Football Bet Data Review

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Product Name: Football Bet Data Service

Author:  Chris

Company Name & Contact Details 

Price:  Basic Service is free.  Advanced Service is £4.99 p/m per month/£34.99 per year. Betfair Trading Tool is £12.95 . Prediction Portal no longer available (6/2014). Price changes Jan 2015 – can subscribe jointly with Racing Bet Data for £6.99 per month or £54.99 per year

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get?

– Statistical service offering football data for some 65 leagues back to 1998.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: 

The Football Bet Data service started in 2006 and allows users to predict match results, scores and also displays true value for match odds allowing identification of value bets. Users can derive their own systems using the data which can be exported to Excel to allow further analysis.

What’s It All About?

In addition a Betting Exchange Buster tool is available which greens up matches where in play markets are available on Betfair, and a Prediction Portal which is Excel-based and allows identification of profitable betting selections. (Prediction Portal no longer available 6/2014)

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 


How Much Money Can I Make?  

No specific claims made.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Up to individual to use service as sees fit.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

Internet connection and Betfair account if using trading tool.

Value For Money?  


Quality Of Customer Service?  

Good – prompt response to email enquiries.


Every now and then we come across a little goldmine and this service may well just be one. It will appeal to the statistically minded football betting fraternity especially those who want to develop their own systems.

There are 2 main elements to the service – historic data and predictions. Both cover some 65 leagues across the world and go back as far as the 1997-8 season. Any report that you generate can be exported to Excel and then developed further as the user requires.

I have included an example of a report downloaded plus the analysis that is derived automatically from the report (don’t worry about the actual figures on this – my report was just to illustrate the way data is presented and not aimed at a killer system!)

You can see that example here (Image opens in a new web browser tab):

Systems can be saved by the user so that reports can be run as each week’s events become live. Because of the ever changing nature of the input data the reports are considered accurate for events up to the date run. They include the predicted odds and the maximum odds considered applicable as well as final score number of goals and result forecasts.  The odds predictions calculations are explained in a PDF and this demonstrates the great detail which is underpinning this service. Users can define their requirements to very specific settings and of course refine these as they review the out put.

Using the service is relatively straightforward even though the interface is a bit clunky – no doubt a product of the longevity of the service and the significant amount of underlying data that needs to be made available. Downloading the output is simple.

In addition to the main services (monthly/annual subscription) there are 2 additional products which attract one off payments. The Betfair Tool is an Excel download which allows the user to green up on any game where there is an in play market. The tool is used in conjunction with the score predictions from the main service. Second is the Prediction Portal which allows advance score and odds projections to be generated thus allowing potentially profitable betting selections to be identified. This service is updated annually without further payment.

There is no doubt that this site offers much useful and potentially profitable information for those who are prepared to put in some effort to interpret it for their personal use. If users have questions the customer service is both prompt and effective.

To investigate whether the products are useful for you will take a small investment – if the basic site information does not convince you – but the amount involved is miniscule and not really a consideration if you are serious. On this basis we are happy to recommend members consider the offerings.

You can see our results here:

Football Bet Data Results

Note June 2014:

The Prediction Portal is no longer available as the pre-determined limit on the number of sales has been reached. This was set to ensure no adverse effect on liquidity on available systems is experienced by users.

Football Bet Data – Review Update 10/07/2014

Earlier in the year we reviewed this service which has been around since 2006. It is the brainchild of Chris who looks after everything personally but clearly does things right as evidenced by the positive comments we have seen since publishing the review.

The service website has recently been given a makeover and additional features have been added which improve further the potential value of the service.

As you can see the service is developing and will offer even more for subscribers – the comments from members on the thread are a great recommendation for the service and we can only endorse their and our earlier view that you should take a serious look at this service.

Betfair Trading Tool Report:

We were not able to look at this stand alone service earlier and have now had the chance to rectify that. Described as the Betting Exchange Buster for a one off payment of £12.95 you will receive an Excel spreadsheet with all the requisite macros and information needed to profit from in play matches on Betfair or Betdaq and presumably Ladbrokes exchange as well now.

The system uses 2 markets available on most matches that go in play and the only real work you need to do is to select the games to consider – this can be done using the correct score predictions from the main site so there would be a nominal on going subscription if you wish to do this.

All in all the time needed for each match selected is a couple of minutes and while the most control is exercised if you monitor the game for the first quarter it is possible to set your take out bets using a bot such as Cymatic or Fairbot and forget it.

An early goal should bring profits at around 30% of your stake but if not a break even situation is usually achievable. All the staking calculations are done for you once you set your preferences. There is some degree of risk but the combination of circumstances needed to lose your initial investment are pretty unusual.

Our timing for looking at the tool is not great as the number of potential matches is greatly reduced at present. Frankly the cost of the tool is pretty irrelevant and should be recouped within a couple of matches played. We will monitor some games over the next few weeks and update with our results when a respectable number have been seen.


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  1. porcupine38 says:

    Looks like a very useful site, registered an hour ago after finding through here (via google) and been very impressed so far. Swift response to emails and tons of data to get stuck into. Been looking for something I can drop into Excel for ages, and this site even does it for me! 🙂


  2. TTran says:

    I’m impressed. Decent site indeed. Early testing shows profits available focusing on lower scoring games and draws. I’ve always favoured draw betting for value and this looks like enhancing my view. Also might add that the odds shown are not inflated (unlike some sites to give false results), in fact I can generally find even higher odds than they are showing. Makes betting system testing even more convincing. Adding this site to my favorites for sure.

  3. porcupine38 says:

    Would agree with the above, spent most of Friday back testing and trialing things out. The dashboard isn’t the slickest, but works fairly well when you get the hang of it. I mostly downloaded data sets and played around in Excel.
    From this I have created 2 very exciting looking systems, and again as stated above i have found available odds HIGHER than their published “max odds”.
    Dipped my toe in on Saturday with the under 1.5 goal system I created and won 3/3. In fact only 1 goal was scored in the 3 games combined so promising start so far. Its good fun if nothing else and hardly a bank breaker for a months subscription

  4. starfighter55 says:

    Very nice and usefull.Bought it for a couple of days ago. I do like the betting portal. From the prediction of possible winning team in the Excel I hit a win 3 out of 3. What I do like is that you can make your own system and bet on games on how you like. Not paying a punter to sent you useless tips. For the first time I think I have paid Money for something that it is really a great help to make a profit.
    All the time this Excel has new updates from todays played games.
    Thumbs up from me…

  5. dedwards67 says:

    Such a handy site, allows you to create your own system using a tick box selection panel for different variables. You can then download the output into Excel for more in depth analysis.

    There is also an archive of matches played covering most leagues imaginable. Again easily exported to Excel without the need to copy and paste.

    Had an excellent response in both terms of speed and information when I have contacted them by email too. Can’t fault it.

  6. porcupine38 says:

    Had 7/8 selections win this week, all at odds around 1.5 (1/2) so already covered the cost of my annual subscription.

    Been trying different betting strategies for nearly 20 years, but yet to find / create one that has given me such optimism as this one.

    Doing back testing it looks highly profitable, which suggests this isn’t just beginners luck. Fingers crossed anyway

  7. TTran says:

    Further profits gained by me following initial testing. Landed another 0-0 correct score bet over the weekend. That’s 3 from 9 now, and at odds of around 9/1 I’m more than satisfied with that return – will be even more so if it can be sustained for the reminder of the season

  8. TTran says:

    All I can say is wow! 🙂

    I know there were a lot of draws about tonight but the system has excelled itself this evening with one game to run. I’ve made more from these predictions in the past 10 days than I did in about 4 years previously. A little goldmine for sure!

  9. starfighter55 says:

    Anyone have tested the betfair tool… Very curious about that….
    Thinking purchase it maybe….

  10. graham says:

    Starfighter. A free betfair tool for greening up, try CYMATIC TRADER. It has been recommended on this site before, although I have not used it. might be worth a look.

  11. porcupine38 says:

    Starfighter, i purchased it yesterday as it seems to tie in with the betting markets I am interested in (under 1.5 goals and generally low scoring games). It does say you should use in conjunction with their score predictions but the Betfair markets are limited on some games.

    I’ve used it on 5 in play games and made a profit on each one so far, although on 2 games I was exposed for 2-3 minutes before greening up for a profit.

  12. ladyoz says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the operating of this system. I have no difficulty accessing the main web site and developing systems. However, despite clearing temporary files as instructed, I am having problems populating the betting portal and selections. I have sent three emails over the weekend and have rung the service number three times, but there is no answer. Its a pity as when the selections do come through, they have done quite well.

  13. TTran says:

    I’ve had no problems and they have responded to all enquiries I have sent within the hour – even at weekends. Had another profitable weekend and now looking at way of enhancing profits with staking plans

  14. porcupine38 says:

    Not had any problems either, and they have always been really swift at replying to my emails. Have you tried the twitter or facebook contact option?

  15. ladyoz says:

    It is odd. I had a couple of minor questions which were attended to very quickly by email at the outset. But I am now up to 4 unanswered emails and four telephone calls to the service line -quoted on paypal but no details on the web site- which goes through to an individual’s home phone message bank. Still nothing and I am getting a code error message on the system when I open it up. I would just love to talk to someone about what the problem might be but not able to make any progress with communication.

  16. ladyoz says:

    Just sent a message via the Facebook page thanks porcupine38. Fingers crossed.

  17. ladyoz says:

    All sorted. Received great assistance from Chris and problems have been fixed – seems to have been corruption of excel from this end. Results to date are looking promising.

  18. TTran says:

    Good to hear you rectified the problem 🙂

    Is this the betfair tool as was thinking of purchasing it this week?

  19. ladyoz says:

    No TTran, it was the fixture downloader for the betting portal.

  20. porcupine38 says:

    Hi Ladyoz glad you managed to get everything sorted.

    Just greened up on the Chelsea game this evening 🙂

  21. marklv says:

    I’m using Open Office 4.0 but getting loads of problems and errors with the files. What the heck is going on?

  22. TTran says:

    Ermmmm have you tried emailing them? Had a good Saturday after an average Friday so fingers crossed for decent results tonight.

  23. porcupine38 says:

    My under system going from strength to strength now I have coupled it with the Ansell staking plan. Very profitable weekend using Betfair for my selections

  24. marklv says:

    I’ve emailed the guy and he has been far from helpful. He said that the files are non-refundable and that it’s my fault for not checking that I had Excel!! Charming! I’ve always used Open Office to create and open Excel files with no problem at all until now. I’m not impressed.

  25. TTran says:

    So you have bought an item without having the correct tools to use it? Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me. It’s pretty obvious from the explanatory videos that you will need excel to run the download lol

  26. TTran says:

    And who doesn’t have excel on their computer in this day and age anyway lol

  27. marklv says:

    Many PCs for sale do not have full MS Office unless you pay an extra charge, dunderheads. Work PCs are a different kettle of fish but I can’t really use my work PC for calculating football forecasts!
    Anyway, I downloaded Libra Office and that seems to be better, we’ll see.

  28. porcupine38 says:

    That is true, but its a pretty critical ingredient I’d say – one of the main reason’s why I don’t really like using a tablet (I’m a bit of an Excel geek I’d say).

    Have been using the GRUSS Betfair tool and in conjunction with the Betfair tool calculator from Football Bet Data i’m made a few steady profits without even having to watch the game. I only trialled it with small stakes of £2 / £3 just to see how they both work together, but seems to be quite good. There will obviously be the odd game that doesn’t comply – but I think a steady profit of around 10% on each game will allow for the odd blip in 20 or 25 games or so.

  29. TTran says:

    Bought the betfair tool last night. Tried it out this morning on the 3 live games (arsenal, Man U and raith) and profited on all 3 within quarter an hour lol

  30. gerry747 says:

    TTran – Hi, want to teach me how this betfair tool works? I like the simple things in life! 🙂 Is it it much more simpler than using a betting bot for greening up?

    Just give us a rundown how it works if you don’t mind, thanks.

  31. TTran says:

    I think a BOT interacts with betfair doesn’t it? This is just an excel calculation sheet that advises what odds and stakes to place on certain markets and at what odds to cash out in play ( or you can place that bet before the game and just tick keep in play). I don’t want to give too much away about the specifics but 2 of the 3 games I did today didn’t even require the in play bet to ensure a profit. I’ve basically covered the cost of it in one day – I’m not expecting miracles but will use it when watching games as gives me something to do lol

  32. gerry747 says:

    TTran – I thought it was more interactive, but thanks for the info, good luck with it.

  33. TTran says:

    And as I typed that just greened up on the Chelsea v Tottenham game although was tempted to let it run for more

  34. TTran says:

    No doesn’t interact at all, guess you need to be spending £000’s or even £0000’s for that type of product

  35. graham says:

    Gerry. TTran. I know very little about trading football. But there is a software called Cymatic Trader, which is BF approved and free. ( no noughts). might be of use.

  36. gerry747 says:

    graham- cheers mate.

  37. gerry747 says:

    graham- the one thing that annoys me with Betsender, it has no inplay facility.

  38. TTran says:

    Cool will take a look. Also looked at the gruss software mentioned earlier but bit complex for me so never upgraded after the trial

  39. graham says:

    Gerry. That OK. I would be interested to know if you can utilize it, also maybe others. I am still sticking to 1st fav horses. For about 2 weeks now, profit every day. Until today. First results all over the place, so I decided to bail out after 3 losers. Guess what all winners after that. Still only a small loss, after previous good profits. Hope every one else is doing well

  40. gerry747 says:

    graham- had a quick look, seems good for free, let you know.

  41. porcupine38 says:

    I’ve had great success with the Betfair tool and as mentioned I have used the GRUSS software to interact with betfair.

    The systems I have created with the football-bet-data dashboard are turning over regular profits though, and that is where I focus most of my attention

  42. TTran says:

    The GRUSS software package looked useful but a little too complex for me.

    I too have devised a couple of profitable systems and done lots of excel manipulation and I also understand from email correspondence that they are in the process of adding a load more data and info to the site and improving the layout somewhat.

  43. porcupine38 says:

    TTran, sounds promising. I have got 2 under systems on the go at the moment which are making steady profits – the dashboard can be a bit clunky to begin with but is easy enough to grasp. Will look forward to any additions to the site thou – can never have too much data

  44. TTran says:

    Did 3 team draw trixie last night based on my draw system. All in league 2 and all 3 came in. 🙂
    Made absolute fortune on Pompey recently, 2 games predicted to be 0-0 by the system and both came in. Delighted with this

  45. 5aces says:


    Are you basing your system using the stats info on football bet data?

    Are the stats really useful?

  46. TTran says:

    Hi 5aces. I downloaded lots of past games that were predicted to be draws as a starting point. I then started tweaking some of the filters to highlight games more likely to be draws (such as where the predicted both teams to score odds where high, predicted draw odds were low, game predicted to be 0-0 etc) and saved the system. It does seem to churn out some decent returns, and I’ve generally obtained higher odds than those displayed when actually placing the bets – especially on the exchanges

  47. TTran says:

    For instance yesterday it highlighted 3 games as draws (bury, Oxford and Pompey). All 3 came in. It’s obviously not going to generate a strike rate in the high 90’s so patience is definitely key. But with draw odds being around 2/1 – 3/1 the strike rate doesn’t have to be that high

  48. porcupine38 says:

    I wouldn’t say there were many stats, there is a lot of information – which can be easily downloaded into Excel. This is the main thing for me.

    From here I can do lots of data manipulation to define a system, and I am currently running a couple of under systems like seem to be along the same lines as Tran.

    You can create a system without exporting to Excel, but I feel for me this option just gives me that extra freedom to analyse things. The score predictions are certainly quite accurate, however I wouldn’t recommend just blind betting each scoreline.

  49. tom42 says:

    So this could be used to generate picks for a LAY THE DRAW system?

  50. TTran says:

    Hi Porcupine, yes I’ve looked at betting blind on every game and it generates a loss. I suppose the bookies are too tight on the popular markets.

    Hi Tom, you can generate any system you want. I’ve never been into lay betting so not really looked into it, but I don’t see why selecting opposites wouldn’t work equally as well. The only thing is that you wouldn’t have the exchange lay odds available to backtest.

  51. TTran says:

    2/2 draws landed yesterday. And one was correct score too (0-0 in English conference). Anybody else devised a profitable system using other criteria? I did a 10 fold acca based on games predicted 3-0 or better and only wolves let me down for £800 off a tenner ahhhh. Lol

  52. porcupine38 says:

    The 2 unders systems I have devised have been profitable in 5 out of 6 weeks so far, and the only loosing week was very small and that was international week so a much lower amount of games to chose from.

    Had some good feedback from them over the weekend as it does sound like more data is being added to the site (what interests me is past odds for under 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 etc) so look forward to doing even more comprehensive back testing and hopefully generating some more systems with the additional data available

  53. TTran says:

    Ahhhhh Charlton the buggers! My system identifed this as a low scoring draw game and went on the 0-0 but they scored in injury time.

    I’ve learnt that if you back no goalscorer in the first goalscorer market and it end 1-0 with an own goal – the bookies will pay out. Sometimes the odds are better than 0-0 in correct score which is strange.

  54. porcupine38 says:

    Had 5 selections in my under 1.5 goal system this weekend with 3 winners at odds of around 2/1 – 7/4 I’m well happy with that strike rate.

    Ticking along nicely and certainly looking forward to the proposed addition of historical odds for the 1.5 goal line

  55. TTran says:

    Made an absolute killing this weekend already. 4 selections and 4 draws. 2 of them 0-0 so got the correct scores off them, but my main bet was bohemians Prague, cordoba, panetolikos, and Salisbury all to draw. Only had £5 on it but got over £650 back from the four fold. 2 of the games were also 0-0 which I had a £5 single on. Outstanding results and so happy with this system

  56. porcupine38 says:

    Sounds like you have a similar criteria to mine as I had most of those games in my under system, although I also had one in Argentina that also finished 0-0 and Walsall that finished 1-0 so a highly profitable day for my under selection system too

  57. TTran says:

    Just landed another 0-0. That’s 5 draw bets in a row this weekend and 3 of them correctly predicted as 0-0 draws. Unbelievable profits. Certainly sound like we have similar selection process porcupine, re-assuring that someone else is taking a similar approach with seemingly good results too.

    Got one more game to run tonight, too much to ask surely for another 0-0?

  58. says:

    What’s the website pls tt

  59. 5aces says:


    Which part of the service are you using as I see there’s different levels of service? The prediction portal at £29.99, is that one off? Do you also have to subscribe to the advanced service or the betfair tool too?

  60. TTran says:

    Hello 5aces I am just using the system dashboard. Once registered I upgraded my account on an annual renewal. This gives me access to the score predictions and I have created a system on this. (Well 3 or 4 systems but one is by fat the most profitable)

    I have the betfair tool but haven’t really used it much. It was profitable but involved in play betting so not really my bag, and as I understand it the prediction portal generates the score predictions but must be kept up to date by the user and my pc is quite old so I didn’t fancy doing that

  61. 5aces says:


    Thanks. Would you share your filters once I sign up?

  62. 5aces says:

    Or point me in the direction to what it is I am looking for. It’s just a bunch of football data right and you have to interpret and use it as you see fit? Almost like the horse racing rating software that I have used in the past. It just pinpointed top 3 horses in each race and you had to filter out each race on how you see fit.

  63. TTran says:

    Hi 5aces. Yes I started by downloading data and playing around looking for trends or value. I have 4/5 systems saved but my draw / 0-0 one looks to be the most profitable.

    I can certainly point you in the direction I am in, that doesn’t mean that there are not better possibilities available. I have tried a few other systems which worked but this seems to be exceeding expectations at the moment (I hope you don’t jinx it lol)

  64. 5aces says:


    have you read the blog by someone who uses football bet data betting on 0-0 and draw. Very interesting, is that you by any chance?

  65. TTran says:

    It’s not me 5aces but the system is very similar. I notice the blog is over 2 years old.

  66. porcupine38 says:

    Yep my under 1.5 system seems to have similar criteria,and I had another profitable weekend all round. I have another system which is based around low scoring games betting on the outcome and result (at 1/4 the stakes) and its serving me quite well – although there is usually only 1 or 2 games per week.

    The systems I have created do seem to centre more around low scoring and under markets than anything else. I did try and create a both teams to score system but without much luck. I think the odds actually offered on that market have declined drastically since Betfair launched it 3 seasons or so ago.

  67. porcupine38 says:

    Sorry, should have read Betfred

  68. 5aces says:

    Help, what am I looking for here? Information overload.
    So I am at the website what do I do? Click on the score prediction or data archive? What boxes should I tick or untick? Which leagues to tick or untick, odds range home and away?

