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| March 23, 2017 | 5 Replies

Product Name:

Betex Trader


Mark Baker

Company Name & Contact Details

Buzzsoft 9 Moy Glas Way, Lucan, Dublin Ireland Tel : +353 (0)831142700 email:


Free 7 day trial then £42 (Pro Version) or £99 (Ultimate Version) per year

Money Back Guarantee:

14 day refund offered under Distance Selling Regs.

What Do You Get   .

Betfair API-NG approved trading software

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Betex Trader from Buzzsoft is a Betfair approved software package allowing the user to implement their personal trading strategies on the Horse Racing, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Golf and Ice Hockey markets. User determines parameters and sets them as plan which can be recalled as required. Covers both pre start and in play trading. Available in 2 versions – pro which covers win and match odds markets with fixed stakes, and Ultimate which covers all markets and allows liability and percentage staking.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

N/A – software package

How much money can I make?

N/A- user determines how software is applied

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Individual preference – some initial time investment needed to set up and understand package.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection and Betfair Exchange account and Windows based operating system

Value for money?  

Yes .

Quality of customer service?  

Normally respond within hours to any questions


There are a large number of betting bots available nowadays and this one is at the more sophisticated end of the scale in capability terms but still capable of use by us mere mortals. The current program developed from Autotrading Fox and has been continually evolving with some recent upgrades that have made it a much more practical proposition.

We have been using the software for some time in monitoring a new horse racing service that Matt is launching shortly but the potential use is very wide across a number of Betfair markets.

A 7 day free trial is available and we suggest that you should use this to really explore the capabilities of the program – select the Ultimate option as it has many more features than Pro and I suspect you will be annoyed if you need to upgrade in the future! The price differential is negligible in real terms.

All versions allow operation in Test or Simulation mode so you do not need to risk cash while testing a strategy – it is also possible to allocate a virtual bank to each instance that you run. Although the licence covers you for 1 device – which must be Windows based – you may run the software as many times as you wish on that device so you can have your racing set up on one instance with soccer betting on another and so on.

Before reading further, if you have not already done so, take a look at the video on the home page – it gives a good insight into the sort of thing that the software can do and shows several horse racing strategies in live use.

I am sure many of you have a pet system or strategy that you would make much more use of if only you did not have to monitor the markets and see if your conditions are met both to place the bet and then trade out for a profit. Doesn’t the phone always go at just the moment you want to be concentrating fully or something else distracts you so you either miss the bet completely or even worse get it wrong and so incur a loss.

With Betex you write your plan to a file (using simple guidelines provided covering both the fixed and conditional parameters you need) which is then loaded to run for each market that you wish it to cover. Now click on the start trading button for any qualifying bets to be placed automatically with no need for you to look at your pc again until the day is done. It could be as simple as a lay the draw if the odds reach a certain level and trade out above whatever, or you might want to lay the first horse to run below odds of 3 in the race and back it at 4 so as to green up a profit. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and what Betfair will actually allow you to do of course. Using simulation mode allows an easy check that what you wanted to happen in terms of the placement process actually does.

The program comes with a comprehensive set up and guide to how to use the various elements and has a staking calculator which can be copied over to a bet plan you are setting up. There is a Facebook support and training group available (sorry I do not do Facebook) and individual support request can be made by email or via the program itself. A response is normally given in hours.

As with all bots you should take precautions to ensure that the program can run uninterrupted once you have set it going. If you suffer power cuts you should probably consider using a VPS which would normally give you 99% assurance of continual service. If Betfair goes down the bot automatically tries to reconnect until it is restored and there is a message log which allows inspection of the days events in time sequence. The main gripe I currently have is the lack of ability to download results to a spreadsheet or similar but I understand this is an imminent enhancement. It is possible to see the days results set out on the bot but the only way to preserve them at present is by taking a screenshot.

As highlighted at the outset this is a sophisticated piece of kit and is not needed if all you want to do is place single bets on Betfair. But if you need anything more then Betex is very worthy of consideration offering a stable and highly flexible option for users. At around £100 a year the program offers good value. Don’t take the trial until you have at least an afternoon available to allow you to explore the possibilities but when you do you may well be both impressed and hooked!


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  1. Betex says:

    Regarding the export of results, we should have a new version available next week which will allow this feature. We are working on it now.

  2. Betex says:

    Export of results has now been added to the latest version available for download.

  3. Traderjohn says:

    What can the Ultimate Version do that the Pro Version cannot.

  4. Traderjohn says:

    I have downloaded the free trial version,but when i try to
    trade, i keep getting this message.

    ^There are a large number of errors occurring while communicating with the Betfair server.
    The last error was: Unrecognised runner status response from Betfair API function listMarketBook: PLACED

    Advise checking the Betfair service status.

    Attempt to continue trading?^

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