Betfair Scalper Training Course Review

| April 28, 2017 | 5 Replies

Product Name:

Betfair Scalper


Stuart Robert and Pete

Company Name & Contact Details

Home Business Direct, Hill Quay, 14 Commercial Street, Manchester M15 4PZ email:


The Trading Course they are all talking about.



Money Back Guarantee:

60 day refund offered if not made a profit in that time

What Do You Get   .

Video Tutorial Course for Betfair Scalping

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Betfair Scalper from Home Business Direct offers 7 hours of video tutorials plus PDF manuals covering the subject of scalping profits from Betfair horse racing markets. Suitable for absolute beginners with direct individual support available.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Suggested £100 min but not specific direction

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. Results will vary dependent on user effort and input

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Significant initial learning curve needed but then down to user.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection, Betfair Account and Bet Angel recommended

Our trial of this service has begun and we’ll post our results soon. In the meantime, if you have tried Betfair Scalper we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.


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  1. wolverine5pl says:

    anyone have any experiance with this?

  2. Ice Blue says:

    Yes – I bought this. I think it is similar to the Peter Butler method in that you get a raw strategy which you need to tweak. Use this strategy without making any modifications and you will almost certainly get stung. It is not an out of the box strategy.

    Also be aware that just like with the Peter Butler method, nearly all the review websites promoting this don’t allow any negative testimonials. They are all positive which means that they don’t give the reader a realistic picture –
    instead one gets a rather “rose tinted” one.

  3. bfsg says:

    Hello ‘Ice Blue’/Readers.

    With respect, I think you will find that ‘out of the box strategies’ are about as rare as unicorns running along the beach. And to my knowledge that statement is not mentioned anywhere on the sales material, or anywhere on the course content. Personal input will always be required where making monetary gains are concerned.

    Again, with respect, and at the risk of making a generalised statement somebody may think is aimed at them (which it is not) anybody that may be thinking otherwise are bordering on the grounds of ‘folly’.

    For example, and as I type this there are many disconcerting comments regarding Bettingrant’s own latest product on the right hand side of the page. Does that mean it does not work, and they should immediately knock it on the head? Of course not, because it will be a small number of potential customers, or actual customers who just so happen to have found this website.

    The Betfair trading course we offer has been launched for 6 months, with a lot of members progressing, and if you are genuinely a member you will have seen many of the comments sent in, with screenshots, as well as videos explaining certain aspect as well, in order to direct members down the right path to progression.

    The disclaimer at the top of the website clearly states that some serious application and testing is required to turn a profit on the subject, that will always be the case and this is mentioned right throughout the course materials.

    Trading the exchanges is a sustained skill, and definitely not any kind of system, which you will also have read on the course.

    You mentioned about ‘people getting stung’, well, the only reason anybody would ‘get stung’ is if they are looking for instant gains from what they purchase instead of acknowledging that progressive knowledge is required (which takes different people different amounts of time depending on their learning style), but thankfully the majority of members appreciate that some serious, consistent and sustained attention is required on the subject they are looking to learn, as with any subject in fact.

    It makes sense that if you decided to go to University to learn engineering, that you would not be in the position of graduating after a couple of months, or be in the position to start profiting from the subject at hand in such a short time space, because any worthwhile education takes time to learn, and personal adjustment needed to move forward in a way that their new found skills could be tested/improved.

    Trading on betfair, the same as Forex is no different.

    If somebody invested on the course based on ‘their’ understanding that there was easy money to be made, then 1) They will not have read the disclaimers, and 2) They will not have watched all the content, as there is a never ending list of areas where we mention how much effort is required to make trading work for them.

    Sure, some members get off to a flying start, but I wouldn’t say that is the norm, especially if they have little to no experience, but then again having some experience can be a limiting factor also, based on habits that potentially have not afforded the required results in the past on their previous efforts.

    If you did join the course expecting instant financial gains, then that is unfortunate, and no doubt there will be other comments stating the same at some stage on this very thread, but again, that does not mean that a large portion of members are not progressing to a successful conclusion, and therefore rendering the course worthwhile.

    I could show endless testimonials, and screenshots on this comment from members who are progressing very well indeed on the course. I will not do that because I am not advertising, but simply stating that a couple of member comments do not detract from what the majority are potentially doing with such a concept, it never has, and never will.

