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Chris Beek Racing or Kachina Racing


Chris Beek

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Price: Not clear

Money Back Guarantee:


Where to buy:

Website no longer operating

Brief Summary:

Supposed to be racing syndicate and betting tipster service but now seeking investment for “Sports Betting Bot”


We have raised this page following an approach from a member who has invested – along with others – significant sums with this man and feel that they have been duped. Potential investors were offered substantial monthly returns for investing in several schemes.

The website is not operating at the time of writing although the domain is registered to Mr Beek at the Cheddar address and was renewed in May 2014. He also is described as a Jockeys agent and in his spare time appears to have a web design agency (although no website for that business).

Despite appearing to fail to honour commitments on previous schemes it appears that new clients are being actively sought. The latest invitation we have seen is dated 24 May 2014 and makes the following offer:

 Good Morning;

I am sending this email again as the first send, it appears the pictures weren’t visible.   I would really like you to come on board and start making very good returns from sports betting.  The bot has been performing very well and it has been on a number of different accounts of differing levels.

 Do see below yesterday’s performance for just 4 clients we have involved in the Bot.  Performing expertly our Bot will make you staggering amounts working on what it does best.

The funds are always safe and whilst the guarantee remains on the returns you get and it runs for 6 months, you can stop at any time if you do not wish to remain in for 6 months and your banks are then returned within 7 days.

My guarantee to you is simple;

For £1000 in the Bot; You will earn on region around £50/60 a day, we take a commission from this but for the first 2 weeks we won’t and then we will afterwards (30% of profits). No excuses or anything just constant delivery 6 days a week, starting 3 days in arrears after you sign up.

We are running this for 6 months and you get sent your daily statement which shows you what’s been made.   The bot performs to a decent level and focuses on Football, Racing & Tennis.

I want you to come on board and start making some serious returns and have the benefit of being paid daily, it really is like a 2nd income. To sign up send funds to the account below and also email us confirming you are on board with your name and address so we can send you back our written agreement. The Bot will earn from the day funds are received (if before 2pm) and you will get a statement daily, and payment 3 days after the day the profits were made.

 C S Beek

You can come in with a minimum of ?500 and a maximum of ?2500. Although we are open to discussion on amounts if you would prefer to do something lesser or more.   Hope you come on board and start making some top class returns.

This bot is making a staggering 5% daily, and all you have to do is sit back and watch the profits come in. Our Bot works on laying and betting on market manipulation following trends in the markets which speaks volumes. It currently handles in the region of ?10,000 and we are looking to take it to the next level.  The bot was pre tested for 6 months and returned an average of 6.28% profit per day over that period. 

Any further questions do not hesitate to ask.
Chris Beek

No mention of a Gambling Commission licence, which we believe is necessary to offer such a service (he is not registered as at 25/6/2014), and it appears there is little real evidence that the offer is genuine.

We decided to contact Chris in the guise of a potenitally interested investor. This is the written agreement we were sent back from Chris:


Sports Betting Bot Agreement










INVESTMENT: £0,000.00 (28.06.14)

 Investment made into a trading bot, which is designed to make 3% avg per day for the client.

Each client will receive a weekly statement outlining the total made and payments will be made weekly by direct bank transfer.

Each investment can be recalled with 7 days notice, and will initially trade for 6 months. After 6 months, notice increases to 30 days.

The bot will on average pay 15% – 20% of capital PW.

Investment returns are paid 3 days after statement is sent to client.

All profits are made from sports betting so are tax free.

There is a minimum joining investment of £1000 and a maximum of £5000

The traders take 22.5% of profit made each week prior to paying the return.

This is a private agreement which is set out as above.

The investment is secured and guaranteed by ourselves, so you can never lose your capital.

Payment for investment is to be made to;





The investors we are aware of have lost many thousands of pounds between them and despite requests and indications that legal action will be taken Mr Beek has both ignored these and indeed threatened them with libel claims if they pursue things further.

Our enquiries show that Mr Beek has been around for some time and has owned racehorses in the past. It is not clear if he owned them or was acting for others. What is clear is that several other forums have some complaints about his behaviour and there are likely to be more than the  individuals we are aware of who are due cash.

In June 2013 he texted a forum member offering

“Ultimate Plot Partnership

Feeling Good, Herbalist, Overrider these horses have all been purchased to land massive touches, very useful horses and aimed for big plots. Only 10 places available, £2100 in total. £700 back for each horse that doesn’t win on touch day. offer open for 24 hours then price goes upto £3000 with no money back refund guarantee.

Feeling Good has not raced since that text (never won before it) Herbalist has run 13 times since and managed a win earlier this month while Overrider is trained by Alistair Lidderdale who had some of Beek’s horse in training until 2012. The trainer has been approached for assistance by our member and advises he has now lost touch with Beek.

Some background to the ownership situation can be seen from this announcement in August 2012 advising that all horses were being sold to allow then current commitments to be met. The comment following that article is most revealing. However, a recent post on a Betfair Forum by Beek indicates that he is currently the owner of Know No Fear trained by A Lidderdale – however, according to the Racing Post he was owner until 11/8/2012 when Bolinbroke, Gravett, Howard O’Connor took over.

The first name there will also strike a chord with regular members. Again the subsequent comments on that post are revealing. He features on at least 1 other Betfair forum thread too and The Judge at Oxfordshire Press (who campaigns against all that is wrong in the betting world ) has advised us that he has received a complaint about Beek earlier this year.

He has moved in some respectable circles and at one time wrote a column for What Really Wins Money – see this example. We have exchanged emails with Clive Keeling who advises that Beek merely wrote a column for him in 2010.

We decided to see what would happen if we approached Beek as a possible investor. Using the hotmail address we quoted the May email and within 30 minutes of sending received a reply offering to talk about the “Sports Betting Bot” which he claims is generating an average of £238 per week for every £1,000 invested. We asked for a copy of the agreement for consideration and received an amateur attempt at such a document which would not stand a proper test in court but it did give us the Worksop address quoted above.

As a matter of courtesy we plan to ask Mr Beek for his response to the allegations made about him and will update members of any information he cares to provide. If any other members have knowledge of his activities please do comment on here..

Update – 4th July 2014

We contacted Chris Beek  to bring our review page to our attention:


Dear Mr Beek,

As a matter of courtesy we wish to draw your attention to the article regarding  services you offer which can be viewed at

We should welcome your response to the various matters raised which you can make by return email or directly on the site.

We should also appreciate sight of the appropriate Gambling Commission licence which we believe is required to solicit investments of such a nature.

Yours sincerely

Peter Philipson


This was his response…

First of all, Chris Beek Racing and Kachina Racing are not services which remain active. Chris Beek Racing was a racehorse syndication company which we ended in 2012, Kachina Racing hasn’t been in business since 2012 also.

Neither of those phone numbers are mine, and the only email I operate from is

Price is dependant on what people do, I charge 25% of profits made and a £250 joining fee.

Money back guarantee , applicable to the effect of that if someone was operating at a loss I would refund their losses, but they remain in full control at all times.

I do not use a website.

Your brief summary is also incorrect. I used to run Racing Syndicates but I now run a bot, of which people pass on the use of their own Betfair account to myself, via the bot of which I had designed I then run their account through this. They then pay me 25% of all profits made, they keep the remainder.

Should a member not have a Betfair account, I am happy to show them how to set one up.

We like to have members commit to 6 months with the bot, but they can cancel whenever they feel the need to or wish to.

Members remain in full control of their funds at all times, if they wish to cancel our services they can either request we stop of simply change their password, we do ask for notice of this, but that is entirely up to them. A £250 fee is applicable every 6 months.

We ask members to fill in an agreement upon joining which states how much they have in, so this can be used on our files so we know exactly how much the bot is handling. We ask that they do not use their Betfair account whilst we have access as we work out the 25% commission based on the accounts PL for each week.

We do not handle peoples money, they pay us a commission so we wouldn’t need a license, our earnings are based by commission only and members have full control, the only money paid to us is a joining fee and commissions of profit.

I’m not even sure why you have created an article to be honest.



It seems that Chris is refusing to admit any wrong doing. We will continue to be in touch with Chris, and will try and get to the bottom of what is really going on here.


UPDATE – 7th July 2014

Our reviewer has received the following email from Chris Beek:


Dear Peter;

I am disappointed at the tone of your article about me, many false accusations and notes by yourself.

For the record, I ended my association in owning horses in the middle of 2013.

However one point I will state is that whoever has contacted you, you have my request to go back to them and ask them to contact me, and I will arrange a full refund of anyone who is due one within 30 days.

I act within the best interests of my clients and whilst not all services and offers I have done have been a success I have tried to always honour clients with a refund if one is due.

I repeat I am fully happy to refund anyone in full if they are owed money, and would do so within 30 days of request.

I kindly ask that whoever has made what I feel is harsh allegations about me to yourself , kindly contacts me to arrange a refund, which I am happy to do so.



We’ll inform those who contacted us to get in touch with Chris to get a refund. If you are seeking repayments from Chris then please contact him for a refund.

Please let us know how you get on and if you do get any money owed back.


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  1. shilts says:

    Oh Lordy Lord. Plain and simple steer clear of this person and his prophecies THEY ARE FALSE.Avoid like the plague DELETED BY MOD……..

  2. 5aces says:

    Oh not another one in a different guise.

  3. Derek says:

    Caveat emptor

    Lost money with this guy a few years ago

  4. TheBaker says:

    “People pass on the use of their own Betfair account to myself, via the bot of which I had designed I then run their account through this.”
    No, No, No. Do not allow ANYONE to do this for whatever reason!
    Despite what Mr Beek might say to the contrary, the only way to be 100% in control of your money is to be 100% in control of your own account.

  5. brokebookie says:


  6. qprchris says:

    I took part in 2 of his schemes a few years ago with his purported refund guarantee which were not honoured after both of his schemes failed.
    I exchanged emails with him about getting refunded and after promosing to sort it out after the weekend, the refunds never came through.
    The man is a charlatan of the highest order
    Avoid Chris Beek like the plague

  7. tiyoun says:

    Peter please contact me by email so I can share some information with you.

  8. Bleachy_45 says:

    I can only repeat what has been said above. I am owed several thousand pounds having fallen for his false promises. He has continually lied to me about making payments, nothing ever is paid.Like others have said avoid like the plague.

  9. Telford1974 says:

    it looks like i’m not alone DELETED BY MOD. this person owes me 000’s also, and like other unfortunate people he’s failing to repay what is owed after lots of promises

    i agree with others, avoid like the plague

  10. Maynard says:

    @ Telford (and others owed money), please see update posted by MMR at the top of this page about refunds.

  11. tommy123 says:

    Ugh, sounds horrible. Good post MMR. Finger’s crossed some of you will be able get to refunds.

  12. deegee says:

    I spent about £4000 on his schemes a couple of years ago. I have more bounced cheques from him than I have had hot dinners. Threatened to go to Trading Standards and the Racing Post about him. This was around the time when he was trying to set up his training venture. I eventually got my money off him when it became clear to him that I wasn’t bluffing. Had to endure threats, abusive language etc,etc. TBH he was a lucky man as two of my mates invested and were ready to head down to meet him at a race meeting where one of his horses were running. He would have been lucky to have walked away in one piece. Do not touch with a barge pole. His schemes sound great but believe me they DO NOT make money.

  13. horseman says:

    Hi,I’d just like to say I had dealings with Chris Beek
    from 1st January 2012 ’til April 2013.
    In that time I invested a total of £ 5900.00 in various schemes including a Bot.
    I received back from Mr Beek a total of £11408.98 for a profit of £5508.98
    I still have the spread sheets for these schemes.
    It was very difficult to get the payments but I kept on his case & chased him to the ends of the earth but it was worth it as per the returns.

  14. sevvyb says:

    Same as the majority on here, bounced cheques, etc. Did get about a third of what he owed me back, some time ago, but just promises and lies for the rest. Horseman, you’re either very lucky, or have a better way with words than the rest of us. I’ve saved a lot of e mails since my dealings with him started just in case they come in useful someday. Hopefully he’ll get his just desserts soon

  15. horseman says:

    Sevvy B,I can assure you it was very hard work getting
    the money back from him + the profit.
    I know a few other guys who got their money & profit as well.I wont elaborate on how we got our money.
    He owed me £2400 as of last March (2013) which he had owed me for about 6 months.
    He asked if I could “invest another £1200 with him on 1st March & he would give me back £5000 on 1st April.
    I gave it to him then I had to chase him for the money
    & the 5k was deposited in my account on 11th April & that’s the God’s honest truth.

  16. sevvyb says:

    Maybe you could let the author of this report know how you got the money back, it may help the many on here who are still waiting for refunds, if they knew your “techniques” ! 🙂

  17. tiyoun says:

    Guys, I have emailed MMR in private to tell them my story as I didn’t want to bore anyone on here DELETED BY MOD every story is more or less the same, you part with your money, then you don’t see it again. I will tell you this, after months and months of emails and correspondence which he ignored, I informed him that I would write to the BHA integrity department and tell them what he was up to. They would have been very interested as they govern all race horse owners and are obliged to make sure they are above board. I also told him I would be starting criminal proceedings in the same email. Low and behold the very next day the cheque for the full amount invested (not a penny more may I add so no profit). As soon as I received my money I wrote to the BHA anyway and the last I heard they were looking into him. The best excuse I ever got was when he emailed saying he was bed ridden with illness and couldn’t get to his accounts until he was better and then later that day and the day after he was live on At The Races being interviewed about one of his horses. This is how stupid the guy is.

    Now I may be the only one that has done this but I beg you all to take action. Walking away is not an option it’s your money and you should be getting it back. Maybe email him telling him the same as I did as it certainly seemed to spook him a bit. Not sure if the BHA can actually do anything if he’s not connected with horses any more, maybe they can, but you have nothing to lose by emailing them, it will just strengthen the case when more emails come in of the same nature. Don’t threaten to write to the racing post, actually WRITE to the racing post. They will not ignore countless emails from different people about the same man, they just can’t.

    I wish everyone all the best retrieving their money. I firmly believe if you are persistent enough you can, like me, get back what is yours. I know the feeling of distress when the realisation kicks in DELETED BY MOD At the very least if he’s in above his neck and can’t pay you, he will get put behind bars where he belongs.

    Chris if you are reading this, I’ve seen you on TV and if I ever see you on a racecourse you better be walking the other way that’s all I can say.

  18. gygt says:

    Hi deegee,
    your two mates you were going to take to the track with you to ‘persuade’ Chris Beek to honour his promises, weren’t called Smith & Wesson by any chance, were they?

  19. 5aces says:


  20. chodziez says:

    I am yet another victim of Chris Beek. He owes me over £2000 which he at one stage tried to clear with a cheque that bounced. I have this cheque since my bank returned it to me. Loads of emails, texts and phone conversations have produced nothing over 18 months. Anything that can be done to sort this guy out would be very welcome.

  21. penn says:

    Yep. He owes me money too from a so called ‘wine business’ deal he was doing. About £1000. His excuses have included “death in the family” and “house flooded”. Then he just ignores you.
    Yes if you put pressure on him and refuse to listen to any more excuses he gets aggressive and starts accusing you of libeling him.
    I did point out that libel is only libel if it’s untrue but I’m not sure he understands the subtleties!
    Also the Betfair Bot doesn’t actually make money. You will get a good run for a few days but because his staking isn’t right you end up losing it all plus a bit extra by about day 5. Tried it for about 2 months but its rubbish.

  22. gerry747 says:

    Sounds a real upstanding type of fellow this Chris Beek. Some of you guys are talking a lot of money here. DELETED BY MOD and take legal action?

    You all must have evidence and email proof of sorts, get the guy in court. Collectively your keeping your costs down and when he loses, he pays the costs anyway.

    I’m sure MMR would help you all to be able to collectively put something together, just a thought!

  23. deegee says:

    Ha, gygt. My two mates are not to be messed with, so to be honest he had a lucky escape. Bizarrely enough after I got all my money back, I received a text from a phone number I didn’t recognise promising to earn me £5,000 in 3 months. It had Chris Beek written all over it. I text him back and he said he was Scott King and that he had a football system that would earn me a fortune. After further texts it became clear that Scott KIng was indeed Chris Beek. He owned up and said he was sorry about all the hassle he had put me through and that he wanted to put it right and that I only had to pay him £1000 after I had earned the £5000 . I told him I would trial it with an imaginary £500 bank. The bets were all to do with more than 0.5 goals in a game usually at odds of 1.2 or under on betfair. Let’s just say the imaginary bank had disappeared within 3 weeks. Told him to get lost and not bother me again. Thankfully this time he has kept to his word….and believe me that is a novelty!!!.

  24. 5aces says:

    Why is there such similarities to the bloke in the Equation Method?

  25. deegee says:

    The emails that you have printed from Bob just brings back so many bad memories. Despite me being relatively lucky in getting my money back, it came in dribs and drabs over the two or so years I was involved with him. In reality I gave the little weasel a £4,000 interest free loan over about 27 months. Would imagine this will finally finish him for good and great work by MMR to bring him to justice.

  26. lakesider52 says:

    Just avoid Chris Beek and do not believe a word he says.DELETED BY MOD Like many others posting comments here, he has cheated me out of what I consider a considerable sum. I won a CCJ against him using “Money claims online” which of course he ignored. Subsequently, I instructed “High Court Enforcement” to pursue the debt so he simply disappeared from his West Country address. All I am left with is a mountain of broken promises and bounced cheques. Always suspicious of anyone who promises cheques rather than simply make an internet banking transfer. The mane is a prize shit.

  27. palibe1 says:

    Thanks to the good work by MMR in exposing MR Beek’s activities, I received two grovelling emails apologising for 12 months of lies, deceit and foul language. He forgot to mention the libel threats. He promised to begin repaying my £2500 plus £1000 compensation by 10 monthly installments; the first one to be in my bank account on Wednsday 9th. For some strange reason it didn’t arrive. DEJA VU

  28. tiyoun says:

    He’s cornered now and the comment above proves it, he is panicking like mad. I’m guessing a criminal conviction is imminent if people keep coming forward.

    Totally unrelated but as recent news stories suggest, it may be be 10 years, 50 years, or even when you are passed away, you can’t escape justice. Strength in numbers rules the day.

  29. deegee says:

    If he does ever appear in court for fraud I am willing to stand up and give evidence about his “activities” I don’t mean this in a bad way, but it’s good to see there are loads others that were duped by this clown. At times I felt as if I was the only person and that I was fighting a losing battle. My other investors forced me not to give up on the money. The cretin just tries to wear you down with constant lies, promises, bounced cheques,threats and abusive language. His day has finally come!

  30. horseman says:

    Good luck to all you guys.
    I hope you all get your money back but
    I have a feeling he is broke.
    You really all need to get together,get organised
    & take action against him.
    It can be done.

  31. palibe1 says:

    A few of us are in contact but regrettably, it would appear that nobody is in a position, for various reasons,to take it upon themselves to co-ordinate any sort of legal action against this evil man. Hopefully, with the help of MMR, we can raise public awarenes to the extent that he is forced to stop his activities which can only be described as theft by deception.

  32. deegee says:

    Think I agree with Horseman….I reckon he is broke and now very desperate for money. He really deserves to be behind bars. Despicable individual.

  33. peterspc says:

    well how stupid can people get giving money to such people when instead they could profit from timeforms jury service which advertises a genuine profit month by month .

  34. horseman says:

    Peterspec,it’s not just a case of being stupid.
    I did my due diligence on him & I couldn’t find anything bad about him.
    He had a lot of faithful followers on Twitter who thought the sun shone out of his backside. of investors money
    And there are a lot of people who like to bet but for 1 reason or another are not in a position to do so & rely on people like him .
    There are some trustworthy people out there who do this sort of thing for you.
    I’ve made a good few quid with some of them but I lost a lot of money with another guy who lost a fortune of investor’s money & lost everything of his own & had a heart attack,was declared bankrupt & destroyed his mother’s life as well.
    It’s still an ongoing case with the police & he could be in big trouble with the police as well.
    Best of all is I don’t really think he’s a con man,just someone who was losing investors money & told lies & said everything was going great ’til it all caught up with him.
    He is actually still sending me money every now & then when he can.
    So don’t judge everyone as if we’re stupid ‘cos we’re not.
    I was lucky to make a profit with Mr Beek.

  35. jsilver says:


  36. TheBaker says:

    you say: “timeforms jury service which advertises a genuine profit month by month”. Not strictly true – only 3 winning months from the last 11. Has long losing runs (27 on one occasion) interspersed with single winners. Strike rate since 1st April 2014 is 18.56%. And, most annoyingly, they quote their profits to “advised” prices, which is absolute nonsense!. If I were to give a tip and tell to bet at 6/1 when 4/1 is the only general available price, how can that be recorded at the higher odds? This grossly exaggerates the “success” of the service, which is by far not the best available.

  37. graham says:

    Not to mention the price.

  38. MMR Reviewer says:
    Did not fare so well when my colleague reviewed it 3 years ago.

  39. major144 says:

    I had dealings with Chris Beek in the last fortnight and he comletely honoured his guarantee and paid me my money Mike

  40. palibe1 says:

    You lucky blighter. He probably paid you with MY money.

  41. deegee says:

    Strange how some people appear to get paid, DELETED BY MOD. Sorry major, but you appear to be the only person that has not had to fight tooth and nail to get their returns from Beek, hence why I am taking your post with a pinch of salt!

  42. penn says:

    Hey Horseman, sounds like a fellow victim of DHW.
    Victims of Chris Beek should look at the Darren Hudson Wood Story as it shows that the police will investigate fraud and deception if you contact them.

  43. horseman says:

    Hi Penn,yes you’re right & the police have a full scale investigation going on with DHW & he will be taken to task & found guilty no worries.
    So you guys should get a forum going & get legal advice on how to get your money back or at least get retribution.

  44. deegee says:

    Be interested to know if anyone got refunds from Beek under his 30 day guarantee above. Won’t hold my breath though!

  45. palibe1 says:

    Hi deegee, You’re wise not to hold your breath. I have had two grovelling emails recently from Beek with humble apologies for 12 months of lies and foul language. He has apparently dropped his threat to sue me for libel and instead I’ve had more promises of weekly repayments. One did arrive three weeks ago but nothing since. When challanged, he promised double payment the following week. Nothing arrived of course. His last email a few days ago promised another payment this week. Guess what? Yes, you’re right. nothing.

  46. davidt says:

    I did due diligence a couple of years ago on Chris Beek and found a couple of glowing reports on racing forums so invested a few hundred pounds in one of his schemes. It all turned to dross and I spent several months trying to get my money back. I got excuse after excuse, lie after lie and a couple of cheques that bounced. I then discovered that he was applying to get a trainers licence and so I threatened to inform the appropriate racing authorities that he was not a suitable person. He sent the money owed within two days.

  47. deegee says:

    Davidt…very similar to what happened to me. After more bounced cheques than I have ever seen in my life and broken promises that payments had been made by bank transfer and the amount of times he told me that he was on holiday and would sort it out when he got back, I decided enough was enough, especially after all the abusive language and threats that I got from him! The straw that broke the camels back was when he text me to say he was in France and would sort things out when he got back in a couple of days. 10 minutes later he was getting interviewed on ATR at Lingfield!! The guy is a scumbag with a capital S. I knew he was trying to set up his training adventure and threatened to go to BerkshireTrading Standards, giving his address as Lidderdales training headquarters and the Racing Post and contact ATR to highlight him. He begged me not to and my money was refunded within a week. Don’t think these tactics will work now as he appears a broken, desperate man, scrambling around for a living after the heady days of being a multiple racehorse owner. Sadly the guys have more life’s than a cat and I expect he will crop up again in the near future.

    Palibe1….no surprises there mate! Keep fighting. Don’t let him away with it

  48. palibe1 says:

    Hi Deegee,

    Don’t worry, my friend; I’m far from being finished with our Mr. Beek. He now tells me his reputation is in tatters and pleads with me to find it in me to leave him be. (His words) I’m still trying to work out what is the reputation to which he refers. No mention of the weekly repayments he promised of course. DELETED BY MOD. I wonder if he is aware of the old saying, “Long runs the fox….”

  49. tiyoun says:

    Do not show an ounce of sympathy for this crook! It’s all gone wrong now and he’s getting what he deserves. Had it all gone right he’s be sat on a beach somewhere with your money anyway and you’d all still be in the same position. He needs locking up, don’t accept weekly payments or anything like that just inform the police and let them do the rest. Between you there must be enough cases for them to act. He’s a liar, a cheat, a fraud and deserves to be behind bars for making peoples lives a misery for the last three or so years. Your days are numbered Chris as I know you’re reading this, I hope you have many sleepless nights worrying about when your hands are going to be cuffed, then you may get close to the trauma suffered by the people you have stolen from over the years.

  50. deegee says:

    Palibe1, perhaps if he had stuck to his promises he would be in a better place now. The thing that really got up my nose was the threats and abuse that he dished out when HE failed to honour his promises. He really is a despicable character and as tiyoun points out, someone that should be behind bars. Well done to MMR for highlighting him and the fact that he has admitted that his reputation is in tatters, has really made my day. Really never want to hear the name Chris Beek ever again!

  51. Telford1974 says:

    how much has this despicable individual fleeced out of decent folk now?

    peter and co. is there a way of finding out an approximate total figure?

    penns post july 17 might just be a solution. get police involved as this sounds like it is MAJOR now.

  52. MMR admin says:

    @Telford1974 We have been encouraging our members to go to the police if they feel they have been the victim of a crime and have the proof to back it up.

    Whether people have the inclination to do that then it’s up to them.

    We are in contact with several people on this thread but do not have an exact figure I’m afraid.

  53. JoeBates says:

    **** Comment removed at request of poster ****

  54. JoeBates says:

    **** Comment removed at request of poster ****

  55. deegee says:

    If he has filed for bankruptcy you can say bye, bye to getting any money back. Simple…the guy should be behind bars.

  56. gerry747 says:

    deegees – Yep I agree, but they will look into his dealings and finances, and if they think it’s just opt out of him paying his debts, he’s in for a rough ride. He will be forced to divulge all banks accounts and any capital and property he owns.

    One other thing, he will be traceable if he goes down that route, as all people owed can make a claim. If he goes abroad and lies low, then it’s very difficult I think.

  57. deegee says:

    If anyone wants a photo, go into Facebook and type Chris Beek in the search. He is the lovely person with his mugshot with a horse!

  58. deegee says:

    And he was posting up till a couple of months ago!.

  59. gerry747 says:

    I really feel for you guys, if you’ve received payments via his bank account, you can trace him. Collectively approach his bank, explain the situation, they must listen under these circumstances, especially if a lot of you go.

    I’m surprised he’s sending part payments, he’s leaving himself wide open to being traced, also an admission of owing you all more money.

    I would consider getting together and put pressure on his bank, after all, they would not want adverse publicity being involved with a cheat and fraudster.

  60. ian fraser says:

    Why has no one reported this to the police!!!!!!

  61. palibe1 says:

    mickyd17 Anyone who has not fallen foul of Chris Beek would find what you have just recounted to us incredible and too far-fetched to believe. On the other hand, your experience mirrors mine, as it does many others. Bankruptcy may mean we all wave goodbye to our money but it won’t save him from being a guest of Her Majesty. DELETED BY MOD

  62. deegee says:

    That is frankly unbelievable Mick, but am I surprised?? He has a way of laying the blame for broken promises on everyone but himself. Good hear him admit that MMR has just about finished him. Think this is a dream come true for anyone that has had financial dealings with him.

  63. soccanut says:

    If he has actually paid a few people back, and it does appear so, maybe his situation isn’t that desperate – he just wants to ensure that he maintains a good standard of living now and through retirement.
    ‘Rogue Traders’springs to mind. Maybe if you did get together collectively, we’d all see his come-uppance on ‘The Sherrifs Are Coming’!

  64. soccanut says:

    Or even the ‘sheriffs !

  65. gygt says:

    Hey mickyd17,
    sorry to hear about your plight with C.B., but I am sure you belong to a looooooooong queue of people who have had the misfortune of crossing his path (yep, myself included)! And more sorry to say that I think it unlikely you will see any of your hard-earned again. Of course I hope I am wrong, but doubt it — the eternal optimist!
    Reading your posts, they mirror my experience with him, as well as many other, I’m sure!
    I did however at least get back what I put in (from one venture), going back a couple of years now. After fighting tooth-and-nail with him, I got re-paid in dribs and drabs, over a period of 18 months. Yep, all the excuses, and then some…….death in family, death of pet, etc etc. I think his grandmother died twice……
    Absolutely frustrating, not to mention time consuming, and I reckon he put more grey hair on my head than my kids did……
    The amount of money he owed me was worth a return flight to the UK from Australia (holiday included), which I told him I was quite prepared to do. Suddenly the dribs-and-drabs started……
    I wonder if gerry747 could pick me up on a detour via Sydney??
    I reckon we would fill your plane with dissatisfied Chris Beek customers.
    Good luck Mick, and others. Me thinks you will need it. But do keep us updated.

  66. deegee says:

    Soccanut……he is in his early 30s. Long way to go to retirement, but with the amount he has taken off his “customers” he could probably retire three times over!

  67. palibe1 says:

    Had another email from nice Mr Beek promising he will pay me £1500 on the 1st September so everything is all right then, isn’t it?

  68. gygt says:

    This was merely a question, hence the two question marks ?? It was intentionally never meant as a suggestion! The e-mails from both of these vendors are eerily similar, that’s all that was stated. I do not believe that I have crossed any boundaries, but if I have, it was not intended, and I would therefore apologise unreservedly. BTW, Michelle, I was most certainly a client of Chris Beek for almost two years, as that is how long it took me to get SOME of my money back!!

  69. deegee says:

    Palibe1…..I hope your £1500 is nestling in your account tomorrow, but I wouldn’t be holding my breathe. Keep us updated

  70. palibe1 says:

    Deegee…. Don’t be silly, of course it’s not! However, when I inquired, I’m assured it will now be there on Wednesday. So everything is all right now. He’s a man of his word. Isn’t he?

  71. palibe1 says:

    I’m sorry to report yet another lie in a long string of lies from our Mr Beek. Having failed to pay me on 1st September, no doubt everybody’s fault except his, I was promised the amount would be in my bank today, Wednesday 3rd September. Of course this didn’t happen and now he’s failing to respond to emails. Whoever said crime doesn’t pay? They had never come across Chris Beek.

  72. gygt says:

    of course, those of us who have had dealings with Chris Beek will know that was always going to be the most likely outcome. Yes, his M.O. has still not changed, indeed it has always been everydody else’s fault — except his own! If I had a quid for every time he came up with an excuse…….I wouldn’t be on here looking for money making opportunities, instead I would be posting this message from Bora Bora somewhere…….
    My comment from Aug.26, so 9 days ago now, is still awaiting moderation…….lucky it was only one question I asked!
    I will try again, and I stress this point again — that this is merely my suspicion only, I have no direct proof. Is anyone able to verify that Chris Beek and Eddie Ege from Edge Racing are one and the same person??
    MMR please note: this is not an accusation, but merely a question!

  73. MMR admin says:


    We have had an email from Chris Beek this morning. He states that he has nothing to do with Edge Racing at all and does not know Eddie Ege.

    He also stated that you have not been in touch with him to arrange any repayments owed to you. If you feel you are owed anything then you should contact him to arrange to sort it out


    Michelle Roberts

  74. 5aces says:

    I for one am lucky that I have ignored all his marketing emails to join his club. It was quite dodgy in the first place by giving a sort code and account number to send money to.

    Anyhow feel for you guys, been DELETED BY MOD by similar sort of set ups like this in past.

    All I have to say is what a COWARD this Chris Beek is to email MMR instead of coming on here to answer questions himself directly to members.

  75. gerry747 says:

    I’ve said in the past, I really feel for the guys who have been ripped off. It shows this character still reads these comments on MMR to contact them.

    Having said that, if you don’t take appropriate action against him, he will win. You have lost a lot of cash, now do something concrete about it! While people are just still complaining on here, he’s laughing at you.

    Collectively get together and take it to court, my god there is enough of you. Some have received part payments, others nothing. You now have a way of tracing him, use his bank. Buy paying, is an admission of owing. Plus I’m sure you’ve kept emails as proof, stating he’s going to pay you. It all builds a case against him.

    Now is the time for action guys, not to keep moaning about it on here, good luck all.

  76. palibe1 says:


    I understand your obvious frustration at nobody reporting Beek to the police and I agree with every word you say. I can only speak for myself and I have made a tentative approach but due to domestic circumstances, I would be unable to appear at any subsequent hearings so had to back off. It’s not just a matter of moaning about it. I have made it my goal to put this man out of business and have told him so more than once despite his threats of legal action for what he, in his ignorance, calls “slander.” To do this, I had to raise public awareness by posting on forums such a this. Not moaning, but encouraging others to come forward. Thanks to MMR, this has suceeded to the point where he has pleaded with me to “leave him alone.” DELETED BY MOD He has tried, and failed, to bully me to stop posting about him or risk not getting my money back and I have evidence that he is still, to this day, threatening others that they will “not get a single penny” if they post here. He has lied to me again, twice this week to add to all the lies over 14 months and now ignores my emails.
    Mr Beek, I know you read this forum so if you won’t communicate with me, let me reiterate publicly here, that I will not rest until you are finally stopped from this DELETED BY MOD occupation of yours. I have encouraged you to carry out your threat to sue me for slander/libel or whatever and I do so publicly again.

  77. Bear1 says:


    You are perfectly correct in your assertions regarding slander (defamation by oral utterance) and libel (defamation by the written word) because you are innocent until proved guilty.

    Does Mr Beek really want to visit the courtroom to prove that you’re guilty……hmmm…..I think not.

  78. gerry747 says:

    palibe1 – Sorry to read about your circumstances with this Beek guy. To get anywhere with this, you all need professional help and advice. Until someone makes that commitment and does something positive, this guy is not going to pay up. Forget about his legal threats, if he was going to, he’d have done it by now.

    What still amazes me, how the hell can anyone give control of their Betfair account to anyone? I’m totally shocked at that! But going on about it does not solve the problem.

    I hope one of you takes that first step and starts the ball rolling, then I’m sure others will come on board.


  79. gygt says:

    Hi Michelle,
    yes, I have not been in touch with Chris Beek for some time now, that is correct! Why would I……when I know that like everybody else on here I would be banging my head against a brick wall!! This of course is part of his M.O., hoping that we will fade away! It simply is too time consuming for someone like me who works 6 days a week! I also live in Oz, so a quick trip to the Small Claims Tribunal is not really an option.
    I know that I am an idealist, but why should we have to contact him time and time and time and time and time again for money he owes us?? HE KNOWS HE OWES US MONEY!! If I owe someone money, I DO NOT NEED TO BE REMINDED!! I pay my debts as soon as they arise, I expect similar in return — Simple!!
    So Michelle, why should I get in touch with him — only to be fobbed off again? I do not have time for it, I have moved on from him — to greener pastures.
    5aces has hit the nail on the head — why does he not come on here to set things straight, instead of contacting MMR through the back door!! I think that says it all, don’t you? After all, if he thinks that he has done nothing wrong, then coming on here should be no problem for him! One thing is for sure……if he did crop up here, it would send the site into melt-down!

  80. deegee says:

    Gygt, he hasn’t got the balls to come on here. He likes to hide behind his text and email threats. The facts are that he will get away with thousands of pounds of peoples hard earned money unless someone actually does something. I was lucky in respect that he was trying to set up his training venture when I threatened him with Berkshire Trading Standards and contacting the RP and ATR about his activities (at this point he was a regular on ATR….oh how things change so quickly) so he paid me up in dribs and drabs. Never made a penny on any of his ventures, so in essence I gave him a 4 grand interest free loan. Still reading all the above I had a close escape. Has anybody considered getting a TV programme like Watchdog or Rogue Traders involved. Would love to see that wee Dominic Littlewood chasing him down the street!! I would send a copy of this thread into the BBC and see if they would investigate

  81. tiyoun says:

    Beek you’re on borrowed time me old mucker. The walls of justice are closing in, I can’t wait for the day I log on here and see evidence of your arrest, that’s if someone else doesn’t beat the police to your doorstep.

    Every single person on here has a different way of dong things, for the money half of you have ‘invested’ in this guy you may as well go ahead and hire a private investigator and track him down that way. I got all what was due to me in the end, but if I’d been chasing my money for as long as some of you have, I’d be stopping at nothing to hunt him down. And don’t for one minute think that this case isn’t big enough for a TV show such as Rogue Traders. There’s every chance the scale of all this added together is well into seven figures, I’m sure Dominic would love the opportunity to bring him to his knees! Do it!

  82. deegee says:

    So he is still at the threats of legal action against MMR. Jeez he has got some balls that guy, if after reading everything on here he thinks he is the wronged party. I still have all my emails, texts etc where I was threatened, sworn at etc,etc when all I was asking was payment for what he had promised to deliver. I have around 15 bounced cheques as well and countless emails where he said the payment would be in my account in days, but never appeared. I know I have been paid eventually, what I put in, but would be happy to stand up in court to testify the misery this guy put me through. As I said in my previous postings, this thread should be sent to Rogue Traders for them to investigate. £117,000……he should be banged up for that!

  83. palibe1 says:

    Dear Mr Beek, As you won’t answer my emails but keep telling MMR that I, and others like me, should ask you for their money and we will get it, may I have my money back please?

  84. gygt says:

    I echo your thoughts completely deegee, I have had the exact same experience. I too got at least my money back after many many months of to-and-fro, pulling my hair out — with photos to prove my hair loss! Yes, the misery of it all, not to mention time consuming.
    All up I joined 6 of his services, and despite the so-called iron-clad guarantees, NOT ONCE did he honour those guarantees, even though ALL services I was part of failed miserably!
    Chris, we all know you are cowardly reading this thread from the safety of your lounge room (that is furnished with our money!), so instead of crying to MMR, why not join us here……esp. as you claim that you are the victim in all of this — so you obviously have nothing to be afraid of…….

  85. palibe1 says:

    Deegee, I agree with you. I haven’t got around to Rogue Traders yet but I have contacted BBC Watchdog as they tell me they have higher viewer ratings. It would bolster our case if others would do likewise.

  86. gygt says:

    P.S.: MMR e-mail says that Chris Beek is aware of 8 people that he owes money to….guess what??……that’s 8 too many!

  87. deegee says:

    Well done palibe1. Would love to see him get his day on the TV (not ATR) and then court. If he was any kind of man, he would be on here answering the people that are owed substantial amounts of money, but instead he only issues threats to the owners of this site. Well done MMR

  88. 5aces says:

    He’ll refer to his handbook 101 excuses for dodgey merchants to find a way. The top one is “Ignore emails and sooner or later they will go away”
    2 The cheque is in the post
    3 Write a cheque but no money in bank to honour said cheque
    4 Threats
    5 Take money from Peter to pay a bit to Paul to get off his back for a little while
    6 Grannys sick
    7 Go through each member of family taken ill and hospitalised
    8 Go through each family member death
    9 go through pets as above
    etc etc etc

  89. S&M says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have kept quiet for far too long now, in the hope Chris Beek would eventually pay my Mother and I our money Back… Some chance!

