Double Your Way To Riches Review

| January 26, 2012 | 75 Replies

Product Name: Double Your Way To Riches

Author: Scott Wasilewski


Make easy money on football betting

Price: £10.00 one off payment for the manual. £15.00 for manual and 7 days of tips.

Money Back Guarantee: None mentioned.

What Do You Get?

– A nine page fully downloadable manual in pdf format outlining the workings of the system.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Double Your Way To Riches by Scott Wasilewski is a football fixed odds betting method which shows you how to make a profit on football matches every week all over the world using any online bookmaker. Small stakes can be used initially and one can build up gradually.

What’s It All About?

This is a doubles system where two teams are backed as a win double using a progressive staking plan and a profit cut off point. The football betting system utilises low stake to make maximum profit and the staking plan ensures that overall risk is kept to the minimum

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Unlike countless other systems, you do not have to bet big to win big. One can commence using this system with a bank of only £5.00 according to the author.

How Much Money Can I Make?

It is claimed that this is not a get rich overnight system but with patience and following the instructions your account balance can be taken to the next level. It is totally up to the user where that level will be.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Can be used immediately once the operating instructions and few rules are thoroughly learned.

 Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

No special equipment required other than a PC with Internet connection and an online account with a bookmaker as this is primarily a doubles system.

Value For Money? 

Looks capable of making profits but only time will tell.

Midpoint Report 08/02/2012

Once again we have dug deep to unearth what we think could be a football system with a difference with distinct possibilities and hopefully the capability to produce good profits for our readers.

The manual is only £10 and for £5 extra you get 7 days of tips. The manual is very neat in appearance and looks to be very well put together and the full explanation of the workings of the system are clear and concise. This is a recently advertised Fixed Odds method which highlights the way towards making profit on football matches every week all over the world using any online bookmakers.

This minimal risk football betting system utilizes low stakes which in turn yields higher profits and could not be simpler to operate. The vendor advises that he started with small amounts of cash but steadily built up his profits using this Double Your Way To Riches technique and goes on to state that you do not have to bet big to win small using this system.

The actual method without wishing to give too much away, seeks to select home teams at certain odds and then proceeds to pair teams together in doubles and at a certain combined odds ratio.

The staking plan is also unique and increases each double by ten percent of the bank regardless of the outcome. There are nicely printed tables showing recommended cut off points along with clearly defined amounts of what to stake on each double within the sequence. There is also a very useful page headed final points to remember which includes eight important bullet points towards making the system more successful.

I actually like the way in which this system has been put together, it appears to be both logical and looks to have a solid staking plan which will actually enhance results.

There is obviously great scope for a system such as this particularly on a Saturday when there are lots of matches being played which leads to potential selections for the system.

So as the midpoint observation drew to a close I had monitored a total of twenty one selections of which eleven were winners and the other ten disappointingly lost. This produced a strike rate of 52.38% and was acceptable at this stage of the exercise.

The longest losing run was two whilst the longest winning run was four and this in turn gave us a very nice profit of 15.45 points using advised stakes. Overall I found the system easy to use and the selection process was simple and well structured.

As football systems go I liked this one and with a little more luck it could have produced even more favourable results. The last week in particular was not one to be remembered and the adverse weather conditions caused a lot of cancellations due to snow and ice.

At a cost to the punter of only eight pounds at this stage this looks to be an absolute steal and it will be interesting to see whether further monitoring will be sustained. Keep an eye on this one it could be one for your portfolio.

Number Of Selections = 21
Number Of Winners = 11
Number Of Losers = 10
Strike Rate = 52.38%
Longest Losing Run = 2
Longest Winning Run = 4
Overall Profit/Loss = 15.45 Points profit using advised stakes.

You can a full breakdown of my results so far here:

Double Your Way To Riches Results

Conclusion 09/03/2012

We once again turn our attention towards those football enthusiasts who tend to like their little weekly flutter on the many football matches on offer over the weekend. The actual system is simplicity itself to run and offers much in the way of potential for a very small cost and I am sure it could well become a great favourite with many punters.