  69. TTran says:

    Hi 5aces. It depends what you want?? The data archive is just pure results, half time scores, odds and upcoming games. The score predictions are where you can create, name and save your system, using the predicted odds and scores generated by the site

  70. rwcombo says:

    Hi TTran

    Does it predict half time scores? Does past information tell you who scores most in the first half?


  71. TTran says:

    Hi rwcombo, no it doesn’t predict half time scores, but you could easily find out half time data using the download function. Select the leagues you want and then extract to excel will enable you to play around with the numbers. Assuming you have excel and a basic understanding of it. You can login as a guest and try for yourself as far as I’m aware

  72. 5aces says:


    What leagues should I stick to or do you use all of them?

  73. TTran says:

    Sorry work back shift this week. I don’t think you should filter out leagues without justification. Just one game tonight which also ended in a draw. Glad I didn’t sit through the Blackburn v Brighton game. Bit nervy but more profit in the end lol

  74. porcupine38 says:

    Did you system identify the Orlando Pirates v MP Black Aces game in South Africa TTran?

    Very nearly another 0-0 if so. I had it in my under 1.5 goal system and its just finished 0-1

  75. porcupine38 says:

    Just to add, they have now added more odds data to games in the download. Very helpful for my under 1.5 goal testing, but also includes Double Chance, Both teams to score and a load more

  76. TTran says:

    Yes I was on that one. Late goal wasn’t it?

  77. 5aces says:

    Just playing about with the data, getting very excited to the potential of this. 🙂

  78. TTran says:

    There certainly is lots of potential 5aces. I’m glad I missed the game in Colombia last night highlighted by my system as it finished 2-1 with a winning penalty in the 93rd minute!!

  79. TTran says:

    Ahhhhhh that Elche game! 0-0 until the 93rd minute. Few late goals gone against me of late, but so close.

  80. 5aces says:

    I have just been putting them on trebles and accumulators on the under3.5 goals. Had 5 games all under 3.5 goals win yesterday giving odds of 2.8.

    Just experimenting at the moment. Today had treble Bari v Empoli, Tondela V Penafiel and Elche V Getafe. Just under evens for them 1.8

  81. porcupine38 says:

    I do an under 1.5, and an under 4.5 with progressive staking and making me a decent steady amount now each week.

    Of course you can’t expect to win each and every game, but if I can supplement my income with a steady £50+ a week and look to grow that return with a staking system then I am more than happy

  82. TTran says:

    Nice start to the weekend. 1-1 draw in the Danish game with a late goal going for me for a change. Hopefully another weekend full of draws and correct scores 🙂

  83. 5aces says:

    I had 7 low scoring games produced from data. Excluded 1 game as odds not available on exchange. Put them all in accumulator under 4.5 and all won. Then looked for high scoring games and put the 3 french games on a treble ov 1.5 (odds 2.46) and all 3 came good.

    Loving this as it homes in on games to concentrate on rather than picking out your own games from the hundreds played daily. Real time saver.

  84. porcupine38 says:

    Nice work guys, my 2 unders systems proved profitable again this week. Really is a great help and at such a low cost I don’t mind having to do a bit of data manipulation straight into Excel. I have sent them an email asking if more filters can be included within the layout and they have responded positively saying that the dashboard layout is currently being improved and revamped to give even more flexibility and user control.

    Looking forward to that greatly, and fingers crossed for another profitable weekend

  85. TTran says:

    GET IN!!! 2 draws from 2 games today. Loving it.

  86. nutmeg says:

    Instead of after timing your alleged results and at the end of the day they are your selections there is nothing from stoping you posting up your picks prior to kick off even if by only one minute, then it wont be after timing and would carry more credibility.
    good look. You could even proof your picks on a free betting forum such as Best Of The Bets. Just an idea guys.

  87. TTran says:

    The moderators of this site won’t allow picks to be placed in advance of games as it takes away the credibility of the site(s). You can check results even as a guest as you can get limited backward visibility as a guest user.

    What would I gain by coming on here and lying about my results? If be the first person to come on and say if a system was crap or not working lol

  88. TTran says:

    And just FYI nutmeg I have 6 draw picks today in Argentina, Belgium 2nd, German 2nd, Greece, Italy, and Portugal 2nd

  89. porcupine38 says:

    How do you know I don’t proof my picks on another online forum? 😉

    Anyway, I’m happy, I’ve devised, created, and put into place a successful betting system (to date) for the first time in my life.

  90. nutmeg says:

    Ttran, they are your selections therefore it should not be a problem to post them up on here prior to kick off, its only the same as using say the racing post to select your picks.

    Porcupine, l would hope you were posting your selections up on a site, and if so sharing the luv 🙂

    good luck.

  91. TTran says:

    Racing post is free – think that’s the difference. Not a great day for me today, think that’s another reason why I don’t like pre publishing as it seems to jinx me lol

  92. 5aces says:

    Hey guys the problem I am having is getting the picks out of time for the early morning games like 1.30 am etc.

    Went on this morning the data picked out Argentina Sante FE V Boco Juniors which played this morning finished 0-0. It would have been a pick of mine if it came up on yesterdays data sheet? Again high scoring games picked out Mexico Santos Laguna V Atlante fin 4-3! Wasn’t on my yesterdays sheet but on this mornings one.

    Any way round this?

  93. porcupine38 says:

    Not sure I quite follow you 5aces but maybe a question for the site owner?

    I guess when picks are updated daily there has to be some point in the day where the cut off is?

  94. 5aces says:

    I will email owner. Games after 12am are not included in todays ratings. I tried to do it after 12 am but comes back blank. So if i come back and update at 9am then games played between 1 and 4am are included but obviously too late to include in bets.

  95. tom42 says:

    Is the Betfair Tool similar to Betfairs own cash out facility?

  96. TTran says:

    The betfair tool is an excel file that calculates your required stakes across markets dependent on the odds available and then advises what odds you need to lay at to ensure a green up

  97. porcupine38 says:

    I purchased the betfair tool also, and to be honest I rarely use it. Not because it wasn’t profitable – because it was, but it just didn’t really suit my needs. Its more focused on in play trading and building small gradual profits.

    Had another fantastic week with the unders systems, with lots of 0-0, 1-0, and 1-1 scorelines coming in. My yield is currently running at 28.6% from 148 games which is pretty phenomenal for a subscription that costs just over £30 a year!!

  98. TTran says:

    Well after a relatively poor day or 2 last week this weekend has seen normal service resumed and all losses from last week more than accounted for over the past 2 / 3 days.

    I guess every and any system will have a dip, and I’m glad that mine was only for a day or two and reinforces the reason why I don’t like posting in advance lol. 1 0-0 and 2 1-1’s yesterday makes it a happy Easter lol 🙂

  99. 5aces says:

    My testing of overs 1.5 trebles (one bet a day)have come up so far (testing against 3 key footie system)
    2.86L, 2.49W, 2.65W, 2.61W, 2.81W, 3.25W, 3.38L, today 3.03 pending one more result tonight Columbian game Petrolera V Envigado. So really happy with results so far. Like you guys said for £30 odd quid a year much better than many so called tipsters and systems.

  100. 5aces says:

    The third bet for the treble came good at the last 10 mins! So 8 bets 6 winners so far.

  101. TTran says:

    Good stuff 5aces at those odds too. I landed another 0-0 winner yesterday. 4 games and only 1 draw, but with it being a 0-0 it was a highly profitable day. – 2 of the other games were 1-0 too so not far off being an exceptional day

  102. porcupine38 says:

    Another great set of results for my unders systems. All of the under 3.5 games have come in this weekend which makes the trixie bet even more profitable, and have hit 7/9 on the under 1.5.

    What criteria are you using on your overs 5aces? (If you don’t mind me asking)

  103. TTran says:

    3 more games today, 2 draws and another 0-0 in turkey just landed. 🙂

  104. 5aces says:

    No probs porcupine. Min goals on the predictor must be 4. There are days where you will have many games and some days only 1 or none, so no bet. Days when there are many qualifiers, I just choose the 3 with the highest over 1.5 goals to put into my treble. You’ll normally get odds between 1/12 to 1/2 with bookies. Unfortunately cannot use on the betfair exchange multiples otherwise odds will be very decent. Min odds for my treble is at least even money otherwise no bet for the day. Simple. Still early days so need a lot more results to get a clearer picture.

    I have been using betfair sportsbook but notice you can get slightly better odds shopping around but I cannot be bothered transfering money all over the place with different bookies so sticking with betfair where at least they won’t close me down.

  105. james_miller88 says:

    TTran – you are obtaining very consistent results with this. Can I just ask, do you use level stakes with your system or a progressive/recovery staking plan – if you don’t mind my asking?

  106. TTran says:

    Only level stakes £10 on result, £2.50 on correct score, and then £25 on doubles/trebles etc.

    Would be interested to see if a staking system would improve things but I don’t really know where to start.

  107. Jack Whiteman says:


    Apologies but we had a problem with the site and we lost the last comment posted by TTran for a short time.

    We’ve reinstated the comment now.

  108. Bobby says:

    Does their website show you any strategies to use or are you all having success from your own.

  109. porcupine38 says:

    Hi 5aces, sounds simple but effective. Would you not be better off backing singles on the exchange then?

    I’m definitely favouring singles or smaller doubles / trebles as the way forward. Saying that, I did place a 10 team accumulator yesterday with my Skybet free £5, based on predicted games of 2-0 or better, with low predicted win odds I selected the 10 teams and only 1 let me down for £400!!

    Hi Bobby, no my success is based on a bit of experimenting, and data checking. With their being an option to extract straight to Excel I spent the best part of a day toying around with data, looking for trends (logical ones) and then went live with my systems over 2 months ago and haven’t looked back. I’m genuinely intrigued by systems others have created as it seems I have only just scratched the tip of the ice burg in terms of possibilities.

  110. dedwards67 says:

    I’ve created a home win system that I have stuck with for the past 6 weeks which I am delighted with. For just over £30 a year annual subscription charge it really is a no brainer for the amount of data available and speed of responses I have received.

  111. 5aces says:

    porcupine, yes I did consider singles as well on exchanges but sometimes the liquidity is abysmal on the more obscure games or sometimes the over 1.5 markets is not available at all.

    Great to see dedwards having success with it as well.

    Its hard to come up with a staking plan for footie when a lot of games start at same time or overlaps.


    Its all raw data and you can interpret and use it as you want. you may want to bet on goals or correct scores or Home, draw or away. It is entirely up to you on how you want the data presented. You then test it out. It certainly will save you a lot of time researching data for your own betting.

    I’ve even thought about if I had the time using the data to help trade games? Anyone thought about that too? Example trading under and overs 2.5 goals markets for low or high scoring games, then greening out at appropriate time for guaranteed profits?

  112. 5aces says:

    The only three games predicted to be high scoring all came in today on the overs 1.5 but unfortunately the combined odds only came to 1.47 so too low for me to be risking a treble today.

  113. porcupine38 says:

    Hi 5aces, yes some games only have odds for over / under 2.5 and match odds on betfair I think.

    So you chose the highest 3 odds as per the bookmakers offering? Doesn’t that mean they are the 3 less likely to occur? Have you tested whether backing the 3 lowest would be more profitable in the long run?

    I always seem to be able to get higher odds than the advertised average on the football-bet-data site, and quite often higher than the maximum – although generally that is on the exchanges

  114. 5aces says:

    I have actually kept all predicted high scorers and believe it or not a lot of the games at 1/12 odds are the ones not performing! So the high odds ones has just as much chance coming in. Its just a test at the moment with tiny stakes. Today it may be the kiss of death but here are the 3 games today and if you search around should get around 2.9 odds for the treble (Use Odds checker) The best is 2.96 with Bet365 but I am banned with them so have to settle for paddypowers 2.74. Betfair sportsbook for some reason has no market for the south african game so had to use traditional bookie for this one.

    Poland 1 16:00 Olimpia Grudziadz V PLOCK
    Poland 1 18:00 ROW Rybnik V Legnica
    South African Golden Arrows V Supersport Utd

  115. 5aces says:

    I have also been doing the opposite and bet on low scoring games betting on the under 4.5 as singles on the exchange. Bookies for many of them show 1/25 to 1/66 but you get them for around 1.08 to 1.15 the highest odds I ever got was 1.55! that game finished 0-0. Since 4 April £200 bank is now £293. Had 76 games so far only 3 lost so strike rate of 96%.

  116. TTran says:

    You do realise you have now jinxed yourself 5aces lol

  117. porcupine38 says:

    Good luck 5aces, sounds like you have some decent systems going on there, and turning £200 into £293 in under 3 weeks isn’t too shabby either.

  118. 5aces says:

    I know, sometimes I get too excited and I want the world to know. Really we should keep anything that works to ourselves, if anyone finds anything unique and it works keep it to yourself. It may sound selfish but a lot of system and tipsters start going downhill when the masses jump on board. That’s the good thing about football bet data is that we can use it to suit our won betting styles so good luck to all those using it.

    I think I will heed your advice TTran and only post results now and then.

  119. TTran says:

    Wise words mate. I will keep an eye on those three games with interest as haven’t really got much in terms of selections for today

  120. tom42 says:

    whats the difference between “football-bet-data” and “football-data” that makes the former worth paying for?

  121. tom42 says:

    5aces, spot on. If you have an edge why tell the world about it and destroy it.

    It is always worth asking that question when you see something advertised that will make you thousands of dollars a month, for sale at $27 or some such!

  122. Enida says:

    I suspect football bet data uses the stats available for free on football data uk. The fluff piece on the former indicates as much.

  123. 5aces says:

    Yeah there’s not any low predicted scoring games at the moment so no bet day for that one.

    Tom42 football bet data has a lot more to it. It has odds predicted and actual odds so you can back test your system if you want to. It predicts scores, goals, home, away draw etc so you can choose what you want to bet within your own criteria. Obviously not all win but you can concentrate on leagues and games you want to. You can go to website and have limited access to see whats it all about. You can pay monthly for about £3.00 and cancel via paypal if its not for you but annually you save a little bit.

    I tried to download a whole load of data and my computer ground to a halt, the circle just kept spinning for about 5 mins and I lost my patience so turned the power off. Its about 4 years old now so I think its getting on a bit. So rather than going backwards I am testing live so to speak and recording results as I go along.

    But for £30 odd quid a year, I think its value for money after all lost more than that via other systems and tipsters.

  124. Bobby says:

    Hi Everyone

    Seems this is proving to be quite popular. Can anyone tell me what the trading tool actually does?


  125. porcupine38 says:

    Hi Enida, there really is no comparison. Football data provides raw data – but only for about 10 core leagues. Football-bet-data covers over 60 as far as I’m aware. It also generates score predictions, odds projections and enables you to create and save systems based on a range of criteria. As 5aces mentions the cost can be as little as £3 or so a month – its hardly a rip off like some of the other scams I’ve come across. The service is friendly, fast and helpful and it seems a genuine service.

    Hi Bobby, i think the trading tool has pretty much been covered on this thread. Have a read back through previous posts or check out the blurb on their website – its pretty self explanatory.

  126. porcupine38 says:

    My comments seem to keep being lost too??

    Hi Enida, there really is no comparison. Football data provides raw data – but only for about 10 core leagues. Football-bet-data covers over 60 as far as I’m aware. It also generates score predictions, odds projections and enables you to create and save systems based on a range of criteria. As 5aces mentions the cost can be as little as £3 or so a month – its hardly a rip off like some of the other scams I’ve come across. The service is friendly, fast and helpful and it seems a genuine service.

    Hi Bobby, i think the trading tool has pretty much been covered on this thread. Have a read back through previous posts or check out the blurb on their website – its pretty self explanatory.

  127. TTran says:

    Bobby the betfair tool is an excel file that will calculate your required stake across markets depending on the odds available and then advise what odds and stake to trade out for a profit. Seems to work better with games predicted to be low scoring

  128. tom42 says:

    How does the tool compare with the BetFair CashOut facility?

    Is it as quick? More profitable?

  129. 5aces says:

    I don’t use it as I don’t have time to trade and prefer to place straight bets and leave it.

  130. Jack Whiteman says:

    @porcupine38 – your comments were held in moderation as you had used the word scam. It’s a security precaution we take in case people are making libellous claims. As you weren’t doing that we have now approved your comments.

  131. TTran says:

    Hi Tom. Just to clarify the betfair tool doesn’t actually interact bit acts as a calculator / guide for what odds and stakes to place to ensure green out. These can be placed prior or during the game

  132. TTran says:

    Hi 5aces, see the jinx lived on -_-

  133. porcupine38 says:

    Ok Jack I see. No worries

  134. 5aces says:


    Yeah totally, no harm done as it would be due some losers I would think. No more posting pregames. Anyway nothing predicted today so no betting day.

  135. TTran says:

    On the verge of what could be an amazing day. 3 games I’ve done all 0-0 CS and draw. All 3 currently 0-0, one game in 90th min and other 2 at half time!!

    Threw them in a trixie and as singles at larger stakes. Fingers crossed, even 2/3 will prove HUGE profits.

  136. TTran says:

    And that’s the French game in the bag. Just elche in Spain and port vale in England to go. Done my singles with betfair and guaranteed profit for the day no matter but looking at a huge win on bet365 on the trixies if this holds!!

  137. TTran says:

    Boooo to port vale. Let’s hope they can get a 1-1 for the draw trixie.

    Working shift tonight so gonna have to check as and when now. Fingers crossed there is a nice 4 figure return in my bet365 later tonight

  138. fran67 says:

    Hi Guys,

    Can someone help, on the website there is an upgrade cost of £32.99 per year and then there is a prediction portal for £29.99. Also a Betfair tool – but I understand this one.

    Have you guys paid for both, do you need to……confused here.

  139. TTran says:

    Hi Fran. I think the portal is a separate tool. I use the dashboard for my systems which I pay £32.99 a year for.

    Damn sheff united with an injury time winner. Cost me a few hundred quid. Still 2 draws out of 3 and 1 0-0 ensures good profits for the day

  140. fran67 says:

    Thanks TTran.

    Shame about sheff united though still looks like you had a good day, so nice one.

  141. porcupine38 says:

    Yep super start to the weekend on my unders systems yesterday – shame the domestic season’s are drawing to an end, lets hope the summer leagues in Japan, Sweden etc are just as profitabe

  142. 5aces says:


    Nice first winner to start of weekend Italy2 Siena V Carpi 0-0 😉

  143. TTran says:

    Nice one 5aces. Wasn’t on that one but had Orlando pirates on South Africa which finished 1-1, there’s a game in Poland which is 0-0 at half time and then I’ve got a conference game later.

  144. TTran says:

    BOOOOOM!! that’s another 0-0 landed and 2/2 draws so far today with the Lincoln game to follow. Fantastic stuff – great weekend so far

  145. TTran says:

    I’m off out to celebrate. For once a injury time goal in my favour – 3/3 draws today, 5/6 so far for the weekend. Profits into 4 figures in 2 days. Well impressed.

  146. porcupine38 says:

    Well done TTran and 5aces, sounds a decent couple of days for you. That Lincoln game cost me on my unders system today, but have still have a fairly good day in profit, on top of the nice profits from yesterday

  147. bobo1977 says:

    Well done Ttran! Can you post these draw game predictions before they play as its your interpretation so you shouldnt be infringing any service or system. That way we can all benefit and buy into the tool if worthwhile:)

  148. 5aces says:


    When we start posting pre games, its jinxes the hell out of it as I have shown. If you don’t want to pay the annual £32 to try it you can try it on the monthly plan which costs around £3 and if it doesn’t work for you then cancel future payments.

    You don’t need to purchase all the bits just the main upgrade one and use their website control panel to get the games then you can download if you want to excel.

  149. TTran says:

    Hi bobo, as 5aces says this tends to jinx things lol. On a serious note I have noticed massive odds swings on the lesser games with lower liquidity. It maybe a coincidence but it may not. So I’m not going to post all predictions up hours on advance (or before my bets are matched) as this will affect the chances of me getting matched at the odds requested.

    I will try and post games once I have a match but often this isn’t until right before kick off in some games

  150. porcupine38 says:

    Good for you 5aces and TTran, I think its a bit unfair to expect people to pay for memberships, create their systems, and then post them up here in advance for any tom dick and harry to jump on scott free. Not to mention the in-justice served to the guys at football-bet-data who are so helpful and responsive for such a low annual / monthly fee – its hardly a bank breaker is it, and as 5aces mentions you can use the free version as a guest before upgrading!

    I think enough people have posted about their successful systems Bobo1977 so buying into the tool is definitely worthwhile (from my perspective anyway). Its your own choice if you do or not, but expecting other members to do all the donkey work for your benefit is a bit sly in my opinion.

