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Product Name:

Best Bets 4 Profit


Dean Harris

Company Name & Contact Details

Harris Publishing Ltd Wokingham Road, Earley, Reading RG6 1JS email:


Profit from Quality Horse Racing Advice.


£1 for first 30 days then £59.95 per month or £599.50 per year

Money Back Guarantee:

60 days unconditional refund offered

What Do You Get   .

Horse racing win and lay tipping service plus lay betting system download

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Best Bets for Profit from Dean Harris offers win, place, lay and place lay betting tips for horse racing from Monday to Friday. Selections accessed via members area of website. 2016 results available to download – shows £4,554 profits on backing and £11,250 for laying with £10 level stakes. Max lay price advised 20.0. Daily free competition for members plus new subscribers are offered free lay betting system

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

200 point betting bank recommended with 1 point progressive staking

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes around midday on weekdays.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection and Betting Exchange account if lay betting

Value for money?  

Reasonable start

Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to email enquiries

Review  14/2/2017:

When a tipster asks that you review his service it must be viewed as a positive both in terms of their confidence in their ability and that they are not trying to hide anything. Dean has been developing his systems for some time and after a year showing good profits privately has decided it is time to go public – I believe we are the first site to look at his performance.

The service website is comprehensive and offers advice on many aspects of betting as well as the service details. Subscribers will receive an email with the days selections – normally late morning on the day of racing – and are also able to access the tips through a special area on the site. Dean also offers subscribers a daily competition where a selection of 100% winners for the specified races will gain free race tickets.

There are 4 distinct elements to the service, win bets, place win bets, lay win bets and lay place bets. There are not necessarily selections on each element every day but subscribers will see everything available across the spectrum. A betting bank of 200 points is suggested with each bet a 1 point stake using the progressive calculation method. We will calculate outcomes based on the initial point value. The place bet advices specify the number of runners market to be used with the standard taken as read if nothing mentioned.


Win Betting Selections:

With 57 runners and 17 winners the performance here has been patchy with a drawdown of up to 12 points seen and currently a loss of 9 points at BSP. If using BOG prices at the time of selection advice the loss is just 2 points. Prices have ranged from odds on to 43.75, most at the top end of the market and the best priced winner was 5.9 (BOG 7.5) with a winning run of 3 consecutive selections seen. The worst losing streak is 8 runners. So far the weakest area of the service.

Place Wins:

A more selective offering for these with 23 selections of which 7 were successful giving a 2.4 point profit at an ROI of 6.34%. With the low prices involved in these markets that is a fair performance but there is little room for error. Best winning streak 5 against just 2 consecutive losers but a very small sample.

Lay Bets (Win Market):

The most prolific area of tipping with some 232 runners so far of which 180 were successful (77.6%). A maximum price of 20.0 is advised to limit risk which some may consider a bit on the high side but the vast majority of selections go off under 10 the average being around 5.5 with the highest price winner being 11.5. A poor run at the end of January led to a draw down of 19 points but there has been a recovery with a run of 13 successful bets and we are now showing a profit of 15.6 points at an ROI of 6.53%. The number of selections means you would potentially need a large bank if placing them all at once or to minimise the requirement you could use a bot. There are free options available as well as low cost solutions. The service does indicate the best 2 or 3 lays in their view which could be used as a means of reducing the bet numbers. We have not evaluated the success of these alone.

Lay Place:

Most selections have been in the 2 place market with a total of 30 runners and 20 successful. However the limited liquidity for the alternative place markets have probably meant higher odds being taken than might be hoped for. Unless using the main place market it is not possible to use a BSP option so you either take the price when advised (as we have) or hope there might be some reduction. A profit of 2.4 points has been made without any undue alarm.


Taken as a whole the service has made 11.4 points profit using BSP for the wins or 18.4 if taking bookmaker odds. After the poor run at the end of January this is a good recovery although at the normal sub rate the cost of around £5 per point profit(BSP) is on the high side. That said you can test things out at no risk with the guarantee offered and there is no doubt the service is genuine. If last year’s performance is repeated then the value will be there. We will continue to monitor and update the review in Mid March.


