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Product Name: Affiliate Dundee

Author: Heimir Arnfinnsson and Jeffrey Baxter

Contact Details:
Website registered by:
Heimir Arnfinnsson
Bakkagerdi 7

Price: $1 and then $47 per month

Money Back Guarantee: You can cancel before next payment is due

What do you get?

– Members Area
– Video training
– Support
– Chance to be an affiliate for them

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Affiliate Dundee, from Heimir Arnfinnsson and Jeffrey Baxter, is sold to customers as “The All In One Affiliate Platform”. They say that their training, together with software they have created, can enable you to start making money from affiliate marketing.

What’s It All About?

This product is all about becoming an affiliate and using their platform and services to manage everything you need. From getting the links, setting up the email account, autoresponders and then tracking the sales you make.

This is a screenshot of the Affiliate Dundee homepage:


Here you can see the navigation and the modules you follow. Here’s a breakdown of what each module involves:

Module 1: Introduction

Covers how to plug into the Affiliate Dundee Platform and how to set yourself up as an affiliate. Within this, you get five training videos:

Video 1: Sign up as an affiliate
Video 2: Sign up with Autoresponder
Video 3: Integrating Get Response
Video 4: Introduction to Solo Ads
Video 5: Buying Solo Ads

Module 2: Zero cost commissions

Essentially what they mean here is that you can potentially make affiliate sales without spending any money. It covers ways in which you use your own social networks to try to earn affiliate money before you then spend money on marketing. The training videos here cover:

Video 1: Finding offers with potential: find offers that you can promote on an on-going basis, so you set them up once and they last forever.
Video 2: Optimising your Facebook page so that you can get more traffic and more sales
Video 3: Mutual friends technique: how you use people you are already connected with to build a good relationship and then get them ready to buy from you.
Video 4: Timeline posting, how to add updates to your Facebook timeline that will build more interest and potential sales in a strategic way

Module 3: How to make big ticket sales and earn big commissions

What they show you here is how to sell events and services that are priced over $1000 and how you can earn a big commission by focusing on these big ticket priced items. There are three video’s in this section:

Video 1: How to find the right type of high priced items that will easily sell, and know the best way to spot them and then sell them.
Video 2: The Bridge Method
Video 3: List Warming methods – building up interest and personal relationships with your customers to get people to like you and potentially buy from you

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

Jeff says this is perfect if you are a beginner as they teach you affiliate marketing from scrtach, but that intermediate or experienced internet marketers can benefit too.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

You generally need very little start up capital to start affiliate marketing.

How Much Can I Make?

Affiliate marketing is not as straightforward and easy as these guys make it out to be. At the end of the day, you don’t have to spend time creating good products but you still have to do the marketing which is just as tough a job. You need to be able to get traffic and turn that traffic in to buyers, which isn’t always easy.

Therefore, how much you make is really down to how much effort you put in, what products you decide to sell and how much commission you are offered by the vendors. Everyone will be different.

How Much Time Will It Take Me?

Really you should look at this as a serious side business, and any side business needs dedication, time and patience in trying different things.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Nothing special is needed – just a pc with internet.

Value For Money?

Personally, I would say it isn’t good value. I don’t like the way this is set up and I don’t believe many people will make a success of this.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

It’s sold as a simple, easy and quick way to make money but in reality it isn’t. This is probably why they don’t show any real proof or case studies to back this up. Also affiliate marketing is very unique to the individual, so any promises of how much you can make should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Quality Of Customer Service?

I didn’t try the ticketing system.


I didn’t really like this offering as I’ve already mentioned. It’s sold cheap at just $1, initially, but then you are locked into recurring billing of $47 per month.

I can’t see why you should really have to continue paying more money for what they essentially show you at set up. I suppose you will be using the tracking software but they could have just charged you a one-off fee to for this. It’s not as if they are providing more educational content as you go along or anything like that.

It seems a poor way to get you in and then keep billing you.

It seems to me that affiliate marketing is being billed by Jeff and Heimir as a lazy way to make money, but it’s not. You still need to get the traffic and generate the sales and all the time you are an affiliate for someone else, so you are only making a percentage of the product cost.

I’m not saying affiliate marketing is bad as you make money from it – I just don’t like the way it’s portrayed here. It’s misleading in my view.

Really all this seems like is a way for them to get you to promote Affiliate Dundee for them. You and the rest of the world, good luck with that!

The worst part of the course for me though was module 3 – selling high priced items. This is all well and good but this only works if you can master the basics and build up a good list of people who you’ve sold to several times before. Only then can you sell high priced items, when you have a list that knows and trusts you. Jeff and Heimir made it seem like you could start selling high priced items straight away. But it doesn’t work like that in reality.

In my opinion this is not good enough. Maybe for $1, but certainly not for the $47 recurring fee.

If you’ve tried Affiliate Dundee then please leave a comment below.


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