Betfire Football Formula Review

| August 23, 2017 | 6 Replies

Product Name:

Betfire Football Formula



Company Name & Contact Details

Ross Mihal, RM Club Ltd, 78 York Street, London W1H 1DP Tel: 020 7692 0876 email:



Money Back Guarantee:

Not stated

What Do You Get   .

PDF Manual download

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Betfire Football Formula from Ross Mihal of RM Club is a mechanical system for win betting on football. Using freely available information from 3rd party website. Historically claims system has produced 78% strike rate. Can use Bookmakers or Exchanges for placing bets. Multiples also possible.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

30 point bank advised with 1 point stake per selection

How much money can I make?

Claims making average of £1400+ per week from small stakes

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes around 11am daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value for money?  

Not on results seen in trial

Quality of customer service?  

Not tested but thread comments infer poor


As ever the marketing for Club RM products is inviting and infers you will be sorry to miss out on acquiring this limited edition system. Past experience has shown the reality often differs from the claims and so I was not expecting a great deal here even though you would hope that some sort of profit should be possible if the strike rate claims are anywhere near accurate.

On purchase you receive a PDF manual for the system which is over long and continues to exhort buyers to keep the system to themselves and not share it. My experience has been that such comments usually mean the content is less valuable than is claimed.

Operation of the system is simple requiring a check of information on 1 free website and selecting bets in the 1×2 markets for qualifying matches. The main criterion for selection is highly questionable in terms of logic and the whole thing becomes even more bizarre when the instruction to make selections at around 11am daily is considered. This means that at weekends the matches will be selected from those games that are within the number viewable on the information site at that time. On some Saturdays this meant the whole range of 3pm matches were not covered.

The theory behind selecting at 11am is that the markets are properly formed at that point and the data which the selection process is based upon will be corrupted if left until later. This seems to hold as much water as the flawed main filter.

Selections will usually be the match favourite and can only be for an outright win. The odds are at the top end of the range for football winners and so if the strike rate can be achieved the profitability should be good.

Staking advice is pretty bullish with a 30 point bank recommended and 1 point staking – we are advised that there will be “bad luck and some freak results” which necessitate such a bank. There is also a suggestion that you can play accas with the selection taking up to 5 for any one multiple.

We started with 5 straight wins on day 1 but that was the peak with extreme variations seen over a full month. There were winning clusters seen but also runs of 7 straight losers and while profitable at points in the trial the overall position was a loss of 10.3 points. The best profit position seen was 12.3 points up.

With 269 selections made 122 were successful – some 45% which is way short of the claimed 78%.

Of course we may have hit an exceptionally poor period for our trial but to achieve the 78% long term strike rate from here would require some almost flawless selections for a long period. And with the actual selection process laughable the chances of this being achieved seem slim.

If the system were offered at a price around the £25 mark then there might have been some value in it as many users might find a way of turning the results to profit. But at £150 with unsubstantiated and seemingly unlikely profit claims we would give this one a miss.

Our trial results can be seen here:

Betfire Football Formula Results


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Comments (6)

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  1. Valkeakoski163 says:

    Here are the results for Betfire Football Formula selections from 10/8 – 23/8 2017.
    10/8 result: 3-2
    11/8 result: 5-4
    12/8 result: 6-9
    13/8 result: 4-14
    14/8 result: 2-3
    15/8 result: 1-1
    16/8 result: no selections
    17/8 result: 3-1
    18/8 result: 8-6
    19/8 result: 13-7
    20/8 result: 8-7
    21/8 result: 4-9
    22/8 result: 1-7
    23/8 result: 5-1

    Result for 14 days: 63-71
    47% winning selections

    • jigsaw1970 says:

      Hi Valkeakoski163
      Betfire was a system I was very interested in but looking at your results so far it looks as though Ross may well be overhyping another one of his systems. I’ve had quite a few systems off him most aren’t great but I have one called superior market movers which I’ve been using sometime and I am in profit.

  2. Traderjohn says:

    Ross Mihal has just sent me an email about a new service he is promoting
    called Racecourse Direct,it has a 7 day FREE trial,i have no interest in
    this but somebody on here might want to try it.

    • JohnU says:

      Me neither as i have had an email too! On 2 counts, 1 i dont respond to unsolicited emails and 2. Even if i did IT IS RIDICULOUS TO MAKE THE CLAIMS HE MAKES OF £1400 A WEEK from small stakes – just utter nonsense!

  3. Valkeakoski163 says:

    You can’t say anything else about Ross Mihal than he being an honorable guy!

    I bought and trialled his Betfire System for 3 weeks where he in his sales ad and in the Betfire System Ebook promise a 78% winning selections following the system rules, which needs to be checked a certain time of the day with a free website.

    The result after I followed the system for 3 weeks between 10/8 – 30/8 2017 was 222 selections with 101 winning selections and 121 losing selections. The result was 45,5% winning selections. And not even close to the 78% Ross Mihal claimes that this system produces.

    In the sales ad for this system Ross also promises a 60 day money back guarantee if anyone is not happy with the system so I contacted him and told him about my results after 3 weeks with the system. He has not bothered to answer me regarding this issue, instead he has kept sending me several emails of the system called Racehorse Direct claiming claiming one can make £1400/week.

    And even after I opened a dispute with Paypal to see if I can get my money back since this Betfire System clearly does not live up to it’s promises he has not even bothered to answer emails from Paypal to explain his actions for not refunding his customer of his promised 60 days money back guarantee.

    Anybody who perhaps has any more information about this honorable Ross Mihal?


  4. jigsaw1970 says:

    I know this guy has had a warning against his name but just wondered on the off chance has anybody joins his new football service called betdaddy ?

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