On the face of it, this looks nothing special. However this appears to be one of those which becomes just that little bit special the longer it is used. Basically this is a football system which was first introduced on the Fixed Odds coupons but appears to have been adapted to fit the everyday requirements of all football matches from all over the world.

The actual system could not be made simpler as the method seeks to select home teams at certain odds and then proceeds to pair teams together in doubles and at certain combined odds ratio.

Usually there is around ten to twelve paired doubles on a Saturday as a result of the selection criteria and all pairs are backed as a straight win double. The staking plan is also very easy to apply and in simple terms it is to increase your stake by ten percent after every double, regardless of the outcome of each of the matches.

What could be simpler? The huge positive of this is that you do not have to wait for the outcome of each match prior to betting again and again. The author openly admits that this is not a get rich overnight system as patience becomes the order of the day.

However by starting small one can accumulate decent profits and this claim has indeed been duly verified within the statistics formed during the monitoring process. What I really like about this system is the fact that it also has an inbuilt cut off point and can be manually adjusted to suit the circumstances, where small amounts of winnings can be filtered off and not affect the workings of the system too much. 

I almost forgot to mention the pages of tables which act as a guide towards the placing of bets where really the punter just has to read off the appropriate amount prior to placing of all bets.

The system is also very versatile and can be used for mid week matches as well as those at the weekend and cannot fail to suit those who constantly like a flow of matches at any given time.

So as the curtain came down on the end of this conclusion period I had actually witnessed a total of sixty six selections of which thirty five of these were successful with the remaining thirty one failing badly.

This gave us a decent strike rate of 53.03% much in line with the 52.38% at the midpoint stage and proving that there was indeed some stability within this trial. The longest losing run was only two whilst the longest winning run was four and this eventually led to an overall profit of 24.30 points using advised stakes.

At first glance this appeared to be another of those systems which promised much and achieved little, but it turned out to be a complete dark horse. I think this has much to offer and there is certainly scope for further profit potential even at this early stage. At a cost of only eight pounds this has to be a true bargain and I will certainly be adding this to my own betting portfolio.

Number Of Selections = 66
Number Of Winners = 35
Number Of Losers = 31
Strike Rate = 53.03%
Longest Losing Run = 2
Longest Winning Run = 4
Overall Profit/Loss = 24.30 points profit using advised stakes.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Double Your Way To Riches Results


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  1. Mikeb says:

    This system has been gathering dust on my hard drive since some time last year.

    It has a staking plan that looks like it is very sensible but the selection process is not explained at all well, I certainly can not get my head around it.

    I think if I could understand the picking of teams this system would work quite well, but alas it is not explained in the manual on how to choose your teams.

    May work for you if you can pick winning football teams, I know nothing about football and expect a football system to assist in helping me pick them teams, not just to tell me “always select teams playing at home” & to “learn what teams to look for”

    I recall I also received a greyhound lay system with this, that didn’t work out too well for me either!!!

  2. maskanikali says:

    Looks like home teams that are selected play at exactly the same time and are odds of between 1.35 and 1.6 and probably have the highest amount matched either on betfair or some other exchange at kick off.

  3. TheBaker says:

    Picking the teams for this system is simplicity itself. Don’t understand why the info given should be any problem at all. Nothing to do with form, no calculations required. A look at any online bookmaker’s list of matches clearly indicates teams that qualify. The above review is probably a good indicator of how it will perform – not “get-rich-quick” – but a slow steady perfomer.

  4. AndrewGreen says:

    I paid for the manual and 7 days tips yesterday, with PayPal but, despite emailing the system seller, have heard nothing so far …

  5. AndrewGreen says:

    Anybody had any luck with actually receiving the manual?
    I paid for this on Saturday and have contacted the seller 3 times, but no reply and no manual.

  6. chinablade says:

    I’m in the same boat as you Andrew. I bought it on sunday, and since then I have had no manual and no contact from the seller.
    Very disappointing, especially as it came so highly recommended by MMR….

  7. Melm says:

    I paid on Saturday too and haven’t received the manual. I have emailed but heard nothing.

