Profit At The Dogs Review

| August 16, 2014 | 5 Replies

Product Name: Profit At The Dogs

Author: Emma James

Company Name & Contact Details:
Betfan Limited
65 Morden Hill
SE13 7NP


“My Top Secret, Wildly Profitable Greyhound Tips Unleashed To The Public For The Very First Time At An Enticing Low Cost Trial Price”

Price: £4.99 for 14 days (£5.94 with VAT) then £49.99 for 90 days (£59.99 with VAT).

Money Back Guarantee: None that I can see

Where To Buy:

What Do You Get?

A daily e-mail listing her greyhound selections and to include race time track odds and stakes in points.

Brief Summary:

With her enviable track record as a punter and outstanding past results Emma is looking to make a profit form Greyhound racing for all of us – we shall soon see if that is the case or not?

What’s It All About?

A daily email directly from Emma listing her bets for the afternoon or evening dogs with the occasional “No Bet” day.

Time, track, odds, bet size (in points), Trap Number, Dog Name are all included making this so idiot proof even I can work with it – oh and there is a back up website access if you cant get to your messages.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

An ability to place/write out a bet on or offline would be an advantage but it couldn’t be much simpler to be honest.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

No bank was suggested so I have recorded to points as per the e-mails received – you can then decide if your budget equates to £1 a point £10 a point or whatever.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Lots and lots if the first month  is anything to go by! All the prices suggested were freely available at the time I received the e-mail, often from a selection of bookmakers and I made a recorded profit of a fraction over 80 points in the first 30 days. At £1 a point that’s a nice £80 for very little work but at a more realistic £10 a point that’s £800 plus or not far off £200 a week – not to be sniffed at!

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Minutes to be fair – receive the e mail, log in to your bookmaker (or the one suggested if you can’t get the price suggested), and place your bets – that’s it.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

As always you can walk to your bookmaker, call them up or go on line (in which case you need internet access and accounts) but nothing unusual in that.

Value For Money?

Absolutely – as long as the profits continue as they have to date then it is impossible to argue that this is excellent value and well worth buying.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

Yes and then some – very impressed so far (as you may be able to tell) and hoping that continues and is not a flash in the pan!

Quality Of Customer Service:

As a Betfan product I have grown accustomed to excellent customer service though to be accurate I have not needed any help so far.

Full Review:

In a little more detail (for those who like that sort of thing), this service has so far provided me with 95 bets in total (singles mainly but the odd double or treble as well), resulting in 35 winning bets at odds varying from odds-on up to 7/2 with plenty at 9/4 7/4 5/2 and so on.

As a return on investment (ROI) the total staked (in points) added up to 647 points “risked” and with a profit of 80.03 points that works out at 12.36% return which if it continues is a lot higher than I can get at the bank (and a lot more fun as well).

Recommended so far.

Review Update – 16/10/2014

How Much Money Can I Make?

We did lose a little in month two (but nothing too serious). Overall though, at the end of two months, we were showing a nice profit of just over 73 points, or £730 to £10 per point stakes.

Value For Money?

Absolutely – as long as the profits continue as they have to date then it is impossible to argue that this is excellent value and well worth buying.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

Yes and then some – very impressed so far (as you may be able to tell) and hoping that continues and is not a flash in the pan!

Full Review:

Detailed analysis shows us that we went though a total of 170 bets (including doubles trebles etc but mainly singles) resulting in 113 losers and 57 winners (28 no bet days or non runners if that helps).

The biggest winners were trebles (one at about 18/1 and one at about 11/1), while the biggest single winning bet was a 5/2, 10pt NAP. Remember though, this is greyhound racing, so the odds are rarely that big.

Odds from 1/2 at the lowest up to 7/2 covered all bases, but the main thing is they did make a good profit, unlike many other services I have had the “pleasure” of reviewing.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Profit At The Dogs



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  1. ticeager says:

    More rubbish.

  2. lioneljakes says:

    I wouldn’t say 80 points profit in the 1st month is rubbish. After losing in the 2nd month tho it does need another months trial IMO.

  3. crycol says:

    YET ANOTHER overstated set of profits
    I have not seen the full results but the MMR review even says the best profit was a 10 point bet
    The 73 points profit all of a sudden becomes 7 points IF all bets are 10 points(I stress I cannot verify as cannot see on either

    the Betfan or Betting Kudos sites referred to in the review
    At £50 a pop each month at £10 bets that means a loss
    Are MMR going to start deflating these overstated profits enticing people into these services or to perpetuate this bad practice ?


  4. lioneljakes says:

    TBH I’ve only just noticed the 10 point bet. Maybe MMR should start reviewing tipsters based on level stakes because after all if a service or system doesn’t work at level stakes, it doesn’t work. Actually on the betkudos site you can check the proofing and there’s a lot of 10 point bets in October you would’ve lost 84 points using her staking advice. Best left alone I think.

  5. TheBaker says:

    The results table is a shambles – a mix’n’match of Win, EW and accumulators. Sorting the .xls into a date order and totalling the overall bets placed shows 1198pts placed for a profit of 73.02. Suspect that’s without commission. Fantastic!? Not!

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