    We joined (my 74 year old mother, her life savings) on October 28th 2013 and
    altogether, this guy now owes us over £14,700, and we’re just so tired (and penniless now) of hearing broken promise after broken promise.

    I have allowed Chris ample time to sort this out, but he just treats us like something you tread on… You know the meaning!

    I have a list of “common” excuses it appears he has used on others, and a few he hasn’t. He has been promising us payments pretty much on a weekly basis, but to no avail.

    As I say, we’re just tired of it all now, and just want others to beware of the type of individual they’re getting involved with, IF they decide to be “taken in” by his schemes, or are they in fact SCAMS?

    If this posting has any detrimental effect on us receiving our money, then so be it, as it doesn’t look too likely anyway.

    The aim of this post is to try and ensure other people aren’t taken in by his dealings.

    @ Chris Beek,

    You will probably read this at some point, so, as you clearly want nothing more to do with us (bled us dry) because you just keep ignoring our emails etc. I invite you to reply to this posting. I must tell you before you do reply, that anything you wish to relay to my mother and I – will be relayed to MMR, as I think it only fair now that others are fully aware of the type of person you’ve become.

    You have pushed us to our limit for the very last time, which you were told a couple of weeks back, but chose to ignore!

  90. gerry747 says:

    S&M – I’m so sorry to read this, it really upset me, especially for your mother. It’s unbelievable the misery this Beek character has caused to so many people.

    Owed over £14,700 pounds of life saving? a 74 year old woman, my god!

    @ Beek, how do you sleep at night? Your mentioned on nearly every review site. Why don’t you wise up, come on here and explain yourself, before it’s to late when that custody cell door slams shut!

    Believe me mate, it’s going to happen!

  91. bobo1977 says:

    Simple, contact HM Revenue & Customs about this guy Chris Beek, its clear he has received ‘Income’ therefore like all citizens In the Uk you have to pay tax on income after costs, and VAT if his turnover is over £65,000(I think) maybe less or more now? Then let HMR & Customs do the rest. They have more weight than any Watchdog programme or review site, even more than the police! So why dont all of you just contact them to see if he has declared these earnings on his Tax & Vat return??? Say no more nudge nudge wink wink!

  92. nathan westminster says:

    Just pick up the phone and call trading standards.Thats what they are there for….?

  93. JoeBates says:

    **** Comment removed at request of poster ****

  94. gerry747 says:

    JoeBates – Hi, I understand how you feel, I’m sure others on here feel the same. It really upset and annoyed me when I read about that poor woman.

    I was contacted by Michelle (MMR) yesterday, I think it would be better if she explains the situation herself.

    All I can say to those who are owed, please contact the police, this guy needs to be dealt with by the law!

    Do not let him get away with this!……….

  95. S&M says:

    Hi Guys

    May I please take this opportunity to point out that not ALL of the £14,700+ is my mother’s life savings (sincere apologies if it came across that way), however the majority IS.

    I actually added to the total by clearing out what I had in my bookmaker accounts.

    We also used some of our monthly direct debit money to “help” Mr Beek out on a wine deal “shortfall” (back in January 2014), which was to be repaid after 3 weeks. The repayment should have arrived before my D.D’s were due, unfortunately they never were repaid, and I had to borrow that money… Now you guys can understand why I have refrained from posting, as I feel so damned foolish being taken in by this despicable being.

    I just needed to set the record straight as far as my mother’s life savings amount… Apologies again.

  96. palibe1 says:

    Oh, come on everyone! Get off your backsides! You may think I’m just whingeing old fart but the fact is, I am 84 years-of-age with a wife suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease + + and needs my attendance by her side 24/7. There is no point in me involving the police in this matter as I cannot take part in any court proceedings that might ensue. Like others, I fail to understand why none of you have gone to the Police/Trading Standards etc. long ago. I used to think I was the only one suffering at Beek’s hands until, in desperation, I posted on a betting forum and gave my email address in public. The result was that, after establishing a few contacts, I approached MMR and the rest is history. They are doing a magnificent job for which all Beek’s victims should be grateful. I was amazed that so many people had been suffering in silence and now I’m equally surprised, and not a little disappointed, that most are content to just sit back and post their desire to see this man brought to justice. After I contacted BBC Watchdog, I asked for support but I haven’t heard of anyone offering any.

    How about it?

  97. gerry747 says:

    I can understand palibe1 situation, but come on guys. S&M your mother 74, so your still a relatively young man, have you not contacted the police? If it was my mother, I’d be knocking the bloody door down to speak to someone!


  98. 5aces says:

    That’s why so many rip off merchants have a handbook 101.
    The number 1 rule “Ignor emails and hold off as long as possible as most people will eventually tire and give in. The one or 2 that is consistent, pay them off gradually as you have seen from a few posters here. But he will still be quids in as the majority will do nothing.”

    This guy deserves to be behind bars(not the drinking type) and its up to you guys to do it.

  99. Bear1 says:

    If we are to believe the many posters on MMR (and why shouldn’t we?) about Mr Beek’s unscrupulous dealings, then it appears that there is ample evidence to throw the book at this unsavoury character.

    The frustrating problem with our ‘namby-pamby’ society is that the book doesn’t weigh very much and it takes an awful lot of throwing by an awful lot of people before it makes the slightest dent. The point I am making is that the law, and the society that makes the law, has geared things in favour of perpetrators of wrong-doing (some of which is classified as crime) and not in favour of innocent, decent people.

    Just to take one example of many.

    There is a BBC series called the “Sheriffs Are Coming”. The series highlights the work of High Court Sheriffs who are employed to recover money (or goods) from those who have failed to pay their victims, even though they have been previously ordered to do so, in a court of law. To my way of thinking (and yes, perhaps I’m guilty of being simplistic) but there should be no need for Sheriffs. Instead, these people who don’t pay should be arrested by the police and detained in custody until they do pay. If they don’t have the sufficient funds (or goods) then they should serve an appropriate prison sentence. Who needs Sheriffs? Unfortunately, the law doesn’t work like that because the law is namby-pamby.

    Let’s take another example.

    How many times have we seen programmes on the TV when a builder has taken money from innocent people for building work, only for them to disappear after completing the foundations and leaving the victims thousands of pounds out of pocket and all the stress that goes with that? It seems to me that the loopholes in the law allow these people to begin their thievery, all over again, under a different name, and that the effect that Dominic Littlewood has, after chasing these criminals down the road, is short term and minimal.

    If someone were to steal money from a bank, then there are laws that protect against that but if you steal money from people by not providing goods or services (as with Beek) then few people appear to interested without having to negotiate a tricky, legal minefield. To my simplistic way of thinking, I cannot see much difference between stealing money from a bank and from stealing money from innocent people who have not received what they were promised and can ill afford to lose.

    To those who have been exploiting by Mr Beek, I encourage you to try everything that you can. The suggestions by bobo1977 and nathan westminster are a sensible starting point but use a mulit-pronged approach. Many solicitors will offer free advice about how to proceed and so forth.

    The neurological wiring in our brains that tells us when something is morally wrong is not present (or has become loose) for characters such as Mr Beek and that is why they fail to see that they’ve done wrong but instead prefer to blame others. Prisons are full of characters who think along similar lines.

    Whatever, you decide to do – at least do something and start, today or characters like this just get away with it and will repeat the process on some other person.

    Forget about threats of libel (or slander). The very last place these characters want to go is in the direction of a courtroom.

    I’ve just read Maynard’s post… He appears to be thinking along similar lines to me – we must be members of a club.

  100. gygt says:

    Hey gerry747,
    I know it’s easy for me to say, but why not post what you have on CB. If you are convinced that the info is truthful, then there is no case for libel and/or slander.
    But Bear1 is right when he says that the last place CB would want to end up is in a courtroom, so his rantings about suing are much like the services he offers — nothing but hot air!
    Thanks again for your input, esp. as you don’t seem to be affected. Much appreciated.

  101. gerry747 says:


    MMR asked me not to post the data on here, as they would be held responsible for breach of data protection laws.

    Michelle said she would post her reasons for not wanting me to post that data, it’s out of my hands I’m afraid.

  102. MMR admin says:

    @gygt – The information Gerry had about Chris Beek wasn’t libellous or even relevant to this story. It was a piece of data about Chris that would have breached privacy laws had we allowed it to be published.

    In fact I think even getting that data was against the law as I don’t think those “agencies” are allowed to share that kind of data with anyone but the police/government security officials. but that is for Gerry to confirm 🙂

    We do advise anyone to go through the proper channels – trading standards, gambling commission or, best of all – the police. If you have evidence then you cannot be tried for libel or slander.

  103. gerry747 says:


    I do hope some of you who are owed money, contact the police. This guy needs stopping before he takes another persons life savings. He obviously doesn’t give a damn about his actions.

  104. deegee says:

    The last email from Michelle just shows what a conniving little turd the guy is. He has no knowledge of Eddie Ege or Ege Racing…never heard of them….then BOOM, when he has been proven to be a complete liar, he suddenly remembers him. Pretty sure I would remember somebody that was paying me £100 a day!! The guy is a complete con man and liar

  105. COLIN1955 says:

    Hi gerry747
    Would it be possible for you to e mail me at DELETED BY MOD – PLEASE DON’T SHARE PERSONAL and leave me a phone number so I can get in touch with you to discuss how to get mr despicable Beek behind bars where he belongs(owes me £3700 for a wine deal last October)posted on this site July.Have already been in touch with Nottingham Trading Standards and his ex landlady who has given me a crime incident number at Worksop Police station,next step is VAT & HMRC hotlines
    Regards Colin

  106. gerry747 says:

    tiyoun – I understand everyone wanting me to post the info on here. Unfortunately it would put MMR in a very awkward position.

    Having said that, Beek is not off the hook. I will give him his few days to come on here and explain what he’s going to do regarding the money he owes to all these people.

    If he continues to ignore, then the info will be made available via another site, details will be given at a later date.

    DELETED BY MOD I’m sure you’ve been reading the comments and events on here. The only reason I got involved was because you totally disgust me. The threats and misery you brought to decent people who put their trust in you.

    Now I suggest you really consider everything, because this is not going to go away as you hoped. You can continue to ignore everything, but I promise you this, I will make your name known and what you have done known to everyone in the betting industry. DELETED BY MOD

    OK you can threaten to sue me, that’s fine, bloody long way to Beijing mate, and no agreements between UK and China. Now man up and face your mistakes, or are you the little thief about to crawl back under his rock!

  107. gerry747 says:

    Colin – Hi, you understand I have to be careful, you could be anyone. I’m leaving for Heathrow in a couple of hours and won’t be available. I will try to contact you at a later date.

  108. MMR admin says:

    We do not encourage people to take the law in to their own hands. We urge people who feel they have been wronged to go to the police. Why put yourselves at risk of prosecution?

    Gerry – as you have not been directly affected in this matter can you please refrain from making threats to Chris? It’s not really helping the situation for others.

    Although I do think it is funny how you are happy to post the information for all and sundry to see yet shy away from sending it to Colin as “he could be anyone”. Bit odd if you ask me? Just my opinion though.

    Colin – I have removed your post as it displays your personal email address. And so does your username. Please can you contact the office at with an alternative, safer, username that I can update your profile with?


  109. gerry747 says:

    Michelle – No one is shying away from anyone. If you read his post correctly, you would see he was asking for my telephone number. I thought that would be easy enough to understand even for you!

    If you people were not so afraid of libel comments, you just might be a bit more helpful towards all those who have been ripped off!

  110. palibe1 says:

    Michelle and Gerry747. We are all striving for the same goal but if we begin sniping at one another we are wasting ammunition which should be aimed at Beek.

  111. conans says:

    I have invested a massive amount with Beek and he never does as he says. Moderator – can you contact me via my email and I will divulge all and you can decide why you publish on here.

  112. gygt says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Gerry is by nature a helpful guy, as you will no doubt know by his many genuinely helpful posts over a long period of time. He has proven himself NOT to be a fly-by-nighter (no pun Gerry!).
    He happens to be in a position to easily access info, that most of us are not able to, esp. down here in Oz — again, he is just being helpful. As I have mentioned earlier, the fact that he is not implicated with CB, just amplifies his willingness to help — he could easily not give a hoot, and turn a blind eye to this thread. But he is choosing to help others, because he can!
    And Michelle, I have re-read Gerry’s posts, and cannot find any threats — only facts!!
    Also, I am not really sure why you do not allow e-mail addresses to be published on this thread, when on Sept.4 you gave us CB’s e-mail address.
    Not real sure why you even published his e-mail address in the first place, if you read all posts you would have known that we all have his e-mail address, but he does NOT reply — instead it appears he comes crying to you via the MMR back-door.
    What would this achieve? Surely you would have encouraged him to come on here and clear the air?
    Otherwise we are just going around in circles….

  113. gygt says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I have just read your e-mail, and it is now pretty obvious that my suspicions a couple of weeks back are proving to be correct.
    Does this mean that I might have a few more liberties now when it comes to comparing Eddie Ege to Chris Beek? I did ask the question, but my posting was gagged.
    I just hope that in the meantime NOBODY signed up to Eddie Ege, otherwise this is going to be a loooooong thread, with more tales of woe to come!
    Sorry to say Michelle, but this site needs someone in charge who has the Punter’s best interests at heart, rather than someone who protects the guilty.
    My wife will tell you, that I am the original ‘Blind Freddie’, but even I could see the similarities between the e-mails from EE and CB.
    They were literally carbon copies of each other, incl. the desperate and heavy-handed attempt to get me to deposit money into his account (he would play the old ‘guilt-trip’ card, eg.: ‘prove to me that you are a man of your word and deposit the money today’!!)….. many members on here will know exactly what I mean!
    Previously CB claimed never to have known who EE was, and now all of a sudden: oh, yes, I remember now — we were Business Associates!!
    Ooooh PLEASE!!
    Michelle, can I give you some free advice:
    If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck and tastes like a duck……IT’S A DUCK!!
    I have just e-mailed Eddie Ege, who oddly enough also previously claimed not to have known who Chris Beek was….his former Business Associate!
    Punting is all about chances, so what do you think the chances are of two people previously denying knowing each other, but who are now BOTH best buddies??
    IT’S A DUCK!!
    So if I am allowed a few extra liberties, can I just say:
    There you go!
    I have said it!
    So, sue me!

  114. gerry747 says:

    Colin – Hi, sorry if I seemed a little unhelpful, I was in a bit of rush, as usual. I’m sure your a genuine guy and who you say you are. I’m sure you understand not wanting to give tel no’s especially on this thread when you read what is happening.

    gygt – Hi mate, thanks for the support. I agree with everything you said. It would appear because I’m not affected by this Beek guy, MMR would like me to back off. Yep I too think we could do with someone to give more support to those needing help, instead of worrying about legal matters all the time. Anyway I’m off on holiday for a month, no internet, no mobile phone, heaven! Su will check in from time to time, she does have that info, so I will leave it to her to decide what to do, take care mate.

  115. gygt says:

    Enjoy your Hol’s Gerry!
    The mind boggles to think of what you may find on here when you get back in a month……..

  116. MMR admin says:

    @Gerry – sorry I misread Colin’s post. Apologies for that, although I do stand by what I said the data you collected would not be helpful to this situation and would be breaching DPA.

    @gygt – We are allowed to post Chris’s email address as it was a business address and had already been put in to the public sphere.

    The reason why we don’t really allow members to post their personal email address is to protect their privacy – we don’t want them to be left open to anyone and everyone emailing them. Hope you understand our position on that.

    Our position is clear. We won’t allow personal addresses to be posted. If it was an office/business address that is fine as that would already be public knowledge but not residential addresses.

    We also, as I have said before, do not encourage anyone to go and find Chris Beek and take the law in to their own hands. We encourage everyone who feels wronged to GO TO THE POLICE! Its just a shame no one has the courage to do so. Perhaps you can report your case to your local police department and get the ball rolling.

    Lastly, we are not protecting Beek. We can only report things as we see/receive them. It is up to the police to weigh up any evidence and act accordingly.

    It is also up to readers to make up their own minds, based on what we have presented, as to whether they want to join Edge Racing or do business with Chris Beek.

    We are in full support of all our members and will provide our support if they do take their case to the authorities.

    I hope that clears that up.


  117. tiyoun says:

    You should be a politician Michelle

  118. gygt says:

    Yes, thank you Michelle.
    My swipe to send a Pizza delivery boy to Chris Beek was purely to see what he looks like, there was no aggro intended, I am not that kind of person. By and large, I also do not tend to take the law into my own hands.
    My aim is to establish whether Chris Beek and Eddie Ege are in fact one and the same person.
    I have had further e-mails from ‘Eddie Ege’, and with each message, strongly believe that they are in fact one and the same. I have put this to him, of course he denies it! They have BOTH said that they did not know each other — and now they BOTH admit to being Business Partners, and according to ‘Eddie Ege’, they only parted company one month ago!!
    Like I have said previously, IT’S A DUCK!!
    Their heavy-handed e-mails are word-for-word carbon copies.
    And yes, you are right — it certainly is strange that ‘Chris Beek’ was more concerned with ‘Eddie Ege’s’ reputation, rather than his own! The answer here is blindingly obvious — THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME PERSON, as Chris Beek is defending Eddie Ege…….. someone he supposedly doesn’t even know?!?!
    He is looking after his ‘other’ self.
    IT’S A DUCK!!
    My point above is that it would be easier for someone living in the UK to go to Eddie Ege’s place of Business in Manchester and see for themselves if it is indeed Chris Beek — as you guys up there would also know what CB looks like.
    Of course this would have to be an unannounced and impromptu visit, so as not to give him time to get one of his mates to ‘stand in’ as Eddie Ege.
    I cannot find anything on him on Google, nor Facebook.
    That is also strange, in this day and age.
    To me, the circumstantial evidence is simply too overwhelming.

  119. deegee says:

    If anyone wants to know what he looks like go to Facebook and put Chris Beek in the Facebook search. He is under Chris Beek, Bristol and there is a lovely picture of him (cough!) with one of his horses, in his picture gallery.He last posted on Facebook in August!

  120. gandalf6674 says:

    Hello to all,

    This is my first posting here. But I can only give a little bit to you all from my personal experience with Mr. Beek.

    It was only recently, when I saw the MMR email about MR. C. BEEK and his non-payment of refunds to various people, that I re-opened my ‘chase’ for my refund for failed ‘guarantees’ that he did not deliver on. This began on Tuesday 9th sept 18:10 with an email to asking whether he would honour my guarantee too. If not could I have his address within 14 days so that I could proceed with a small claims proceeding. He replied (almost immediately) with what service did I sign up to and that it had been a while. Could I please provide him with details so that he could set up a repayment plan.

    This is true, it had been a long time, but I didn’t get anywhere then!
    Anyway it was his ‘Personal Bets’ service back in 2010/11. I also reminded him that as he operated as a company, he must have records of his accounts for 5 years otherwise HMRC would certainly be interested. Or should I inform them too?

    He replied with how much do I believe was owed and where to send the money?

    I replied with £150 (I was a previous client and was offered half price), and gave my bank details.

    He replied that it would be paid on Friday.

    Friday came, no payment.
    I then sent another email reminding him of the fact I had given him 14 days for his address, and forwarded his ORIGINAL email back to him of the service that he offered.
    I was showing him I had evidence, or at least showed some of it.
    This was his ‘offer to treat’, and within it was in his own words his ‘guarantee’. (I have further evidence) I also stated that he should be an honourable man and not only pay me up, but also everyone else that had not been refunded by any of his guarantees.

    My expectations were that he was not going to pay up, and I began to investigate as to his whereabouts.

    But then today I received an email (15th September 15:48) to say that the money had been cleared from his account today. I checked my account, and indeed HE HAS GIVEN ME A REFUND!

    ** Although this is a small amount compared to the rest/few of you, it is very important that you have evidence of contract with Mr. Beek, and that you try to resolve the matter amicably BEFORE commencing with county court small claims proceedings. So people on here such as gerry747 who rant a rave in a threatening manner, are going to get no-where. **

    However, it is very annoying and frustrating when Mr. Beek ceases to want to communicate with such victims, and Mr. Beek should at least try to be more honourable and try to resolve the dispute with them personally. I’m sure he is not ALL bad, just poorly managed!

    ** Chris, do yourself a favour and make an effort to refund any promises made to these people **

    I personally have no-affiliation with anyone on this site, or anyone mentioned here.

  121. Harry4 says:

    Hi guys, I would suggest you read the above post very carefully and re-read it.

    “I reopened my chase for my refund” yeah right!

    Of course I could be wrong, Hmmmmmm!

    Very nice delaying tactics, BTW If your reading Mr, Beek, as we believe you read these comments, you may think we haven’t a clue. Have you heard of been given misinformation? do you really think we’d post on here what we actually know?

    Guys go to the police, it’s the only way.

  122. suying747 says:

    gandalf6674 @ No one is ranting and raving as you put it. I too find your story very hard to believe. He pays you £150 but leaves a 74 year old woman owed thousands.

    I think it’s quite obvious what’s trying to be achieved here, just my opinion. Like the way the story gets so involved to make it sound so convincing!……..

  123. S&M says:

    Hi All

    I would like to give an update on my “experience” (would have called it an agreement, but the rules seem to change daily!) with Mr Beek.

    Mr Beek feels I was wrong in posting that he owed my mother and I £14,700 and has subsequently decided to make a charge of £5,000 against this amount.

    Just for the record I would like to take this opportunity to point out the following…

    Mr Beek and I have gone over money paid to him and money repaid to us. We have agreed that my mother and I sent Mr Beek a total of £13,500.

    Mr Beek sent me an email today claiming (which I won’t dispute) that, since we joined his “service(s) he has paid back, via various means, a total of £4,550, this being after MANY failed attempts at sending funds since late 2013… NINE AGONISING MONTHS!

    Only today, after he has totalled up his debt to us (after my posting here), has he given any mention of deducting £5,000 (a fine if you will, of the agreed profits since we joined!) from the £14,700 he owes us, so you can imagine, this has come as a bit of a shock.

    Bottom line is… He has reneged on the agreed profits he told us we could expect!

    I suppose I should have known he would try something like this.

    The actual figure (after Mr Beek’s “fine”) owed to us is still around £9,000, which he has generously offered to pay us back £9,900, which equates to a 10% profit (on the balance owed)… How kind is he?

    Mr Beek has stated that he will be sending us payments on a twice monthly basis until February 8th 2015.

    How lucky are we?

    I have told Mr Beek that I will keep everyone informed on this forum as, and IF he comes good on his email, but have also told him if / or WHEN he doesn’t make his promised payment, that I would also keep everyone in the know.

    1st payment due Monday, September 22nd 2014.

    Wish him luck!

  124. suying747 says:

    S&M @ Hi, I wish you luck, I too was so sorry to read what happened to your mother. As we have not been affected by Mr Beek and MMR seemed to want us to not continue, we won’t.

    We only wished to help, and yes as one member said, we do have ways of getting info most can’t. We will pass on the information we have through a third party to the police. I wish you all the best of luck, but please contact the police, the sooner the better.

  125. S&M says:

    Hi Suying747

    Thanks for yours, and all others support on this forum, it really is very much appreciated.

    As Mr Beek has given his word to repay us, and decided to “fine” us (in the same breath) for speaking out, I have kept our plight within the confines of this forum, however, as he’s reneging on our agreement we will bear this in mind, WHEN he fails to come good on his proposed payment schedule.

    I’m sure we’re in for some interesting times!

    Thanks again to you guys (and MMR) for all your support.


  126. gandalf6674 says:

    @suying747, please re-read gerry747’s comments about ‘knowing a certain number’ etc. (Gerry has never had any dealings with mr. Beek, so who is he to comment anyway), this could be deemed to be threatening and abusive communications! (Under UK Law) so be careful.

    @S&M I’m glad to hear that you and mr. Beek has entered into some an agreement of repayment, even though you may not believe it, like I did! I do believe he is trying to make amends.
    It is also obvious that you both have records of your ORIGINAL agreements, for you to come to such re-payments. Which is why I stated in my previous post that it is vital for you to provide this evidence to him.

    Although I do not know your agreement with mr. Beek, mine was for a service that ‘Guaranteed’ a 100pt profit by the end of the year, or your money back. Therefore, as I knew it was a gambling adventure, I was prepared to LOSE this money. (Regardless of any promise of guarantees). However, and I think I wrote this in the 2nd paragraph of my first post, I felt compelled to re-chase the money because I saw that it had happened to other people. (I too got annoyed by his claims of libel, however he could have a case if people that have no previous dealings with him comment like they do!) The word there is “RE-CHASE”, to chase what I had previously chased!

    I therefore checked any records that I held, something that you’re going to need BEFORE you approach the police or any civil claims courts, and proceeded to chase my refund, because I knew I had a strong case with evidence to bring before him!

    Sorry if I got their first! But I’m sure he is trying to make amends.

    As for the Australians, and anyone else overseas, sorry too!

    *** Mr. Beek, I do not know you personally, but don’t try to hide behind mileage or differing jurisdictions, honour these people too! ***

    There maybe much skepticism to my first post, but what I have said in all posts on this forum, is true and of my opinions. Believe them or not, they are mine!

  127. S&M says:

    @ gandalf6674

    Glad to hear you received your £150… That (compared to what he actually owes) is an extremely small amount, but it’s been paid all the same!

    I take on board what you say about evidence, and believe me… I have EVERY email we have exchanged (well over 500) since October 20th 2013. It appears they might just be useful in the future, but as I mentioned earlier… We shall see whether or not he’s still playing games next week, and the following couple of months!

  128. COLIN1955 says:

    Firstly Gandalf6674,
    you are a very lucky person if you’ve received your £150 payment from that scumbag Mr Beek who is the biggest low life mongrel I have ever had the pleasure of coming across as I am owed £3700 from last October which I put into a wine deal(nothing to do with gambling)in which toe rag Beek promised to pay when he received his profit from said deal.I have five bounced cheques and around 50-60 emails from him promising to repay me the money owed
    Here are just two since 12th Sept


    11 Sep (5 days ago)

    to Chris

    Mr Beek

    Well well Chris it looks like you are finally up to your neck in DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP SHIT after reading what’s being said on More Money review website it looks like the chickens are finally coming home to roost for you and after reading even MORE promises to repay people that you’ve scammed money out of it looks like it wont be long before the authorities coming knocking on your door to arrest you,I don’t know if you’ve been reading the site lately but as of today as I’ve still not received ANYTHING from you now I’m back from my holidays the shit is going to hit the fan as to speak and after reading what you did to that 74 old women I’m even more determined to track you down

    You probably won’t even reply to this email which just goes to show what a shit bag you really are but mark my words you can run but you can’t hide

    Best Regards Colin


    Chris Beek
    11 Sep (5 days ago)
    to me

    A lot of that comment isn’t actually the truth and sandm has actually had over 7k off me but is owed money .

    I’m working on your payments Colin and you’ll receive something next week

    Take care
    NOW GUESS WHAT Gandalf6674 shall I tell you how much I have received ZILCH, NOTHING, NIL, fxxK ALL.And according to him the poor women, who’s life savings he took he’s paid her £7000 back a bit different from the £4500 what her sons saying he’s been paid and I know who I believe and as for Gerry747s comments just because he’s not been scammed by Beek doesn’t mean he can’t try to help those that have and before you go on about original agreements with Beek they are not worth the paper they are printed on.I have also passed on all the emails on to Michelle at MMR which she has my permission to publish if necessary,one more thing I have contacted Nottingham trading standards and also Beeks ex landlady who tells me the Nottingham police have a file ALREADY open on him which I have the incident number if anybody is interested,may be a good idea if all the people owed money by this low life got in touch with trading standards & Nottingham police so they both can take this mongrel to where he belongs IN THE NICK,and before you say ask him nicely for your money returned you might as well piss against the wind.
    I’m on a course at the moment till the end of this week but after that the next step for me is the VAT & HMRC hotline to report him for evasion of both vat & income tax

  129. JoeBates says:

    I wish to confirm that I have received payment yesterday from Chris.I have forwarded email that I received from Chris To Michelle and below is transaction detail from skrill to confirm.
    I have done 3 bits of business with Chris
    My amounts aren’t huge like others basically I invested around 500 in 3 transactions and received Double My Money . Last payment took a while but received payment yesterday . I wish all MMR members the best of luck on there payments.


    You have just received money from beek(

    Amount: GBP 199.17
    Your Transaction ID for this payment: DELETED BY MOD FOR SECURITY REASONS

  130. S&M says:

    @ JoeBates

    Excellent news, and hopefully he will continue to come good for you.

    Just noticed the account from which it was paid from…

    Does this mean Mr Beek has set up again, as there was a statement made (which I have copied and pasted) goes:-

    “On The 1st August 2012, We have faced no option but to end Chris Beek Racing.”

    That was over 2 years ago!

    Maybe there were a couple of loose ends that needed to be tied up?

  131. S&M says:


    Really sorry to hear you have been caught up in this guy’s web of lies and deceit, looks like the same amount of time as my mother and I.

    You have stated that Mr Beek claims to have paid us £7,000… Well, I have an email (16th September 2014) which states he has paid us a meager £4,550 (from 3 x that amount owed).

    I have ALL copies of payments etc. on file, so they are available at any time.

    Might we (my mother and I) also mention that, although she is 74 years old, she isn’t the only “elderly” or frail person to be conned out of her money, as Bob (83) and another gentleman (sincere apologies for not remembering the name), BOTH have to care for their partners who they have been with for many, many years, so please, please keep these, and the other unfortunate people (including yourself Colin) in mind when we talk about this despicable being.

    It appears the amount owed has no end!

    How much do you REALLY owe Mr Beek, and how many lives have you wrecked in the process?

  132. Bear1 says:

    Note to MMR

    I believe that MMR don’t pass on email addresses to other MMR members and I understand the reasons why.

    However, for this particular case ONLY, do you think that it may be helpful to pass on EVERY email addresses to ALL concerned, so that someone may volunteer to coordinate the legal action against Mr Beek?

    I say this because it appears to me that there are a number of disgruntled INDIVIDUALS who would have a more effective voice if they were to come together as a GROUP. The group could then put into place a legal plan of action.

    Just a thought.

  133. gygt says:

    it would appear that you were a: lucky, and b: you do not know Chris Beek like most of us on here.
    Unfortunately Colin1955 story is not that uncommon, and remember that for every posting on here, there are dozens of others I am sure, who for one reason or another, will not post. Law of averages, which is also something CB relies on when making his hollow guarantees — that if you fob people off long enough, some, if not most, will drop off — and put the whole experience into the too-hard-basket!
    Much like you did……..
    And why you seem to think that gerry747 shouldn’t be helping us out, just because he is not directly affected, is simply wrong on sooooo many levels.
    If you had visiting this site, not necessarily just this thread, you will have noticed that he is actually very helpful, on quite a number of topics. Also, his job gives him access to info that most of us couldn’t get our hands on, esp. those technologically challenged — yep, that’s me!
    As punters we all feel the pain, whether directly affected or not! Much like it puts a smile on my face when I see a fellow punter cheering home a winner! Both ends of the pendulum. It’s a fraternity.
    Sure, it would have been easier for Gerry to turn a blind eye, why should he care? Luckily for us, he’s not that kind of guy.
    If you witnessed or had info on a crime, but were not directly – or even indirectly – involved, would you not offer to help the authorities to solve it?
    We are all grateful for ANY help, regardless of where it comes from, that is the no.1 reason we are here in the first place.
    And if you think Gerry needs to be careful when posting (under UK Law), trust me, the very last place Chris Beek will want to find himself in is a courtroom. Most on here will know that. So you go Colin, vent your anger. There is plenty of factual evidence available, there is no case for libel or slander, regardless of what Chris says. He has no idea! And if he does want to take it a step further — BRING IT ON!! The court proceedings will need to take place in Wembley Stadium!!
    No, I have no affiliation with gerry747, I just like to stick up for the ‘good guys’, of which Chris Beek ain’t one of ’em!
    @S&M — he cannot fine you GBP 5000!! What is that about?? Because you posted the truth??
    Heaven forbid if you posted a fib, not that you would anyway — as there is no need to lie when it comes to CB, he does enough of that himself!! He cannot impose fines at will. There was never any mention of this with any of his services! A self-imposed fine for posting the truth?? This guy really is a clown!!
    Mate, if we only got a quid for every lie from him……we could all retire!! Funny how it doesn’t work both ways?!?!
    I truly wish you well for the 22nd, but would not be holding my breath. Please do keep us updated!
    If I am wrong, I am quite happy to eat humble pie — ice cream on the side…..

  134. S&M says:

    @ Mr Beek

    Whatever happened to this statement you made to MMR?


    Dear Peter;

    I am disappointed at the tone of your article about me, many false accusations and notes by yourself.

    For the record, I ended my association in owning horses in the middle of 2013.

    However one point I will state is that whoever has contacted you, you have my request to go back to them and ask them to contact me, and I will arrange a full refund of anyone who is due one within 30 days.

    I act within the best interests of my clients and whilst not all services and offers I have done have been a success I have tried to always honour clients with a refund if one is due.

    I repeat I am fully happy to refund anyone in full if they are owed money, and would do so within 30 days of request.

    I kindly ask that whoever has made what I feel is harsh allegations about me to yourself , kindly contacts me to arrange a refund, which I am happy to do so.



    Mr Beek,

    I have contacted you on hundreds of occasions, and over many weeks/months regarding my refund (which you are “supposedly” happy to do – within 30 days) however you have failed to do this, and have charged me £5,000 for the privilege!

    Have you changed your occupation, as that is quite a nasty charge for a refund request.

  135. suying747 says:

    COLIN1955 @ Hello, DELETED BY MOD

  136. S&M says:

    @ gygt

    Mr Beek stated that he agreed that he owed us £14,700 only a couple of days ago, however (as we decided to share our story on MMR) he would not honour payment of £5,000 (profits) of what he owes… A fine if you will!

    The £5,000 was the TOTAL amount of weekly profits he had accrued for us since November 2013 (but failed to send us), really it should have been nearer the 20K mark, as he’s had our money for over 40 weeks now. For some reason, he decided to stop his betting/trading activities for us (hence only £5,000), when he realised he couldn’t keep up the charade any longer.

    He HAS agreed to give us 10% of the balance of £9,000 he now claims to owe us – £900, instead of the £5,000 (or even 20K!)… Aren’t we the lucky ones!

    My offer for Mr Beek to come and visit my mother and I still stands, as I would like him to see what a strain this has put on her, since he’s pulled this scam.

    What do you say Chris, are you up for that?

  137. S&M says:

    @ Suying747

    Thanks for the help, and good luck with the police matter.

  138. TheBaker says:


    If the Police are dealing with this, they will want to do it centrally in order to consolidate evidence and avoid a fragmentation of investigation. Therefore, where can the MMR subscribers above who have actually been involved with Mr Beek report the matter?

  139. suying747 says:

    TheBaker @ You make a good point, DELETED BY MOD

    We are no longer involved, just helping out an airline colleague, should point out, not one of our staff. But if it encourages others, all the better.

  140. TheBaker says:


    No, I can assure you that this is not how things work. There are 43 police areas in England & Wales, each with their own crime reporting systems. Except in the case of organised and serious crimes, there is no central recording of day-today crimes.”go to their local police station and make them aware it has been reported elsewhere” is not the manner in which this would be dealt with. Perhaps you can obtain details from your colleague – the actual Police Station and name of Officer dealing would be welcomed I’m sure.

  141. palibe1 says:

    Good for you. Well done. Its great to read that you have taken the bit between your teeth (sorry for the racing pun)and started the ball rolling. Can I suggest to everyone that we get behind Colin on this and lend our weight to the case against Mr Chris Beek.
    Colin, if you would like to share publicly via this forum, the Incident Number and the Police Station concerned, we can back up your case many times over and we do have a volunteer who has undertaken to act as a co-ordinator. With the weight of evidence that we collectively possess, Mr Beek’s lies, cheating and bullying can be finally stopped.

  142. MMR admin says:

    @suying747 – you say that

    “We did not let Mr, Beek know, also I want to apologise to members and MMR for giving a lot of false information on this thread, but it did work to our advantage.”

    Can you please inform me at the office what information on this thread was false so I can remove it please.

    And please can you refrain from posting any false information on anything again. It isn’t very helpful to the others if you put false information on here, especially if it is libellous or of a threatening manner – as it could potentially cause us to close the thread.

    If you don’t inform me on what information is false then I have no option to remove all your posts on this thread for legal reasons.

    And, as Thebaker says – if you have a police crime number and police station/force name please share it with us so other can get in contact with them if they wish.


  143. suying747 says:

    TheBaker @ I’m sure you realise that information is not for me to give out. Having said that, I will contact the person concerned and see if he wishes to give more details. He is not a member of MMR.

    We only helped him in providing info he was having difficulty obtaining, other than that we’re not involved. We too have to be careful, sure you understand.

  144. suying747 says:

    Admin – As far as I’m aware, nothing was posted that is libellous. The misinformation was directed at Mr, Beek and no one else. It served it’s purpose, so you may delete all postings if you wish.

    As I said before, we were just helping someone out, we are no longer involved with this.

  145. Harry4 says:

    Admin – For god’s sake, why don’t you put more effort getting Beek on here to explain himself when he keeps emailing you?

    Instead of worry all the time about libelous comments, about time we had someone on here with some B**ls, might bloody get some where!…..

  146. Bear1 says:

    I’m sure that a police crime number and police contact details would help those who have outstanding issues with Mr Beek.

    The crucial aspect, as I see it, is the gathering of all the evidence in a COORDINATED manner. I did try to highlight this aspect in my previous post, although perhaps my suggestion, as a way forward, wasn’t the best devised by man.

    There’s little point in one person presenting evidence and trying to get their money back. ALL the evidence needs to be presented to the police so that they can get a full picture of this man’s dealings and then charge him appropriately. The more evidence the courts have then the more that justice will be served.

  147. TheBaker says:

    It happens every time doesn’t it? As soon as gerry747, suying747 and Harry4 are brought to task by admin. one of the others comes on here defending the other. And the questions asking for actual details are always sidestepped with the generalisation that the information is confidential.
    Plenty of advice has been given to those actually involved in this situation, which is now well documented. Apart from Colin1995, no one would appear to have any direct line of approach to deal with this matter. Perhaps Colin1995 can give the details relating to the actual Police report for the benefit of the others involved and all other irrelevant commenting can then be finalised?

  148. suying747 says:

    TheBaker – We all know you have a grudge, Harry put you in your place the last time you thought you was being clever.

    I told you I would try to get the information you asked for. But no, you have to resort to being your usual self!

    And asked for being brought to task, Hmmm! don’t be silly!

  149. ChrisBeek says:

    Good Evening.

    I have chose to respond on this thread, as a number of things which are stated on this site are not true and a lot of misinformation is also been given to people.

    Firstly I have no issues with MMR with their review, they have acted in a professional manner. They have reported the situation as they have received information from people with complaints, people who have mentioned history of dealing with myself and also they have always had responses from myself.