  151. TTran says:

    I don’t mind posting predictions up – once I have a match. But usually this is just on kick off. A lot of the games the odds are dropping like a stone on match day. Not sure if this is a coincidence or not.

    Perhaps for the benefit of any confusion I will just avoid posting about any selections (be it before, during or after) on here.

    I do agree though, that I wouldn’t want to be seen to be ripping off the site, and sharing picks to all and sundry – after all I guess they could suspend my account for doing so.

    Hey ho, onwards and upwards

  152. gerry747 says:

    TTran – See your doing good, you’ve paid your money and put the work. Keep the info to yourself, well done mate.

  153. gerry747 says:

    5aces – You make me smile, is there anything your not involved in? 🙂

    Back in UK, not for long though!

  154. 5aces says:

    Hi Gerry

    I’m looking to build a portfolio of systems that work for me so I’m not keeping all my eggs in one basket.

    Give my regards to Su.

  155. pbodff says:

    Hi 5aces, what are some of the other better systems you use, i am also trying to start building a portfolio and would appreciate any advice

  156. porcupine38 says:

    Well my systems were tested out on the Japanese leagues yesterday and over the bank holiday weekend and came out with flying colours. Great to see about 8-10 other leagues that are covered running over the summer.

    I have to admit I don’t know anything about Swedish, Japanese or Singaporian football but if the results continue to roll in I’m not really bothered.

    As I say, so far so good and means I can continue with my system until the new domestic seasons start over again.

  157. james_miller88 says:

    Well done on your wins Porcupine38.

    Do keep posting your results up please – I’d like to see how this performs over the summer. I was going to buy this but as the domestic season is just about over I was going to hold off buying it until September / October. However if the success continues into the summer months I will be buying FBD well before September.

  158. TTran says:

    I was also a bit skeptical about betting on leagues that I have no knowledge off but made a profit today before I’d even got out of bed from the Japanese games lol.

    I guess if a system is based on stats and facts then it shouldn’t matter what league it is applied too

  159. tom42 says:

    TTran wrote “I guess if a system is based on stats and facts then it shouldn’t matter what league it is applied too”

    except it might get you limited with your bookies pretty damn quick, or do you use the exchanges for your bets?

  160. TTran says:

    Tom I use the exchanges. Started increasing my stakes too so always wiser. I do still use bookmakers for trixie / doubles / trebles but at lower stakes so still under the radar 🙂

  161. porcupine38 says:

    Another good day for me so far, all 5 of my under 3.5 have come in and 3/4 in under 1.5. Have 2 games in each left to run.

    I also agree that a system shouldn’t be league specific. Although some leagues will be higher or lower scoring in comparison to others, the odds will also reflect this. I think its a dangerous game to filter out certain leagues for no other reason than historically they provide lower returns or a loss.

    I’m happy that so far there seems to be a seamless link into the summer leagues that have previously been uncharted territory for me. Gives me another interest other than world cup betting during the summer

  162. porcupine38 says:

    Well. have to say I had another good weekend. Looks like the Swedish, Norwegian and Finland games are also about to start showing predictions too which is good news.

    I have also been working on staking plans and have found that the Paroli staking (similar to martingale but with much less risk) turns my R.O.I from 25.6% to 32.1% over my 230 bets so far.

    I may start to use this betting plan – only problem is when there are 2 or more games at the same time I suppose, but even with flat stakes I’m happy with > 25% ROI.

  163. TTran says:

    Sounds promising porcupine. Promised I wouldn’t comment on results on this thread anymore but those staking plans sound promising and certainly something I’ve also been looking at for improving my profits.

  164. porcupine38 says:

    How’s everyone been getting on lately? My systems are still holding strong with the introduction of US, Singaporean, Irish and Japanese leagues. In fact I have just added 2 more systems to my portfolio which will be interesting to test with these new leagues.

    Sounds like the Scandinavian leagues will start generating selections next month too.

    All good from my POV still

  165. dedwards67 says:

    The home win system created is proving just as successful using the summer leagues so far (Irish, Singapore, Japan and USA).

  166. Hellmuts says:

    Hi Guys,
    This is the first time I write on your Blogs.
    I am just starting with ‘’
    Can anybody PLEASE help me. I lost a lot on my Tipping!
    I am in Brisbane Australia and I have only a $1000 =$10 bets betting bank. I like to bet with 1% of my bank what ever is in the bank, I am looking for some system on 0=0 or the Draw H/T and F/T, finding a staking plan with very small risk would be nice.
    I am happy to pay for the help.
    Please contact me on DELETED BY MOD – DON’T POST PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESSES Yes I am German. My wife comes from Malta.
    PS:I like dealing with Betfair only.
    Hopefully awaiting your relays. Your Hellmut

  167. TTran says:

    Hi Hellmuts, not sure I completely follow what you mean? Have you created a system and require a staking plan?

  168. TTran says:

    Also glad to hear others who are still continuing to create / maintain their profitable systems after the domestic leagues have ended. All good from my experiences so far too and it will be a joy to continue the betting throughout the summer months.

    If I can convince the mrs to take her iPad on holiday with us I could even be wagering whilst on the beach 🙂 (bet that’ll please her lol)

  169. demontrader says:

    Hi all,

    I just signed up yesterday and have yet to play with the data. There are certainly many ideas from which to start but I like the way you can create your own system on which to be profitable with.

    Watch this space I suppose 🙂


  170. porcupine38 says:

    @dedwards @TTran nice to hear others continuing this into the summer too. Itching to get things working on the Norway, Finland and Swedish leagues now!!

    @hellmuts where have you lost your money? By creating systems on football-bet-data or before starting do you mean? $1000 betting bank sounds good to me. I started with £500 back in February and I’m already up to nearly £1200. I’ve recently introduced staking plans to my bets (aswell as doing more odds testing and system creation) which seems to give even more profitable results.

    Not quite sure what system you are looking for when you say 0=0 Draw H/T F/T? But if you have a basic knowledge of Excel and know what you want to achieve this site can definitely help you. I find it quite fun coming up with new ideas, extracting the output to Excel and then mucking around with pivot tables etc.

    Offering to pay for help and adding your private email address probably isn’t going to get you too many replies on this forum but good luck to you and keep us updated on your betting bank.

  171. gerry747 says:

    Hellmutts – Hi, if you want something straightforward and simple, you could try just laying the 0-0 on correct score with Betfair.

    I’ve been doing it for several weeks now, stands at 117 bets with only 11 losers, I’m happy with that, but I do have another system to back me up, please don’t ask! 🙂

    There are several sites you can get your info for free. I usually wait for the odds to drop to about 6 usually just before half time, even sometimes if a goal as already been scored.

    I use leagues from all over the place, don’t know where the hell some of them are half the time, just look at the stats.

    See what you think, good luck mate and welcome to MMR.

  172. gerry747 says:

    Hellmuts – Just to add, if the match doesn’t feel it’s going your way, say by the 75th minute, you can use cash out and reduce your loss by about 50%

  173. porcupine38 says:

    @gerry, you get a lay on a 0-0 when the score is already 1-0? Good work if so – that sure is a no lose system you have created there. Just be careful if following scores on flashscores (for instance) as they have been known to show goals that were actually for the other team – or not a goal at all. Found this out the hard way!

  174. gerry747 says:

    porcupine38- you knew what I meant, 🙂 if I think there is more goals in the match. Yep flashscores little dodgy at times. Watch Betfair, goes suspended soon as a goal is scored.

  175. TTran says:

    Blind betting or laying can be quite dodgy. I guess if you are using stats or watching the game it’s a bit different as you can gauge things a bit better – but blindly laying 0-0 draws is the quick way to the poor house. There have been plenty of “challenges” and threads on the internet to prove it. Much prefer backing the 0-0 than laying it.

  176. gerry747 says:

    TTran – Yep I agree, betting blind is not a good idea. I do go into stats and really check each team in a match. Looking for good scoring attacking teams playing against a poor defensive team. Plus there are other factors to consider.

    Each to their own, you prefer backing, but I assume you still have to go through your routine with excel and stats etc. I suggested it to Helmutts because he mentioned the 0-0 and he prefers to use Betfair.

    At the end of the day, everything is only someone’s opinion, what really matters is the results you get and I’m happy with that, good luck.

  177. TTran says:

    Oh yes, always have to do the number crunching and if excel can do it for me then happy days. Good luck too 😉

  178. Hellmuts says:

    Hi my Friends,
    I hope I am allowed to call you this, I am stunt to get that many replays and offers of help. I am now a full member of f-b-d. I am waiting to get on to this Board, I got this Betfair tool first, knowing I can NOT use it in Aus,(the law is against it, we need to phone our changes in when in play, it is a long delay but very friendly operators in Malta and in the night, we are 10 hr in front of London). I need to see things to understand, there is nothing better, that is why I am soooo happy right now, seeing you Friends all care.
    I am Lucky in a way, I have no system, I lost my money on laying the F at any price. I would love to find a profitable backing system with a staking plan,
    Let use the recommendation from the Computer.
    Have as many games running as possible, with a $10 + $1 for fees. 10 bets on 0=0, 10 bets on the H/T draw, 10 best on the F/T Draw. I Have invested $330, I hope to get back an Avg of $360 = a $30 profit on the 30 bets. That is what I am planing and hoping for in the long run!
    Reading TTran comments from the past put me on this path, thank YOU TTran and all other Blogers.
    The staking plan on this I am not sure of, ANY Ideas anybody?? I promises here I will keep you informed, as a friend set up a P&L excel sheet, and I work on a sheet per night, then having the same sheet for the week, I am sure my numbers will be VERY well controlled.
    It is getting cooler here, I am sitting in my dressing gown to keep warm, it is down to 20C, Yes winter is comming, it will go down outside in the mornings to 7c.
    Yes something NEW for all of you, Making Solar Power works better on cool Sunny-day, Solar Farm Power hates Heat anything over 26C is waste.
    Love to All,
    Your Friend Hellmut

  179. TheBaker says:

    You need to be using a VPN (Virtual Personal Network) in order to access Betfair from Australia. Use Google to research – try “Best VPN for Betfair” – and about 10 items or so down check out “Proxy and VPN for Online Gambling and Betting”.

  180. TTran says:

    Hi Hellmutts, I have the betfair tool too – but I don’t really use it much as my systems created from the dashboard have been so profitable on their own. I am not really knowledgable enough of staking plan either so am open to help on this too.
    So you are in the solar panel industry? Not much call for that here in Yorkshire lol

  181. porcupine38 says:

    Posts on here have turned a little creepy and weird – or is it just me??

  182. gerry747 says:

    porcupine38 – How do you mean?

  183. gerry747 says:

    porcupine38 – forget that, think I’m with you now! 🙂

  184. porcupine38 says:

    hmmmm, a tad fish 🙂

  185. porcupine38 says:

    fishy even

  186. gerry747 says:

    Update – been using some of the stats of this product, pinched it off our football guy, (now in china) quite helpful, but I do use another site also.

    Taking a little longer to find my matches now for laying my 0-0 correct score on Betfair, as our season is over.

    As it stands now – 121 bets, still 11 losers, nothing above 6 odds. I like this considering I’m not really a football bettor.

    porcupine38 @ Still frying the fish ????

  187. porcupine38 says:

    Looks like he’s been caught hook line and sinker Gerry747!

    Glad to hear you’re still having success with this. I am too, and having good fun along the way analysing and studying trends / patterns. Admittedly the games have thinned out a tad, but the full quota of summer leagues are not yet up to speed so I fully expect this to pick up again over the next couple of weeks.

    Still haven’t found another site with the amount of downloadable data, system creation ability and speed of response as this one – so I’ll be sticking without throughout the summer and no doubt looking forward to the beginning of the domestic season with great interest.

    I’m up to 242 bets on my original system, with a yield of 25.8% (using flat stakes). (Profit in excess of £600)

  188. ceejay24 says:

    I signed up as an advanced member last week and must say I’m extremely impressed with both the information provided and the level of service has been first class.

    The site is quite easy to use, and its been enjoyable creating betting systems. The layout is similar to Adrian Massey’s horse racing site that I used to use – uses tick boxes to select criteria. Any problems I have had have been answered within 10 minutes.

    The betting systems I have created have so far been profitable, and in comparison to other football betting sites the price is very good. I have covered my annual membership cost within 2 days.

  189. TTran says:

    Good to hear people both creating and maintaining profitable systems into the summer months. Am hoping for a few goals flying around a bit later in Norway which goes against my natural betting systems (normally draws or unders)

  190. rwcombo says:


    It great to see people using this with great success. Do they do corners data. Which system are people finding most profitable? Over or under goals home wins, draws etc


  191. porcupine38 says:

    @rwcombo, corner stats are about the only thing not covered within the data set.
    Personally I’m finding a range of systems profitable, from both teams to score, correct score’s and unders. My under 1.5 and 3.5 are the most consistent and are performing really well across a range of leagues – but I guess its down to personal taste and knowledge regarding what system to favour. Are there any that you have found that have not yet been mentioned?

    @ceejay sounds good wok so far, what systems have you created? Always good to get off to a good start and have you subscription covered and still profit after that.

    @TTran looks like there were goals in all the Norwegian games today – what’s the new system you have devised?

  192. TTran says:

    Hi Porcupine, no new betting system just a casual flutter on some of the Norwegian and Dainish games both teams to score. Done quite well but am sticking to my draw and low scoring systems as my bread and butter I think lol

  193. gerry747 says:

    Hi, one team I’ve done really well with is Hanoi, V-league Vietnam, average over 3 goals per game.

    39 goals and only played 12 games so far.

  194. tom42 says:

    to any subscriber -, please

    do they do time of goals stats?

  195. TTran says:

    Hi Tom42. No time of goal isn’t within the data but half time and full time scores are

  196. gerry747 says:

    Tom – if you want the time of goal for any particular match, you can find there.

    Bit of a pain and slow process though!

  197. TTran says:

    Never thought I’d be in a conversation with Tom and Gerry lol

  198. tom42 says:


    Cheers all.

  199. ceejay24 says:

    Hi all. Just fiddling around with a mixture of systems at the moment. Looks like a great start to the day already with the results in Japan. Most of the result predictions were correct and also a few correct score predictions too. Great stuff well impressed so far

  200. porcupine38 says:

    @ceejay24, The results in Japan were pretty accurate yesterday (even if blind backing) had 3/3 on my system for Saturday so things seem to be rolling on as normal which is good. Looks like the vast majority of the winter leagues finished this weekend but all the Summer leagues seem to be up to speed now so its good to be able to continue on a betting system without a 4 month break over the summer.

  201. greety says:

    Hi guys.
    Good to see something concrete has turned up in football trading that actually works.Nice to see some positive vibes and people making momey.
    Just a quick question.
    I’m a real technophobe when it comes to computers. Emailing is my limit. I see Excel and spreadsheets being mentioned. Scares the c**p out of me. Is this information and system easy to download and use?

  202. TTran says:

    Hi Greety. Wouldn’t really describe it as trading (although that is what the betfair tool does). I’ve purchased the portal (avoidable if you’re not an excel fan) the betfair tool (relatively simple to use and does generate profits but involves in play trading and the use of excel) or the actual dashboard and data service (where you can create your betting systems).

    To create a betting system it’s relatively easy. You play around with tick boxes and odds range boxes and there is a summary output which advises if (based on past games) your system was profitable. It also gives a brief summary of games with over 0.5, 1.5 etc, both teams scoring, home wins and more. So this is all done for you. Where I get further enjoyment is downloading the data to excel (easily done with the export to excel button) and analysing further. Looking at half time data, correct score odds, over / under odds etc.

    From what I gather the site is being updated and being made to be a bit more user friendly over the next month. I wouldn’t say it was hard at all to use, but may take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the inner workings.

    Good luck with it and let us know how you get on

  203. porcupine38 says:

    @greety, If you can register, sign up, and post on here – I wouldn’t call you a technophobe.
    As previously mentioned, you don’t NEED to do any interaction with Excel or spreadsheets, but its a handy additional tool for data analysis I find.

  204. greety says:

    Thanks for the help guys.
    For thirty quid or so its always worth a look. I’ve got a few favourite systems for football trading so I’ll be paper trading for a while, matching the systems with the data available.
    I’m the world’s biggest cynic, so if I come back on here singing its praises, then you can bet it’s good.
    Good luck to you both as well.

  205. porcupine38 says:

    Anybody get on today’s games? Looks like a very decent return. Only one game down so far from the 8 and the 2 outstanding games are both looking comfortable at half time.

    Those 7 games would’ve been over 80/1 in an accumulator!! :-O

  206. ceejay24 says:

    I did a 4 fold at 7/2 £20 which came in. Would’ve done the American games too but were too early in the morning.

  207. gjfraser says:

    Hi, I bought this a month ago, can I please ask if you make the predicted odds tick boxes the same as the actual odds boxes and also do you select Yesterday, Today or. All to bring up predictions as I am looking at upcoming games later in the day at the odds I have selected but no games are coming up when I run, Get games.

    Any help appreciated as I really like the capability of this but I must be doing something wrong if predictions aren’t coming up.


  208. TTran says:

    Hi, I treat the predicted and actual odds as separate entities for my systems. In fact I leave the actual odds as default.

    I use all when selecting games which will always display past games that met the criteria plus any upcoming games for that day. I don’t think you get any games further out than the current day, so you’ll need to check back each day.

    If you still think you should be getting results and are having problems I suggest you drop then a email as they usually respond to my queries quite quickly

  209. gjfraser says:

    Thanks TTran,

    When you say default for actual odds do you leave them all blank or all ticked?

    Also if I was wanting under 2.5 goals I would only select scores that is less than or equals 2 (0-0, 1-0,.2-0,.0-1 & 0-2).

    I think it may be the games (Brazil & USA) are played in the early hours so as the database is not updated until 4.00am there is no way to include these in the current days games.

    I find them very helpful but was on here and was checking with the users – some very good reviews.


  210. TTran says:

    You must have them all ticked. This was a mistake I was making to start with. Each field needs at least one selection (even if it is the select all box) else you won’t get any games showing

  211. gjfraser says:

    Thanks. I will now get stuck in and make some profit hopefully.

  212. gjfraser says:

    Ttran /porcupine, Gerry has said you may be able to help with laying/ trading. I was looking at TFT on here. Would you recommend?

    The info obtained from bet data will also help a lot to get the odds/stats.


  213. porcupine38 says:

    @ gjfraser I’ve been betting for 20 years but never really got into trading or laying.

    I have used the Betfair tool and although I made profits and had a good success rate with it, I was sometimes exposed for a few minutes and found that some games did not have the liquidity required in the markets.
    I also tried along side the GRUSS software which helped with bet placement but I still prefer to have all my bets down and matched before a game kicks off so I’ve always reverted back to my betting systems.

  214. gjfraser says:


    Is that systems created on this Bet Data.

  215. porcupine38 says:

    Yes correct gjfraser

  216. TTran says:

    Hi gjfraser. Sorry not sure what that is, and not really a lay / trader myself either.

  217. vagabund says:

    Hello to all sports bettors and sports investors.

    I also bought this system – Football-bet-data and I’m rly confused about all filters what their site offers. I’m not able to figure out some good filter to have satisfactory result.

    So I want to ask any of you, if you know some site that I can read any information about that or if any of you will be so generous and give me any advice, secret or any good filter to use.

    If anyone will sacrifice some time for me, I will appreciated a lot. DELETED BY MOD – DON’T POST PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS


  218. ceejay24 says:

    Am having a lot of joy using this. Made a very healthy profit over the weekend but I think that was mainly due to some very accurate predictions in Japan and the like – rather than how good my system is ha.

    It’s a little bit confusing to start with all the filters it appears quite daunting but have a play around and it’s really quite simple to use.

    The advice if give is be your own man, create, trial and error your own systems based on markets you are comfortable with. If something seems profitable then paper trade it first and see how that goes.

  219. porcupine38 says:

    @vagabund, I’ve mainly targeted low scoring games, so using filters such as predicted goals <2, high both teams score (GG) predicted odds (like over evens) and low predicted under 2.5 odds, and draw odds.

    Have played around with those filters to derive my systems, and by adding in staking plans I have been able to further enhance my staking plans.

    @ceejay, my first selection in Japan for my under 1.5 system finished 1-0 over the weekend so the results from the "normal" leagues seem to be transferring into the summer leagues.

  220. vagabund says:

    I’m trying to create system based on low scoring team – correct score 0:O and draw. But I rly dont know what % of draw it should be to be profitable – knowing that 30% is avarage mabye ? Also, not sure about filters that are usefull for that.