  8. ruslanahmedeev says:

    I opened a dispute with PayPal

  9. uulwyn says:

    i think judging by the comms i will give this a miss

  10. gallongc says:

    Yeah I ordered it on Saturday also, sent an email but aint heard nowt.

  11. gallongc says:

    and its for sale on Ebay for £4.99

  12. amcfutures says:

    On 1st April I bought the football system and the greyhound system separately via Paypal.

    I have now sent two emails to the vendors because I have not received any confirmation from them of my orders and most importantly no download links to the products.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

  13. geraldjeffery says:


  14. JohnU says:


    Understand your frustations, but you can’t make sweeping generalisations like that.
    Alas you are right peobably 98% of the time, but the good thing about this site is that it helps to sort the wheat from the chaff and saves you tons om money and time.
    A careful and thorough review of the Site will reveal to those with patience some of the very few things that do work!

  15. AndrewGreen says:

    PayPal dispute filed.
    Very disappointing, since it seemed quite good, from the review.
    Maybe someone who actually has the manual should offer to share the details of the system with those of use who have paid but received nothing?

  16. AndrewGreen says:

    @gallongc – I can’t find any listings for it on ebay – can you post the ebay item no please.

  17. bally72 says:

    I to have bought the system on 1st April through paypal, despite sending emails to the vender as yet have not heard anything. Very frustrating.

  18. scarbough says:

    Thats a very interesting comment saying that systems dont work?,It actually means nothing to anybody on here unless it contains some detail as to what the system was,and what your results were, over what time period, and show the profit and loss or at least say what it was.
    That comment on its own means a lot to yourself obviously as you sound as though you havent had a lot of success with anything gerrald.
    Everything is a system in one form or another.The problem with some people who buy systems is they either dont monitor it to begin with,they dont have a plan as in ,bank roll,points per bet,best odds,and as important before you even place a bet….research the system.go to review sites such as this, find out if click bank or paypal linked, email the vendors and see if they reply and ask as many questions as you can,research the refund policy…or not.
    And if you do buy any system, bet small to start, or paper trade it……I for one do not trust anybody where my money is concerned.
    A lot of time systems fail because they are not what the punter actually wants to do, and they genuinly have little interest in the sport or market to begin with.Its a huge part of any success in my view.
    If people dont like trading soccer, or forex trading, or the horses then my advice is to avoid this game and aim for promotion in asda…ha.Betting a tough way to make a few bob and people think its easy..

  19. Chelseaboy says:

    I think it would be more positive if someone named a system that actually DOES work,and has done for longer than a 1 year period,i.e has made an overall profit.
    Bonus Bagging,which won’t produce a reasonable full-time income, gets consistently good feedback,but i certainly haven’t heard of anything else.
    So JohnU and Scarbough,kindly name these systems that DO work.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  20. scarbough says:

    Hi chelsea boy, i have personally on other threads said honestly if something was working for me, only to be subject to a dam good roasting from a couple of members,being accused of being and affiliate,or at one point being accused of being Matt Houghton, and using this thread name.Crazy stuff.So since i use a few systems of which i developed two myself, and i use the LTD technique via two vendors whom im comfortable with.
    As a guide one vendor i have used for over a year and produced over 4points profit for me per month average.The other ive monitored and im happy with the overall selections, along with a correct score venture also, and its on my list.
    I use a 1.5 market match selection trade of my own,
    i select somewhere in the region of 2-4 matches a day and trade them using a variety of small stakes based on some traded, some left to full time, some based on the HT market.
    I also like pre match trading and there is a great thread on mmr on a system that has 10 systems in the package.I got a lot of stick for even liking that one, and i use that so enough said there.
    I could name 10 systems and 5 vendors who i like , and use, and they do it for me, but thats not the point, as its what works for you and if nothing does then i carnt help you as LTD systems have been around now for 10years……DO THEY WORK?..course they do, with the correct match selection and not on every match defo not.