    When Kachina Racing was successful and doing well, admin was not good for me and with a number of things going on, it was easy for me to miss a payment or a refund, totally unacceptable and not a way I should have allowed my paying customers to be treated.

    I also whole heartedly apologise to those I spoke to in an aggressive or rude manner, it was bang out of order.

    When my business encountered problems, I myself was let down for massive amounts of money by a couple of people which caused my business to collapse, this affected people and I gave my word to put things right to those people and see that they were fully refunded. The biggest issue for me was I didn’t realise it would take a long time, and I gave false promises to people and basically was very stupid, rather than saying I don’t want to let anyone down and see that no one is out of pocket, and it would take a while to pay people off, I said what I thought people wanted to hear and it’s angered and annoyed people when they were let down.

    I’ve let my customers down very badly, and I had some very good clients, some who had been very supportive over a long period of time.

    My business had crashed and burned long before this thread arose and through very poor decisions by myself, this has affected people, around 18 in total by my accounts, but if there are some I do not have contact with please do get in touch. Most are small amounts owed for refunds, cancelling of shares, or involvement in a betting system plan or an investment I may have been poorly sold and through greed got involved myself and got others in trying to help them but ultimately messing up.

    I can only apologise for those who were let down, but I will see every person right and fully refunded what they have paid me for any failed dealings.

    I understand some people feel they should be paid a profit that should have been made, but when that in reality didn’t come to fruition I feel it is best that the customer is refunded so they are not at a loss.

    I had 2 very good business’ and through my own recklessness and stupidity wrecked both of them, and find myself in a position I am in now.

    The one thing I am making clear to anyone is, I will repay you regardless of how long it takes, and I want to pay you and anybody who has contacted me is on a repayment plan. The two largest sums will be repaid over long term, but those smaller ones have been set up and all commercial refunds will be completed by the end of February.

    I know as an outside poster may look and judge and make their own decisions and also feel they are advising people at best, but MMR will confirm as can some members, refunds are being met and repayment plans are being made with some first payments being made.

    There is no issue in repaying people and if someone is owed money and hasn’t contacted me, no it’s not worth going to the police or what have you, drop me an email, and we will sort out a realistic repayment plan.

    I don’t want to owe anyone any money and whilst my business was wrecked and things are not great now, having started long term work which does pay okay, I am ensuring that everyone out of pocket is refunded so they are not at a loss.

    There are a number of posters who have stated stuff who are not involved, sticking daggers in, advising people what to do, when they are not connected, and I am fine that if I come to an agreement and it is not met, by all means go to the Police, do what you feel is right, but if you contact me I will sort it as promptly as I can and refund any member out of pocket.

    I have refunded 5 people in full in the last week and another 2 will be refunded in full by the end of next week. Those on repayment plans are due payments next week also and will get them.

    Some members who I work with still have been supportive and continue to work with me, and there are some past members who are satisfied that I have repaid them.

    There are those on here, Deegee, Tiyoun and Gygt who clearly had bad dealings with me and needed to drag things out to get refunded which was totally unacceptable and I can only apologise for that, but they were refunded and therefore are not owed money, so it isn’t fair to cast judgement when the situation is actually trying to be sorted.

    The Baker, I don’t know if I owe you money, but by your comments you suggest you do, yet I do not believe you have contacted me, please do so I can sort this out.

    Also Gerry747 and Suing747, whilst I appreciate you have tried to advise your friend as you see best, and your friend has reported his bad dealings, could you kindly inform him that I do wish to actually repay whoever it is and set up a repayment plan and actually see they are paid, that goes to anyone who has not contacted me.

    Please do, I want to sort out anything that is owed.

    SM & Colin, will receive the promised payments Monday, and a payment to Paulibe1 will also be made as per my email to him today.

    So far 5 people have been paid off in full, two of which posted yesterday, and one other who hasn’t despite being asked to who is QPRChris. The two others were not on this site.

    By this time next week, 10 people will have been refunded in full and 8 others will have been paid payments in accordance to the repayment plan.

    If anyone is owed and hasn’t contacted me, please do so.

    I had a good business and I was hopeless at running it and it fell apart and my customers were treated very badly, but I want to put it right to those who were let down.

    Deep down I am a decent guy, who made some bad decisions and messed up, no this is not excusable and nor is it an excuse or a reason to treat people badly and mess them about and not be truthful and up front with them. That was stupid actions by myself, but the main fact is putting it right and seeing those who were let down repaid in full.

    They may not forgive me, or trust me again, or want to have anything to do with me, but I will have done the right thing which is what matters most.

    I’m done with this industry anyway, Racing kills you, many good people and friends have been ruined by gambling, horse racing and all the things that go with it.

    Once I was very good at pre training racehorses and lining up gambles and watching gallops and relaying info and trading on markets, identifying horses which were non triers, but greed crippled me, I always wanted more and fell for every thing thrown my way. I got people involved with stuff which failed and affected them and put them out of pocket. It also put me out of pocket but that was my own problem. I have to and want to, put right the situation and see everyone is repaid.

    There will be some who won’t believe this and will probably come on here and want to post that and abuse me. If you wish to or feel that is right, by all means work away.

    Those who I have let down, I am sorry. I will repay you in full, please if you haven’t done so contact me, I will repay you, it may take a few months but I will see you are repaid.

    I only ask one thing, if all future posts can only be by those affected or by MMR Admin themselves and that the only posts are confirmations of payments or notifications off people being let down by me, that way the thread stays on topic and relevant and reports facts going forwards.

    As stated , if you are owed money by me, please email me to arrange a repayment plan which will be stuck to.



  150. TheBaker says:

    I repeat -“all other irrelevant commenting can then be finalised?”

  151. JoeBates says:

    Hi S&M
    Just think its his address on Skrill . I paid Chris via Skrill to that email address.

  152. S&M says:

    @ JoeBates

    Thanks, it MUST be an active account for the funds to be sent/received.

    Just wondering why he’s sending via Skrill to you, and making out he’s going to pay others via bank transfer, including myself.

    Why not just use the same method for all?

    I’m sure he will come up with some Cock ‘n Bull story.

  153. tiyoun says:

    @MMR Admin this thread is pathetic. What exactly is your motive? Most people had probably rightly or wrongly moved on after being robbed by this scumbag. You’ve already made a bold move by starting this this thread, you have now re-angered folk, you are starting to get their hopes up, every time someone offers the slightest solution you hide behind the “legal” this and “protection” that and throw a spanner in the works. You are directly in contact with him whilst others can’t get replies, you are effectively the one in the position of power here so what exactly have you done so far to help anyone? You’ve had countless copies of emails from people including myself to build up a dossier, what are you doing with those exactly? You’ve posted no update of your own for three months, are you saying you haven’t had contact with him since then, or do you like to be selective with what you post? It’s just teasing people and you can see the frustration building day by day. It’s just encouraging fantasists to come on here pretending they are James Bond and have the information to save the day for everyone, but of course for good old legal reasons they can’t say, but thought they’d wind everyone up that little bit more. Just put people in contact with each other for christ sake!!

    I still can’t understand why anyone hasn’t gone down the private investigator route, they will almost certainly find him in a very short space of time, these guys have an almost perfect success rate and Beek is a complete fool anyway, he’s left that many trails he wouldn’t stand a chance. If anyone cites cost as an excuse after some of the amounts that they have given to this guy then I just give up.

  154. suying747 says:

    tiyoun @ I agree with most of what you have said. We had all the information needed so people knew where to contact Beek.

    But MMR told us because Gerry was not affected personally, they would like us to not continue. Afraid of libellous comments, breach of data protection, etc, etc. So we just give the info to a colleague, who is now proceeding with it himself.

    There are times when you read just what has happened to some people on here, you would think, to hell with the consequences and let some justice be done, but I’m afraid not as far as MMR are concerned.

    We are no longer involved, and don’t wish to be in the future. You try to help, what a waste of our time that was!….

  155. suying747 says:

    Harry @ Bet your thinking what I’m thinking? He knew!… Maybe not a complete waste of time after all, we’ll see!……..

  156. gygt says:

    Not at all a waste of time suying747, we know that you and Gerry had our best interests at heart when it came to CB

  157. gygt says:

    also suying, maybe it was your posts that got CB on here?? So no waste of time then.
    I live in Oz, so off to work now.
    Will respond to CB’s post later tonight, there are quite a few holes in it……

  158. Harry4 says:

    tiyoun – Hi, I’m not quite sure who your remarks to James Bond fantasies and wind ups were aimed at. So I would just like to say, after reading what happened to people on here, especially an old lady who lost her life savings, I hope is was not me and my colleagues.

    We put a hell of a lot of time and effort getting that information, only to be told, “don’t bother” by MMR. I would like you to think why Beek suddenly decided to come on here, really think about it!…….

    We know why, also read the line about, “don’t bother with the police” we know what’s happened. I hope everyone gets a satisfactory outcome to this, time will tell.

  159. MMR admin says:

    @ suying – you specifically said you wanted to apologise to MMR and members for giving false information on this thread, then you say the misinformation was directed at Beek.

    I’m confused – did you post false information on this thread or not? Or did you send false information directly to Chris Beek? As you say you’ve never had dealings with Chris so you couldn’t have sent him misinformation could you? Can you explain what that misinformation was?

    Gerry told us that the only reason that you guys got involved was becasue you were disgusted by Chris Beek, there was no mention that you actually knew someone affected by Chris. Now you do – I find that odd.

    Gerry told us that he could get hold of Chris Beek’s passport number and therefore his address. Firstly obtaining that information I would assume is illegal and could get you and the source of your information in passport control in to trouble.

    Could you get hold of my passport that easily? Not sure I’m comfortable about that!

    Secondly I’m really unsure, as you have said you have had no personal dealings with Chris, how you would even be able to get the correct passport. I’m sure that there are quite a few Chris Beek’s in the UK. If you’ve never dealt with him, how do you know you’ve got the right passport?

    You are telling Tiyoun that you had all the information for people to contact Chris Beek, and that it was us that held you back. The reason we wouldn’t allow you to post the passport number is due to it breaching data protection act, which is an offence.

    I do find it odd though how you say that we held you back from passing that information on to everyone on here (people you don’t know) yet when Colin asked you to call him with the information you refused too as “he could be anyone”.

    And when I said that you are free to post the crime number and police station details that TheBaker asked you to provide you suddenly decide that “that information is not for you to give out”. That goes against everything you are saying to tiyoun about you wanting to share information doesn’t it?

    As I said though you are free to post the crime number and name of police station that your colleague has reported the crime to. Anyone can post those details on here so that people can contact the police to provide their evidence.

    So, please Suying – if you do really want to help the other members on here, please post that information. I know you say it is your colleague’s business but that wasn’t stopping you before.

    Also – Chris has told that he hasn’t heard from your colleague so please share their details here or get them to post them up themselves. Then Chris can start to repay them. He has promised to do so and as we’ve told Chris we won’t stop reporting on him until everyone has been repaid.

    It really would help everyone – which is what you say you want to do after all…

  160. suying747 says:

    Admin @ I have never read anyone who gets so easily confused as you do. You never seem to be able to grasp anything. When MMR decide to put someone in charge who is capable of running a simple review website, then maybe I will communicate with that person, have a good day.

  161. ChrisBeek says:

    @ Harry

    I came on here, because I was fed up of reading the rubbish that Gerry747, Suibg747 and more recently yourself was putting on here.

    It wasn’t helping members affected at all. Some members who had been in contact with me and were already getting repaid or have promises and dates of repayments yet you were trying to scare monger them into doing stuff because you were leading them to think otherwise.

    You now say you know why I came on here, actually it was at the request of Michelle and a few other members who I had been in contact with, who said they felt things would be more controlled if I posted on here, rather than emailing MMR and having them post on my behalf.

    The situation of all this is civil matters, and the police or any authority will always say that something is civil and should be dealt with in that manner, only when it breaches that does it become criminal. Anyone who has had failed business dealings with me, has been informed they will be refunded and given a time scale and repayment plan in place, should they chose to accept the plan if it is stuck to there is no breach of agreement. Also whilst a repayment plan is stuck to and is in operation, there is no legal authority which could or would advise anything else as the matter is being dealt with.

    Should I not stick to my agreement, or agreements members could obviously take me to court where as a repayment agreement had already failed , a court would order a CCJ, giving me 28 days to pay. If I didn’t pay, the client could issue a stat demand where if not paid they could file for bankruptcy and so on.

    That is how the legal system works.

    Should I be made bankrupt and had not acted professionally and accordingly with my clients and members , yes the receiver could suggest criminal involvement.

    I have had people mislead me and let me down and also owe me a lot of money, and I have filed complaints to the police, who have never done anything about it, I chased and chased money owed to me and go nowhere.

    There is a huge difference, members can go to the police if they wish to it is their prerogative. However when filing a report, the police will ask them to make contact to resolve a personal issue, and ask if they have a court record. If someone owes you money if you’ve made no legal attempt to get that money back, the police can be powerless as there are procedures that have to be put into place.

    Police investigations take a very long time, and they have to be sure of wrong doing, and also that a failed business dealing is not trying to be dealt with.

    As stated to anyone owed money, I will repay and set up repayment plans and that is my main reason for coming on here, to make sure members know this. If then they still chose not to contact me, that is their decision but at the same times shouldn’t keep complaining about being owed something, if they aren’t in communication to resolve.

    Some of the advice, you Harry, Gerry and Suing are giving members is shocking !

    Between yourselves you have so far claimed,

    You have my passport number
    you have seen footage of me on airport security
    you have looked at back information of imaging on airport security
    you have a track on me returning to the Uk
    You know exactly what I look like now
    You claimed I had filed for bankruptcy (when I haven’t)
    You claim that police are investigating and someone has a crime number and so on, but you know nothing of it and it is all through a colleague.

    However at no point has your colleague contacted me to resolve the matter? So I haven’t a clue who they are, what they are owed and why they are owed, yet at no point have you informed your colleague to contact me direct and try and sort out the situation ? You have decided to publish on a public website a lot of false information and used your position as a pilot or as stated by someone on another thread, an owner of an airplane company. WOW

    You do realise if you have even done half of the accusations you have said, you have committed major data protection offences, which would bring the whole reputation and legality of your airline into commercial and governmental fraud ?

    Your company would be shut down and you would be facing a huge charge for misappropriation of data protection.

    Myself would like to think someone in your position would be too intelligent to do something so stupid, or if you had, be completely wreckless to admit it on a website which would have stored your IP, have your email linked to it and personal details , so when approached by legal representation MMR would have to release your details.

    Quite frankly I don’t believe anything you have said Gerry, Suing or Harry and feel you have tried to manipulate members into a sense of panic and fear in order to try and make yourselves look like you are some kind of secret agent or have a testa rossa. But if I am wrong and you have acted outside the breaches of data protection, then you may wish to know that in the long run, that will be looked into and you will face the consequences, or your airline will.

    Some people have been let down badly by me and my business but everyone will be repaid, and that is my sole intention, to make sure no one is left unpaid.

    You can think of me what you want and never wish to do business with me, talk to me or whatever, but I will see that everyone is put right so that it is shown I done the right thing by my clients.

    Also a piece of advice Gerry, a passport is not linked to an address and nowhere on a passport does it display an address. As a pliot I would have thought you would have known this ?

    The only way to find out the address a passport was applied from would be to hack into the government database to obtain personal records on someone. I would love for you to admit to doing that or hiring someone to do that on a public website.

    As stated I hope those owed do contact me to sort this out and I will see that it is done.

    But please chose what you decide to believe as there is two stories to every story, but a lot of the time, people write what they hope to be true rather than what is, so the story sounds better so to speak.

    S&M, in response to your comment, the reason I paid Niall Clifford (JoeBates) by Skrill, was because he paid me that way and banks in Ireland so I don’t have his bank account details and he asked to be paid by Paypal or Skrill, given I no longer have any access to a paypal account, Skrill was my only option.


  162. suying747 says:

    ChrisBeek @ Yes sure Mr, Beek, anything you say. But your on here aren’t you?… no further comment needed!…

  163. palibe1 says:

    When everyone has finished picking the bones out of Chris’s message, can I refer them to paragraph 11, where he promises to set up a repayment plan etc. etc?

    Just be aware that he has set up repayment plans for me many times over and, on each occasion, after one or two small payments – SILENCE. Promises are only made to be broken in Mr. Beek’s opinion. Lies are his stock in trade and I can prove that in case he threatens yet again to sue me.

  164. Harry4 says:

    Beek, – “I came on here because I was fed up of reading the rubbish”

    Yep your right pal, if your dealing with crap, you feed them crap! And here you are!

    Yep everything totally rubbish, you really think we’re that stupid. We knew you would bite sooner or later.

    Apologies to members, but it got him here. Now let’s see if it did any good!

    We’ll watch this space with interest, see if he lives up to his promises!…….hmmmmmmmmmm!

  165. ChrisBeek says:

    Palibe1 – As stated, I have apologised for letting you and others down. I have also stated to you that you will receive £300 tomorrow, and then further 4 payments of £300 on the 3rd of October, 17th October, 31st October and the final payment on the 14th November.

    I hope you do confirm on each payment date you have received payment when it has been done. The same way I would expect you to post if you weren’t paid.


  166. suying747 says:

    Admin, Michelle @ Hi, sorry, ignore my last post, I actually think you do a good job. We just wanted to get Beek on here. Everything posted total garbage!

  167. MMR admin says:

    @suying – It’s not that I get confused easily – it’s just you and Gerry etc keep posting information and then going back on what you say.

    So you admit that everything you and Gerry posted about having Chris’s details etc was false and “total garbage?”

    I also think that Chris finally coming on here was down to the collective work of the MMR team and everyone affected by Chris coming forward. Not from a few posts from you and Gerry.

  168. gygt says:

    Sorry, but can’t really agree MMR admin.
    Chris Beek has had years, yes YEARS to set things straight, and I am sure he has been getting the same amount of e-mail complaints then (actually more, as many people I am sure have dropped off and can no longer be bothered), than what there are negative posts on here. But over the years we have heard nothing, or nothing but excuses. And now all of a sudden out of the blue he pops up here? MMR may well have played it’s part, but not for one second do I think you and the members here are solely responsible for CB turning up.

  169. suying747 says:

    Michelle @ If that’s what you think, but you only have to read his own words. “I came on here because I was fed up of reading the rubbish, etc,etc.”

    Yes everything total garbage, let’s see if he pays as promised.

  170. MMR admin says:

    @tiyoun. Our motive is simple – to give people a place to share their experiences (which we have) to give advice to people on the best course of action (which we have – go to the police) and to apply presure to Chris Beek to repay anyone who is owed money (which we have behind the scenes).

    The trouble with emails tiyoun is that they cannot be considered hard evidence. Emails can be doctored – things added and removed – before they are forwarded on. Plus, an email could be coming from anyone – even those not actually affected by Chris.

    And even if they were considered as “hard” evidence – here’s a NEWSFLASH. MMR is a review site and forum – I am not a policewoman. I do not have the power to go and arrest Chris or sieze his assets. I think you are forgetting that here.

    That is why I have said countless times – if people are affected her they need to go to the police. It’s not MMR’s fault that people don’t or can’t do that. That is their perrogative.

    You said back in july that you had written to the BHA – what happened with that? Did you hear back from them? Did you chase them up to make sure they were doing anything about Chris? Did you go to the police or the authorities at the time? You say we are pathetic for not doing more, but you didn’t do more either.

    I’m sorry for ranting – but I didn’t like it when you and suying make out like we are doing nothing for MMR members when we are. Just because we are not doing much on this thread doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard behind the scenes.

  171. Harry4 says:

    I don’t know, you’ve got to laugh. This thread has been on here for months, now MMR and their team want to take the credit for getting Beek on here!

    The guy admits himself in his own words why he came on here, Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. nathan westminster says:

    Michelle has anyone mentioned the Citizens advice?.Trading standards ,police etc.Citizens advice WILL point you in a positive direction ,that much you can rely on.As you say Michelle , one or two back tracking their own remarks?.Makes one wonder whether some on here simply enjoy the attention more than anything?.Lots of snipey remarks flying round.Nudge em into line Michelle ,well done.

  173. palibe1 says:

    Chris Beek
    I will gladly advise all and sundry if you keep this latest promise. It may help to renew the faith of people who believe in miracles.

  174. TheBaker says:

    Might I act as Devil’s Advocate here for a minute? Having worked within the legal system for many years, perhaps can I proffer the following information (which you would normally have to pay for) for free?

    Contrary to what most might believe, it is very doubtful that Mr Beek has actually committed a criminal offence. You might cry -“What about all the money he has received and the broken promises made? Surely it must be fraud?” Unfortunately his actions, as described and to which he has admitted, do not have the attributes of criminality.

    Briefly, in order for a “crime” to be committed there has firstly to be what is legally termed “mens rea”. In other words, a “guilty mind” – the intention of carrying out a criminal act. Secondly, there is “actus rea” – the actual commission of the intended act. Neither can stand without the other.

    The main question to be asked here is – “Did Mr Beek set out to purposely defraud anyone?” For instance, did he have the idea to set up a bogus business (perhaps with a false name), take peoples money with the intention of simply pocketing it for himself?
    If you believe this to be the case then it is basically “prove it”. And I would suggest that it would be difficult to do so. Or is it the case that having set up the business, it proved to be a bad business model that didn’t perform as intended and the increase in capital didn’t materialise? If the latter, then this is just one case of the many bad business transactions that occur on a daily basis.

    I am not here to defend Mr Beek nor put ideas into his head. There is no need; he already knows and states the manner in which an aggrieved person should take action against him – within the Civil Court via a CCJ.

    If this matter were to be reported to the Police and the correct details of what has happened were stated, then I would be extremely surprised if any action was taken. I would be even more surprised if the CPS were to subsequently advise proceedings. The actions simply do not fall within the sphere of prosecution within a criminal court.

  175. gygt says:

    thank you for your learned contribution.
    You say “Did Mr. Beek set out to purposely defraud someone”?
    Simple answer: YES
    He was still actively and aggressively roping new clients in with false promises at the time, knowing full well he was knee-deep in s#*t!
    Promises he knew full well he could never keep

  176. COLIN1955 says:

    Just to put the record straight for a few people regarding the 33700 Mr Beek has owed me since last October re a wine deal(no gambling involved)
    I emailed CB and he replied and “set up a repayment plan” with me which stated he would pay me £1100 from his wages in his new job on the 16th August followed by payments of £50 A DAY until the owed money was cleared to which I agreed,on the 19th August I received this email
    Chris Beek
    19 Aug
    to me

    Dear Colin
    The funds I was expecting to send your 1100 from my wages on the 16th, didn’t hit my account yesterday as expected, but are showing to credit tomorrow morning.
    So confirmation that £1100 will credit tomorrow morning around 9am.
    I will send £100 extra tomorrow in line with the first two £50

    On the 20th NO MONEY had been paid so I emailed him and received a reply
    Chris Beek
    20 Aug
    to me

    Colin I have sent it today, mate.
    Was only done about 40 minutes ago, from a new Aig Account, and it can take up to 1 working day to credit according to their website.
    Also sending £100 tomorrow morning as promised.

    21st Aug Still NO MONEY
    22nd emailed him giving him 7 days to repay in full or I was going to report him to the Police,VAT & HMRC
    25th August I emailed again and told him I’d spoken to his Ex landlady who had disclosed she knew the Police already had a file on him(through her)
    29th August I received this email from CB
    Chris Beek
    29 Aug
    to me
    Can’t make full payment today
    But to bring things up to date £1500 will be paid on Monday afternoon.
    Might have to be by Paypal however
    My reply was <colin.hetterley
    29 Aug
    to Chris

    Pay pals fineBut then again the cow MIGHT JUMP OVER THE MOON
    Sent from my iPhone

    I then went on holiday to Spain for 10 days on the 30th Sept
    8th Sept STILL NO MONEY so emailed him again
    9th Emailed him this <colin.hetterley@
    9 Sep (9 days ago)

    to Chris
    Good day Chris

    Just received an email from More Money Review site saying that you've set up a repayment scheme to re pay the people you've scammed money from DOES THIS INCLUDE the £3700 you still owe me because if so I must have missed the payments or you've sent it to the wrong account as I am still to receive ANYTHING

    I return from holiday tommorrow and if payment is not forthcoming VERY SHORTLY AS AGREED IN PREVIOUS CORRESPONDENCE then the authorities are going to be involved now there is more evidence to convict you of fraud and deception
    Kind regards Colin
    Sent from my iPhone

    11th Sept I sent
    HETTERLEY COLIN <colin.hetterley@
    11 Sep (7 days ago)
    to Chris

    Mr Beek

    Well well Chris it looks like you are finally up to your neck in DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP SHIT after reading what's being said on More Money review website it looks like the chickens are finally coming home to roost for you and after reading even MORE promises to repay people that you've scammed money out of it looks like it wont be long before the authorities coming knocking on your door to arrest you,I don't know if you've been reading the site lately but as of today as I've still not received ANYTHING from you now I'm back from my holidays the shit is going to hit the fan as to speak and after reading what you did to that 74 old women I'm even more determined to track you down

    You probably won't even reply to this email which just goes to show what a shit bag you really are but mark my words you can run but you can't hide
    Best Regards Colin
    He Replied
    Chris Beek
    11 Sep (7 days ago)
    to me

    A lot of that comment isn't actually the truth and sandm has actually had over 7k off me but is owed money .

    I'm working on your payments Colin and you'll receive something next week
    Take care
    16th Sept STILL NO MONEY so emailed him asking if it had gone to never never land like the rest,
    17th Sept received
    Chris Beek
    17 Sep (1 day ago)
    to me


    I am surprised that you are posting about police and hmrc and vat when I have told you I will be making a payment to you at the weekend, and will be paying you £1850 before the end of Sept and remainder by the end of Oct.

    I have given you this repayment agreement which will be stuck to, so surely you should be giving me the chance to honour that rather than presume I wouldn't.

    I Replied
    HETTERLEY COLIN <colin.hetterley
    17 Sep (1 day ago)
    to Chris


    Firstly I had put those comments on MMR before I emailed you yesterday and also how many times have I heard you say that I am going to get this & that when in reality I still have not received anything at all from you regarding payment,as you may remember only about two weeks ago you told me you were going to pay me £1100 followed by £50 a DAY.As you well know you have sent me ZILCH,NOTHING,in English that is FxxK ALL,so WHENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN you START paying???????????????????? I will put an apology on MMR to that effect,as you may imagine my patience is being worn very thin by your antics and I just hope that I don't have to go to the authorities but believe me I WILL if something is not forthcoming very soon,Its time to stop pussyfooting around and pay up,hope you reply to this mail shortly

    Kind Regards
    His reply
    Chris Beek
    17 Sep (1 day ago)

    to me
    Dear Colin , I have outlined in my first email what I'm paying you and every person who had contacted me is on a repayment program . If peoe chose not to contact me to sort this i can't exactly do much
    Sent from my iPhone
    I then sent him an email outlining my intentions if no money was paid by Thursday night,he replied
    Chris Beek
    17 Sep (1 day ago)
    to me

    Colin I have said the paymen wil be made Friday mate not tomorrow

    Sent from my iPhone

    So there you have nearly all the correspondence(genuine email copied from my inbox/sent box) I have had with Mr Beek since he set up my first payment plan 19th AUGUST and as it's now 18th Sept WATCH THIS SPACE because as I told him IF a payment is not forthcoming VERY shortly the shit IS going to hit the fan and 1 other thing anybody who is slagging MMR off for trying to sort this out please realise they have nOTHING to gain financially from posting these comments and should be praised for bringing Mr Beek to book in the first place.

  177. tiyoun says:

    @MMR, quite frankly I only came on here to help other people. You’ll see from my messages I got my money refunded in full, why on earth would I follow up my emails to the BHA when I already had my money back?? I’ve wasted enough time on this clown. I threatened him with emails to the BHA , a cheque arrived the next day and then I wrote to them anyway. They acknowledged it and that is that. Nothing left for me to do.

    It also took me hours trawling through emails last month so I could forward them to you as you requested. Repeat, I got my money back in full in 2012, all this is to help other people on here. But now my emails are “potentially doctored”. Haha, pathetic is not the word. I won’t be doing anything else to help you that’s for sure.

    Good luck to all on here I sincerely hope you get your money back and get your lives back on track.

    Good luck to anyone who gets sucked in a second time and begins to feel sorry for him.

    Harry, my comments about James Bond were in the heat of the moment, I’m just wound up that people are trying to protect him and tarred most with the same brush. Sorry for that, if you’re the reason he’s here now, well done.

    Beek, you my friend, can rot in hell.

  178. Pete Williams says:

    Simple answer to CB’s problem – now he has a secure job he should be able to secure loans and pay back everyone to whom he owes money and take the burden of interest payments on himself, rather than depriving others of any interest they could have accrued from the misappropriated funds.
    This would do away with the reported failed repayment plans and the litany of broken promises…

  179. bobo1977 says:

    @thebaker. You my be right, but lets look a little deeper. If you set up a business taking money on this scale then you have to keep books and by the the nature of his business have to register for VAT as his cleared the turnover requirements for VAT registration judging by the money owed. Therefore, has all this money (outputs) been declared to them? if not that is a CRIMINAL offence. Now his business my well have made a loss in which case no TAX or VAT would be due, however he still has to keep records and do you think a guy of this nature who has welshed on promise after promise keeps strict recording keeping???.. I think not! So HMRC is the only way to go and you will then see whether he has committed a criminal offence & pretty fast!

  180. gandalf6674 says:

    @bobo That’s great advice! Not!
    So you would prefer the government to get any money that they are owed before the victims! Think about it, the HMRC investigate him, they make a demand for monies, he can’t pay, he goes bankrupt. Everyone is out of pocket.
    You may feel that he has been punished (you get punished for crime) and you are satisfied.
    But then no-one gets their money back (you get compensation for civil offences)

    When will people on this forum realise, or at least listen to some of the advice given here. It is a civil matter! It is a tort of law.
    Read what the baker and chris himself has said about the matter. They both tell you the legal procedure.
    Unfortunately, people do not like this process, and believe it is a criminal offence, and as the baker states, if you feel it is a crime, then prove it. But then criminal offences do not pay compensation, criminal offences punish.
    Do you want your money back? Go down the civil route.
    Do you want to punish? Prove that he has committed a crime, and go down the criminal route?

    To everyone concerned, what do you want to get out of this? Your money back, or to punish?
    Your choice.

  181. ChrisBeek says:

    2 more Clients have this morning been paid in full. Two other clients have received payments in line with repayment plans.

    Three more on repayment plans will be paid on Monday. 2 more to be repaid in full next week.

    7 of the 18 people now repaid in full, and 7 of the remaining 11 have received part repayments, with 4 others starting next week.

    No one further has contacted me since my post last week, despite requesting you to if owed money.

  182. Telford1974 says:

    pete williams @

    having a job for a couple of weeks can hardly be deemed as being secure, so what kind of instituton would loan him tens of thousands of pounds? thats if it is only tens

    would you lend him anything? simple answer no

    this individual should carry a goverment health warning

  183. Telford1974 says:

    or should it wealth warning?

  184. gandalf6674 says:

    Another constructive comment by yourself! (Someone just passing comments)
    You’re the sort of person that goes on YouTube, watches a video for 15mins, and comments that it was a waste of time! – wasting more time commenting on the fact you wasted your time!

  185. S&M says:

    @ Mr Beek

    Surely it is YOUR responsibility to contact the people you owe these VAST amounts of money to, and not the other way round?

    You claim that you haven’t heard from anyone else via MMR – ARE 100% of the unfortunate folk you have relieved of money, members of MMR?

    If not, then I reiterate… Surely it should be down to you to contact these people and offer them recompense – As you claim to be doing with others, who have access to this forum.

  186. suying747 says:

    Guys we have Mr, Beek now on here, he’s posting and updating payments etc. Of course those receiving will have to confirm those payments. So why don’t we now wait and see the results.

    It does no good posting such comments as above from gandalf6674 our aim was to try to get Mr, Beek to respond, eventually he did. Now why don’t we give him the time to carry out his promises.

    I’m sure we will soon be informed if he falters!

  187. Telford1974 says:

    gandalf @

    i simply put it to pw that nobody in their right mind would entertain a loan to CB, and you make a snide remark.

    would you loan cb money?

  188. ChrisBeek says:

    S&M, anyone who I know is out of pocket, or owed most and no it isn’t vast amounts of money in most cases, despite you saying this, is being repaid and is in constant contact with me and has a payment schedule.

    There were 18 people who contacted me through MMR, or made it clear they were through MMR, yet Michelle claimed to me 22 people had contacted her.

    However there are only 18 people who I’m repaying that have informed me they are on MMR or had contacted MMR, of which either the other 4 are people being repaid but haven’t told me they came through MMR or they simply haven’t contacted me.

    2 people who contacted me via MMR were owed £110 and £150, they were people who signed up to a tipping service 2-3 years ago which failed. I hadn’t received contact from them about refunds or were even aware of refunds being owed to them until they contacted me having been in touch with MMR, it was only then they contacted me and were both refunded.

    Anyone I am aware of being owed anything has a repayment schedule or has been paid, but if there is someone I don’t know of then I won’t have contact with them.

    When Kachina Racing set up in 2007 until it was end in 2013, I had over 1000 members from people paying for inside info, shares in horses, tipping services and gallop reports or industry guides.

    Hardly any of the services were failures but I had an awful year in 2012, and services that year failed some of which triggered refunds due, most were refunded at the time, but during the bad year a handful of members asked to stop being emailed so wouldn’t have been on the list at the end of the year when details were asked of to refund.

    Everyone I know that is owed anything is being refunded and some already refunded in full.

    I don’t owe vast amounts to many people at all S&M as previously informed you of in personal correspondence. I have already submitted the repayment schedule to yourself of which will be honoured, with your first payment on Monday.

    I had agreed with MMR that I would comment as and when payments were made and hope members when received will also inform MMR of payments received. One member put an aggressive post on this forum previously, and has been fully refunded, but has not informed MMR they’ve been paid or acknowledged the payment, so all payment emails I send to each member are having MMR blind copied in, so they know what has been paid.

    MMR did agree with me that members should post when they get payments and also inform MMR when paid, and that the forum should be commenting on payments received or not received when promised, so an accurate position is displayed, however a few people continue to post unhelpful and unneeded responses, when they aren’t even affected at all, which doesn’t help members who are awaiting payments.


  189. palibe1 says:

    In line with my undertaking to report if I received my promised £300, I wish to advise that a deposit of £300 via BACS appeared on my bank statement this morning. (No Pirelli cheques this time round)
    Will report on future promised payments whether honoured or not.

  190. S&M says:

    @ Mr Beek

    The term “vast”, refers to the total you have accumulated since you began promoting and running your “service(s)”, however it appears that your idea of vast amounts as opposed to others, is obviously a totally different kettle of fish.

    All I will say is that the amount you owe us is a VAST amount… At least it is to us!

    Please try to remember this when you’re flippantly commenting on the amount you have belonging to others.

    You might also take a moment to spare a thought for the people, you have driven to despair through YOUR actions.

    Can you remember a not-too-distant exchange of emails to me?

    I refer to the one where I called you a “friend”?

    The one you sent just a couple of days before you attended some conference?

    I won’t say any more!

  191. gygt says:

    “Surely it is YOUR responsibility to contact the people you owe these VAST amounts of money to, and not the other way round?”
    What kind of service requires it’s ‘Customers’ to do the chasing??
    What kind of service is that??
    What kind of record-keeping is that??

  192. gygt says:

    @ Chris Beek,
    this is CLASSIC Beek:
    ‘No one further has contacted me since my post last week, despite requesting you to if owed money.’
    MY GOD MAN………

  193. gygt says:

    normally, in the wild, a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots

  194. ChrisBeek says:

    You are not actually owed any money by your own admission yet you are full of accusation towards myself and making insinuations above, which are not true. I have contacted all those I knew and from my files were owed anything, although MMR informed me they had 22 complaints , my file only had 18 of which mentioned MMR.

    As stated I am paying ALL PEOPLE that I know are owed money, but as said if there is someone I’ve missed I’ve asked them to contact me, the fact no one further has contacted me suggests there aren’t any others. However MMR told me they knew of 22, however only 18 people who I am repaying had stated MMR in correspondence so either there are 4 people owed something, that I do not know or who, or they are people already being paid who didn’t inform me that they had contacted MMR like others had.

    May I point something out to you GYGT, last year many banks were ordered to pay back customers they mis-sold policies to, however in order to obtain the refunds, customers had to file complaints and apply for the refund. If you didn’t contact the bank, they wouldn’t contact you and pay you the funds.

    Very simply unless you know someone is owed something, you may not think you do or know you do.

    Most have been very small amounts (under £200) which were simply admin misses.

    As you have said Kris, you are not owed money and were paid back any money I owed you a long time ago and we only dealt for around 8 months, in which you did not lose money. My files also said that is the case. You were paid what you were owed even though it took a bit of time, mainly because of you being in another country and payment options were limited and my Paypal account was limited and that was the original way I paid you and in the end I recall sending payment to your Aus Bank which you confirmed you received.

  195. gygt says:

    @ Chris Beek,
    where to start????
    Your seemingly apologetic posts are littered with holes.
    I really don’t know where to start.
    You claim in a previous post that I have been repaid all that is owed – INCORRECT!! More on that later.
    The PayPal Betting Adventure, AND the Ultimate Betting Adventure BOTH NEVER LIVED UP TO YOUR PROMISES!!
    I eventually got back about what I put in — after MANY MANY MANY e-mails, AND almost as many phone calls! Trust me, you have no idea how frustrating you are to deal with!! I have the grey hairs and bald spot to prove it!!
    The lies that you told us all — you make Pinocchio look like Mother Theresa!
    And now you come on here ranting about ‘payment plans being in place’……ra ra ra
    Tell me, are these the same payment plans we were on years ago??
    And according to Colin1955 post above, you were still telling whopping lies as recently as a week ago!!
    ‘Colin I have sent it today, mate.
    Was only done about 40 minutes ago, from a new Aig Account’……..
    If it was done, it was done! BUT IT WASN’T!!!!
    You told me, and all others I am sure, the same thing.
    How can you type s*^te like that??
    And you wonder why we don’t believe you?? Are you serious??
    Like I said to you once before, do you actually read what you write??
    Mate, people like you really rile me — because when it comes to money, I have a completely different mindset.
    I have a small business in country NSW, Australia, and I absolutely HATE owing people money. I pay all bills well before the due date, some of my friends say this is foolish – I can see their point, but it just irks me owing money.
    When we stock up the shop at our local grocer’s, I deliberately do not have an account with them, everything is cash. If I am short even just a matter of 50c, I will walk back to my shop and repay it immediately!!
    Now you know why people like you get me riled!!
    Now further to the above, where PROMISED REFUND GUARANTEES were not honoured, incl. the following services I was a member of:
    Work Rider Tips, 40% Service, Elite Betting Club, GBP 5000 Target Club, Christmas Bets, Secret Betting Club, Place Bets, and Personal Touch.
    The only thing they had in common: THEY ALL FAILED!!
    Why am I posting them here?
    Simple: you have ignored many many e-mails in the past, and yes my energy wore thin, and I could no longer be bothered, esp. living so far away!
    I am sure this is part of what you relied on, was the fact that you would just wear people down.
    And now here you are, it has ignited something in me to FINALLY get justice, like many others on here as well.
    I am also sure that if it wasn’t for Gerry and suying, you would still be contacting MMR through the back door! I think their posts got you scared, whether true or not, they had the desired effect to flush you out!
    I mean you have had years to come good, and now all of a sudden literally out of nowhere here you are now….
    Coincidence? Me thinks not!
    And Chris, like most services, it is rarely the money lost on joining fees, but the money lost following their advice, that really hurts!
    I will have a read up on the various guarantee promises made and work out a total to see what you owe me — and get back to you!
    Probably on this thread, if MMR doesn’t mind — as we all know that you have a woeful track record of answering e-mails!!
    One last thing:
    Are you and Eddie Ege one and the same person.
    I have strong reasons for believing that you are.
    And if I am wrong, why did you deny knowing him?
    And why would he deny knowing you??
    And now it turns out you were Business Partners, and according to EE, this arrangement only ceased a month ago?
    Surely you would remember a Business Associate from a mere 4 weeks ago??

