Doubling for Dummies Strategy Review

| December 4, 2014 | 15 Replies

Product Name: Doubling for Dummies

Author: Francis Kingsley-Meyer

Company Name & Contact Details:
27 Via San Giorgio,
STJ 3208,
San Juliani,


A fool proof strategy for money doubling

Price: £4.99 in December 2014 then £19.99 (plus VAT in EU) Email advice service available at £19.99 per month or £197.99 per year

Money Back Guarantee:60 Day unconditional (Clickbank)

What Do You Get?

– PDF manual download

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Doubling for Dummies from Francis Kingsley-Myer offers a strategy to double cash invested in sports betting. Said to be hundreds of opportunities daily. Website claims “Guaranteed Profit” from a “100% proven strategy”. The up-sell (before you have even paid) offers daily email advice of advised trades already placed by author.  

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Nothing suggested by service so it is up to the individual to decide.

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made but implies almost unlimited opportunities to profit available.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Claims 40 minutes daily or 10 minutes if using email advice.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection

Value for money? 

The system and manual are OK but I wouldn’t say the emails tips are value for money.

Quality of customer service? 

Prompt response to emails.

Review  – 16/01/2015 

Subscribers for the basic advice will receive 2 PDF downloads, the first detailing the strategy and the second advising how to invest your new riches.

The first 8 pages of the strategy manual are padding and the real advice is contained on just 1 page with some additional thoughts on staking plans added for more effect.

I did try to find any published works of our professor author but have been unable to do so.

Emails for the daily selections are clear and concise albeit the odds all appear to come from 1 source but I was interested to note that they emanate from the same address as The Italia Job and we were immediately offered the affiliate account via Bet 365 with this advice: Over the years I have had the unfortunate experience of having closed accounts and the like due to the successful nature of the betting. Bet365 however are unconcerned with such streaks and are a firm favourite of myself and the professionals I have spoken with.

Not sure all members would agree with that!

The strategy itself is nothing special and there have been many offering similar over the years. It involves three types of bet which the user can self select and combine to make a multiple at odds of 2.0 or close. We are warned to keep to that figure as going higher is likely to lead to a significantly lower strike rate.

I decided to record the selections sent and my own daily offerings (selected prior to receipt of emails) and see how we both get on. In the trial the email selections had 36 sets of which 50% were successful producing a profit at 5.19% ROI.

I managed 24 sets of selections (the service offered more than 1 on occasion) and 15 of these were successful giving an ROI of 20.42%. What was more worrying was the non adherence of the emails to the guidelines laid down in the manual regarding the make up of sets and about 4 follow up emails saying how unlucky we have been, can’t understand what is happening etc etc but of course it will all be alright in the end.

There were instances where after the first bet in a series lost of an advice to double up stake on the next 2 or 3 bets in that series. All in all I find little to recommend this system and service – the system is pretty much common knowledge but if you want to pay a fiver to have your own thoughts formalised fair enough.

The tipping service is not worth considering and as noted by several on the thread the absence of a track record is very telling.

We do not plan to continue this trial further as nothing would be gained on either side.

You can see a full breakdown of our results here:

Doubling for Dummies Strategy Results

Update 18/2/2015:

Whilst we have not continued to monitor this rather sorry service we continue to receive the emails and thought members might be interested to see the latest one:

“Whilst I know my service has hit an all time slump of late and caused many to be at the break even point and some who joined in January to be experiencing loss, I would like to take this opportunity to forward you something you to help you get well away into profit – this is time sensitive and I would appreciate your loyalty once you have used it to inform me of how you get on and still understand the benefits of using a steady service like mine”.

The link is to a financial trading software service which boasts about the method that it used to obtain the information that they use to generate the ridiculous profits claimed. This involved hacking financial institutions to steal their algorithms. The software is free but you have to use the recommended brokers!

Oh dear. Sure the professor is not so strapped that he needs to generate other income from affiliate sales?

All this just seems to confirm our scepticism about the service. Buy the ebook by all means but no more.



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  1. wanderer says:

    Basically this is combing low odds matches in accumulators until you get to double your money.With a 50% strike rate you would brake even.The claimed strike rate was about 95%,since joining i’ve had 8 winners and 9 losers.Seems very high risk.

