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| June 10, 2016 | 43 Replies

Product Name: AdvantEdge

Author:  Charlie (no surname provided)

Company Name & Contact Details:
Waverley Media Ltd,
Waverley Farm,
Waverley Lane,


‘This is the simplest money making system I’ve seen, BAR NONE!’

Price: The first three months of subscription will be £89.95 per month. Months 4-12 will be charged at £149.95 per month.

Money Back Guarantee: 30 day guarantee

What Do You Get

– Access to the AdvantEDGE software,

– Training guide

– Training & support.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: 

AdvantEdge is a forex trading system from Charlie, a trader who is said to have had 19 years trading experience. The software is said to be really easy to operate and can be used by anyone, even those new to forext trading.

Our trial of this service has begun and we’ll post our results soon. In the meantime, if you have tried AdvantEdge we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.



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  1. cwilliams says:

    The author is Charlie Burton. Just Google ‘Charlie Burton forex trader’ & you’ll find out that he is a very reputable trader with proven experience of making money from forex.

  2. Steve_M says:

    I am a paid member of AdvantEDGE and for the first time ever, I subscribed on the same day that I received the promotional letter from Tim, because the only thing you stand to lose from this offer, is time.

    I do have a full-time job and so my progress may be slower than others. I’m working my way through the Module 1 videos at the moment and then I intend to open my trading account and install the software.

    Here are two points I would like to make so far in reviewing this service:

    1) Charlie BURTON is an excellent “speaker”. He delivers the content in a clear, engaging way that keeps you hooked and explains a technical subject in a simple and easy to understand way.

    He also (IMO at least), talks with the confidence of a man who knows he can and will help his customers to become successful traders in their own right.

    2) The website has room for improvement. Again, this is only my opinion and whilst I have very minor gripes about the presentation of the website, my biggest issue has been with the videos.

    I can’t watch any of the videos on Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. I’ve had to install Firefox just to be able to watch them.

    I have made Charlie aware of this and he acknowledged that he knew about issues with Internet Explorer compatibility and mentioned that his IT team are looking to fix that as soon as they can.

    There is also some kind of ‘code’ floating around each video, which is a little distracting.

    Having said that, the CONTENT of the videos has been engaging and easy to understand so far and that is more important than my small technical gripes.

    I’m happy to post regular updates on here as I move forward with the course. At the moment, I have no intention of seeking a refund on Month 1 and fully intend to stay on past my 30 day guarantee.

  3. TheBaker says:

    Mr Lowe monitors this site. Could he answer the following please?

    I have received the mailshot and seen the website where some very large profits are indicated. The monthly profit returns are between 2.5% to 17% with an average of 9%. The overall bank growth between 1-6-2015 and 26-4-2016 is 90% which is certainly not to be sniffed at. However, in order to achieve the large sums being claimed is it the case that a very large bank is required?

    A £1000 bank is a not an insignificant sum to start with yet an average 9% growth per month is £90, not enough to cover the monthly fee. The overall 90% growth would give £900 which again wouldn’t cover the annual total fees. So is it really a case of having to go really big with the initial investment in order to achieve significant returns?

  4. tom42 says:

    “Our trial of this service has begun and we’ll post our results soon. In the meantime, if you have tried ******** The All Weather God *************************** we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.”


  5. jerry says:

    I have seen the advertising for this and think it downplays the risk of trading.

    When signing up with a broker you have to accept terms which usually include the words ‘losses can exceed deposits’. This is usually not a problem as standard stop losses or margin requirements will usually take you out of a trade before any significant damage is done to your account.

    Very occasionally though, there are ‘Black Swan’ events where the liquidity may not be sufficient for a broker to honour a stop loss. This may result in substantial financial loss. The most recent was in January 2015 when the Swiss National Bank abandoned its cap on the franc. This is what happened to some unfortunate traders:

    Trading is great (I have been doing it for many years – small stakes only – without major problems ) but always be aware that the unexpected can happen at any time and that some people have been financially ruined by it.

  6. mad one says:


    …..Wow, that link is an interesting read.

  7. c19rta says:


    I had this in the post as well, had a little look at it but like you mentioned.

    A big bank is required to make the profits on the sales page. As with everything on forex. If you started with 1000 and made 90 quid, this barely covers the monthly fee.

    If you are interested in learning forex check out MTALive – all for free..