  196. gandalf6674 says:

    @s&m, I may not know of your ‘business’ contract with Mr. Beek, however, I am getting constantly bored of your rants!
    You are taking many things out of context! You may well feel aggrieved that you ‘invested’ money for a service that did not deliver, and quite rightly judging by my own emails (contracts/offers to treat) received from Mr. Beek, he does offer ‘guarantees’ of profit or your money back. (That is the offer to treat). Subsequently you ‘invested’ a substantial amount of YOUR mothers life savings, into a the belief of a guaranteed return. Therefore, you have accepted his offer, and finalised it with a payment to enter into an agreement. You have now established a contract with Mr. Beek. This cannot be denied from either party.
    HOWEVER, Mr Beek has offered to repay you (albeit over time) and your first payment is due this coming Monday.
    SO WHY DO YOU KEEP BADGERING THIS MAN ON A PUBLIC FORUM? You should be careful otherwise you could end up with a CRIMINAL record yourself, especially when you vent your views in public!
    You have Mr Beeks promise and apology within this forum! Leave him be at let him deliver!
    Talk about kick a man when he is down.
    As for ‘investing’ your mothers savings on a gambling adventure (whether or not it is a contractually binding agreement or not), may I suggest you invest in safer opportunities next time! It’s like we all have to pay for your wrong investment! Does that remind you of a recent banking scandal! Or did your mother even know you had ‘invested’ her money? Who is the scammer?

    @telford, are you going to ask S&M whether they would give cb a loan? Because if not, it appears they already have! You apparently have never had any dealings with Mr Beek, so pipe down! Troll

    Give Mr Beek a chance to do what he has publicly said he would do. Stop hounding him like a bunch of school kids. “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!” Pathetic!

    At least Mr Beek has some balls, has admitted to his mistake/s, and is trying to make amends. Please leave the rest of this forum for the reporting of said debts and repayments to be announced!

  197. gygt says:

    Hey Chris,
    you say I posted previously that I had been paid what was owed to me??
    Clearly not only do you read what you type, but you also didn’t read what I typed on Aug 18:
    ‘I did however at least get back what I put in (from one venture),’ — for your benefit I will highlight ‘FROM ONE VENTURE’!!
    Please read my previous post with the other ventures involved!
    Mate, when it comes to other people’s money, you really need to dot your i’s and cross your t’s!!

  198. gygt says:

    by the way, you state that I am full of accusations and insinuations toward your good self….
    Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I have stated on this thread is pure, unadulterated FACT!!
    The fact that you might not like what is being said, doesn’t make it not true!
    No accusations, no insinuations, JUST FACTS!!
    As the saying goes: Perception is everything!
    FYI, I am also a person who chooses his words wisely and carefully, before speaking or typing them out!
    And yes, I agree with S&M, your comments about not owing vast amounts of money to people could be deemed as belittling them. How do you know their financial situation?? And if indeed they were not vast amounts as you put it — why didn’t you pay them?? Or were the amounts just too vast for you??

  199. COLIN1955 says:

    Just a quick update on Mr Beek
    After I posted yesterday CB contacted me and said that he’d already set up a repayment plan to pay me the £3700 he owes me starting with a £200 payment yesterday followed by 4 more of 1x £500 plus 3x£1000 dates being
    23rd Sept £500 7th October £1000 21st October £1000 and the final £1000 on the 4th November
    He has actually paid me the £200 as cleared funds last night as promised. ( suprise suprise)
    Only time will tell IF the remaining payments are made on time if at all
    I will keep you posted

  200. bobo1977 says:

    @gandalf6674 – Well the mention of HMRC seems to have got results as Chris appears to be paying people now, so my intention was to scare not too punish if you see what i was trying to do.
    This life is all about getting results not about clouding the issue with law speak. Since when has going down the legal route got any victim anything??? Apart from making the legals eagles rich in the process. Even if these victims had won their case there is still no guarantee of them getting payment so why bother?? Although the civil courts, solicitors would still get their fee. So when you say my advice was no good it seems to have got a better response then your legal advice. Job done! I rest my case m’lord.

  201. gandalf6674 says:

    You do not need to be represented by a lawyer. You’ve been watching too much judge Judy/Rinder. Btw a civil court is not held in a ‘court’ as such, normally they are held within the chambers of the district judge. So if you are expecting a show down like the TV programmes, you’re better off going to Jeremy Kyle! Please do, I will record that one!

    I have tried to give my honest opinion, from dealings I have and experience that has been seen. But in all fairness mr. Beek has publicly spoken out about his intentions to repay. (Whether he does this, or not, will obviously be represented here), which is where if mr beek is not true to his word, you have more than enough evidence here on this forum!

    Please people, the man is down, almost out, but if you want to see any of your ‘investment’ then stop this berating! You are only digging a bigger hole!

    Without malice to anyone, there has been a ‘repayment plan’ initiated by mr beek. So give him some due! Also because of this fact, the district judge would frown upon refusal of such agreement.

    Re-read his post earlier. He is apologetic, and is trying to make amends. Give him a chance FFS.

  202. S&M says:


    That’s twice you’ve called people Trolls on this forum now.

    You may know the law (well f**k my Grandmother’s tall sombrero – someone that’s conversant with the law!) but that doesn’t give you carte blanche to go tearing into people who have been scammed.

    How much did you say that you were out of pocket by the way?

    And your remark… “How responsible is that?”

    We were duped by Mr Beek into joining his “service” back in October, (he told a blatant lie as to how he got hold of my details for starters) and promised us a regular weekly return.

    I was trying to HELP my mother… I suppose (in your eyes) I was wrong for doing that as well?

    If your answer is yes, then you’re a damned fool and need to come back down to Earth (from Gandalf Towers) and see what a mess this guy has made of people’s lives.

    How many people actually met this man, before they sent their hard earned money?

    Sorry Gandalf, I didn’t hear your answer there!

    I would take a rough guess at NIL!

    This “person” never once made out there were any problems, only when it had all gone sour for him (and ultimately for us)… Many, many weeks after the fact… FACT!

    As far as talking to Mr Beek personally, well, I have tried for NINE months now, but there’s only so much bullsh*t anyone can take… EVEN you would tire, trust me!

    The reason we are here (and I probably speak for most of his “investors”) is to get answers, and eventually our money back, which Mr Beek looks like he might just be “finally” sorting.

    It is very early days (as Palibe has mentioned), let us just hope Mr Beek keeps to his word now, as I also have a list (as long as your arm) of failed payments etc.

    I suppose I’m a Troll now?

  203. bobo1977 says:

    My point is going down the legal route ‘in general’ delivers little to apart from making legal eagles plenty. There is more than one way to skin a cat. I wonder how apologetic he would be if this storm never brewed so FFS sake gandalf6674 get real!

  204. Harry4 says:

    gygt – Hi Kris, I too would like to know the answer, is Eddie Ege really Chris Beek? I see you had no reply to that one? A website that looks quickly thrown together. Shows several months but only one months results. Only registered in August on Go Daddy, showing the Manchester address, registered under Eddie Ege, Info on

    Why do I have a funny feeling!……….

  205. Harry4 says:

    Su, not only that, there is something not quite right with this edge racing. On the website they state the betting expert Eddie Ege will be holding seminars, yet you google it, nothing! Zilch! It’s as if Eddie Ege does not exist, of course, I could be wrong!…….

  206. bleep24 says:

    I think that Chris. Beek has remembered `Eddie the Eagle` UK skier at the Olympic games. We all know what happened to `Eddie` re; his performance so perhaps Mr Beek is having a bit of a laugh at our expense!! using Eddie Ege a pseudonym.

  207. gygt says:

    I would like to apologise to you for reporting my factual experiences with Chris Beek on a Public Forum. If reporting the truth makes me a troll as you say, then like I said, I apologise!
    Maybe you would like me to take a leaf out of CB’s book, and start telling lies??
    You say: ‘If you have a gripe with mr beek, then please talk to him personally.’
    Gandalf, do you not read previous posts??
    Why do you think we are on here airing our grievances??
    HE DID NOT ANSWER PHONE CALLS!!!!!!! (caller ID?).
    You say I am an idiot and a despicable person, have you had any dealings with me??
    Have you had any dealings with Chris Beek??
    Quote: ‘let the man, and his victims speak, in a true and factual manner.’
    I AM one of his victims, and I AM speaking! Everything I have stated is true and factual, these have been my exact experiences with Mr. Beek. Please forgive me for reporting facts! As the saying goes: Perception is everything! These are my perceptions! Who are you to tell me they are wrong??
    ‘Let his victims speak’….as you are on here speaking, can you please post your experiences with Chris? I am sure we would all like to know.
    And in response to your last swipe….you are correct, I am no Lawyer, and have little knowledge of the finer details of the legal system. One point for you!
    But I do know Right from Wrong!!
    Like bobo said…..Get Real !!

  208. gygt says:

    and gandalph,
    this is all part of the healing process for us!

  209. gygt says:

    thank you suying and Harry for info, that is difficult for me to access down here. Or maybe I just don’t know how to.

  210. gandalf6674 says:

    sod this chat, I want to know who you would vote for?
    Do we want Scotland in the union? Yes/no
    Shall we bring back hanging? Yes/no
    Is your mother gullible to give you the majority of your life savings into a gambling scheme? Yes

  211. gandalf6674 says:

    @gygt with response to your post dated 19th sept 11:37pm , you obviously have not read any of my earlier posts, how to resolve, and if not how to proceed with a small claims procedure. Everyone keeps banging on about going to the police! The police will not help!

    It is a civil matter! FULL STOP

    That’s why we sent the crims over there!

  212. ChrisBeek says:

    Kris, I sent you an email earlier this evening, which I notice you did not reply to by the way. In case you didn’t receive it I have now forwarded it to Michelle and asked her to send the copy to you.

    I answered Kris’ questions on a personal email to him, and I’ve already stated I am not Eddie Ege. I previously was paid to provide racing information for his business but no longer am and haven’t since late July.

    Suying you have already been proven by MMR earlier on this thread to be a liar, between yourself Harry and Gerry when fabricating information on a public forum. I think that basically means anyone can take anything you say with a pinch of salt. You like to give the impression to people you are someone of power with many contacts and so on, truth be told you are probably all one person who spends their whole life on internet forums craving attention trying to be something you are not.

    If you wish to reply to the email I sent you Kris please feel free to do so.


  213. ChrisBeek says:

    Also , Bob, Suing, Gerry & Harry. Please don’t flatter yourselves. I wasn’t one bit scared about your “threats” or false information you tried posting. I came on here because I KNEW that you were talking absolute twaddle. You confirmed to me how much rubbish you talk the minute you mentioned airport security pictures, for your information I’m absolutely petrified of flights and would rather travel 2 weeks by boat somewhere than go on a plane. I came on here at the request of Michelle no one else. She agreed with me the whole topic was getting out of hand caused by your lies, and funnily enough within hours of my postings which showed you up to be liars, so sad and pathetic that you would make up such stories to make posters look up to you and think you are well connected or in some presence of power, when the reality was you were liars got found out and quickly changed your tact to try and save face. Michelle was going to remove your posts but she asked me if it was okay to leave your false stories on the site as she said it was not the first time you had made out to members that you had so called information about certain things and such good contacts who can pass on stuff to you. She was delighted you had finally proven yourselves to be liars and I find it very sad posters look up to you believing you were helping them and had so called key information when all you were doing was making up rubbish and telling lies and then when you were found out and proven as liars by the very little you knew about your topics you were proclaiming to be experts on, you changed your story as if to convince members of this site you aren’t just lying fools which you are. Now you are at it again and Bobo please don’t insult my intelligence, I have paid tax all my life and my business never made enough to warrant Vat and it made staggering losses in 2012 and 2013 which I balanced the books on, and further to that, my racing business was not a profit making business and was run to cover costs which tax implications allow as a racehorse owner as long as the syndicate doesn’t claim it’s losses, I paid hefty amounts of vat on training fees and all racing related costs.

    I had set up repayment plans over a week ago and people have been getting paid for over 2 weeks, so don’t think for one minute you are some kind of scary hero.

    Everyone who is owed is being dealt with in a professional and fair manner and all have accepted repayment plans and most have thanked me for sorting things out and doing right by then.

    MMR were being informed of payments made long before I came on here. I came on here to prove what a liar, Harry, Gerry and Suing were, and it took me no time at all. What I find amazing is after all the rubbish they put on this thread and lies they told, that any members have any respect for them and listen to anything they say, madness !

    You even made out you would contact Colin when you returned from your “job” away, so you would have contacted him with nothing and made out lies ? That shows exactly what sort of people you are doesn’t it.

    I’ve publicly apologised to those who have been let down, assured them things will be put right and they will be repaid and not be out of pocket, sadly this probably upsets some people on here as they would rather be able to make out I’m the second coming of satan and have screwed over people , not intending to pay people and leave them high and dry.

    In fact some of you I reckon will be gutted when everyone is paid back, as that’s the weird way your minds work.

    Oh and Gerry and Suing, despite you admitting you lied many times on the thread and used false info, I would like to inform you that two very good friends of mine, are very high up in BA and I have asked them to try and work out which pilot you are. Given you stated a flight you were making for a job on here last week and your destination and where you went from, it won’t take long in studying the pilots register and contacting the airline companies who had flights to those destinations to find out who the pilots were and I wonder if one of them goes by the name of Gerry or Gerald.

    This breaches no data acts but I’m sure if you really are a pilot which I actually have serious doubts about, then I’m sure those who employ you would be very interested with the comments you make on public websites, and if it turns out you are the owner of the airline or part owner of an airline, which having searched all your posts on this site (yes I done that) I saw Harry mention on another thread, then I’m sure the CAA and EHOW would be very interested to know how airline owners suggest they act and the parameters you would willingly break or leave people to suggest you break.

    Yes it’s a lot of effort to go to, but it’s worth it. I actually reckon my findings will prove you are not a pilot at all, and the closest you get to flying a plane is on a PC flight simulator, but I guess time will tell.

    How any members even listen to your advice after all the lies you tried to make members believe , spreading false ill facts, causing some of them to panic and worry and think they would never get paid, amazes me how these people don’t ignore everything you write. I’ll give you something though, the little stories of lies you wrote, did make me chuckle so you clearly have a creative brain, I suggest if being a pilot doesn’t work out, try writing a book!


  214. dovered says:

    This is the 1st time I’ve written on this subject. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s very similar to others on here who are owed money. I’ve always got on with Chris, even though his payment methods are a ‘bit lax’, and when i told him that i had contacted MMR after seeing this thread, i think he felt let down. But as i explained to him, it was only that i was getting frustrated at the lack of replies to my e mails/texts/phone calls, and of the lack of repayments. We have agreed a payment plan, with the 1st instalment being paid next Monday 22nd. I shall keep you informed.


  215. suying747 says:

    Harry I think we have finally got to him, what a response.

    Chris Beek @ Believe what you wish, our intention was to feed you with so much rubbish and yes, lies, till you could stand it no more, and you no what, it worked!

    You keep to your promises and repay those you owe, then you will hear no more, that was our only intention!

    Now I must go and practice on my flight simulator, do have a good day!

  216. tiyoun says:

    The inevitable sympathy is starting to creep in now surprise surprise.

    Just remember without any of this surfacing on internet forums he wouldn’t be here now, he’d still be having it away with your hard earned cash! He’s “doing right by you” because he was caught, not because he stepped forward, he was dragged forward. More fool anyone who ever forgets that!!

  217. suying747 says:

    Harry @ When you write all that at one o’clock in the morning, I think that speaks for itself. To say he came on here at the request of MMR after all these months of members asking him to come on here to explain himself, is total garbage. He would be still hiding behind admin in MMR.

    He talks of lies, what a joke, he’s proved himself to be the biggest liar of all time with his false promises, his threats and the misery he brought to so many people.

    OK Harry, we’ll leave him alone now, if he continues to pay up, fair enough, if not, watch this space. He’ll soon find out if we’re real or not!

  218. jayaybe says:

    Forgive me butting in when this is none of my business, but Chris it seems rather unfair to disclose publicly, Michelle’s personal feelings about a matter as expressed to you in a private conversation. This seems like an unfortunate breach of trust to me and doesn’t reflect particularly well on yourself.

  219. tiyoun says:

    Spot on jayaybe, I was thinking exactly the same myself when I read it. Any credibility he did have left has now been shot to pieces, I’m sure even Michelle would agree this was out of order.

  220. suying747 says:

    Admin @ “She was delighted you had finally proven yourselves to be liars”

    I think we now know where we stand with you! All very pally isn’t it, “Chris said this, Chris said that”

    Don’t even bother replying, I’m sure members can make their own mind up!

  221. thebetengine says:

    “She was delighted you had finally proven yourselves to be liars…” – oh dear, that reveals rather a lot I think.

    How disappointing.

  222. suying747 says:

    Of course, very disappointing, but then again, are you not a vendor? correct me if I’m wrong!

    There is only one guy on this thread who’s proved himself to be a liar and a cheat, we all know who that is!

  223. S&M says:

    @ Gandalf6674

    I refer to your flippant comment at 12.14 am (most normal people are asleep by then, but each to his own!):

    “Is your mother gullible to give you the majority of your life savings into a gambling scheme? Yes”

    Why, exactly do you come on this forum, if not (and I will use your terminology) only to TROLL, as that’s all you’re doing.

    You’re a bloody CLOWN!

    You’re not affected by what’s happening here, so would prefer you not commenting on reasons, IF or WHY my mother decided to “invest” in this individual’s failed “services”, if that’s what Mr Beek prefers to call them.

    We placed our trust (as MANY did) in this person, only for him to turn out the way he has done, which is what WE will have to live with… NOT you, so please go and do your trolling elsewhere!

  224. Harry4 says:

    I see my posting was put into awaiting moderation, wonder why? so post again via London IP.

    Hi Su, as you know it’s early hours here, but I just had to look in here. For one little chinese girl, your one tough cookie kid.

    We achieved what we wanted to do, just let it go now. Beek has dropped himself and Michelle right in the s***. I always had a feeling it was a case of you scratch my back etc, etc. Just read Beek’s posting again!

    The members are not stupid, if Beek pays them back, that’s all we wanted to achieve, take care kid.

  225. suying747 says:

    Just had email from Harry, he posted on here, put into moderation, so he posted again from UK IP, also put into moderation.

    Seems like MMR don’t want further information revealed or discussed on here, wonder why?

  226. Bear1 says:

    I’ve had no dealings with Mr Beek and so obviously my postings reveal that I’m a troll (and most probably an idiot….lol) but this thread is of interest to many people, I’m sure, because I suspect that we’ve all “been had” at some point in our lives and so we can empathise with the injustice and the frustration that comes with that.

    In a nutshell, the problem is that Mr Beek owes money to many people and they are naturally frustrated about this because he often fails to answer emails and when he does, false promises are made.

    The solution to the problem is for Mr Beek to enter a public arena so that his promises for re-payments become accountable.

    I think that we should give credit where credit is due – should we not?

    Mr Beek has entered a public arena and has apologised and has promised to put in place re-payment plans. Indeed, there is clear evidence that some people have been re-paid in full. Now, I could be wrong but I believe that a genuine thief and an all-round bad egg wouldn’t do that.

    It appears from Mr Beek’s own admission that he has poor judgement and poor business acumen and that stuff has spiralled out of control because of greed and unfortunately, many others have been caught in the vortex.

    Now it’s all very well for me to give credit to Mr Beek when I haven’t had to endure the stress caused by this sad and sorry state of affairs (over a long period of time) and so I understand the feelings of tiyoun, gygt, S&M and many others. In my view, there is nothing more frustrating than to be fed a succession of broken promises and the frustration becomes magnified when a substantial amount of money is owed. That said, if I was owed money, I would be re-assured that his re-payment plans are now the subject of public scrutiny, on this forum, and so in this respect, genuine progress has been made.

    Another bone of contention appears to be…..

    Would Mr Beek have come forward and put these re-payment plans in place, in the public domain, if it were not for the pressure exerted by MMR and the members of MMR? I believe that this “moral pressure” if you like, has had some part to play and in this respect, MMR and the members of MMR have been a force for good because this force has, on the whole, favoured the interests of those who are owed money.

    I know that several may disagree but in my view, the MMR admin deserve much credit. The MMR site is a review site and not a mechanism for policing unscrupulous practice and so in this respect, MMR have acted “beyond the call of duty”. In so doing, MMR has provided the public platform to enable scrutiny and accountability – such is the power of the internet – and if I were owed money, I would be grateful for that.

    Suying, whilst I think that some of your betting posts have been genuinely helpful to others, I disagree with the stance you are taking on the matters that pertain to Mr Beek. I understand your motives but in my view, they are ill judged. You have attempted to expose unscrupulous practice by behaving in an unscrupulous manner and as the old saying goes, “Two wrongs, don’t make a right”. Furthermore your reply to Michelle in your post, dated 18 September at 10.32 was not only very evasive but shameful.

    In conclusion, the most important aspect of all is that Mr Beek now honours his promise to pay back all that is owed. MMR has provided the platform for this process to be monitored.

  227. gygt says:

    thanks for your invaluable help and information!
    I will let you know how I get on with a Small Claims procedure from Australia!!

  228. suying747 says:

    Bear1 @ The posting you refer to was all part of the act of getting Beek on here. If you look further down, you will see a posting saying ignore it.

    Yes two wrongs don’t make a right, but when you read this guy took an old woman’s savings and the threats and abuse he gave them, I think it justifies it in my opinion.

    As Harry said in his posting that is in moderation.

    ” Beek has dropped himself and Michelle right in the s*** now. He always thought there was a case of you scratch my back etc, he wouldn’t trust them an inch.”

    (excuse the language, he is an American)

  229. suying747 says:

    Michelle @ I know your reading this, also know why your putting us all into moderation. Your a coward, don’t want information revealed.

    I have several staff who are members, they will re-post everything together at once. You have fifteen minutes to put all postings that are in moderation onto the forum, if you don’t want that to happen!

  230. ZakCorey says:

    Just come onto MMR as a “newbie”. Bit surprised at some comments. Thought this was a review site where I could get some real info – seems as though some posters use threats to try and achieve a purpose!

  231. TheBaker says:

    Dear me, what has this now sunk to?

  232. gygt says:

    yes, you are correct, you did send your crims down here……. and now you need a visa…….go figure??
    Still waiting on your response to what dealings you have had with Chris Beek??
    Do you have any idea how much grief CB caused me and my family? And others? Do you have any idea how many arguments I had with my wife, because it was my decision to invest with him — and her words were: on your head be it!!
    Well, do you?? And do you care?? My guess would be a big ‘NO’ to both questions!! You also don’t care about S&M’s plight, as you have also insulted him. And on what grounds, may I be so bold as to ask? What details do you have? It astounds me time and time again, when people have a definitive opinion on something they know very little about….. I cannot get my head around people like that…….
    You being a Queen’s Counsel and all…..I don’t understand it, Your Worship!
    CB made my life hell for almost two years, and you call me a troll?
    Mate, if I’m a troll — then S&M is right, you must be a clown!
    However, I do agree on one thing you have said: ‘let the victims speak’…..
    What, you have had no dealings with Chris Beek? So, you are not a victim then? Well well well, according to your own logic then, I guess it’s Good-bye, Your Holiness

  233. S&M says:

    @ Bear1

    May I take this opportunity to thank you for the exceptionally, and level-headed written post we have seen on this forum since it’s inception.

    Really… Thank you very much!

  234. S&M says:

    @ TheBaker

    I agree… I think we all need to take a step back, and give each other room to breathe.

    There’s been a lot of angst (mine included) written here, enough start WWIII – It must look like a school playground, from the outsiders looking in!

    If, or when CB does come good on his promises of the repayment plans, we can all walk away in the knowledge that he (IF he comes good) has sorted himself out and done the right thing… I for one, sincerely hope so!

    We shall all know after a few weeks!

  235. 5aces says:

    The one big positive about this thread is that people are starting to get repaid, otherwise there may still be a lot of frustrated individuals trying to contact CB on their own and not getting anywhere.

    With your collective voice and pressure the ball has finally started rolling for repayment so lets look at the bigger picture and let the people report back as and when they get paid. There may still be a tiny flicker of decency in CB.

  236. gygt says:

    sometimes it takes a voice of reason to get things back on track. And that can only come from someone not affected, someone from the outside, looking in.
    Even tho’ you are unaffected, at least you seem to have some semblance of sympathy for victims, unlike gandalf.
    So Kudos to you.
    I mostly agree with all you have said, esp. the part where you doubt (can I interpret it as that?) that Chris would have come on here, had it not been for the postings of some members? Yes, MMR is the platform, and as such has provided the vehicle, but the bait was laid by members — and here he is, and that is the bottom line, as far as I am concerned. Sure, two wrongs don’t make a right. Then again, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.
    Two sides to that coin.
    I am certain that fighting fire with fire is what bought Chris on here, pretty much his own admission also. Not always pretty, but it’s the bottom line we have to look at!

  237. gerry747 says:

    Christ what the hell is going on, firstly, there will be no postings from any of my staff. When I read what Beek said about his personal conversations with Michelle and her delight in proven liars etc, etc. There is no wonder Su lost it, out of character for her, but I can certainly understand her feelings.

    I agree with Kris, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, there is no way this guy would have come on here if we hadn’t pushed him enough. IMO.

    Beek, I’ve read all you’ve had to say, you do all the checking you want mate. As long as you pay the money you owe to everyone, that’s all that matters. You have put families through hell, so I make no apologies for how we got you on here.

    Right, I’m off out of range again I hope, let’s just see the results, and if everyone gets paid, that is all that was intended, have a good day.

  238. gygt says:

    @ Chris Beek,
    yes, I did receive your e-mail this morning our time, much to my surprise. It is very late here, I will respond in more detail hopefully tomorrow

  239. gygt says:

    Hi Chris,
    like I said, yes, I did indeed get your e-mail yesterday. You seemed to want me to acknowledge that fact on here, so consider it acknowledged!!
    It would have been nice, and sooooooo much easier on us all, had we have been given that very same acknowledgement to our e-mails back in the day……., that same acknowledgement that you seem to desperately want now! Do you really think you have earned that? You have some way to go yet!!
    IF (note capitals!!) you are here to fix things, then well done to you! Seriously, I take my hat off.
    There is something special about someone getting knocked down, but raising back up on the canvas.
    Now that is where the plaudits stop.
    Do not think for one second that you coming on here with your self-deprecating posts (whilst appreciated) simply wipes the slate clean! Life doesn’t work like that, I’m afraid! If it did, every criminal only need to say ‘Sorry, Your Honour’, and be set free. No need for jails…… need for Lawyers……… — actually, come to think of it, that might not be such a bad thing (sorry Gandalf).
    The wounds are pretty deep, and will take time to heal. My wife’s verbal tirades are still ringing in my ears!! Believe me, it wasn’t pretty!
    You are taking responsibility for business failure, and of course rightly so. A simple Business Plan and Feasibility Study would have saved you (AND US) a lot of heart-ache! You cannot include ‘money owed’ in any Business Plan or Feasibility Study, as this is NOT Feasible, but more Hopeful. Yes, by all means, hope for the best — but make sure you are prepared for the worst! Even more so as there was other people’s money involved! Only available cash should have been included in your Business model set-up, and if you did not have enough of it on hand…….well, it will — and did, come back to bite you. Much like us setting up a sufficient points starting bank, that will endure losing streaks – as every business will have them!
    I must also say that you pointing the finger at various members on here, brandishing them as liars — is all a bit rich, don’t you think??
    I have just re-read a whole stash of your e-mails that were LITTERED WITH LIES AND DECEIT!!
    Trust me, in no way are you qualified to be pointing your finger at anyone — except the mirror.
    If it wasn’t for them riling you up, you would not be here now! You said so yourself, ‘I came on here, because I was fed up of reading the rubbish that Gerry and Suying were posting’. In other words, had they not posted, then obviously you wouldn’t be here!
    Maybe it wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done, and that’s the bottom line! Mission accomplished!
    I also agree with tiyoun, that the sympathy card could be dealt out, and yes you are here because you were dragged here. Not so much by your own volition, sad to say.
    Forgiveness is one thing, forgetting is another!
    I like to say that if you crap on me once, shame on you — but if you crap on me twice, then shame on me; because I let it happen a second time!
    If indeed you are here to set things straight, like I said, hats off! But you have a LOOOOOOOOONG way to go!
    And if this is your first step on the ‘Long and Winding Road’ (Yep, Beatles fan — UK’s best export!), then I honestly wish you well!
    I would also like to add that as you are now dealing with issues on a Public Forum for all to see, I believe this will help speed up the healing process — for both you and us! Short term pain for long term gain.
    Had you stayed away, this thread could have gone on endlessly, with no resolution in sight!
    There still is one question you can answer me please.
    I know you claim not to be Eddie Ege, but boy do I have my doubts! Your heavy-handed and pushy e-mails way back when, mirror his e-mails of today! Word for word! The similarities are just too uncanny for me. Not only that, but you only recently also denied to MMR having heard of, or even knowing him. That is strange, esp. now that it is known you were Business Partners! I certainly would remember someone giving me GBP 3,000 each and every month! Funny thing is, when I asked EE about you, he also denied knowing you! He obviously also forgot who he was giving 3000 pounds to each and every month! That is strange, don’t you think?? I mean, what are the chances??
    Things that make you go ‘hhhmmmmmm’.
    Eddie Ege is also apparently running seminars, but both Google and Facebook come up with nothing on him. No advertising, nothing! Again, very strange in this day and age.
    So why did you lie about knowing him, or never even having heard of him?
    Could it be that you are protecting your other ‘self’?
    If you are one and the same (which I suspect), bite the bullet and get it over and done with! You know it will come out in the end, as it always does — and all you would be doing is delaying the healing process even further!
    I will in due time work out what I think you owe me, with the various Guarantees you had in place. That may be quite difficult and time consuming, as I think I have deleted quite a few of your e-mails (not all). I honestly gave up, didn’t think I would be hearing from you again.
    But in the meantime, if you are going to prioritise, may I suggest you start with S&M first?
    I wish you well in your attempt to restore some credibility, and rise above it all. It won’t be easy, as we have long memories, but it would appear that at least you are on the right road.
    Time will tell, as it always does!

  240. ChrisBeek says:

    Gygt, you keep saying there is one question I need to answer, Kris, I have answered it three times on here and in an email to you, so I have already answered the question but perhaps you don’t like the answer because it shows your accusation to be wrong.

    Kris for the last time, I am not Eddie Ege and we have never been business partners.

    For many years I wrote the industry guide for bookmakers, and a lot of leading tipsters and professional punters. For your information I still write it and sell it to bookmakers and a professional punter.

    I’ve seen it accredited to many people other than myself including Alex Gorrie which made me laugh and I have written it since 2005.

    Over time the information has meant my contacts remained strong and I had connections to many leading pro punters and bookmakers. Every now and again I get an email asking how much to receive the guide and everything that goes with it is, the answer is always the same £3000 a month, or £100 a day.

    Eddie is no different to anyone who has bought it off me.

    Sadly in years gone by I have had my work ripped off, Relay sites somehow getting their hands on it, then Racing Associates or whatever they call themselves nowadays, more recently Martin Bishop through some contacts of his managed to get hold of it and were selling it under the Bible or something like that.

    Each and every time their sources were found out and removed from the list and now only 3 people receive it, one being a major bookmaker rep who I initially wrote it for under contract, a professional punter who I had worked for, for years and owned horses with, and another major South African gambler.

    Last November / December I got an email from Eddie Ege, telling me he used to see copies of my work and that was it for sell to him and could he use any of it in his tipping. I told him if you pay the money you can use it for whatever you wish and he agreed to buy it and wanted it from the start of the flat season.

    I didn’t hear from him again until late May where I had another email asking if it was available of which my response was the same. He agreed to pay me £100 a day for it.

    At no stage was I involved with his operation, at no stage did I ever meet him, at no stage were we ever business partners, he simply paid me for information.

    When he came to paying me he asked to pay me by Paypal and I told him I don’t have paypal, but I needed to make some payments and if possible could he add an email address of mine to his paypal account and allow me to send a payment or two using the money I was owed, which he was fine about and allowed me to do.

    Having only been using my work for little over a month, Eddie rang me out the blue, someone had told him (a subscriber to his services) that I owed people money and along the lines of he should have nothing to do with me, and with that he stopped using my work, and there ended our working agreement.

    MMR asked me if I knew him, which in a sense I didn’t. I had never met him for one.
    I told them when further asked the truth as above that I was paid for info and when he found about MMR and a couple of other notices on the internet which are all written by the same owners of MMR as sister sites, he decided he no longer wanted my work or any association with me.

    Now I can’t answer why he would tell you he didn’t know me, but given he was unimpressed in working with me and declined my work for personal reasons as he put it, I would imagine he wouldn’t want to go if someone asked him, yea I know him, I used to buy info off him and he’s was one of my informants. Maybe that didn’t sit right with him.

    Kris for your information I am living and working on the outskirts of Dublin and have been since July, so I doubt very much you would find me anywhere near Manchester as your posts acclaim.

    I don’t know what Eddie does, and to be quite frank I couldn’t give a damn, and it may be a surprise to you but not everyone in the world is only Facebook and if you are you can remove yourself from being viewed by anyone but friends or friends of friends you know.

    So, no I have nothing to do with Eddie, I am not him, we were never friends and we were never business partners, he paid me for information like a lot of people have.

    If someone even asked me if I knew such and such a person and I didn’t know the person asking me that well, I would always say no even if I did, one thing I do is not divulge in who I work for and who I have worked for.

    My work has also been pirated by two major betting sites in the past, one who when it came down to it was copy and pasting large elements of my work and passing it off as his own whilst writing a well known racing blog and a bit betting site. The site embarrassed removed the person from the site and apologised to myself. I was then asked if I would write the blog for them to which I declined when I found out they only paid £1100 a month. I informed them exactly how much the info they had been pirating actually cost people to buy.

    Recently my work has popped up again in a mass mailing of services offered by a certain big name tipster, and very quickly their source was blocked . It’s not a hard thing to do, when you write the copy, you change the wording on each you send out and see who uses what. Then you know who the copier is.

    I look forward to receiving your email regarding what is owed and then we can sort out what you are owed.

    However now I have answered your question in full for the 4th time but this time in much more detail, it would be appreciated if I didn’t have to answer it again, which when I’ve answered previously you still reply with you still need to answer my question.

  241. tiyoun says:

    Wow, having to repeat yourself?? feel like you’re not being listened to???

    Not nice is it, that’s what you’ve been doing to people for the last five years you crook.

  242. S&M says:


    We really appreciate you thinking of us (suggesting being sorted first) but as Mr Beek is well aware, we do have our principles (as stated on more than one occasion to Mr Beek) and would prefer NOT to have any special treatment on the payment side… We just want the money we’re owed, back!

    We, unlike Mr Beek, like to stick to our pre-arranged agreements (I refer to the money you are reneging on Mr Beek!), so would much rather he sorted the folk he has let down first, to be sorted FIRST!

  243. Harry4 says:

    ChrisBeek @ How ya doing ? I don’t want to get into a slanging match with you, we achieved what we wanted to do, even though you deny it. I do like the way your attempting to draw the attention from yourself and try to make out my pal is a fake, what a joke.

    Well maybe I can save you and your so called pals at BA a little time. You really must think we’re idiots, in our job, do you really think we use real names on an open forum. There is no Gerry, no Su Ying, I’m not even Harry, think about it!…

    We don’t give company names, addresses, every time we post it’s on a false IP address, keeps changing every so often. Now I’m sure your educated to be able to comprehend all this in the world we now live in.

    Anyway, have fun, bet your feeling a little silly, roped in by a little Chines girl, (yep that bit true) If it’s any help, yes they are based in Tianjin China, so good luck with that!

  244. Bear1 says:

    Hi gygt,

    It is clear that you (and many others) have been treated very badly by Mr Beek and there is no genuine excuse for his actions. The indignation you feel (and others) is deepened by your own personal conviction to promptly repay money owed to others and this struck a chord with me because I share this conviction, also.

    I agree with your sentiments and you make many fair points. My only concern is that “fighting fire with fire” may become the new clarion call for some MMR members.

    Personally, if my house was on fire, I wouldn’t fight it with more fire because I would make a bad situation worse.

    The danger of “fighting fire with fire” has ALREADY reared its ugly head because we now have Mr Beek spending a considerable amount of his time and energy writing posts about Gerry, Su and Harry being a bunch of no-good liars. If that isn’t bad enough, he’s now going to get his BA chums to check out Gerry, to see if he is a pilot or not. He then goes on to say……

    “Yes, it’s a lot of effort to go to, but it’s worth it”.

    Do you see the problem that now prevails?

    Mr Beek, if you are reading this, then I suggest that you do not spend your time and energy to investigate Gerry, particularly if that’s not his real name anyway. No one should give a rat’s arse about Gerry being a pilot or not. What is relevant is that you should honour your commitment to repay others, as soon as possible and so all of your time and energy should be channelled in this direction, ONLY.

    The Lord knows that this task alone is going to be difficult enough without pointless distraction.

  245. gygt says:

    Hi Chris,
    please humour me, and re-read (or maybe just read) my last post!
    You are waffling on about having to answer (for the 4th time) that you are indeed NOT Eddie Ege……..
    Great, I have heard what you said about that in a prior post, but please scroll back up, halfway through the post I said: ‘I know you claim not to be Eddie Ege etc……’
    So obviously, that can not be construed as a question, in any man’s language! Why you chose to answer it again, I have no idea!! The question was obviously well hidden, 12 lines further down — repeat: ‘So why did you lie about knowing him, or never even having heard of him?’ Please note the ? at the end, denoting a question that I would (STILL) like answered.
    And here is why I would like it answered:

    MMR sent out this e-mail to it’s members on Sept.12:

    ‘We (MMR) received an email from Chris Beek, shortly after that comment was posted on 4th September, telling us that he has had nothing to do with Edge Racing.

