Cashmaker Club Review

| July 16, 2012 | 65 Replies

Product Name: Cashmaker Club

Author: Peter Murray

Company Name & Contact Details:
Lombard Publishing,
Unit 1 101 Abercorn Ind. Est,


You’re About To Be Shown 10 Guarantedd Ways For YOU to Make Between £20-£300 in The Next 48 Hours!

Price: £67

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

What Do You Get?

– 4 manuals
– Membership to the Cashmaker Club

Where To Buy: Calling 0207 8619994

Brief Summary:

The Cashmaker Club from Peter Murray is a money making service that promises to show you each month the best stratgeies for making money that they have tested. You also recieve 4 money making manuals to help you get started straight away.

If you have any information of The Cashmaker Club, or have joined it yourself, we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments here.


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Comments (65)

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  1. Stevegurgi says:

    ordered the package, not impressed, book on ebay, article on m turk, bonus blogging, nothing really new, sent back for refund under the 30 day guarantee, over a month has passed, guess what? no refund! surprise surprise! maybe they’re just slow, but I aint holding my breath!

  2. exbrat says:

    I have just received in the post from Peter Murray of Lombard Publishing, a 16 page A4 document guaranteeing to make me £600 in 30 days without risking a single penny! There is a full 30 day refund guarantee and there are no losing bets.

    Needless to say, there is endless repetition of this claim, provided I do exactly as I am told, and I am urged to act quickly as there are only limited quantities of the cash-making documents.
    The originator of the strategy is an ex-employee in the head office of a large bookmaker, where he was employed to monitor the bonus offers of all the other bookies.
    It does sound very similar to Bonus Bagging, although at £79 it is almost 3 times the cost, but I am assured that the method is unlike any other I will ever see, because every bonus will go straight into my pocket risk free whilst I sleep.
    Do you think it will still be there when I wake up?

  3. jonsav says:

    I also ordered the package the same as stevegurgi.

    I found it of no use so I returned it recorded delivery, asking for a refund.

    I have heard nothing in over 2 months despite sending a further 2 letters.

    Keep away from these people.

  4. apt2doit says:

    Thanks guys, I was about to try this, so thanks for saving my bacon.

  5. don555 says:

    Thanks from me as well because of you guys I did not order

  6. sibby123 says:

    not for me but the money back guarantee was ok after the full 30 days, full refund

  7. prutbrk says:

    Thanks. Just recieved the same offer but after these posts I won’t be bothering. Why is nobody can actually come up with something that does what it says on the tin?. Can’t trust forex nor binarys as am now told the brokers can manipulate the result to take your money anyway. What a crooked world we inhabit

  8. Bryan says:

    I to received this rubbish today.**deleted by mod – don’t post libelous accusations** Bookies only usually offer bonuses to new accounts by matching or multiplying first deposits,then you have to roll over your deposit amount a number of times before you can withdraw. How many new accounts does anyone want to open and if you have to make a bet there is risk.You also risk your £79.00 because your chances of a refund are nil.

  9. Teltone says:

    Thanks guys,received the offer today, thought it must be too good to be true.

    You and more money review have saved my bacon more than once.

    I’m waiting for science to produce fivers that can be bred in the back pocket.

  10. Inspireme says:

    Thanks everyone, I was taken in when I read the offer but then decided to check them out on More Money Review and hey presto as there have been no positive reviews I got my answer.

  11. aakinboy says:

    Saved by the bell! Got their blurb today and thought I’d come here to check other’s experiences.
    Could not see how this would work long term. How many “unique” accounts can you open with a bookie before they twig? As for scouring them all to get the right odds for straddle bets, life’s too short!
    Is it too much to ask for some honest soul to come up with a genuine way to earn a decent few quid a week and market it ethically at a fair price?
    Still, we live in hope.

  12. bramley says:

    also received it
    says bonus trick not like any other
    if its just new account bonus’s too late. i’ve already got the major ones. and the dodgy little and foreign bookies, well no thanks

  13. AKK says:

    yes i also recieved this offer of £600 in 30 days in the post. not sure how they got my address details to send it out to me.

    thanks for the comments above as i too was going to give this ago as it does sound like bonus bagging.

    i have just binned the sales copy.

  14. steveberry says:

    Ditto to the above from AKK and thanks to others for posting. Hope those of you unfortunate to get caught out persisted and eventually got your money back.

    Would like to fully endorse Bonus Bagging – it works and made me money 🙂

  15. 2orchid says:

    It seems to me judging by the comments posted that ** Deleted by Mod: don’t post libelous comments ** No evidence has been offered that the programme Works!!!

