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Product Name: Bookie Blowout

Author: Mike Cruickshank

Company Name & Contact Details:


Everybody Gets Paid.

Price: £97 + VAT

Money Back Guarantee: 30 day money back guarantee

What Do You Get?

– 1 full year of bets sent directly to your inbox
– 5 bets per day for the next 364 days.
– Unlimited access to the Bookie Blowout membership site
– Training resources such as; training videos, lists and links of which bookmaker accounts to use to place bets, a calculator and odds convertor, as well as a complete video tutorial.
– Bookie Blowout PDF guide
– Real world examples, screenshots, and step-by-step instructions

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Bookie Blowout by Mike Cruickshank is a betting advice service providing users with information via e-mail on current horse races for profitable bets. 

What Is At All About?

Bookie Blowout is a form of arbitrage service for horseracing. It is by Mike Cruickshank who is well known for this type of service. Upon subscribing, you will receive all of the selections by email for a period of one year.

The system takes advantage of the difference in prices between bookmakers and the exchanges.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

Providing that you are comfortable using online bookmakers and exchanges then, no further experience is needed.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

You could start with as little as £100 but, I would recommend a starting bank of at least £500 as you will be laying some horses at quite high prices.

How Much Money Can I Make?

To some degree, this is down to you. You can try and scalp the prices as soon as the emails are received or you can go the whole hog and spend the time to follow instructions to the letter which will tend to make you more.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

You will need several hours each evening as selections can arrive anytime  . You need to place the initial bet as soon as possible after receipt as prices can move very quickly. You will also need a considerable amount of time the following day to place the second part of the bets. There is no doubt, that this is a time consuming system.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

You will need a computer, internet connection and both an exchange and as many bookmaker accounts as possible.

Value For Money?

This method has grown the bank considerably and you should easily be able to cover the cost of the system and make a reasonable profit using quite small stakes. I would therefore have to say that it is value for money.

Does It Live Up To The Claim In The Promotion?

I have to say yes as the bank has grown steadily over the review period.

Quality Of Customer Service:

I have not had occasion to try this so, I cannot comment at this stage.

Full Review:

I have been using this system for the past thirty days starting with a bank of £100. I have placed the initial bets to a £10 stake and the second bets to the recommended stake as set by the calculator supplied with the system.

During this period, placing every bet received, the bank has grown to £834.55 which is quite spectacular.

There are downsides. It can be very inconvenient waiting for the emails to arrive and having your computer on ready to almost instantly place the initial bets especially as they can be spaced over several hours in an evening.

You will also need several tabs open for different bookmakers accounts so that you can switch between them quickly.

Some of the bookmakers will cut prices almost immediately after you have received the selection emails and prices between them and the exchanges can converge very rapidly at this time.

Liquidity can be an issue if you are just looking for a quick “scalp” profit but it is generally fine if you do not place the second part of the bet until the following day as per the instructions. This process is again somewhat time consuming as you virtually have to have your computer on to place the second bet close to the off time.

Like any system, you will have losing bets but, losses tend to be small and are manageable.

Overall, things are looking good at the moment so, we shall see if it can continue for the next thirty days.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Bookie Blowout Results

Full Review

Over the period that I have been following this, the system has made money. There are downsides in that the emails arrive over about a four hour period the evening before racing and you have no idea when they will come as they are sent as soon as a selection is identified. During this period, you will need to place your bookmaker bets as soon as possible after receipt of the e mail as they can cut prices very quickly.

Similarly, you need to be able to place the second bet on the exchange the following day although, subject to liquidity, you can as stated above just go for a quick scalp and be sure of a guaranteed profit however small. You can see from the foregoing, that this is very time consuming.

I personally used a mixture of the two ways of doing this ( scalping when email  received and laying the following day), according to what commitments I had the following day. For the purpose of recording the bets, I always took the Betfair SP price as shown in their results. This was so that the results were consistent.

Bookmakers do not like Arbitrageurs at all but, the majority of bets that you place with them will be losers. They are generally happy to accommodate losers. Betfair or other exchanges on the other hand do not care if you win or lose as they will make their money anyway so a sensible use of a number of bookmakers should ensure that your account give them no cause for concern.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Bookie Blowout Results



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  1. Troggster says:

    Very surprised to find there are no comments yet on this one. As with Mike’s excellent Bonus Bagging, this really does work.

    I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and have more than made back the annual fee, so the rest of the year should be all profit. Of course, that depends on what stakes you use. Smaller stakes would take longer to make back the fee but it should still be easily possible.

    You do have to be a bit of a night owl as some of the bets can come through quite late. Although it’s not necessary to be glued to your computer all evening waiting for the next email, you do need to be close to it so that you can act on each bet fairly quickly once you’re alerted that one has hit your inbox. This can seen quite time consuming, although placing the bets is very quick and easy.

    You also need to be able to check and modify things some time during the morning. This part genuinely takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

    If you’re already part of Mike’s Bonus Bagging then you’ll know that his stuff works. This is no exception.

  2. bairdy200 says:

    Hi troggster. How many bets per day does the service have. What size of bank would you need. Thinking of signing up with my profit maximiser profits

  3. Troggster says:

    Hi bairdy

    I’ve been using a £1,000 bank but most of this is only needed to cover lay liability.

    Number of bets varies, and it also depends whether you’re around to take advantage of then when they come through. Usually at least 4 or 5 but sometimes twice that amount.

