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Doug McKenna Racing – Platinum Racing Club Offer


Douglas McKenna

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DM Racing, Greenfort Estate, Tonaphubble, Sligo, Ireland F91 TNW1 email:


My racing service is all the talk in betting circles – get my full 12 months results downloads and visuals now. Only complete transparency on the next page… I’ll also send you FREE staking software that will increase profits by 1000%!


Not available 12/16 as places filled. Was £89 per quarter initially.

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What Do You Get   .

email based horse race tipping service (backs and lays)

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Brief Summary

Platinum Racing Club from Doug McKenna offers an email based horse race tipping service for both win and lay betting . Lays maximum advised odds 10.0. Selections advised around 11.15am daily. Results disclosed on site.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

100 point bank suggested for each element.

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes when emails received

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection and betting exchange account if following lay tips

Value for money?  

Disaster so far

Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to emails


Any followers of the internet sports betting world are likely to have been invited to consider this service back in the late autumn. A carefully planned email teaser series with both hard and subliminal information offered including links to 2 reviews undertaken before the formal launch of the service on 21 November 2016.

Again seasoned followers will spot the similarity between this launch and the Martin Edwards Lay Service which was the best thing since sliced bread until real people were allowed to pay for the privilege of losing their hard earned cash. The format of the McKenna service is very similar indeed.

When you did sign up initially it was only possible to opt for 1 quarter of tips but the minute you did so an offer to upgrade to a full year for just £47 extra is sent to you. This is not available until after you have paid your initial fee and so it is very tempting to reduce the effective monthly cost even though you have no real experience at this point. Mind you the offer of free software might have been a good warning of what was to come as it is just an ordinary staking calculator and you will have to decide how to use it.

The service offers both win and lay betting selections which are advised daily at around 11.15am. Our enquiries found that the emails are sent by a third party which might explain some inaccuracies in the detail and non elimination of meetings which had been cancelled before the advice was sent. The emails are clear in what the bets are and the parameters that should be used for betting.

Win bets are to be placed at whatever odds are available (we have recorded Best Odds Guaranteed on receipt of advice and also BSP) and the lays are to be used only if a price of 10.0 or better is achieved. Here we have used BSP as with the disclosed results. Subscribers certainly get their money’s worth in terms of pure numbers of tips with an average of 3 backs and 8 lays daily. Staking is recommended at 1 point of a 100 point bank for both back and lay bets.

The backs have been on a downwards spiral after an early winner at odds of 8/1 or 10.70 BSP. In the past some good high price winners were displayed but in the 101 runners since launch just 11 have won all at single figure odds after that first one. Prices have ranged up to 25/1 (over 50 BSP) and a low strike rate is perhaps to be expected. However, the bank is either 46% or 52% drawn down and at least 45p in every £1 staked is ending up in the bookies hands. An enquiry did tell us that the situation was the worst since February 2016 which in the end came good. No sign of that happening here as yet.

On the lays the price limitation has meant around half of the tips do not make it as valid bets and we have 162 running of which 30 (18.5%) have won their race. After a promising start – with a 21.5 point profit seen – the pattern has been similar to the backs with too many winners and the bank is now 18 points in deficit. A near 40 point swing in around a month which will have dented the confidence of actual punters significantly.

Despite the poor performance we have seen I do think the service is probably genuine – by which I mean a tipster who is doing his best to offer profitable bets to his subscribers. There has been none of the affiliate selling on top which characterises so many services and the results are updated on the site and do reflect the losses we have experienced. He looks as though he has been led to the market by an enthusiastic promoter which may not always work in the best interests of the tipster.

Sadly we cannot recommend the service and it is perhaps a blessing that the list is currently closed to new clients.

You can see the detailed results here:

Doug McKenna Racing Platinum Service Results

Update 21/2/2017:

There has been an improvement in both elements of the service recently – consistent for the lays and aided by a 25/1 winner on the backs which was only a BSP of 11/1. Prior to that the drawdown had reached 60% of the starting bank on several occasions and it was starting to look like a complete disaster.

The author has been pretty unconcerned with his performance, the only comment being when he recently promoted another BST product and expressing the view that we are hopefully going to kick on now.

What he seems to have overlooked is that he has pretty much destroyed the confidence of his followers with a 3 month performance that bore no resemblance to the apparent success pre-launch. Taken over that period the backs show a loss of 23.5 points at BSP or a profit of 9 points at BOG while the lays are now 5 points to the good. The returns on stakes invested are poor and the graph shows a roller coaster type of experience.

Could not recommend either element of the service in the light of this experience. We shall not be updating any further now.

The detailed results may be seen here:

Doug McKenna Racing Results




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