  221. TTran says:

    Hi Vagabund, it should tell you the profitability of any system you are trialling in the summary box at the end – using both average and max odds

  222. vagabund says:

    Can you advice any reasonalbe bet staking plan ? Any money management plan or maybe recovery plan ? I think that they are core any system, will be so glad, that you can write any tips for that, thanks

  223. TTran says:

    There are 3 key things in profiting in sports betting 1) a successful system (which this allows you to create) 2) finding the best odds available (can turn a break even system into a winning one) 3) a staking plan that will enhance your profits further

  224. moggis says:


    Ah,if only that were so.

    Unfortunately all those things are useless without one other key thing.

    Has no one on this forum ever wondered why it is that the smartest people in the world aren’t all making lots of money from betting?

    (I mean apart from the fact that their money would bring down the odds etc etc).

    It’s not because they can’t work out a betting system dependent on stats.

    It’s not because they can’t work out a suitable betting system.

    It’s not because they don’t realise that most statistics are nothing more than mere coincidence.

    ( NB. The above post is in no way meant to be negative.I will be buying this product forthwith . At the price what’s not to like!?)

  225. moggis says:

    pops,I made a wee error above. I meant to say it’s not because they can’t work out good money management plan instead of repeating the first reason.

  226. gerry747 says:

    What the hell is he on?

    What happened to this super soccer betting strategy you was on about?

  227. gerry747 says:

    You talk about a woman’s age and no experience, yet on another forum in 2011 you admit going to your first football match at the age of 16, give it a rest mate!

  228. vagabund says:


    Can you sugget any suggest any good staking plan ?

  229. TTran says:

    Hi Vagabund, I’m still using flat stakes on my singles albeit much higher stakes than when I started.
    Same for my doubles / trebles / trixies but still at relatively lower stakes to keep off the bookies radar

    Wondered how long before “Moggis” popped up. If you’re already making a living from football ante post betting, why would you need to subscribe to this? I sincerely hope you share any fabulously created system you have made with us all!!

  230. graham says:

    Moggis. TTran, is right. His points 2/3 are fine tuning if you have his point 1, a reliable system. You say this is needs a more important factor, but in your post you don’t say what that is. Can you define that please?

  231. chinablade says:

    I think Moggis must be talking about ‘discipline’. Without that, no amount of winning systems will make you any money.
    Look how many people give up at the first sign of a losing streak, or just can’t be bothered to follow the system rules correctly.
    Add discipline (and maybe patience) to TTran’s 3 points above, and you can’t go wrong!

    Easier said than done though, I know….

  232. graham says:

    Chinablade, Yes I think that’s what he meant, I am always slapping my wrist, wanting to bend the rules a bit!

  233. gerry747 says:

    graham/chinablade – Hi, I’m pleased someone understands what he means. But what happened when he was telling us all we were getting it all wrong, and he had this wonderful system for betting on football?

    He told us he would tell us his story and show us all his great system so we could all retire to the promised land.

    We’ve had Zilch! just a load of waffle, now if your reading this “moggis” do please share your wonderful system with us. Prove me wrong, and I will be the first to apologise.

    I can’t wait, I’m so excited about thinking what is about to appear before us all!

  234. chinablade says:

    Hi Gerry,
    Well, we’re only guessing that’s what he means, he’s not actually been back to say anything since his last post, which was just a lot of words without saying anything. Much like most of his his posts really.

    So I’m with you, I’d love to hear this much talked about story too….

  235. 5aces says:

    Moggis Moggis Moggis…who are you and what is your agenda?

    Anyhow ready for tonight lads, I am not very patriotic when it comes to money I’m afraid. Free £25 bet with Betfair sportsbook if England loses if you back England to win for max £25. Lay off with Betdaq and you have a very small loss but potential free £25 which you can arb and make around £20, otherwise worth the punt while watching the game.

  236. 5aces says:

    Sorry meant to add lasses as well, I know there’s a few females on this betting forum as well, just wish my wife shared the same interest, we probably would have loads to talk about. 🙂

  237. graham says:

    Hi Gerry, having read his posts on other sites, he does not give much info. away. He did name his bets, but did not give results. I don’t bet football, unless its a bookie bonus, but it would be great for people without a system to have something (apparently) to use. I await his reply.
    Sorry your dogs left you behind, I love my dogs, including the ones on my dog bots. Must get back to checking how they are doing.

  238. ceejay24 says:

    Must say I’m impressed by the newer layout of the filters. Much easier to use and get data from. Had a good weekend again, the japan results very accurate again. 😀

  239. porcupine38 says:

    I’m not normally one for change, and I must admit my initial reaction was OH GOD what have they done??

    But after an hour or so of playing around with the new format Its MUCH better. A central dashboard where odds ranges are much easier to use, can filter by avg or max odds, can include games without any predictions (so early games in the season) and also can filter by months. A great improvement on what was already a fantastic service.

  240. tom42 says:

    but do they do goal times yet?

  241. TTran says:

    Big thumbs up from me. An improvement on what was already a great service. Results in the Scandinavian leagues in particular proving profitable.

  242. porcupine38 says:

    @tom42 no goal times within the data, but within the download it shows first half goals and second half goals.

    @TTran, yesterdays results from Norway, Sweden and Finland were very encouraging – especially on the draws I suspect for you.

  243. sparxx says:

    I have been using the football-bet-data for about a week now. I have yet to find a good system with it. I can find combinations of ticks that give positive results but the matches are few and far between.

    I had a basic thought – it is easier to find bad systems with it so what if I layed rather than backed? I know the laying odds are not an option with it and that the laying odds will be higher than the backing odds. However if a terrible system is found with it then perhaps it could work. Has anyone else thought of this?

    I am trying to use intuition to select a combination of ticks that may give positive results with frequent games but I am finding it a bit hard going so far.

  244. TTran says:

    Hi sparxx, I think at this time of year there will generally be fewer selections as there are a lot fewer games being played.

    Personally I prefer a robust system that can churn out 1 or 2 solid picks a week, rather than one that gives 5 a day for example.

    If you are having “success” in creating historically “bad” systems, then why not turn that theory into a laying system? Paper trade it for a month or so and see how you get on.

    I’ve noticed over the past few weeks just backing every game predicted would create a decent profit (not something I’d advise long term) so not sure what criteria you are using with your systems?

    Let us know how you get on

  245. dedwards67 says:

    I like the look and ease of use of the new layout. Results continuing to be positive too.

  246. porcupine38 says:

    @sparxx, I don’t personally lay – but I think there have been some comments on here from other members who have used selections to lay outcomes or correct scores.

    I’d probably use the maximum odds and perhaps add 5% buffer to this to allow for the inflated Betfair price when doing any testing.

  247. ceejay24 says:

    @tom42 yes they do have goal times. You have to download the data to Excel as they are not displayed on the screen, and then under the headings H Time and A time show the times of the goals scored. This is from the main dashboard screen.

    Been having great joy with this since joining, been a lot of accurate predictions which have meant my systems have been performing well and much better than I could have expected to be honest.

  248. porcupine38 says:

    @ceejay24, good spot didn’t even notice that in amoungst all the additional odds.

  249. TTran says:

    Also now available in the data archive. Pretty sure they weren’t there last week, but I’m all for getting more data.

    Will be looking at first goal times for sure

  250. porcupine38 says:

    @TTran, I’m positive they weren’t there until recently, but any addition of information is greatly received here. The site goes from strength to strength in my eyes

  251. TTran says:

    Still no update from “Moggis” then? :-/

  252. TheBaker says:

    Not having had any luck on this forum peddling his thoughts, he’s probably moved on to another one.

  253. graham says:

    They come and they go!

  254. porcupine38 says:

    Or he has finally created the zenith of all betting systems without the help of anyone else??

  255. TTran says:

    Been playing around with the downloadable data from 2014.

    Focusing on the first goal time in particular. I’ve created pivot table reports based on the predicted amount of goals, and the percentages of first goals scored in the 10 minute brackets offered by betting exchanges & bookmakers.

    By using this data and odds available I can identify value bets. Will be interesting to see how these pan out as I believe the first goal time market has huge potential for profitability.

    Am on the game in Finland later today, looks great value for a goal in the 0-10 min bracket at 6.5. Will update as this progresses further

  256. 1749Dazza says:

    Found this site a week ago and its simply fantastic. Love the features allowing you to quickly extract information into Excel. The amount of information available and possibilities to create profits are simply limitless. Would have gladly paid 5 times the amount of the subscription fee. Highly recommended from me.

  257. porcupine38 says:

    @1749Dazza, welcome on board. Good to hear you are getting good use from the data too – have you created any systems of note so far?

    The systems I created at the beginning of the year have held up so far through the summer. In fact my yield (ROI) has increased, although the amount of games is obviously lower it has still kept the profit pot ticking along nicely.

    Haven’t done well at all betting on the world cup, so nice to have these as a fall back.

  258. TTran says:

    Game in Finland just landed another draw for me 🙂

    Yes the amount of games have been fewer, but usually at this time of year I have nothing to bet on at all – so I’m greatful that I’ve been able to keep my systems slowing churning over and what’s more – churning over with the profits still coming in.

    Even more looking forward to the domestic leagues starting again now.

  259. porcupine38 says:

    @TTran was that the Lahti game? Had that in my under 3.5 and 1.5 system. Late goal cost me on my under 1.5, but was covered by the 3.5 stake. Nice goal for you though 🙂

  260. TTran says:

    Hi porcupine yes was nice for a late goal to go my way for a change lol

  261. ceejay24 says:

    Hello everyone. Am simply loving the information and more importantly the speed and format of the information available here

    I’ve specifically been focusing on half betting. I’ve created my own templates in excel and all I do each day is run my saved criteria and paste into my template and it updates.

    I’m having great success on over and under first half betting. Mainly putting 4 teams in a Yankee and focusing on over 1.5 and under 0.5 games as identified by my poisson calculations.

  262. porcupine38 says:

    @ceejay24, sounds good – keep us posted o how you get on.

  263. TTran says:

    Have just received a tweet advising that there is now extra data in the output summary table.

    Have only had a small amount of time to take a look at this but it looks like you can now see the profit / loss figures for games in your output based on home wins, draws, away wins, both teams to score, over and unders etc – should make analysis of games even easier and system creation quicker!

    Anyone had a proper look at this?

  264. porcupine38 says:

    @TTran, thanks for pointing this out – only just noticed this. Gives huge scope in my opinion for quick analysis of system performance in not only the basic 1X2 markets, but also the over / under which I am very interested in

  265. ceejay24 says:

    A fantastic add on, makes analysing systems so much easier with the at a glance profit figures.

    So easy to check profits for home favourites, draws, goals galore systems and and and.

    Such a great site and very helpful service. Can’t speak highly enough of this.

  266. dedwards67 says:

    This extra information has helped massively with analysis of my home win system. Gives lots more scope when selecting the criteria such as odds ranges etc. Good product all round.

  267. TTran says:

    Hi all had more of a chance to play around today. A great addition in my opinion, means you can now analyse games regardless of any predictions made by the site.

    Interesting looking at home favourites (odds between 1.01 and 1.40 for example) in the major leagues over the past few season show a great trusty profit level. The opportunities are almost endless

  268. porcupine38 says:

    Managed to fine tune my under 1.5 and under 3.5 systems using this feature now, even happier with the results.

    Also (early stages) looks quite promising in creating a both teams to score system. Can’t wait for the domestic seasons to get started

  269. ceejay24 says:

    I’ve got a promising BTTS system in line and ready for the English and Scottish seasons. Want them to start now that’s the problem ha

  270. karljensen says:

    Hi everyone
    Have subscribed to this 2 months ago, Can anyone advise me , is it a must to have excell ‘ I know it gives me information on the dashboard itself , after I do my ticking off , what am saying is if I was to extract it to excell , would it give me more information or something, am sorry but am not that much computer savvy if you know what iI mean ‘ just that carnt make head to tail of it on the dashboard apart from the predicting result ie Home , away, draw, don’t understand all the rest going along side , the dashboard .
    Thx everyone

  271. porcupine38 says:

    @karljensen it isn’t a “must” to have Excel, but I would say it is beneficial. I enjoy playing around with Excel and only found this site about 6 months ago after looking for something that provided results and odds in an Excel version.

    The Excel download does contain more information that the screen shot (I guess due to space limitations). All the odds ranges, goal times, number of goals, half time data etc is all included within the Excel download. Personally I couldn’t image my PC without Excel as I use it daily.

    What part of the output are you struggling with? The summary table is pretty straight forward (gives profit figures in dark and loss figures in red), It gives a breakdown as a percentage and also profit / loss based on the average odds and maximum odds.

    Perhaps it’d be worth looking into getting Excel if you are not computer savy, and getting a book of Excel for beginners or Excel for dummies. It will certainly help your betting and analysis of bets

  272. karljensen says:

    Thx porcupine
    Really appreciate the info. Your right excel is the way to go . like you said maybe its the limitations on the website reason why you get more info into excel . Which is what I am looking for and hopefully in time come up with a system from what I can gather together from excel Right shoot of now down to WHsmiths get me a book on excel
    Thx again mate.
    PS! I will let you know if and when I get my head round it

  273. TTran says:

    Hi karljensen, what specific data where you looking at? As porcupine has mentioned only the basic (top level) data is shown on the site output. The excel download contains much more.

  274. karljensen says:

    THx TTran
    I was looking for games like BTTS, OVER 1.5, UNDER 1.5 . And depending how many games I will use . I don’t really want to be bogged down with to many games if you know what I main .

  275. porcupine38 says:

    @ karljensen, good luck mate. If you are looking into these markets it is probably best you have Excel as you can then download and analyse the individual odds for each game.

    The new feature on the site will allow you to get an at a glance overview of the profits and % of BTTS, Over / unders – but not the breakdown of odds.

    I think a good system should be based on quality and not quantity so you are doing the right thing by not wanting to be bogged down with loads of games

  276. porcupine38 says:

    Well the domestic season is nearly upon us, can’t wait for the seasons to get a few games under the belt and to get straight back in. Each one of my systems held up well over the summer, but selections were a bit sparse.

    Good luck all, I hope your systems are still providing fruitful also

  277. boromackem says:


    Forgive me if i sound stupid but can anyone explain how the whole thing works, i thought it would give me predictions of future games but it’s just previous data, how do you get predictions from past data, is it the odds your looking at.
    This is my first foray into this type of betting and would appreciate it if anyone could explain what im supposed to be looking for.

    Thanks in advance

  278. porcupine38 says:

    @boromackem, it gives you predictions for future games but only 1 day in advance (ie today’s games). So each day I make a check to see what games match my criteria.

    Within the FAQ it advises that games further ahead than one day can not be predicted due to the games being played before hand influencing the predictions (which makes sense).

    One of my systems I have also created myself using the historic data. I have analysed goal times for games that meet certain criteria and from that I place my bets on games targeting the 61 – 80 minute mark.

    I don’t really use the odds filters to critique my personal systems really, more the score predictions and leagues (as well as the goal time data from the downloads).

    So to answer your question, I can;t really advise you what to look for as it depends what type of betting market / system you are interested in. Over / Under betting, Both teams to score, 1X2, goal times can all easily be covered and investigated with a bit of time and patience.

    Good luck and hopefully you can come back with some positive systems once the domestic seasons really get going.

  279. ceejay24 says:

    Hi Boromackem, I’m a relative newbie and it’s a little bit confusing to start with all the filters it appears quite daunting but have a play around and it’s really quite simple to use.

    The advice if give is be your own man, create, trial and error your own systems based on markets you are comfortable with. If something seems profitable then paper trade it first and see how that goes.

    I’m having great success with half betting currently. I stumbled upon the system while playing with some of my downloaded data into excel and it has grown from there. I also do a few “fun” bets on correct scores in a Yankee (usually 2-2, 2-1 predictions).

    The information is there, and the limitations are endless.

  280. TTran says:

    Boromackem to get predictions for future matches ensure you are looking at the system creator dashboard, have the radio button marked all ticked (at the end where it asks you for yesterday or today’s games) and assuming there are games that meet your criteria – they will show up when you click get games.

    I use a combination of score predictions and odds projections with most of my systems.

    All the best

  281. tom42 says:

    @TTran on 29th march you posted –

    4 selections and 4 draws. 2 of them 0-0 so got the correct scores off them, but my main bet was bohemians Prague, cordoba, panetolikos, and Salisbury all to draw.

    Am I missing something cos Bohemians Prague lost 0-1, but Bohemians 1905 drew?

  282. TTran says:

    Quite possibly tom42. Ill have to check through my records as that bet was 5 months ago lol

  283. TTran says:

    Hi Tom42. Have just doubled checked and it was Bohemians 1905 that completed the 4/4 successful draw picks, but I have them written in my jotter pad as bohemians Prague. So unless they are the same team (am not really up on my Czech football) it was a typo on my behalf.

  284. boromackem says:

    Thanks Guys think i figured it out, put a 4 team acca on yesterday all under 2.5 and forgot about it, was very surprised to see £320 in my betfair account this morning.


  285. ceejay24 says:

    Great work Boromackem and glad to hear you have figured things out. Must’ve had a similar bet as I landed a 5 team under for £426 yesterday

    Superb weekend

  286. porcupine38 says:

    @boromackem – good to hear it. Patience is rewarded afterall. Sounds like people made some decent money last weekend. 🙂

  287. acocker72 says:

    Hi I like the look of the site and have a basic member but is it possible to upgrade withouthaving paypal?

  288. porcupine38 says:

    @acocker72, not sure if you can upgrade without Paypal, best send them an email – they are normally quite quick at responding.

    Or you could register for a Paypal account in a minute or 2, it’s a very safe and secure payment merchant and about the only one I trust enough to use. Quite handy for sending money to friends or family members too (with no extra charge)

  289. criketeer says:

    I’ve been using the site for about 6 weeks now and have made nice steady profits after developing a system based around the correct score market. Basically finding the most common “actual” scores for certain predictions allows me to home in on likely results and throw these into permed trebles which have produced a nice steady return each week.

    I don’t have Paypal and I contacted the team who said they can accept payments via skrill too so it maybe worth contacting them to see if you can do the same

  290. rwcombo says:

    Hi I have purchased this product the other day and still experimenting with it which is a bit of a daunting task.

    The people who are having success with this – can they help by letting me and others know (to see if I am on the right track) to what selections they had yesterday and what settings they used to get these selections.

    Thought this could be useful to share information

    Thanks in advance!!

  291. acocker72 says:

    Great thanks porcupine I have now full access via Skrill. 2 days in and I have made back my subscription cost already. Happy bunny

  292. porcupine38 says:

    @acocker72 – good glad you have it sorted now

    @rwcombo, I agree on first impression it seems quite daunting, but once you get into the workings of the filters it becomes second nature and really quite straight forward to get the data you want.

    There are umpteen possibilities for system profitability, and what might suit one person may not suit another. My 2 longest running systems (under 0.5 and under 3.5) were originally based around low scoring predicted games (ie 0-0, 0-1 etc) where the predicted BTTS odds were high (so >2.0) and the predicted draw odds quite low (So <3.5) for instance. I have subsequently tinkered and fine tuned my system to suit, and from here have also drilled into the data (in the excel download) looking for patterns in goal times, half betting and the like.

    I have also been working on a BTTS system which has the reverse criteria, and the profitability can be easily viewed in the output table after clicking "get games".

    The opportunities are pretty broad, my ideas tend to come from me having "I wonder if……" thoughts and then tinkering and adjusting filters before doing some back testing on the output.

  293. porcupine38 says:

    Sorry typo, under 1.5 and 3.5 are my long standing systems

  294. pabrmu says:

    Hi All,
    All looks very interesting.
    Probably a silly question, but can this be used on a Mac?

  295. acocker72 says:

    Yes you can use a Mac. I signed up as a basic member via my Mac and liked what I saw.

    It works more like an app than a webpage via Apple products, but you can’t download the data unless you have installed a version of Microsoft Excel

  296. TTran says:

    Hi pabrmu in my opinion it’s better on a Mac – so yes you can.

    I am assuming of course you have Excel in your Mac? You don’t need to do any downloads but there is a wealth more data within the excel downloads.

  297. TTran says:

    Beat me to it by a minute lol

  298. acocker72 says:

    Continuing to make money using the predictions filtered down to my needs. I am only seeing the lesser leagues though (Singapore, Sweden etc) – can anybody tell me if I need to do anything else to get the premiership and la liga games?

  299. rwcombo says:


    What filters do you use acocker?

  300. TTran says:

    Hi acocker72. If you tick the box “include games with no predictions” then you will also get games for la liga, premiership, in fact all the other leagues showing.

    Predictions for these leagues only start once each team has played a certain number of games.