    There’s a 30 day money back guarantee so if you’re considering it then you’ve got nothing to lose.

  4. bairdy200 says:

    Great thanks for the reply

  5. Phoenixblue says:

    What type of returns can you make


  6. Troggster says:


    After 3 weeks of using the system the profit is just over £150 from a £1000 starting bank.; so about 15% ROI.

    Early days but so far pretty good.

  7. Phoenixblue says:

    Thanks Troggster, hope it keeps going well for you!


  8. lisa777 says:

    Hi troggster – do you have to have lots of different bookmakers accounts or can it all be done via betfair pls?
    thnx Lisa

  9. Troggster says:

    Hi Lisa

    Yes, you do need several different bookmaker accounts as well as Betfair.

  10. lipsinc13 says:

    Well I’ve been using this for a week now and I’m not too fussed to be honest. I’m a member of bonus bagging and profit maximizer and have made good money from these but I’m not a great fan of this.

    The bets do come thick and fast from 7pm onwards but if your not logged on ready or read the email a minute later than you receive it then the criteria for placing the bet can’t be met. The second night I tried this I had my phone in my hand all evening waiting for emails to arrive so I could act fast. After opening each email within 10 seconds of receiving it I still missed 9 out of 13 bets.

    I started to paper trade then using the odds supplied in the emails as if I’d managed to place the bets in the evening. When checking back in the morning I’d say roughly 75% of trades had not gone the right way and I would of lost money on most of them.

    There was one that showed a good 50 pound profit from a £25 bet but that was a one off.

    Also if you manage to get on all bets sent then you will need a good size size bank to cover betfair liability even if using small £10 stakes.

    Overall this is not a system I’ll be keeping for the simple fact I can’t be glued to my phone or computer each evening from 7 til 11 waiting for emails so I can try to get the right price. If your a few minutes late reading the email, forget it. Plus I haven’t been overly impressed by the results.

    I’ll carry on paper trading for a week or so and update this if there’s any big changes.

    These views are my opinion of the system as Ive used it so far. Others may take to the approach better than me or have better luck with the bets. If so, good luck to you.

    • John Galvin says:

      I agree, by the time the bets came through, and even though you’re logged into 5 or 6 of your bookies pages (to save time) you still can’t guarantee that you are going to get the odds advised.
      And yes you do need a large amount in your exchange account/s to lay these sometimes high odds.
      There are also times when you find that those odds, the next day have not altered in your favour and you may need to lay off for a small loss.
      You can definitely make more money from this even after paying for the information but it can be time consuming and unless you’re using large stakes or receiving big discrepancies you wonder if it’s worth it.

  11. baztaylor74 says:

    It’s not a bad system at all. It’s good to have ‘oddschecker’ open when the emails come through. Quite often you’ll find that if the odds are no longer available at the suggested bookie, they will be available with another.

    To keep my liability down, I go for the smaller odds (between 4 & 9)

  12. vagabund says:

    Have anyone any more info about this system ? Spredsheed and so on ?

    I’m considering to buy this system, but need more information. If anyone will be so honest to provide some it will be great.

  13. Kevin Haselden - Review Co-ordinator says:


    We are starting a full review of this service this week and so we should be able to provide some results after 30 days. If others can help in the meantime then this would be great or contact Mike directly using the address at the top of the review to see if he can assist.

  14. hotdeffender says:

    Just seen an advert for this. Is it like abitrage but with mike picking and choosing the best deals and emailing them to act on? If so I can see it will work, but will definitely need to be avail and ready to pounce which can be annoying.

    The abitrage software is probably a better bet as you can do it when ever with regular trades of 10 – 15% roi. plus your fully incharge. I have a large betting bank so i only do £100 bets. So i make 10 to £15 profit a pop. Easy money.

  15. David Hills says:

    Hi Hotdeffender,

    You are essentially correct in your first paragraph. If you are betting at £100 a time then it probably is not for you as liquidity will be a problem with bets of that size.
    My 30 day review will be published around the end of the month so you may want to have a look at that.

  16. stho1978 says:

    My main worry is if bookmakers start to restrict your account. Have you had any issues with that Hotdeffender?

  17. sensientuk says:

    David thanks for the review – one question please, your spreadsheet gives BSP. Can I ask were you actually simply asking for BSP or were you monitoring and laying throughout the day?

    If you were asking for BSP how did you decide on the stake when BSP is not known prior to the off ?

  18. David Hills says:

    Hi sensientuk

    Thanks for your question. You will see from my final review (on site shortly) that I used a mixture of scalping when the e mail was received and laying the following day at the best price that I could get.
    Because prices bounce around a lot particularly just before the off, I wanted a consistent approach to the results and decided to use Betfair SP with the appropriate stake worked out using the calculator.
    I hope that this answers your question but, if not do not hesitate to come back.
    Kind regards

  19. sensientuk says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the prompt reply, I am always interested how others approach getting the best match (short of being tied to the PC all day “and” being an infallible judge of whether the lay price has reached its lowest 🙂 )

    So if I understand you in actuality you scalped and got the best price you could so “your” actual results may have been higher or lower depending on your own luck/skill.

    – but the spreadsheet reflects what you would have got had you simply asked for SP.

