British Racing Tips Service Review

| September 7, 2015 | 10 Replies

Product Name: British Racing Tips

Author: Terry and Josh Anderson, Carl Tock, Simon Ehterington, Jim Sidebottom

Company Name & Contact Details
Adam Blinkhorn,
214 Sunderland Road,
WA14 5ZE
email: or


498 points profit Sept 2014 – Aug 2015.

Price: £25 per month or £75 per year (plus VAT in EU)

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days Unconditional (Clickbank)

What Do You Get?

– Email based horse race win tipping service

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

British Racing Tips from Jim Sidebottom and colleagues offers 5 win and place tips for UK horse racing Monday – Saturdays. Each of 5 tipsters selects 3 possibles which are refined to 5 overall by committee meeting and emailed by midday. Betting at BSP advised.  

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

50 point bank recommended with 1 or 2 points staked per selection

How much money can I make?

See headline. No results published

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value For Money?

The jury is still out.

Quality Of Customer Service?

Not tested.

Review – 09/10/2015

Supposedly only 60 subscribers are being recruited for this service – in which case why send it out via the full marketing mafia network? I have seen at least 20 emails recruiting members and affiliate marketers are not going to be interested if there is a limit on the potential of their campaign.

And less than an hour after I signed up at normal price further emails received offering the service at £5 for month one. That’s a ‘How to irritate existing customers’ masterclass right there!

Also interesting is that they just happen to have met two Irish lads who offer the same service for Irish racing at the same price and limitation! Incidentally the email for the vendor advised on Clickbank is the same as that for Victory Runners. (And a month down the line you can still subscribe to the service.)

More importantly we are asked to believe that five lads have a meeting daily to refine their personal selections but with all this formality they cannot produce past results for scrutiny. Mind you other services from this address have been equally vague.

The daily email covers the staking advice which is to use a 50 point bank and back selections at BSP. Even less reason not to offer past results. The current industry prices are also suggested and we have recorded these for interest but why a win price is suggested for place bets is open to question.

To be fair the technical side of the operation has worked well with emails received in good time to place any bets and as they are relatively late in the morning the incidence of non runners seems to be minimal. Most bets are one point wins but there have been two and three point bets and also one point place bets.

There have been 145 runners to date, with 25 returning cash – generating a profit of 21.6 points at an ROI of around 8.5%, which sounds quite reasonable. Five of those 25 winners have come from higher points value bets. Prices have ranged from odds-on to 48.

However, one winning bet at odds of 38.0 has accounted for more than the total profit in the month with another at 25.45 achieving the same so some care needs to be exercised. At one point during the trial a loss of 42 points of the 50 point recommended bank was seen and it seemed only a matter of time before the bank was broken.

A losing run of 13 bets has also been seen.

If the pattern we have seen is maintained then the service will be coming close to its marketing claims but whether the bumpy ride will suit subscribers is a poser. We shall continue to monitor and update in November but for now would suggest perhaps a watching brief with the benefit of the guarantee being available.

You can see a full breakdown of our results here:

British Racing Tips Service Results

Update – 30/10/2015:

It appears that this service has just ceased – no selections received since 22nd October and no response to emails or support ticket raised via Clickbank.

However, we note that the website is still taking payments so please take care and do not potentially waste your time and cash here. Another site from this source has gone the same way.

You can see a full breakdown of our results here:

British Racing Tips Service Results


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  1. Stephen Clarke says:

    These Guys revived this service in May 2019 with a ten week free trial followed by an offer to continue receiving the tips for the rest of 2019 for £36 which I paid.
    The service has been going well and based on the prices I could obtain, I am up 72.95 points for the period 21 May to 17 August.
    However, no email on Monday or Tuesday of this week and no response to email queries so looks like they have disappeared with the money again. Fortunately it’s only a modest amount but so typical of the dire levels of customer service in this industry.

  2. ronwatson1 says:

    I also signed up to British Racing Tips and have similar experiences to Stephen. The tips were excellent – an RoI of 21.8% on 330 tips over 3 months. 94.6 points profit.

    But the tips simply ceased after Saturday 17th August. And zero response to my emails asking what was happening. I’d sent one or two emails before when I had blank days but have never received any kind of response.

    This makes little sense. I only paid £36 for “the rest of 2019” – so they are not making big money from this – and what do they gain from scamming people like this? I’ve never previously encountered a service that was both (a) Excellent in terms of results and (b) beyond hopeless in terms of customer service

  3. Stephen Clarke says:

    Re-commenced today (28.08.19) with no explanation concerning the missing eight days. A 1.5 points loss today.

  4. Stephen Clarke says:

    +4.5 points today.

  5. Stephen Clarke says:

    This service continues to perform well.Following on from my previous post, the points tally between 30 August and 12 Sept. is 72.5 making a total from 21 May of 148.45 points based on the prices I achieved. Yesterday alone showed a profit of 24.5 points with winners at 11/4, 12/1 and 8/1. There was another day 10 Sept when no email nor explanation was received so their customer service issues remain.

  6. ronwatson1 says:

    …and following on from Steve: Yes, brilliant performance and hopeless customer service fro British Racing Tips continues. I had no selection emails on Sept 14th and today (16th) and no reply (as always) to my emails saying so.

    They also started a new separate “place” service a couple of weeks ago which has started very badly and also suffers from missing days (which is, I suppose, a good thing with a losing service!)

  7. ALBIGNONI says:

    I am in a curious position with this tipping service. I began using the tips at the end of August, but I ignored the recommended point system and placed doubles to small stakes. This method has produced a 385% profit! However, on some days there were no tips sent to me so on those days I asked if there were tips, sometimes I would then receive them or there would be no response at all.

    I wonder if my email messages have been blocked by BRT?

    Keith Allies

  8. Maybe if they have returned the people running the service could ask for another review…

    Mind you, seeing as they don’t appear to have so much as a working website, I’m not sure honesty and transparency are their strong points.

  9. ronwatson1 says:

    …and a typical (BRT) day again today: A selection email from BRT with what amounts to some customer communication! Here it is:

    “Just to clarify no selection since Friday. Back to normal now so we should be betting Mon-Sat every week from here to the end of the year. Apologies for the few days with no tips of late.”

    And two winners (+7.6 points to BSP).

    And no email for the place service


  10. deegee777 says:

    Similar to the other guys, what a frustrating service this is. It’s actually one of the best tipping services I have ever encountered but they keep disappearing and reappearing. I also took the £36 until the end of the year option but haven’t had any selections since Monday 30th September. I have made plenty from the service so I am not complaining but as someone has said, why charge a very small fee (£36 for 5 months) produce an excellent tipping service that I would have paid a lot more for at the end of the 5 months if it continued performing as well as it has done, then disappear. It baffling and a real pity because they are very good tipsters!

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