Binary Code Breaker Review

| March 18, 2015 | 33 Replies

Product Name: Binary Code Breaker

Author: Jason Alexander

Company Name & Contact Details:
Canonbury Publishing Ltd
Unit 3, Hainault Works,
Hainualt Road,
Little Heath,
Tel: 0208 597 0181

Price:  £247

Money Back Guarantee: 30days

What Do You Get?

– Forex Binary trading system sent via hard copy and downlaodable manual,
– Training videos, twice weekly emails updates during the trial and email support

Where to buy:

Brief Summary:

Binary Code Breaker from Jason Alexander is a binary trading system that claims to turn £200 into £1,187 in just 8 weeks with Binary Bets, which can work on any Forex market, and at anytime Monday – Friday.

What’s It All About?

This is a binary system to trade the forex markets, aimed at beginners and experienced traders alike.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

Well no. While it certainly helps, it isn’t necessary to have experience as everything is explained in a manual and videos on the website.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

The starting bank can be set as low as £200 on the recommended broker’s platform, though this may be lower or higher for other brokers.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Well the returns look promising with people recording a strike rate between 65-70% which is good since you need 56% to make a profit.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

About 30 mins to an hour per day for one trade, though you could trade more if you wanted.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Just an account with a broker and a computer with internet.

Value For Money?

Well it seems a good amount as I managed to continue making profits throughout my trial.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

Yes it successfully makes profits regularly and is very easy to use and flexible.

Quality Of Customer Service?

I have dealt with them a few times due to a couple of issues and things have been sorted quickly and efficiently.

Full Review – 29/07/2015

With the first period over, it is time to look back and reflect on the opening stages of my trial of Binary code Breaker.

Initially there was a degree of waiting for the manual to be sent out but once it was sorted I got stuck in and tried it out for myself. The manual you receive is comprehensive and explains the system in full, in easy to understand language.

If this isn’t your thing then there are also videos in the members area covering the manual and the concepts in it.

Lastly the members area has useful tools – like spreadsheets to use for calculating elements of the system and the email of the creator if you have any questions.

All in all, it’s a good setup for beginners to get their teeth into as all the bases are covered.

In terms of the promotional material: They claim a profit of £219.20 a month from two £20 level stakes trades a day (with a 65% strike rate) is achievable. They also claims it allows 24 hour trading, five days a week, and that a trade can be spotted in 10 seconds.

For the profit, the numbers claimed seem reasonable. I was placing one trade per day mostly and made £48 on a £200 bank in a month, which is a 61% strike rate. This is pretty good going.

of course there were days with no trade due to the market conditions and I made a few mistakes as I was learning. I am confident this will increase in the second half of my trial. And if, as suggested, you use compounding things could get interesting very quickly and serious profits could be made – but remember, so could losses.

The flexibility claimed is also accurate as the trading hours are indeed 24hrs per day Monday – Friday. This is great for me, being self employed, as I cannot spend hours in front of the computer. The trades are fairly consistent and the markets set up well most days. I only had 12 days without a trade (8 days for weekends and 4 days with poor market conditions). You can also trade flexibly throughout all hours of the day which is really handy as I traded nearly everyday.

The trades are easy to spot, as they claim they are, and alerts can be set allowing you to walk away and do other things then come back when your set up triggers. It seems this could be a nice little earner for the busy person interested in forex.

Lastly the customer service and author support is really good and Jason Alexander actively encourages questions so great on that front as an answer is usually with you in a couple of days.

The refund policy is also useful with a 30 day no risk guarantee so you can try before you truly buy. All in all a good first 30 days – lets see if it gets better and continues the run of form.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Binary Code Breaker Results

Review Update – 17/09/2015

In the first 30 days the profits were good and I had a feeling they would increase as I became proficient with the system and this did turn out to be the case.

It became increasingly quick and easy to spot trades and the profits increased as a result.

The final tally for the system was 47 trades over the course of the review. These resulted in 30 winning trades and 17 losing trades (a 63.8% strike rate) and a ROI of 68.3%, which for two months work is far better than any bank account or even other investments that I know of.

In full I would say this is definitely worth a look and a cracking little system.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Binary Code Breaker Results


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Comments (33)

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  1. vivi62 says:

    are there any results yet as its been a few months.Thanks

  2. graham1954 says:

    Beware of the 10% staking plan he recommends. With a SR of 65% you can expect a longest losing run of 7 per 1000 bets and 8 per 5000 bets. Use 2.5% and sleep at night.

  3. Tijs says:

    Thanks a lot for that one graham1954!

  4. cass says:

    to make it worthwhile use 5% staking plan his strike rate says it is 70%.

  5. Tijs says:

    Be aware of this company. I asked for a refund because the system is too hard to use for beginners in my opinion. The told me to send the book before the end of the 30-day period, otherwise I would not receive my refund.

    The salespage is full of “risk free, no quibble” money back guarantees. This is not the case and in my opinion this is false advertising. It is stated somewhere on a link that is put there at the bottom of the page. However, the sales page suggests something different and honest customers who give the system a try might find themselves being screwed over because they can’t send the manual back in time.

