Betting Supercharged App Review

| July 29, 2016 | 15 Replies

Product Name: Betting Supercharged

Author: Simon Mitchell

Company Name & Contact Details:
Telford Way
M1 8RJ


Gain access to the ground breaking software that made this computer science graduate £234,089.65!.

Price: £27 (+VAT in EU)

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day unconditional (Clickbank)

What Do You Get?

– Access to members area of site

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Betting Supercharged from Simon Mitchell claims to be an app that is supposed to consider on line race tips and finds the most accurate predictions. Claims that 96% of selections will win their race. Read on to see what we really this of this system…

What’s It All About?

In fact it is the latest version of what became known as the “Winner Scam” which merely repeats the free tips posted on every day. On signing up you are advised that you must open an account with the less than savoury bookmaker Winner in order for the software to work. This is not true and there is no software to download as indicated in the marketing.

The claim that you can make £4,000 per week is ludicrous and there is absolutely no proof to back this up.

An upgrade is pushed at you three times to receive email advice of the tips which is completely unnecessary.

The business address advised on the initial email does not appear to exist adding to the long list of question marks over this service.

For fuller details see Winners Enclosure and/or Insider Betting Bot reviews plus the screenshot below which shows the site tips on 27/7/2016 and the site for the same day. If a service/tipster that you know recommends this service then you should perhaps treat them with a degree of caution.

Selections and GG site compared 27/7/2016


In our view this is a scam and we suggest you avoid at all costs.



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Comments (15)

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  1. paully says:

    wow..will William hill pay him £234,089.65??

  2. JohnU says:

    I wonder if anyone will be stupid enough to try this one (only the young and completely naive maybe?) If YOU had something that kind of money why would you bother selling it, and why for £27. I always thought that comedian’s name was David Mitchell, not Simon! 🙂

  3. JohnU says:

    …made that.. kind of money.

  4. hiphil says:

    On the Betting Supercharged sales page it claims that the software can predict the winning horse with at least 96% accuracy!

    Since I purchased the software just over a week ago, I have been monitoring the selections on a daily basis. During this time I have received only 1 (ONE) email with 4 selections (all of which lost!)

    So far while monitoring the software I have had 42 winners out of a total of 275 selections – (this is just over 15%) i.e. more than 80% LESS than the 96% claimed on the sales page.

    Also, when I email the support desk I never receive a reply.

    This is sold via ClickBank, and I always thought they were reputable – still as they say, “you live and learn”.

    Time to ask for my money back.

  5. DRSTOCH says:

    96% accurate that is bull shit. No it is horse shit.

  6. DRSTOCH says:

    Moderation my arse just print the truth. We are all adults on here after all.

  7. S&M says:

    @ hiphil

    Not having a go or anything, but did you read the MMR review prior to purchasing?

    Or had you bought it without knowing of the review, as they clearly advise to leave this one well alone.

    I hope you manage to get your refund through Clickbank.

    Good luck.

  8. mad one says:


    …..This product is obviously rubbish.

    …..but do you think m.m.r are some kind of messiahs? They are just marketers doing reviews on other people’s products, in the hope of selling their own to *you* once you are on their list, they are not gods to be taken as gospel 🙂

  9. S&M says:

    @ Mad One

    I think in this case, they were correct in telling folk to avoid… Don’t you?

  10. mad one says:


    …..In this case it is blatantly obvious to anybody with 1/100th a brain that this offer is BS. And if anybody could even be slightly convinced by those figures then they should turn their internet off immediately and book a psychiatrist sharpish.

  11. S&M says:

    @ Mad One

    Unfortunately Hiphil was drawn in on this occasion, which is why I asked the question, and also wished him good luck with his Clickbank refund request.

    Still nice to know there are people willing to help sort the good guys from the bad, and I for one am grateful for help I have received in the past from MMR.

    Keep up the good work guys!! 🙂

  12. mad one says:

    …..If you need such help then you are a marketers’ dream, and guess what m.m.r are…..

  13. S&M says:

    @ Mad One

    Just comforting to know there are still “helpful” folk out there, and not just standing by letting others be taken in by scammers & scumbags.

    This is my FIRST port of call whenever I contemplate signing up to the next “holy grail” on offer.

    I reiterate…. Thanks for being there MMR! 🙂

  14. Steve_M says:

    @mad one – why do you spend so much of your time on MMR?

  15. mad one says:


    …..I frequent many venues during the day, inbetween trading, to see if the sensible folk (not the biz opp junkies looking for shiny bits of fluff) have something useful, and there are a few on here also, not many, but some.

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