£50 Per Day System Review

| November 11, 2013 | 36 Replies

Product Name: £50 Per Day System

Product Author: Peter Butler


Ex-Baker Reveals How To: Make £50 Every Day!  

Price: £50

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

What Do You Get?

– Betting Strategies

Where To Buy: http://www.50aday.info/

Brief Summary:  

The £50 Per Day System from Peter Butler is a set of two betting methods for betting on Betfair. The author claims he has been using these methods successfully for the last 9 years.

 Update – 4th July 2014

We have tried to purchase £50 Per Day System, however our payment was refunded before us getting access to it. When we queried why our payment was refunded, we were sent a very curt email from Home Business Direct informing us that we had been banned from buying any of their systems.

So unfortunately we won’t be able to review this product for you. Please continue to discuss and share your own experiences here.

Update – 8th July 2014

Further to the note above, one of our reviewers has agreed to purchase this system and so we will be doing a full review after all. We will bring some results in a few weeks time.

FULL REVIEW – 01/09/2014

What’s It All About?

Basically its a laying system focussed on opportunities across many sports that can be found on Betfair

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

No the system and the opportunities are explained in full, though the author claims that with experience your hit rate will improve

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

The author reccommends a £500 bank but he suggests you start with small stakes (the smallest stake allowed on Betfair is £2)

How Much Money Can I Make?

The author uses this to make a reported £18k a year by making £50 per day from two winning £25 lay bets

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

This varies wildly but if you get a series of losses it can take some time as you need to calculate the stake for the next bet.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

No just your computer and a Betfair account

Value For Money?

Yes it appears to be as the cost for the system is low and if you get the knack then there are plenty of profits to be made.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

It seems to. Over the course of the review I made a profit but there were a couple of scary moments.

Quality Of Customer Service:

Never contacted them.

Full Review  

This system covers an area of betting that splits opinion as we can see in the comments below.

In terms of this system it claims to make daily profits allowing a user to bank a possible £50+ per day from two winning bets per day. It claims its easy to use and the author goes as far as to say he “personally guarantees you a profit” if you follow his instructions.

Well I did just that and I have to say that over the course of the review I did make a profit and almost on a daily basis.

The focus I chose was horse racing and some football but there are other sports that the author reccommends. For me it seems that if you apply this system you may make money over the long term but it should be noted I almost came unstuck on one occasion.

Also this can be used by a novice as everything, including using Betfair, is explained in full. However you will need a determined mindset and have faith that the system works as you may hit a losing run and the staking plan can get a little scary at times.

In terms of the buying process this was straight forward enough with a simple online ordering page. You then get a link emailed to you for downloading the system.

Also the system comes with a 60 day money back guarantee allowing you to try the system and if you don’t make money then you will get your money refunded.

Of course it does say you will have to implement the methods so not exactly a no questions asked guarantee but there isn’t an indication of what may be required if you wish to get a refund.

Finally to cover the actual system performance, like the promo page states there are numerous chances on Betfair to lay odds on bets.

So you will get numerous chances per day across a range of sports meaning you could fit this around differing schedules.

In total over the 30 days I placed a total of 121 bets, with 57 bets winning and 64 losing. The profits are maximised due to the staking tool which recovers losses.

Of course you are free to use a different staking plan than the one recommended to reduce risk though the profits would likely be reduced or perhaps you may make a loss.

Overall this appears to be a working system which is simple and easy to use.

You can see a full breakdown of our results here:

£50 Per Day System

Final Review – 09/09/2014  

How Much Money Can I Make?

Depends really on how many bets you want to stop at though the author reccommends stopping at two points per day.

Value For Money?

Yes the system is only £50 and with the potential earnings that the system claims to make you could make that back in a day.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

Yes it seems to stack up though I’m not going to lie – there are risks involved. But it has put in a solid performance.

Review  09/09/2014

For this last 30 day portion I focussed purely on the horses, as this is where the majority of opportunities are and may be the focus for most of users.

Also I focussed on placing the bets before the race using BSP for regularity again as many users may be reluctant to sit at a computer all day checking prices.

Using this method the system still performs well, with a maximum losing run on a day of 6 losses (which happened in one day with no winners). Admittedly doing this meant there were days with no winners or only a couple of bets to place but it still managed to produce a profit overall, even with the losing days.

As I have said before this is a form of betting which some may find daunting as you need a bit of faith to recoup maximum winnings using the staking plan.

Overall I placed a total of 108 bets with 62 losing bets and 46 winning bets, giving a strike rate of 43%.

Not a bad performance and while not everyone’s cup of tea for those who enjoy this type of betting it seems that Betfair is ripe with opportunity.

You can see a full breakdown of my results so far here:

£50 Per Day System Results


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Comments (36)

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  1. Moondog says:

    As anybody used this system in the past? I’m thinking of buying it and I can’t seem to find a bad word said about it on other review sites

  2. mike88 says:

    When this review was on the MMR site, there were many posts both negative and positive. My own experience, as with many others, was not positive. The staking plan that they set means that when you hit a loosing run you’ll wipe out your bank as I did! my own personal advice would be to give it a miss. It’s been well documented in the past on MMR that the particular sites which promote this, if it’s the ones I think that your on about, don’t approve any posts which discredit the system.