  6. Tijs says:


    My booklet is received more than 8 hours ago, haven’t heard anything from them yet so I’ll send them an email right now. I was promised that the director of Canonbury Publishing would take it over since the customer service didn’t dare to say if their marketing tactics were 100% legit. I haven’t received any mail from him yet. Not happy with the way they treat customers and I’m pretty sure they’re marketing tactics that aren’t legit to use.

  7. MMR admin says:


    I don’t mean to be rude, but can I just say that with almost any product you buy online – if you want a refund you have to return the product first.

    From DVDs, clothes, books, toys, flat-pack furniture – you’d have to return all of those back to the vendor before getting a refund. This is no different.

    And when they mean no quibble – I’m pretty sure that is referring to the fact that if the product is returned for a refund a refund will be given with no fuss. Not that you can get a refund and keep the product too.


  8. centaur says:

    Had an Email from Mike Cruickshank (Bonus Bagging)today promoting this. Whilst Mike is one of the best, Binaries have such a bad rep and I wonder if anyone has any experience with this particular method. It is quite expensive but there is a money back guarantee.


  9. PEPPIDOG says:

    Mike seems to be pushing this. Have had 3 mails in the space of a fortnight regarding it. I have a respect for Mike as his other products have served me and others well. However I am more than dubious regarding this one. Of all the review sites listed MMR seem to be the only ones giving this a good write up. I wonder why that is?

  10. gjpreston says:

    I am sure Mike Cruichkshank is pushing this as he gets some kind of commission so no surprise if he seems to be pushing it hard as for the product……….
    I bought it and it works but you have to be carefull like all trading methods it has loosing runs but as far as binaries go its good most binary products are pushed by people who get a cut from your bets so they don’t care if you loose your shirt
    Jason alexander is not like that hes a genuine trader and a genuine guy and a few years ago having bought one of his products and not getting the same results as he was he actually arranged a refund for me outside the refund timescale now that’s an honest guy
    hes also approachable by email tells it like it is and in my opinion he is as straight as they come

    as for Tijs comment he was not saying he expected to keep the product he is stating that the company claim a 30 day trial but you have to return the product within the 30 days so that is false advertising and despite having made many purchases and sent a good few back for a refund and never had a problem with Canonbury Publishing Ltd unlike other companies
    I am afraid I must agree with Tijs remarks a full 30 day money back guarantee should mean you can trial the product for a full 30 days from receiving it and if not happy then be able to send it back not you have to have it back within 30 days

  11. shapri says:

    is anyone using this ?

  12. nij1915 says:

    I signed up through Mike Cruickshank {bonus bagging} and have been trading now for 5 weeks. I did not demo trade but read the booklet and saw the video’s and got stuck in.
    Results so far have been really good, 82 trades, 58 wins for a strike rate of 71%.
    I started with a bank of £250, after 2 weeks 1 withdrew £100 so only £150 invested now. Balance as of today is £1,084 so a really good ROI. I made a few mistakes in the first few weeks mostly overtrading but the last 2 weeks cut back to 10 trades a week and getting 90% hit.
    I have been compounding the trades but only after hitting certain targets. Started with £20 then £25, this week has been £60 – next week £100.
    The system is relatively straight forward and so far so good, will see how thing go after 3 months 300 trades as like others on this site I have bought programs that never live up to the hype and have lost money

  13. lincsloon says:

    Is this system ok for a complete novice/no trading experience person?

  14. nford4 says:

    I also bought this after the emails from Mike Cruickshank. I demo traded for a couple of weeks and did very well at about 75%. I started live trading very confident in the system with a bank f £360 but had a terrible 1st week, 9 losses and 5 wins.

    2nd week was amazing, 12 wins 1 loss! 3rd week 10 wins and 6 losses 62% which I was very happy with (I had 15 wins on the run in week 2&3)

    And just this week I had another very poor week, 8 wins and 9 losses so over all win rate of 58% 60 trades and 35 wins ending balance is £409..

    Maybe I’m over trading, I missed about 8 certain winners this week that I was ready to trade but just missed as I work fulltime and cant always take trades even when I know they are coming up. I also seemed to take trades that look good but seconds after taking the trade the market flies the other way!

    @nij1915, that is amazing! Can I askwhen you are trading? Is it evenings, day or anytime? Also what pairs are you trading? I have had a nightmare trading the GBP/USD with only 1 win! I’ve had more success trading USD/JPY and EUR/USD

  15. nford4 says:

    Also I forgot to add that I very much doubt Mike Cruickshank is using this system, I emailed him asking how he was getting on with it but never received any replys but I always get a reply about his systems..

  16. trulywealth says:

    so you guys have a mixed results. Some get pretty good and other good just an average results (not loosing, but with pretty standard results).
    I am thinking of buying this products, but since the tag price is heavy, I am looking at an honest experience of real users. Have you been consistently profitable? or just on the first few weeks/months? Please explain.