    Just for clarity I am not knocking that approach (if the above is in fact correct) results from scalping and jumping in at the right time can vary a lot depending on skill and experience, and those without your experience could perhaps not achieve your results – whereas everyone can ask for SP so that’s kinda the minimum type expectation ….. just wanting to make sure I understand 🙂

  20. David Hills says:

    Hi Sensientuk,

    You are spot on with your comments above. I think that if you use this method, depending upon how you apply it, you will make differing amounts to the next person. We have all gone for a price on the exchanges only to see it disappear before our eyes before we are matched.
    I tried to give a fair and consistent overview. I certainly made money using the system.

    kind regards


  21. ky0306 says:


    Does this product work in country outside of UK?

    By the way im from Malaysia


  22. David Hills says:


    The product is designed for racing in the UK and Ireland only.
    If you are permitted to hold UK bookmaker accounts and exchange accounts in Malaysia so you have access to our racing then it would work.
    Time differences may make this difficult as you have to place two bets on each selection at different times. The first has to be placed as soon as possible after receiving the e mail before prices change.
    I hope that this answers your question.

    kind regards


  23. jassurin says:

    I would like to ask the following, once you have received an email in the evening, do you then place your 1st bet at the bookies or at the exchanges? If the answer is at the bookies, is the only price at offer at this hour not the SP? Can this really be the target?


  24. David Hills says:

    The first bet is as you say placed with the bookmakers. They will have the prices displayed when you receive the e mail so you will be able to take the price.
    Pick virtually any race in the UK for tomorrow (after say 7pm) tonight and in most cases, bookmakers will have priced them up.


  25. traderjack says:

    David, which bookmakers price up the night before on all races ?

    I use Bet365, William Hill and Corbett Sports and whilst there are a few handicaps priced up or races if they are on Channel 4, I’ve never seen maidens or evening meeting races or sellers or claimers and that priced up until around 9-9.30am the day of the race.

    Thanks in advance.

  26. traderjack says:

    Also looked at the results, am I right in thinking that you bet at the night before price on a bookmaker and then lay at BSP , therefore you only make money if the horse wins unless the BSP is more than the price you took ?

    Can someone explain this to me, as the profits on the excel look good but I find it a bit complicated.

  27. David Hills says:

    Hi Traderjack,

    I will try to answer both of your queries at once.
    Firstly, you will receive an e mail giving the name of the horse, the race venue and time and the bookmaker currently offering a price.
    You will need to use this bookmaker for the first bet and a price will be quoted (Beware they can change very quickly.
    Having placed your bet at the quoted price you then lay it the following day.
    Hopefully, the price will have dropped and you will lock in a profit.
    If the price has moved against you then you could take a loss.
    Generally prices moved in favour and an overall profit can be made.
    Remember the golden rule – lay at a price that is lower than you backed at.
    Hope this helps

    kind regards


  28. diggerbarnes says:

    @David Hills. I see you went for a quick scalp with some selections. Did you ever try to over lay with these selections?

  29. David Hills says:

    Hi Digger,
    I tended to do a quick scalp when I had commitments the following day.


  30. obrien116 says:

    thank you michelle for a prompt reply toby 62

  31. johast says:

    I’m a member of BBB and I can confirm that it’s a profitable system no doubt – BUT as with all with all systems/tipsters/methods that rely on getting value odds from bookies you’re going to get limited! After I got limited with a second set of accounts I decided, as with arbing, it’s not worth the hassle of getting new accounts every few months. So unless you have a steady supply of identities or you’re a master at keeping your accounts under the radar – this won’t be viable long term.

  32. Billybob says:

    So David, I dont understand how you went from £100 to £1600 with just £100 bank when some comments here are stating you need £1000 banks because the lay odds are so high. Also being a newbie what does BSP stand for?

  33. David Hills says:

    Hi Billybob,

    BSP stands for Betfair Starting Price.
    Sometimes, the lay odds are high as you say but if you are just starting out then I suggest that you do not lay any selection above say 13. You do not have to use every selection given out. Be selective and choose the ones that you want.
    To increase your bank, try scalping as then you have a guaranteed profit straight away as soon as the race has been run. This will build your bank so you can then lay at higher odds.
    Remember there are races almost every day and this is a steady progression not a sprint to the line.
    Start small say with £2 bets. You can even start with bets as low as 10p. There are lots of examples of how to back or lay at under the minimum Betfair £2 if you need to know how to do this.
    Hope this helps
    kind regards

  34. gygt says:

    Hi Billybob,
    BSP = Betfair Starting Price, as opposed to ISP which is the Industry Starting Price.
    I would love to try the Bookie Blowout, as Mike Cruickshank has built up a good reputation, and his services work. But unfortunately this will not work for me down here in Oz.
    You can invest here with confidence Billybob, and if you can follow his instructions to the letter, you will do well. Even better for you is that you state you are a newbie, so no bad habits just yet! This should stand you in good stead!
    Good luck with it!

  35. Mcal says:

    I’m a bit surprised to see only one person whose experience was similar to mine (see limpsinc13 above). I am a great fan of Mike Cruickshank and have benefited from Bonus Bagging. The more research I do into betting strategies the more I’m coming round to thinking Bonus Bagging is the only way to turn a profit from this activity (although I still hope I’m wrong). Like limpsinc13 I found that whenever I had a chance to see the “lay” prices, they were usually going the wrong way. I recorded all the BSP’s and counted 22 winning trades (after BF commission) out of 74 (about 30%). This was over 9 consecutive days in September. I concluded that in view of Michelle Robert’s glowing reports that I must be missing something so I asked Mike – he replied simply “click on this link to cancel”. The reviews by MMR sound marvellous but it didn’t work for me.