    His exact words were:

    “I don’t know who Eddie Ege is, nor do I know who Edge Racing are but I would imagine if that whoever ever owns that site would not appreciate themselves to be linked to me”.

    Then a total about face, only a couple of days later:

    ‘I (Michelle – MMR) emailed him yesterday at 14.50, and got this quick response back from him at 14:58:

    “Edge Racing is owned by Edward Ege who is a former business associate based in Manchester.

    He employed me as a form advisor and had my email added to the Paypal as I said to him could I use my wages from him to pay someone………ra ra ra

    OMG Chris, where do I start with that????
    I am the original ‘Blind Freddie’, according to my wife, but even I can tell that there is something rotten in the State of Denmark!
    This stands out like Dog’s claws!!
    Before I break this down into bite sized chunks, I need to address something first.
    You say above that I accused you of being Eddie Ege.
    I was always very conscious and mindful of any implications such a comment could have, hence I ALWAYS asked it as a question!!
    So please do not put words into my mouth. I can do that all by myself…..I’m all growd up!!

    Again, a quote from your last post:
    ‘Kris for the last time, I am not Eddie Ege and we have never been business partners.’

    Ok, here we go:
    And you posted this just yesterday!!!!

    Mate, I am shaking my head here……..literally!
    If I may be so bold as to repeat your e-mail to MMR you sent on the 11th of this month:
    “Edge Racing is owned by Edward Ege who is a former business associate based in Manchester.”

    The reason I repeated it, is that it’s pretty obvious that you do not read what you write.

    All of a sudden, you KNOW who Eddie Ege is, you KNOW the name of the service he provides, and you KNEW him well enough to have your e-mail linked to his PayPal account in order to pay your customers, and last but not least, you even KNOW where he lives!!

    Dementia can be such a cruel thing!!
    Funny thing is, both you and ‘Eddie’ must suffer from it, as when I asked him — he also denied knowing you!
    What a crazy world we live in!!

    ‘I don’t know who Eddie Ege is, nor do I know who Edge Racing are’…..

    Again, your last post:
    ‘Kris for the last time, I am not Eddie Ege and we have never been business partners.’

    Your words, not mine!

    So, it is now obvious that you clearly lied about the second half of that quote.
    The question of course begs: could you be lying about the first part as well?
    Note to Chris: please note that I posed this as a question……NOT AN ACCUSATION!!
    You say you are not Eddie Ege.
    I have my suspicions, but of course I cannot prove that either way. All I have on that matter is your word…….and let’s face it Chris, your word has not exactly been your strongest attribute over the last couple of years!
    Part of running a successful business is to try and see things from you Customers point of view.
    Chris, you have to understand that as soon as you came on here, that you were always going to be scrutinised like never before! Every word was going to be dissected, trisected, and even quadsected! Given the circumstances, and many many unhappy Customers, you were always going to be put under the microscope big-time!
    Let’s keep in mind that MMR is just ONE review site……one of many!! How many others are affected?
    And for everybody who posts, there are also those that won’t – for various reasons. Law of averages.
    And exactly because you were going to be in the spot-light, ALL YOUR POSTS NEEDED TO BE 100% TRANSPARENT!
    But were they? The answer is a painfully obvious ‘NO’.
    You knew you were throwing yourself in the Lion’s den!
    Honesty is indeed the best policy — always has been, always will be!
    Chris, for some strange reason that not even I fully understand, there is a part of me that thinks deep down you are a good guy. I remember saying such to you a couple of years ago, even when the poo hit the fan. Of course I was frustrated with you, like many others who endured similar, and this is how we air it!
    This thread is good for us, it is healing. It is good to get it out! Better out than in — so they say!
    So thank you MMR for your contribution, and for providing the platform for this to take place.
    Thank you also to other members on here… know who you are!!
    And last but not least, thank you Chris Beek for joining the party. Could not have been easy, but given time, hopefully this will be healing for you as well.
    The problem is Chris, that you seem to be your own worst enemy at times.
    On that note, just to re-iterate, the only question I have is why you lied, even just yesterday, about not only not knowing, but also not having ANY association with Eddie Ege?

  246. ChrisBeek says:

    GYGT – are you really for real ?

    I have answered the question perhaps you are unable to read ?

    I stated I would not ever discuss who I’ve done business for and this guy contacted me wanting to buy info, like a lot of people have, he paid me and wanted to do business and have my info but upon learning of issues I had in owing people money he told me that for those personal terms he could not do business or seen to be doing business with me and disposed of my services.

    Naturally I respected his wishes so obviously when asked if I knew him I would say no, one thing I’ve always done is keep those I have done work with private and never named people. I never even named the owners who had silent shares in my horses, as it was the agreements I had in place with them.

    Kris you seem to have some serious mad obsession with Eddie ? I only knew where he lived as he told me in the few times we spoke and said if I was ever in Manchester to meet up with him.

    I don’t even know what business you have done with the man.

    I was paid for my work and he sacked me because he didn’t want to be associated with me whilst all this was going on.

    Further to this, I can’t answer why he said he had no dealings or knowledge of me , that is his decision but anyone who has paid me for my work I have always kept very private and would disclose to people.

    You keep going on like a scratched record. I don’t have anything to do with Eddie, or his business and for one I’m not even in the same country as him. You seem to be absolutely fascinated about the bloke though.

    The word associate is very different to partner by the way. An associate is someone you have worked with or know through your work, a partner is someone you are directly involved with at a level capacity, as said I have never been partners with Eddie.

    I have said enough times now that Eddie bought my work and the reason I wouldn’t say I knew someone or worked with someone is because I keep who I do work for private and respect someone’s wishes. After all he paid me for a service and then chose to end that service because of things he had read and been told, I respected his wishes.

    I also think it’s very unfair that you are constant in your postings about this, when you are involving someone who has absolutely nothing to do with me. Yet trying to tar him with an association when all he did was pay for a product off me and when he read some stuff he decided for personal reasons he didn’t want to do business anymore.

    If you don’t trust him or want to us his products because at one time he paid me for info, that is of course your choice, but you’re seriously barking up the wrong tree and as far as I understood by the emails Michelle had sent out, MMR were not of the opinion there was a link between myself and him. No one has come forward to your postings and said there is any link that they know of and yet you continue because you hate the thought of being wrong which you are.

    I hope you have a good weekend or what’s left of it, but you have done this question to death now and the answers are still the same, I have nothing to do with him and I am not him, I respected his decisions and would never speak of anyone I’ve done work with as business should always remain private.

  247. bobo1977 says:

    @Chris Beek, if your going to lie you have to have a good memory.
    First you said I dont know who eddie edge is, then you said he employed you in some posts later.Mmm???
    The above has just blown out of the water what little credibility you had left.
    You have actually tied yourself up in knots by contradicting yourself within a few posts!! Stop digging a deeper hole!

  248. ChrisBeek says:

    Bobo1977, what are you on about. I was asked around 6 weeks ago by MMR if I knew him which I said no to, because I would never personally discuss anyone I had every done work for, especially someone who removed my information/work after not wishing to use my work any longer. This was confirmed by MMR, who later contacted me when they had found out I had contributed work to Eddie. From that as far as I was aware MMR told me they were going to contact Eddie, which I was informed they did. He reportedly confirmed he had previously used my work but no longer hired me.

    So no I didn’t deny a few posts ago and then change my tune. I protected the privacy of someone who used my work some time ago at their wishes, but was open and honest with MMR and as I have been on this thread in outlining the situation which in all due respect is of no one’s business.

    Not for the first time Bobo1977 you have implied something here, which you have no idea about, and also you are not even involved in this situation. You have never done business with myself and I don’t even know who you are. The only people who should be commenting on this thread are people who are involved, have been getting payments or have repayment plans.

    You say dig a little deeper, who exactly do you think you are ? You don’t know me, and you certainly don’t know who I have worked with and for. If you actually read the whole history you would know that what I have said on this matter has been repeated many times now and the stance never changed, I explained why I said I had never done work for Eddie as it was to protect privacy of someone who I do not have any dealings with because of their decision.

    So I suggest you get your facts right.

    Good Day.

  249. bobo1977 says:

    Your good i’ll give you that! You should be a politician.
    Firstly, how does denying you work for someone protect their privacy??? If you said yes, then no harm would come to Eddie Edge its just a simple and you said you never knew him – full stop! The most common response would be ‘Yes i had dealings with him in the past etc etc” Its only because you got found out that you had to come with some cock & bull story. Lastly, how do you know i have not had dealings with you in the past?. Maybe i have but cant be a**ed claiming a refund you obviously need the money more than me.

  250. Bear1 says:


    “The only people who should be commenting on this thread are people who are involved, have been getting payments or have repayment plans.”

    No, no no, Mr Beek.

    With respect, human beings share feelings and moral values. When circumstances arise that develop feelings of empathy, it is a natural human reaction to comment upon it.

    Let me ask you a question,

    Have you ever commented about some matter that does not directly affect you?

    Looking at it from your point of view, considering the circumstances in which you find yourself, I can understand why you would prefer others not to comment.

    However………. we live in a so called democratic society in which free speech should prevail and MMR is a public forum. On these grounds, you don’t have the right to tell people what they should say.

  251. Harry4 says:

    bobo1977 @ Hi, yep your right, he’s good, really trying to shift the focus off himself. As long as he pays up, that’s all we’re interested in!

    Bear1 @ Yep no one give a rat’s arse, on the day he got a double bird strike (lost two engines) with less than a 1,000 ft to play with, bet they weren’t thinking that then! Of course some will say “that’s what he gets paid for”

    This guy Beek s*** on people, took an old ladies life savings, caused misery to many families, doesn’t give a toss about anything. Like Kris said ” mission achieved” And as for Su being evasive and shameful, all part of the act mate.

  252. palibe1 says:

    This has all been good fun but can’t you all just accept that Mr Beek hasn’t got the slightest idea of what constitutes things like truthfulness, honesty and decency. He lives a life of deceit, double-talk and outright lies and all the postings in the world will never change that.

  253. Bear1 says:

    Hi Harry,

    With regards to the “shouldn’t give a rat’s arse” comment, the point I was trying to make was to say that Mr Beek shouldn’t be investigating Gerry or writing about things that don’t matter – such as, “Is Gerry a pilot or not” but instead should be concentrating on what really matters – paying back the money he owes.

    What is wrong with that?

    The comment has NOTHING WHATSOVER to do with the dangers of being a pilot or bird strikes?????

    The evasive and shameful comment was directed solely at Suying’s reply to Michelle on September 18, 2014 at 10:32 am. If you read that specific post again, in my view, the evidence supports my observation as being fair.

    I agree with your comments about the distress caused to those who are owed money and I feel that we are on the same team but we have different points of view about tactics.

    I believe that if we try to achieve anything in life, then we should aim to do this in a scrupulous manner because if we don’t, then we will lose our self-respect. The loss of self-respect is inevitably accompanied by an equivalent loss of personal power and authority.

    This is just my personal view and I’m quite happy to agree to disagree.

    You think that 4-4-2 is the best tactic whereas I prefer the midfield diamond :0)

  254. Harry4 says:

    Hi Bear1, sorry for the misunderstanding bud, it’s just that there is a couple on here who just can resist having a dig. Ger is one of the most helpful guys you could meet. You only have look through that immoral thread. I think I do OK in the gambling world, but that guy leaves me standing, he really has some good betting angles.

    Anyway I digress, yep I’m sure we’re on the same team, as for attack formation, where I live it’s a bit different, think you guys might call it rounders! 🙂

  255. Bear1 says:

    Hi Harry,

    No worries.

    Take care and watch out for them thar birds :o)

  256. deegee says:

    Aha, he comes on with the apologetic thread, he is so sorry about all he has done to everyone and he will try and pay it back in time. Slowly but surely via other posts he is beginning to lose the rag. What next Chris…..I know where you ***** live, so don’t threaten me or you will be getting a visit? Remember those texts/emails? If you have forgotten I will send them to you. They are still on my phone and computer. I hope everyone you owe money to gets their money back. I wish I could approach banks/loan companies and ask them for a £4000 loan and pay it back in dribs and drabs. That in essence is what you have done to me and God knows how many other people on here. Pretty sure they are loads more involved that don’t have access to this site. You really are a despicable character. Re the Eddie Ege saga, wouldn’t put it past you. Remember Scott King, oh come on you must remember. The football tipster that had you written all over it. Took about 8 texts to you before you admitted that “ok I’m not Scott King, it’s Chris. I’m sorry for what I put you through and I want to put it right for you” you are a liar, a cretin, a despicable low life.

  257. gygt says:

    Hi again Chris,
    and thank you for you concern as to whether I am real or not! I am actually as real as anybody else you have heaped misery on!
    And yes, thank you also for being concerned about my literacy skills. Yes, I am indeed able to read….I read your promises and guarantees after all.
    Maybe, just maybe, it’s your writings that I (and many others) have had trouble with!!
    I must say that I didn’t know about Scott King either, but there you go!
    Chris, you still don’t get it (or maybe you just don’t wanna get it)!!
    A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie. Mate, you can wrap it up in pretty wrapping paper with a nice bow on top — by the time I have unwrapped it — it’s still a lie underneath!! No amount of wrapping paper (eg.: waffle) is gonna change that!!
    Bobo is of course right, lying does require a good memory, as you have to remember who you told what to. Honesty does not need a good memory, because there is of course only one truth! Simple!
    You say: ‘I stated I would not ever discuss who I’ve done business for……..’
    So why all of a sudden are you revealing his name now?? Most peculiar, considering you never ever discuss who you have done business for!!
    NEVER EVER…..lasted two days!!
    You should take up ‘Diving’ at the Olympics — you would win Gold at the back-flip for sure!!
    The ONLY REASON he become part of this thread, is that YOUR e-mail was discovered on HIS PayPal account!!
    I think it would be fair to say that if those eagle-eyed members had not noticed the origin of their PayPal invoice, you would still be denying his existence today. No doubt about it, if your first post on him is anything to go by!!
    The courts take a grim view on lying, so grim in fact that perjury is a jailable offence. So Chris, why should it be acceptable to us?
    Please remember — NO FANCY WRAPPING, as I’m just gonna throw it away anyway. I, like most, am just interested in what’s underneath……

  258. gygt says:

    hhhhhmmmmmmm, just another quick question Chris.
    I have just re-read your post from the Sept.21.
    Quote: ‘I would never personally discuss anyone I had every done work for, especially someone who removed my information/work after not wishing to use my work any longer.’
    Well, he hasn’t quite removed ALL information now, has he??
    So if EE did want to cut ties with you (to protect his own reputation), why on earth is he still allowing your e-mail to be linked to his PayPal account??
    Very strange that, given the fact that he clearly wanted to dis-associate himself from you……however every time you pay one of your customers from your own e-mail account, it has ‘Edge Racing’ written all over it, as it’s coming from his PayPal account.
    I wonder why he hasn’t cut those ties yet??
    The connection continues, even though he does not want to be associated with you.
    Can’t really get my head around that, but I’m sure you’ll set me straight!

  259. ChrisBeek says:

    GYGT not sure what you’re on about but my email isn’t linked to his paypal account anymore and wasn’t after he cut ties with me.

    I made three payments about 7-8 weeks ago via Paypal to people when I used my email on his account, I’ve not paid anyone by Paypal since so not sure where you get that impression from, as I’ve paid no one since he stop using my work via Paypal.

    The payments made to people by Paypal were made in late July to the first week in August at the very latest. As stopped doing any work for him in early August.

    So again I suggest you get your facts correct there.

  260. Harry4 says:

    Hey Beek, we sent you so much lies and garbage, even deliberately contradicted ourselves to get you to bite, and I must admit, it took awhile. I find it hilarious, your never off the bloody site now. BTW, how’s the checking out of Ger going? my pals at BA say they’ve not heard from you yet, still time I suppose.


    What got us angry, how you treated people, you made their lives hell, especially that old lady. Think that was the real turning point. Anyway, I know your going to deny it all and say it was Michelle that persuaded you. Bet she’s not very happy with you either.

    You never know mate, pay everyone back, then at least your on the right road to some resemblance of decency. You’ll be happy to hear, finished my vacation nearly, so won’t be posting for awhile.

    BTW, to all those receiving and expecting to receive payments, please keep us all up to date, thanks.

  261. TheBaker says:

    Talk about flogging a dead horse. Can we have an end to this “review” now please? Absolutely nothing being gained from any of the posts – surely it’s obvious by now that this is not a “service” to subscribe to?

  262. deegee says:

    The Baker…simple solution to your problem. IGNORE THE THREAD!

  263. suying747 says:

    deegee @ Hi, well said!

  264. TheBaker says:

    Wish I could, but the comments list is always full of this topic and it is difficult to actually find other threads. Now if MMR were to revert to its previous method of listing the latest reviews down the right hand side this wouldn’t be a problem

  265. suying747 says:

    For the benefit of all those owed money, this thread should remain very much in the public eye. We know what happens when certain people think it’s dead and forgotten.

    I see it’s the grudge guy again, have you noticed? when certain members post, he pops up straight after. (our mr, wannabee solicitor)

  266. S&M says:

    @ Ryder cup con

    That’s a lot of money!

    I have been exchanging emails for most of the morning with Mr Beek (regarding a failed payment), so I’m astounded to hear he won’t reply to yours.

    Maybe Michelle can get an answer out of him, as he seems to reply to her messages without too much fuss.

    Good luck

  267. conans says:

    Six days and counting Chris … cleared funds (1% of what is owed to me) in my account by midnight next Tuesday latest or everyone will find out everything!

  268. gygt says:

    @Ryder Cup Con,
    I can’t tell you how sorry I am to have read your post, but to be honest, I really don’t like your chances!
    Mate, if you have only 3 days to go, then don’t be hanging around a couple of days to ‘see what happens’! Go to the police now, would be my advice! And I’m sure many others would agree! If his past is anything to go by, you’ll be watching the Ryder Cup on TV!
    His response to your post will be interesting!
    I do hope you get it sorted, I really do!
    Chris, I asked in my previous post:
    ‘The courts take a grim view on lying, so grim in fact that perjury is a jailable offence. So Chris, why should it be acceptable to us?
    Also, would you mind expanding on the ‘Scott King’ issue raised above?
    Thank you,

  269. gygt says:

    and another one joins in, thanks conans!
    Although, of course, the circumstances aren’t good!
    1% of what is owed, that sounds like the sum total might be a fair whack.
    Let’s hope there is strength in numbers!
    Good luck to you as well, I hope you get this sorted!

  270. Maynard says:

    Hi S&M, If I were you I’d ask CB to send you a screenshot of his internet banking transaction page, which should show the account number/sort code to which the payment was sent. You can then see if he entered your account number and sort code correctly. I don’t think that he actually sent you anything, and any screenshot could be tampered with in photoshop. Even so, it could be worth asking.

  271. palibe1 says:

    S&M et al.
    Try paying in advance for some tickets for a sporting event from Beek. You won’t get them of course but it won’t be his fault. Some other unknown “guy” will have let him down yet again but you will get an interesting earful of abuse and the promise of a full refund if you agree you will not damage his impeccable reputation by posting the truth here.

  272. deegee says:

    Sadly that is classic Beek S&M. God knows how many times I went through that with him. He is never gonna change. He is a perpetual liar. As I said before I was chasing him for an overdue payment a couple of years ago. He replied saying he was in a France looking for horses and wouldn’t be back home until the weekend (this was Tuesday) Settled down to watch ATR and guess who was getting interviewed about one of his horses running in the next race. Immediately phoned him, but no response. Text him, no response. Somebody that is still owed money really needs to take the bull by the horns and sort this guy out by getting the police involved

  273. S&M says:

    Good evening everyone

    I received an email from Chris Beek this evening at around 18.55 and he informed us that our first payment of £980 had left his bank (finally), and should be sitting in mine – This after a few heated emails earlier this morning.

    I can now confirm that there HAS indeed been a deposit made into my account for the princely sum of £980.

    Obviously, this is a substantial amount to my mother and I, and we would like to thank Mr Beek for (eventually) sending our first payment… It took some time, but got here at last!

    Obviously, we now look forward to receiving the rest of the money owed, within the payment plan schedule, and also hope that others’ payments will follow in a timely manner, and not have to endure any undue stress in the process.

    Many thanks to all that have been “behind us” and others affected by this, over the past few weeks, and good luck to those awaiting their first and /or future instalments.



  274. brokebookie says:

    I wish you luck S & M, but this is classic drip feeding of funds. If he takes £5,000 off someone, then pays installments of say £500 x 3 before he stops and hopes you will give up chasing, he will still be up £3,500 on the deal!!! Unless he is operating some kind of financial pyramid scheme whereby he gets new money off more punters to pay the ones he has let down then how on earth can he pay you back in full??? What will he live on etc, so what has he done with the money in the first place. If he has left it in the bank then why dosent he just pay everyone in full?? My guess he has spent most of it and is just robbing Peter to pay Paul on the never never- Hope i am wrong though mate – good luck.

  275. gygt says:

    Hey S&M, that is very good news for you and your Mum!!
    Fingers crossed for the rest, esp. given the fact that there seem to be more and more complaints arising just on this one thread on this one site only!
    Could this just be the proverbial tip of the iceberg?
    If it is, like brokebookie siad, where is the money coming from?
    Congrats again,
    Kris (with the small cahunas)

  276. gygt says:

    or like brokebookie alluded to, could it be that he has paid you with Ryder Cup Con’s money??
    Just a question Chris, not a statement/accusation.

  277. S&M says:

    @ gygt

    You have got me thinking now… And pray this is not the case, as we wouldn’t want that on our consciences.

    Talk about highs & lows!

    We were euphoric last night, at receiving a small percentage of what we had lost (however massive it is to us), and now, maybe it’s some other unfortunate person’s hard earned money, we’re back down to Earth with a thud!

    @ Chris Beek

    Could you please verify that this IS or IS NOT money received via either DELETED BY MOD

    We need to know!!!

    If it is, we will gladly send £490 back to each of the affected parties, as we couldn’t live with ourselves…

    You can take our word for this!

  278. deegee says:

    Beggars belief that he comes on here and complains about someone telling porkies about him, when his whole life revolves around that very fact and parting good, honest people from their hard earned cash and savings. Cretin.

  279. COLIN1955 says:

    Just been reading the posts since I last posted on Sept 19th,the second payment of £500 was due on the 23rd Sept,its now the 25th and guess what?? yes your right NO MONEY here’s a copy of recent emails
    HETTERLEY COLIN <colin.hetterley@
    23 Sep (2 days ago)
    to Chris
    Dear Chris

    Don't tell me let me guess,car broke down going to deposit money?,missed the bus?boss just died?cat got ran over?bank has closed?lost your bank card?or just not bothered going as usual???
    Regards Colin

    his reply
    Chris Beek
    23 Sep (2 days ago)
    to me
    Nope, not that at all , the payments have been set up but they wouldn't go today for some reason so they will credit overnight out my account and hit your account in the morning.
    Since the 23rd Miichelle has emailed Beek to ask him to explain why I haven't been paid .NO REPLY AS USUAL!!
    So just to recap what scumbag Beek quoted to BOBO on 21st Sept
    "Bobo the only people who should comment on this thread are the ones involved and who have been paid or have been given repayment plans"
    And another thing S&M don't hold your breath regarding any more payments as I doubt there will be any coming
    Now I have spoken to Worksop Police who already have a file open on this toe rag the incident number is 331/23/7 & 821/17/9/14 & Leicestershire Police also have one to Number is 639/17/9/14.The Leicester police rang me last Saturday and asked me to make a statement regarding this lying little piece of shit and ASSURED me that action would be taken against him as it is fraud.I told the officer that I would leave it till this Friday as I had been promised my money in instalments.IF ANYBODY IS INTERESTED IN REPORTING THIS LITTLE BASTARD ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS RING 101 AND ASK TO BE PUT THROUGH TO EITHER OF THE ABOVE POLICE STATIONS AND QUOTE THOSE REFERENCE NUMBERS ALONG WITH MENTIONING MY NAME (HETTERLEY)AND EXPLAIN HOW MUCH YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED FOR TO GET THE BALL ROLLING
    As you are all aware Shitbag Beek tries to turn EVERYTHING round to make it look like HE'S the victim and pretends he's going to repay us all.Well my friends THAT AINT GOING TO HAPPEN ANY TIME SOON

  280. tiyoun says:

    I’ve heard it all now Beek, how on earth are you going to take action against anything written on here?? You go within one mile of a police station or any authorities and you’ll be behind bars you scumbag.

    Shortly after I got back the money you stole from me I attended Carlisle races and saw you in the Parade Ring, May bank holiday Monday 2012 to be precise. You have my partner at the time to thank for escaping a confrontation there. If I’d have known then what I know now about what you’ve done to others, you wouldn’t have been so lucky, you can take that to the bank pal. The safest place for you now is in a cell, preferably a padded one.

  281. COLIN1955 says:

    Hi I had the same sort of thing last October regarding a wine deal he was participating in for which he told me whatever I put into the deal for which he was short of funds he would double my return within a month .after three weeks he emailed and said he’d been paid but was waiting for the cheque to clear ,no money arrived and after several emails he then said he’d NOT BEEN PAID at all and he’d lost about £22000 on the deal
    Mr scumbag Beek could not tell the truth if his life depended on it so I suggest to you and ALL the others posting comments on here to contact either Worksop or Leicester police and quote my name and incident no’s so the police have enough evidence to pursue the little bastard and get him put where he belongs IN THE NICK

  282. gygt says:

    Hi Colin,
    sorry to heat about the non-payment, but to be honest – are we surprised?
    Surely even Chris Beek must be coming to the final chapters of his book: 1001 Excuses.
    It would also NOT come as a surprise if he has been lying all along about he himself being duped, as you say GBP 22K on the wine deal. How do we know this to be true? We only have his word on this? And let’s face it, his word really doesn’t amount to much!
    Here’s something to think about: If indeed he was duped BIG$$$$ a couple of years ago with the horse ownership saga, why on earth would he dive in head first on this wine deal??
    Same thing – different commodity!
    He is either a slow learner……or a liar!
    But Colin has made it very easy for everyone, a simple phone call – and quoting incident numbers! SIMPLE!!
    Thanks for your leg-work Colin.

  283. palibe1 says:

    Sad to hear yet another vitim come forward. Its a pity, but without your name and the incident numbers you referred to, nobody can reinforce your complaints but good luck with them.

  284. gygt says:

    Chris Beek has not posted for 4 days now…….the silence is deafening!
    You have done the ‘hard bit’, by coming on here — please don’t blow it now!!

  285. conans says:

    Poor Chris has been let down so often by his bank … maybe he’s making each payment in person! 3 days …

  286. COLIN1955 says:

    Hi please refer to my post on the 25th Sept where I posted THREE INCIDENT NUMBERS and my surname HETTERLEY which you can quote when phoning
    All anybody has to do is phone 101 and ask to be put through to either Worksop or Leicester police and explain how much you’ve been scammed out of

  287. conans says:

    15 ½ hours Chris …

  288. conans says:

    Just received a very pleasant (not) email from Chris … is he the victim?!

    You’d have thought that he’s the one that has lost everything, marriage, properties, access to his kids and whose life was in ruins!

    Due to a miscommunication he has until midnight Thursday.

  289. gygt says:

    Good luck conans, I think yo are gonna need it!!

  290. gygt says:

    all very quiet lately…….
    @conans, according to my calculations, taking into account time difference and all, your refund should be in your account in just under 20 mins……..

  291. conans says:

    It should have been gygt … but it hasn’t been received. Bank issues I am told! He has until midday Monday.

  292. palibe1 says:

    Dear Mr. Beek

    You have failed to keep your latest promise to make a payment to me today. Bank issues this time is it? I would have thought any Bank would be delighted to handle your account. Like conans, will I be paid on Monday?

  293. gygt says:

    unfortunately I think we all know the answer to that question.
    Bank issues…… as in: No money in the Bank kind of issues?!?!
    Nonetheless, we all hope that his conscience pricks him, and that he comes good for you, and of course others.

  294. palibe1 says:

    Are you reading gygt’s post, Beek? C-O-N-S-C-I-E-N-C-E
    Look it up.

  295. Maynard says:

    Do you not realise that some people have no conscience?


    His world view is that of pure natural selection. Think wildlife documentary. The lion chases the prey, kills it, eats it. He believes that you are the prey. That if you are stupid enough to send him money, he is stupid enough to keep it.

    To him you are a joke, pathetic. To him, your greed overrode the logic that money is not easily made so, as you were so stupid and greedy, you are a deserving victim. What a tasty meal!

    He knows that, in order to be convicted of wrongdoing, premeditated intent must be proved. So he pays people in dribs and drabs. It therefore cannot be proved that he had intent. Without such proof, conviction is impossible.

    Google “mens rea” (suggested by TheBaker many posts ago, but ignored).

    And try not to be a stupid meal in the future.

  296. gygt says:

    easier said than done, Maynard.
    I think we all have rip-off stories somewhere along the line, and as we get older (and hopefully wiser), we get to see what the real world, and people in it, unfortunately are like.
    Prey will always be around, as us oldies are replaced with youngens.
    The cycle will continue, I was a cog in it.
    Plus, I can tell you, that it is not only the gambling world that produces rip-off merchants. I had a rather big (for my standards) business deal go sour, when the other party reneged on a deal that was struck. Cost me many $$$$1,000’s, and no, not gambling related whatsoever. Going to buy a supermarket.
    I am just one of those people who believe others (why would they lie), much like I would simply like them to believe me. You could describe that as borderline ‘gullible’, but I would hate to live with a suspicious mind ALL of the time!
    Mean what you say, and say what you mean. Simple really!
    Or in simpler terms Chris: treat others how you would like to be treated. Again simple!!

  297. palibe1 says:

    Thank you for the lecture Maynard, or should I say “My Lord.”
    Your learned treatise is very educational but you could have abstained from insulting your students by labelling them as greedy and stupid. It seems not to have entered your legal mind that that some of us, including myself, were well aware that returns such as Beek was offering were certainly the norm in the trading markets in which he was operating. Furthermore, due diligence via the intenet, revealed glowing reports of the man’s trustworthiness. As for your allegation of “greed,” Try substituting “need” and you may just be closer to the mark.

  298. Maynard says:

    palibe1, you say “… returns such as Beek was offering were certainly the norm in the trading markets in which he was operating.”

    Could you tell me where I could send, say, £3000 and, with no effort on my part, have them make me a massive return? Because as far as I’m aware, only a hedge fund can hope to make big returns BUT they won’t look at you unless you have at least a quarter of a million to invest … and they don’t guarantee a return: hedge fund investments can still go t*ts up.

    Out of interest, have you met this so-called Chris Beek in person? If not, is it possible that you’ve been dealing with an imposter?

  299. gygt says:

    in palibe’s defence, the returns promised by CB were never ‘massive’, as you put it — so I’m not sure where you are getting your info from??
    The returns were good (not massive), using compound %ages. As I am sure you know, this can be relatively easily achieved, with the right method, approach, staking and plenty of discipline. This is why we pay what we believe to be ‘experts in the field’ for their services. Just like you would pay a dentist, lawyer, electrician, plumber, ……..etc. etc.
    I am sure you get the picture.
    As Einstein put it, compounding is the 8th wonder of the world!

  300. palibe1 says:

    I don’t intend to engage in a war of words with you.

    I was however, unable to let your post go unchallenged as I was angered that I and others were being accused publicly of greed and stupidity. I suppose bad manners go hand in hand with a brilliant mind.

  301. Maynard says:

    gygt, you say “The returns were good (not massive), using compound %ages. As I am sure you know, this can be relatively easily achieved, with the right method, approach, staking and plenty of discipline.”

    Please let me know exactly where I can send, say, £3,000 and “relatively easily achieve” good returns while doing nothing.

  302. Maynard says:

    palibe1, you say “I was angered that I and others were being accused publicly of greed and stupidity”. If you re-read my post, you’ll find that I was referring to Beek’s probable mindset, and how HE was likely to view his victims.

    The final line of my post “And try not to be a stupid meal in the future” was meant to be a flippant-lite signoff, again in the vein of which CB may view you. If I have inadvertently caused offence, I apologise.

  303. palibe1 says:

    Thank you Maynard. I accept your apology. The matter is now closed.

  304. palibe1 says:

    Dear Mr. Beek,

    Your post of September 20th says,”I have set up repayment plans and people will be getting paid.”

    Who are the people who are getting paid under your precious “plans”? You have broken your promise to me for the umpteenth time and I suspect I am far from being the only one who is still waiting for your “plan” to come into operation. Is it the “issue” with your long-suffering Bank which you stated last week? Has your Paypal account been blocked yet again? BACS system letting you down? Royal Mail perhaps? I took pity on you months ago and sent you a long list of lies for you to use by just ticking the appropriate box. Let me know if you would like some more.

  305. gygt says:

    that is a shame palibe1, as he was coaxed on here, so the hard work was done. He has since spat out more lies to you, and others.
    And each time he is confronted with one of his many lies, he has the audacity to turn it around, and make him look the victim — and us the thugs!
    It would appear that we are a thorn in his side, us who believed in him, and supported him!!
    Go figure?!?!
    It would appear that my wife is correct, when she says that a leopard does not change it’s spots.

  306. Qwillan says:

    I don’t know if this is of any help to those who have been affected

    From the website –

    “ActionFraud is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre.

    We provide a central point of contact for information about fraud and financially motivated internet crime.”


    Ellen C

  307. gygt says:

    Thanks very much for that Ellen, guys we need to jump on the bandwagon. I think it’s fair to say that no-one here will be getting any money from his so-called repayment DELETED BY MOD But if by reporting CB on the above link, maybe, just maybe, he won’t get the chance DELETED BY MOD. I am sure we all would have appreciated that, back when we put our trust (eg.: money) in him!
    And in addition to this, don’t forget how easy Colin1955 made it for us, by supplying not only a contact number, but also an Incident Number to report! He made it all too easy in his post dated Sept.25.
    Follow up, guys!!

  308. MMR admin says:

    Just to reiterate what gygt has just said. Colin posted these details last month:

    Worksop Police – incident number is 331/23/7 & 821/17/9/14

    Leicestershire Police – incident number is 639/17/9/14.

    If you call either police station and quote those incident numbers and the name Colin Hetterley – you can add your statement to their files.

    If you do feel a criminal act has been committed against you please contact the above stations.

  309. gygt says:

    @MMR Admin,
    not sure as to why my post just now was Moderated, as I HONESTLY ran out of liquid paper to correct it, God’s truth!!

  310. palibe1 says:

    Just to advise that I did contact Action Fraud some months ago and received a belated case number but nothing since. I think I am correct in recalling that I was advised that only a minority of complaints could be acted upon. I assume, lack of funds/time. No harm in trying though – strength in numbers. Incidentally, I asked for support in my report to BBC Watchdog some time ago and haven’t heard of anyone backing me up. Disappointing.

  311. MMR admin says:

    @palibe1 – I think the best thing you should do is contact the police stations Colin told us all about quoting the incident numbers above.

    The police can handle these situations with more power than Action Fraud or Watchdog.

    Let us know how you get on with them.


  312. palibe1 says:


    I don’t want to go on about it but I explained in my email of Sept 11 why I personally, am precluded from taking part in any police action. I tried to get Chris Beek exposed on Watchdog, not because I thought it would make him pay up but I have promised him I would make his name Mudd in order to put a stop to his practices and I can’t think of a better way to expose him to the nation than on national television. I also believe that we have missed the boat by not involving the police much earlier. Now that he has started to make the occasional payment it is going to make it very difficult to prove an allegation of fraud or theft by deception.
    He may not be the brighest kid on the block but he’s as slippery as an eel.

  313. Bear1 says:

    I have mentioned this before but I’ll have another go.

    Why can’t MMR improve liaison between the “clients” of Chris Beek by passing on the respective email addresses to all concerned, if those involved don’t object?

    Such a process may be conducted “behind the scenes”, if you like.

    In this way, the clientele of Chris Beek may be able to act as a support group and provide strength in numbers. At the moment, there is a fragmented and individualistic approach to this whole problem with the obvious inherent weaknesses associated with such an approach.

  314. MMR admin says:

    @Maynard – I’m sorry but those are the website rules.

    @Bear – If every one involved contacts the police and gives the incident numbers Colin posted then the police can co-ordinate everyone’s statements and act on them.

    At the end of the day, as I’ve said countless times. If a crime has been committed and people have proof then the police are the only ones with real power to do anything about it.


  315. Bear1 says:


    You say, “…the police are the only ones with real power to do anything about it.”

    I completely disagree.

    The real power lies in the hands of those who have been wronged (allegedly). For example, some aspects may not involve criminality and if this is the case then the police have no powers AT ALL.

  316. Maynard says:

    Deleted by moderator for legal reasons

  317. deegee says:


  318. COLIN1955 says:

    After not receiving any more instalments of my repayments from Scumbag Beek(2nd & 3rd instalments were due on 23rd Sept(£500)& 7th Oct(£1000)I have again spoken to Leicestershire police(TODAY)10/10/14 and told them that I now want to make an official statement to get the ball rolling to get this mongrel prosecuted,unfortunately the officer who is dealing with the case,INCIDENT NUMBER 639 is on holiday until Monday when he will be working from 8am -4pm.The officer I spoke to today(when asked by myself)informed me that to his knowledge NOBODY else from this site has contacted them regarding scumbag Beek,SO AGAIN I IMPLORE ANYBODY WHO HAS COMPLAINED ON HERE REGARDING BEING OWED MONEY BY BEEK to get in touch with either Leicestershire or Worksop police and quote the reference numbers 331/23/7(Worksop)or 639/17/9/14(Leicestershire)and by all means give my surname HETTERLEY as a reference

  319. 5aces says:

    Nice to hear from you again gerry. Hope u snd su r well. Its not like before where we all got a buzz discussing and trying systems over at the IGI thread.

  320. gerry747 says:

    5aces – Thanks, we’re all fine, yep I miss that, maybe we can get something going again on IGI thread?……

  321. 5aces says:

    Sure, willing to learn new things.

  322. S&M says:

    We were promised (like others) a payment schedule by “The Scarlet Pimpernel”, but once again he seems to have disappeared.

    I have TRIED to contact him via email(s), but am getting no response whatsoever. He failed to send the promised (2nd) payment of £980 last week, after telling me would sort £500 via bank transfer and another £500 via cash, paid directly into my account.

    Mr Beek still owes us £8,820 of our initial “investments”, and also £5,000 in profits (using our funds) he made over a period of months.

  323. MMR admin says:


    The MMR team have been monitoring this thread over the recent days and believe that it is no longer fulfilling the purpose for which it was created.

    Here at More Money Review we post review pages up so that people can share their experiences and reviews of a system or a service.

    This is so that visitors to the site can find information on whether a system or service is any good or whether it is something we and our members think they should avoid.

    Our review and the initial comments on this site have more than adequately fulfilled this task. Now however we feel it is getting out of control and that is no longer being used for those purposes.

    We know that people who have been affected are angry and want to vent that anger, but it is counter-productive. As we have repeatedly stated – we believe the best way for any members affected to sort the issue out is to contact the authorities, whether it be the Police, Citizens Advice or Action Fraud.

