.05 says next to nothing.

    Amassing a sufficient data base (10,000 bets) is going to escape scrutiny (at least on MMR). The cynic might say that is a matter of Betting Systems vendor/creator convenience.

    @cwilliams “So I guess you aren’t going to become a client of mine in the near future!”

    Try plying your trade amongst the ‘loss recovery staking’ flunkies – they’ll buy anything.


  88. TheBaker says:

    Yes, I was incorrect regarding the percentage ROI – I failed to press *100 on the calculator.
    A word, though, about @TheGm’s comments regarding staking, and in particular “percentage staking”. I’m not sure if he actually understands what is going on here, but it is most definitely NOT “loss recovery”.
    As an example – a starting bank of 100pts with 1% staking. A bet is struck at 6.00 on Betfair giving a 5pt profit. Bank of 100 + 5 =105pts. Next stake @ 1% of new bank = 1.05pts. The bank goes up and down @1% in accordance with the actual bank. If a loss is encountered, the next stake is reduced accordingly and no attempt is made to recover any losses. It would take a losing run of 459 bets to reduce a 100pt bank to just 1pt.
    Taking Mr Williams’ results to which I referred above, and increasing each stake up and down by 1% in proportion to the size of the bank would have resulted in the amount won of £78 being increased to, approx £112. And the amount being “risked” on each bet would have been 1% throughout.
    Compounding of profits is extremely powerful. A 100pt starting bank increased by 10% per month would see the bank standing at 313.84 at the end of 12 months.

  89. TheGM says:

    @TheBaker “Yes, I was incorrect regarding the percentage ROI – I failed to press *100 on the calculator.”

    Nevermind – easy to make such errors. The good news is you saved money since FCM suffered losses in your abscence.

    @TheBaker “A word, though, about @TheGm’s comments regarding staking, and in particular “percentage staking”. I’m not sure if he actually understands what is going on here, but it is most definitely NOT “loss recovery”.

    Speed reading the MMR review and subsequent comments about “progressive staking” did have me thinking FCM was another ‘loss recovery staking’ plan. I am happy cwilliams put me right on that score.

    Now let’s get back to “percentage staking”.

    I fully understand the implications of “percentage staking” TheBaker. Question is – do you?

    Again, Joseph Buchdahl has done his homework on this very topic. I suggest it is worth a read. Take particular note of the impact of the “edge” or EV of the bets struck. Something you fail to mention in your betting scenario example above.


  90. TheBaker says:

    Thank you for the link, which is interesting and does also indicate that – “Percentage bank staking may be potentially more profitable and theoretically safer than level staking in the longer term, but is less likely to show you a profit in the short term” etc.
    And of course, it is long term profit together with safeguarding ones bank that should be the objective. Differing opinions etc.
    The reason for my earlier post was because you appeared to be equating “percentage bank” or “compounding” to “loss recovery” which of course is not the case.

  91. rinti says:

    @cwilliams is this product still working ? I’ve bought it but haven’t used it in a year.

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