  8. mad one says:


    ….MTALive is not free at all

    …..£500 a month for us of their signal.

  9. c19rta says:

    @mad one

    Go on facebook and search for Matt Travis. Hayd Randall / Patrick Hilton / Dan Newman – one of them will send you details to start the apprenticeship. It’s free and starts 2nd of July

  10. mike88 says:

    @ c19rta

    Have you any previous experience with MTA? Not heard of them before so just had a look around – they got an absolute slating on another forum.

  11. Michelle Roberts says:

    @Tom42 – good spot! I’m afraid that was a copy/paste error of mine!


  12. Tim Lowe says:


    My apologies for the tardiness of my reply, my wife started a new business venture last week which somehow occupied the whole of my weekend and the days either side 

    To make very large sums solely with the automated software either a very large bank or lots of time is required.

    The idea of the automated part of the system is to get you started and give you some income without you needing to think about it, however the bigger opportunity is to learn all of Charlie’s trading methods so that you have the chance to make much higher returns and will no longer need the software because you will be able to make your own trading decisions.

    You are paying for his training over 12 months after which you only have to pay £29.95 monthly if you want to continue using the software as well.

    Of course, you don’t have to learn from Charlie, you can just use the software but the pricing is the same. Equally, we say you need a £300 minimum bank to get started but you can use any amount you wish. More clearly works out better for you.

    Regarding costs it’s best to look longer term and in the way that a business would.

    Suppose for this example that the automated software produces the same results on average for evermore (we know that results will vary but I think my point will become clear in a moment) and work on investing the cost of the course/software separately from your trading account.

    Assume you compound profits once a year rather than monthly to make the maths easier and assume you do nothing with what Charlie teaches you and just click yes to every trade.

    £300 becomes £600 in a year.
    £600 becomes £1,200 in a year.
    £1,200 becomes £2,400 in a year.
    £2,400 becomes £4,800 in a year.
    £4,800 becomes £9,600 in a year.

    After 5 years you have spent 300+(3×89.95)+(9×149.95)+(48×29.95)=£3,357

    However, you have earned a total net profit of £6,243 against a £300 risk. The reason I look at it this way is that I don’t need to risk so much for my return.

    In other words if you put all the capital into the trading account in order to make enough to pay for the course then you have nearly 6 times as much risk from day 1, which I would avoid. Until you feel confident it’s better to keep the money out of the market. However, once confident the other way is obviously more profitable.

    5 years after that is 6,243+19,200+38,400+76,800+153,600+307,200-(60×29.95)=£599,646

    Clearly way too much money for many people to believe possible but the maths is identical throughout.

    All of that said, personally, I’d be starting with £300, upping it to however much I could afford as soon as I was confident, adding whatever I could each month and learning all I could from Charlie so that the autotrading was a nice bonus on tip of what would reasonably be a significant return.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Tim Lowe

  13. TheBaker says:

    Mr Lowe

    Thank you very much for your comprehensive reply.

  14. maxreturns says:

    Absolutely superb informative post by Jerry.

    This business of “losses can exceed deposits” certainly puts me off. You could be innocently following a system to make a few £ extra every month with a small bank and then boom, something like January 2015 happens, you unknowingly find yourself owing far in excess of what you deposited and are pursued into bankruptcy and lose your home. Very sobering.

    There seems to be a lot of talk online about negative balance protection with some brokers but is it really a cast iron guarantee against unlimited losses and losing more than your deposit?

  15. mad one says:

    …..Negative balance protection means the broker cannot pursue the trader for any losses outside of their deposits with the trader, subject to their T & C’s.

    …..Does the broker on this product have negative balance protection, and is it 100%? That is the question, as market prices can move very fast sometimes.

  16. Tim Lowe says:

    @maxreturns & @mad one

    Not sure I agree with what’s being said here.

    The Swiss uncoupling in Jan 2015 was a major, major surprise. The market moved about 1000 pips and was enough to bankrupt an already (secretly) insolvent Alpari.

    The market is made up of buyers and sellers. Markets ‘crash’ because all the sellers or all the buyers leave the market.

    No matter what broker offers a ‘guaranteed stop’ or ‘Negative balance protection’ the reality is that if they can’t get the position filled because there are no takers at your chosen stop level then they will be out of pocket IF the market moves too far.