  16. bramley says:

    new account bonus apart, can you make money with bonus blagging?

  17. Partig7 says:

    I wish to cancel my subscription.

    Thank you


  18. tom42 says:

    Partiq7 – you wish to cancel your subscription to what?

  19. bramley says:

    looks like agora are selling the same system

  20. Darren Hughes says:

    @bramley, no this offer is nothing to do with Agora.

  21. gail-shaw says:

    Hi Guys

    Got this system too, it does actually work if you use it, but I could not be bothered. Done a few bookmakers and made around £75 profit with it, the cost of the system, but I got fed up, just not for me. It does work, no doubt about it, can’t say otherwise as I have actually bought it and used it.

    Notice a lot of you saying “you were saved from buying it from what you read”, but if you ar into getting bonuses from bookmakers, this works and makes money, even a big lump like me managed to make money from it. Make your own decisions in life guys and galls, if you fancy something, and it comes with a guarantee, then why not? Why listen to people who have not even tried it. I hated the system, and sent it back, but it does work.

    As I don’t have the time to do it, I returned it, and got my money back no problem at all. I even got a free betting system for trying it out. Can’t be that bad can it. £75 profit and a full refund!

    Would recomend to anyone who is into this and has the time, definately works, if not, look for something else, although everything will take up some of your time. Perhaps look at ebay selling, it’s a decent earner, I do okay from it.

    Anyone bought the latest agora £450 before christmas offer? Interested to hear what it is.

    Big gail

  22. geoffhead says:

    HOW TO GET A REFUND Persevrance that’s the word and what you have to practise to get a refund. GOT MY CHEQUE THIS VERY MORNING £79 Posted the system back to them on the 5th September.
    Method ring every week but first off their idea of wait 30 days before we pay you, is not one month, they only count working days so 30 days is 6 weeks.
    Ask for ANDREW the only time I got action was through him. Spoke to him 1st time last Wednesdy received my cheque today, the following Tuesday’
    I have rung at least 6 times. If everybody they owe money to inundates them with calls, things may improve.
    Their phone number is:- 020 7693 4332 GOOD LUCK.

  23. geoffhead says:

    Sorry their phone number is 020 7692 (not 3 ) 4332

  24. says:

    I paid £79.To Peter Murray on 13 Oct. and have a receipt from the Post Office for the return of the said parcel dated 17th.Oct. for the recorded receipt. I have also been promised by Peter Murray that payment”Would be within the next few days” on three different occasions, but it has not happend. This is disgraceful and I am about to take legal advice. Jim Hey

  25. gail-shaw says:

    Hi Guys,

    I asked for a refund and got one straight away, no problem at all, the guy andrew said he’d have cheque sent the next day, and it arrived the next day, although I do feel guilty now, as I have continued to use the methods shown in the book, and have now made £280 in total. Do I return my payment to them?? Never returned anything ever before to any company and kept using it, especially to make money.

    Is this morally right?

    Or should I just keep quite about it?

    Nice little system actually and one I recomend.

    They have offered me some trading system yesterday, and it looks very good, and because of they’re good product before (the one I returned even although it made me money, and still is making me money!)I am tempted to go for it, but if it is not for me, it will be the second thing I have returned to them.

    This may P*** them off, what do you think guys?

    Big gail

  26. Maynard says:

    Hi Gail

    You really are a breath of fresh air around here. You actually put things into ACTION instead of opening a manual, thinking “this can’t work” and sending it back.

    Re. your question, you could send for that second system and, whether it works for you or not, don’t ask for a refund. That way the company gets to keep some money from you, for the first system that’s made you money.

  27. patsyw says:

    Hi Gail

    I have just received this offer and was curious as I have already made money from Bonus Blagging. Would you please tell me if this system is restricted to new accounts or can it used with accounts already opened?

  28. says:

    Hi again, As with the last note I made, I’m still trying to get my £79. back, I am really mad at them now, must have had many apologies and promises of the refund “immediately”, I am still trying but think if I carry out my threat to them, with litigation, I think I would lose more money! Still I figure this time I will make another try as it might just work? I must be the worlds most hopeful idiot, but I hate people that just rip others off, and laugh at you!! Ah well, nice to let off some steam I suppose, good luck to all, Jim.

  29. chad11 says:

    Thanks to you all for your reviews – you’ve save me yet again! No-one should contemplate buying any ‘too good to be true’ product without checking on here.