You can see the detailed results here:

Best Bets 4 Profit Results

Update 6/4/2017: The promising start has not been maintained with all 4 segments now showing a loss on the starting bank – in all about 25 points.

The wins had 2 losing runs of 12 bets and are now 13 points adrift at BOG prices, 23 at BSP while the place wins are just over 1 point down with 37 wins from 59 runners. This may vary a bit by user as with the use of the minor place markets liquidity is often limited and prices will move around.

Biggest disappointment was the lay bets where a profit of around 46 points has all been dissipated and we are now seeing a loss of 6 points. The author admitted he had chased losses with a view to rescuing the March outcome but this misfired. The place lays have subsided to a 4.5 point loss during the second period of the review.

Dean has taken a few days off to recheck his strategies which is probably wise but you must wonder why this should be necessary if the past performance was as successful as claimed. There is an undoubted additional pressure on a tipster when they go live and it may be that this has been the issue here.

For now there is a long way to go to generate the confidence that would be needed to follow the selections with your own cash but being a genuine service I am sure Dean will be trying to achieve this. For now we cannot recommend subscribing but we will continue to monitor for a further period.

The updated results may be seen here:

Best Bets for Profit Apr 2017

Update 11/5/2017:

With 4 months under our belt now there still does not seem to be a clear pattern emerging. We have seen variable selection procedures and it is difficult to escape the thought that there is experimentation going on in a live situation which should not be the case. As the service was founded on a long period of success then this should be the means of selection and if things fail call it a day rather than try out new theories on your clients. The sheer volume of selections, especially in the win lay market, can be over whelming.

The results for the 4 sectors through the trial are as follows

Wins: Runners 196 Winners 55 (28%) BOG loss 25 points BSP loss 37 points

Place Wins: Runners 91 Winners 53 (58.2%)Loss 7 points

Win Lays: Runners 729 Wins 564 (77.4%) Loss 22.6 points

Place Lays: Runners 64 Wins 43 (67.2%) Loss 2 points

All in all a pretty sorry tale and subscriber confidence must be pretty low. I would not be laying at anything like the prices some selections set off with winners at up to 18.2 seen and some obvious rider/trainer combinations ignored at great cost.

Clearly a lot of effort has gone into setting up the service and perhaps with some severe rationalisation a more successful formula could be found. As things stand we cannot recommend the service and I’m afraid that time constraints preclude any further monitoring now.

The detailed results can be seen here:

Best Bets for Profit May 2017

Post Script 1/7/2017:

In the light of Joey123’s comment I took a look at the results shown since launch on the website and was surprised to find that not only are the lay bets shown at industry prices but that the years’ monthly and cumulative totals are not calculated. Both shortcomings are easily rectified and should be a normal output for any self respecting service.

As I have still been receiving the selections I have checked back through the June results and a summary of the results is shown below:

  Advised Won Prices Over 20.0 Winning Lays Net Day   Cum
        or NR Profit     Month
01-Jun 18 4 28.18 2 11.4 -12.78   -12.78
02-Jun 17 3 22.84 1 12.35 -7.49   -20.27
05-Jun 15 1 1.92 1 12.35 11.43   -8.84
06-Jun 11 1 8.2 1 8.55 1.35   -7.49
07-Jun 16 0 2 2 13.3 11.3   3.81
08-Jun 16 1 10 2 12.35 3.35   7.16
09-Jun 17 3 20.53 0 13.3 -4.23   2.93
12-Jun 15 1 6.15 2 11.4 6.25   9.18
13-Jun 16 3 18.7 3 9.5 -6.2   2.98
14-Jun 28 5 34.17 2 19.95 -9.22   -6.24
15-Jun 20 4 37.87 1 14.25 -19.62   -25.86
16-Jun 12 2 15.6 1 8.55 -5.05   -30.91
19-Jun 17 1 7.73 0 15.2 8.47   -22.44
20-Jun 15 3 14.74 1 10.45 -1.29   -23.73
21-Jun 16 1 18.33 1 13.3 -4.03   -27.76
22-Jun 15 3 33.29 2 9.5 -20.79   -48.55
23-Jun 12 4 24.15 2 5.7 -14.45   -63
26-Jun 13 1 8.35 1 10.45 3.1   -59.9
27-Jun 14 1 7.23 2 10.45 4.22   -55.68
28-Jun 11 1 12 0 9.5 -1.5   -57.18
29-Jun 11 1 3.75 3 6.65 3.9   -53.28
30-Jun 16 2 22.27 0 13.3 -6.97   -60.25
Totals 341 46 358 30 251.75 -60.25  

