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Daily Racing Brief


Joe Thorpe

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Sportsworld Publishing Ltd, BBIC Innovation Way, Barnsley S75 1JL Tel 01302 429299 email: customercare@sportsworldpublishing.co.uk


Soon to be celebrating 12 out of 12 winning months.


£40 per month or £99 per quarter

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What Do You Get   .

Email based win horse race tipping service

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Brief Summary

Daily Racing Brief from Joe Thorpe via Sportsworld Publishing is a win tipping service for horse racing. Single and each way bets advised with minimum target price 3/1. Normally 4 selections daily advised by email between midnight and 2am UK time. Full results available on site – 499 points profit seen in 12 months to 30/7/2017

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Use determines personal point value – all bets 2 points staked

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made – has averaged around 40 points per month over last year

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection


I have been seeing emails from Sportsworld extolling the virtues of this service for some time and thought it appropriate to check it out in more detail. Right from the start things felt right with the author immediately happy to help us with the review and to answer any questions promptly and fully. He has bookmaker experience which is put down as the foundation of his ability to come up with potentially winning tips and has refined his methods over some 30 years to the current output.

Unlike many tipsters subscribers here will receive a daily commentary on the races in which the selections run and showing the reasoning behind the selections made with some independent back up quoted as well. The sort of thing you might expect from services with top level subscription rates rather than the modest cost here. The enthusiasm for his task shines through possibly helped by the knowledge that he has produced the goods over a consistent and long period.

Detailed results can be found on the website (the results summary is now rather dated but click through to the full list and it is all there) and if you sign up you will receive a service welcome explaining the staking plan which is simply a 2 points stake on each selected bet whether win or each way. The subscriber determines their own single point value – we have used £10 for the purposes of the review.

Unless you are a complete night owl you will have the day’s selections awaiting you when you rise each morning – they are despatched between midnight and 2am.

I have found that the prices quoted can be trimmed a little by the time you get to the email – up to 8am not significant but sometimes more after then and interestingly the prices last longer at the weekend which must say something about punters generally!

There are normally 4 selections a day and the aim is for just 1 winner to mean you will at least break even on the day. Joe advised that his main emphasis is to try and ensure his clients do not lose which may sound slightly negative but as we all know trying to claw back losses is much more difficult than it might seem.

Our review started as the service completed 12 successive months of profit and in the middle of August I did wonder if I had really put the reviewers curse on Joe as we were over 40 points down but there was no panic and the process continued in the same vein and by the end of the month a slight profit was achieved. (I started recording on 31 July and am 0.7 points down on my displayed results)

There have been 121 runners with 35 cash generators (28.9%) with the majority of bets win only and generating profit while the each way offerings have made losses. Odds are usually at the top end of the market but the break even from 1 bet target means nothing too short. Runs of 12 and 13 losing bets did not help the cause while up to 5 consecutive successes were seen.

So a poor period judging by the high standards the service has set over the last year but certainly not a disaster and a feeling of confidence generated that not only does Joe know what he is doing but will be showing improved results soon.

We will update in early October but I would certainly not put you off trying the service now. The cost is modest and the potential clear to see.

You can see my detailed results here:

Daily Racing Brief Results

Update 30/9/2017:

An upturn in September albeit probably not as much as the author would have wished for after a strong start. Overall we now have 235 runners of which 74 have returned cash and although down on the peak of 32 points the current 11 points profit is heading in the right direction. As may be seen from the analysis the each way bets have been losing cash and of late there has been more emphasis on winners.

This is a professionally run service which has been firing on less than all cylinders of late but has not given any rise to concern in a poor spell.

It could be the right time to join here and I will certainly be interested to see how things progress.

The updated results can be viewed here:

Daily Racing Brief Results Sept 2017

Update 31/10/2017:

A further profitable month but again the strong start not maintained which I know will have been frustrating to the author. He has been fine tuning his methodology recently and is now going to have 3 bets daily as the norm which gives him more opportunity to find suitable selections and allows speedier recovery from the inevitable losing day.   There have been fewer each way selections of late and the aim to profit for the day should 1 bet come in seems a sound strategy.

In the 3 months under review we have seen 341 runners with 105 returning cash and a profit of 19.5 points at an ROI of 2.89%. I find the service informative and clearly the result of a great deal of daily input. It is a pity we timed our review so poorly but again I would suggest that if this is a bad period the good times should be very worthwhile. I intend to continue the review in my new world as I think there is potential for long term profit here. A look at the graph will disclose a general move in the right direction.

The results for the trial may be viewed here:

Daily Racing Brief Final Results


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