  21. slad2blues says:

    You’re right about horse racing systems not working but there are plenty of football systems making money.
    If you don’t want to spend anything then research and perfect your own.If it’s any good you can sell it.

  22. scarbough says:

    The only advise i can give is to keep plugging away, do not jump on anything that i say or john says, but trust your own judgement, if a vendor feel right to you, monitor them further,try and suss what it is you like to trade sports wise, as that is key to any success for anyone.
    If you like the idea of a system buy it, test it on a money back refund,give it time to give you a decent no of bets to judge it by, not a week, or 10 bets etc.At the end of the day its your cash and your loss if you lose it.
    I could recommend all these systems that i use and work for me, and you could adopt the same ways, and for whatever reason they just may not do it for you. I have been on the end of members wrath before, so i wont recommend a spacific anything.
    Actually not a bad idea to be on a site just revolving around winning systems, apart from you would never get every one to succeed with the same system, same proccedure, same matches or sport.It is strange.

  23. gallongc says:

    @AndrewGreen here’s the link to Ebay, but it appears to be delisted now. Judging by the feedback people were commenting on the greyhound system on the 26th March and this double your riches last comment was 19th of March.

    If anybody out there has bought this system and is feeling like they would want help out some one who has been ripped off, could you email me the system?

  24. postie says:

    Hi everyone. I have also ordered the product and have not received it. Emailed twice without reply, will now open dispute with Paypal

  25. gallongc says:

    Hi All,
    Those who ordered the system and did not receive it, please let us know how you get on with your Paypal disputes.
    Its a shame it hasn’t worked out, I bought it on the strength of the review on here, it sounded like a good system.

    All the best

  26. AndrewGreen says:

    message from system vendor in reply to my PayPal dispute –
    “hi. I’m really sorry about this. I have been having problems with my email account and thus have struggled to send the item. I’ve only just got my internet working again to be able to send this. You will receive the systems tonight. So sorry for the delay”
    .. so it looks like he is an honest person … assuming that I actually receive the system tonight.

  27. amcfutures says:

    Following up on my earlier comment about payment but not having recived ANY contract or product from the vendors I have now opened a dispute with Paypal regarding both items (football and greyhound systems)

    Apparently from the other comments I’m not the only person who has been let down

    I would be interested to hear what the MMR reviewers have to say on this matter

  28. gallongc says:

    Hi All,
    Got the same apologising message, yeah lets hope he emails it tonight. At least he has taken the time to respond which is positive thing.

  29. Melm says:

    Hi All, I have now got my system with apologies for the delay due to computer issues.

  30. uulwyn says:

    I have been told all is well now, anybody recieving this now? And is it any good

  31. Hi everybody. I am the author of Double your way to Riches and thought it would be appropriate to leave a message here. I have messaged everybody who purchased individually regarding the fact that I have been having computer issues which have now been resolved. Everybody should have now received their purchase. It has been very frustrating for me knowing I had systems to send and I know it was for you guys. Thanks guys and good luck in joining me on this winning road

  32. uulwyn says:

    Hi all, just bought this and recieved it immediatly with an applogy from the vendor stating computer issues which caused the delays. Nice chap and a pleasure to deal with. So benefit of doubt guys and lets give this service now a fair shout.

  33. gallongc says:

    Got my copy now, glad it worked out for the best.

  34. Kevin FA says:

    Just thought I would confrirm that this evening I received an email with the sysyem attached as a pfd. Steve also apologised for the delay.

  35. Kevin FA says:

    * I meant Scott, not Steve.

  36. amcfutures says:

    Here is an update from my previous post on non-recept of the football/greyhond pdfs.

    I have now received both downloads together with a note that the vendor has had compuiter problems.

    I accept that explanation but suggest that if it happens again a simple solution may be to post an explanatory message on either his site or on MMR.

  37. AndrewGreen says:

    Received mine as well, but I agree with @amcfutures, that posting an explanatory message would have been a good idea.

  38. moles40 says:

    Why do people pay money for any football system,when their are plenty of free system you can use,if you do a serch online

  39. moles40 says:

    Or just use your own selections and make your own system up.A lot cheaper !