  17. nij1915 says:

    @nford4 the week after my above post, trading at £100 a trade I had 7 losses in a row which brought me back to earth with a big bump. My bank went down right down at one time but has now recovered to £701 – 126 trades 64% hit rate.
    Like you I did badly on GBP/USD and dropped it, I now trade
    I look for trades in the morning 10-12.30 and if needed 3.30-6.00 in the afternoon,in other-words when things have quietened down after market openings I’m retired so my time is my own but I see you work so our timings will be different.
    I don’t trade in the the evening when most of the trade alerts at sent out – do you if so how have you done?
    Considering where I was a few weeks ago and where I expected to be by now I suppose it is disappointing but it is still a very good ROI in a short period of time and I will keep going with lower expectations – at least I’m making money

  18. highbank says:

    Can this system be run from an iPad?I’m out and about every day and have no desire to plug myself into a laptop at the end of a day……..

  19. mad one says:


    …..You may just be a marketer’s dream. “yeah, you can run this profit making business from an iPad, anywhere in the world….just need wifi and a smile”

    …..The reality is, if you have no *desire* to take anything seriously, and do what is required, you will never make money at anything.

  20. Tim O'loughlin says:


    Just wondering if you could tell us how you were going with the system? I have always been quite interested in the concept of Binary Trading but up until now it has seemed all systems were scams or just plane didn’t work.

    Any info you or anyone using the system would be much appreciated.

  21. Tim O'loughlin says:

    ahh comment being moderated. sigh. No reason given, just “your comment is awaiting moderation”. At least have the decency to email me and let me know what I have done wrong. Didn’t think asking a member about how they were going with a system would need moderation but there you go!

    I wonder if the member who posted vile abuse at me is also being moderated?

    Oh well, Happy New Year MMMR!

  22. Tim O'loughlin says:

    Whoops, too excited one too many M’s there

  23. PEPPIDOG says:

    Got this sent today…with a deadline of midnight tonight to get it on a split payment deal. 18 hours (at work for half of them) to do due diligence and make a decision??… give me a break!!!!
    Have many others bought this and are the claims made in the sales blurb stacking up??
    Thanks to those that have already posted and passing the info on that there may be currencies that could be given a wide berth if we were to purchase this.
    Not going to be pushed into buying this before midnight (pressure selling or what? Will continue to monitor here though as it may be something to add to a portfolio later.
    Happy New Year all

  24. nford4 says:

    Thanks for getting back to me nij1915. Your still doing well at 64%, I had another couple of losers before Christmas so stopped completely and will resume again this week when it calms down..

    I havent traded the CAD so will look at that, I also had my best trades around 10.30-12 and mid afternoon, I was using my phone at work to keep an eye on things and trade that way but missed soo many winning trades because of work so I’d say those are certainly good trading times. I have done ok trading evenings but only upto about 8pm, after that I havent done so well..

    Your doing great, I hope I can get back on and reach that level. Keep in touch, pity I cant get your email. Mine (if it works and I wont give anything away to anyone else) is my username but 100 and not 4 at the gmail

  25. nij1915 says:

    To nford4, thanks for your update. I traded up to Christmas and didn’t do well, my bank is down to £536 so stopped trading and will start looking again this week.
    Perhaps it was as you said that there was too much volatility as it seemed as soon as I entered a trade it went the other way and dented my confidence, hence walking away and now start afresh

  26. jcrsp says:

    nford4, nij1915, what have been your experiences in the last month? Profitable, below expectations, or have you not been using it for some other reason?

    nij1915 – did you start afresh? Good? Not good?

    I am on the edge of taking the plunge – your real-world experiences are very valuable!


  27. beechbrook says:

    The April MMR magazine shows the Binary Code Breaker as number 2 in the top 5 financial products right now. The results of shown in most of the posts seem to be hit & miss so I am wondering if things have improved since?

    Any further info would be useful as I have fallen for numerous systems in the past that don’t deliver. Cheers

  28. jcrsp says:

    Well, despite the uncertainty, I just purchased it and set up a trading account in parallel. Let’s see what results I can get before taking a go/no-go decision within the 30-days refund period!

  29. beechbrook says:

    Good luck, I would love to know how you get on.

  30. jcrsp says:

    I am logging my paper trades. Read the manual twice, watched the videos. Too early to report results, but over the next couple of weeks..

  31. jcrsp says:

    So far, the jury is still out, though I am optimistic that I can make this work for me. After over 20 dry-trades so far, I have discovered that the most important aspect is to determine whether in any particular market the conditions are really there for successful trading. It takes more patience than I at first expected, and there are many times when really it is better to walk away and come back some hours later, or even a day. The other problem or me is that I can see that the most promising period for GBP and EUR trades is when I am (normally) asleep.But trading the JPY in the mornings also looks promising. More later.

  32. ANDY_P says:

    Can you place trades in any part of the trade do you find them fast or only at night as its shown in the excel sheet at 22-23?

  33. Griffo says:

    @jcrsp – how you getting on mate? Been having a good look round at this Jason fella (off the back of an email received today for another new system).

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