    We had one customer a week or so ago, an 84 year old retired gentleman who stated that for the first time in almost 20 years (since he retired) he was now making a consistent profit from ‘something’ for the very first time.

    On the other hand, we had a customer yesterday who asked us to cancel his membership because he cannot resist the urge to gamble, was impatient (his words), takes risks and take positions in play when it is not the right time to do so, so it is all relative to the individual, time spent learning, adjusting and testing moving forward.

    Both we thanked for being members of the course, albeit with different outcomes.

    Just because something does not work for one or two people, and they mention it on an internet forum, does not mean that the majority are not making something work, or progressing in the right direction. The same can be said for all products, Bettingrant will know that better than most.

    If some readers on this thread choose to disagree with my comments, and come back at some of the points I am making to justify their own personal reasons as to why something has not worked for them, and possibly seeking out others that have the same train of thought, then that is OK too, I would predict that, and I will wish them well in advance.

    I have no desire to enter into a debate on the subject, due to time restraints. Our members have our line of support, and potential members can judge for themselves based on the information at hand, or they can contact us directly. We are satisfied with that.

    The bottom line is that the majority of readers on this website will be seeking out a product or service that can potentially generate them some kind of income to improve their financial stance. Fine, but it also has to be understood by any intelligent thinking person, that everyone is different, every person has their own stand point, every person has their own application and effort gauge, what is worthwhile to them, and nothing will work for everyone.

    That said, a couple of comments should not detract from the fact that one person’s results can, and probably will be different from somebody else’s.

    The course tries hard to set the path that can potentially show the member/user how to generate an eventual profit from the subject of betting exchanges. Will it work for everybody? Absolutely not. Will a few members out of the very many we have find this thread at some stage and start saying ‘It does not work, etc.’? Absolutely they will. Does this then mean that it will not work for somebody else? Of course not.

    My 18 year old son took his theory driving test this morning for the first time, after studying for a few weeks. He past the test.

    On the way home he told me that there was another gentleman in the test centre, around double his age shouting at the test clerk “I have failed again, why don’t you just tell me the answers to the questions I got wrong”, clearly agitated at failing his test. The clerk declined of course.

    The point I am trying to emphasise, is that different people obtain different results in all areas of life. It does not detract from the subject, or future results of those concerned, or whom decide to partake in future.

    If anybody has an interest in the course, then we would be happy to help them directly, the email address of which can be found on our website.

    I wish any reader of this comment a pleasant day ahead, and I sincerely hope you find a product/service that suits you, and can make the financial gains you require.

  4. Ice Blue says:

    Hi bfsg – thanks for your reply.

    The purpose of my post was to give readers of this forum an idea of what to expect when purchasing the course. There are far too many review sites out there giving potential buyers a very one sided biased view of this product.

    Your post is exactly what was needed as it now means that people who buy the course have a much better idea of what to expect and can therefore make a much more informed decision. And that is, of course, the way it should be.

  5. tcrown333 says:

    Hi bfsg,

    Approaching the age of 76 and having tried an embarrassing number of ‘get rich quick’ schemes, around 5 days ago, I joined ‘Betfair Scalper. Given the course is priced at £89.97, the amount of educational material I received was impressive. I’ve always been tempted by trading, especially sports trading, however, what has always held me back was the requirement of large stakes needed in order to make even a reasonable profit. I have never considered the risks to be worth the small gains. Reading the marketing material and the majority of reviews out there on B.Scalping, this training course could well afford me a methodology that would minimise the risks to my stake and still yield respectable profits.

    On the fifth day of ‘serious’ effort at absorbing the material, I am more than convinced that I have here a way of making a living online using B.Scalper. What bfsg has said is totally right – unless you have a brain the size of a small planet, you cannot hope to read through the material once and, on the immediate application, start making great profits. It’s foolish to think this way about any valid educational material.

    The material I received is excellent, with HD quality videos that progressively take you to a point of familiarity and ease with this type of trading. I can now envisage the possibility of a high strike rate while keeping the risk to a minimum, even on losing trades. There are no guarantees in trading, but one thing has been made clear to me even at this early stage. Knowledge and familiarity through practice can bring about minimal risk trading while producing regular profit and – I’m determined to come out the other end, a successful trader. Let’s face it, this is my last chance and I ain’t going to blow it!

    And no, I have no affiliation with the creator of Betfair Scalping, but I do have skin in the game. All I can say is; watch this space.

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