    We also do not condone the posting of personal details of anyone directly involved or directly or indirectly connected with a product or service. We also do not condone any unlawful methods some members appear to be encouraging. Any further posts of this nature will result in the thread being closed.

    We are not doing this to protect Chris Beek, we are doing it to protect our members from saying or doing something they’d regret later and also to protect the MMR site itself for members who post on other threads.

    If you have a genuine update on the refund situation – as S&M have above then please post that up – anything else will be removed.


  324. ZakCorey says:

    As a new member looking for genuine reviews I welcome the above.

  325. S&M says:

    @ ZakCorey

    If this thread has, in any way, shape or form stopped you being conned by this person, then the intention of advising you from doing so has been achieved, and just hope that it helps others out there refraining from even thinking of signing up to any of his so-called “services”.

    There are far too many people caught up in this web of lies and deceit (he has spun) to last us/him a lifetime.

    To anyone else out there with ANY thoughts of joining any of this guys “services”… DON’T DO IT!

    Speak to, or contact Michelle and her team… It will save you time, MONEY, embarrassment and a lifetime of having to live with the fact that you made the mistake of trusting this individual with your cash/savings etc.

  326. castellagirl says:

    *** Post removed at request of poster ***

  327. gygt says:

    I cannot agree that this thread is not fulfilling the purpose for which it was created, as you put it.
    I do whole-heartedly agree with S&M however that if this thread has stopped someone like previous poster Zac Corey from joining Chris Beek (of which there can be no doubt that he is a rip-off merchant), then that has to be a good thing, no?
    Just look at previous post by castellagirl (yet another new poster….). What a very sad story!! One of many!! And how many more are there??
    We are all sorry to hear about the ripple effect CB has had DELETED BY MOD. I am sure that there are many here who wish this thread had been in existence a couple of years ago, then maybe we all might have saved ourselves our money, not to mention the headache and heartache that has gone with it!!
    So therefore this thread is indeed fulfilling the purpose for which it was intended (unfortunately); and hopefully will continue to do so, by warning off others.

  328. conans says:

    Chris has paid me what he was supposed to have done so he’s bought himself a bit more time.

  329. MMR admin says:


    As I said in my post we encourage those genuinely affected by Chris to share their experiences.

    However, in recent weeks, the thread has been hijacked by members who actually have nothing to do with the situation but seem to like to stir up emotions and encourage illegal activity and behaviour. That is what we cannot condone.

  330. S&M says:

    @ Conans

    Excellent news 🙂

    I really hope he will honour the rest for you, and everyone else affected.

    Unfortunately, he continues to ignore my emails, and still hasn’t
    made any attempt to pay our 2nd promised instalment.

  331. S&M says:


    Very sorry to hear DELETED BY MOD, and just wish more could have been done, and a tad quicker to prevent it.

  332. gygt says:

    That’s fair enough MMR, but I believe that this thread still holds a lot of value.
    And conans, that is GREAT news for you!
    I must say that I am surprised, esp. given his silence recently — I thought he was up to his old tricks again!
    But Chris, I know you are reading this, as you seem to be paying in dribs-and-drabs, why not show us that you are still alive and re-join the conversation here?
    Communication is King and Perception is Everything!!
    No charge for that advice!!

  333. Maynard says:

    Why is my comment “awaiting moderation”?

  334. COLIN1955 says:

    I also think that by taking this thread down is defeating the object for which it was started as it seems that more people are coming forward every week, this thread has clearly highlighted how many people have been DELETED BY MOD incidentally has still not paid my 2nd installment of £500 & 3rd installment of £1000 due last week and am waiting for the Leicestershire police officer (who’s on the case but been on holiday) to get back to me to make a statement but am disappointed that only one other person has phoned regarding what’s owed to them by Beek (or perhaps they cannot be bothered to ring) JUST WHAT SCUMBAG BEEK WANTS.
    People to moan but TAKE NO ACTION in fact he’s banking on that assumption which let’s him off the hook AGAIN then he’ll just carry on DELETED BY MOD
    Don’t think for one minute that he’ll pay ANY of us back willingly because I GUARENTEE HE WON’ T so EVERYBODY who’s posted comments on this thread get in touch with the police NOW ,all you need to do is ring 101 and ask to be put through to Leicestershire police and quote incident number 639 17/9/14

  335. dovered says:

    Some of you are lucky to have received anything. My 1st payment was due on 22nd September. Guess what ????? Yep, NOTHING. Even told me that he was sending me that payment weekend before last. I went away for a week and returned to find my bank account had received…….. yep, NOTHING.
    I’m beginning to give up, as he seems to have disappeared. Just put it down as experience.

  336. S&M says:

    @ dovered

    Sorry to hear that you haven’t received anything at all, however, if you “give up”, he will have “won” once again and just move on to his next victim(s).

    Do yourself (and MANY others) a favour and KEEP pestering him.

    I can only hope that others aren’t being drawn in to his “activities”, but sadly, we all know this IS the case!

    He promised us £980 last Wednesday (8/10/14) but, as usual he has gone to ground.

    I have emailed Mr Beek again, but it appears he won’t reply to my messages once again.

    I WON’T GIVE UP Mr Beek, and WHY on Earth SHOULD I, you have everything we had.

  337. S&M says:

    Morning ALL

    I have finally received a reply from Mr Beek (copy email with Michelle), who informs me that I am attempting to create some sort of witch hunt along with Colin Hetterley.

    He also informs my mother and I that, in his opinion (and I quote) “you are by no means a priority”.

    I informed Mr Beek that I consider my mother IS my priority, as would HIS be.

    Mr Beek has told me “I’ll let you know when I’ve made payments to you”, however, if we’re NON-PRIORITY I guess that might take some considerable time (considering how long it has taken to retrieve the amount we have so far) as it seems there are people coming forward on a regular basis with tales of how they have “invested” in Mr Beek’s “services”.

    I have told Mr Beek that I will NOT accept any payment (IF there are to be any more made), if he intends using any funds he has managed to con out of other decent folk (like my mother and I, and others on this thread), as we could not live with that on our consciences.

  338. COLIN1955 says:

    Telling the deleted by mod you won’t accept any more payments from him if it means deleted by mod was surely a mistake as this ignorant deleted by mod will now take your comment that he doesn’t have to pay you any more money from what’s owed to you and your mother and as for you and me creating a witch hunt is absolute bulldeleted by mod as usual when as you say the toe rag hasn’t even got the decency to answer any emails.incidently I emailed him last night but as of now he’s had the deleted by mod to mail me back but then again that’s him all over, deleted by mod then hide behind an email address but as I said in my last mail to him I will hunt him down until I get back what he owes and if that makes me a witch hunter then so be it

  339. COLIN1955 says:

    The last post should have read he’s NOT had the deleted by mod to mail me back

  340. gygt says:

    I really cannot believe that CB had the rock-bottom audacity to accuse you of creating a witch-hunt, when we all know on here that he himself is the cause of this thread being in existence in the first place!! That really gets my blood boiling, when he is now blaming others (who believed in him and invested with him — and by extension put food on his table and supported his family!!) when he CLEARLY has created this witch-hunt himself!!!!
    What am I even talking about, there is NO witch-hunt, as all posts are FACTUAL!!
    S&M, you seem to be a genuine and ethical fellow, and I take my hat off to you! It’s a pity that CB could not even take one leaf (yep, just the one!!) out of your book, I am sure you could spare him one.
    But it would appear that he is just way too busy dodging responsibility and blaming others, to do that.
    You are also 100% correct to say ‘not to give up’, as that is his aim — as yes, that way he wins!!
    And then just to add salt to the wound, he says that you are not a priority……what an absolute vermin to be talking like this to people who supported him…..I am sure you WERE a priority when he asked you for money!! Despicable is a word that comes to mind!!
    Boy, am I angry!!
    S&M is right dovered, DO NOT GIVE UP!!
    Come on guys, COLIN1955 has made it all too easy for us!!
    get in touch with the police NOW ,all you need to do is ring 101 and ask to be put through to Leicestershire police and quote incident number 639 17/9/14
    Come on, it doesn’t get much easier!!
    So he doesn’t do it to others!!
    Let’s face it, would we not have appreciated this kind of effort from someone else in the past??
    Yes, of course we would have — so get dialling!!

  341. ChrisBeek1 says:

    I am commenting on this, because it has nothing to do with Gygt and again facts aren’t being given so again he rants off without knowing the facts and interpreting how he see’s things rather than n knowing the truth.

    Firstly I did say that Steve was not a priority, meaning he will be paid back no quicker than any other member owed. Each member I am paying back and there are 17 in total get payments, whilst i would like to pay every member something each week or two it’s not able to work like that. Very simply each member is paid back pro rata and payments are made 1-17, Steve for the record is number 8. When the cycle of payments gets from 1 to 17, I restart at 1 making payments as I can, this is the only fair way, so everyone is treated equally.

    Now onto Colin, thank you for again more threatening emails littered with foul language and accusations.

    Colin makes out he is owed £3500, however I completely dispute this. Colin started doing business with me in 2010 and as proof from bank statements can be shown, Colin has in total paid me £7,150 . Between then and now Colin has received back which was on a number of deals we had done the figure of £11,880 which he has received. These are the facts. Colin entered in October of last year an investment option which a few others did as well, he paid £2000 with the expected return of £5100 should it be successful. Sadly as notified to members it went badly wrong and all money was lost, and I would stand behind this and refund. Since being notified Colin has been determined not just to get his money back but the profit that also wasn’t made, sending numerous threats by email and by post. He even employed a debt collector whom he hadn’t actually shown evidence to when they took on the debt as they were trying to obtain more than Colin was out of pocket.
    Colin since being informed has been paid £1600 but is still demanding £3500, which I will NOT pay.
    I have said I will pay the £400 so he is not out of pocket on that venture but over the course of time Colin is in fact over £4500 in profit in his dealings with me.

    Now Colin if he feels right to do so can go to the police and can make a statement but Colin stating he is £3500 out of pocket is untrue. A court will only ever award you what you are out of pocket and at the very most would award Colin £400. Colin feels he can threaten me and my family to get his £3500 , of which £3100 is profit that was never made. Yet Colin over 4 years dealing with me is £4500 in profit. So in the eyes of the law he has most definitely not been ripped off when he has not lost money. So Colin you ca continue your threats all you want, it will not change anything and you can take me to court, as I will gladly present them the evidence which will quash your £3500 demands. As stated, I am happy to pay the £400 but not a penny more.

    Back to Steve, you will receive your 2nd payment next week, likely to be in the middle of the week.

    Palibe1 you are actually 6th on my list and I have one payment to make tomorrow and I will be making your next payment on Monday.

    John Chainey (Dovered) I will be emailing you over the weekend with a date of payment.

    Gygt you can write as you wish, but you do take things people put down and make your own view on it, without knowing the true facts.

    As said I will see everyone who is out of pocket over time refunded all they are out of pocket. That stance has not changed and I am making regular payments to all those I owe.

    I have two people Penny McCarthy and Mike Smith who will be repaid in full by the 31st October.


  342. COLIN1955 says:

    Is this man REAL???
    Here’s some correspondence from him
    Chris Beek
    12 Aug
    to me
    Dear Colin
    I see from your post on MMR in fact that you do not wish to be paid now.
    So no problem
    For your info since we ever done business you laid out a total of £7.200 and in return have received £8612 , and I have the statements and receipts to prove it, so in theory you have never lost money.
    I told you in regards to the last £2500, I agreed at £5100 of which £1400 was paid to you leaving £3700 however given the course of action you wanted to take you are actually only £1100 out of pocket from this.
    Therefore the only amount I am willing to pay now is £1100.00
    I would have been happy to have seen you paid in full at a loss to me, although I have been ripped off over the deal we done. But I don’t take kindly to what you have now done when I’ve been trying to look after you and see you right.
    I would have been in a position to square you up the £3700 this week, but I will not now.
    I have the paperwork to show you have not lost money therefore legally you are not owed anything but I’ll pay you the £1100 as it’s fair to do.
    However should you want the £3700 then we both know what you need to do, and it was totally only agreed I would take a huge loss and see you right if you were fair to me, you have not been in your latest actions.
    Also this email is strictly confidential and you do not have my permission to post this on any website at all.
    Should you breach this I will take action as I am allowed to do.
    Tried to work fairly with you Colin to sort this, but clearly you do not want to.

    HETTERLEY COLIN <colin.hetterley@
    12 Aug
    to Chris

    I don't know whether you can read or not but nowhere in that post does it say I don't want paying because I CERTAINLY DO WANT PAYING and as for you saying you've been trying to look after me is the biggest joke I've ever heard as from the start you've never had any intention of paying me what you owe me as you are a conning lying little weasel that cannot tell the truth to save your life,and whats the (however if you want the £3700 then we both know what you need to do) supposed to mean??and as for saying you were in a position to pay me in full how many times have I heard that in the last 10 months.(5 times in the last two weeks)
    As for the last comment about the email being confidential and you taking action,GO AHEAD and take whatever action you like as I would like to meet you in a court of law
    And as you want to go down the legal route then I hope that all your VAT & INCOME TAX is all up to date regarding this & any other deal you have done with me and all the other people that you've ripped off as I shall be writing to both the Customs & Excise & HMRC(on their anonymous hotline) so they can investigate your little scams &I will also be giving them the website address & the More Money Review Editor Michelle Roberts name so she can pass on the other 54 comments from the people you've ripped off that have appeared on the site since your little escapades have been high-lighted,The above email and all the other emails I have in corresponding with you since doing any scams with you will also be forwarded to both parties,and as for saying you tried to work fairly with me to sort this out you don't know what fair is, all your interested in is ripping people off then disappearing with their money
    Regards Colin

    Chris Beek
    12 Aug
    to me
    Colin I do not want to go down any legal route at all.
    Colin as explained to you I was completely ripped off on the issue and I have been trying to pay you.
    You put in the sums I had said over time and you are not out of pocket, I also agreed to honour you in full although I got ripped off massively, You’ve been paid £1400 of effectively £2500 that was put in, yes the deal was on £5100 but I got screwed Colin and never paid but wanted to do right by you.
    Colin it doesn’t help you slagging me off on a website and I’ve not ripped anyone off and disappeared with their money Colin .
    I invested people’s money and not huge amounts to try and help them and also make me money and it turned out to be a huge mistake as it cost me a hell of a lot when I was ripped off, as I have agreed to refund those who came and in and someone as yourself even the profits as well.
    So don’t see how I could have ripped you off Colin.
    I am trying to sort it, and no I don’t want you reporting anything, what I would like is you to stop the threats, understand that through my own fault in trusting the wrong people I’ve been left in the shit, and now refunding people like yourself as it’s the right thing to do, although most people it would just be their capital, whilst I agreed with you profits as well for you to allow me to sort it. I’ve sent you £1400 of it and now you’re twisting the daggers in, swear at me and made loads of accusations. Your money was scammed from me, I gained nothing Colin, yet I’m the person paying you back.
    The reason I’ve had to move is to take on a better job to earn money to be able to pay people like you back quicker.
    Think for one moment you’ve made money out of me so how exactly have you been scammed ?
    Have you declared your profits to HMRC ? I think not.
    Colin, quit the hard guy and actually stop and look.
    I’m paying you out my own pocket and trying to sort it fairly for you. I’ve badly been fucked over and now refunding people like you and the 10-12 people I owe because of my own bad judgements.
    If I was ripping you I wouldn’t respond or have made payments to you.
    What you want to do is up to you, my business was already fucked thats why I’ve had to take a job to live and also be able to pay you and others. I’ve been screwed and so out of pocket it makes me sick. Tax and Customs apply when you make money Colin, I’ve been done for close to 100k and paid a majority of it out in refunds cause I didn’t want others to fall short.Think what you like of me Colin, but you’ve not lost money with me and also I had paid you back a massive chunk of what you put in last time, in a court you would only be able to claim what you are out of pocket which in this case is £1100 so if you want to go down that route fine, otherwise please work with me so I can do right by you. The MMR stuff doesn’t help as it’s so factually untrue and makes paying people back harder but doubt you get that.

    Anyway I can only try and do what I can to help you and hope you see sense but if not that’s your doing.
    If I had made the money and not been screwed paying you would have never been an issue, hence how you made good money off me in the past. Sadly this went horribly wrong and it’s me picking up the can for it and paying you out the full amount inc a profit which will never happen for me.
    It’s a shame you can’t see that.
    I always thought you were a decent guy but is that not the case.

    Chris Beek
    12 Aug
    to me
    I only ask one thing of you, and thats to remove the comment which ain’t nice on MMR and allow me to pay you in full, that way you’re not out of pocket and you can get on with your life Colin.
    I would offer to pay you £50 a day until I can pay you in one lump but I doubt you’ll accept it.
    All I’ve asked if for you to help me do right by you and not twist the daggers in, however your choice is your choice.

    12 Aug

    to Chris
    You seem to have a very short memory,since July the 8th when you got back in touch with me regarding the £3700 you have told me on numerous occasions that you’ve either sent or deposited the money in my account and each time it was all bullshit as 1 month on there has still not been any money paid in,as for you saying I’ve slagged you off on the more money website is not true as I kept to my part of the bargain asking them to take the original post down to give you(which you asked for)7 days to pay what you owed.If after that the money was not paid put then re post,also asking when you’d paid me to post saying words to that effect to which I agreed.The point of the matter is WE did a deal last October in which you promised whatever I put in you would pay me back double,now because you got ripped off is not my problem although I can have some sympathy for you(or is it just ANOTHER excuse)As for saying your trying to sort it out,youve told me in the last month you were going to square me up on numerous occasions(NOTHING)NOT A DIME.Even on the 31st July you sent me a message saying sent will credit in 3 hours when you hadn’t and still havn’t sent it and probably no intention of sending it
    As for saying I’m twisting the daggers its now 10 months since we did the wine deal and now your the one telling me all I’m entitled to is my money back and as for me declaring to HMRC No I havn’t as Ive not got any profit out of the deal yet.As for me being the hard guy, far from it but there is only so many lies and excuses one can take.
    As for reporting you to the customs & HMRC I’m sure if I did and they investigated your past they would be able to put you away for quite a while
    Now if you stop your fucking about and honour your debt to me within the next week(as per your earlier e mail) for the deal which we did last year then nothing will be sent to either parties and also I will repost on more money website that you have squared me up and by the way the post I put on their website the other day was only the truth,so from one decent guy lets hope you will finally pay me and the matter can be closed
    Regards Colin
    12 Aug
    to Chris
    As for paying me £50 a day(for 74 continuous days) that would be fine BUT it won’t be like that,you’ll probably pay for a couple of days and then we’d be back to square one with me chasing a never ending debt

    Chris Beek
    12 Aug
    to me

    Colin I can’t pay you in full in the next week, I can pay you the £1100 difference within a week, if you then work with me to pay you back the profit 2600 part over the next few weeks it would be a great help, Look I have my issues and honestly do want to sort it but I’m not a magician , I will however get you £1100 within 7 days, if you’re prepared to help me sort it in full.
    12 Aug
    to Chris
    If I accept your offer of £1100 within the next week what does the next few weeks mean,4/5/6 or 36???.Look I would work this out with you but you’ve let me down so many times in the past why should this time be any different.I tell you what deposit the £1100 today/tomorrow into my account as cleared funds(no cheques) and pay me £50 a day thereafter if that helps

    Chris Beek
    12 Aug
    to me
    Don’t have the £1100 until I get paid on the 16th, will pay £1100 on the 16th and then £50 a day ongoing

    HETTERLEY COLIN <colin.hetterley@
    18 Aug
    to Chris
    Good Day Chris
    Just checked my account and as suspected no money deposited,well it looks like the More Money Review site are still looking into your little escapades as per copied e-mail I received this morning and after today if no money is forth coming as per our agreement of last week I shall be urging all the people who have posted messages on their site to get in touch with Nottingham Trading Standards & Nottingham Police to inform them of their situations regarding the money owed by you.
    Kind Regards the decent guy
    Chris Beek
    18 Aug
    to me
    Hi Colin
    Will be depositing that 1100 to you today btw
    Chris Beek
    19 Aug
    to me

    Dear Colin
    The funds I was expecting to send your 1100 from my wages on the 16th, didn’t hit my account yesterday as expected, but are showing to credit tomorrow morning.
    So confirmation that £1100 will credit tomorrow morning around 9am.
    I will send £100 extra tomorrow in line with the first two £50
    HETTERLEY COLIN <colin.hetterley
    20 Aug
    to Chris

    Hello Chris

    Why am I not surprised that no money has been paid into my account today as per your e mail yesterday,perhaps because you were NEVER going to pay it in in the first place and as usual another one of your promises bites the dust.Well look out son because my patience has now EXPIRED and things are going to start happening as of today.
    Chris Beek
    20 Aug
    to me
    Colin I have sent it today, mate.
    Was only done about 40 minutes ago, from a new Aig Account, and it can take up to 1 working day to credit according to their website.
    Also sending £100 tomorrow morning as promised.
    21 Aug
    to Chris
    So what happened today OR will it NOW BE TOMMORROW it clears (as if)

    Chris Beek
    29 Aug

    to me

    Can’t make full payment today
    But to bring things up to date £1500 will be paid on Monday afternoon.
    Might have to be by Paypal however <colin.hetterley@
    29 Aug
    to Chris
    Pay pals fineBut then again the cow MIGHT JUMP OVER THE MOON
    Sent from my iPhone
    16 Sep
    to Chris
    Good evening Mr Beek

    I see from comments on MMR that you HAVE paid SOME of the people you owe money to

    So MAYBE there is still time to get mine before I report you to the VAT & HMRC offices to investigate you and your little scams,HERES HOPING IT’S VERY SOON
    Regards Colin

    Chris Beek
    16 Sep
    to me
    Colin as stated you’ll have half this month and next month with 500 before the end of this week
    Sent from my iPhone
    Chris Beek
    19 Sep
    to me
    Dear Colin;

    £200 was paid to your account last night.

    This brings the balance to £3500 (Repaying £1500 of the £2500 you put in, so you are in theory only £1000 out of pocket with me).

    On Tuesday 23rd you will receive £500

    On Tuesday 7th you will receive £1000

    On Tuesday the 21st you will receive £1000

    On Tuesday 4th Nov you will receive the final £1000

    Having gone over all records are our involvement over the years you have paid me £7,100 in total.

    In numerous deals you have received so far £11,088 back, meaning you are just under £4000 in profit in dealings with me.

    At the point of the £3500 being paid which includes a profit which didn’t mature, because I didn’t receive any payment from the deal, you will have receive in total back £14,588 of which would be a total profit of £7,488 , and I do hope you reflect this on any post on the MMR website, because you have NOT lost money dealing with me.

    Further to which I have told you on numerous occasions the deal which involved the £2500 went wrong, and now £1500 of this has been repaid to you, so effectively if you were to take legal action, you should only be able to claim £2500 not the excess which was profit.

    However you have decided not to be at all reasonable on this front and given me very little choice, despite already being around £4000 in profit.

    Anyway the above is outlined and I do hope that you actually do report the facts in that you were well in front, in doing busy with me over a 3 year period.
    Kind Regards

    19 Sep

    to Chris
    Dear Chris
    Firstly please cast your mind back to last month (11th I think)when YOU set up a repayment plan of £1100 to be deposited on the 16th followed by £50 a DAY,which I agreed to when you asked asked me to do it that way to help you out,,so where does the unreasonable statement come from, bearing in mind this is not the first time you’ve PROMISED to pay me something in the last ELEVEN MONTHS.

    Secondly please stop going on about you paying me the profit out of your own pocket because YOU got stuffed for the money for the wine deal, which part of was going to be my profit because it was YOU who told ME that if I gave you £2000 or WHATEVER I put into the deal(last October)you would guarantee to DOUBLE it(have email proof),now just because the deal went wrong your end, and as I’ve said before unfortunately has nothing to do with me I paid you £2000 in good faith and would expect you to pay what you PROMISED,bearing in mind if the deal hadn’t gone tits up you would have been well in front,lets put it another way,IF either YOU or I had put any amount of money into a bond with a promise of a guaranteed return then you or I would expect to be paid that amount
    Fast forward I month,NO £1100 NO £50 a day arrives,Now you have come up with a DIFFERENT re payment plan and you have publically stated on MMR that you are repaying everybody who has contacted you ,back via a repayment plan,already the original £500 you were going to pay into today has gone to £200(which I HAVE received,thank you)with four more instalments to follow,only time will tell IF they arrive on time.
    If you look on the MMR website tonight you will see that I have done what I promised and make people aware that I have received a payment PLUS EVERY time I receive a payment words to that effect WILL be posted and one more thing at least you have had the decency to reply to the accusations put forward on MMR
    Best Regards Colin
    Chris Beek
    19 Sep
    to me

    Colin you will be paid as I have outlined . I agree with your email and said as much but it would be nice of once you’re paid you state what is true and that is you made money . A few people make out they are x y it z out of pocket when it is so not true . Anyway thanks for replying
    Sent from my iPhone


    > On 19 Sep 2014, at 17:29, “HETTERLEY COLIN” wrote:
    > Colin; <colin.hetterley@
    19 Sep

    to Chris

    As I said I will be posting a comment on MMR tonight outlining that you have paid me the first £200 plus EVERY time you make an on time payment I will be posting to this effect WHEN the FULL amount has been made I WILL do as you ask and also post that I have made money from my dealings with you and incidentally I have NEVER said that I hadn't earned money from you
    Regards Colin
    Sent from my iPhone

    And does Mr Beek think that I entered into various deals with him over the last 3 years just so that he can have a FREE loan NO I dealt with him to gain the guaranteed promised (HA HA) profits which HE offered,and also if he wants to take legal action against me regarding these FACTUAL emails BRING IT ON because all his threatened legal action does NOT scare me in fact I'd be happy for him to summons me to court but when it comes down to the nitty gritty he'll do exactly the same as he does when promising payments he'll go UNDERGROUND

  343. gygt says:

    Trust me Chris, I do indeed know facts, as I have dealt with you!!
    As of Steve, palibe, and John getting paid tomorrow and ‘next week sometime’…….well, we will see…….
    Gandalf, my Lord, I’m afraid that you have no idea what you are on about……

  344. gygt says:

    One more thing Chris, please forgive me if I believe members on here more than I believe you…….can you cast any light as to why that might possibly be????

  345. gygt says:

    Thank you very much for your long post Colin1955, your time taken to do this is appreciated.
    How many lies were there in that one post alone??
    I reckon CB makes Pinocchio look like a choir boy

  346. COLIN1955 says:

    @Chris Beek
    Not sure if you are still reading these posts but would just like to ask him a simple question.I wrote a post on the 16/10/14 and in it there was an ACTUAL email sent by HIM on the 12/8/14 that stated that I had paid him £7200 and had been returned £8612(£1412 profit??) which he had statements AND receipts to PROVE it, and also stated that he’d paid me £1400 of the £2500 which I’d paid in, owing a balance of £1100 on my original investment(without any profit)and that was all he was willing to pay me
    HE then posted on the 16/10/14 that I had paid him £7150(£7200 on 12/8/14)and that I had received back £11,088(£8612 on 12/8/14)making me in profit by £3938.00
    Now since I have only received £200 in repayments since 12/8/14 how does £8612 plus £200 come to £11088 and also the £1100 he admitted to owing on the 12/8/14 suddenly turn into £400 that is the only amount he will now pay(his post 16/10/14)as £1100 minus £200 works out at £900 not £400
    I have also looked at my bank statements since early 2010 and his figures are nothing like he claims to which I emailed him last Friday and asked for proof to which he replied he’d send me the pdf over the week end ,guess what I’M STILL WAITING

  347. gygt says:

    sad to say that all you can do is shake your head Colin, I know I am after reading your last two posts.
    Yes, sorry to hear about his multiple lies (yet again!!), but somehow it’s not all that surprising any more….

  348. palibe1 says:

    Another day, another lie from our nice Mr. Beek.
    Quote: “You are sixth on my list, I will be making your next payment on Monday.” That’s today but surprisingly, no payment. I know he’s having trouble with his Bank, Paypal, Royal Mail and the BACS system etc. and has been let down and cheated by everybody he has ever had dealings with so it’s not his fault; it’s everybody else’s.

  349. S&M says:

    @ Mr Beek

    We’re trying so desperately hard to “WORK WITH YOU”, but you aren’t making this easy… Far from it!

    What has happened to the NEW(er) version of your payments plan you posted on 16th October 2014?

    Already, you are letting people down… After TWO whole working days!!

    Why hasn’t Palibe received the payment promised?

    How many others (preceding Palibe on your “supposed” list) haven’t been paid?

    By the way… I never got to know the reason for our NON payment on 8th October – Would you be so kind to let us know?

    Which day, and time are you claiming to be sending my mother’s payment this week?

    And please don’t take this as being some kind of “witch hunt”, as I’m simply asking why the hell we STILL aren’t getting our money.

    When is all this Bull**t going to stop?

    No lies (please) this time Mr Beek, if you don’t mind!

  350. COLIN1955 says:

    Looks like Mr Beek has gone to ground yet again(surprise surprise) as I have still not had a reply to my question posted 19/10/14 and I have also emailed him four times since the 17th asking him to forward details to substantiate his figures he is claiming I have earn’t since starting doing business with him since 2010 as my figures DO NOT tally with his,but what’s new??NOTHING!!

  351. mathsman says:

    I’ve just read all this thread and this guy sounds horrific for what he has done to those just wanting to earn a few bob from their gambling. Hope all that have been affected get justice!!

  352. S&M says:

    @ Colin1955

    Yes, it appears he has gone back on his word YET AGAIN and crawled back into his hideout.

    No payments received, and I have sent him 4 emails since his pathetic excuse of a post, and once again this DELETED BY MOD is ignoring my attempts at “trying to work with him”.

  353. S&M says:

    Has ANYONE at all been paid, since Mr Beek posted more lies on the 16th?

  354. mickyd17 says:

    Just wanted to add my two pennies worth on this thread…
    So Mr Beek has a list of 17 to repay…
    I wonder just where I am on his list??
    He promised me a first payment of £250 on around 23rd Sept…and then a similar payment every fortnight-well it’s now the 26th Oct and no sign of any payment from this snivelling low life scumbag!
    He asked me to remove some posts that I put up previously and I did this on the condition that he paid me what he owes me.
    Well now I’m fed up of his continual DELETED BY MOD and I want justice like everybody here.
    Come on guys-we need to show this piece of *h*t that he can’t do this to honest folk.
    I,like Palibe here want to expose this scumbag on every Internet forum possible as well as following up with the incident room that was posted here previously.
    You had your chance Beek-now it’s all out war…
    you owe me a total of 5,400 and I agreed with your “repayment plan” deal that I would accept a lower offer of 3,600-and I agreed to thOk nick,
    If u can send the link that would be great.
    Do u have any info on the service?ie is it profitable month on month,cost,amounts of tips per day/week?
    And does he specialise in all types of racing?
    Mickis just to get an end to this whole affair.
    But u couldn’t even keep your word on this score could u,u pathetic individual.
    We need to keep posting here and any other forums possible to darken his name into the mud where he belongs.
    I will post here for anyone who wants to see the emails this liar has sent me promising payments which never materialised.
    Only last wednesday was his latest…
    He actually had the temerity to email ME and say he would be making a payment of £200 when he “gets home from work”.Suffice to say-NOTHING appeared in my bank account that day!!
    I bet you’ve never done a days work in your life have u Chris??DELETED BY MOD
    So-what have u for to say for yourself now Beek??
    More lies to post here no doubt???
    I won’t be removing this post-and I will be adding more showing what a turd u really are!!

  355. COLIN1955 says:

    @ S&M
    Of course NOBODY has been paid and nobody WILL be paid as my post on 14/10/2014 I’ve been dealing with this slimeball for 4 years and trust me what I said in that post is fact, he’s banking on the fact that all the people DELETED BY MOD for a while do nothing about it then the heat will die down(as it is doing on here)then he will crawl back into his hiding hole and move on to his next victim.
    NOW is the time for EVERBODY on this thread who has complained DELETED BY MOD to get in touch with the police and report him as in time you will see that all his promises are only that PROMISES.
    And incidently I am still waiting for him to send the ficticious figures he’s claiming for the last four years business I asked him for on the 17/10/14

  356. S&M says:

    @ Mr Beek / DELETED BY MOD or whatever alias you’re using now!

    Can you please explain your meaning of “working with you” (on this forum if you don’t mind) as I am at a loss as to what you meant by it?

    Does it mean keeping quiet about your DELETED BY MOD we have been the victims of, since October 2013?

    You came on here on October 16th 2014 stating that payments would be made, however it looks like you’ve lied yet again.

    I have no doubt whatsoever it was your attempt to appease the poor folk you have taken money from… Initially it looks like it has worked, however I have told you that I WILL NOT GIVE UP, and you had better get used to it.

    Now, when are you going to start paying my mother, myself and ALL the others you have managed to wreak havoc and caused misery on?

    An honest answer would be most appreciated, however “alien” it might be for you!

    When will be receive our payments Mr Beek / DELETED BY MOD etc. etc.?

  357. gygt says:

    I am not sure that you will get your ‘honest answer’ from CB, as he doesn’t know the meaning of the word!
    And yes, I am sure we would all love to know his interpretation of the phrase ‘working with you’…….what an absolute jokster!! But you know what is really sad, S&M? ……that of course none of this is his fault!!
    A leopard does not change it’s spots!! End of story!!

  358. S&M says:

    Hi All

    I’m not 100% sure as to why my previous posts have been “moderated” as I cannot think of any realistic reason for it.

    Anyway, I have emailed Mr Beek pretty much DAILY for the last 3 weeks or so, to enquire as to why he isn’t making his promised payments, and yes (you’ve guessed it!) he has ignored (that means not replied in my book Mr Beek) every single attempt at “working with him”.

    As I asked in a previous post Mr Beek… What does “working with you” actually mean?

    Please explain, so anybody that might be thinking of having their life savings, and MORE jeopardised/misappropriated by you the chance to pull out before it’s too late.

  359. babyblue says:

    well his post promising I was on his list to be paid on 31st oct has come and gone and no payment,no surprise there then.why does he bother to say hegoing to pay and then doesn’t,does hethink you wont notice?

  360. gandalf6674 says:

    Or is he buying more time before he declares himself bankrupt?
    When are you people going to take him to court?
    He has not held to the promises he made on here, so time to take him to court and claim before he goes bankrupt/vanishes.
    Good luck all,

  361. tiyoun says:

    Looks like he’s got his wish, the thread is almost dead and the pressure on him eases with every passing day.

  362. gygt says:

    unfortunately you are right, tiyoun.
    He has always been — and still is — and always will be — full of hot air.
    He could not give a hoot about us, except of course when he wanted our money!!
    Call it what you want……..every dog has his day, Karma, or as I like to call it: Judgement Day.
    It escapes NO-ONE, not even you, Mr. Beek!!

  363. gerry747 says:

    I know I shouldn’t be commenting anymore on this, but Michelle give me a bit of slack, please!…

    Guys Mr, Beek came on here, made lot’s of promises, didn’t keep them. Obviously delaying tactics, trying to pass the blame, etc. etc. hoping things will go quiet and eventually he will get away with it.

    Now only one guy has really done anything positive and put the work in to get justice. So, if he does get away with it, the rest of you have only yourselves to blame. Either do something positive collectively now, or say goodbye to your money.

    Sorry to sound so abrupt, (I’m on your side remember) but if you go on like this, you will get NOTHING! Zilch!….. Act now, or say goodbye!…..

    If he decides to go bankrupt, that’s IT!……

  364. Bear1 says:

    The pressure eases on Mr Beek because of FEAR.

    There is fear of moderation. Fear of litigation. Fear of going to court. Fear of this and fear of that.

    The fear is caused by a society that places legal and social parameters in place that protect the perpetrators of wrong doing whilst simultaneously neglecting the victims of wrong doing.

    Unless we work together to change this culture, then it means that those who exploit others will continue to do what they do and laugh as they do it.

  365. S&M says:

    Mr Beek

    As you clearly have made no attempt at paying any of the people you have made promises to, and have also chosen NOT to accept any further emails from me regarding questions I am asking about the payments you claim to be setting up, you are leaving me with no other alternative than to begin contacting YOUR family in an attempt to retrieve the information from them.

    Maybe they can get the answers we seek?

    I know they have nothing to do with this and are completely innocent, but so is my mother and you have nearly £9,000 of her money.

    You told us many weeks ago that you had money being paid to you DAILY from Betfair accounts etc… YOUR admission!

    Now, you can re-open your email channel AND do something about this DEBT you owe my mother, or I can begin contacting your family… Your choice!!

    We want answers, and more importantly the money you owe!

  366. deegee says:

    Go to the police S&M. The guy has had his chance. Knew fine well that he wouldn’t pay. I am one of the lucky ones that got my money back after all sorts of abuse and threats. The guy needs to be stopped to prevent any other people losing their hard earned.

  367. deegee says:

    He loves threatening people does Mr Beek. Blames everybody and everything except the No1 culprit and that’s him. Sadly he must be killing him self laughing as this thread appears to be petering out without anyone actually doing anything. Still no one will touch him with a barge pole if they google him before giving him any of their hard earned hopefully.

  368. mathsman says:

    Keep the pressure on lads this sounds like a dreadful man!

  369. dazbo says:

    no bloody sympathy for any of you guys sorry

  370. deegee says:

    Why would that be Dazbo???

  371. mobilemike says:

    I too am owed money [£2270] by Mr C Beek. I have several bounced cheques to prove the debt exists. I have been ill but my last correspondence was an email from him as follows:

    Michael I already notified you that on Wednesday evening I posted a cheque for £2270 to you by second class post. So quite why your email I don’t know when you have already been informed that I have sent the payment to you. I am away until Thursday in Ireland and have no access to my internet banking over here so it would be impossible for me to make an online payment

    There never was a payment. He gave me his address as being in Worksop.

  372. mobilemike says:

    I have had today the following

    “I am unable to pay you in full or at present. I can suggest that if agreed I will pay you £300 a month starting on the 30th of December , It would be 7 monthly payments as the first will be £470, to bring the balance to £1800”

    and when requested an immediate part payment I received:

    “I wish I could, I have literally beans in the account, I couldn’t pay you £50 ! I get paid on the 29th, which is why I said the 30th December”

    ……….of course I don’t expect anything but for those who accept beans then there is some hope!

  373. deegee says:

    Sadly an all too familiar story. Assures you money/ cheques etc have been paid/sent but it’s just one lie after another. What seems certain is that this thread has probably put to an end to his activities. Who in their right mind would get involved with this guy if the check him out on the internet first. Guy really deserves to be behind bars and I don’t mean the drinking ones!!

  374. Bear1 says:


    You say,

    “Still no one will touch him with a barge pole if they google him before giving him any of their hard earned hopefully.”

    “Who in their right mind would get involved with this guy if they check him out on the internet first”.

    Hmmm….I understand where you are coming from but I suggest that Chris Beek may have arrived at the same conclusion.

    Is it at all possible for Chris Beek to trade under a different name?

    Is it at all possible for Chris Beek to be a member of MMR and to submit posts, whenever he feels like it, and under whatever username he chooses?