    Thanks again and all the very best,Chad

  30. philcasser says:

    Once again,we can see how easy it is to get sucked in to the “Glossy Leaflet Package” already prepared,ready to send at a moments notice for an easy £75.00.

    I check out every opportunity that drops in my letter box!! Thankfully not to much these days,and nine times out of ten,its not worth the paper it’s written on.

    However,a few have applied this technique,and made profit.

  31. ava says:

    Are all their systems about bonus bagging? The leaflt said many ways to make money, not just one.

  32. Jimi says:

    ava – I wondered what the other systems are too. I got this in the post a few days ago (unsolicited) but I have been stung too many times before to buy it.

  33. robtheprint says:

    Robin says

    I too am a victim of Peter Murray, despite having signed proof of the returned package I am getting nowhere fast with my request for a refund. Hopefully someone somewhere will set up a web site pointing out to not get involved with this company, very disgusted with these people.

  34. nivekderf says:

    Obviously the system does actually work, otherwise no-one would have succeeded with it and some people certainly have.I take no notice of these negative people who say it doesn’t work.Bonus bagging works, no doubt about it. I have made the best part of £1000 with the system (not with Cashmakers) although it is not possible to continue making as much money beyond that £1kpoint once you have used up the bookies free bets. What really concerns me is the number of people who say they have not received any refund from Cashmakers….that really puts me off. Perhaps Peter Murray could leave a post on this site explaining what the difficulties are.

  35. Vetteran says:

    Just had a mailing for something called “Cash Trap”.
    Sounds too good to be true.

  36. Nick31mn says:

    Had a ‘Cash trap’ mailing today. I’m curious to say the least but it’s so fresh not many people have heard of it.
    Will ‘file’ it till I’m convinced.

  37. bleep24 says:

    I also have received ‘Cash Trap’ mailing. Says it not about bookies bonuses or backing/laying. Sounds too good to be true and if it was not for the apparent difficulty in obtaining refunds I would love to give it a go. Does anyone think this mailing has shades of Bet Share Racing/and or A & D Associates?

  38. bob51 says:

    I too received “The £2000 cash trap GUARANTEE” mail out
    today and came straight on here to check out Mr Peter Murray’s past record — both in offering opportunities that actually work and in honouring refund promises.

    This offer certainly sounds too good to be true and Lombard customer’s experience of difficulty in getting refunded in a reasonable time period makes me very cautious —- but will be very interested to hear reports from anyone giving this a go.

  39. deban says:

    Hey there, I just got a mailing through the door yesterday for ” Cash Trap” seems a perfect idea, with no risks and worth a try, BUT, when I read the comments on here about people requesting their money back under the “47 day risk free trial” I am now holding back, it just maybe ‘too good to be true’. What is needed is for Mr Peter Murry to write in his defence on here, to assure people that he is NOT a ripoff merchant and that is all above board etc.
    Will keep an eye on this thread and see where it goes, who knows I may be wrong, D.

  40. stan19 says:

    Got the same ‘CASH TRAP’ direct mail promo by Lombard Publishing in post a couple of days ago. Wondering is anyone has bought it and put it to test? Thanks.

  41. soccanut says:

    This Cash Trap thing looks terrible. This is a “sausage machine ” mailshot – like 100s of others. The usual 3 payout amounts chosen at random – profits aren’t guaranteed at all – just the £77! It’s far too vague – reminds me of mailshots of old. The instructions will be very difficult to follow. Usual caveat applies – “If it sounds too good to be true ….etc”

    Its so bad, I might return it with a comment using his business reply envelope

  42. gail-shaw says:


    I got the cashtrap based on my experience of their previous offer, which I made money from, about £700 in total over 3 months. The cashtrap is a sort of arbitrage system, but with a twist, and is pretty much zero risk. I have used it for two weeks now and have made over £380, so well worth the £77 investment.

    Looking over some posts here, it seems people are making assumptions on this product without trying it, and, like I say in other posts, you’ve got to give things a try yourself, too many negative people on here who don’t even try things themselves. I read nothing but bad things about streetwise for example, but I have to say, I bought quite a few of their products, some good, some bad, the bad I sent back and got a refund. What’s the problem? Try everything out for yourself, far too many doom and gloom punters on here sitting waiting to run everything down without trying it, I’m thinking of leaving the site actually as there is not enough real reviews from people using the things they are talking about.