  40. moles40 says:

    I note the the website mentions you will make 15k a month,really that sounds amazing.So by betting on the favourite(lowest odds I presume) in a football,that will bring me in 15k a month.

    Well I’m looking forward to all the glowing testimonials from mmr readers in here confirming this is correct!

    I mean the favourite in a football matches always wins doesn’t it!

  41. uulwyn says:

    Not constructive moles! Buy the system or shut up about it and lets see if it is a winner like the trial pointed out it poss could be!

    Besides there is a more logical approach to it, but you wouldnt know that would you as you dont have the system!

  42. moles40 says:

    Well come on then.It sounds like your convinced this is a winner,so start posting your results so others can see if this does live up to all the hype in the sales-page!

  43. AndrewGreen says:

    The system is very simple and is based on probability, rather than form. It looks to me (and also based on the review) like it might work.
    The best thing, if you’re sceptical or uncertain, is to look at the results list at the end of the review – that will give you a good idea of how it works.

  44. AndrewGreen says:

    .. but agreed that 15,000 a month is severely overstating its possibilities!

  45. The weekend is here! Good luck to everyone following the tips this Saturday and to those using the system on their own!

  46. moles40 says:

    Lots of games played yesterday.Can we see the results of people who used the system yesterday,especially you uulwyn,if we want to see if this is a winner then lets see the results from people like you yourself who have rushed to by this “15 thousand pounds a month system”!

  47. uulwyn says:

    Moles do one! check the review that mmr have conducted Jesus these sites are full of numpties! Before you reply with some more shite no i dont believe i will make 15k but yes i think this will work.

  48. freddypond says:

    Any results anyone???

  49. AndrewGreen says:

    Results not at all brilliant.
    Because of the nature of the system. it relies heavily on luck – winners at the start of a series and losers at the end will result in a loss, whereas the other way round will result in a profit.
    To be honest, I don’t think I have the confidence to keep on increasing stakes the next day when I am already down. It starts to make me think of roulette ‘systems’ with increasing stakes – the same 50% strike rate, but the same possibility of long losing runs at some point which would, in this case, be compounded by the increasing stakes.
    Shame – I thought it looked quite good …

  50. The idea of having the ‘sequences’ and the cut-off point is set to counteract these poor runs, and in the long run it does. If your confidence is a little shaken from this weekend maybe follow it without staking? Over a period of time a profit is sure to occur for you

  51. AndrewGreen says:

    Thanks for your comment, Scott, but I’m by no means convinced about this.
    Before I had your tips, I made my own selections –
    8 won, 12 lost with a loss on my bank
    With your tips –
    6 won, 15 lost; bank down from £50 to £35
    So, yes, a profit might happen after a while, but it would be difficult to convince me of that, given my results so far!

  52. chinablade says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I think I agree with you that it does depend on luck as to which order you choose your teams, but that should even itself out over the longer term.
    My concern would be later in the sequence, when the stakes are getting quite large in comparison to the £1 start. If you got a losing run then there would be no way to recover the losses and they could be quite high.
    Having said that, after 3 days of testing this, I’ve had over 30 selections, with only 7 losers, and my bank is up nearly 20% .
    Very early days yet though, and I want to see some completed sequences first before I get too excited.
    Quietly impressed so far though…

  53. I understand all your comments and yes in its early days you may get mixed results as shown by the contrasting comments above but overtime the luck that you mentioned fades and the probabilities takes over leading to your profits. With regards to the worry of the later bets, take into account what you would be staking near the end of the sequence when deciding on your initial amount.

  54. scarbough says:

    There is one point thats worth noting here, and its the mindset thing yet again.If you decide to bet live from the off then have a set bank that is 100% desposable, and give it full 100% chance.If you lose it then so be it. If you make certain profits then again so be it. The worst thing you can do is back out of bets because you didnt set up the total mindset and desposable bankroll before you start.
    As far as the luck element is concerned there is luck in every sporting event that exists, and also the probability has to have an element of luck in there somewhere.As we all know nothing is easy and the betting industry is around because of this, so set your bank up, paper trade a system, and or agree that you could lose £100 complete bankroll etc.But if you give a system 10bets,20bets and get cold feet because its not in profit, then you will be cheating yourself as that is simply not enough for any system.
    And instead of just following the system vendor or the system rules to the letter, look outside the box and try and find your own edges, maybe using this system.Its amazing how many systems within systems are out there.