    I merely ask the questions and I will leave others to arrive at their own conclusions.

  375. S&M says:

    @ Bear1

    Whilst I was involved with this scumbag (we were on speaking terms at the time), he set up another website “The Sporting Pro”, of which I have ALL screenshots showing contact email addresses etc. One of which (namely) Scott King, which Mr Scumbag admitted to being – Again I have the email to that effect!

    I have had exactly the same thought as your good self (and probably loads more on this forum), and wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he has set up at least one (or more) websites under more aliases.

    He seems to be able to flit in and out of banks, issuing dozens of bounced cheques etc. And has also sent me a falsified/doctored copy of payments… These copies have been shared with Michelle and the MMR team.

    @ Mr Beek or King, or whatever name you’re going by now.

    You still haven’t paid ANY of the money you promised back in October… It’s nearly Christmas, and I just hope yours is going to be as bleak (if not more so) as you have made ours…

    You’re the lowest of the damned low!!

  376. deegee says:

    Yip he contacted me under the name of Scott King saying that I had been recommended to him by Chris Beek. The guy is a 10@% con man. Should be behind bars!

  377. palibe1 says:

    Anyone interested may like to know that I recently had an email from Beek, completely out of the blue, telling me that I would find £200 in my bank account today. I can’t think what might have happened and I am concerned for his safety as I think the snow may have prevented him from getting out of his sewer.

  378. S&M says:

    @ deegee

    He didn’t even try that one on with me… He openly admitted to being Scott King, just didn’t want others (victims) to know his true identity… That’s a laugh!

    @ palibe1

    Sorry to hear the ******* let you down yet again.

    I also received an email, mine was on 22nd December 2014 from the infamous Mr Beek, which went…

    “You will receive £2000 on January 5th 2015


    Maybe this was his way of trying to alleviate our worst Christmas ever, with some kind of hope in getting a little of our money back?

    It didn’t work Mr Scumbag, and I just hope your Xmas was just as bad as ours… IF NOT BLOODY WORSE, YOU DESERVE IT!

    Was asked this question by my mother – This is to Mr Beek…

    “Why do you keep building up our hopes, when you know fine well that you have no intention of coming good on your word?”

    Mr Beek, you have ALL of our contact details, so would like an answer to the above question, don’t really care where you apply your reply… On here might be nice, so others (including “possible prey”) can see you for what you truly are.

  379. palibe1 says:

    Surprise surprise. Nice Mr Beek has come up with the goods today, albeit a day late. What a kind gentleman he is. I’m sure it had nothing whatsoever to do with my scathing message yesterday. Maybe I’ll see the repayment of the remainder of my hard-earned before I die.

  380. S&M says:

    Excellent news P! 🙂

    I won’t comment on the length of time it could take to put right, the wrong he’s done, however “breath” and “hold” are two words I can think of that might just be applicable in this case!

    Maybe he’s turned over a new leaf?

    But then again… A leopard and its spots!

    We shall see what 2015 brings.

  381. S&M says:

    @ Mr Beek, or whatever name you’re going by these days.

    As you have blocked my IP address in an attempt to stop me from contacting you direct, I am using this route to do so… Sorry if it goes against “your way” of operating, but you leave me no choice really.

    Now then, I have kept away from the forum – This is what you meant by “working with you”, isn’t it? And yet you have reneged again on the money you told us we would receive, as per forum post on December 30, 2014.

    I haven’t received the £2,000 due on January 5th 2015, so would appreciate an explanation as to why you haven’t paid us ONCE again.

    I daresay the reason is that you haven’t been able to “prey” on any other unfortunate people, which can only be a good thing.

    Some start to 2015, and it looks you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, well, not in sorting the MANY people you have relieved out of various sums of money.

    I/we look forward to your response… On here if at all possible?

  382. gygt says:

    Hell will freeze over before CB splatters more lies on this forum, I am afraid S&M.
    I am sure you know that, but at least this is a place for us to vent our frustrations against this clown, although I am sure he couldn’t give a toss.
    Like you said above, a leopard does not change its spots.
    However, like you, I live in hope, and wish you well in your endeavours of merely claiming back what is rightfully and legally yours!

  383. S&M says:

    @ gygt

    He DOES seem to have gone to ground, but then who can blame him?

    If I had ripped people off to the extent he has, I wouldn’t have the nerve to leave my house, let alone continually pester others with FALSE promises – But then again, that’s what we decent folk are like!

    @ Mr Beek, or whoever you choose to be at the moment.

    I would appreciate a reply when you get a moment.

  384. deegee says:

    Has Beek, Edge or whatever he calls himself now gone to ground or is he still in contact with the out of pocket punters. Despicable human being!

  385. S&M says:

    The slimey swine has gone to ground – probably taken on a few more aliases to “mask” his true identity, in order to con more unsuspecting folk out of their money.

  386. S&M says:

    @ acdawson

    Still owes my mother and I £8,920 + £5,000 profits he told us he had made.

    There must be literally dozens out there still owed thousands.

    Let’s just hope his next victims live close to him, then, with a bit of luck he will get his comeuppance, as surely this is only a matter of time.

    We can but PREY… Apologies for that one!!!

  387. deegee says:

    It’s a real pity that this thread has petered out without getting the guy to where he should be……behind bars!

  388. deegee says:

    See Beek has been posting this month on his FB page. Not very much granted. Put Chris Beek into the Facebook search engine and there he is on top of one of his horses!

  389. S&M says:

    @ deegee

    Any chance you can share the URL you are referring to, as I have been on FB and cannot find the scumbag using your suggested search name?

    I would love to converse with Mr Beek again, as he has cut off all contact, probably because he hasn’t got the Henry Halls to face up to his skulduggery.

    Thanks for any help D

  390. deegee says:

    Just go into facebook. Put the name Chris Beek in the Facebook search and he is the one on top of a horse!!

  391. mickyd17 says:

    I too have tried contacting Chris -and after some correspondence about a month ago asking him if he was any nearer to refunding me my money(and “profits pie in the sky!”)-he came back with a reply with his usual shite saying”if u want to work with meme-I can give u a return by next Friday-just need £500 up front”
    Or something along those lines it was!!
    Honestly-this cretin never stops digging-even when he’s already in up to his neck!!
    Anyway-I have sent this scumbag two emails in the past week but have got no response-so it looks like he’s given up on trying to squeeze any more money out of me now.
    If u are reading this Beek-it’s a long road that doesn’t have a bend in it my friend.
    I wish u all the ills possible-and I can only hope and pray u fall from one of those horses one day and suffer a crippling injury.
    I hope u rot in hell u scumbag -and don’t think you’ve heard the last from me!
    Finally-does anyone here know if it’s worth contacting Action Fraud???

  392. deegee says:

    What have you got to lose Micky. Go for it!

  393. johnr59 says:

    Chris Beek and the IRA – Unfortunately I was one of Chris Beek’s biggest customers. Nothing to be proud of. I did get involved with him again in Feb 2015. I told him I was not investing with him due to his previous. Told me that the investment wasn’t through him but a company called Acorn Electrics based in Belfast. Guy got in touch with me and convinced me to part with more money. Was meant to start getting paid late Feb. So here we are now in May. Still nothing. Got in touch with Mr Beek and told him I have had enough of him and now going to police. Told me if I went to police, the guys from Ireland were part of the IRA and they had my home address and were going to kill me if I went to police. Chris said they had a shooter up at our local shooting range and I had 1 hour to apologise for threatening to go to the police. Told him my wife was extremely worried and this was even more reason to go to police. His reply was “You have 1 hour, tick tock tick tock. Or your wife will be more than worried. I’m trying to be fair but you are about to kill her. your choice” Needless to say I don’t like people using terrorism as a weapon to try and put fear and intimidation onto people. I will not bow to him though. I have raised a case against him for both fraud and threatening behaviour with use of terrorism. Anyone please feel free to phone action fraud -really easy 0300 1232040 My case no. is NFRC150501045993

  394. Maynard says:

    If you didn’t record the conversation, he’ll just deny it.

  395. johnr59 says:

    It’s all on texts

  396. rockcity says:

    John, what on earth possessed you to start dealing with him again……….?

  397. palibe1 says:

    This character is really incredible. He knows the police are investigating him; the Nottinghamshire Police have been in touch with me and others besides. Now he’s making stupid threats that will only strengthen the case against him. Don’t anyone be afraid of his empty threats because that’s what they are. IRA my foot! His actions would put Walter Mitty to shame and he’s only digging his own grave.

  398. gygt says:

    Good on you johnr59 for contacting Action Fraud! But now you also need to go to the Police, as you have incriminating evidence that he has threatened to kill you!! This is a whole new ball game for this low-life, as it is one thing to not honour your word, but threatening to kill someone takes this scumbag to a new high…… or should I say a new low! And that is saying something for this character!!
    You must go to the Police with this evidence, and don’t worry about the IRA, as palibe 1 is right, Chris Beek wouldn’t even know how to spell I…R…A…!!

  399. johnr59 says:

    Had to buy software to print out the texts, so he’s still costing me money, had the debt collectors onto him, again, that was more money. Yes it is low when people threaten your family. Must admit though our local police have taken it very seriously, I live near Catterick Garrison. So any mention of the IRA probably sets alarm bells ringing. The police officer this afternoon had told me he has spent quite alot of today writing procedures to be put in place in case anyone did visit. So I was quite surprised at how seriously they are taking it. They’ve been excellent to be honest.

  400. palibe1 says:

    It really saddens me to hear that this scumbag has stooped to an even lower level now that he’s trying to terrorise innocent families. I happen to know a bit about the IRA modus operandi through my former career and I can assure you there is no way they would get involved in anything like this. He is lying. Its what he does, so don’t lose any sleep over it. I know who will have he last laugh and it won’t be Chris Beek.

  401. gandalf6674 says:

    at least he went home after the famine!

  402. brokebookie says:

    Hasn’t this guy been arrested yet!!!! Surely with all the evidence on here a case for fraud can be built, based on promises that haven’t been fulfilled. Why doesn’t someone contact the Inland Revenue about him to see if he is declaring this income on his tax return:) Its the only way they could get al capone!

  403. gygt says:

    well done johnr59, keep it up! As you can see, you have plenty of support on here, and we are all behind you! Go get’im!!

  404. conans says:

    Please could anyone who claims to be owed money by Chris Beek to email

    I am trying to help him sort his life out and clear his debts.


  405. conans says:

    Sorry … that email account doesn’t seem to be working. Back to you all soon …

  406. Maynard says:

    “I am trying to help him sort his life out and clear his debts.”

    You poor deluded soul. Bless 🙂

  407. palibe1 says:


    That was really amusing. Now, as an encore, can you tell us the one about Goldilocks and the three bears?

  408. gerry747 says:

    Maybe the clue is in the username, who’s DELETED BY MOD who!…… wouldn’t put anything past him!….. another delaying tactic eh?

  409. conans says:

    Maynard and palibe1 – let me know if interested. Don’t see why you should mock your fellow victims?!

  410. mickyd17 says:

    Conans-how exactly are u proposing to help Chris,and is this not just yet another load of old baloney regarding Beek??If u are genuine-show us victims something concrete perhaps….

  411. Maynard says:

    “Don’t see why you should mock your fellow victims?!”

    ME … a victim of that idiot? I don’t think so!

  412. S&M says:

    @ Conans

    What a seriously nice gesture!

    However… You have to understand our scepticism, as these things just don’t happen in the real world.

    I have to ask – I’m sure others will also be wondering… Are you in some way related to Mr Beek?

    If you’re not, then I’m sure there are dozens of people (who have been scarred for life in one way or another, by CB’s behaviour) who would be willing to come forward; not just through his dealings, but also his “Hyde-like” tendencies.

    We look forward to having a correct email address, so we can take this further.

  413. conans says:

    I don’t want to put my email address on here but email the address I mentioned above and I’ll reply and give you all my details.

  414. MMR admin says:


    My advice to everyone is that if you want to contact conans and see what kind of repayment system is being offered then that is up to you.

    Just be careful and think through any kind of offer carefully before agreeing to anything. Be cautious before giving away any personal details, don’t give any more money to Beek if he requests it and don’t get your hopes up that you will be fully repaid.

    If anyone does contact Conans, please share how you get on here on the thread.


  415. conans says:

    Thanks Michelle. I will not be asking for any money … all I want to do is work out what his victims say they are owed and compare that to what Cris says. I have put a proposal to Chris about finding a resolution that n=might help. What is certain is that it won’t cost you anything more however I hope it brings out all the skeletons in his cupboard.

    I have no interest in anyone’s details apart from to corroborate his figures with yours.

    No promises but we stand a far better chance working together than not (in my opinion).

  416. palibe1 says:

    This is incredible news. Only a week ago Beek reportedly emailed John59, “Don’t involve the police or my IRA friend will shoot you. Tick tock tick tock,you have one hour.” James Bond couldn’t have put it better.
    I wonder if John59’s skeleton is one of the ones he will be clearing from his cupboard. One hopes his IRA gunman friend was with him on the road to Damascus when he repented.

  417. conans says:

    palibe1 – If you have an issue with Beek as he owes you money, let me know by email, otherwise slag him off as much as you want (he deserves it) but if we can get to a stage where everyone has been paid back, at least he’ll have done the right thing.

  418. S&M says:

    @ conans

    I would appreciate knowing whether you are receiving my emails, as I have sent 2 to the address listed, but as yet heard nothing to say you have received either.

    An acknowledgement via MMR forum or email to say you have/have not received either would be nice?


  419. S&M says:

    Hi all

    Just a quick update – I have now received an email from conans, and thanked them accordingly.

  420. conans says:

    Sorry S&M … am on holiday so internet access has been limited.

  421. johnr59 says:

    Michelle asked me about 10 days ago if my initial post about Mr Beek was true as it was a very serious allegation. Here is my reply. Basically I’ve been a complete idiot.

    Hi Michelle,

    Sorry haven’t got back to you sooner, I don’t normally use this email anymore, I use DELETED MY BOD I can confirm that everything is true. I have all the evidence as it was all texts. I bought software so I could print it all out. Here are just a few of the texts.

    Chris – I suggest you cancel interview you have an hour. Your choice or your dead. Me- Wife saw texts she is extremely worried. Even more reason to go to police now. Chris – You have one hour tick tock. Or your wife will be more than worried. I’m trying to be fair but you are about to kill her, your choice.

    There are quite a few more. I have been into the local police and showed them everything. They have had to make up risk assessments etc for the control room and what action to take if anyone visits my home.
    I am in a fairly well paid job. However looking back, I have been involved with Chris for over 3 years. When I showed the police all the emails etc. I felt embarrassed and initially wasn’t going to go to them because I have been a complete idiot. He just used to suck me in all the time on the phone, I have even borrowed him money. aaaaggghhhh. All in all over 3 years I have probably given him about £15k I have been chasing him for 3 years for payments and yet I still gave him money on the premise he was going to pay in full what he owed me.



    PS – I can still smile 🙂 and your doing a great job with your site.

  422. conans says:

    johnr59 – have you emailed me telling me what Chris owes you? Had quite a few emails and as I’m on holiday I haven’t pulled everything together yet but will do next week …

  423. johnr59 says:

    To be honest Conans I actually think you are Mr Beek. They guy hasn’t paid me for 3 years, he has photoshopped Bacs statements to me to make it look like payments have been sent. He has did the same to debt collectors. I could make a book out of the bounced cheques. I think most people can write off their money. The guy is a crook and will be caught. I don’t know what relation you are to him or as a I said earlier you are actually him. Why do you think you can magic up the money. He hasn’t got it. He will be charged with fraud and blackmail.

  424. gerry747 says:

    john59 – I agree with a lot you say, this Beek is no idiot, he knows what he owes, doesn’t need anyone to sort it out, he pays or he doesn’t.
    I think this is bull, when you read back through his communications, he’s just playing with people.
    The only possible chance anyone has got of getting their money is through the courts, because he is not going to pay anyone, we’ve heard it all before!….
    Remember the so called arrangements he told mmr, look how that ended. In his own words he only came onto mmr because he was sick of the bull being said about him. Like Harry said, “when your dealing with garbage, you feed em garbage”

  425. conans says:

    johnr59 ans gerry747 – I can totally understand why you think this but can assure you I am not Chris and have suffered 10 times what you have suffered! I have lots hundreds of thousands because i=of this guy, my wife, my dream life, my children.

    I have included in him in a deal that will earn him the money (not him having something that will benefit me for once) and I think it will work. There are no promises but better trusting someone honest than a fool with a gambling habit who’s only way out of trouble is to borrow more and promise more.

    It’s your decision to touch base or not and I’m not pushing you either way but those involved with me 9i think) stand a better chance of being repaid.

  426. palibe1 says:


    Do we take it that when nice Mr Beek repays you the hundreds of thousands he owes you, he will then reimburse the rest of us?
    Goody goody; he owes me £1400. Can you add me to your list of claimants please?

  427. brokebookie says:

    Is this for real? Someone lost thousands to Mr Beek then includes him a deal that could make him more money that he can repay to his poor victims?? You couldnt make this up!
    So Conan you expect Mr Beek to work for nothing and earn money from a deal that you are including in him, so that you can then pay his victims. If this deal is that good why dont you just include yourself in this deal and make up for the money you lost to him? Why have you taken it upon yourself to help Beek pay his victims, are you a friend of his or something? You are wiling to help a serial liar pay his debts. You must think people on here were born yesterday. Another classic delaying tactic to buy him/you sometime – unbelievable!

  428. conans says:

    palibe1 – I will add you to the list. Could you email me so I can contact you when the time comes around.

    brokebookie – Yes it’s for real. I actually liked Chris despite what he’s done to me and the deal I have will earn me enough to live well for the rest of my life. I would like Chris to be able to put the record straight and get on with rebuilding his life.

    Maybe I’m mad or unreal but I can assure you that my intentions are nothing but honourable. Sorry if you don’t believe me but that’s how I am.

  429. mickyd17 says:

    Hi Conans,
    I am one of the people who have contacted u so far-I’m sure there are a few more to come however!
    Just wanted to say that I trust your intentions are honourable-but this deal that u are involved in…..-are u offering Chris a share-just to sort out his debts??
    This sounds extremely risky to me-given his track record.I hope u have something in writing in place so that if he is to benefit from this deal of yours,that he doesn’t screw u over yet again once he receives the money u have earmarked for his “victims”….
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him promise everything to help u to compensate us-but Conans… very careful here mate….be very careful-that’s my advice!!!
    U are dealing with a proper snake here-DONT forget that please!!

  430. conans says:

    mickyd17 – Thanks mate but I am controlling it and all the benefits Chris gets will be paid to me and controlled by me. I will pay back to those he owes before he sees any benefit.

    This is why I wanted to know who is owed what … I can only add those people in who want to work with me (this is assuming Chris does as he still hasn’t confirmed his involvement or sent me his list of debtors).

  431. fu-hunter says:

    Conans-How much is owned out to the punters.

    Think the first thing he should do is apologise to the family that he upset that would be a good start.

  432. conans says:

    fu-hunter – I can’t really say but a massive amount!

  433. trader71 says:

    Please forgive me posting on this thread but it seems the busiest so I thought it may get noticed. Can anyone recommend a good racing LAY service? Save me trawling through every review to find one. Thanks

  434. Maynard says:

    CONANS says he has “lost hundreds of thousands because of this guy”. HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS? Sorry, not buying it. Nobody could be that stupid.

    CONANS says “I have included (Chris) in a deal that will earn him the money” (to pay victims back). Oh. So in addition to the “hundreds of thousands” lost, you still have thousands more for some purported deal?

    CONANS continues: “the deal I have will earn me enough to live well for the rest of my life.” Oh. So a big deal then. I’m guessing you’d have to put in half a million. But wait. This half million and the maybe half million you’ve already lost to Chris adds up to a cool £1mill by itself. So you had “enough to live well for the rest of your life” in the first place. Why then did you part with it? Curiouser and curiouser.

    CONANS adds: “all the benefits Chris gets will be paid to me and controlled by me. I will pay back to those he owes before he sees any benefit.” Hang on. Why involve Chris at all? Why not do your mythical deal on your own, then pay back the victims with some of your profits? Or is Chris giving you a big lump of money to do your mythical deal?

  435. 5aces says:

    Sounds like something out of a film where the small time criminal always goes for the final big score…..

    Better than tv soap this.

  436. ian5999 says:

    I don’t suppose any part of this ‘big deal’ would rely on collecting money from the participating victims to finance it, or in suggesting that, have I just scuppered the thing?

    Or am I too cynical?

  437. gerry747 says:

    I think this says it all >>>> “I have lost hundreds of thousands because i=of this guy, my wife, my dream life, my children.”

    The he states this >>>> “I actually liked Chris despite what he’s done to me”

    “lost my wife, my children” and you still like this guy?

    Agree with Maynard, no one that stupid!

  438. 5aces says:

    Does Chris have enough money to put into this deal? If he has then why not pay back what is owed first? If he doesn’t have money then why is he part of the deal? Doesn’t sound right.

  439. southpaw says:

    This conans character is showing more red flags than a Russian military parade trundling past the Kremlin.

  440. brokebookie says:

    Maynard – your spot on mate – why involve beekie at all??
    Gerry747 – Yes he lost his wife, house & kids and he likes the guy, this is just the biggest load of b***S**T! i’ve heard in years!


    This could be the classic Nigerian SCAM in operation. This Conan guy is collecting names off everyone that has lost money to beekie, then no doubt contacting them in due course to ask for more money to release the bigger funds, saying something like “i have got your money but you will have to send XXX amount to release funds”. Those that have lost money would maybe prepared to part with say £500 if the promise of £5,000 is to come then BINGO! Beekie has got you again! Just contact HMRC and let them know how much Beekie has lost you & let them do their work, they will then check to see has beekie declared this on his tax return – If not why not?? Believe me HMRC are better then police & fraud squad put together and have more powers!

  441. carrbags says:

    I think it’s all legit. Conans is going on Dragons’ Den to get the financing. Right up Peter Jones’ alley this.

  442. conans says:

    Maynard – Yes. Have to say I was that stupid unfortunately! I’m not going to answer your sarcastic questions on here but email me and I’ll give you my number and happy to talk.

    5aces – Might look like that but this is no film. I don’t know what he has or hasn’t … I just need him to work with me which he is resisting at the moment!

    ian5999 – Yes too cynical. I don’t need anything from anyone apart from what you are owed by Chris (which I will them corroborate with Chris).

    gerry747 – That is where you are wrong. As stupid as someone is investing £1,000 or £10,000 there are others who have invested more as they have more readily available.

    southpaw – I am not forcing anyone to contact me. I think those that have are happy with what I have proposed. I am not giving any guarantee’s however I think I have a solution that will pay you all back what you are owed without having to give anything upfront. I can’t really see what the downside is from your part but my offer will only be open to people who touch base by midnight on Monday.

    carrbags – Very funny 🙂 …

    I’m wanting to help someone who has made massive mistakes but (I feel) wants to make things right. My offer of trying to help is there and midnight on Monday is the cut off point. After that, those of you who mock or slag me off can carry on but I know I’ll have done as much as I can to help. To those who have already touched base, I sincerely hope I can be the bearer of good news.

  443. gerry747 says:

    conans – There is being stupid, then there is stupidity beyond belief.

    Anyone can be stupid and lose a grand, but to be so incredibly stupid to risk and lose hundreds of thousand of pounds.

    Lose your wife and children, then state on here you still like this guy.

    Listen mate, I’m sorry if what you say is true, but the only guy really needing help is you my friend.

  444. gygt says:

    Maynard is right, why involve CB at all??
    Conans, if you are paying back those stung by CB, simply out of the goodness of your own heart, then why on earth would you need to involve CB??
    When you knew full well people would be skeptical, cynical towards your intentions, sarcastic, and mock you until the cows come home…… simply because of your association with Chris Beek……. so why involve him, when obviously you have more money than sense, you can obviously fund this your self…… you would not need to involve him!
    P.S.: I like the ‘no guarantees’ bit!!

  445. Maynard says:

    Conans says: “I’m not going to answer your sarcastic questions on here …”

    If you DID answer them, you’d go a long way to gaining credibility.

  446. conans says:

    gerry747 – I know and don’t need anyone else telling me! I said I ‘liked’ the guy … I really am fine now but this has been a terrible lesson.

  447. conans says:

    gygt – I have my reasons to involve him … these are his debts and an return will be due to his involvement. No involvement from Chris and no repayments unfortunately. I am not paying them out of the goodness of my heart but from the return Chris’ investment will generate.

    I have no association with Chris and no involvement with him. I have offered him a way of resolving the situation some of you find yourselves in due to him. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Why should I guarantee his debts? I will make payments if he is involved and if it generates the returns I believe it will.

  448. conans says:

    Maynard – I’m not trying to convince you, I’ve just make the offer.

  449. brokebookie says:

    How much to Chris have to put in? Or are you funding his investment?. Not very nice if Chris is investing other peoples money into your scheme even if it is to payback his victims, and as you say ‘if’ the investment returns what you hope then he can pay back his victims, so in other words its a gamble.

  450. conans says:

    brokebookie – That is between Chris and I but I assure you it is a minimal amount however if successful it will return enough to clear the vast majority (if not all) of his debts. It is a far more secure investment than we have all made with him previously and there is a guarantee that his investment will not be lost.

  451. magtino says:

    Can you tell us what the investment is you have
    offered to Chris Beek.

  452. ian5999 says:


    Firstly, if I’m wrong about your intentions then let me be the first to apologise to you but I’m sure you’d agree, my cynicism is warranted in this case.

    I’m owed nothing as I never got involved with this character, but as most of us are on here to watch out for each other, we tend to jump in when we smell a rat.

    Be careful though.

  453. gerry747 says:

    The guy admits he was totally stupid, been through hell, lost his family.
    If he is genuine in his intentions, maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt and get off his back.

    He’ll get plenty enough if it turns out to be a con!

  454. conans says:

    magtino – I can’t say unfortunately.

    ian5999 – I’ll accept the apology when (and if) we have some good news to announce.

  455. conans says:

    gerry747 – thanks. It’s 100% not a con. It may not work out however I am not taking anything off anyone so don’t see how I can be criticised.

  456. S&M says:

    Hi All

    You know who we (my mother and I) are and how we’ve been treated / cheated; whatever the case may be, by Mr Beek…

    I spoke (at length) with Conans last night, and have to say the guy came across as being a really nice, very honest and sincere individual, who (as I first commented) has the heart of a saint, and this has to be (in my humble opinion) one of the kindest gestures I have ever heard of in my life.

    Do I think it will work… YES!!!

    I think it would be nice if people were to reserve judgement until this thing has ran its course – I (for one) have a good feel for this, and for the people who have been cheated by CB that have made the effort to contact Conans.

    If I had the FULL list of affectees, I would be emailing and urging them to come forward.

    Really, we have nothing to lose, and all our previous losses to gain/recoup!

    I pray it works, not just for my mother and I, but for the MANY unfortunate folk this has affected.

    Good luck to Conans!

  457. Luvinit says:

    Does anybody know for sure if Chris Beek and the tosser Eddie Edge is the same person? Eddie is a pratt from Northern Island ….I got similar threatening texts and emails from Eddie Edge when I was chasing money from him..( I have kept them all)..the police will need to see them in due course…i got some money back thru one means but Eddie Edge is in for nice surprise with the rest he owes me…

  458. Paul T says:

    So, we have a plan that will turn a small amount into a very large amount. I think we’d all like a piece of that.
    Is THIS the Holy Grail, or is it more Monty Python?

  459. gerry747 says:

    I don’t know, the guy comes on here with an offer to try to help those who lost a lot of cash through Beek.
    Of course everyone one is wary, and like ian5999 says, we try to look out for one another.

    Now everyone wants to know what the investment is and would like a piece of the action.

    Jesus some of you guys, this guy lost hundreds of thousands, lost his family and kids. Another old lady lost her life savings, and all some can think of is themselves!… what a world we live in eh?

  460. ian5999 says:

    Yes indeed

    Very good last post Gerry

  461. conans says:

    Thanks all … I am no saint and have personal reasons for wanting Chris to recoup his monies but can’t go into detail on here, but if I can turn my life back around through this opportunity why not help others who have suffered via the same person?

    I will close my books on the debts at midnight tonight and have my fingers very firmly crossed for us all.

  462. Paul T says:

    I apologise if my last post was misconstrued, it was meant to indicate I remain sceptical.
    If the offer is genuine, I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

  463. johnr59 says:

    Is this dejavu, I have yet to speak to Conans and still fully intend getting Mr Beek arrested, here is the details of the last deal I did with him with a guy called Nathan, sounds very familiar

    Afternoon John

    I know Chris has had a few problems, of his own making and through trusting the wrong people. Chris is a very good sales person though. He first done sales work for me in 2008, he has an amazing skill in that department but he is also his own worse enemy. I know he had lost of his own money in stupid schemes but that is history.

    The £500 payout, plus £500 compounded basically means we will continue to recycle your profits made into new stock and with this, you’ll get £2000 a month with 7.5% interest, so after two months instead of taking the extra £500 a week, your holding value would be £4460, gaining 7.5% interested each month. If you need this at any time, just give me 28 days notice and I’ll pay it, but if you don’t take it you’ll be paid it at the end of the year with the interest.

    I can only give you my word John and I’ve done this for Chris to allow him to try and recover some of his life back. In 2011 Chris got me to give 100K to someone who was going to give me 20% a month, my own stupid fault in doing so, as this bloke done a runner with all the money. It hit Chris hard but I know Chris had literally everyone he knew in it, and I think between Chris and his mates we all lost around £3000000. This hit a lot of people hard, as I know Chris was training racehorses at that time and he planned to use his profits to pay for that hobby. Everyone agreed to give Chris 3% a month of their profits for introducing us to Michael. Whilst Chris doesn’t owe me or anyone else for this it certainly didn’t do his reputation any good, but one thing he isn’t, is a crook. A bit of a fantasist maybe, but I think the hardest part for him has been a lot of unwanted pressure. But he has to deal with that.

    Hopefully a year or so working with me again and he can sort his problems out, he would be better off staying working with me, but Chirs is still fixsated on the money he has lost rather than concentrating on the future.

    Anyway hope you’re having a good time in the sunshine and I just need your address and preferred payment option and I’ll send the signed agreement to you this afternoon, when I’ve confirmed receipt of the transfer.

    Chris messaged me asking about our bank as you had alluded to him they were no longer active. That’s not the case, it’s still a very large European bank and has branches in Northern Ireland under Northern Bank and also I believe there is still a branch in London.

    Yours Sincerely

    Nathan Martyn

    This was the deal. (From which there were no payments forthcoming)

    Acorn run by Alex, Chris, Olly, Ritchie and Nathan takes all the import of electrical and liquid imports across Europe gaining prices not seen in the industry.
    With contacts within the warehouses of many leading manufactures throughout the world, we access products at great purchase prices and enable staggering sales profits to the marketplace.
    We scout liquidation auctions and sales, and deal with debt collectors to access merchandise at prices which mean our mark up is very high.
    We specialise in Electrical products with links into HP & Apple and can make 30-40% mark up by selling on Ebay and also via trade stores.
    We also purchase and sell wine at wholesale prices, having purchased cheap to sale.
    Acorn change our products daily and we are purchasing many decent products at a decent rate.
    The biggest key to ourselves is refreshing stock and we offer people to join us.
    Buying an involvement in Acorn is simple.
    Let’s look at it this simple way, say using your funds we buy 3 TV’s. of which we sell on at a 40% price increase, we can pay you a 20% profit dividend, and we can then replace your funds in use every 2-3 weeks.
    We only order stock as we see fit too and wait for the best offers to come around. With us able to purchase PS4’s at £200, we don’t struggle to shift them at £260-£300 on the online marketplace.
    Acorn keep expanding and as long as there is a need for electrical goods or booze then Acorn’s business will remain strong.
    Acorn Involvement
    Joining our team of monetary supplies is simple.
    It costs £5000 one off payment.
    For £5000 we pay you £1000 a week for a year.
    At the end of the year, you would have amassed £47000 net profit.
    We are based offshore and will have a UK rep pay cash into your bank account so you don’t have to pay tax.
    We also offer you up to £2500 of electrical stock free of charge.
    You can be involved in Acorn for a maximum term of 12 months.
    You receive a fully signed receipt of your membership with our contact details, address, contract and payment dates.
    All payments are made in cash.

  464. conans says:

    Paul T – No offence taken. The offer is genuine, I just hope the opportunity comes through!

  465. conans says:

    johnr59 – Looks like another scam made up by Chris and (to me) it has smack’s of his style of writing – the use of done (e.g. He first done sales work for me in 2008) in gramatically incorrect situations … This is Chris writing no one else!

    There are a number of fundamental differences John … (i) I haven’t made any promises, just highlighted what i am hoping to achieve, (ii) I am not using any of your funds, just required a small investment from Chris and (iii) I am available to talk to anyone who would like to talk to me (whereas Nathan is another hidden character).

  466. johnr59 says:

    I have now spoken to Conans, seems a decent character, now understand a lot more from my discussion with him than what I originally knew. Like a few people have said there is nothing to lose, no money to fork out, if it works and everyone gets repaid then brilliant, if not we are back to where we were a week ago.

  467. gygt says:

    things that make you go ‘hhhmmmmmmmm’……
    Right now, in my mind at least, 2+2=5…..
    Good luck, me thinks it will be needed by the truck-load

  468. gygt says:

    I alerted MMR about a year ago that I had strong suspicions that EE and CB were indeed one and the same person. I have been sure of this fact now for some time.
    for what my humble opinion is worth, I would still be pressing on with your intentions in regards to CB (eg.: charging him with sms threats of violence), because, let’s face it — this could just well be another stalling tactic??
    Remember when he came out of the woodwork when confronted/challenged by gerry747 & Co.? This was also done to merely stall for time. Cover all bases is all I am saying.

  469. johnr59 says:

    No definitely not told the police to drop charges, that will be ongoing.

  470. conans says:

    Agree that everything you currently have in place should continue until a satisfactory solution has been found.

    What I will ask all those involved with me is that they agree to drop any charges against Chris if the refund of their investment (not profits) is refunded.

  471. gerry747 says:

    conans – Now you are opening up a can of worms there mate. These people have been threatened with violence and god knows what. I’m not involved with this character as been owed money thank god, but if he’d threatened my family he would face the consequences!

    He’s made peoples life hell, what with the worry and the stress, do you think he should get away with that?
    I was all for your intentions, but something now just does not seem quite right, hope I’m wrong.

    And as for Chris Beek, he’s proved himself to not give a damn about what he’s put people through!

  472. rwcombo says:

    I agree with Gerry

    This does not sound right at all now!! Conans is now doing 2 things!! Buying time for CB and now asking for you to drop charges and he is not offering any guarantees!! I can see in a years time he will say ‘sorry people, cannot refund you’ and he has achieved his objective – bought more time for CB and the charges have been dropped!!!! Think hard about this!!!

  473. gerry747 says:

    rwcombo – Yep I agree, I think this is stalling tactics, if it is, my god these people have been through enough.
    There are to many if’s and buts, no guarantees.
    Not willing to give any information about what the deal is about, just saying I have my reasons. Not good enough mate, these people are entitled to more!.

  474. Maynard says:

    The clue, as Gerry pointed out many posts ago, is in the username.


  475. gerry747 says:

    I’ve been going through all the postings (phew!)conans posted just 7 times among the hundreds of posts before this offer of help.

    No mention of losing hundreds of thousands, no mention of losing his wife and children.

    Now does that sound right to you guys? If it had been me, my god, I’d would never have been off here! I’d have been shouting it from the roof tops!…..

    I’m really beginning to think about what Maynard just mentioned. Is this guy genuine, or is he a plant, or is it Chris Beek. The more I think about, it just doesn’t add up!

    Like rwcombo said, be very careful guys!…..

  476. Maynard says:

    Conans posted: “the deal I have will earn me enough to live well for the rest of my life.”

    That statement ALONE doesn’t sit right.

  477. Maynard says:

    Conans, please tell us exactly how much Beek is giving you to put in to this supposed deal. You don’t need to give details of the deal. Just say how much Beek is giving you, please.

  478. gerry747 says:

    Maynard – I’ve always said Beek is no idiot, so just put yourself in his position for a moment. A few months pass by and the heat is getting to Beek. He introduces a guy with a few postings, acting like one of the guys been ripped off.

    You don’t hear from him for months, but the heat is getting unbearable for Beek, all of a sudden conan’s is back, there is this great idea to get everyone’s money back. He even gives a contact number, (probably P.A.Y.G.)not traceable. Of course he sounds a decent honest type of guy, he has to be convincing!…..

    Then after a few postings, what do we get? please drop all charges, IF, you get your refunds!..

    Now of course I could be completely wrong, but even the script writer of Eastenders has nothing on this guy!….

  479. Maynard says:

    Gerry, I think you’re absolutely correct.

  480. gerry747 says:

    conans – It’s been over an hour and half and you haven’t responded. I think you can understand why people now are even a little more suspicious, can’t you.

    I tell you what, your prepared to talk to people, well I have a proposition for you, are you prepared to meet and talk with someone? prove you are who you say you are, it can be arranged, what do you say?

  481. carrbags says:

    “I tell you what, your prepared to talk to people, well I have a proposition for you, are you prepared to meet and talk with someone? prove you are who you say you are, it can be arranged, what do you say?”

    Does it involve lie detectors and blood tests?
    Conans and Beek on Jeremy Kyle, the only logical way of sorting this out.

  482. gerry747 says:

    conans- Look mate you don’t have to worry, I know more than most about being told I’m a fake and this and that.

    I tell you what could be arranged, you could meet up with our company solicitor, he will even sign a legal document for you stating everything would be in strictest confidence and no one would get to know any details apart from putting peoples mind at rest.

    I will even cover the costs if means people getting their money back, it will be money well spent.
    It’s OK anyway, I’ve had a good day on the betting markets today! 🙂

    So what do you think eh?

  483. conans says:

    This is to the three or four doubting Thomas’ – Of course I am happy to meet and despite what you may think I actually work and am not sat 24/7 infant of my laptop!

    There is no downside to my offer nor any conditions APART from the fact that if I can help Chris pay you all back that your cases against him are dropped. I think this is fair. I’m not asking for you to drop the cases in advance of being paid but upon receipt of payment.

    Believe me or believe me not … I am not delaying in the slightest and am confident that I can help however I do not offer promises or guarantees unless I am 100% certain that I can see it through.

    I cannot divulge the deal or what Chris has invested … apologies.

  484. gerry747 says:

    conans – Fair enough, but you see that is just the point, like rwcombo stated. This can drag on for god knows how long, and if your not successful, people have held back on the charges hoping to get their money back and Beek has got away with it.

    No one is going to want to upset Beek beforehand in case he changes his mind, surely you can see that, or is that the plan eh?

    Why are you so keen about the charges being dropped?

    I’m sorry mate, but I think the guys deserve to know more after what they’ve been through.

  485. conans says:

    I will know if successful within the next 30 days … Been is involved and I am controlling the finances as I don’t trust Chris to do it.