    I bought bedtime trader from agora, and done okay with it, nothing great, but okay considering the time I spent on it. But if I were to read the reviews on here about it, I probably would not have bought it. You get out of these things what you put into them. So, if you want something and fancy it, buy it, don’t listen to everyone, if you could see some of these people in real life or in the street you wouldn’t probably even ask them the time of day. How do you know what the person reviewing it is like. They could be unemployed nutters who have never worked in their life!

    I like the cashtrap system from lombard, who I got a refund from for thier cashmaker package, no problem at all, it wasn’t for me so I sent it back, but with the cashtrap and their last offer I rate them both highly.

    I also like streetwise products, if I dont I send them back for a refund. I like agora products too, mostly. If not, I send them back.

    Give things a go yourselves guys, if its not for you, send them back. Don’t get doom and gloom about reviews from some people who in many cases are clueless and un-educated, they’re the same people who can’t be bothered getting out of bed in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, some of the reveiws are good and give you a good idea of what the products are about, but what some people say is too confusing or diffiuclt, may be easy for you. And vice versa. One man’s rubbish is another mans gold!

    All the best guys, and dont be afraid to test things for yourself.

    Big gail

  43. sloz123 says:

    I have just ordered the Cash-Trap from Lombard and shall
    await what it has to offer. I will let you know my findings when I have tested it out.
    Keep the faith every one, what else do we have left.

  44. Nick31mn says:

    Cash trap mailing number three arrived today. Thanks to soccanut..(cheers friend!) I’m putting it in the bin. Saved me the hassle of a refund for (yet another) disappointing offer!

  45. bleep24 says:

    Hi Nick31mn especially and everyone else. Get that mail-shot back out of the bin and buy The Cash Trap. Received my copy today and spent an hour genning-up on it. Makes perfect sense. I did a very hasty dry run this afternoon and WOW. It could be beginners luck but I do not think that with this system that there is very little luck to it. No I am not an affiliate or in any way connected with The Cash Trap. Just goes to show that posts here are not always correct. Only prob. will be so many people betting the odds may suffer, but who knows.

  46. gail-shaw says:

    Hi Guys,

    Have to agree with bleep24, the cash trap from lombard is brilliant. easiest money I’ve ever made, so some of the posts on here are totally negative and will put many of you off. As I said in my previous posts about this product, try them out yourself, and dont just take anyones word on it. Most poeple just read the sales blurb and give a negative opinion, and lets face it, every companies sales letters are exagerated, they need to be. Totally agree with Bleep24, it works! I am not making millions, but £24 yesterday, £9 the day before, £11 the day before that, and a loss of £1 the day before that. Overall I am nearly touching £800 since I got this 4 weeks ago. Aiming to get £1000 within the next few weeks. If youve put the sales letter in the bin, get it back out like bleep24 said and buy it, well worth the money and another good product from this mob lombard publishing. I will give this one the thumbs up that’s for sure.

  47. bleep24 says:

    Hi guys,

    Just a quick update. First day £330. profit. 2nd become defunctday £40 profit 3rd day £11. profit. Looks like there are going to be some big wins and some much smaller but when you consider that you can do this with either no risk whatsoever (but less opportunities) or risk small amounts for more opportunities (you decide) £5 £11 or whatever and it is done and dusted in about l5 mins. a day or more 15 mins. sessions if you want more opportunities. In my view a cracking system. It`s all done on the internet so you can still do it when your`e on holiday spending your winnings and making even more.
    Good luck everyone.

  48. brokebookie says:

    Keep your money in your pocket! Anyone that renades on money back guarantees has to be treated with caution. I know I’ve had first hand experience

  49. zourka says:

    I had CASH TRAP mailshot this morning but after reading all the reviews on this site I am in two minds about sending for it.

  50. gavin1710 says:

    Hi guys,

    I have purchased the cash trap system from Lombard publishing and have tried it out. It seems to work if prices of horses drift out you will earn regular cash.


  51. dixydixon says:

    I have received cash trap mailshot today, I am curious, I am very wary of a lot of the mailshots that arrive, but I tried the bonus bagging and it does work till you run out of bookies bonuses, I would be interested to hear some more success’s with cash trap, I have’nt binned it yet, just watching this space.


  52. Joncar says:

    I got the mailing too, but reading things here indicate Lombard may not be trustworthy,and thats a no-go for me.
    There are of course some glowing reports here, but my reply to them, is that if you really want to help us here on the fence, show us by way of actual trades to illustrate how effective the system is??

  53. paultoz says:

    Hi folks
    I`m 75yrs young, have been using the cash strap system for a few weeks. Over £1000 in profit.