  36. Billybob says:

    All said and done but does anyone agree this product makes money or is this just another waste of time?

  37. traderjack says:

    I’ve not joined Bookie Blowout, but I did sign up to Bonus Bagging. Sadly what wasn’t made clear to me is that Bonus Bagging would not be much use to you if you already have betting accounts with the bookmakers on the service, as it’s very limited the free bonus’ you can occur. I was then told Profit Maximiser would suit better as it involves extended bonus’ and involves bingo and casino’s. This didn’t appeal to me but I do get the concept.

    However it has a limited shelf life. Granted Bonus Bagging will work as long as free bets can be qualified for and by Mike’s approach it is about limiting loss prior the free bet being achieved, but when you place the free bet, you actually want it to lose, basically so you gain on the lay on Betfair opposed to the bet with the bookie, as your lay on Betfair will wipe out all the winnings otherwise.

    I’ve had betting accounts since online gambling started and very rarely do I get free bets, so really bonus bagging in my eyes and profits maximiser only really work if you’ve never had bookmaker accounts and are completely new to the concept on betting online. If this is the case, I doubt you would be a member on this site. There may be some bookmakers you’ve never used but I find the promotional materials misleading as it implies you can make x amount a month , but with Bonus Bagging the reality is if you haven’t used any of the bookmakers yes you can make a fair profit for a month or two, but the offers soon then dry up.

    Profit Maximiser may last longer if you want to get into casino and bingo betting, but I do not.

    Bookie Blowout appears to be a arbing structure which notifies horses or events which are being bet and a bookmaker may be a stand out price and therefore you can bet and lay off on Betfair. There are any number of free websites flagging up these selections but in reality the prices go very quick and also you can’t get much on. A few wins on steamers and you’ll see your bookmaker accounts getting restricted, and if unfortunately the price doesn’t go shorter on Betfair to lay off, you are left in a losing position, which is never good.

    In reality I always found it was worth looking at Hugh Taylors free tips on ATR just after he gives them out. Wait 15 minutes and the prices will have collapsed on Betfair and with the bookies. This worked for about a year. I would lay the bet on Betfair and then near the off I would bet with a bookmaker as the horse tends to have bounced out in price somewhat given all the early money dried up.

    I’m sure this product of Mikes will work for some, but I find arbing and scalping quite dangerous and unpredictable and the problem is, if you have a mass of members following advice, prices go very quickly and then if everyone is looking to lay off at the same time, liquidity on the exchange goes and everyone ends up laying at higher prices.

    What puts me off the most is, there is barely a review site on the internet that doesn’t praise bonus bragging and they all have their own affiliate links which means they are being paid for sign ups.

    The product has it’s use to a complete novice yes, but to experienced gamblers it does not, but not one of the review sites will tell you this.

    As with all Mikes services , they are all promoted by the same sites and on 2 of them, one written by a guy called Simon, he openly admits it has a limited shelf life but as he is paid by Bonus Bragging for sign ups he gets, he keeps promoting it as it earns him money.

    I personally would like to see how these arbing services run over a long period of time, I agree if you have no betting accounts and are completely news Bonus Bragging is brilliant and well worth the money if you know nothing about betting, but to then be pushed into £97 for Profit Maximiser and now into Bookies Blowout, I see a trend happening.

    As said I get the concepts and think Bonus Bragging has good use, I’m not into casino’s or bingo so Maximiser is not of interest to me. Now we have Bookie Blowout, which looks like straight arbing. Take a price, lay off later on the exchange. No guarantee of profit and profit likely to be minimal , so will take a long time to build up.

    I actually think these products are not constantly pushed because they are as successful as they like to make it look, but more because of the monies the review companies earn by advertising them.

    Even after my course of Bonus Bagging I too was offered an affiliates code to recommend it to friends and family and people I knew. Was advised that I could earn good commissions by bringing in new members so they could benefit. This is not something I would ever do, but it does show to me why so many people and companies are pushing all of Mikes products.

    Bookie Blowout in my opinion will go the same way as every arbing service. Your betting accounts will be banned and blocked and the profit you will make is very minimal. That is if anything at all. The problem is simple, I have £20 on horse at 10/1, I stand to win £200, but if horse doesn’t contract in price, I may have to lay at 14/1, so my choices are then to I lay off at 14/1, hoping it wins to break even using full stake, or do I under stake hoping it wins to draw even or make a profit, but knowing if it loses I have made a small loss.

    If this service advises the same bets to everyone, it also wouldn’t take long for a bookmaker to notice arbing patterns and restrict your betting accounts.

  38. Mcal says:

    Well, that was a long one, Traderjack!

    I agree with most of what you say, particularly that people should be informed in advance that they need to be newly-registered with bookmakers to benefit from Bonus Bagging.

    Regarding Bookie Blowout, you could avoid the bookies completely if you did the back (evening before) and the lay (next day) both with the exchange(s)who would not restrict your bets. However, it does not get away from what I said above, that most of the selections seemed to be drifters rather than steamers.