  55. scarbough says:

    ps in relation the the above post, if you really wanted to you could use any bank yo wish. you can use a £10 bank if you want to experiment and at least bet with something to make it seem more real etc.You do not have to place £2 minimum bets on betfair.
    If you go to you tube it will show you how to place bets for pennies on betfair, so the golden rules can be can bet 2p if you chose to.

  56. MORECAMBE says:

    Just bought this for 99p on ebay.

  57. scarbough says:

    Morecame hi,
    The problem with people buying cheap on line is that you wont get the vendor feedback you may need, and you may not even have a real copy,con men all over the show on the net.I think you may well have brassed off a few people advertising a 99p purchase.

  58. larey12 says:

    This is a system that can bust your bank within one sequence. If you get 5 to 6 losers right at the end of the sequence then that’s your money gone. Imagine using this for months and months to build up your bank and then one day you have this losing sequence. As this system is based on probability then I would say this is more likely to happen at some point than not. 15k a month?? – I would bet my house that this author doesn’t even make a tenth of that – if anything at all.

  59. scarbough says:

    Hi larey12,
    The problem with staking plans is that they sometimes do not get the credit the deserve.There are numerous staking plans in existance and a lot of pros using them,and not just using them on straight betting but also within trading sports,where you trade in and out.The problem is that when a system has an open ended staking plan{this is where there is no stop/loss,or no stop point,and the stakes will just increase no matter what},then there is always a possibility of a total wipeout, even if you have a great run,your chance of a wipe out is always in the background.

    SO THE TRICK IS TO CONTROL YOUR STAKING.Even if its a 1234,or 1,1,2,2,4,4 plan,whatever it is you can increase profit by using a 50% system,or a system that is basicaly giving you evens returns or break even,you can turn it into a profitable system.

    You cannot however just increase with no cut off point,that is suicide am afraid to say,and either you will be luckey…….or not,and for me its a lottery betting system that does not control stakes… do have a choice in all this by the way, and you can simply paper trade for the required period of time,or go for it and hope for a good run,but that is taking the control away from what you should be doing…..just my view..

  60. tom42 says:

    If your system does not show a profit at level stakes – then – IN THE LONG RUN – no staking plan will turn it into a winner.

  61. scarbough says:

    Hi Wally,
    believe me i used to think the same 2years ago ish, but you have to find a realistic level,martingale is actualy not a staking plan as it does not have a end or stop feature……..there are so many systems including laying systems at 5,6,7/1 GGs that are successful using staking plans,,,,which years ago we would think suicidal,but do work and have for many years,so i have to disagree with that.
    plus a system im using which is my own would not be profitable in the sense of 50points a year without my staking so on those grounds i will differ with you mate…….Yes i agree a genuine system regards value will profit from level stakes….always has,but if you have a planned staking level,then is that not level takes with a twist, based on your own probability equations,…….which is exactly what MR bookie does.

  62. scarbough says:

    correction to the above post,it was to tom42,not wally.
    Ps,im on the mailing list of a few soccer traders and one of which uses a staking plan to enhance his profits,the guy is a millionaire a few times over.With any system staking is a personal choice,flat level staking is the safest,or using a rolling bank,but it has to be stated that increasing stakes to a point of no return is indeed waiting for that usual bad run to hit you.
    As an example,i used a system that never failed to produce a nil profit and nil loss over time,all i did was accept the patterns that happened and waited till it was a better time to bet and started a sequence,with the aim of stopping when the sequences of results brought the system back to level points again,in this case i would wait till my system was showing a loss of 4/5points in the month,and then bet till it was level again,and in each sequence i would be up by that amount,worked a treat.That is just one i used,i do not like to bet large amounts anyway myself, so im currently creating a system where by i can place multiple bets per day but very small stakes,and i mean small,and each bet will have a set bankroll of £50……..