    All the ‘protection’ deals we have seen have carefully hidden huge caveats for ‘unforseen events’ so in effect, they would almost certainly have squirmed their way out of the Swiss issue.

    Incidentally, those worried about Brexit should note that the market has already positioned itself in advance to what it thinks will happen. As a precaution AdvantEDGE will offer no trades the day before, during and the day after the vote.

    The articles and figures quoted are, I’m afraid utter nonsense and a fine example of sensational newspaper reporting. Whilst some people did lose money it is laughable to assert that anyone with a £2 bet could lose £5k.

    You must also question a part time teacher trading £100 per PIP which is eyebrow raising at the least. In context, it is much more than Charlie would be happy to trade with a bank in 6 figures. Most brokers would struggle to fill an individual trading £100 per PIP on a spread betting account.

    If we look at AdvantEDGE as an example. It only risks 1% of bank at most ( and usually 0.5%) this means on a £300 account only £3 is at risk and it will most likely trade a currency pair at about 10p per PIP.

    In the case of the Swiss uncoupling had we been in a trade and blown through the stops for reasons described above and taken the full hit of 1000 PIPS, we would have lost about £100. Which would have left the account at £200. Not great but certainly not negative or house losing, even if scaled up massively.

    Stop losses are only one part of protecting yourself, the amount you trade per PIP is clearly just as important and nobody following sane strategies should have been that badly hurt by the Swiss issue.

    Incidentally there are 2 sides to every trade and we have clients who made massive profits by being, for whatever reason, on the right side of the Swiss trade. However, with AdvantEDGE we don’t currently trade Swiss pairs.

    Tim Lowe

  17. madhatter says:

    great post fella i remember the day and the service i follow (pate) was quick to inform members to get out and pack up. people believe the stories.even when they don’t understand the ins and outs.losing big pots of money juicy.making big pots of money lies.


  18. jerry says:

    Tim Lowe,

    Are you certain it is sensational newspaper reporting? This link describes the mayhem that ensued: Reading this I don’t find it inconceivable that a £2 bet lost £5k.

    Whatever the truth of the matter, the point I am trying to make is that the words ‘losses can exceed deposits’ must be heeded.

    Incidentally, I have never used them but understand that IG Index offer a guaranteed stop loss (at a cost) on the main markets. This is what IG say: ‘Attaching a guaranteed stop puts an absolute limit on your potential loss. Even if the market gaps suddenly, your position will be closed out at exactly the price you specified, with no risk of slippage.’ I would be suprised if there was any way of them squirming out of this. Interestingly it seems that IG was not offering a guaranteed stop loss on the Swissie at the time. One thing that may deter beginners from using IG is that they have a minimum trade size of £1 or £2.

  19. sbeazley says:

    Could we have more info on the actual service and an idea on results rather than something thats in the past please

  20. Tim Lowe says:


    Yes, I think it is because the wide variations in quoted price are interesting BUT the price ended up 1,000 pips away from the original after 53 minutes during most of which, essentially no trades were executed.

    And of course no mention of the bet size both men used being tens of times bigger than they should have used has been made.

    However, taking the very worst possible case of the 2,770 pip movement referred to in the newspaper article you linked to originally, still could never cause more than the loss of most of the bank, IF people were following sensible risk management rules.

    It certainly should not mean going into a negative ‘margin call’ situation. If the newspaper stories were correct then the people affected were risking far more than they should have for their trading bank size.

    Trading at £2 a pip should mean a bank in the region of £6k and trading at £100 a pip needs a bank in the region of £300,000 (and nerves of steel).

    In both cases they would have lost less than their bank. Of course that would still be a large or very large amount of money but bank size should always be relative to what you can afford to trade with, so some people can very easily afford to trade with a £10,000 bank whilst others cannot.

    The whole plan with a sensible product and sane approach to risk is to build up the bank from profits – NOT use next week’s food money or a mortgage on the house.

    Tim Lowe

  21. 5aces says:

    Any new updates on this? Steve M? How are you finding the software?

  22. peterpan says:

    Not sure why Charlie Burton has teamed up with you Tim – with the usual copy write ‘par senstionalism’, when he has his own educational training for sale. Can you give me some feedback on how/why you both got together on this? Who approached who etc? Also, Charlie does not use MT4 so i wonder why the sudden use of these charts?