Reading the daily emails it appeared that the month was showing a profit until the last few days but the reality is very different. On 19 June we were told that “Last week went from bad to worse and ended very badly with most of the June profits eradicated.” My figures show a 31 point deficit at this stage so something is clearly awry. Calculating the profit figure at Industry price is meaningless and it may well be that runners at prices over 20 have been included which is a change of policy. In the light of past results it would be surprising if anybody was prepared to lay at such prices.

One to avoid I’m afraid.



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  1. Dean Harris says:

    Peter, I thank you for continuing to monitor. The past results were all stats & data based and history hasn’t repeated itself with the same selection processes.
    I have to be honest and not only say that I am disappointed with myself at the moment but also say that I wouldn’t trust my own advice either.
    I won’t give up. I believe in my own abilities to provide something worth investing in, but going by the last few months I can only hope for a recovery first.

  2. joey123 says:

    I think the reviewer has summed this up perfectly.
    There are plenty of people out there who can experiment on their own
    bets,without having to pay someone else to do it!

  3. Dean Harris says:

    Firstly I’d like to say thank you to Peter for taking the time and having the patience to trial my service.
    Secondly, Joey123 I agree with you – the reviewer has summed this up perfectly – what is the point of a review otherwise?
    However, for everyone reading this, please don’t write off my service based on this review because typically since Peter has ended it, I have made some changes that have improved everything.
    Check the Best Bets for Profit website for recent results – I provide 100% full transparency and disclosure by recording all the losses as well as the winnings. You’ll be surprised what a difference I have made in the last week.

    Now, in my defence, I asked for this review. I thought I was ready to make profits based on last years results and selection process. I was WRONG. I am happy to admit this.
    I got ahead of myself and tried to provide what I thought was good advice on 4 aspects of betting – win backing, place backing, laying and place laying.
    I was not experimenting – I was learning from my own mistakes and adapting.
    I have since figured out that I tried too hard to improve on bad advice by adding more bad advice. I have also learnt that laying is, and always has been, what I know best.
    Therefore I have made the decision to cut back on what I advise and only focus on laying going forward. This is the only aspect of my service that actually made a profit (it was depleted drastically when applying the selections from the other 3 aspects and when I advised some bad higher odds selections that duly won).

    I do select a mix of low, mid and high odds selections but there is no reward without risk – it’s that comfort of risk people need to decide upon.
    If higher odds selections make the bettor uncomfortable, they can still make profit laying my lower odds selections.

    If anybody remembers the BettingRant T Factor competitions from a few years back – I respectably came 3rd in both years it was held and this was from providing laying selections while everyone was trying to find winners.
    I know what I am doing with laying, I wanted to be diverse and this is what didn’t work.

    Now before I finish, here is a summary for May so far to show how I have improved on things this month.
    I have provided 164 lay selections so far. 23 of these selections have gone on to win leaving 141 successful lays – including a winning run of 29 consecutive lays between 5th and 10th May.
    The first 4 days of May showed a negative amount but I have turned this around and it is now showing a positive total of 50pts (just laying selections). This is based on the official starting prices and therefore may differ from Betfair starting prices, but the outcome will still be positive.
    All I ask is that anyone interested in making profits from laying to please keep monitoring my service by looking at the results I update daily on the website.

    Finally, I do believe I can make this work and I would be happy to give anyone a FREE trial (without signing up through the website) to prove myself. Email me at the address supplied at the top and I’ll add you to my email list to receive the daily selections.
    I have nothing to lose by offering this, but I can gain a lot from it.

    It is not easy being a betting advisor but it is much easier than being a mug punter.

  4. Dean Harris says:

    Not sure if anyone is showing an interest in this now the reviewer Peter has stopped monitoring, but I’d like to give a final May update anyway (which can be verified by Peter as he still gets the emails and has access to the site).

    As stated in my last post, I have made some changes – eradicating the 3 aspects of betting that weren’t working – and focused on the lay betting only.

