Auto Bet Engine Review

| March 20, 2015 | 13 Replies

Product Name: Auto Bet Engine

Author: Website registered to Liam Brown of Circle Media

Company Name & Contact Details:
Website registered to:
10 Meadowcroft
BL5 2NX 07518377826


I’m about to reveal to you the betting strategy that has made me $32,135 over the last 8 months

Price: £997 or you can get a “free trial” on the website.

Money Back Guarantee: Not known – doubtful that there would be one.

What Do You Get?

– Binary options trading software

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Auto Bet Engine is a piece of binary options trading software. The author claims it has made him $32,135 over the last 8 months but no real proof is given. The software is said to be £997, but the button to buy doesn’t work (surprise surprise) so it seems the only way you can download it is by signing up and depositing money with VX Markets.

What’s It All About?

I do believe this to be another one in a long line of binary systems that you can only access after depositing money (that you’ll probably never get back) to a broker.

VX Markets are not registered with the Gambling Commission or FCA so if anything goes wrong with them you wouldn’t be covered.

We currently have no reviewers willing to take a review of this on (can you guess why?) but from our past experience and what we’ve heard from some of our members we can pretty much predict that it won’t be worth your time or your money.

The registered owner of the website is Liam Brown of Circle Media – which adds to my theory that this is not worth your time (we’ve made our feelings on Circle media very clear in the past).

It seems Liam has moved on from selling dodgy betting systems to selling dodgy trading systems.

We are happy to be proven wrong and if the vendors want to send up fully audited proven results to us then we’ll happily take a look.

I somehow doubt that would be happening any time soon though.

Until then we recommend you give this product a VERY WIDE BERTH.


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Comments (13)

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  1. chris29 says:

    These people are clearly operating a blatant criminal scam. Their claimed results are nowhere near the actual results achieved by my partner – and they have failed to respond to several emails asking them to explain this glaring discrepancy.

    I also believe Auto-Bet Engine is probably very closely linked with the unregulated ‘trading platform’ as, before results started to become very poor, the trader(s) sweet-talked my partner into sending them another £1000 – and, then, when she’d thought better of it, having immediately suffered a near £100 loss, these cowboys ignored her requests (made on the phone),first to trade in far smaller amounts, instead irresponsibly blowing another £300; second, to stop using her money altogether and return the balance remaining (about £600) to her, instead, apparently, placing two further trades of £300 each (due to ‘mature’ around 12.30am Tuesday morning).

    Totally outrageous conduct, of course – IF indeed this trading outfit actually does trade, as I suspect that might simply be a front for simply stealing money.

    Anyway, for all those similarly stung by this fraudulent enterprise, I suggest informing The Consumer Helpline (0345 – 4040506) and Action Fraud (0300 – 1232 – 040).

  2. chris29 says:

    NB: The disparity between the claimed results and the actual ones has been blindingly clear on a daily basis, ‘Auto-Bet Engine’ sending out wonderful-looking daily summaries of how their trades had performed, which never matched the reality after a few good early days.

    Now, the so-called ‘traders’ have blown another £300 in an UNWANTED trade – and she can not contact her ‘personal trader’ as he’s removed her from his Skype ‘contacts’ list.

    Also, no one she spoke to at the trading place ( would tell her exactly where they were working.

    Clearly, a case for the anti-fraud police.

  3. chris29 says:

    By the way, for possible further measures,the Financial Services Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority are unable to deal with Binary Options cases like this as this form of trading is unregulated. I was advised to contact The Gambling Commission at 0121-230-6666 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm).

  4. rinti says:

    I received lot of emails for that which usually is equal to that it’s ****, chris29 comments make me believe I was not wrong.

  5. chris29 says:

    Latest on this outrageous criminal scam is that the ‘traders’ have blocked her account, making it impossible to withdraw what remains of her balance.

    And when she called to ask what’s going on, they said, “You sent us the money to make you money so how can we do this if we send anything back?” (or words to that effect).

  6. chris29 says:

    It’s worth reading the comments under this youtube video on, the so-called ‘traders’ operating this fraud:

  7. chris29 says:

    Remarkably, my partner has recently been refunded her full investment by AAOption, after previously coming up against a total ‘brick wall’ (as detailed above).

    I guess the pressure from angry clients, plus, probably crucially, preliminary investigations by the Anguilla authorities, and knowing ActionFraud in the UK was on the case might well have eventually scared this load of shysters and thus made a significant difference.

    Whatever, we’re glad the wretched business is over. No more binary options, ever.

  8. chris29 says:

    However, her original payment of £120, which was taken by AAOption before they persuaded her – with typically convincing con-artistry – to add another £1000 to her trading bank, has not been repaid.

    AAOption in fact ‘transferred’ that £120 to another account, giving it the ‘official’ status of a ‘bonus’, so that apparently it wouldn’t (and didn’t) qualify as eligible for repayment!

    So they’ve still fleeced her of this £120. Multiply that many times over and they’ve probably still done rather well out of this wretched scam.

    She;s informed ActionFraud and the Anguillan authorities about this, of course.

  9. FireyPants says:

    I have been bombarded with emails for this lately and its only today I decided to click on one to see what it was about. All I remember seeing is the £997 monthly fee, good job I was sitting down at the time or I would have fallen down! Regardless of anything else, anyone who signing up for a service of this type with a monthly fee of £997 must be a bit mental or have a hell of a lot of money, in which case, why would you bother…

  10. bjm1952 says:

    I have deposited £250 last week and 18 trade made of which 8 won and 10 lost so losing £100 but will withdraw remaining £150 after reading above. I have 90 days free trial but will not carry on.

  11. rstaveley says:

    I have been looking today at the ‘live’ betting results that Auto Bet Engine publishes. They look very impressive, until you check deeper. For example, I was watching one bet (a CALL option on LinkedIn with an entry rate of 202.85): at the option’s expiry time the rate was 201.6, in other words a loss, but after a few seconds the expiry rate was given as 205.322, a value that the stock hadn’t been near! In other words, a loss was mis-reported as a win. Other trades were massaged in a similar way – in fact there was only one winning trade out of four claimed wins while I was watching. This is a SCAM!!!

  12. Blackrat70 says:

    DELETED BY MOD Lost £160 !!

  13. Terry Jones says:

    I joined winrepeater before Xmas but found that I needed to be in front of my computer through the racing period, which for me was not what I was looking for. Having unsubscribed and had my refund through Clickbank I have been receiving invitations to trial a special service. This link lead me to an invitation to a free 90 day trial of an automated betting engine which looked very convincing and advised me to open an account with “Binary Book” which I did. I then had a call from a representative of Binary Book which advised me that these automated betting engines do not work and they disabled the engine on my behalf. They tried to convince me to invest more than the £250 which I had opened my account with. I was out for an evening and had been drinking at expressed that I was not going to invest any more money until I had a clear head.
    Alarm bells began to ring and a quick search when I got home confirmed that others have had problems with the Betting Robot and with Binary Book which is a non regulated broker trading binary options.
    Others have expressed the difficulty that they have had in getting their money refunded and I have applied for a refund,cancelled my credit card and am currently pursuing a route to get my £250 refunded, which is proving rather torturous. I will update when I know more.

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