    Is there a training course outline? Seems odd to offer ‘training’ with no details of the course.

  23. Tim Lowe says:


    Not sure that there is anything ‘sensational’ about the copy. Lots of facts and reminders about risk and losses. Detailed results etc.

    Details of our dealings are obviously confidential but I can say that I have never approached any system author/developer and asked them to work with me.

    In Charlie’s case a mutual friend suggested we explore what we could do together. We all had lunch and it seemed like a good fit of talents.

    The course is designed to offer something for all levels, including people new to trading. MT4 is used so that the indicator can work as it needs to for new users.

    In terms of a course outline, I am happy that we are saying enough for people to decide whether to try it or not particularly given the unconditional money back guarantee. I see no real value in attempting to summarise 12 month’s of comprehensive training in sales copy. It would end up either meaningless or so complex nobody would understand it.

    Tim Lowe

  24. davidab says:

    Dear Mr Lowe – you have mentioned the automated part of the software. For those of us who have to work away from home – is it possible to have the system just take all the trades automatically without the user have to click YES each time. Staring at a screen all day to maybe click it 2 or 3 times seems pretty mind numbing to me ! – Thanks

  25. Tim Lowe says:


    Fair point of course. Two things, you don’t need to stare at the screen as the system gives you an alert to look at the screen and can also that alert by email to a smartphone in case you are out.

    However, technically fully automated is easy for us to do, in fact it’s already coded BUT there are regulatory issues with the FCA who say that we would have crossed the line into regulated activity if we did that.

    Obtaining FCA regulation is a long and expensive operation which we previously looked at and dismissed however we may have another solution which involves us doing a deal with a business which is already regulated but I don’t want to say we do until it is certain to happen.

    Tim Lowe

  26. chixit says:

    Now into my 3rd week of AdvantEdge. I agree with everything written by Steve_M at the beginning of this thread, Charlie knows his stuff and hopefully will continue to share it

    The “Automated Software” is a nice bonus but as Tim Lowe mentioned earlier, learning the art of Forex and everything that goes with it is the primary reason for signing up with Charlie.

    I had an issue within the first few days which was dealt with quickly and painlessly, customer service seems to be top notch

    In my opinion, this is a quality product which hopefully will top up my retirement pot. I would recommend anyone to have a go at this – not solely for the software but also the excellent training.

  27. c19rta says:

    any updates on this?

  28. andyb says:

    Can anyone using this say which part of the day this generally gives signals or is it anytime/24hrs

  29. andyb says:

    Anybody ?? MMR or perhaps Steve M ??

  30. leestuartevans says:

    Hello all ,

    I work with Tim Lowe and Charlie on the AE project and provide tech support for the users who have any minor issues with the indicator.

    In answer to Andyb

    There is a predictable trade every weekday at 7am called Sunrise. We also have a majority flurry of activity between 7am and 10am and 1pm to 4pm as you would expect with the overlaps of the Euro, UK and USA sessions.

    Although variable on average we have roughly 3 trades per day and are proud to have added 3 further systems to the other systems since launch as well as additional tradeable charts.

  31. andyb says:

    thanks for the informative reply.
    Would be interested to hear from users how they’re getting on

  32. chinablade says:


    As Lee says, there are 2 sunrise trades at 7am each morning, but other than that, trades can, and do, come at any time of the day, even overnight sometimes.
    To be honest, if you are interested in this, I wouldn’t worry about the software too much if I were you. I’ve been on autopilot with the software for over a month (so impossible to miss any trades) and my bank is curently 6% down and getting progressively lower each week. Charlie says it’s nothing to worry about and that it will recover in time….

    However, as stated above, the software is supposed to just be the icing on the cake (guess someone forgot to tell the markets), the real value here is the training that you get.
    There are lots of videos to watch each month. They start off very basic and build from there. The idea is to give you a very simple trading technique that you use to backtest, practice and gain confidence with. Further months and videos build layers on top of this, until you’re at the stage where you can be confident in what you are doing and why you are doing it.

    Apparently month 4 is a real eye-opener, but I’m not there yet so don’t know….

    All the content is presented in a clear and easy to understand way. The weekly webinars back up this info, with Charlie answering any questions asked. To be honest it’s more like Charlie chatting to a load of mates, but it’s always entertaining and there’s usually something new to pick up too.