    I think the charges being dropped are only fair … the charges all relate to his non repayment of monies invested and everyone involved (I believe) has agreed to this.

    Hope this allays your / their fears.

  486. conans says:

    I meant Beek not Been!

  487. gerry747 says:

    conans – OK mate, fair enough, that’s the most you’ve told anyone so far, 30 days you will know.
    You could have said that at first, it gives people an idea. I’m sure everyone will watch with interest, good luck.

  488. conans says:

    I have told that to everyone who has contacted me offline.

  489. gerry747 says:

    conans – What you’ve got to understand as regards the 3 or 4 doubting thomas as you put it, is your posting on a public forum and like Ian said, we do kind of like to watch out for one another even if we aren’t actually involved with Beek.

    That’s what MMR is all about, trying to help one another,
    especially from characters like Beek!….

  490. conans says:

    100% with you.

    Those that have contacted me and are happy with what has been discussed … those that haven’t don’t know as they haven’t contacted me yet they still query / criticise.

    Would you prefer for me to withdraw my offer and leave the recuperation of funds as it was?

  491. gerry747 says:

    conans – The offer you made has nothing to do with me. In fact if you remember I was backing you and asking people to get off your back.
    You just seem to throw a spanner in the works so to speak, hope it works out for all concerned, time will tell.

  492. conans says:

    I have no issues with people criticising me as I know those involved are happy and hopeful things work out …

    No spanner – just an option to those victims interested.

  493. southpaw says:

    conans said – “I’m not asking for you to drop the cases in advance of being paid but upon receipt of payment.”

    That’s fair enough, I suppose, especially as conans also said the deal could be done in about 30 days.

    We’ll soon see the outcome!

  494. gandalf6674 says:

    Really backing conans? Aren’t you? The same person who has never had dealings (lost money) with cb, and yet you are the most vocal outof them all! = troll
    You need to get a life bro, spending all day waiting for replies, equals troll.
    Pathetic man, who thinks he’s a pilot! Lmao.

    “gerry747 says:
    May 31, 2015 at 4:49 pm
    conans – There is being stupid, then there is stupidity beyond belief.

    Anyone can be stupid and lose a grand, but to be so incredibly stupid to risk and lose hundreds of thousand of pounds.

    Lose your wife and children, then state on here you still like this guy.

    Listen mate, I’m sorry if what you say is true, but the only guy really needing help is you my friend.”

  495. gerry747 says:

    gandalf6674 – It’s a public forum pal, if you don’t like it, ignore the thread, now where’s my toy areo!……

  496. conans says:

    gandalf6674 – appreciate your thoughts but I can assure you that I’m OK and things are improving dramatically.

  497. conans says:

    gandalf6674 – apologies. I thought that was aimed at me 😉 but just re-read and see it was aimed elsewhere 🙂

  498. gerry747 says:

    conans – Actually I thought we ended on a good understanding. I still back you and hope you succeed.

    As for the guy above, just another “Westminster” type guy, get use to them!…..

  499. conans says:

    gerry747 – Sorry. Was just me misreading or misinterpreting your post.

  500. gerry747 says:

    conans – No problem mate, I get it now and again from the odd one. Probably in a crap job who can’t achieve their ambitions. Not enough brains to get past the selection process, never mind the training, so they have a little go to make them feel better!………. 🙂

    Good luck with this investment, hope everyone gets their money back.

  501. babyblue says:

    sent conan 2 reply.

  502. mickyd17 says:

    BabyBlue…I fear u may have missed the cut-off…
    Conans stated above that everyone who was affected by this-HAD to contact him by last Monday-1st June midnight at the latest….
    I’m sure Conans will respond to your post here if he can help.
    Good luck

  503. conans says:

    babyblue – apologies but I have been abroad … no email received however? mickyd17 is however correct and I can’t accept any further claims, sorry.

  504. babyblue says:

    been on holiday missed previous debts don’t exist after a certain date?

  505. brokebookie says:

    I got a text from this guy years ago and glad i never got involved but good luck to those trying to get their wedge back!

  506. conans says:

    babyblue – The debt clearly remains however my offer to refund those people who touched base with me has passed. You haven’t emailed me since getting back from holiday?

  507. babyblue says:

    ive e-mailed you 3 times conan the last time it bounced back but the first two I can only assume arrived

  508. conans says:

    babyblue – I haven’t received anything?

    Are you sure you are emailing the right address?

  509. JK says:

    Hi Conans,

    I hope you are well.

    I emailed you on the 1st June (one hour before the deadline) but have not received a reply from yourself. The email was regarding a service I purchased from Chris called “Pace Bets” and the subject line in the email is “Refund request”.

  510. conans says:

    JK – Apologies but nothing received. Send it through again please …

  511. JK says:

    Hi Conans, I have just resent the email to you again.

  512. conans says:

    JK – Received thanks. Have replied …

  513. babyblue says:

    hi conan just going to try again.

  514. conans says:

    babyblue – what are your initials?

  515. babyblue says:

    m.s -conan

  516. conans says:

    babyblue – But the email comes from JS? £1,000? If so you are on the list BUT the doors are closed now!

  517. babyblue says:

    thanks conan much appreciated,for some reason registered in the wifes name.

  518. conans says:

    babyblue – Great.

  519. conans says:

    Just to let you all know the situation … everything is progressing well. There has been a sight delay but it should all be resolved before the end of June with (I hope) payments being made the first week in July.

    There are differences over what Chris claims is owed and what is being claimed by people on the forum but what I intend to do is make an offer to everyone individually. If accepted, I will ask for confirmation that you accept a payment of the agreed amount as a full and final settlement of what Chris owes (to each of you). Upon receipt of a signed agreement (which I will draft up), payment will be made for the agreed amount.

    This is all based on the deal going through and payment being received however, as I said above, it’s looking highly promising.

  520. deegee says:

    Jeez, ain’t been on here since mid May. Can’t believe what has been happening. Sounds far too good to be true but if Conan even gets 50% of what everyone is owed, I would view that as a result. Hope it works out for everyone. Will return at the end of the month for the outcome!!

  521. conans says:

    Apologies but Chris has messed up again and not done as he’d agreed.

    He promised to get tickets to a sporting event and should have received payment from a third party by the weekend (but this hasn’t happened due to issues beyond the third parties control).

    Chris has the temerity to feel that he can now withhold these tickets even though he has my word and that of my business partner – the two people that had cut him into this deal that will sort out his financial problems (and hence yours)!

    All of you that I have already spoken to or emailed will receive and email explanation.

  522. Colin Hetterley says:

    Hi Conan
    I have tried to email you on but it keeps bouncing back, could you please [DELETED BY MOD – Conans can post the email address on here] give me the proper email address in which I can contact you please as Mr Beek still owes me money from a year last October and after numerous emails to contact the little weasel to which I have had NO replies. I have not been on this thread since Christmas until tonight due to ill health and also thought the thread was dying a death
    Regards Colin 1955

  523. palibe1 says:

    I think we are all now seeing the very best and the very worst of humankind in this matter.

    One has the compassion to put his hand in his pocket to help the unfortunate victims of an unscrupulous scoundrel.

    The other threatens to call on the services of an IRA gunman to avert a police investigation.

    You couldn’t make it up, could you?

  524. conans says:

    Chris has now told us (myself and my business partner) to f&@k off and has blocked my mobile and email address! Very sensible and shows his level of stupidity …

    Anyone who would like his home and work address, please email me

  525. MMR admin says:

    @Conans – You should be sending the details of his home and work address to the police. So that he can get caught and punished for his actions once and for all.

    Giving his details to members won’t solve the problem. He’ll likely just ignore any calls and if any members decided to see him in person could land themselves in trouble instead.


  526. conans says:

    Thanks Michelle

    The Police are worse than useless and have little interest in him from what i can tell …

    Thats up to individual members to decide is it not?

  527. gygt says:

    ‘Apologies but Chris has messed up again and not done as he’d agreed’……….
    WOW really????
    Well, I never…….who would have thought……
    Sorry conans, but all this makes you look like a bit of a goose as well, I’m afraid.
    I’ve said it before, and will say it again —
    if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck…… then it’s a blimmin’ duck!!

  528. gygt says:

    Just an observation… it possible that conans is Chris Beek??
    Having another laugh?
    Having another dig?
    Having your e-mail addresses?
    Call me cynical, but unfortunately it pays to be cynical in this industry. Cynicism WILL save you money!
    That is your best bet of the day, any day!!
    I could be wrong, but just sayin’

  529. gygt says:

    Seriously conans…..’Apologies but Chris has messed up again and not done as he’d agreed’…..
    you are taking the piss

  530. conans says:

    gygt – I think those that have spoken to me know that I am not Chris. A Goose? Why do you say that? Are you aware of anything that is going on? No … thanks for your input.

  531. conans says:

    Apologies all … Chris is back on track, has done as requested and as long as he continues I will not divulge his home and work addresses.

    All progressing nicely on the investment front. Fingers crossed.

  532. deegee says:

    This is the most bizarre outcome of this whole tawdry tale. Something doesn’t ring true with all this!

  533. bobo1977 says:

    All very strange?? Maybe make it into a film called ‘Buying time’…By Chris Beek

  534. Maynard says:

    Beek is laughing his b*ll*cks off at anyone who believes ANYTHING posted here. If you are owed money, believe this:

    1. You’ll never get it back.

    2. Beek believes you’re a gullible idiot, therefore worthy of zero respect.

    3. He will “poke” you until kingdom come, raising and dashing your hopes through a series of aliases, because he enjoys a good laugh at your expesnse.

    4. The police will do nothing because no deceptive intent can be proved while there’s “supposed” intent to repay … which is another reason why you’ll be strung along until kingdom come.

    WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. You’re being played for a fool, and always will be.

  535. EyeIreland says:

    Well said Maynard! The British betting public can be very gullible. Thank goodness for sites like these where free speech and honest reviews can be aired 😉

  536. gygt says:

    of course you are right Maynard, eyebrows were raised with conans first post as ‘Saviour’. Your 4th point sums it all up!
    As conans himself has stated above: he merely THINKS that everyone who has contacted him, believes that he is not CB.
    Mate, if I weren’t Chris Beek, I would KNOW it as a FACT!!

  537. conans says:

    deegee – we will see.

    bobo1977 – I can assure you that this proposed solution is nothing to do with Chris. He isn’t buying time …

    Maynard – Believe what you will. There is no guarantee with what I have offered but the victims of Beek stand a better chance of being repaid now that they ever before.

    EyeIreland – Agree.

    gygt – I can only say what I think but I know now that those people I have spoken to KNOW I am not Chris Beek.

  538. Colin Hetterley says:

    To gygt,maynard,&bobo
    After speaking to conan in depth yesterday for over 15 minutes after he kindly rang me from France I can ASSURE you that he IS NOT CHRIS BEEK,whether the proposals he’s put forward come to anything only time will tell,but at the minute if you are owed ANYTHING by slimeball Beek then Maynard has hit the nail on the head you certainly won’t get anything back from him or get any action from the police(unless all the people owed money who have posted on here get together and press charges)which incidently WON’T happen(read my posts last year,police incident numbers etc)which nobody followed up,so at the minute he’s our only hope

  539. Maynard says:

    Conans may not be Beek, but it doesn’t stop one of Beek’s friends acting as a front for him.

    If anyone believes that some mysterious “deal” can be done which turns five loaves and two fish into a feast for the five thousand, then they’re exactly the same people who’d fall for Beek’s fairy stories in the first place.

    Oh, hang on a minute …

  540. conans says:

    Maynard – Give it a break! I have had long conversations with almost everyone that has been in touch. I am no friend of Chris Beek (he would tell you the trouble I cause him almost continually) but I want to sort this situation out and if others can benefit so be it. Miracles sometimes do happen … we all deserve it if it does come through (and I have no doubts that it will at the moment.

    Thanks Colin … Good to talk yesterday!

  541. Maynard says:

    Conans, sure I’ll give it a break … for 3 months (until the end of Sept). I predict that not one penny piece will have been repaid when, AT THE END OF SEPTMBER, I post the following question on here:

    “Has anyone been repaid from Conan’s miracle deal?”

  542. chilli says:

    What’s this got to do with you anyway Maynard? If the folks who lost money to Beek have even 1% chance of getting their money back then leave them to it.

  543. bobo1977 says:

    @chilli, thats the whole point this is a time buying exercise by beek and crownies! Kicking the tyre down the road to buy time. Unless this guy conan is funding Beek how would he afford to buy into this deal? I just dont buy it that someone is willing helping someone that ripped his life apart in order to pay other victims. Its all stalling tactics..

  544. chilli says:


    It could very well be a futile endeavour but if it is all that the victims can hope for I don’t see the need to insult them after the fact. I don’t know whether Conans is sincere or will be successful but if they are happy to place their faith in him then so be it. As far as I can tell they have all spoken to him telephonically and seem eager to let him try. It’s probably a one in a million shot but there is always the possibility of a positive outcome.

  545. bobo1977 says:

    The danger here is this could be all buying time for beekie to think of next move and (allegedly) rip more people off in the meantime??. So this delaying tactics could bring with it more victims! When do victims know outcome of this deal? Whats the deadline because i’m sure many are anxious to push ahead with pursuing this matter legally.

  546. conans says:

    Maynard – that’s great. It will be well before then if it happens (or not) and I will post as soon as I know either way.

    bobo1977 – Time will tell and no it’s 100% not Beek buying time. I anticipate I will be able to announce that the deal has gone through and that payments have been made the end of July (it was due to be before but for reasons I can’t disclose it has been pushed back two weeks – but I am still as confident as I was before that it will happen).

  547. bobo1977 says:

    So in a matter of months you have raised £100’s of thousands to pay back his victims? What investment on earth could do this? I am sure the investment markets would be keen to learn your secret as they can only make 0.001% on high volume trades.

  548. tintin3d says:

    Apparently the word gullible has now been removed from the Oxford Dictionary

  549. conans says:

    bobo1977 – No yet but very soon hopefully. I clearly can’t tell you how can I …

    tintin3d – That’s a shames it’s a word I like a lot!

  550. gygt says:

    hhhhhmmmmmmm, interesting that conans likes the word ‘gullible’……..

  551. New2FX says:

    Conans you are full of S*%t, I really hope no one is that gullible to give you money upfront for you to ‘help’ get money back from Beeks, because I can guarantee you, they will never see that money again

  552. conans says:

    New2FX – ?? What are you going on about? I haven’t asked anyone for anything and have actually refused offers of a percentage of what I can get those out of pocket as that isn’t what interests me! Read the thread rather than jumping to conclusions …

    Sometimes I ask myself why I am trying to help people out but then when talking to the victims I understand!

  553. conans says:

    gygt – 🙂

  554. bobo1977 says:

    Ok Conan, cut me in on your deal! I take it i dont have to put any money in upfront so i can just sit back and wait for cheque! Well you are prepared to help someone thats supposedly ripped punters off for thousands, so help me make £1,000’s as i’ve never ripped anyone off. Or do you just help rip off merchants?

  555. S&M says:

    @ Conans

    I think the word “understand” should be the order of the day.

    The majority of the people “sticking their oar in” have NOT been affected by Mr Beek, therefore they have no idea what it’s like to be in our position.

    They also have not spoken to you in reference to this matter, so again – they cannot feasibly understand!

    I have spoken with BOTH parties, Mr Beek and Conans and confirm without a shadow of a doubt… Conans is NOT Chris Beek.

    I would also like to thank Conans for his patience in dealing with the people who feel the need to have their two penneth (when they have nothing whatsoever to do with this) and also the POSSIBILITY of retrieving any money at all from the Beek scenario… Out of his OWN pocket!

    Give the guy a bit of time to at least to allow this “thing” to either work or fail – The affected parties have had enough crap to put up with over the past year or more with Chris Beek, so cut him a bit of slack for Heaven’s sake!

  556. conans says:

    bobo1977 – unfortunately the deal isn’t to help all and sundry out, just those that have been ‘wronged’ by Beek.

    S&M – Thanks for your support, it’s much appreciated.

  557. bobo1977 says:

    Well thats very noble of you and good luck with your efforts!

  558. conans says:

    bobo1977 – thanks.

  559. mickyd17 says:

    I just wanted to post on here-why does everybody keep saying Chris Beek is just trying to buy time???Buy time for WHAT exactly???
    This thread was almost dead before Conans came on here and breathed new life into it.
    As far as I’m concerned Beek had all but got away with ripping us victims off-as none of us were able to coordinate a joint effort to press charges against the ****!!
    I can only hope that everything works favourably in this “deal” that Conans is in the middle of and thank him for giving us a little bit of hope.
    The one thing that does mystify me is Conans willingness to give a downright crook such as Beek a reward of getting out scott free if this deal comes off?Not only that-but even after Beek had the temerity to mess u about over the ticket fiasco-yet u still entertain this cretin?????Please explain……..
    One final thing Conans-I may not be around at the time when your deal comes to fruition as I may be out of the country-so please bear this in mind if u try to get in touch with me and I don’t respond straight away.
    Good luck Conans-and I hope everything goes to plan.

  560. conans says:

    mickyd17 – Thanks. I have reasons but have to explain off line. Fingers crossed …

  561. conans says:

    Just to update everyone … delay after delay unfortunately however I’m still as confident as ever and hope t o have everything sorted by the end of July. Still no guarantees but looking promising.

  562. tintin3d says:

    Which July ?

  563. S&M says:

    @ Conans

    Thanks for the update, much appreciated – And don’t mind the troll, I’m sure he/she will find their toys soon.

  564. S&M says:

    Re the trolls – I was wrong… They found each other!

  565. gygt says:

    why you are calling me a troll, I have no idea.
    I also have been stung by C.Bee.
    But I don’t believe in the tooth fairy….

  566. S&M says:

    @ gygt

    You made out that tintin’s comment was humorous, with your “LOL” comment… I didn’t think so, and I daresay the majority of the affected parties felt similar.

    This is having a devastating effect on my mother and myself, and reading petty, immature comments by “non-affectees” makes my blood boil.

    If you think losing money to Mr Beek is a joke then that’s your prerogative, I can guarantee it didn’t mean as much to you as it does to us, just don’t expect us to sit back and put up with the sarcasm… This isn’t a game!

    1. Have you spoken to conans?

    2. Have you emailed them?

    3. Any contact at all?

    If the answer is yes to either, then you will know we stand a fair chance of retrieving part (or all) of the money we’ve lost.

    One thing for certain is, you won’t get anything from Chris Beek; the guy you put your faith in to begin with.

  567. gygt says:

    sorry S&M,
    but I would have to disagree with most of what you have written. You cannot know my personal circumstances, and I do not pretend to know yours. I am not, as you say, a ‘non-affectee’, but will leave it at that.
    I wish you (and others) well in your endeavours in trying to re-coup your losses tho’.

  568. gygt says:

    And fwiw, yes I am sarcastic when it comes to Chris Beek…….for very good reason!

  569. conans says:

    gygt – If affected, why not contact me? (I don’t think you have have you as I don’t know everyone’s aliases).

  570. conans says:

    Great news today and a major step forward with everything. End of July is the anticipated date of getting stuff sorted with payments a couple of weeks afterwards. Still not 100% certain but extremely hopeful after recent news.

  571. S&M says:

    @ gygt

    Please tell me where I have erred, or what part(s) you disagree with?

    1. You made a comment which you thought was funny – I didn’t, then again, you know what they say about sarcasm!

    2. I told you how this is affecting us – How can that be wrong, I see and feel it every day?

    3. You’ve openly admitted to being sarcastic – I was right!

    4. I will GUARANTEE whatever you have lost, doesn’t come anywhere near close to the meaning our loss does to us!

    5. I said you had a chance (however large or small) of getting some repayment from Conans, which they have verified today.

    For whatever reason (only you know the answer to this) you haven’t bothered to contact them (not to their knowledge up to 4.42 PM today), you must have very good reason – That’s your choice.

    6. You won’t be getting anything from Chris Beek as he doesn’t have anything to give.

  572. S&M says:

    @ Conans

    Thanks a lot for keeping us up to date with the progress, we hope the good news continues.

    Good luck

  573. joanna casaru says:

    Chris beek now owns Spectral Racing & spent over £70,000 on racehorses yesterday @ ascot….its in the racing post today

  574. conans says:

    Hi All

    No issues with the deal … just with Chris. He has promised that he has done something but hasn’t so unless he does what he is meant to have done by midnight tonight, I will give his home and work addresses out to anyone who wants them.

    I have tried to help this idiot but he isn’t helping himself!

  575. bobo1977 says:

    That must be a good business investment Conan if you have made tens of £1,000’s to pay people back in just a couple of weeks! Not having a pop as its far too serious for that, but good luck to you if you have made that much in such a short space of time.

  576. conans says:

    bobo1977 – if it comes off it’s the deal of a lifetime … if not I’m sorry but I’m doing my utmost to help everyone conned by this idiot! I’m not any less confident than before but the fact tat we are so close put doubts in my head!

  577. bobo1977 says:

    Hope it works out for you then. Maybe you can then get your deal of a lifetime reviewed on here
    Seriously, i hope it works out for all involved

  578. MikeTheBike says:

    I was at a local racemeeting at Hamilton the other week & Mr Beek was there. He was with the horse Electric Qatar which is trained by Alan Berry.

    They are running under the banner of Spectral Racing & I saw that they were busy spending money at Ascot Sales the other day….

    Russian George, CH, G, 9-y-o, Sendawar — Mannsara (Royal Academy)
    Mr P Walter from Highfield House
    GBP 600
    R. Knight/Spectral Racing
    Interactive Pedigree
    Geographical, B, G, 3-y-o, Pivotal — Genovefa (Woodman)
    From Darley
    GBP 6,500
    R. Knight/Spectral Racing
    Interactive Pedigree
    Royal Flag, B, G, 5-y-o, New Approach — Gonbarda (Lando)
    From Darley
    GBP 12,000
    R. Knight/Spectral Racing
    Interactive Pedigree
    Versant, B, G, 3-y-o, Authorized — Tanzania (Darshaan)
    From Darley
    GBP 10,000
    R. Knight/Spectral Racing
    Interactive Pedigree
    Venue, B, G, 5-y-o, Beat Hollow — Shirley Valentine (Shirley Heights)
    Straightline Construction Ltd from Bankhouse Stables
    GBP 22,000
    R. Knight/Spectral Racing

    Only a wee buy at £600 to start with but over £50,000 spent by them by the end of the day.. looks like he’s back in the game.

  579. sevvyb says:

    Haven’t checked in on this thread for a while as I thought it had died a death! Out of the blue I had an e mail from Chris Beek today stating he was now doing something that is earning him £20 per day. As he owes me money, as everyone else, I said fine, e mail it to me for free and knock the cost off of what you owe.
    Needless to say he wanted paying for it, whatever this scheme is, so Obviously I am not interested.
    I will forward a copy of the emails to Michelle as it includes a phone number (not mine)!

  580. madhatter says:

    I have had no dealings with this Beek character but he behaves like a nutter DELETED BY MOD £20 a day is not worth getting excited about or getting up for.I’ll stick to me trading.


  581. conans says:

    After a concerted effort on my (and my business partner’s) part where we have done our utmost to try and help Beek, he has again thrown it back in our faces.

    The situation is that we are on the offensive and I am contacting the yard he is working at, the bloodstock agent he is working for plus the BHA. Once I have spoken to all the parties concerned, I will update on here but I have been told that he will have his licence taken off him again (he got it back in June).

    The money he invested in “project X” will still be used to pay as many people back as possible – if / when it comes off – however he will not see any of the benefits directly.

    I am also building a case to take to the police so any further information concerning the theft and fraud he has committed (such as recording’s of him impersonating different characters etc) would be gratefully received.

    I am still hugely confident that our deal is going to come off however what I won’t do to anyone here is raise their hopes beyond what is reasonable. What will be satisfying is to know that a vast swathe of his debts have been paid back AND that he is unable to work in the horse racing industry.

    I look forward to hearing back from everyone with your stories …

  582. 5aces says:

    Conans. You only need to read the past posts to hear all the stories.

  583. palibe1 says:

    You say Beek got his licence back in June. What sort of licence? What organisation would grant any sort of licence to someone with a record such as his? As the originator of this campaign, I promised Beek that I would do my utmost to ruin him and once had the satisfaction of having him plead with me to desist. (In his own words, “I am f—ed.”)
    I am sure others on this forum will be able to provide you with evidence of their approach to the police, but if not, I can provide you, in private, with contact details of the Officer in Notts Constabulary who contacted me regarding the Action Fraud complaint. This evil man must be stopped.

  584. conans says:

    5aces – thanks but I’m dyslexic!

    palibe1- I can’t say at the moment but will do very soon.

  585. deegee says:

    Sadly conans you appear to have been duped by this clown, like the rest of us. I was at Hamilton races last night and believe me if I had ran into him, I would be typing this from a Police cell!! He really is a despicable character

  586. mickyd17 says:

    So if it is to be believed then Beek is back in the game and buying&selling horses….
    I don’t want to appear disrespectful Conans-but Beek clearly has NO respect for u whatsoever and he probably thinks along the lines of “take help from one of my former clients I should be ripping off?”-I don’t think so!!!
    Why else would he treat your offer and indeed yourself with such disdain??
    I think now that u are probably at the end of the road with this scumbag -and I applaud your will to flush him out and show him up for what he truly is!
    He clearly thinks he is above the likes of me and u and all of us other victims on this thread -and he has to be stopped from conning future people like us from more misery.

  587. conans says:

    deegee – Sadly you are correct HOWEVER we will have the last laugh! All progressing still with the independent deal … delayed but still progressing well.

  588. MikeTheBike says:

    Keep your eyes on the Racing Post, if it is right what I’ve heard then Beek’s return to racing as only been a wee one!

  589. S&M says:

    @ MikeTheBike

    I have looked at today’s Racing Post and can’t find anything on Mr Beek.

    Is it in today’s edition, if so which page?

  590. martin194860 says:

    The ‘Couch’ or otherwise named ‘Winstanley’ used to post bets on the Racing Post some years ago. He is the biggest thieving b…..d that ever existed. I was silly enough to pay him for his ‘professional’ services for a while. I still receive the odd text from him. Of course like all experienced thiefs, there is no way of responding to his texts and no way of confronting him. I reported him to the fraud office but nothing came of it.

  591. MikeTheBike says:

    I’m told there will be something imminent in the Racing Post regards him & a whole whirlwind of a sh. Itstorm that he’s in. That’s all I can say I’m afraid

  592. S&M says:

    @ MikeTheBike

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

  593. deegee says:

    Tip us the nod Mike, when it’s going to be in the RP

  594. mickyd17 says:

    Hi Martin194860-not sure what Winstanley-aka Couch has to do with this thread-bit of a mystery there mate?
    However-I can also say that u are right and he is one shifty c**t.
    I used to get loads of messages from him spouting rubbish like late gambles-super late gambles and the like-and how he had a 100% record with these bets-honestly-u couldn’t make it up!
    Although I did have a brief stint on his service a long while ago-he never lived up to his silly promises-and so my losses from him were limited to a degree.
    I never fell for his recent rubbish as it always seemed way to good to be true-and it appears I was right.Quite how these lowlife scumbags are able to change their phone lines regularly and seem beyond the law is beyond me!
    As for Beek-I’m looking forward to the RP article-and I just hope they have something concrete on this B*****d to put him away for a good while and teach the scumbag a lesson!

  595. palibe1 says:

    What’s the betting that Beek will manage to get this article suppressed? He’s a blithering idiot in many ways but he’s as cunning as a fox and has managed to avoid the hangman’s noose so far. What a lovely thought!

  596. MikeTheBike says:

    Basically what I’ve been told is that Brightwells auctioneers have been taken in by him under an alias & he’s been found out! 4 of the horses that he “bought” at the recent auction have not been paid for & have been collected from the stable by Brightwells.

    Him acting under an alias is nothing new to guys here but the long & short of it is, I’m led to believe Brightwells are taking action. This will totally screw him from working in racing it would be hoped!

  597. MikeTheBike says:

    Funnily enough someone has posted something on the betfair forum about spectral racing saying that they’ve heard that Chris Sutton is involved. I’m thinking they are suggesting the ex Celtic & Blackburn striker but no, it’s Mr Beek!

  598. MikeTheBike says:

    The horses he “bought” went back thru the ring to “settle a debt” according to the racing post. The net is closing in yet despite this Spectral Racing continue to run horses, they had runners today at Bath.

  599. deegee says:

    No sign of the RP article?

  600. palibe1 says:

    deegee – No sign of conans either!

  601. conans says:

    palibe1 – I’m here mate. We’ve had a few delays but very confident we are only a matter of weeks away from being able to sort things out.

  602. palibe1 says:


    Only kidding. Never doubted you for a moment!

  603. gandalf6674 says:

    Spectral racing! Anyone checked out their horses and the previous ownership of them horses?
    Evergreen Forest, previously owned (twice and now possibly for a third time) by none other than C. Beek.
    Also got email from spectral racing yesterday offering a free bet, see below:

    Good Afternoon

    We are passing on a free bet to potential members today and it’s a horse we expect to win at massive odds.

    5.30 Ripon – Sonoran Sands

    He has taken a while to come to hand but he has been trained with this race in mind for some time having needed to get his confidence up and also he hasn’t been easy to get fully fit.

    In recent work he has worked clear of Russian George, Evergreen Forest amongst others and is seriously well handicapped off 57, having formally been a 90+ rated horse in his younger years.

    The drop into 0-60 and returning to 1m 2f will be a big help, as will the fact he has the best rider in the race in Clare Robinson. He has been trained for this race dropping from a mark of 85 to 57 and this is a massive drop in class.

    The ground is perfect and there is lots of pace in the race which will suit as he will be dropped in to settle and produced late.

    It is all systems go today and a 4pt Max Ew Bet advised. 66/1 with Bet365 and this is the first big touch we have gone for with our horses since setting up our partnerships and we expect to go very close and spoil the Victoria Pendleton party !

    Good Luck

    Spectral Racing

    So it does look like Mr. C. Beek is at it again.

  604. Maynard says:

    5.30 Ripon – Sonoran Sands

    Came last (12th) at 40-1 🙂

  605. gandalf6674 says:

    Probably why he sent the free bet out, so that people would back it and push the price in, only for them to lay with better gains.

    Evergreen forest and prohibition, previously owned by C. Beek. Massive coincidence if he is not involved with this latest outfit.

  606. gygt says:

    Yep, Maynard, that result does indeed have Chris Beek written all over it…..
    some things just never change…..

  607. sevvyb says:

    Saw the end of this race on Sky Sports News, as it was the one Victoria Pendleton was riding in. Senoran sands actually finished 6th, but was then disqualified , I think something to do with not carrying correct weight!

  608. MikeTheBike says:

    he was at doncaster today, bought horses too. one was knocked down to chris beek then that & two others went to just for fun racing.

    asmany of you have said, he keeps getting his old horses, och i think the man is ill, he really is.

  609. gandalf6674 says:
    Only just came online, but not completed yet.
    Up to his old tricks again.
    Unless those that have been affected from this scamster, follow through with CORRECT legal action, then you may as well kiss your sorry money goodbye!
    Too much talk against this man, and no-one has continued with any legal complaint.
    You are all your worst enemy!

  610. gandalf6674 says:

    Apparently not Conan:
    “I am still hugely confident that our deal is going to come off however what I won’t do to anyone here is raise their hopes beyond what is reasonable. What will be satisfying is to know that a vast swathe of his debts have been paid back AND that he is unable to work in the horse racing industry.”

    Unable to work in the horse racing industry?

  611. conans says:

    I believe I can stop him working in the horse racing industry quite easily however why if he is working with us to pay everyone back (which he seems to be at the moment)?

  612. palibe1 says:

    So Beek is working to pay everyone back? What a coincidence. I have been hearing this from the man himself for over two years.
    Can’t contain my excitement!
    I wonder if he has reformed enough to withdraw the threatened legal action against me for telling the truth about his scams. Perhaps he might even tell his IRA friends not to shoot john 59 after all.

    Leopards and spots comes to mind.

  613. gandalf6674 says:

    Peter and Paul more like!

  614. johnr59 says:

    Just thought I’d let everyone know that the police have phoned me to let me know that Beek has been arrested and released on bail pending further investigations. Happy days

  615. gygt says:

    Karma….but where does that leave conans?

  616. palibe1 says:


    Well done. That’s made my day.


    conans is where he has always been; a mystery figure, promising much and delivering nothing.

  617. johnr59 says:

    I have been in touch with Conans for quite a while, the deal he is putting through is worth millions to him, so I’m not going to slate the guy, he came on here with good intentions to repay everyone, like he said in the beginning if it works, brilliant. If not we have lost nothing but hope. He is still quietly confident this deal will come through. He hasn’t asked anyone for any money, so watch this space.

  618. palibe1 says:

    Apologies if I sound sceptical. This whole thing just reeks of Beekism, ie payment expected first week in July, come August, then September and still nothing. I’m not slating anyone; I’m sceptical, especially if Beek’s co-operation is a factor in this mysterious deal. I suspect conans has been led by the nose by Beek as many of us were. If I’m wrong, that will be great news.

  619. conans says:

    palibe1 – appreciate that this deal has been delayed numerous times however a deal of this type and of this magnitude was always going to take longer than I suspected. Fingers crossed but still very confident …

  620. conans says:

    palibe1 – with reference to being ‘led by the nose’ by Beek. Haven’t we all however I’m pleased to say that this time it’s me (and other affected parties) leading him by the nose … each time he takes a step out of line we give it a bloody good yank!

  621. palibe1 says:

    conans – My “led by the nose” comment wasn’t meant to be disparaging, quite the opposite. When you said earlier that Beek was working to pay us all back I assumed his arrest, and hopefully imprisonment, would now scupper your plans as he has done with everyone else.

  622. newark says:

    who is this guy beek, never heard of him, but reading here I would have sussed him out very quickly, don’t ever pay money without a 30 day free trial, unless you know who you are dealing with its just bloody madness to do it

  623. conans says:

    palibe1 – no worries. I didn’t take it that way. No offence take at all. No his involvement was to invest with me … that has been done so (i) the deal doesn’t come off but he’s lost out this time and unfortunately none of those from here get anything back (from me anyway) or (ii) everyone gets back an element / all of what we have discussed individually.

    newark – he is extremely convincing and the one thing we all (I suspect) had in common was a requirement for money, therefore we were guided by greed.

  624. Maynard says:

    Here’s what I posted exactly 3 months ago – on June 30 at 5.29 pm:

    “Conans, sure I’ll give it a break … for 3 months (until the end of Sept). I predict that not one penny piece will have been repaid when, AT THE END OF SEPTMBER, I post the following question on here:

    “Has anyone been repaid from Conan’s miracle deal?”

    Well … have they?

    Thought not.

  625. conans says:

    Maynard – To answer your question no however as I said the other day … we are extremely close.

  626. Maynard says:

    Okay, let’s do this again:

    I predict that not one penny piece will have been repaid when, AT THE END OF DECEMBER, I post the following question on here:

    “Has anyone been repaid from Conan’s miracle deal?”

    I think that 6 months will be enough for a deal that was originally said to turn round in a few weeks.

    Will post again after Christmas 🙂

  627. tintin3d says:

    Maynard 1 Conans 0

  628. conans says:

    Maynard – I would be hugely surprised if those people I that contacted my haven’t received all / most / part of the amounts agreed are owing by that date.

    tintin3d – Lets hope it doesn’t go 2-0!

  629. smokinjones says:

    Am still waiting along with everybody else. Collection agency now on the case and my next instruction to them will be to liase with police.

  630. conans says:

    smokinjones – have you been in touch with me?

  631. MMR admin says:


    Would you be able to provide our members with an update with what’s going on? Or email me privately to let me know on if it is sensitive.

    That way I can at least assure my members that I know
    things are progressing.


  632. smokinjones says:

    I have tried the email listed earlier in the thread. If you respond I will send you further details of the debt.

  633. conans says:

    MMR admin – there isn’t really much to add. Just waiting for this investment to come to fruition, extremely hopeful it will be very soon however it is so big, it takes an age to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and every delay has a knock on effect! Still however almost certain we are home and hosed … Happy to talk if you’d like …?

    smokinjones – Think we have spoken now (however always unsure who is who with these usernames – DJ I assume).

  634. Tim O'loughlin says:

    I have fortunately had nothing to do with this case so I just wish conans and others the best in what they are trying to achieve.

    DELTED BY MOD – This is neither relevant to the thread, nor helpful to any members.

    Good luck to you all, and I hope things turn out for the best and you can see some compensation.

  635. conans says:

    Just an update on the situation … my investment is still in the throws of being finalised so more news very soon.

    He was arrested a few weeks ago and released on bail but is due in court on 19th November (place, time etc to be provided later).

    I have had it with him now and have contacted Warwickshire Police to give all my evidence over. If anyone has anything they think will be of interest in this investigation, please send it through.

    I am also happy to provide his phone number and address and the address he is working from if anyone would like them. Please email me on

    If anyone has the contact details of Richard Henderson, please could they forward them onto me?

  636. conans says:

    The Facebook Group has been reactivated too …

  637. conans says:

    Chris Beek Victim Action Group

  638. magtino says:

    What happened to the money from the investment.
    you sent an email on the 10th of Oct. saying that
    Chris Beek had invested £5.000 and that you were
    expecting to get paid on Friday 23rd of Oct. from a
    “highly lucrative (and legal) investment opportunity”
    and that you would be making payments to you all by
    Monday 2nd November (Today).

  639. conans says:

    magtino – please don’t post the content of my emails here. Email me and I’ll reply personally.

    To answer the question … there have been delays but hoping to be able to update this week.

  640. Tim O'loughlin says:

    Conans, can I say that you are a better man than I. I don’t know you, so obviously no nothing of your character.

    But if you are the person presented on this thread than bravo to you. You have persisted longer than many wood in trying to gain a resolution to this farce, not just for yourself but other members.

    Along the way you have met nothing but snide comments, accusations you are actually this character Beek and insults galore.

    Aside from a couple of members who have shown you support, you have been doing this and apparently receiving nothing but ridicule in return.

    As I said at the start, bravo to you sir. It will be interesting if you do get a resolution to this and many who don’t deserve it, due to their complete disrespect of you, actually get their money back.

    I hope this is the case and if it is, do not expect any apologies from the usual critics, they will just scurry off to look for further amusement.

    It is a pity that you have not received more support considering what you are trying to do is truly honourable. But seeing as though the editor of this forum is no better in that regard, it is difficult to expect much more from other members.

    Keep up the good work conan. I myself will be leaving as I was told by the person who runs this site that I only stir up trouble and provide nothing to this forum.

    Thought I was just trying to support those that had lost money, and admonishing those who were taking pleasure in mocking them.

    I think my last post indicated this. Although it was moderated and I had better not say why as this post may also be cut in half.

    All the best to those caught up in this S.O.B Beek’s scam, let’s hope conan can come through and there is a good result for all.


  641. conans says:

    Tim O’loughlin – thanks very much for those kind words of support!

    I will not stop until I get every penny Beek owes me (and the others I seem to be representing) … seeing as he is such a waste of space however I had to find a solution that enabled this to happen and think that I have done so.