Accumulator Profit Generator Review

| June 1, 2016 | 14 Replies

Product Name: Accumulator Profit Generator

Author: Bookmaker Bashing team

Company Name & Contact Details:
Bookmaker Bashing


Join us and start making risk free returns every month 

Price: £29.99 per month

Money Back Guarantee: They state “If we fail to make you a profit we will refund your subscription fee in full for that month”

What Do You Get?

– Betting tips

Where to buy:

Brief Summary:

Accumulator Profit Generator from the Bookmaker Bashing Team is a tipster service that uses a tried and tested method for  making money through LOSING accumulator bets at the bookmakers. They say the bets are low-risk and can produce a profit of between £300 and £700 each month.

What’s It All About?

Accumulator bets are sent by the Bookmaker Bashing Team direct to your email. All you have to do is lay each bet tipped on one of the exchange’s (i.e. Betfair,Betdaq,Smarkets or Matchbook)

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

No experience needed as full instructions are given as to what to do, but an understanding of lay betting would be an advantage I suppose.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

No recommended starting bank stated. But I believe £200 should be enough to get you started.

How Much Money Can I Make?

All depends on the results, but the Bookmaker Bashing Team claim that they can make you from £300 to £700 per month.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work:

Only a few minutes to place the bet, then another couple of minutes each time before the game is played.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Computer with internet, at least one bookmaker account and an account with one of the exchange’s.

Value for Money?

Yes, in my 60 day trial it has been good value for money.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

Yes, there are no bold brash claims made in the promotion and my results (see below) are pretty much in line with what is promised on the Bookmaker Bashing Team’s website.

Quality of Customer Service:

Very Good.

60 Day Review

I tested Accumulator Profit Generator from 20th January 2016 through to 15th April 2016. (Please accept the apologies for the delay in loading this on to the site).

And during that period I can say that I was very impressed with the results.

In total there were 81 bets to place. Out of those 33 came home as winning bets (a 40.7% strike rate) with 42 losing and six breaking even.

I used stakes of either £25 or £50 in my betting and in total made an overall profit of £625.70. Even after taking away the subscription cost, the three month total profit was £535.91.

While that only works out at just under £200 pure profit per month, which is below what the Bookmaker Bashing Team claim they can make, that is still a pretty decent return by anyone’s standards.

And based on that performance I am happy to recommend this service.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Accumulator Profit Generator Results



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  1. Fluffy90 says:

    Is this similar yo accumulator generator from mike cruikshank

  2. Fluffy90 says:

    Sorry read review again never mind. What kind of odds are we talking about laying each time. I presume odds on favourites

  3. JayDizzler279 says:

    I signed up for this. The comms were are good and the emails are easy to follow. However, after placing 4 acca’s with my long standing William Hill account since Monday they have emailed me to say I am no longer eligible to take part in any promotions so I’m obviously not happy with this. It’s a shame as it seems like a good little service.

  4. mad one says:


    …..Bookmakers are to be used as entertainment centers only, and are not for profit.

    …..Anybody using bonus bagging type of products must do so with the knowledge that they *will* eventualy lose their accounts at some stage, and software vendors know this also.

  5. centaur says:

    A bit confused here, Jaydizzler. I thought this was a lay method for the exchanges???? Review above says ‘All you have to do is lay each bet tipped on one of the exchange’s (i.e. Betfair,Betdaq,Smarkets or Matchbook)’.

  6. Frogsrock66 says:

    Hi Guys – probably not the correct thread but not sure where else to post this question but can anyone please recommend a good tipster service worth following? Much appreciated – thanks a million 🙂

  7. gwynsue says:

    hi catherine, profit pony is the only one i know of showing consistent profits, give him a go, allthe best GWYN

  8. An123 says:

    Hi Catherine,

    How is Wlite doing now – I remember you saying you were a member


  9. An123 says:

    Hi Catherine,

    How is Elite doing now – I remember you saying you were a member


  10. Frogsrock66 says:

    Hi gwynsue – I tried PP earlier in the year & it was loss after loss so I cancelled it – if they are better now – then, I may consider it as I know they had a good run b4 I joined the first time – thanks a million:)

  11. Frogsrock66 says:

    Hi Ant123 – had to cancel as unfortunately it didn’t turn out to b very good hence asking for advice on another tipster 🙁 did you join?

  12. jwhite8359 says:

    You have to learn to accept losing runs if betting at big prices. Profit Pony is superb as is this guy but if you can’t handle losing runs don’t bother.

  13. Bear1 says:

    Jwhite8359 says, “……if you can’t handle losing runs don’t bother.”

    That is undoubtedly the best piece of advice on this whole forum.

    Those who keep flitting from one service to another are those who only experience the grim pain of losing without having the relief that comes from the joy of winning.

    Assuming, of course, that you find a genuine service that produces consistent, long-term profit, in order to win, you have to stick around and not keep moving about.

    Don’t be a butterfly – be a slug.

  14. Maynard says:

    Bear1, excellent advice, as ever.

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