    The search for the “nice little earner” continues…

  39. Winterfrey says:

    Re: “…but when you place the free bet, you actually want it to lose, basically so you gain on the lay on Betfair opposed to the bet with the bookie, as your lay on Betfair will wipe out all the winnings otherwise.”

    But that’s only if the free bet has to be wagered more than once (and even then it would take a quite a few bets going the wrong way to wipe out the winnings).

    If it’s a straight ‘place £10 and receive £10 with no wagering requirements’ offer then you would back and lay the £10 deposit and make a small loss, then do the same thing again with the free £10. It doesn’t matter if it wins at the bookmaker or Betfair, the profit is made.

    Re: “I’ve had betting accounts since online gambling started and very rarely do I get free bets,”

    Try logging in to the ones you haven’t used for a while so they know you’re still around; oh, and make sure you’ve ticked the relevant box that lets them know you want to receive offers.

    I still do free bet offers now and then. The main one is Bet365’s ‘bet £50 before kick-off and receive a risk free £50 in-play bet’ that always results in at least £30 profit. £120+ a year for a few minutes work is a good hourly rate! 🙂

  40. traderjack says:

    Winterfrey you’ve missed my point completely and you’re wrong.

    Right to get free bet I have to bet £50 say, So I bet £50 on horse at 2/1, so then I go on Betfair and horse is 3.1 , so I lay that horse for £50.00,

    The horse gets beat I lose my £50 with bookmaker but they give me £50 free bet, and I’ve won £50 less commission on Betfair. so I’m a small bit down as I’ve lost 3-5% on my £50 Betfair bet.

    However if horse wins, whilst I make £100 with bookmaker, I lose £105 with Betfair so I am £5 minus, but of course I’ve qualified for the free bet.

    Right so the likelihood is, by getting the free bet I am a few pounds minus.

    Now free bet comes, so i decide to bet on this horse at 3/1 , so I place my £50 free bet on the horse at 3/1. I go over the Betfair and the price is 4.2, so if I want to protect my free bet I need to lay for £50, or I may decide to cover less than my free bet value say £30, so my liability is only £96, but I know should said horse win, I make £150 from my bookmaker bet, and should said horse lose, I’ve still made my £30 less commission with the bookmaker.

    My point was if I decided I wanted to lay it for the £50 or £150 liability, in order for me to obtain the biggest win I would need the horse to lose, as if I lay on Betfair for £50, risking £160 and said horse wins, I actually lose £10, as I win £150 off bookmaker, but lose £160 on Betfair.

    However if the horse loses, I’ve only lost my free bet but gained £50 less commission on Betfair, so in theory you want the horse to lose to gain the most, as if the horse wins, your winnings are wiped out on Betfair, unless you decide to lay for only half your free bet.

    Which is all well and good if your free bets are £50 or £100, but if they are £5 or £10, it really is not worth winning £2.50 or £5 going through that rigmarole all the time.

  41. graham says:

    Traderjack, I see what your saying, but in fairness to Bonus bagging, Mike has always made it clear you wont make £50 profit. He always says you should make 75% of the bonus without much trouble, and often more. But small amounts help newbies build banks, and they have to open accounts to get their bets on, so might as well make the most they can.

  42. graham says:

    Traderjack, Sorry if I have misunderstood, I thought you were referring to Bonus Bagging.

  43. Winterfrey says:

    What am I wrong about? I’ve made £600+ so far from BB and I already had a lot of accounts to begin with.
    I didn’t miss your point as you were talking about Bonus Bagging; and BB teaches members to secure similar profit regardless of where it ends up; not using your method of deciding to cover only part of the free bet and hope for a big win.

    Using your example, your win at the bookmaker would have been £150 – £96 (Betfair lay stake £30) = £54
    Win at Betfair: £30 – 5% = £28.50

    The BB method
    Win at bookmaker: £150 – £115.66 (Betfair lay stake £36.14) = £34.34
    Win at Betfair: £36.14 – 5% = £34.34

    Also, why would you want to back at £50 and lay at £50 resulting in a £10 loss if it wins, when you can have £34.34 whatever happens?

    If your profit from £5 and £10 offers was £2.50 and £5 then you weren’t doing it quite right; and 1 of those not-worth-doing offers a day can add up to an amount that covers a person’s weekly food bill; so think about that! 😀

  44. hotdeffender says:

    Interesting comments on bonus bagging. Ive not read them all, but I think BB is the best way to start off sports betting/trading. But just do what Mike says. I can see what Traderjack is trying to achieve, but doing that blindly is a good way to loose money. BB is profit guaranteed if done right and all those small amounts add up.

    I use mikes arb software, with that you can make money on the qualifying bets and often make more than the free bet amount on the follow up free/risk free bet.

  45. diggerbarnes says:

    @traderjack. You seem to not understand where bonus bagging can take you. Below is a blog of what can be done.
    Check all his bets and you’ll see not all offers are obvious.
    This is where profit max comes in. Mike will give you all these offers and more either through email or on the daily calender. You can also use a provided spread sheet to take advantage of all the horse racing offers.
    David in his review of Bookie blowout made it clear that if you are selective with selections you can make an instant profit straight away without waiting till morning. He even noted that many of these selections go on to lose the race which he believes will help keep your accounts open.