  301. acocker72 says:

    I was using all the filters for every league, but only a few had upcoming games. Thanks for the explanation Tram that makes sense now.

  302. criketeer says:

    Landed a correct score treble completed the third leg last night. Well chuffed with both the service and the results to date ………..

  303. porcupine38 says:

    @acocker72, if you check out the faq page ( one of the questions is about games with no predictions. It states that the first 5 home and first 5 away games are not predicted as there isn’t enough recent form to generate accurate predictions

  304. acocker72 says:

    Thats great, very helpful thanks

  305. criketeer says:

    And just made my first grand in profits. 4 figures in my William hill account for the first time ever 🙂 🙂 🙂

  306. rwcombo says:

    Well done Criketer,

    Is this with correct scores or under and over methods?


  307. porcupine38 says:

    @criketeer nice work. Would advise against quoting exact monetary figures however as this can always be misconstrued depending on the stakes you are placing.

  308. criketeer says:

    I’m picking correct scores based on filtered selections and choosing the 3 most likely scorelines and putting them in permed bets

  309. TTran says:

    Good stuff. Not long now until the predictions for the “BIG” leagues should start appearing, already got an idea for my fun bet – goals galore system for this season.

  310. acocker72 says:

    I had my first losing week the week before last but am back on track with this weeks bets I have placed. Looking forward to the weekend as there tends to be more choice and that is where I tend to make more profits rather than betting for the sake of it during the week. Need to be more disciplined but am definitely excitied about the prospect of the mainstream leagues starting up again!

  311. TTran says:

    Probably gonna jinx it now but am hammering the draw, under 2.5 and BTTS no in the Bahia v Figuirense game in Brazil this evening.

  312. greety says:

    No doubt I am going to get slated by two or three guys on here but I said I would try and give an unbiased feedback.
    I was using a system whereby backing over 1.5 goals.
    On FBD naturally I was looking for predictions with three goals or more. A late goal was all I needed to scratch, 0-0 is a total loss.
    within three weeks FBD found me three goalless draws, damaging my bank big time. I know its only a nominal fee but I can go to WinDrawWin and get losing predictions for nothing.
    I fail to see how you can develop a winning system from FBD, when there is so much red (losing predictions) in their historical data. Indeed a lot of their predictions were miles out.
    When I pointed this out to Chris I received a polite but predictable reply. You have to look at the long term. If you go back a long way on FBD you can see an awful lot of red, a long way back.
    As someone else said on here, you cannot predict football scores. FBD just underline the point.

  313. TTran says:

    Hi Greety, if you’re seeing lots of red in your back testing that would automatically flag up a warning to me that they approach you are taking isn’t correct.

    From my point of view the big value is to be found backing UNDER rather than overs. Looking for 0-0’s and low scoring draws, games where both teams DO NOT score. You will (as with any form of betting) encounter loosing games or even loosing streaks so it’d be interesting to know how long you stuck with your system for, how it has performed since you stopped following it, and also what kind of performance it generated in the first place for you to start backing selections.

    I think the amount of comments and varied responses can vouch for the fact that it IS possible to find winning combinations from the predictions.

  314. acocker72 says:

    I’ve only been a member for a month and I have to say its the best site (both in terms of data and actual service received) hat I have encountered.
    I have signed up to quite a few “tipping” sites, bith paid and free and none compare to this in my opinion.

    There is no set system, so you can create your own based on the criteria you like, so the opportunities are vast. So far I’ve had one loosing week in 5, and the losses were small and mainly due to me shoe horning in borederline selections as there were fewer games to pick ffrom due to internationals.

    I think its virtually impossible to predict the correct result of EVERY game, but the trick is pigeon holing certain games to fit your criteria and backing them. For £32 a year its fantastic value from my POV

  315. porcupine38 says:

    @greety, no need for slating, one suits one man will not suit another – however I would question your choice of system selection based on the fact you mention alot of “red” in back testing?

    This would indicate the criteria you have chosen wasn’t strong enough to provide an effective system in history – and without accurate history it is impossible to predict the future.

    FBD offers so much more than the ability to create a system based on the filter criteria, the downloadable information alone allows further analysis of goal times, half time scores (handy to use in relation to full time scores), and the plethora of leagues covered makes this superb value for money. I’ve been using the site since the end of January, some of the systems I’ve created have flopped, but there are 2 or 3 main stay ones which have delivered constant and regular profits – even through the summer months when the major leagues were on season breaks.

    Good luck for your future ventures.

  316. TTran says:

    Well the BTTS no landed, and the under 2.5 was only denied by a late third. Knew I’d jinx it lol

  317. greety says:

    Thanks porcupine.
    The failed predictions weren’t relative to my system but there is an awful lot of them.
    The point I was making was that with so many incorrect predictions, it wouldn’t inspire confidence, whatever system you were using. But if you guys can use that to your advantage, well done.

  318. criketeer says:

    Hi Greety, I actually agree with you to some extent. However what these predictions do is enhance the likelihood of predicting the correct result or score. No system ever will be able to 100% predict the outcome of football matches, or even 80% – even if it did could you imagine how boring it’d become??

    I’ve analysed the predictions in terms of predicted goals vs actual goals and there is definitely positive correlation between the two. As mentioned they will never be able to accurately predict each and every game, but they give me an edge which thus far has allowed me to eek out profits.

    Predictions aside, there is also a wealth of other data available in easy to use format – which combined with the predictions I have used to select the 3 most likely scorelines for specific games. Throwing these into Yankees, lucky 15’s and trebles has so far proved highly profitable for me

  319. TTran says:

    Another bash today in Slovakia with Ruzomberok

  320. porcupine38 says:

    @ TTran, good luck – its not a qualifier for me, but I’ll look on with interest.

  321. TTran says:

    The draw landed. Not the best draw as 0-0 and 1-1 pays back more but I’ll take it

  322. ceejay24 says:

    Can’t recommend the site enough. Its proved exceptional value for money, with first class service and a vast array of unique data. I use it daily if not every other day without fail, have created 2 or 3 profitable systems and use the downloads for my own personal use.

  323. joeblogs says:

    I’m curious about the ‘betfair tool’ is that something that can be used on it’s own or do you need to be ‘signed up/subscribing’ to the other service?
    Also if anyone has been using it for a while how is it standing up to scrutiny?

  324. TTran says:

    Hi Joe Blogs. The betfair tool is an excel calculation sheet that advises what odds and stakes to place on certain markets and at what odds to cash out in play ( or you can place that bet before the game and just tick keep in play). It has given me gradual profits but I tend only to use it if I’m going to be watching the game (either on tv or via betfair feed). It works better with lower scoring games, so having am advanced membership is recommended if not critical. Memberships are only about £4 a month (less if you pay annually) and the betfair tool is a one off payment which won’t break the bank either. There is far worse out there for far more.

    Personally I favour the actual subscription service for system creation and data extraction, but the betfair tool does work along side this.

  325. acocker72 says:

    There are active predictions for today’s games in the English conference. We’re up and running folks 🙂

    I’m guessing as they started a week in advance the other English leagues will be up next week.

  326. joeblogs says:

    Thanks for the reply.
    I’m not sure I’m up to ‘system creating’ so I thought the Betfair tool would be the way to go,from what I can gather from the site, having a membership would allow access to information/statistics which in turn would then indicate certain games as good selections,am I right?
    Also I would find it hard to be able to watch the games, does the placing the bet and ticking keep in play work as well? sorry for so many questions but due diligence and all that…..

  327. criketeer says:

    Followed predictions yesterday of 2-0 or better, had Barnet, Halifax, Torquay, AC Oulu, PK-35, G-Osaka, Urawa, Hacken and real salt lake in a 9 fold and all came in. £400 back off a tenner! Beauty

  328. traderjack says:

    Criketeer what sort of bet was that, an over 1.5 Goals acca ? or a correct score acca ?

  329. criketeer says:

    Was just a straight win acca

  330. traderjack says:

    Thank you, well done.

  331. TTran says:

    Hi Joe Blogs yes having an advanced membership will allow access to predictions which will aid the selection of games using the betfair tool.

    The ticking in play box will work, it just means that if you’re not watching the game you can’t alter your bets depending on how you feel the game is going. (Which might not be a bad thing). I just prefer using it when I know I’ll have the game panning out in front of me.

  332. tom42 says:

    Any ideas for picking matches with lots of goals?

  333. acocker72 says:

    From what I can deduce there is definitely a relationship between the predicted amount of goals and the actual amount of goals.
    I am currently working on a database of my own by extracting the data from the archive and building my own database that highlights the frequency of certain scorelines in the past based on predictions of football-bet-data. Once I have this complete I’d be happy to share with other members, it will just need a daily update from the football-bet-data site (adding in the past days scores and next days fixtures).

  334. TTran says:

    Hi Tom, I agree with acocker there is a definite link between high predicted scores and high scoring games. Scores like 2-2 and 3-1 often produce goals.

    Hi acocker sounds a great tool if it can be made available. Do you mean a daily download from FBD that would be pasted into your database?

  335. tom42 says:

    Cheers a72 and tt

  336. criketeer says:

    acocker72 sounds a fantastic add on. I’d most certainly be interested as correct score market (hedging the 3 most popular based on the predictions) is how I’m making most of my profits at the moment so anything that can assist me stats wise would be fantastic

  337. joeblogs says:

    Thanks for the replies TTran.

  338. acocker72 says:

    Yes a daily download directly from FBD would just need pasting onto the bottom of existing data. Thats the plan anyway

  339. ceejay24 says:

    That sounds great acocker72. I’m having fantastic success with this. Its only generating me 10 selections a week but quality over quality every time for me.

    Tried so many systems that produce 50 selections a week which are all cr@p. I’ve now fine tuned my own, that are making my consistent profits

  340. porcupine38 says:

    @acocker72, good one – I’ve created something similar for my personal use – being teh Excel geek I am.

    Had a nice profitable summer, but very much looking forward to the return of the predictions in England, Germany, Italy and Spain

  341. TTran says:

    Football leagues predictions are back 🙂

    Get stuck in everyone

  342. criketeer says:

    Landed 3/4 on my 2 lucky 15’s yesterday in England. Great start to the season

  343. acocker72 says:

    I have finalised my databse which will just require you to extract the previous days results from thFootball-Bet-Data download and paste onto the bottom.

    The 2nd sheet will automatically calculate % chance of any scoreline based on either teams you select, leagues you select or in total.

    It will also calculate % chances for a whole host of other outcomes, (half time scores, HT/FT outcome, time of goals, and so much more).


  344. rwcombo says:

    Hi Acocker

    Thank you for that. Any help is much appreciated. Is this the correct email address as it coming back as failed delivery


  345. TTran says:

    Hi acocker. Also getting email address bounce back. Sounds a great tool to have.

  346. tom42 says:

    Hi acocker —- me too.

  347. tom42 says:


  348. acocker72 says:

    Hi all apologies, typo in the address and been away to Tenerife for a week. Seems the moderators won’t allow email accounts to be posted, I’ll try and find a way to upload it then provide the link. Will need to update it with the last weeks data first

  349. tom42 says:

    Tenerife – was the weather ok?

  350. acocker72 says:

    Wasn’t bad – few cloudy days – better than the UK however

  351. criketeer says:

    Had a lucky 15 correct score bet come in on the English football league games last night and one of my others landed 3/4.

    £260 profit from £12.50 outlay

  352. criketeer says:

    £2600 even

  353. rwcombo says:

    Thats good what were you predictions?

  354. criketeer says:

    I do correct score lucky 15 based on draw predictions from football-bet-data.

    Yesterday I had

    Norwich 1-1
    Wigan 0-0
    Wimbledon 0-0
    Morecambe 1-1

  355. TTran says:

    Fantastic results cricketer. I’ve dabbled in the lucky 15 draw market before, which can be quite profitable if you can pick even 3 out of 4 draws, but to get 4/4 correct scores is a great return.

  356. criketeer says:

    Got 2/4 yesterday which still returned a profit

    Did 1-1 draws in a lucky 15 on the 4 below

    Bolton 3-1
    Brighton 1-1
    Leeds 1-2
    Gillingham 1-1

  357. TTran says:

    Morning everyone. Just noticed all the Premiership predictions are now available – and so the real fun begins!! 🙂

  358. criketeer says:

    does anyone know what time the daily predictions go up?

  359. TTran says:

    About 2-3am I think pal

  360. porcupine38 says:

    How’s everyone been fairing with this. My under 1.5 and 3.5 systems are still standing the test of time which is fantastic for a system to show this level of profitability and consistency throughout the various leagues.

  361. TTran says:

    Still going great guns here. 🙂

  362. criketeer says:

    I’ve been selecting correct score predictions and perming them with the nearest likely score (0-0 predictions as 1-0 and 0-1 for example) since the beginning of July and have made immense profits. Really pleased with the speed of response from any questions as well. A rare luxury in this day and age…..

  363. 1972pdav says:

    Just signed up to the stats based system and will have a play around before getting the Betfair Tool. Hope I can come up with some decent strategies like you guys – time will tell ;o)

  364. james_miller88 says:

    Is it possible to perm selections with bookmakers online or can you only place permed bets in their shops?

  365. TTran says:

    Perms are easier online IMHO. I mostly use the exchanges for my bets, but when I do lump an accumulator together the perm options are always there with Skybet, Bet365 and Hills (the 3 main ones I use)

  366. james_miller88 says:

    Thanks TTran.

    So if I wanted to perm 3 correct scores in 3 separate matches online with Hills would it just be a case of going to the accumulator/multiples tab and then selecting either 27 doubles or 27 trebles?

    Not done this type of bet before but the potential profits look good.

  367. TTran says:

    I’ve never permed correct scores myself m8 but I’d assume so. I’d do perm 5 from 6 and a 6fold (for example) on low limit accas.

    Certainly seems like there is potential in the correct score multiples though so could be worth investigating further.

  368. james_miller88 says:

    Thanks again – I will definitely be delving further into this.

  369. criketeer says:

    James Miller yes you can do it online or in store. Having fantastic success with this methodology, just waiting for the limit restriction emails now! Key is to vary the bookmakers, it’s also a good idea to do this based on the odds as the range of odds offered on the correct score market is quite vast.

  370. harbottle says:

    hi everyone, just joined this site and its a bit daunting finding your way around but last night bet on the u/2.5 goals market for £2 test on atlectico-pr v goias and it won !.

    I have to say I am getting excited about the profit potential of this site.

    @criketeer… to stop yourself getting limited by the bookies why not try a virtual machine on your computer the best way to go about it is to buy yourself a brand new cheap lab top/desktop ( so no trace of any bookie site ) install the vm on it and use a mobile phone dongle to hide your ip address and you will be invisible online to any bookie and you can do what you are doing now to the cows come home without any fear of being restricted by the bookmaker.

    its just a shame that the football bet data site does not have a forum as we could all exchange useful information for members eyes only ! .

  371. gerry747 says:

    The bookies have all your account details, name, verified account, proof of address, etc. that’s what they go on when they see your winning to much. Doesn’t make any difference hiding your IP address. Besides, you can hide your your IP for free on Firefox add-ons.

  372. harbottle says:

    I agree the bookies have all your info but look at it this way.

    when you go onto a bookmakers site it leaves cookies and other bits of tracking on your computer so the bookie knows who you are and where you are.
    by using a vm you create your own compartmentalised virtual world so when you visit the bookie in this world it leaves all the cookies and so on in this world so you place your bet and then destroy the world and any trace of yourself, the dongles with the vm keeps you invisible to the bookies.

    now the bookies like will hill have millions of customers and tens of thousands of withdrawals every day and are unlikely to pick up on someone making a withdrawal when there system does not even flag you up as making a bet.

    people are using this technique right now and have been doing so for years with no problems from the bookies.

  373. gerry747 says:

    harbottle – Your missing the point totally, once you place a bet, it’s on your account. Doesn’t matter where you are, what your IP is or anything regarding cookies. You have to use your account, and if the bookies are not happy, then they will limit that account.

    You seem to think by trying to hide where you are, or who you are, they will not keep track of your account, wrong! Look I use a VPN because I’m in China and Betfair is blocked here, so I’m on servers from Hong Kong or Japan. I have another 40 countries to choose from.

    Now If I was using one of the bookies, of which most I’m restricted on anyway, they not interested where I am as long as the IP of me is of a country not banned by that bookie. But if they wanted to restrict me, they would. It’s the account they are really only interested in, hope you understand.

    You can hide your IP to change it to be able to use Betfair or any bookie, but there is no way you can stop a bookie from limiting you, it’s your account they are only interested in, full stop!

    I don’t who the told you about people using it for years, but there is no way you can stop a bookie from restricting you!

  374. traderjack says:

    Gerry747, he is not totally untrue, if you use multiple accounts. I have accounts in all different friends and families names, but I use they all, but use a proxy to use different location in the UK IP addresses on them, so they don’t connect the accounts together. It means that your accounts last longer as you are spreading your bets about.

  375. gerry747 says:

    TJ. Your missing the point as well, what he is saying by using false IP address and trying to hide, this will stop a bookie from restricting you, it won’t.

    Using accounts in different names is totally different, as far as the bookie is concerned, it’s not you! That would still not stop them from restricting those accounts if they wished to do so.

  376. traderjack says:

    No won’t stop them restricting you but takes longer. But yes you are right his in your ip doesn’t stop you getting restricted at all as you’re still using your own account.

  377. terrymac80 says:

    Is Football Bet Data Review really only of use for experienced system builders? I was thinking of signing up for this service but on looking at the posts I wonder if I’d be able to make proper use of the information provided.

    Like most blokes I’m a football fan but I wouldn’t know where to start when creating a system. I get the idea of using filters to focus on potentially profitable areas but it’s knowing what kind of filters to use in the first place…!

    Given the low cost, I don’t mind paying for the additional items the service offers (although I see the Prediction Portal is no longer available), but I wasn’t sure if these extras simply offer further assistance to those who are already capable of building their own systems.

  378. james_miller88 says:

    Thanks Criketeer

  379. criketeer says:

    Good bit of feedback here, I tend to agree with Gerry thou, using different IP’s may keep you under the radar for slightly longer but not much. Its the user details that will flag up on their system first. Buy creating more than one account you are infringing their t&c’s.

    Terrymac no not at all. I’ve not even been using it for 6 months but picked up the gist quite quickly. Being able to download into excel and fiddle about is a great bonus for me. As you say it’s hardly a dent in the back account so was well worth the punt in my opinion.

  380. criketeer says:

    Oh and I’ve not used any of the additional items so can’t comment. Been doing so well without them I’ve just not ventured that way. I also don’t have paypal – but I’m sure the guys would let me pay via skrill again if I so desired.

  381. TTran says:

    Hi terrymac80, Would echo what others have said. For such a small annual fee this service is well worth the small initial outlay and you should cover the cost quickly and easily (even using small stakes). I’d advise using the data and dashboard before purchasing any additional products.

    I’ve had the betting exchange for nearly a year now, it’s best used in conjunction with the FBD score predictions but could be used independently. It’s made me steady consistant profits but the data dashboard is where I’ve had my big success. You can create, tinker, save and recall as many systems as you like, and also as mentioned being able to extract to excel is a fantastic add on. The service is helpful and quick, there’s not much out there that compares.

  382. terrymac80 says:

    Thanks for the info guys. Is it (initially) a case of playing around with the dashboard to see what type of selections would be profitable? The only temporary fly in the ointment is that I have Open Office’s Calc software installed on my computer and not Excel, however if Excel is a must I’ll buy a copy.

  383. tom42 says:

    I’m using LibreOffice and I think you can open the download in OpenOffice as well.

    Why not try it before splashing out on Excel.

  384. porcupine38 says:

    @terrymac80, welcome along. The scope for system creation is far and wide. Personally I’ve stuck with my tried and tested systems which hone in on low scoring games, and I find backing under 1.5 and under 3.5 goal markets the most profitable (under 2.5 is profitable also but its the more popular market so bookmakers seem to be a bit tighter with the odds).

    I’ve dabbled around with other types of bets, and as other members on this forum have divulged, there are other profitable ways of using the data.

    It all boils down to what suits you I guess. What suits somebody may not suit someone else.

    Trial and error is the best way to learn, don’t forget to paper trade first before diving in head first.

    I’ve only ever used Excel so can’t comment on open office, but as pointed out by tom42 it seems other alternatives are possible.

    You can access the data as a basic member and try a download into Open Office Cal’s first, if that works then you are ready to go

  385. Paul T says:

    I’ve been wanting to get going with this for some time now, but have been a little worried by all the talk of ‘excel’. Not being an office person , I have no idea what excel is other than being a spreadsheet. I wouldn’t know how to upload or download or where it is on my computer (chromebook). Would I be able to use the data in some other manner? Cheers.