  2. AngusHibben says:

    I’ve been using this service for 8 days and had more loser’s than winner’s, there’s no way this would have a strike rate of anywhere near 95%.
    The seller tried telling me he had taken £80k from a certain bookie using this over last 12 months, when i tried telling him that no bookie would allow this, he told me that he had a contact high up in the company that stopped his account being restricted.

  3. wanderer says:

    Agreed that you would never hit the claimed 95% results and if its less than 50% as it has been ,you lose.

  4. dannyboy1969 says:

    This guy sounds like sleaz bag! Joined last Saturday , when I exchanged emails with him, boasted he had 4 losers ALL year and that his loss ratio was 1/100. 7 days into his service , 9 winners and 9 losses, hardly stacks up with what he’s saying!! Last 2 days, selections emails have stopped and no response to my emails as to why. Time to contact clickbank and register complaint and most importantly get a refund! Beware, avoid!!

  5. wanderer says:

    Just got email saying what a great day after not sending out selections until they have supposadly won,also false claims on strike rate,totally turned ff another b******r,

  6. Nemo says:

    Working fine for me, great support and good results now 9/10

  7. traderjack says:

    Can anyone shed any light on how this works ?

  8. niggy says:

    Combine low odds bets for a multiple around odds of 2.0 doubling your stake should it win. Mostly football.The document simply explains how to make your own picks whereas the monthly service sends his choices by email.

    I would sum up by saying it is going pretty badly and I don’t know where Nemo is getting his picks from cos it certainly isn’t 9/10 this month so far.

    Emails get answered but I suspect there is no authenticated history despite claims of brilliant results last year.

    Double your way to riches is a do it yourself version of this which broadly works over the longer period in my experience.

  9. gygt says:

    Nemo is Francis?

  10. traderjack says:

    Possibly gygt, but at least they’ve found Nemo 🙂

  11. Joey BZ says:

    I joined almost 2 weeks ago and in that time I have been very satisfied with the results especially last week which was 100% successful, I think you guys should all be more careful before you down a service which has offered nothing but good support and has made me very good profit. I think most of you must have given up very quickly…

  12. wanderer says:

    Did it for a lot longer than 2 weeks,wasn’t even hitting 50%.Hope it keeps going so well for you.

  13. rocktrucker says:

    Hey Fellas, I got this email this week from them, does this mean that they had turned £1 into £1 million pound already over the last 22 selections this month?

    I am not a paid subscriber so I can’t verify the results.


    Another Day Another Double
    by Simon Thornton

    “The critically acclaimed service by Francis Kingsley-Meyer continues to grow from strength to strength and this seasons tally alone stands at a very respectable W129 L24

    Perhaps what is most remarkable about this service is that during that time, the service has witnessed a winning streak of 22, that means had you only started with £1 and continued doubling you would already be a millionaire from just 22 days!!!

    The saying goes, double £1 20 times and you have yourself £1,000,000. And Francis really does know how to get results…”

    Yesterday was no different as both Sparta and Juventus brought home just under double your investment

    Wednesday 28th January 2015

    10:00 [FRIENDLY MATCH] Sparta Praha v Vysocina Jihlava – SPARTA PRAHA [1.44]
    19:45 [COPPA ITALIA] Parma v Juventus – JUVENTUS [1.36]
    TOTAL ODDS [1.96]



  14. stevehiggins says:

    Hi I started with this service on 10th Dec 2014 receiving the email tips almost daily and in total 142 bets each made up of 1,2 or 3 bets which make up to or over 2.0 odds

    Of those 142 bets 67 have lost giving a strike rate of 52%

    I’m not sure if i joined close to the start of this service but the longest winning run was 8 so doubling up each time would have netted me £128 despite reviews stating 22 consecutive bets were met once

    Francis answers emails fairly quickly and is a nice guy but does have a tendency at times to suggest doubling a stake on the remaining matches if the first match in a bet fails which is impractical for most of us who work

    My time with this system is now up only just breaking even although I haven’t made a loss as of today

  15. niggy says:

    Received this email yesterday.

    It’s Official! The final years selections have been sent out and service will resume January 6th 2016 and from all at Doubling for Dummies we are proud of a most successful 2015 where we managed to record an outstanding £132,350 profit since this time last year

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