  46. traderjack says:

    Diggerbarnes I appreciate your comments but of the 28 bookmaker accounts I have ever opened only 3 remain active, Whether you win or lose, bookmakers close accounts because of the activity you do. I had most of my bookmaker accounts closed when I was lucky enough to get on Hugh Taylor’s advice very early. Bookmakers hate arbing accounts, it’s not whether you lose or not. However if a bookmaker spots a pattern in certain horses always backed by the same accounts they link them and then close them, that is how they operate.

    The reason you can trade off is not because of the information Mike gives you, it’s because of the masses manipulating the market.

    Betfair responds to the markets and volume of money. If a horse goes from 10/1 to 6/1 with the book, Betfair will have reacted but the principle is simple if say you have 200 members and you tell them all to go and place bet x, all with the same bookmaker, the price will shorten. It doesn’t mean the horse is fancied or not but when Mike has 200-300 people on his service of course the price will shorten on Betfair and with the bookmakers as he is manipulating the market. What you will notice over time however is if he does this to a horse which was fancied and the owners wanted to bet it, the selection would become a non runner, we all know this happens. It’s not rocket science to get a mass of people to bet a horse and trade off at a smaller price when you are controlling the market because of it. This is called market manipulation. You can do it easily on bigger priced horses, but it’s not easily done with the front end of the market.

    Bookmakers don’t just close winning accounts you know. I once had two accounts closed in one day and didn’t make money. I bet 2 horses for someone called Martin Bishop placing £200 on both horses at 7/1 and 9/1. Both horses ended up going off at 6/4 and 9/4 and neither won. Both placed, but I never went each way. I lost £400 that day but both of my accounts were closed or restricted so I could have £5 if I was lucky on them.

    Bonus Bagging made me £308 in 4 weeks on the bookmaker accounts I could use. Not bad, but wasn’t worth the time.

    I only have 3 live bookmaker accounts and Betfair so none of Mikes services would benefit me. Bookie Blowout to me looks dangerous unless you are quick out the blocks but the reason prices shorten is Mike is picking middle prices horses in low grade races, getting 200/300 people to bet them the night before, which automatically will cause the price to collapse and telling you to lay off in the morning.

    This will work until the point comes bookmakers sign up to his service to see which the moody gambles are and the bookmakers will then ignore them the night before and the prices will not be manipulated to collapse the next morning so people can trade out.

  47. diggerbarnes says:

    It’s a shame that you don’t have the accounts left to do this but the link does show what can be achieved if you stick with the process. Just by looking at Mikes calender i know there is even more to be made.
    Hope you find what your looking for.

  48. Billybob says:

    @traderjack Is there any other service you would recommend to make money online with the betting?
    I understand what you are saying regarding 200-300 backing the one horse and can see how they will close you down. Is there a way you can find your own horse selections and do this?

  49. traderjack says:

    Billybob – I’m currently happily subscribed to three services.

    In no order.

    Edge Racing’s Magic Profits Plus + £127 over 2 weeks, £135 for 12 months, and each bet is £10 a day. Has been 11 bets, 5 wins and £127 in profit. I also use the Magic Profits service they offer which since changes has been very good but it’s early days. But the Plus service has consistently been successful right since it started.

    Horse Racing Betting Systems – They have 8 in total, loads of selections mind, but it’s free. You get emails daily. But system 3 and 8 has made good profits in the last 2 months.

    Captain Ray betting – Got a free trial advert 3 weeks ago, gave them a try. Have made 23pts in 3 weeks and only costs £5 a week. Again a lot of bets to put on.

    I was using another 5 services, but 3 on free trials I won’t be joining and two others I’m reserving judgement for now with.

  50. bramley says:

    an element of each way thieving in this service?

  51. foxy.lord says:

    Take the Agora sales hype with a ‘Pinch of Salt’.
    Some evenings you will get 20+ emails.
    As previous posts have stated,unless you are lucky,and lightening fast,the advised price will have gone.
    These bets are NOT guaranteed winners.
    Save your cash for better methods.

  52. hotdeffender says:

    Talking of Agoras sales hype. I wish Michelle would take a day off. Being a traditionalist, it annoys me to open a happy xmas email this morning to find it was an email peddling out more promotions.

    Atleast the betting rant was a much nicer happy Christmas email with a simple Acca tip for today. Thanks Matt. Winge over!

  53. cyxstudio says:

    ky0306 I am from Malaysia too. lol

  54. leeds123 says:

    I logged on here to see what was said regarding Bookie Blowout. Decided it was not for me. Yes I can see it making money but I can’t be bothered to be honest being here in the evening to place a bet with bookie and then hoping I get a good price when laying on the exchange. I am sure it works for those that do… just a personal thing I guess
    I was interested in the recent BB comments too. I realise the point of this is to bet and lay to get the bookies bonus and then for you to use the free bet to make a profit by doing the same thing but at bigger odds.
    To be honest I know that is a guaranteed way of making a profit….as big as it is. But honestly I made so much more money by simply doing what Mike suggests to get the bonus…and then simply using that as a free bet on something that has a reasonable chance of coming Man Utd not to lose, or Chelsea’s game to have more than 1 goal in it. I have often found odds on this outcome around 1.2.- 1.8 So that would be a £60 – £100 return for the cost of maybe a few quid I lost initially to get free bet. Ok… you may lose… but hell…it’s a low risk flutter and it wasn’t your money to start off with really was it?