  386. TTran says:

    Hi Paul T and terrymac80. Excel isn’t “required” it just gives the user the option to extract the onscreen data (and more info not displayed) into excel for more analysis (filtering, sorting etc), if that is your type of thing. I use excel daily so it’s second nature to me. Excel is basically just a spreadsheet package for data manipulation in columns and rows.

    It is however – perfectly achievable to use the dashboards without excel, but for me being able to easily extract to excel gives it that edge over any other site.

    It’s still well worth the nominal annual fee even if you plan to use it exclusively on screen (without downloads) in my opinion.

  387. porcupine38 says:

    @Paul T, Excel is a fairly simple tool used for data analysis, manipulation and summarizing. If you’ve never used it I guess you don’t really know what you’re missing.

    The data dashboards and system creator can still be used even without any form of download, so you can use the data presented on screen to analyse, create and save systems.

    Had another great result last night for the under systems with the Sheffield United v MK Dons game landing a nice profit

  388. criketeer says:

    Have just ventured into the world of horse racing (not something I’ve ever done before.

    Had an email from the team and checked out the link for and it looks pretty useful.

    I’m thinking if I can get something that is a quarter the success of the Football-Bet-Data site then I’ll be happy.

    Been playing around with the data most of the day seeing if there is a way to devise some kind of system based on patterns. Mostly I’m looking at the jockey / trainer combo in relation to specific tracks and distances.

    Sorry to take the thread off track but has anybody else tried this / had any success so far? Would be good to see a results review for this site too which would enable more discussion as there isn’t a designated forum area on the site

  389. TTran says:

    I’ve had a brief look and looks interesting. Not signed up yet but I will at some point. Looks to work in a similar way to FBD which can only be a good thing.

  390. MMR Reviewer says:

    @criketeer and TTran We are aware of the new service and have just started looking at it. A review thread will be published this evening/tomorrow so comments can be added there.

  391. dedwards67 says:

    I’ve signed up for the horse racing site today and the functionality is great, data output is slick and informative and I understand even more features are being added as part of the second phase.

  392. TTran says:

    Great stuff MMR. look toward to it

  393. james_miller88 says:

    Could anyone give me some pointers on how to locate low scoring games please? I have ticked score predictions that are below 2 ie 1-0, 0-0, 1-1 etc, put in high odds for both teams to score (over evens) and low odds for a draw (under 3.5). The problem is that I am still getting many games that come up which have well over 2 goals in them despite using the aforementioned filters. Thanks in advance.

  394. traderjack says:


    I have found the best leagues for low scoring games are;

    French Ligue 2
    Russian Premier
    Brazil 2nd division
    South African Premier
    Portugal Premier

    There are obviously exceptions to certain teams in these leagues, but overall scores tend to be low.

  395. james_miller88 says:

    Many thanks for that Traderjack.

  396. TTran says:

    Hi James Miller. May also be worth looking at predicted draw odds less than 3.45 or so

  397. porcupine38 says:

    @james_miller88 – I have been running an under 3.5 and 1.5 system for over 6 months. There is definite profit potential in the low score prediction games, although you will encounter some loosing weeks (what system doesn’t).
    Heard a stat that there were no 0-0 draws in the English football league this weekend which is the first time for god knows how long. These things happen.

    I personally prefer the 1.5 and 3.5 markets as I deem greater value in them. The 2.5 line is more popular with punters and the market is flooded. I tend to find less value in this market

  398. james_miller88 says:

    Thanks guys – much appreciated.

  399. criketeer says:

    A good festive period for me betting wise if not for my football team results wise! -_-

    Hope you all had a good Christmas period

  400. TTran says:

    Had my limit restricted by Hills yesterday, always a sign you are doing something right!

  401. traderjack says:

    TTran, no it’s not a good sign !

    A good sign is having multiple accounts, spreading your bets around and not having your accounts restricted, as when most of your accounts are dead, you would not believe how difficult it can be to get a bet on !

  402. TTran says:

    It is a good sign – that I’m regularly doing winning accas or perms. I use the betting exchanges for my main betting which should never be restricted.

    Not quite sure why hills have restricted me as only had one big winner with them. Most of my perm success has been with coral.

  403. porcupine38 says:

    Great tip on the Villa – Palace game. I even put a correct score wager on it. I have noticed with 0-0 score’s, if you back no goalscorer as first goalscorer it usually gives you better odds, and they also pay out if the score is 1-0 with an own goal.

    Onto the Spurs game

  404. TTran says:

    Hi porcupine, was on the 0-0 myself along with a few other permed score selections. Good start to the new year 🙂
    Happy 2015 one and all

  405. tom42 says:

    “Onto the Spurs game”

    0-0 Ooops!

  406. TTran says:

    Lol. Might as well get a 5-3 or a 0-1 90th min winner if backing correct score on the nose. I left that game alone as I genuinely had no clue what the outcome would be

  407. TTran says:

    It also wasn’t a qualifier for my criteria, the predicted draw odds were too high and the predicted BTTS odds too low. 🙂

  408. TTran says:

    Another good day so far. Morecambe 0-0 came in, so far got 2/3 on th lucky 15 draw bet with bloody port vale scoring in 93rd minute.

    Hoping for a draw / 0-0 in the Spanish game tonight.

  409. criketeer says:

    Hi TTran, yes Port Vale were a let down. I permed 0-0, 1-1, 0-1, 1-0 scores in the Port Vale v Gillingham, Morecambe v Stevenage, York v Plymouth and La Coruna v Bilbao games.

    With Port Vale at 1-1 in 92nd min, Morecambe 0-0 and York 0-0 it looked like being a jackpot weekend. Still a good return so far and will be superb if the La Coruna game is low scoring.

    Really think there is value in low scoring games. Finding the best odds is key though. Correct score market draw odds vary from firm to firm, I generally find better odds than displayed on the football-bet-data site though

  410. porcupine38 says:

    @ cricketer, well La Coruna finished 1-0 so it sounds like you’re well in the money there pal. Great bet.

    I’ve had 3 from 4 on my unders systems in 2015 with only the Spurs game letting me down – thanks for pointing that out Tom42 😉
    Both landed today though so well happy with a 75% S/R – especially on the under 1.5 system

  411. james_miller88 says:

    I had 2 bets today:

    1) Porto, Stranraer and Berwick all to win

    2) Doubles on Rizespor, York, Morecambe, Deportivo and Llagostera to draw. Only the Spanish sides let me down but a nice profit all the same.

    Well done Porcupine TTran and Criketeer.

    @ Criketeer – may I ask what sort of bet you used to perm your teams / scores?

  412. TTran says:

    Nice going everyone. Was hoping for a late leveller in the Deportivo game but still a decent days profits

  413. tom42 says:

    Well done everyone – seems “do-it-yourself” is the way to go…

  414. TTran says:

    Hi Tom42, what do you mean “do it yourself” ? Isn’t this the whole purpose? To create a system by analyzing the data and a combination of predictions and odds. My systems are based specifically around the score predictions and odds projections and only selections that fit my criteria are used

  415. tom42 says:

    Yep thats what I meant. Much better to make your own methods using stats and data, rather than …. well I give up when I read some of these posters doing binary options, for example, don’t they read the warnings!!!

  416. TTran says:

    Ahhh yes – I get you. Well I for one am convinced, to have a successful system for 12 months now is proof in the pudding as far as I’m concerned.

    Good luck to all the rest of you for 2015

  417. lesterbowie says:

    Just read through some of the messages…AND I WANT IN !!!!!

  418. lesterbowie says:

    Is the free service a good way to start

  419. criketeer says:

    James_Miller88 I pick the 4 scores for each team and then perm them all as doubles, trebles and 4 folds

  420. criketeer says:

    Use this link here to calculate your likely returns

  421. james_miller88 says:

    That’s excellent – thank you very much for that Criketeer.

  422. james_miller88 says:

    Well, today the Spanish sides came good!

    I had Gaziantep, Tenerife, Alcorcon and Boavista all to draw and only Boavista let me down. Still managed to make a decent profit.

    Wish I had permed the correct scores as well as all of the matches except Boavista were low scoring ones.

  423. TTran says:

    Good going James_Miller88 the correct score perms certainly can be rewarding. I didn’t have any qualifying bets today so just did a few cup bets in play

  424. lesterbowie says:

    Does the site offer selections or is it a System Builder only site ???

  425. porcupine38 says:

    @ James Miller88 and Cricketer well done, sounds like you’ve both had a decent weekend too. Intrigued by the perm bet offerings – I guess when doing these online you will have to do the bets separately as I don’t think you can perm more than one outcome from the same game?

    @ lesterbowie, the free service is more of a way to familiarise yourself with the site functions. There is only limited data available as a free member I think. AN upgrade costs about £32 a year and its a worthy investment in my (and many others) opinion – if only for the data side of things alone. The site offers selections – or predictions for every game. You can then analyse the profits in the output table for past games, and extracting to Excel will give you even more data.

  426. lesterbowie says:

    Thanks Porcupine38

  427. TTran says:

    Hi lesterbowie, I’d be vary wary of any site offering “selections or tips”. I’ve had my fingers burnt several times. You have to ask yourself why would any site sell “profitable” selections for a measly amount (or even a ridiculous amount). There are so many sites out there claiming this and that – but ultimately fail to deliver. I checked out footballtipsfc and on a friends recommendation last year and after a few initial good results they both soon bust my bank.

    With football-bet-data you can use profitable selections to create and fine tune your own selections depending on your betting preferences. As Tom42 says it’s far better (and more fun) to create your own systems based on stats and data ahead of throwing money down the drain with useless tipping sites.

  428. lesterbowie says:

    Where can I find the Daily Score Predictions ????

    I am now a Full Member

  429. lesterbowie says:

    Found them !!!

  430. TTran says:

    ** rolls eyes **

  431. lesterbowie says:

    ………ha ha ha …TTran.

    Understand what you are saying. Using the site today I have “Traded” the following…

    Palermo Over 2.5 (5-0)
    AC Milan Over 2.5 (1-2)
    Chievo 0-0 Draw (0-0) Greened out at HT
    Genoa 0-0 Draw (2-2) Loss
    Juventus Over 3.5 £50 @ 3.4 to Trade Pending (8pm KO)

  432. TTran says:

    Good work lesterbowie 😉

    Been dabbling in some trading myself recently – never had the patience to use much in play betting but using some software to auto place bets makes the whole process easier.

  433. TTran says:

    Chievo also landed another 0-0 correct score for me that’s 3 from the last 4 and the other was 1-0

  434. lesterbowie says:

    What Leagues do you bet on ??


    please feel free to give me some advice on how to use the Football Bet Data site.

  435. TTran says:

    I don’t filter out leagues without reason. Be careful posting your email address as the admin may remove you

    I hope you cashed out in play on the Juve game after the early goal

  436. lesterbowie says:

    Yeah I cashed out after 10 min for a nice profit.
    Trading is the way forward !!!

    So what is your Metholodgy with the Stats ???

  437. james_miller88 says:

    Nice going TTran – I had Chievo as a selection for a draw but as it was the only draw I could find yesterday and I prefer placing multiple bets I decided not to bet on Chievo to draw – wish I had now!

  438. lesterbowie says:

    Lille v Evian 7.30KO

    Over 2.5 Goals. 6/4 Corals (6/4 Betfair before Commission)

  439. tom42 says:

    Can’t load the site – anyone else having trouble?

  440. TTran says:

    Hi tom42. Yes had a problem this morning but all seems to be working again now.

  441. lesterbowie says:

    Was on Luton lastnight.
    Under 1.5 Goals at 9/5 for a tenner

  442. tom42 says:

    Cheers TTran –

    lester, why were you on that bet when they predicted 2-1 ?

  443. TTran says:

    Tom42 my prediction shows 1-0?? I’d be careful just using the scoreline for your bets leaterbowie. Factor in the over / under odds, the predicted odds and try and find value. This may mean not matching a bet every day

  444. tom42 says:

    Yep, you are right TTran – 1-0 it was. 2-1 was the Gateshead match, the day before!

  445. lesterbowie says:

    TTran….yes I do look at Value before “investing”.

    How do YOU use predicted odds to judge Overs/Unders ??

    Tonights Bets….

    Airbus OVER 4.5 11/4
    Bala OVER 4.5 2/1 £5 Double
    Airbus OVER 3.5 Evens
    Bala OVER 3.5 11/10 £10 Double

  446. criketeer says:

    Huge return in France tonight on the Perm bets. Picked out 4 draws from the football-bet-data score predictions and based the best around low scores as always.

    Had Clermont 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 (finished 0-0)
    Had Niort 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 (finished 1-1)
    Had Red Star 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 (finished 0-0)
    Had Strasborg 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 (finished 1-1)

    Off to have many beers now in celebration on a fine return!!

  447. criketeer says:

    bets not best – beer has kicked in already

  448. TTran says:

    Nice one Criketeer, that a 4 figure return? I was on the draw in the Strasborg game (and also the 0-0 and under 2.5) so 2/3 still makes a good return. Looks to be a great night for the draw bet predictions.

  449. james_miller88 says:

    Well done Criketeer and TTran.

    I went for a lucky 15 draw on:

    Clermont – result 0-0
    Niort – result 1-1
    Estoril – result 1-1
    Angers – result 3-1

    Also did a 1-1 correct score Lucky 15 on those same teams getting 2 out of the 4 for a profit.

  450. rwcombo says:

    Cricketeer – well done

    I too had these under my ‘radar’but only did bets for draws on Red Star and Strasborg

    Can you please explain how you do the perms and with who?

    Did you do 4 different bets with 4 outcomes per bet or was it one bet with all the permutations


  451. porcupine38 says:

    Nicely done one and all, I was on with my under 1.5 and 3.5 systems! 🙂

  452. D3LBOY says:

    i must be stupid, all i am looking to find is game in england that are under 2,5 goals yet everything i do every box i enter any numbers just brings me up no results are there are any guides for this site as the faq’s page doesn’t help much

  453. TTran says:

    Good work James_Miller and porcupine. Looks like a plethora of games fitting my criteria today – ready to get involved. Good luck everybody!!

  454. TTran says:

    rwcombo, I think he explained his bets about 20 posts up including a link to a perm calculator.

    d3lboy, if you’re looking for past games. I’d just download to excel and filter by games with less than 3 goals – although I’m not sure i follow quite what you’re looking to do.

  455. D3LBOY says:

    thanks for reply’s think i have worked it out 🙂 after a coffee and putting my specs on haha

  456. criketeer says:

    Cheers all, yesterday I did a 4 fold perm only (didn’t do the trebles, and doubles) so 256 bets at 10p unit stake with Sky bet. Bout in £328

  457. lesterbowie says:

    Eibar v Getafe Over 3.5 Goals @ 9/2 Betvic

    Celta Vigo v Valencia Under 1.5 Goals @ 5/2 Betvic

    Any advice on the best way to use the Stats appreciated…..

    NOTE…Could we not start up A Facebook page to post advice and bets ????

  458. porcupine38 says:

    @lesterbowie, its been muted before (about 6 months ago) about posting tips somewhere before the game starts. Personally I would not be prepared to do this for a number of reasons.
    Most notably it could affect market liquidity of games I want to bet on (I mostly use the exchanges with large stakes) .It also means not only would i be doing all the donkey work for somebody else to come along and gobble up my selections, they’d also be getting them scott free which I feel would be an injustice to the guys at FBD who do a great job and are always helpful when I have had questions in the past.

    I’d be happy to joining a facebook page associated with strategy and analysis, but as for posting up all my tips – no (and I’m sure I speak for others here too).

    As a side note, another great return on my under 1.5 and 3.5 systems today.

  459. D3LBOY says:

    1st day using the stats picked 3 prem games and dutched 0-0 1-0 0-1 and 1-1 and two of those won making a nice profit even a don’t like me can use these stats anyone can 🙂 the facebook group is a good idea i wouldn’t mind starting it if someone more senior doesn’t want to go 1st 🙂

  460. lesterbowie says:

    Thanks for the reply porcupine…..

    I think it would be easier to use FB than post on here thats all.

  461. TTran says:

    Hi lesterbowie the problem we’ve had on this thread in the past is selections posted prior seem to jinx things. I’m not the superstitious type – and all of my selections are check able on the football-bet-data site – but it’s definitely been the case in the past this any pre game selections have tended to fall flat. Having said that, any facebook group set up if be happy to join

    Today was another good day, one 0-0 correct score (thanks again Plymouth) and also a payout on the game in France between Troyes and Brest. It finished 1-0 but the goal was an own goal. This is exactly the scenario I mentioned a few weeks ago – where backing “no goalscorer” in the first goalscorer market covers this eventuality and also tends to be higher odds. So 2/5 draws today = profit, and 2/5 payouts on the 0-0

  462. lesterbowie says:

    I will lok into setting something up on FB.

    Would be interested to know various methods people are using.

    You are right about the NO GOALSCORER bet!!

    Lester…..William Hill shop manager

  463. traderjack says:

    Celta Viga Vs Valencia – Two very defensive teams, Think under 2.5 is good trade option there.

    Same with Nice Vs Lorient tonight.

    Can see Torino Vs Milan being low scoring as well.

    I’ve done Under 2.5 singles and treble, plus bet 0-0 at half time and under 1.5 first half goals in doubles and trebles.

  464. lesterbowie says:

    Good Luck Jack

  465. traderjack says:

    French Game let me down on the under 2.5 goals and under 1.5 half time.

    Lester, interesting you think there will be at least 4 goals in the Eibar game? If you think that the case, you should be having a decent bet at 4/6 on a goal in the first half.

    Hope it comes in for you.

  466. criketeer says:

    3 out of 4 for me yesterday, but only back the quads.

    Had Leicester 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 (finished 1-0)
    Had Southend 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 (finished 0-0)
    Had Troyes 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 (finished 1-0)
    Had Santa Clara 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 (finished 1-2)

    That late goal (88th min) in the Santa Clara v U.Maderia game cost me another £372 from 10p unit stakes.

    Still a good weekend, had me friday night and Mrs shopping trip yesterday paid for.

  467. traderjack says:

    Doing an under 3.5 double in the Arsenal and Man Utd games today

  468. bredbreeze says:

    criketeer-was your bet a fourfold?.Just started doing football bets and trying all sequences.
    Was doing single bets on over .5 goals-very high success rate but one loser wipes out 5 days of profits-not good

  469. TTran says:

    Unlucky criketeer. That’s the downside of permed accumulators and why I prefer singles at high stakes. The perms are a good side bet with potential huge payout when all land

  470. lesterbowie says:

    I use a mixture of SINGLES, but also like a multiple bet for small stakes.

    Which Leagues do you like to bet in for GOALS ?
    I tend to stick English Premier.
    Primera Div
    Serie A.

    Which Leagues are best for UNDERS….? French I would guess ???

  471. traderjack says:

    French Ligue 1 bar PSG for under 2.5 and Russian and Greek Premier.

    Also Portuguese if you exclude, Benfica, Braga, and Porto.

    Swedish and Dutch leagues good for overs.

  472. lesterbowie says:

    My worry would be lack of Liquidity on BF for RUSSIAN/GREEK football if trading

  473. criketeer says:

    bredbreeze, yes 4 fold, quads call it what you like

  474. TTran says:

    Liquidity should be fine on Russian and Greek top level games

  475. traderjack says:

    Greece has good liquidity, as done Russian.

    I normally bet under 3.5 goals Olympiakos matches. They are usually around Evens or 4/5 under 3.5 and quite often then only win their games 1-0 or 2-0, very rarely do they thrash teams.

    Even at 1-0 at half time, it gives you a nice trade out.

  476. lesterbowie says:

    I really need to decide which Leagues to concentrate on……. I work FT so need to Specialise.

    I have been “Trading” AUQ on Betfair for 2 yrs but of course they have done their best to mess that up by offering AUQH/AUQA/AUQD.

    Yes I know I can Dutch but it has made me now look at other Markets

  477. TTran says:

    I think we all prob work FT lesterbowie – not quite been able to retire on winnings yet lol. I
    Also work shifts which can make bet placement even harder at times.

  478. traderjack says:

    I find Portuguese is best for unders. Especially first half unders.

    I am doing under 2.5 and 3.5 in the National game kicking off at 6pm. Also doing under 1.5 first half goals and under 0.5 first half goals, but will look to trade out of that bet after 15-20 minutes.

  479. james_miller88 says:

    Not a good day for my draw system yesterday. Had draws for Troyes, Santa Clara, Reims and Sheff Utd and all lost!