    There are also some videos on mindset, which I initially didn’t think would be up to much, but they turned out to be excellent.

    Overall, I’m really happy with the way things are going (well, apart from the software!)

    Hope this helps,


  33. andyb says:


    thanks for the very informative reply, yes, understand what you are saying re the software being the sideshow, i think my earlier post must have sounded like i was after info on the software/signal side, but was really looking to see how the trading of the strategy together with the delivery of training was working out for users after a few months.
    Between yourself and leestuartevans you have given a clear picture of it all.
    Thank you both for taking the time to reply and hope you do well with it and continue to post updates occasionally


  34. c19rta says:

    So this is not on sale anymore tim? I have a letter from you for the same thing for an extra thousand upfront and monthly payments.

    Just a way to earn some extra wonga for Christmas??

  35. Tim Lowe says:


    Correct, not for sale any longer and not the same thing at all.

    Advantedge is incorporated in this and is just a part of a much bigger opportunity.

    Finally, I cannot help but note that everytime you post in my direction you now make snide asides.

    It’s not necessary and not very helpful to keep trying to provoke a reaction. If you don’t like my offers any more then all you have to do is stop buying them and asked to be removed from future mailings.

    Tim Lowe

  36. c19rta says:


    Maybe I wouldn’t if you did not start it but let’s not go there. Just interested as to why it had been stopped and something very similar started but doubled in price.

    Feel free to remove me yourself thanks.

  37. Tim Lowe says:


    I really am not going to stoop to justify ‘who started it’. Since days or weeks pass between posts I really would hope that common sense would prevail and grudges not be harboured.

    The reason for the new offer is simple, many Advantedge customers have asked for the whole thing upfront as they want to crack on with learning faster and many have asked for face to face time with Charlie.

    On top of that people love the idea of seeing and then copying his biggest trades. There’s something magical about the way he ‘stalks’ a massive 800+ pip trade for months in advance and then gets in with practically no risk and then eliminates even that quickly.

    His students, or some of them anyway want to be part of that.

    So on the back of that I simply offered it to all my other customers as well.

    Tim Lowe

  38. Steve_M says:

    I wonder why AdvantEdge customers are asking for face to face time with Charlie.

  39. Tim Lowe says:

    Same reason as people want to meet famous actors or any other high profile person in any given field. They feel they will get something extra special that isn’t there on video etc.

    Live worlshops are always more popular than any other type of training. Simple as that.

  40. Dragor says:

    Hi Tim,

    Before I ask my question, I just want to say that I’ve taken part on some of your programs before and been very happy with them.

    Sorry but I might have missed AdvantEdge for some reason. My question is regarding the “copy Charlie Burton trades” of which I just received your letter in the post (thanks). Is that completely different from AdvantEdge? Also, I noticed from posts above AdvantEdge has an avg return of 9%-17% per month, what sort of historic returns did Charlie’s “copy” trades deliver per month?

    Thanks, looking forward to your response

  41. Tim Lowe says:

    Hi Dragor

    I’m glad you’ve been happy some of my previous programmes. I sometimes wonder if MMR only has unhappy people on it!!!

    What the latest offer contains is everything you would get in AdvantEdge, plus autotrading instead of manual trading by the software, plus notification of additional big swing trades which Charlie himself is taking (as much as 800 pips) plus the Snapback method and indicator plus one or two extra methods which Charlie will be teaching over the two days or face to face time.

    I hope this helps

    Tim Lowe

  42. Tim Lowe says:

    Sorry, I didn’t finish.

    Expected returns is because to some extent it depends on how often you copy Charlie’s big trades and how often you choose to do your own in addition.

    The only way I can answer is to say that you might reasonably expect to do no better than Charlie can so if I tell you that Charlie’s performance when he did a challenge for some competition was to make 590% return on his bank in 18 months, which works out at 33% per month although there is some compounding effect in there too.

    That said, he was trading a much larger bank and was doing his main trading separately as well so he took less trades than you might and was also aware that he had to keep it up for up to 2 years so he had to manage his activity levels and not do too much early on. Rather like a marathon versus a sprint if you see my point.

    Reasonably 10% – 35% is a fair representation of what is achievable. albeit by no means guaranteed 🙂



  43. Dragor says:

    Thanks Tim, appreciate your thorough and prompt response.

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