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| March 23, 2017 | 19 Replies

Product Name:



Peter Higson

Company Name & Contact Details

Agora – full details to come



to be advised – but will have initial 21 day free trial

Money Back Guarantee:


What Do You Get   .

Horse Racing Win tipping advice

Where to buy:

to be advised

Brief Summary

Datakings from Peter Higson is an automated win betting advice service for UK horse racing. Statisically based selection process with qualifying bets identified by bot at the off. 56 betting plans which are provided on subscription as files to be loaded to bot. Daily races where qualifying bet may arise are advised on members area of website the night before racing so bot can be programmed then.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

50 point bank advised with 1 point progressive staking (minimum £200 suggested)

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made – proofed results show profit 1608 points from August 2016 – 22 March 2017 (based on initial point value)

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes daily after an initial set up period of around 1 hour.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection, Betfair account plus Betex Software (Betting Bot). Use of a VPS would allow remote access to system and minimise risk of power failure or other interruptions.

Value for money?  

to be assessed when pricing released

Quality of customer service?  

Dealt with via Agora Customer Services


The author first approached MMR in late 2015 to advise he was planning to launch this service and I have been monitoring progress ever since. The main development issue has been the reliability of the bot needed to operate the service and these were resolved last summer since when final testing has been taking place.

The service offers win betting advice for UK horse racing and identifies races where the Betfair favourite will have a good chance of success. The parameters are variable for the type of race, course and number of runners and also will check the odds range for those specifics. To allow the bet to be placed without the need to both refer to what would be a weighty manual and live racing (at the same time!) betting plans have been set up for each type of race (currently some 56 in total) and these are used by the BetexTrader bot which is a sophisticated software offering both pre and in play betting options. A review of the bot which can be used on all the Betfair markets not just racing can be found here. All bets are placed with Betfair.

A subscriber will need to install the bot on his device (we strongly suggest that consideration is given to using a VPS which will allow the service to run continuously without the need for the users main device to be powered) and then the service will send a folder containing the individual betting plan files which are saved on the Desktop or other suitable location on the device. A detailed instruction manual is provided going through the set up of the bot and how to load the daily selections. Any Betting Rant member should have no technical difficulty in using the service as it is no more complex than navigating a website. We recently discovered a VPS service that is designed for betting users and a review of this will be available shortly under the heading BettingDev UK VPS. (In addition to the continuity benefits use of the VPS allows a user to reach their server and thus this service from anywhere in the world where internet access is available.)

Each evening the next day’s potential races are advised via the members area of the website and can be loaded to the bot at any time convenient for the user. Once loaded the bot is activated and can be left to run through the day without attention. There is an auto restart facility within the bot should Betfair have any problems but a power cut would curtail the day.

Don’t let the tech stuff put you off – I know that all sounds a bit involved but it really isn’t and once you have invested the initial hour or so getting everything set up the time investment daily is minimal.

So what about the actual performance of the service? Well Peter has been using this system since 2012 and it has shown a strike rate of over 42% in that time. The bot refinements completed in August last year have allowed us to test the service as it will be presented for subscription and the results show 660 runners with 282 winners (42.73%) up to March 22 . The user determines their starting bank (min £200 suggested)  with each qualifier staked at 2% progressively (the bot does this automatically) and the capital profit seen over the final test period has been 321%. Taking the return on the stakes invested this is a reasonable 9.35%. Should you wish to reduce your staking there are copies of the plans provided at 1% and 1.5% and you merely select the level that suits your risk stance.

The service covers all types of racing and the longer term historic results (will be available for download) indicate that the summer is more profitable but our testing to date has shown that things do stack up over the winter. The results since August 2016 can be seen here: Datakings Results

I have been impressed with the straightforward nature of the service in terms of how it is presented and used. Pretty much all the emotional input that you can have with a normal style tipster is removed as you do not know which horses are involved until the off. So you cannot decide to exclude a tip because you do not fancy that particular one (it always then wins doesn’t it!) and with the underlying statistical basis for the selections there can be every confidence that things will continue to perform well in the future. My contact with Peter has always been professional and he has shown great sense in waiting for the right time to launch the service. Because he is only interested in the practical side of the service he decided to approach Matt with a view to the service being promoted and administered at arms length thus allowing him to continue to ensure performance is maintained at as high a level as possible.

Those of you that have used bots in the past will know that there can be minor variations in the prices obtained when selected bets are placed. This is due to slight timing differences and the constantly changing Betfair markets in the seconds before the off. My monitoring of the performance has shown that the differences are marginal and over time cancel each other out but more importantly my bot produces the same results as the authors and the results shown on the site are in accord with my experience. In case you were wondering it is possible to allocate a portion of your Betfair account balance to be used by the bot for this service alone and so you can continue any other betting you might undertake without affecting your intended staking here.

We have a  service with a proven past success launching here and there is every reason to give it a try. You can take a 3 week free trial of the bot to make sure it works for you and if you continue the subscriptions should soon be recovered. There have been swings in the performance but the long term trend has been upwards which is what really counts. I will continue to monitor and update performance reports every month or so but I recommend that you enter the brave new world of automated betting and see if the past can now be considered a guide to the future.


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  1. bluerobbo999 says:

    I know the Betex Trader bot is available a a free trial and also as two paid versions, Pro and Ultimate, at £42 and £99 per year respectively. Do you need Ultimate for this system, or is Pro good enough?