  55. ribboco says:

    hello I agree completely with lipsinc13 at the top of this thread a waste of time plus as a bonus am I missing something here do you not lose your money twice ,back and lay if your horse is pulled out next day ,by putting your bets on evening before,not one person on here mentions this or am I missing something? not one of these things work to make it anything like worthwhile I have tried some cheers

  56. gerry747 says:

    ribbocco – Not sure I’ve understood you correctly, but if your horse is “pulled out” as you put it, you would get your money back. Maybe that’s the bit your missing eh? 🙂

  57. ribboco says:

    well I must be getting mixed up somewhere if you back something the day before or the week before Gerry I was thinking that was ante-post I will have to take a pill richard

  58. gerry747 says:

    ribboco – Sorry mate, you meant ante-post, yes you are correct, must get my brain in gear!… not having a good day!…

  59. jassurin says:

    I don´t think that bookie blowout is to be categorized as an arbing service as some people here suggest. It is more a trading service entirely based on value – which is key in any trading/betting approach. I have this and can only say that it is very profitable:)

  60. fraserj70 says:

    I cant see how the reviewer started with a £100 bank surely your money would be tied with the bookies most of the time as it takes 3 to 4 days for them to pay out and a £100 pound is not a lot of bets when your laying as well

  61. moonhead says:

    I don’t think that the reviewers on this sight are as transparent as they like you to think they are, the fact that they didn’t let a little thing like betfair liability get in their way while making all those profits. In the real world with only a £100 bank you would be lucky to place a third of those bets as the liability would stop you in your tracks. One bet was layed at odds of 22 , how is that possible with a bank of £100

  62. iestyn12 says:

    Due to placing bets on the bookmakers and beating the closing line most of the time, is there a chance of getting the bookmaker accounts restricted or is there a way around this?

  63. foxy.lord says:

    MATT HOUGHTON of BETTING RANT is ‘pushing’ this AGAIN.
    Stating that it is RISK FREE….IT IS NOT.
    I guess he has not tried it.Just after getting the usual
    ‘kick back’fee.
    How about stating the real facts MATT? we know how you dislike con artists….erhummmm.

  64. gerry747 says:

    Maybe Matt might be referring to the 30 day money back risk free guarantee eh?

    As foxy.lord says, as for the betting side, it is NOT risk free!

    Just been reading ” A day in the life of Matt Houghton”

    His advice and comments of what to do etc!… 🙂 🙂

  65. It essentially is risk-free.

    If the odds shorten then you’ll make a profit regardless of whether the horse wins or loses.

    If the odds lengthen you’ll get paid out at BOG for a negligible loss.

    Let’s not let that get in the way of snide remarks though eh.

  66. If anybody can’t profit from this service it’s because they’re too lazy to learn the concept and/or don’t have the funds to cover the liabilities. So, I make no apology whatsoever for promoting it.

  67. gerry747 says:

    Matt, come on, it’s arbing mate. “too lazy to learn the concept” well if that isn’t insulting to members!…. not bloody rocket science mate.

    You pay £97 for one year, then spend hours night and day prating about.
    And your wrong, it is not risk free, no matter how small the loss may be!

    In comparison you can go to a professional website, get the arbs coming at you constantly and with a quicker betting transaction built in, and make more profit.

    Each to their own, but I agree with some of the comments, it’s not what it is made out to be. IMO

  68. bobo1977 says:

    I agree i tried and it not risk free and not as good as it seems.
    What bugs me is they keep pushing The Network by Matt Houghton as its only made around 3 points per month since january and has not taken into account the fees, yet from the sales emails you think its the best thing since sliced bread and mega profitable. I think not! Come on guys lets have some realistic advertising were fed up of this B***S**T

  69. moonhead says:

    The misleading reveiws above that make out you can make all that money from just £100 in a month, it’s bull shit. Lies and deceit just to sell a product

  70. tamurshetsky says:

    You will need several hours each evening as selections can arrive anytime . You need to place the initial bet as soon as possible after receipt as prices can move very quickly. You will also need a considerable amount of time the following day to place the second part of the bets. There is no doubt, that this is a time consuming system.

    Yeah, Am I prepared to sit around like a couch Potato and wait
    for email selections? Nah! Better things to do with my time,
    Thank You!

  71. “Matt, come on, it’s arbing mate. “too lazy to learn the concept” well if that isn’t insulting to members!…. not bloody rocket science mate.”

    Have you read some of the comments on this website Gerry? It doesn’t need to be rocket science to confuse some people 😉

    Ultimately it boils down to the fact that everybody wants everything on a plate these days. They can’t be arsed spending even an hour a day putting a bit of work in and then wonder why they never make any money.

    It’s sad really but what can you do? Their loss…

  72. bob1977,

    1) The Network is completely irrelevant to this thread. Why not try The Network thread? If you can’t find it, it’s just below the positive Network review.

    2) I’ve sent one email about the service since March and that was April 19th. Not because of results which I’m happy with and which my members are happy with but because it’s the end of the season.

    3) No profits don’t include fees but given it costs less than £40 for the first year it doesn’t exactly make a huge difference.

  73. I genuinely don’t get why half of the people who comment on this site even bother. Somebody could be selling a golden egg laying goose and you’d slag it off.

    Why don’t you stop wasting your own time and take up another hobby?

  74. gerry747 says:

    Matt, yep I have to agree to a point, some do want it on a plate, and not put the effort in. A little bit of research does go a long way, especially on the FBB.