    Better day today for my draws with 2 out of 4 for a profit:

    OFI Crete 3-2
    Arouca 1-0
    Chaves 1-1
    Sabadell 2-2

    I guess every system is going to have its rocky patches.

  480. TTran says:

    The good thing about draws is you only need 1/3 for a profit. You will never win every single bet you place, with any system ever – and even if you did could you imagine how boring that’d be lol.

    It’s all about the long term goal, I asses my profits every month, 6 months and annually

  481. james_miller88 says:

    That sort of boredom I could live with TTran! 🙂 But yes, it is totally unrealistic to expect every single bet to win. Got to treat this as a marathon rather than a sprint!

  482. traderjack says:

    The EPL double came in for me. But not good on the Portuguese game.

    Little bit down on the day but could make a profit if under 3.5 Barca Vs Ath Madrid and Under 2.5 Monaco Vs Bordeaux.

  483. TTran says:

    Hi Traderjack. The prediction for the Barca game was 3-2 and there was always going to be goals so I don’t understand why you’d do under 3.5?

  484. lesterbowie says:

    Nice little bet up tonight for £214.
    Valadolid v Alaves knocked me for a “Bag of Sand”

    Subscription to FBD well paid for after only a few days !!!!!!!

  485. traderjack says:

    TTran Ath Madrid have one of the best defensive records and they had met 7 times since 2013 and the results have been;

    1-1, 1-0, 1-1, 0-0, 0-0, 1-1, 1-2

    They had also only conceded 6 goals away from home in their last ten games.

    The price was 1.64 for under 3.5 goals which seemed big on those factors.

    I actually rode the storm of it going 2-1 on 57 minutes.

    On 84 minutes it was actually 1.38 to lay off, so I traded out, as both teams were still pressing.

    Barcelona only scored their 3rd in the 87th minute and I made a profit, but I felt the price was wrong for a game between two teams that in their last 7 meetings had yielded only 11 goals between them, averaging under 2 goals a game they’ve played each other.

    Monaco was very straightforward finishing 0-0, and the 1.78 under 2.5 goals was never in doubt.

    I ended the day a few quid to the good.

    Vallecano Vs Cordoba I think is a good over 2.5 goals bet today, and under 3.5 in the Coventry and Swindon match for me.

  486. TTran says:

    Hi Traderjack – ok understand. For me the score prediction (or at least the number of predicted total goals) is a key factor. Usually low scoring predicted games are safe “unders” and high predicted scorelines are safer “overs”. If you’re trading and taking into account other factors like to times of goals, head to heads, and actual odds, then fair enough.

    Well played lesterbowie, sounds like you don’t need that facebook page after all 🙂

  487. lesterbowie says:

    Thanks TTran.
    my bets were…..

    Inter v Genoa over 3.5 3-1
    Napoli v Juventus over 3.5 1-3
    Barcelona v A. Madrid over 3.5 3-1
    Numancia v Alcorcon over 2.5 2-2
    Valadolid v Alaves over 2.5 2-0

    Trebles/Fourtimers/Fivetimer. £12 Staked
    Would normally have sat home and traded but had family stuff all day!!
    Still think the FB Page has mileage. I have contacted FBD and they have said they are already looking at FB/Twitter as a platform…..but do realise some Punters would be reluctant to share their ideas/methods.

  488. Guy says:

    Hi All
    As someone with absolutely no knowledge of football whatsoever – could I ask if someone could possibly give me a reasonably definitive heads-up on what the best leagues are for draw, low scorers, high scorers etc. It seems that you need a reasonable understanding of these markets before wading in and I am concerned if I sign up… I am familiar with using the ‘Massey’ type dashboard interface but I wont really know where to start in terms of filtering one leagues from another.

    Any pointers from you ‘Pros’ would be appreciated as a start point.


  489. TTran says:

    Hi guy. The points you raise about leagues has recently been discussed on this thread. Personally I wouldn’t filter out leagues for a rando reason. Some of the lower scoring and higher scoring leagues have also been doscussed.

  490. lesterbowie says:

    Hi Guy.
    try this website…it may point you in the right direction

  491. lesterbowie says:

    Hamilton v Dundee Utd OVER 3.5 2/1 BetVic

    R. Vallecanno v Cordoba OVER 3.5 29/10 Betvic
    OVER 4.5 15/2 Betvic

    Happy Punting

  492. Guy says:

    TTran – thanks, did a browser search through this page and picked up the info.
    Lesterbowie – yes that is a great help

    Thanks both of you.

  493. porcupine38 says:

    Great to see / hear people turning good profits, remember to enjoy the good times and ride out the inevitable rough times. We’re in it for the long haul!

    @Guy, wouldn’t call myself a pro, but thanks for the compliment. Good to have some new faces with fresh ideas on the thread. If you liked the Massey site – the racing-bet-data site maybe more to your suiting if football is not really your thing? I’m not really a nags man, but the site is useful for number crunchers and geeks like me. There is a review on MMR here

  494. lesterbowie says:

    Bala Town V Bangor City 7.45PM KO.

    Over 3.5 Goals 21/20 Betvic

    Will monitor Oddschecker to see if I can get 11/10 or even 5/4 but with GOALS on the cards tonight I think bettering Betvic’s odds may prove difficult.

    Happy Punting

  495. lesterbowie says:

    5/4 Sportingbet.

    They have closed my account tho’ !!!!!

  496. lesterbowie says:

    11/10 Paddys.

    Again Account Closed (£1200 up in 6 months)

  497. lesterbowie says:

    23/20 Betfair Sportsbook

  498. tom42 says:

    lb, according to odds… the match is tomorrow. Wednesday 14th.

  499. lesterbowie says:

    All Sports
    United Kingdom
    Welsh Premier League
    Bala Town v Bangor City

    Bet view
    Bala Town v Bangor City
    Tue 13 Jan, 19:45

    This is from Betfair Site

  500. lesterbowie says:

    According to Bala Town Website the match is indeed tomorrow !!!!

    Apologies all……….

  501. TTran says:

    I doubt that Bala game will be on to be honest with you. It’s already been postponed twice I think

  502. lesterbowie says:

    I want my money back then !!!! ha ha ha

  503. lesterbowie says:


  504. lesterbowie says:

    FREE £20 Bet from WINNER Bookmakers (Bet £5 or more get £20 FREE BET).

    Decided to put it on the following…..

    Ajax V Groningen 1.48
    Maastricht V Almere City 1.61
    Telestar V Jong Ajax 1.57

    £20 Treble returns £55.13 Profit (£20 Stake NOT included in returns).
    It pays to look for these Bookmaker offers !!!!

  505. criketeer says:

    Nice start to the weekend, landed a double

    Had Den Bosch 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 (finished 1-1)
    Had Cordoba 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 (finished 1-1)

    Unlucky lesterbowie, I agree about the bookmaker offers. I think I’ve taken advantage of virtually every one on the FBD site

  506. lesterbowie says:

    Nice one Cricketeer. Think we should start to post Bookies offers on here so we can all take advantage.

    Thoughts Lads ????

  507. TTran says:

    Bookies offers are normally one offs for first time customers only. I’ve probably got / had an account with most of them by now. Not sure MMR would support bookies links on their forums? But as Criketeer says there are links to good offers on the FBD home page which will get you some decent free bets and bonuses.

    I was on the 0-0 / draw in the Córdoba game. So still a profitable day. Just penning down today’s bets before heading off to work.

  508. graham says:

    TTran, does not have to be first time. Corals offering enhanced odds Sprinter Sacre, just locked in £4.92 profit, can watch the race with pleasure now.

  509. TTran says:

    Hi Graham – I did say “normally” 🙂

  510. porcupine38 says:

    Not the best day at the office for my unders systems. The Paalce v Burnley game came out of the blue and done cleared today’s other profits on the under 3.5’s.

    Best free bet around I’ve found is from Unibet (who i’d never heard of) – you get a risk free £20 bonus offer

  511. james_miller88 says:

    Yes – the Burnley v Palace game let me down too. I had them in my selection of draws. The French teams were also a disappointment but the Italian sides in Serie B did enable me to make a small profit for the day.

  512. tom42 says:

    Anyone into matched betting, or bonus bagging could do worse than use this humungous site —>


  513. porcupine38 says:

    Back to normal service today. Only one bet for me was Tubize in Belgium league 2 which finished 1-0 so profit in both my under 1.5 and 3.5 systems.

    It was an 88th minute goal so I’m sure that would have bust a few draw / correct score bets for others unfortunately 🙁

  514. traderjack says:

    Well done Porcupine38.

    I bet the draw between genoa and sassuolo , got lucky with a late equaliser . However bet under 2.5 goals in the West Ham game. Also done over 3.5 goals Juventus vs Verona tonight.

  515. TTran says:

    I’m struggling to understand the reasoning for some of these over / unders. The West Ham game predicted 3 goals and there were 3. what made you chose to go under? Was their value in the projected 2.5 odds?

  516. lesterbowie says:

    Projected 2.5 odds ???
    Where can I find this on the site ?

  517. TTran says:

    Traderjack they are in the 2nd section – predicted under 2.5 odds

    They appear in the download after you search games

  518. TTran says:

    Sorry that was for lesterbowies question

  519. lesterbowie says:

    Thanks !!

    Bologna v Perugia OVER 2.5 @ 2.42 on Betfair.

    Happy Punting

  520. lesterbowie says:

    Downloaded todays Stats to Excel.
    Can someone please explain the Stats to me.
    Especially the Maximum and Average odds.

    Thanks in advance

  521. TTran says:

    Maximum are the maximum odds. Average are the average odds

  522. porcupine38 says:

    @ lesterbowie, check out the FBD FAQ page which may help with odds explanations. although managing a bookmakers I’d assume you’d be familar with these anyway.

  523. lesterbowie says:

    Just finding my way around the site lads . Thanks

  524. lesterbowie says:

    Dundee Utd v Motherwell
    St Mirren v Dundee
    Dumbarton v Livingston
    Stirling v Forfar
    Atletico Madrid v Rayo Vallecano

    £1 canadian. OVER 3.5
    Dordrecht v Excelsior
    Brechin v Peterhead
    Stenhousemuir v Ayr
    Annan Athletic v Berwick
    Cagliari v Sassuolo
    50p Canadian OVER 3.5

    Bit of fun on a Saturday afternoon.
    Happy Punting

  525. Mighty-Mike says:

    Just wanted to say that I signed up for the Football-Data and Racing-Data services yesterday and they are both fantastic products and a credit to the creators who go the extra mile with the questions I have had.

    Fantastic tools which I will certainly add to the portfolio of betting related tools I use

  526. godofgamblers84 says:

    Bloody hell. I started paper trading this thing and found out that the selections changed after the game.

    Then I read FAQ:
    “The odds displayed on the day of a game are the average odds on offer at 2am UK time, the odds displayed after a game has been played are the average odds available at kick off time, and this can sometimes lead to selections falling in or out of any system that uses actual odds as part of the criteria”

    It’s impossible to set up systems like that. Yesterday 2 of my losing selections disappeared and 2 winning games were added after the game. I really fine tuned different criterias and came up with couple of really good looking systems but it makes all backtesting useless if they change data after the games. I’m dissapointed.

  527. TTran says:

    0-0 lands in the Madeira v Beira Mar game last night as predicted. Boom! Empoli v Udinese for me today

  528. TTran says:

    I don’t think “they” change the data, odds movement happens – any system based around the actual fixed odds will encounter similar problems, and hence why none of my systems factor in actual odds.

    If I am trying to beat the bookmaker – their perception of the game (the odds) is irrelivant to me.

    The fact that two of your loosing selections dropped out, and two winning ones appeared after suggests to me that team changes (either voluntary or not) took place in the lead up to the game. The loosing bets possibly influenced by injuries / resting players (hence the odds movement) and the inverse for the winning bets.

    Perhaps if you’re building systems around actual odds you’d be better off placing the bet as near to kick off as possible and monitoring the odds yourself. Afterall this is a data and stats tool, you do still need to factor in the “un-forecast able” elements (injuries, weather, suspensions, manager change) etc

  529. criketeer says:

    Managed to log on from an internet cafe in Tenerife last week while on holiday (paid for by my bets I might add) and made a slight profit on the weekend games. Didn’t really have the time to study everything as I normally would but a profits a profit.

    Good to see everything ticking along on the thread. Just my two pennith worth for Godofgambler84 – I would define a system based on odds and monitor any picks that are at the upper or lower limit of the odd band. As TTran correctly points odd, a variety of factors will influence the odds movements on the day of the game, and often in the 30 minutes before a game starts. Sites like flashscores or oddschecker will give you the updated running odds which will allow you to asses unusual movement before bet placement. It maybe worth you widening your range slightly, and having some picks in the “definite” category, and some in the “to be monitored” category. It is often risky devising a system solely on bookmaker odds as they can fluctuate so much. Using the score predictions and projected odds from FBD seem more reliable way of predicting to me.

  530. godofgamblers84 says:

    Yes, I understand that odds move during the gameday.

    I’m following a NBA tipster. For example if he advises a bet Lakers +7 and line moves to Lakers +10, he still records +7 for statistics because we can’t go back and change our bets.

    In the same vein, I would like to know how my Football Bet Data systems are holding up with their 2.00AM released odds. If backtesting shows profit, then the odds movement during the day shouldn’t matter that much. But we can only backtest closing odds. And this is irritating me a little bit.

    Anyway thanks guys for answers. I’m not giving up on this database yet. Just trying to tweak and configure some details. And sorry if my ramblings don’t make any sense because english is not my first language.

  531. TTran says:

    99.99% of systems that you backtest will use the closing odds. Don’t give up just yet – there is plenty to get your teeth into, but if you must use actual odds in your systems then you’ll have to put abit of extra manual work in to monitor movements.

    Your English is fine btw 🙂

  532. acocker72 says:

    Fantastic to see so much discussion and general idea’s stemming from the wealth of data available. Not had nuch opportunity to use the site for the last few months, but am eager to get going again now!

    I did develop a useful add in spreadhseet which I have somewhat neglected but as soon as thats back up to date which shouldn’t take long, it’ll be time to smash the bookies again.

  533. TTran says:

    Darn Italians lol

  534. james_miller88 says:

    Yes – I know the feeling TTran! I had Angers v Brest to draw yesterday and some muppet scored an own goal in the dying minutes of the game to make the score 1-2!

  535. lesterbowie says:

    As a new member I must be doing something right on here.
    From January 6TH……

    Points staked 430
    Points returned 610
    Profit 180 ROI 41.8%

    A small sample I know but promising !!!!!

  536. TTran says:

    Fantastic going lb. I have a similar ROI and I’ve been a member for a year or so. Just goes to show there are ways of making money on football out there – you just need to do a bit of digging!

  537. lesterbowie says:

    early days as yet but promising !!!!

  538. porcupine38 says:

    I’ve been using the site for pretty much a year and have just totted up all my bets since Feb 2014 and am £2,862.36 in profit which is a yield of 27.2%.

    The is the first time in 20 odd years of betting that I’ve turned a decent profit – and all for £30 odd a year is a superb return in anyone’s eyes.

    Long may it continue

  539. willdowson says:

    Hi, I have just joined this service and want to make sure that I am not being really dumb as its the first time i have used anything like this software!
    I am looking for matches to be predicted as a draw or 0-0. Am I right in thinking there are 3 predictions for tonight two in France and one in Belgium?

  540. TTran says:

    Hi willdowson there are 3 games predicted to be 0-0 (as you state) but more others predicted as draws (1-1 or 2-2 – I don’t see any predicted 3-3 tonight)

  541. centaur says:


    I joined this 4 months ago but am struggling, despite reading all posts here.

    Can anyone help with what other criteria is needed along with the draw predictions, as back testing them with the software shows losses as draw bets or correct scores. There has to be more to it, but I cannot find it.

    Any help would be very welcome.

  542. criketeer says:

    Excellent going TTran, Lesterbowie and Porcupine38!

    Centaur I think you need to put a bit more effort in than that i’m afraid. Using a combination of score predictions and projected odds (be it draw, over / under, goals galore) to devise a stable system.

    I find using the download option gives a lot more data in terms of odds and goal times etc. I can then manipulate the data as I have done to hone in on potential scorelines.

    I know some punters on here who back correct score or draw result on the nose, but I prefer to spread my bets as a blanket over 3 or 4 most likely outcomes.

    I often find that I can find much better odds than those displayed on the football-bet-data site – so I wouldn’t read too much negatively into the P&L figures in the output, instead focus more on the percentage strike rate – and what data manipulation you can do with the output.

    Hope this helps

  543. TTran says:

    Hi Centaur I suggest you haven’t read all the posts on here as you say, admittadly there are quite a few – but the system(s) I use don’t rely on predictions alone.

    Am quite reluctant to post anything more precise again, as liquidity on some of the lower league games (smaller leagues) could be affected. I place large singles mainly on the CS market – exchanges

  544. TTran says:

    And you mention “what other criteria is needed” – needed for what? What are you trying to create / do?

    Incidentally is it just me or are today’s predictions not up yet?

  545. acocker72 says:

    All fixtures and results displaying for me TTran. Possibly the games you chose were postponed last night as there was a lot of lower league games affected by bad weather

  546. TTran says:

    Yes must’ve been me being half asleep this morning lol

  547. lesterbowie says:

    Fancy lots of goals today…….
    OVER 3.5 Goals in the following Matches..

    2.00PM. CESENA v LAZIO
    7.45PM. AC MILAN v PARMA

    Happy Punting

  548. tom42 says:

    2 out of 5 – what odds did you get?

  549. lesterbowie says:

    2/1 and 9/4 ish. Hit the bar too as two matches finished 2-1.

    I was lucky really as the AC Milan game was the last match I traded and I let it go the distance.
    Cleared £105 on the day so very happy

  550. centaur says:

    Ttran and Cricketeer,

    Thanks for you replies and help lads. Believe it or not I have read all posts here several times, made notes about suggested ways to develop a system, and put in hours trying.

    The best I can get is taking predicted low scoring draws and combining them with high BTS odds and low draw odds. Backing these to draw at best odds gave a profit of 1380 points from 2006.

    This sounds OK until you realise it’s to a 10 point stake so it’s 138 points really which divided by 8 years gives around 17 points a year. That’s assuming you get the odds. Also there were some big losing years among those.

    As you guys are doing well I am obviously doing something wrong. Time to call it a day I think.

    Cheers and good luck.

  551. acocker72 says:

    centaur why are you only concentrating on draws? There is so much more out there. There is a wealth of data like no other. So much fun to play and manipulate the data and un-earth value in unusual areas.

  552. willdowson says:

    I joined this on Friday and I think I must be doing something wrong as well! I looked at the CS on the games with low score predictions and all but one scored 3 goals or more! How do you use the filters to change the predicted scores? If I change any of the settings it gives no predictions

  553. centaur says:

    Believe me, I have tried loads of other bets, unders overs correct scores etc etc and the draws is the only one that I can get any profit from although it is very little.

    Whatever I backtest either shows a loss or very small profit.

    If the basic predictions don’t work how can fiddling with other data make it work. Sorry, it’s great software to mess about with but I can’t make it pay.


  554. TTran says:

    Hi Centaur, were you testing against average odds? I often find better odds than even the quoted maximums, and as I’ve stated on this thread several times before – half the battle with ANY profitable betting system is finding the best odds.

    The score predictions I take as a guide. No system ever will be able to accurately predict correct scores in each game, but it groups them into a basket. I don’t know if the growing popularity of the site has influenced liquidity and therefore odds shifts, but I’m still making regular profits and it seems I’m not alone.

    Blindly backing random predictions will send you to the poor house. You need to identify value, look at patterns within goal times, use first half v second half goal analysis to your advantage. I can’t really say too much more without giving away the hard work I’ve put on myself.

  555. centaur says:

    Hi TTran,

    Thanks again for taking the time to help. I have used quoted maximums all the time. I have never considered the things you mention in the last paragraph and perhaps it’s worth looking into that more.

    Don’t give too much away as it will spoil it for you. Thanks again.

  556. TTran says:

    No worries centaur.

  557. TTran says:

    Has anyone ever attempted / completed a £20 – £1000 challenge using FBD predictions?

    Looking at low odds predictions and result predictions I think this is entirely possible. I guess patience and bottle are the key. I’m gonna start one today I think after running the rule over some historical data

  558. tom42 says:

    Good luck, TT, have you worked out how many bets you need to do it?

  559. TTran says:

    I think if I do as singles only 15. Which with back testing is entirely possible.

    My criteria is any away team predicted to win where the projected home odds are 1000 (Betfair maximum) or
    Any home team predicted to win by 2 or more goals where the away team has projected odds of 20.00 or greater.