  63. larey12 says:

    Hi Scarbough

    I agree, using a gentle loss recovery plan does enhance a slow results producing system. Providing the profits are good enough then hitting a stop loss and taking the losses every now and again won’t destroy all your profits. I have found that using the methods from Racing secrets exposed and betting on third favourites between 3 and 5.5 and recovering 50% of losses over the next 3 bets works very well for me. If I hit 2 or more wins (losses for me)in a row I then divide this again by 3 and recover 50% of the losses. I have never had 4 on the trot but if I did I would then recover just 25% of losses over the next 3 bets. To me, trying to recover all your losses is suicidal to your bank but recovering a reasonable percentage can be managable.

    However, Double your Way to Riches is a very risky system and can wipe out everything you’ve built up within one completed sequence. The system’s author relies on probablities to justify the systems success but this is also the systems downfall. Profits short term – possible, if your lucky but profits long term – I seriously doubt it.

  64. larey12 says:

    Sorry! that was supposed to be third favourite between 3 and 6.5. If it was 5.5 then that would almost half all my bets.

  65. scarbough says:

    The best way i feel is to expect the unexpected where staking plans are concerned larey12,and as with your systems if you have never had over 3 losses then plan for 4 or five with enough safety built in, and a definite stop loss,once you have passed that point except the loss and start again,ok it may take you a couple of months to get into profit again, but you live to fight another day.

    Its when you just keep betting and you actually do not know when your sequence of bets is going to end that the whole betting on pure luck comes into play here,since its not you that says no,its the race and or match,and that is a dangerous place to visit believe me.

    Staking plans are fine and actually level stakes is not really as black and white as people think.EG,If i bet on a team in the soccer world to win at morning odds of say 2.2 betfair prices, or 6/5 in odds world,,,……and later in the day i can only get 1.8…or 4/5 odds,then some would say leave it and move on,but you have spent all morning assessing your bet and you feel it still is value at 4/5….so you back it and it is a good choice based on your criteria,which may involve the selection being backed down before you back or lay it… point is that the odds in sports are so different from bookie to bookie that who is the real bookmaker??? we see price differences of 10-40% between the bookies without betfair, so the value thing is a sticking point with me,,,the value is in your own judgement, and not william hill or betfair.

    The odds compilers work off stats but put the margines in there favour anyhow staking plans put the margines back in our favor if you are shrewd…..again just my view

  66. scarbough says:

    Theres a point i would like to bring up regard the value thing that gets bandied around as the holy grail.Yes its very important that you get the best odds for your system and or sports bets,but lets get one thing staright here,its just a bunch of numbers on the screen and has been put together by shrewd businesses that know that actually you are receiving way less value than they are right from the off.
    But , and this is my point the object that you are placing cash on is either 22players on a pitch, or 4 legs and a tale that has the eye que of a grapefruit, and in reality anything can and does happen.
    There are occasions when a horse may be priced at 8/1 or 5/1 and in reality wins the next three races, or as we have seen in the euros teams at 5/1 winning the match and that 1.8 value bet on russia was not so much value ???…….its your choice and true value is actually still your gig.If you think that based on stats your sequence of bets should be worth 2 stakes as apposed to 1 stake then its a value bet and one that you have taken through stats in front of you as well as anything else.

  67. puppyguts says:

    great comments scarb as always and you are correct on your analysis in the subjective nature of what “value” is. value on betting odds can only truely be realised in hindsight.