    Only the bookies can stop me !! by closing me down,
    if you know a system that works as well pleas tell me
    I`m all ears


  54. Mic99 says:

    So Cash Trap is “Arbitrage but with a twist” – ? I know you can’t spill the details here but can you give us some idea – e.g. does it include software to find good bets? I too used Bonus Bagging and yes it works very well – till you run out of new bookies – so I’m looking for something new.

  55. flexus says:

    Gail shaw… Do you by any chance work for Lombard?
    To the rest of you, Lombard do not honour their guarantees.
    I paid £77 for a different system from them, load of garbage (dutching) and no refund.
    I did Bonus Bagging and made money. Now doing Profit Maximiser… excellent!

  56. epaulj says:

    Hi Guys

    I have just received Cash Trap – one browse through the brochure told me I have seen this system before! I believe this system was first published by Steve Davidson in Australia in 2010 – he called it “All By The Book”.
    A year later Streetwise published an identical system (where did they get it from?) called “The Ratchet System”. Now we have “Cash Trap” from Lombard – another identical twin! – Yes this method does work, but it is quite hard work, with a lot of the bets resulting in a small profit or very very small loss, but it does give you good size reasonable profits on some of the bets, but not on a regular daily basis.

  57. epaulj says:

    ….I should add that “All By The Book” has an updated version which includes software that makes it much easier to identify the races that are most likely to be profitable.

  58. nathan01 says:

    The key to making steady, regular profits from this type of strategy is to trade in-play, as you will know at the start of the race where the potential gains are going to come from.

    Use it as a trading method, where you can make gains based on your initial bookmaker bets during the race, instead of just waiting for the rare decent sized wins.

    It’s not a bad method at all, to be fair.

  59. Pearlruth says:

    Yes but try ringing and asking a question and see how they react!

  60. Pearlruth says:

    No further comments? I wonder why?

  61. paulinew says:

    I failed to get a refund for “£600 in 30 days” which I retuned way back in February,so my Cash Trap letter which arrived this morning has gone in the bin. I’m a pensioner and can’t afford to risk another £77.
    I’m going to try bonus bagging instead.

  62. bleep24 says:

    Cash-Trap system. I note that replies have fizzled out.
    After reading some comments that it was a clone of `All by the Book` which received great reviews. The problem I read was that bookies were closing or restricting accounts if they suspected betting using ABTB system. With this in mind I am still using Cash-trap but not too often as to arouse bookies noticing. Using Cash-trap about twice a month and it is still winning money. Only to-day I have used it on 4 races. One lost £5 – one lost £10 – one made £22 and one made £29. Not massive amounts but I have had much larger wins and considering you can use Cash-trap with virtually very little or no risk (None at all if you wish to be a bit more cautious but slightly less opportunities) it is a no brainer considering some of the dross systems mentioned on here. It uses BOG bookies mainly and there are more of them about. You can check for the days opps. in 5 minutes and complete whole process in 15 mins. (If you are slow like me)

  63. Itradewithanedge says:

    I purchased Morning Cash by John Phillips, from Lombard Publishing and thought the main system to be over simplistic. Could it work? Well I have done a bit of back testing and it looks as if it could work. But contrary to what it says in the advertising blurb it takes quite a bit of monitoring and tweaking throughout the day. Difficult if you need to go out and do other things.

    The author says you can email him with any questions. But there is no email address to be found anywhere in the material. What am I supposed to be, psychic? If I was then perhaps I wouldn’t need his nor anyone else’s book in the first place.

    All joking aside, I didn’t find the book all that well written. Lots of typos. So it would have helped if it had been proof read.

    I would not recommend this to an absolute beginner. Because you are already expected to understand concepts such as stop-losses, limit orders and going long and short. Many beginners would in all probability be confused when they are told to hit sell when they don’t already own anything. So you would need to have done some financial trading before and you need to have a little knowledge of technical analysis.

    When you get to the supplemental material at the back of the book it becomes apparent that I am looking at the work of John Piper. A well known author on financial trading and then hey presto. There is a picture of the very same on page 7 of the advertising literature. I thought it was him the first time I saw it but it was not until I read the book that I decided to compare the picture with the one of him that is on his web site and it is exactly the same, apart from it being a mirror image.

    I am trying to be a fair as I possibly can and not dismiss this work out of hand. So I have decided to give it a fair trial before I consider refunding it.

  64. bigbadboydy says:

    Hello Itradewithanedge

    Any further comment on Morning Cash Trader?
    I’m considering purchasing it myself and have dabbled in the past in day trading.


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