    Back testing shows a current winning streak of 14 (since 24th Jan) – with Zwolle tonight taking us just below the £1,000. I am discounting any south American games as these are often played in the early hours

  560. porcupine38 says:

    @wildowson, just check the score predictions you require (for instance, 2-2, 3-1, 4-0 etc) this will change the predicted scores to ones you like. There will be the odd blip with low scoring games ending with more than the odd goal, but generally lower scoring predictions = low scoring games. I run a under 1.5 and under 3.5 system, and have only had 3 games since Christmas with more than 3 goals (from 30 odd games) which is a 90% S/R – meaning odds of 1.1 or more means profit (generally get around 1.3 – 1.5).

    @TTran, never tried one personally but have seen threads where people have. I guess its how comfortable you will be when (if) the bank reaches £600 plus and you are lumping all in on the next game. Good luck, will monitor with interest

  561. lesterbowie says:

    I prefer OVER 2.5 and OVER 3.5.
    Finding OVER 3.5 particularly good value in Spanish/Dutch/German games.

  562. willdowson says:

    @porcupine38, realised where I was going wrong now and have come up with two systems so far one for over 0.5 that I will use after 20 mins in play and one for over 1.5. Three games last night and covered the subscription!! Historically they have a 100% win rate in those markets so keeping fingers crossed that history repeats!!

    @TTran, I do that on the horses in the place market and get runs of 10 comfortably, I am going to try it on the over 0.5 market when the odds get to 1.12 and go for a run of 20.

  563. TTran says:

    Hi willdowson nice work with your systems. Hopefully they will stand the test of time, and continue to be as promising as your back testing and last night results.

    Well Zwolle won comfortably in the end, I would have been sweating a tad in the 2nd half if I had £1,000 riding on it. As it was i only had £20. No selections for me today to carry it on. Will be patient and wait for tomorrow.

  564. willdowson says:

    Hi TTran, thanks for that I’m on leg four of my run of 20 tonight hopefully Cobreloa will score no goals in the first 20 mins to get the odds up a bit in the over 0.5 market. Only the one selection tonight but managed to get bets on all three last night with one at good odds. I need to find a bot that can place them automatically for me at a set trigger point – has anyone got any ideas of a reliable one?

  565. porcupine38 says:

    @willdowson, glad to hear you’re on the right track and have covered your subs cost already. I’d highly recommend GRUSS software ( if you want to automate your betting. I’ve done it (as previously mentioned) in line with the Football-Bet-Data Betfair tool, and also other in play betting.

  566. willdowson says:

    @porcupine38 – thanks for that I will have a look at the gruss- software.
    So much for history and statistics bet number 4 bombed out last night. Start again today!

  567. lwatkins1 says:

    Hi guys,

    When you find a system you consider profitable, are you going by the average or max profit?

    I’m trying to put together an under 2.5 system and have got the max profit to show a good profit but not the average.

    Also, this system means less goals so leaves the opportunity for a draw system as well.

    Is there any extra work people are putting in after finding a potential system other than paper trading or back checking? Potentially fine tuning it somehow?

    I’ve never been one for football betting so this is a first and any advice/help would be much appreciated.

  568. TTran says:

    Hi lwatkins1 I generally find odds higher than the maximum, but almost always higher than the average. Especially on the exchanges.

    If you can create a system that is profitable or around break even on the average odds, I’d say in practice this would return a 12-15% yield in reality. Best to paper trade for a few months. Finding the best odds is just as important as creating a good system.

  569. TTran says:

    PSV / Hearts double for me today

  570. TTran says:

    Nice easy win and up to £53.16. Onto tomorrow

  571. lesterbowie says:

    TTran…….I sweated on PSV but they got there in the end !!!

    I was on Over 2.5/3.5 !!!

  572. TTran says:

    Nice one lb. yeah left it a bit late but never in doubt. All in on Exelsior Virton today. £86.24 back if that lands.

  573. lesterbowie says:

    Good Luck….!

  574. TTran says:

    Looks like they’ve royally done me there by throwing away a late lead against a team who just don’t score!!

  575. lesterbowie says:

    Finished 2-2 I see……. There is always tomorrow TTran.

    On a more positive note, I can honestly say that the FBD Site has revolutionized my Footy betting.

    Ticking along making steady profits from OVER 2.5/3.5 and just falling short of hitting a BIG Multiple bet. (Betting should be FUN so I am not averse to putting the odd Multiple on)

  576. lwatkins1 says:

    What info is used to determine the betfair tool selections? I may purchase it but they have failed to get back to me about it and the score predictions are no longer available?

    Does anyone know if it is still worth it?

    Thanks, Luke

  577. TTran says:

    Score predictions are no longer available?? Eh, they are published on the website each day. You will need an advanced subscription to see them thou

  578. lwatkins1 says:

    I got an advanced subscription. I meant the portal but I delved in anyway.

    Most don’t seem to be using this method so I will report back on its effectiveness.

  579. TTran says:

    Oh I see. I purchased the betfair sheet a while back and it works but it relies on in play betting. I prefer to get my bets down and let them run.

    Good work again lb. it’s certainly enhanced my betting techniques

  580. lesterbowie says:

    One bet today
    Man Utd v Burnley OVER 3.5 @ 2.74 Betfair

  581. TTran says:

    Gl lesterbowie.

  582. lesterbowie says:

    …Thanks TTran. Drifted to 2.98 so I went in again but only for a little bit.

    Nice profit on the day tho !!!


  583. MMR Reviewer says:

    Can anybody help please? Am looking for an experienced Football Bet Data user to help with a related review. Will not take more than an hour. If able to assist please email office and they will put me in touch with you.

  584. porcupine38 says:

    @peter, should be able to assist you here. What do you mean by related review??

  585. MMR Reviewer says:

    @porcupine38 thanks. Have emailed you with details.

  586. tom42 says:

    Anyone having trouble getting yesterdays selections from the database?

  587. TTran says:

    Hi Tom42. All ok for me.

  588. tom42 says:

    Yes thanks – they had a problem uploading, but was fixed by this afternoon.

  589. JayDizzler279 says:

    Hi there,

    Wow, what a product!!

    Just signed up yesterday and have been tinkering ever since.

    I just wanted to see what the more experienced users would consider a good yield?

    Thanks in advance


  590. TTran says:

    Hi JayDizzler279, I would say if you can get a consistant yield of 10% you are doing extremely well. 5%-10% is generally regarded as a target for “professionals” – certainly better than a banks interest rate and you are also reinvesting the same stake over and over.

    Good luck with it there are certainly profitable systems to be found

  591. JayDizzler279 says:

    Thanks for the quick response TTran.

    I also forgot to ask earlier, I notice a few people are doing multiples with their selections so I just wondered what sort of strike rate do you need initially to make this work?


  592. TTran says:

    The strike rate required will depend on the odds / event you are betting on

  593. porcupine38 says:

    @jase, anything in or around double figures tested over a meaningful amount of games would be an excellent return

  594. JayDizzler279 says:

    Is anyone else having problems getting today’s selections? My 5 systems are just showing yesterdays where I thought there would be at least a few today.

  595. JayDizzler279 says:

    Answering my own question, here’s an update from the FBD Twitter page – @There will be a slight delay to the upload this morning, It is expected to be ready by 11:45. Apologies for the delay@

  596. lesterbowie says:

    The site has been a bit dodgy for a few days now…..

  597. TTran says:

    All good my end apart from the delay on Sunday morning which they quickly responded to my email query

  598. porcupine38 says:

    All gone a bit quiet on this thread for a while? Am assuming everyone has packed up their jobs and are living a quaint lifestyle on some remote Caribbean island? 🙂

    Landed my first ever 10 fold today, only had £2 on it so returned just shy of £450 but nice as a little side wager based on some of the more obvious score predictions today

  599. TTran says:

    Still going great guns on the draw picks. Using fib staking I’m seeing even better returns. Also got a few other systems ticking along making steady profits.

  600. porcupine38 says:

    Good work – my unders systems are going as strong as ever (just using flat stakes) am looking at adding in some additional staking plans to the ones I have to further increase profit and protect the bank. At the moment I am withdrawing my profits on a monthly basis and resetting each bank to £200

  601. TTran says:

    3/5 on the draws today, one game 1-0 in 85th minute. Bet your unders system cleaned up today? Fib staking is increasing the profits exponentionally on this

  602. dtjc says:

    There is so much data on this site – is it difficult to get to grips with finding selections or just a case of some hard study.

  603. TTran says:

    Hi dtjc there is a fantastic amount of data, especially within the downloads. It all depends what markets you are looking to target to get your edge. Personally I prefer lower scoring games and the draw market and have a few systems saved that focus on this aspect. Others prefer different routes it seems.

  604. dtjc says:

    Hi TTran,

    Looking at over 1.5 goals and under 3.5 goals to start with.
    But for some reason I cannot access Excel – I get a message saying I do not have Office which I do and I can use Excel for other programs. Anyway I’ll get that sorted as It sounds like I am missing out on some good data. So basically I’ve been selecting using the predicted scores for now and see how we go.

  605. porcupine38 says:

    @dtjc, I’ve just finished my first full domestic season with my under 1.5 and under 3.5 systems both highly in profit. I started these systems at the beginning of 2014 and profited until the end of last season. I then ran the system over the summer leagues (of which I have little or no knowledge) and profited again – so I will be hoping for more of the same this summer.

    I target the 1.5 and 3.5 lines as I believe there is greater value in these than the more popular 2.5, especially on the exchanges

  606. fraserj70 says:

    I’m thinking of stepping in with this, I have no knowledge of football or engineering betting systems, is it worth me taking the splud duntch? I do however know how to make bets and I also know my way around betfair as an horse enthusiast

  607. TTran says:

    Am having trouble logging in as an advanced member today. Wondering if it’s just me???

  608. TTran says:

    After trying my login about 15 times I was about to send an email when I realise I already had one from them this morning. Turns out my PayPal account had been blocked as my debit card had expired. Just needed to add a new card and instant access was back 🙂

    To fraserj70, you can log in as a basic member. It gives you a very limited access, but one good enough to understand the basic functionality of the site if not a full picture of its capabilities and downloads. For £32 odd a year I’d say it was a no brainer but then it depends what you want out of it and how much of a numbers and stats fan you are.

  609. fraserj70 says:

    TTran thanks for the reply, I jumped straight in and bought the lot. I like the football bet data and have been tinkering with it for the last couple of days, haven’t really looked at the racing version as yet but bought the betfair tool which I wasn’t that impressed with, it took me a while to suss it out but when I did I realised it wasn’t going to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams , Using a £50 pound bank it worked out that I would profit 16 pence using a hyperthetical situation unless there was a goal in the first ten minutes which does happen but not often enough, unless I’m doing something wrong, can’t see it thou

  610. TTran says:

    Hi Fraserj70. Yes the betfair tool is a bit of a slow burner but a profitable way to play the markets none the less. I guess for £12 you will never find a “get rich quick scheme”.

    I rarely use it these days unless I am planning on watching the game take place, but hopefully you will be able to make nice steady profits developing your own football or nags system

  611. porcupine38 says:

    Not been around much to post of late but the system I’ve been trialing for the past 15 months or so (purely based on the predicted odds) have given the following results (across all leagues).

    Using Maximum Odds
    Total number of games: 273
    Completed number of games: 273
    Result Profit/Loss: 400.29
    Result Yield: 14.66 %
    Correct Score Profit/Loss: 57.74
    Correct Score Yield: 21.15 %

    Simple criteria is predicted draw odds below 3.45, predicted Under 2.5 goals odds 1.6 or lower, and predicted over 2.5 goals odds of 3.0 or lower.

    Seems to be simple but effective over a sustained period of time and all leagues, glad it has held strong over 2 summers now anyway and very much looking forward to the regular leagues starting up again – particularly the French

  612. Dvdplanet says:

    Hi all, just bought yesterday FBD and betfair tool, didnt have time to take it in action yet, I think during next week. How are you guys still using it or not ?

  613. porcupine38 says:

    @Dvdplanet yep am still getting a decent monthly return from my systems while experimenting and adding more along the way. Some of which work out some don’t.

    I tend to find the better systems are the less obvious. For instance I have been focusing on goal times for certain leagues and doing quite well with bets placed on goals being score before 60 minutes recently.

  614. utterpunt says:

    I bought this a while ago pre season but don’t feel I am confident enough with what I am doing.
    How do you know if you have a system with potential is it purely a good correct score yield (and how good is good) ?

    and what about the overs/unders/both score bit. I have found an unders 1.5 which is in the black but how do I know if it is in the black enough to look into more?

  615. Dvdplanet says:

    I think it is a good idea to make a page in facebook or a group in whatsapp to talk about systems

  616. porcupine38 says:

    @utterpunt, well that is the million dollar question. Personally I will write down the system requirements I am looking for (roughly with some tolerance built in) and then use every other season for backtesting and checking results. I can then analyse the data and make a few tweaks here and there – but only if they are logical ones.

    Once I have fine tuned my criteria I then test on the other seasons (that I did not use in my original analysis) to see if it is still profitable. From here I will paper trade or use small stakes for a few weeks before getting further involved.

    @Dvdplanet – yes good idea and has been muted before, just needs someone with a bit more social media nous than me to do it 🙂

  617. porcupine38 says:

    @utterpunt, also I would say a yield of between 5% and 8% over a large enough sample size (150+ games) is good. Achieving anything at or above 10% over this period is excellent

  618. TTran says:

    I notice they have added in the English conference north and south into the mix this season.

  619. Dvdplanet says:

    I will make facebook group at the end of the week and invite all of you guys, or maybe you orefer whatsapp ?

  620. porcupine38 says:

    @Dvdplanet ok nice one. Although I notice there is actually a facebook page for FBD ( whether this would be of any use I’m not sure?

  621. utterpunt says:

    Cheers for that Porcupine. That gives me something to aim for and I like you split seasons technique. Will spend some time this week and see if I can finally nail something down. Plenty of ideas on this thread to start with.

  622. Dvdplanet says:

    Here it is

    anyone can join

    By the way – main FBD facebook page was banned

  623. Dvdplanet says:

    porcupine38, TTran whats your facebook profiles ? join us )

  624. TTran says:

    I’ve just joined. Not an avid Facebook user but I’m on there.

  625. porcupine38 says:

    I have joined up as well.

  626. porcupine38 says:

    @DVDplanet, yes I emailed FBD about the other facebook page as I could not find it over the weekend. It seems they have been targeted as they were “actively promoting online gaming which is against Facebook terms” and had the page removed.

    I find it strange considering how many betting and tipping pages exist on facebook

  627. TTran says:

    Anyone else get on the Sonnenhof game in Germany away at Rostock?
    Prediction was a 4-0 away win (which is rare) but the odds were 2/1 (3.00). I lumped on and they cruised to a 3-1 away win. Odds looked well out of kilter for the confident score prediction and eventual outcome. Anyway I’m not complaining, need to make use of these golden eggs when they come along. I actually threw them into a treble with Salzburg (Austria) and Boleslav (Czech) as they were also predicted easy winners and all 3 duly obliged 🙂

  628. FRODE- says:

    Greeting all members, I recently find this site (less than one months ago) but already make fantastic use.

    It is really great site for my needs, my focus is Norwegian Tipp and OBOS for low goal game, but also I notice that I can carry this profits for games in other league now season in Norway has ended since October.

    Great work, and low goal game (0,1,2) is best to make bets with prediction from football-bet-data

    This membership is very good price I find for amount this site can offer.

    Look forward to discussing more soon.

    My English is not the best – sorry. Frode (Oslo)

  629. porcupine38 says:

    @Frode – your English is perfectly understandable. I certainly agree, that low scoring / draw betting is the way to succeed.

    I think in general the odds are too high for these bets as the vast majority of the betting public want to bet on a “positive” outcome. So a win for either team, or overs. People don;t like betting on a game and watching hoping for nothing to happen – its a kind of torture.

    I have 3 very strong systems that I have used for almost 2 years and are still going strong, I tend to not watch the matches or even monitor the outcome. I have also developed a few additional systems along the way, some have worked – so not s, all about trial and error and logic.

  630. Dvdplanet says:

    Whats your nick in facebook ?

  631. porcupine38 says:

    @DVDplanet, not 100% sure what you mean – but do you mean my profile id?
    I am in your group but didn’t seem much activity. Without giving my full details my initials are M.S

  632. porcupine38 says:

    Good recent success selecting half time scores based on full time predictions.

    Notably games predicted to be 0-0 – backing at half time 0-0 has returned over 50% success rate for English and Scottish leagues – typically odds around 6/4 / 2/1 – so huge margins for profit even if the 50% slips back to 40% or so.

    Been throwing these into lucky 15’s as well and cleaned up with all 4 ending the first half 0-0 a few weeks ago.

    It can get a bit tense when watching the scores coming in hoping for NOTHING to happen – goes against the natural instincts, but I have always found that the lower score predictions / unders markets have been more profitable – maybe because most punters favour backing positive outcomes (ie goals)

  633. TTran says:

    Hi Porcupine, looks very promising. Also an advocate for creating a system around the lower score predictions but must admit I’d not considered this angle before.

    Just looking at the odds of 0-0 HT being around 2/1, a £10 4 fold would land you over £800 and with a 50% or so strike rate based on 0-0 predictions you’ll hit one around 6% of the time (one in 17 attempts).

    I’ve download historic games predicted to be 0-0 and also functioned in the predicted under 2.5 odds across all leagues and again the figures look very good – although I’m not sure 2/1 would be available on games in leagues such as French 2, Greece etc.

  634. porcupine38 says:

    @Ttran Still having good success with this, was away last weekend and without internet access – it seems the bookies do not / will not offer half time betting in their shops!! Normally a sign to me that they are not confident offering odds on it…

    I’ve only been doing this on games predicted to be 0-0 in England and Scotland and as I say the odds tend to be around 2/1 / 7/4 – no doubt these will be lower in the more obscure and lower scoring leagues that you have mentioned, but this will reflect the more common occurrence of a half time 0-0 as well

  635. TTran says:

    Only noticed today that some extra summer leagues have been added. Bolivia, China, Paraguay so hopefully the low scoring and draw systems I’ve been running successfully on the original leagues will continue. Gonna paper trade them this summer I think just in case there are any outliers.

  636. mad one says:

    …..The under 2.5 goal market for ripe with opportunity the first week of the Euro 2016, I am surprised nobody picked up on it. I think it surprised many that the games were so close with a lack of goals.

    …..It has opened up now though. The best bet at the moment is for Ronaldo not to score 🙂

  637. porcupine38 says:

    @mad one – I certainly picked up and cleaned up on it 🙂

    @TTran, yep think these leagues were added about 6 weeks ago – the more leagues running over the summer the better as far as I’m concerned. Keeps the exchange balance ticking along between May and August

  638. Jks01 says:

    Hey porcupine38,

    I’ve read through the comment sections, and tried to work out our filters for 1.5 and 3.5 goal strategy. I use the following:

    BTTS: 3.45
    U2.5 goals: >1.6
    O2.5 goals: <3
    Predicted scorelines: 0-0, 1-0, 0-1

    But I don't seem to get a very good profitability with the 3.5 goals.
    Is there something I'm missing.

    Best regards,
    Jakob K. Svendsen

  639. porcupine38 says:

    @Jks01 over what time period are you referring? Are you using real time and real money? Are you selecting best odds available /exchanges or just back testing for now?

    Are you achieving good profits on the under 1.5 criteria?

  640. Jks01 says:


    Well basically, I’ve been reading trough the comment sections, and I was inspired by your findings of a profitable betting system for under 1.5 and 3.5 goals. I’ve been back testing, and I’m can get 37.90 %, 158.80, 337.24, when I back test under 1,5 goals.

    I can’t seem to get the figures rigth for under 3.5 goals.

    Therefor, I was just wondering, if you’ve share your filters.

    Thank you for replying.

    Best regards,

  641. porcupine38 says:

    @ Jakob, I have tweaked and fine tuned my system criteria, more so over the past 6 months. Unfortunately I’m not prepared to disclose exact parameters I now use as liquidity can sometimes be an issue (Especially over summer months for the more obscure leagues) – I have noticed my BOT struggling to get matched as swiftly as it previously did so maybe I was a little to open with some of my publishing

    Sounds like you are onto something good on the under 1.5 so why not settle for that market?

  642. Ccuimin says:

    I assume people are still making profits from this? Found the page after using the racing site and assume they are linked as can select a combined membership.

    Really useful page once you familiarise with the box ticking requirements.

  643. porcupine38 says:

    @Ccuimin, yep, my main stay systems are very reliable. They go through loosing days – as any system does, but overall making profits on a monthly basis

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