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Product Name: Buy to Let Boom (Parts One & Two)

Author: Rob Moore

Company Name And Contact Details:
Progressive Property Ltd.
Unit 9, Office Village
Forder Way, Cygnet Park
Tel: 01733 898550


The Imminent Buy To Let Boom – The New Rules of Property

Price: £139 for Part One, £99 for Part Two

Money Back Guarantee: None specified

What Do You Get?

– Part One consists of 10 CDs
– Part Two consists of 9CD

Where To Buy:

Part One can be bought here:
Part Two can be bought here:

Brief Summary:

Buy To Let Boom is a two-part DVD package from Rob Moore of Progressive Property. In this two-part course he introduces you to the concept of Buy-To-Let property investing and provides strategies for raising finance and managing your cash flow.

What’s it all about?

There are two products within this series and I’ve put them together for review purposes, but you can buy them separately if you wish.

This is what Mark promises you’ll get:

9 Simple ways to cash in BIG, FAST & FIRST on the Imminent Buy to Let Boom (that every professional investor has been waiting a decade for). PLUS… Proven & easy to implement systems & strategies to become a “leveraged” cashflow investor with minimal time input & maximum passive income.

Part one is called “The New Rules of Property” and is a 10-CD Audio Set. In it he covers (amongst other things)

– An introduction to property investing, who it is suitable for and why you should get involved with it too. Mark proclaims that property can make you wealthy, regardless of experience or how much cash you have to start with.

– The fundamentals of investing and a look at inflation and how you can make it work to your advantage.

– Two models, called the Rave Model and 6 Stage Model, for creating “genuine, passive” wealth with “minimal time input”.

– How to source the deals, raise finance for the deals & build your portfolio as a “Leveraged” (hands-free) business.

This first package, as you can see, is aimed at selling you on the idea of property and buy-to-let investing and then showing you a basic introduction to what you need to
know. The information here is well laid out and should be easy to follow.

Part Two covers:

– Five ‘HMO’ Models that you can implement to match your available time and financial circumstances to the types of investment available. So you can “magnify your monthly cashflow for faster success”.

– An approach you can follow to earn between £300 and £900 each month, for every property you take on.

– How to make £3-£6K per month by selling the deals that you don’t want or can’t finance on to others if they don’t work for you.

– Techniques for raising finance from your network to grow your portfolio.

– How to source multiple and on-going 28%-53% ‘Below Market Value’ deals for FREE through Estate Agents with Rob’s “secret laws of influence”.

– Low or no cost deal sourcing tactics to find 25%-55% discount deals in your local area.

– Proven formulas for investing in property without a deposit for a mortgage

– Working on commercial conversions.

As you can see, where part one was an introduction to buy-to-let investing, part two is far more advanced and gets in the nitty gritty of finding and financing deals. So if you already have some experience or knowledge of buy-to-let investing you could just invest in this second part of the course and ignore the first part.

Do I need any experience to make this work?

No, the first DVD package is aimed at people who have no experience and takes you through the basics of investing. As I said, those who already know this can move straight on to part two.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

The strategies are designed for people with low starting capital. It’s all about the idea of using “leverage” to finance deals.

What I would say though, is this approach is for people who have some spare funds available as you have to consider everything that comes with buying a property, including legal fees, searches/survey costs and rental insurance costs.

How Much Can I make?

This will vary from region to region and how much you decide to invest and how far you decide to keep going. Property markets are always changing and you have to be aware that you could lose money if the markets go against you.

How much time will it take me?

The CD’s vary in length and I would advise you take a whole weekend to work through both sets. If you do this, you can get through the whole package and then work on your plan of action after.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Nothing special, but you will use some third parties to help conduct some of your investment decisions. So you must be willing to work with solicitors, estate agents, property managers and financial advisors.

Value For Money?

Yes, for those who are ready to make the first step into property investing and starting a buy to let property portfolio.

Does it live up to the claims in the promotion?

The sales promotion doesn’t really give a lot of detail and I didn’t like that particularly. It gives you two or three lines about what you will learn and I think they
should give you more.

It would be nice to see a dozen or so bullet points for each CD so you can really understand what the course is about before you purchase. I think this is especially important when there is no mention of a money back guarantee.

Quality Of Customer Service?

Generally good and you will get prompt update on your delivery, along with basic questions answered.

Review – 15/05/2015

As I mention this is split in to two parts and you can buy them individually or together. I’ve tried above to break each partt down so you can clearly see the contents and decide if both or either suits you.

The information is clear to follow, well structured and of good quality. You get a good training in property investment and buy to let, and then you get the different approaches, strategies and tactics on raising finance and negotiation etc…

The products are well priced and give good value for money in my opinion. But there are probably some questions you need to answer yourself first…

What is your own current personal financial situation?

Are you in a good position to try this, do you already have a good stable income, and the support of your family to pursue this?

If you have a mortgage on your own property, are you prepared that rates might rise, would this affect your cash flow and investment potential?

Within the products, you are educated about the economic conditions, interest rates to help you with your planning. This is good, but you need to remember, you are the one in
control and responsible for any investment decisions you make.

So before buying this consider the questions above and only purchase this course if you are serious and ready to go ahead and invest in property.

If you’ve any experience of Buy to Let Boom then please leave a comment below.


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