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Product Name: Betting Admiral

Author: John Hall

Company Name & Contact Details:


Finally Feel Like The Smart Money In The Room.

Price: £20.40 discounted price and one off payment.

Money Back Guarantee: Yes sixty day 100%  “Iron –Clad” guarantee in operation.

What Do You Get?

– A fully downloadable sixteen page manual in pdf format which is very clear and concise and fully outlines the workings of the system. This is very neat and tidy and makes good use of illustrations and screenshots.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Betting Admiral by John Hall is a horse laying system that claims to have ‘six simple steps to success’ and uses only one particular class of race to find those precious selections.

What’s It All About?

This is a lay system for backing all selected animals to lose their respective races. It makes full use of a 1% staking of the total bank on all bets and slowly builds up slow and sure. There is also a useful odds table supplied with the manual.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

There is nothing quoted or laid down in stone, but I guess probably a small bank of around £300 may be sufficient to get started.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The author claims that this system made £15937 in one month but there is just a screenshot of a Betfair P @ L account to back this up.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Once the few ground rules are thoroughly learned, then all betting activities can commence immediately.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

As this is a lay system then one will need a PC with Internet connection and an account with Betfair or similar betting exchange.

Value For Money? 

This looks like it costs £37.00 but if you try to exit the sales hype you can take advantage of a £10.00 discount offered as an inducement to buy.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

First class service and a smooth and speedy transaction.

Midpoint Report 08/02/2012

It is not very often that one gets to look at a lay system which on the face of it looks to have the makings of a decent system, but taking a first glance at this and it looks to certainly have potential for profit.

This system comes from John Hall and can be purchased at a cost of £20.40 including tax and consists of a sixteen page fully downloadable manual outlining the methodology of the system.

I actually found the manual to be somewhat ‘padded’ and contained some fairly basic material that we have all heard about over and over again. There were sections explaining odds, odds tables and a guide to betting on Betfair and above all things we had an explanation of just how to go about placing a lay bet.

There were some good examples of racing selections along with very good use of screenshots but I found on the whole that perhaps the manual could have been reduced to half the size and indeed this would have been kind to readers.

The actual meat of the system arrives at pages ten to eleven in the form of six easy steps to what the author claims is the pathway to success, but we have all heard that so many times previously.

These easy steps leading to the selection process look solid enough and without wishing to give too much away they cover certain Class races and advice is clearly given that one All Weather track has to be avoided at all costs.

Age and days since last race also enter into the equation and these tend to blend in very nicely to form what I thought looked a solid little system. Obviously some thought has gone into this and the author also mentions that it is advisable to use a simple staking plan which is outlined on page fourteen in the manual.

I have found that when adopting lay systems it is wise to have a maximum odds firmly in place and I would think that there is a distinct need for a filter to be placed on the maximum odds within this setup.

Currently there is no filter in place to this extent and it makes the risk element that much greater. So as this period of observation drew to a close I had actually witnessed a total of thirty four selections of which thirty one of these succeeded as winning lays whilst the remainder spoilt the party by coming home in first position.

This gave us a very healthy strike rate of 91.18% which was well above that which was expected. The longest losing run was only one whilst the longest winning run was a good looking fifteen and the exercise ended with a nice profit of sixteen points using level stakes.

This could have been a healthier picture had the odds filter been in place as one of the losing lays was at odds of 8/1.  At this stage this looks to be a decent proposition and not too highly priced either. With a strike rate such as we have already experienced, then there certainly is optimism for the remainder of this trial and we could indeed be singing it’s praises in future days.

Number Of Selections = 34
Number Of Winning Lays = 31
Number Of Losing Lays = 3
Strike Rate = 91.18%
Longest Losing Run = 1
Longest Winning Run = 15
Overall Profit/Loss = 16.00 Points profit using level stakes.

You can see a full breakdown of my results so far here:

Betting Admiral Midpoint Results

Conclusion 09/03/2012

The headline used in the sales literature advertising this lay system was the one thing which really caught my eye. In big bold headlines it went something like this, “Finally Feel Like The Smart Money In The Room”.

It was big and it was bold and to me it announced a real air of confidence springing from within. The brains behind the system is John Hall and he has succeeded in putting together a really nice uncomplicated system and what’s more it appears to work rather well.

This weighs in at a really odd price of £20.40 which includes tax and for this princely sum one gets a good looking nine page fully downloadable manual in pdf format with full explanation of the workings of the system.

The actual system involves a six step process which is straight forward and outlines the methodology of the system in a very clear and concise manner and is very easy to administer.

As I mentioned earlier there is a little unnecessary ‘padding’ in the manual which could quite easily have been condensed to about half the size of the final manual, but this is probably the only point of criticism I would care to mention.

The author claims that you will begin to see immediately once you put this lay system into action, and unlike other hit or miss horse picking formulas, you will see for yourself that lay betting can literally never get saturated or mysteriously stop working.

The six simple steps within the selection process leads to quite a success story and it uses only one particular class of race to find those precious winning combinations.

Once the selections are highlighted all bets become straight forward lay bets and all staking is then one percent of the total bank. One thing I have found in using lay systems is that sometimes there is not enough provision made to protect the user bank and this system was no different in that respect.

Perhaps I should adopt a more carefree approach but when lay odds are too large I find alarm bells ringing ever so loudly. This system advocates using maximum odds of 10/1 and lower so for those who are a little cautious I really think there is a case for some serious pruning in order to have that extra protection.

Not that this system was ever in any danger of hitting rock bottom by any means as there were only eleven losers overall in a total of eighty odd selections so this gives some idea as to the system being built on a really solid basis.

So as this period of observation drew to a close I had monitored a total of eighty two selections of which seventy one of these were steadfast lay winners whilst the remaining eleven defied the odds and crossed the line in first position.

This gave us a very healthy strike rate of 86.59% and this was great news for users of the system. The longest losing run was only two whilst the longest winning run was a superb fifteen and this culminated with a very nice profit of 36.12 points using level stakes only and disregarding the 1% stake of the total bank mentioned earlier.

This really turned out to be a solid system and one of the better lay systems I have seen for several months. Selections were found in a matter of minutes and it was very easy to apply the few important rules which kept the supply of winning lays flowing smoothly.

The price of this is very reasonable too and must be well within budget of many punters. I must admit that it looked a little sparse initially and it looked as if winners would be hard to find within the framework of so few rules. Yet they flowed in much to my amazement. This looks to be a worthwhile proposition and it gets my own seal of approval.

Number Of Selections = 82
Number of Winning Lays = 71
Number Of Losing Lays = 11
Strike Rate = 86.59%
Longest Losing Run = 2
Longest Winning Run = 15
Overall Profit/Loss = 36.12 points profit using level stakes.

You can see a full breakdown of my results so far here:

Betting Admiral Final Results



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  1. GavT67 says:

    Anybody got any info on how this system is doing or a list of bets from previous days etc.

  2. redshadow says:

    tried to buy this after reading this review and just get this message from clickbank.


    This product is no longer for sale or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation

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