    The month of May finished yesterday and the recovery went from a minus figure (as low as -£199 at one point) to 69pts PROFIT (as stated above this can be verified by Peter). I was not in profit until May 19th, which shows how fast this recovered considering I don’t advise at weekends or on bank holidays.

    Here is a summary for May which includes everything advised –
    Win backing – 61 selections – 17 winners, 1 ABD but 43 losers = -£178.30
    Place backing – 29 selections – 16 winners, 13 losers = -£30.44
    Place laying – 12 selections – 9 winners, 3 losers = -£92.50
    WIN LAYING – 240 selections – 206 winners, 4 NR, 30 losers = +£994.80
    (the laying had 2 very long winning runs of 29 and 42).
    You can see why I changed everything to focus on laying.

    I will admit that there were some high odds selections in there at the time of racing started – 33/1, 25/1, 22/1, etc. – at the time of checking these selections, and posting, the odds were considerably lower and below my personal threshold of 15. On the site I do recommend laying no higher than 20, but it does come down to the comfort factor.

    Since my last post on here on May 24th, I have advised 65 selections to lay. 3 were non-runners so 62 qualifying selections and only FOUR (4) selections lost (at 6/4, 2/1 & 9/4 twice – considerably low odds and covered by 2 or 3 lay selections that duly won).

    I am still willing to offer a FREE trial to anyone interested. Today would be a good day to start, being June 1st, and you can record the whole month without having to sign up.

    Datakings seems to be getting all the attention at the moment. I also tried this but refused to continue the subscription. I was not prepared for the continued losing runs.
    Try my service and you can get those losses back very quickly – as your bets are more likely to get matched and win. Plus, if my selections produce a profit then effectively you could continue with Datakings using what you win.

    Email me using the address at the top if lay betting, and profiting from it, is something you’d like to try.

    Thanks for reading.
    Best regards

  5. joey123 says:

    Hi Dean,is there any chance of some updated results on the thread,please ?

  6. Dean Harris says:

    Hi Joey123, I apologise for the delay in replying. I’ve only just seen your message.
    I’m not sure if I can attach a spreadsheet of my selections and results – maybe Peter can if he has kept it up to date since I’ve changed to just laying (he is still on the email list).
    Alternatively I keep an up to date list of selections and results on the website – sub-heading under Daily Selections –
    I recommend anyone take a look – full disclosure of winners and losers.
    Now I must admit the year total is nothing good to go by at the moment but that’s because it includes 3 disastrous months before focusing on laying has improved everything.
    And the offer is still there for anyone who wants to join FREE to see everything I send out.

  7. joey123 says:

    Hi Dean,had a look at the results,and to be honest they are totally meaningless,as they do not show the profit/loss for this year.
    Even if they did,they would still mean nothing,as Industry SP has been used.
    Anyone who knows anything about laying knows that Betfair SP is usually
    much higher than Industry SP.(more so with bigger prices)
    It also implies that you are not laying these yourself.
    With the high volume of bets,and the high prices,the liability to win
    £10 per race could be £1000+ a day.
    With all this in mind,i can’t believe anyone who knows what they are doing
    would want to get involved with this service!

  8. Dean Harris says:

    I will start off by apologising for my amateurish ways. This is because that is what I am when it comes to being a tipster.
    However I am not an amateur when it comes to betting and I do make money from it.
    Thank you for the comments and thanks to Peter for his update.
    I have taken everything on board and the site will be updated to show the service revamped.
    This means that, as per the last 6-7 weeks, the focus will be on laying only. It will also mean all selections will show profit/loss to BSP and the limit on odds will be 10 to lay. Any selections above this will be considered a no bet and will show accordingly.
    This review doesn’t do me personally any justice and I agree that the service cannot be recommended at this time.
    However please be mindful that I am learning from my mistakes and constructive criticism given – hence the point of the review in the first place.
    I hope this can be seen as a positive new beginning rather than a negative outlook on the shite that I have provided in the last 6 months.
    I am still willing to honour any requests from anyone who wants to receive the service FOC so I can prove myself going forwards. If it’s not to their liking, they just let me know – it’s a no lose situation for everyone.

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