    • Peter higson says:

      Hi. Thanks for the query.The betplans all work to staking percentages – either a % of your total betfair account balance, or a % of whatever proportion of your betfair balance that you choose. You will need the ULTIMATE plan. There are also more options on this one that will be of use in the future.
      We have negotiated an extended 21 day trial to enable you to fully explore the software before committing. Although the more expensive of the two options, it is,i think, excellent value – less than 30p per day.
      There will be a direct link to the exclusive 21 day offer available shortly.
      Peter Higson

  2. jerrycash says:

    This sounds really interesting but a strike rate of just 42.73% does not sound very good to me Peter. Am I missing something here? Will this really produce a worthwhile profit?

  3. Peter Philipson says:

    Hi Jerry
    In my experience to sustain such a strike rate for racing in this price range over some 5 years is unusual. The average odds here have been a shade over 3.0 so its a fairly simple calculation to see the potential.

  4. Peter higson says:

    I think the review and proofing figures give a clear picture.. over 1700 points to initial stake value, and a 300%+ capital growth in six months.
    Strike rate really has to be viewed alongside odds ranges being backed, and staking being used to draw meaningful conclusions.
    Apologies, but I don’t have any experience of the performance or details of other systems- ergo no yardsticks- so I cannot knowledgeably comment on 43% ‘not being very good’?
    I have though been encouraged by the independent feedback received so far from those in the know – it has been very positive.
    There is a totally free 21 day trial on the software, and a money back guarantee on the selection subsciption.The process ties you up for just five minutes in a window from the night before up until the start of the days racing.
    If you think it may be a worthwhile adventure, i will see you on board-if not good luck with your future betting endeavours..

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      This coment is for Peter Philipson only.
      Going to trade in a couple of hours , first day with BetexTrader.
      Shame there’s only one game today , but I imagine tomorow will be plenty.
      Cheers , Alex

  5. Raymond Monk says:


    Just wondered if you’ve tested the system to see how the stats appear if the software stops betting when profitable for the day (for example today after bet 2 we would have stopped in a profitable position for the day).

    Of course we are only a very short time into using the system (trading live from 12th – 18th April) but my account would be in a profitable position at this stage if we stopped when in profit for the day despite losing for 2 days (13th /14th April).

    Many thanks


    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Hi Ray.
      in my view , stop at a win or similar systems are just an illusion.
      Why stop betting today , if maybe there are more profitable bets to be made ?
      Who says that your first bet tomorow will be more succesful than the
      next bet today? Betting , I think , should be seen as one continuos
      sequence of risking your money for profit. Artificialy deviding it into
      yesterdays bets , todays bets and tomorows bets is IMHO of to use.
      Just my 5cents ,

    • Joshua Haigh says:

      Hi Ray,
      If the system is changed the way you recommend, you are limiting your potential profits, as the next bets that day may be a winning streak. But if you lose, the change you recommend doesn’t stop further losses. I suspect that over time you’ll have worse results.

      • Raymond Monk says:

        Thanks Josh. Its easy to make the software stop once you’re in profit for the day (like today for instance !). However I’ve looked at the first 200 audited results and you’re right – it’s less profitable in the long term to stop betting for the day when in profit.
        One quick question if anyone can answer this. The software results are not net of commission (for most of us its 5%). Is there a way to make the results display the net amount which is the real profit made ?

  6. Maynard says:

    The review at the top of this page says:

    “How much money can I make?
    No specific claims made – proofed results show profit 1608 points from August 2016 – 22 March 2017 (based on initial point value)”

    You say you’re using 1% or 2% percentage-of-bank stakes (not level stakes), so the 1608 points profit would have been built up as the bank grew.

    However, if someone had used £20 LEVEL stakes over that period, what would have been the average monthly profit?

    • Peter Higson says:

      well the short answer is that someone could not use level stakes, so it’s measurement is needless. the system bet placement is automated using % staking as indicated. no subscriber would be able to employ an alternative staking system within the plan format we use.
      Selections have been independently proofed based upon the way users will operate the system.
      Further, performance is tracked by performance over a consistent number of bets- not by month- which is an inherently inconsistent means of measurement. so – no capture of monthly results as a performance measure either….

      • Maynard says:

        You say that level stakes measurement is “needless”. It isn’t if comparing your software’s results to the performance of a conventional tipster.

        • Maynard,

          I have a level stakes track record and can send it to you if you email me (

          It’s also very profitable though, as Peter says, it’s not of huge relevance as there is no way of using the service with level stakes.

          I do take your point in terms of comparison to an extent but I’d say that would be more relevant if this was some form off progressive staking. At 1%-2% of bank per bet it’s a conservative plan which isn’t going to produce extreme fluctuations compared to level stakes (certainly not in terms of any losing runs).


  7. Michael Beasley says:

    Just completed my first week.
    Download, installation and use all very simple. Took me one day adding the plans to have it all sorted. It does indeed, now only take a matter of minutes to apply the days bets. One has many hours available to do this.
    The actual tips/plans have got off to a poor start. Today has been the first day to not make a loss. I am actually 9% down on my bank, so a concern there. I will give it another week but at £50 a month I await convincing. I like the ease of use, software seems stable. Now as with all systems just need some results to prove it’s viability.

  8. Jerry Ball says:

    Just finished my trial with very disapointing results. Not worth the money with £85 a month needed just to break even. Monthly cost is far too high, if you have the VPS as well. Software and plans were great to use but having lost well over a £100 in just 3 weeks, there was no way I could ever justify staying with this service.

  9. bertie says:

    is data kings still going, or is it gone, there is not many people posting on here any more, are we all broke

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