    Can’t believe it! I’m agreeing with Matt!…. 🙂

    Still think this is not worth the time it takes though, as I said, each to their own!

  75. It’s a Monday morning miracle Gerry haha!

    To clarify, I’m certainly not saying Bookie Blowout is perfect, I’m just saying that if you put a bit of time and effort in then it’s a service that makes money. It’s also extremely low risk (perhaps promotions can/should be re-worded).

    As you can probably tell, people slagging off a service that makes money is a bit of a bug bear of mine! Fair enough if it’s not for you but people comparing it to scam products or insinuating that it’s no use to anyone is a little ignorant and also unfair on Mike Cruickshank.

  76. foxy.lord says:

    At last,an admission that the advertising ‘blurb’ needs re wording.Frank and accurate sales literature must hold more respect,and in the longer term,be reflected in increased product sales.
    Bookie Blowout may be ok for some,who have loads of spare time in the evening,awaiting emails…..i received over 20 in one evening alone.
    FACT….it is not risk free.
    I cancelled sometime ago and just do the ‘Each way sniper’,which is risk free….and profitable.

  77. Jeyway says:

    This is a profitable product, I made my money back fairly quickly. It is big overnight arbs to simplify it. You go on his website and wait for “mail” then you quickly back at the selected bookie. For example back at Ladbrokes for odds of 15 for example then the morning after you check bet fairs lay odds waiting for them to drop for you to lock in a profit. Sometimes the odds go down a lot, once I got over 100% return on a bet. Other times however the odds might go up which might mean a loss but you should be checking Betfair to make sure the odds don’t move too far against you. It can take up a bit of time and get your accounts limited 🙁

  78. john326 says:

    I have just received a level of customer service from Mike Cruickshank that was exceptional.We can all feel confident in his products and our dealings with him.

    I have no personal connection to him or his family.

  79. Richard1973 says:

    I comfortably make at least £100 a week from this with around 20 trades. It works well for me as I happen to be near a PC most evenings but 20 trades a week is a lot less than all of them! I back almost exclusively with £20 and easily manage more than £5 profit per trade though some make less, some more, some even lose. I target 20 trades a week as this is easy for me but often take more. I disagree with the remark that this is a time consuming system – it certainly doesn’t need to be but you do have to be near the PC from 6pm-11pm. You don’t need to be glued to the screen though and you don’t have to use the full 5 hours. A couple of hours listening out for the signal while you get on with other things is fine – just be ready to pounce.

  80. quirkp says:

    thank you Richard, can you tell us what betfair balance you require to make £100 p/week?



  81. Richard1973 says:

    I keep around £1000 in there but exposure is unlikely to be much greater than £500 per trade and that’s with 30/1 bets! Touch wood, I’ve not run into any problems with these stakes and £1000 bank.

  82. quirkp says:

    thanks Richard, I will give it a go. will sign up next week.

  83. Richard1973 says:

    Let us know how you get on quirkp 🙂

  84. cooney1995 says:

    can you back the horses on the exchange or just on the bookmaker?

  85. fraserj70 says:

    It would be better if you could back with betair as cooney1995 suggested

  86. lsaajack says:

    You have to use the Bookmakers.. I’ve seen it been tested on a forum using just the exchange and it didn’t work!
    This work because you get a early value price from the bookmakers the previous evening when you take the early bookie price away you lose the value..

  87. Emailonly says:

    Agree with the general sentiment on this. Yes, it does “work”, but that’s down to one’s own personal interpretation. As others have pointed out, the MMR reviewer must, I believe, have been paper-trading the Bookie Blowout selections – no way you could follow all the selections, backing and laying, with just a £100 bank . . . unless they were using pointless 50p stakes!!

    What does not “work” is getting your bookmaker accounts limited or closed completely. I started off with Bonus Bagging and progressed onto Profit Maximiser. Both good products and I have made a lot of money from them. However, if your accounts get gubbed that takes away your Free Bet income stream!

    If there is one thing bookies hate it’s punters who get value. It doesn’t matter if your bets win or lose – if you are regularly beating the SP you WILL get gubbed.

    Personally I can’t be bothered to arb horses for a few quid profit here and there when the end result is my account gets gubbed and I miss out on £xxx Free Bet promotions with that bookie over the next few years.

    I trialled Bookie Blowout for 4 weeks. Made a bit of money but nothing exceptional and decided it really wasn’t worth the effort when you turned the winnings into an hourly wage equivalent! Had 2 bookmaker accounts gubbed as a result (I know that for a fact as I had only used those accounts for the Bookie Blowout selections). Called it a day and claimed a refund which was duly honoured, so no complaints.

    It is more important for me to keep my accounts open so I can keep turning over Free Bets (which IS risk free). I have given up arbing and Free Betting on horses and now stick to football which is easier to slip under the radar as it is very rare that you are “beating the SP”. Since taking this approach I’ve not had any further accounts gubbed (touch wood!)

    In my opinion, Bookie Blowout could not be a more appropriate name for this product, as it will eventually lead to the bookies blowing out your accounts!

  88. RJM says:


    Spot-on with your post.

  89. foxy.lord says:

    Agree with above posts.It is not a medium for long term survival with the bookies.

  90. Moondog says:

    Turned £100 into £1626 it says in the sale blurb, thats complete and utter BS, how can you start with £100 bank considering betfairs liabilitys, somebody is telling lies.

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