  68. scarbough says:

    Hi pup,
    Its a very brash chap that will say only back frankel today if he is 1.10 or higher with betfair eh.The value thing is a real bug bare for me to be honest, and what people think is value is basically in the eye of the punter.
    I have seen many who research for hours on end and find winners a point ahead of the off price either in horses or soccer, only to hear that 3months down the line there account is now closed based on the bookie monitoring how often he beat the sp price and that he was beating the book most of the time, therefore its unprofitable to keep an account open and its by by time.
    I do agree value is important but in reality you will be hard pushed to find it unless you have inside info about a horse, soccer match or whatever.some ive heard wait for a horse to be backe right down and in doing so see an opp to back a horse and some would lay it,so again based on odds falling and jumping in with the crowd,but only on heavily backed favorites is some theories, and some then say the value has gone so lay it……..
    Some will not touch odds on shots as they are not value….apparently…but what happens when a price is less than 2.0?….does the horse or team suddenly become more likely to lose?,….not at all its just pure speculation and other peoples views and in there mind set backing odds on shots is a no no, and nothing to do with stats.Put it this way if frankel today was such bad value at 1.06,which by the way is mental odds to be honest i agree,people would not be backing the thing,…..Even at those odds i sort of would not bother laying it based on form, but for a bet on uncertainty and anything can happen with 4 legs and a tale etc, i may lay him.

  69. JohnU says:

    interesting stuff Scarbough.

    I wonder how many people who bet everyday would know which of the following is the Value odds?

    Toss of a coin 21/20 or Roll of a Dice 5/1 ?

    Given the apparently huge number of Punters who actually believe in things like the suicidal Martidale and other suicidal ‘Doubling up’ methods out there nothing really surprises me.

  70. scarbough says:

    Hi john,
    there are a lot of suicide staking plans i agree,the problem is when there is no cut off point, no stop loss scenario, and absolutely total reliance on that element to be in place as much as the stats we have studied for that system,….LUCK.
    I do actually beleive in luck as an element in betting,trading or whatever else we do,simply because the elements we are wagering against tend to be made up of blood and bone, and can breakdown as quickly as run a record time, or score ten goals etc.Or are controlled by the human element to start with.
    When we see so many differing odds in the morning sometimes ranging from say an evens shot..1/1 or 2.0 on betfair,and some other bookie will offer 1.2 or even 1.25 for the same event and you may actually get 1.25 on betfair or in this case 2.25 for example,you are then getting value yes i agree, but my point is the bookies give you nothing, and being fair is not in there policy, and never has been,so we have to try and get that edge based on what we believe to be good odds,in our own mindset.
    One pro trader on line last year stated that man utd should be no more than 1.2 or 1.25 for home games based on there current run at that time,the odds were actually 1.69 against arsenal or some top team,he ran at the match and traded it big time,but in reality man utd would never be 1.25 against arsenal or any other top side based on HTH form and standing in the league.
    Now this guy is an example of how he sees it and assesses a game etc,and completely differing value equations that id never heard of.But he is a very successful guy i believe.
    hows your system progressing that you mentioned some time ago ?

  71. ijwallace says:

    Fantastic system,

    You need to study the form of the home teams before you pick them and not simply rely on the low odds. I have profited from 9 sequences in a row so far with no losses…

  72. paulnice says:

    I bought this system as it was good enough for you to recommend and also your portfolio.

    After my payment was accepted by Paypal via Payspree, the link to the system won’t work…

    Can you please assist me…


    Paul Nice

  73. paulnice says:

    Sorry, literally just now received the manual after opening up a disputed transaction with Pay Pal…

    Not happy that Scott starts off promoting his Bet365 link, and then other systems, a very poor start. in my eyes at least.

    Any word from all the others who purchased the system a year ago?

    Surely there should be some progress reported, if not at the very least from the reviewer who added it to his portfolio…

  74. paulnice says:

    Or perhaps someone can explain the manual to me in simplistic terms, guess I am missing something…

  75. mikkel123 says:

    Hey there

    Just a quick comment on the system.

    I tried it aswell, and must say that it can work. You have to consider two things though.

    It is critical to choose your selections well, as teams from lower leagues will dissapoint more often. I had some succes in placing fewer bets, and being more carefull with the selections, which by all means is less work.

    On my first run the system only recovered on the two last bets before cutoff and had it not been for those wins, my bank had been an absolute mess.Again goes to show that the selection process are vital, as you can take a huge hit with a loosing streak in the end of each sequence.

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