  3. Moondog says:

    Thanks Mike for the reply, I’ll give it a miss then I think

  4. Spudmeistered says:

    Lost thousands with this system. Wherever you look online for this product there is only positive comments, can only assume that the sellers of this garbage pay out to different review sites to delete the negative comments. In fact, this website was the only website with honest reviews, until all the reviews were deleted. It’s an awful system with no sense behind it what so ever. It’s basically the Martingale system, but doing it on the favourites in horse racing. Yes, you may win in the short term, but long term, you’ll end up losing huge amounts. I even contacted the sellers about this and they tried to make it out that it was my fault! Seriously need to avoid this, even though it’s tempting and many review sites have it advertised all over their webpages, you’ll end up losing heavily like I did.

    • Peter Philipson says:

      I am not sure why the MMR review has gone and will not be able to find out until our developer returns from his well earned holiday in a couple of weeks. The reviews on MMR should have been transferred as they were to Betting Rant.
      Take it from me this system is highly flawed and will crash and burn at some point – the only question is when.
      It involves laying strong favourites and using recovery staking until you get a winner. Needs a very strong nerve and the author is not remotely interested in the individual as indicated above.
      One to avoid at all costs.

  5. Spudmeistered says:

    Is there actually any genuine ways of making money on betfair these days? I’ve come to a complete halt in terms of making money online. Can anyone recommend anything? I’ve asked on here because there isn’t a thread where you can just ask questions. Can anyone help me out?

    • Valkeakoski163 says:


      I think you are right about that there is no ways of making money on betfair anymore these days! I have experienced the same results as you. And I must have tried more than a hundred of different membership services and betting systems. They have all had fantastic results before I sign up and then suddenly they go through the worst results in months or years. And when I write to them and ask how it is possible after being so successful for such a long time they always come up with the best answer of all: Bad luck!

      Good luck to you Spudmeistered!

      Maybe there is a system out there we haven’t discovered yet! But I am not to optimistic about it anymore. I think the betting system sellers and different sports/horse membership services are the ones making the good money and we the suckers paying for it.

  6. Traderjohn says:

    This post has got nothing to do with Betfair,but you asked if there
    was “any genuine ways of making money”.
    This is the link to a service i use https://www.investinbetting.com/
    I subscribe to the Premium picks service,it costs 70 euros per month,
    or you can get 15 picks for 40 euros if you want to check them out first.
    You subscribe using Paypal.
    To see the past results click on “All archives you can find on page > SERVICES”
    these are genuine results.
    I have got nothing to gain from this,Iam just passing on the information,
    you can take it or leave it.

  7. Traderjohn says:

    Just to add that these are Football bets Over 2.5 goals,
    the average price is around 1.8 or 4/5 and the strike rate
    for the past 2 months was 80%.

  8. Valkeakoski163 says:

    Traderjohn, thanks for the tips! Much appreciated!

    Can I ask how long have you been with them?

  9. Traderjohn says:

    I have been with this service since the start of August,
    The longest losing run was 1,and i place my bets with Betfair.

  10. JohnU says:


    Good of you to share that site information. I had a good look around the Site and its impressive – especially the results. Do you know how long they have been involved with this and whether any Reviews?( i couldn’t find one on Google) If not i will email them. T b h its great to hear that someone is doing well like yourself and that you can confirm their results. I am very discriminating when it comes to joining any new service these days and have a whole criteria they must meet – not that it guarantees certain results, but at least i feel i have done some due diligence! 🙂 I think you used to comment on the PATE (Julie Hatch) thread a couple of years back – if you are still involved in following here Site and methods i just wondered how it is going at present. All the best, thanks John

  11. Traderjohn says:


    No i dont know how long they have been around and i have not seen any reviews,
    i do know that there are a few other sites like this one and Iam a member of
    two of them and there results are just as good.
    I would say to anyone who is thinking about joining this site,watch the results for a while to see if they keep on giving winners and if any of the results are
    not the same as mine i will post the real results on here.
    When you email them you normally get a quick response.
    You asked if i used to comment on another thread a couple of years ago,no i
    didn’t,the username Traderjohn was only created when they switched from MMR,
    there used to be a Traderjack,you might be getting me mixed up with him.

  12. Traderjohn says:

    Anybody who doesn’t fancy paying 70euros for a service,have a look at
    the FREE bets on this website http://englandpicks.com/
    scroll down to the bottom of the page,
    they have a 75% strike rate on there FREE bets and the average price is
    around 1.75.

    • JohnU says:

      Thanks Traderjohn for getting back. Since noting your reply i emailed them and got a prompt reply. Apparently they have been involved in all this for 15 years, so i m surprised they kept below the radar in terms of no apparent ‘reviews’ 🙂 Not wishing to be rude to them but i could tell from the English in their reply to the few Questions i posed that they are likely to be based outside the UK. I could understand it all but the physiology was clearly not that normally used in our standard English. As you say it is probably good to give the Free ones a whirl and then i think i would consider trying their ‘premium picks’. It all seems pretty authentic i think and i will watch on here for any of the stated results being different to yours. It’s great that you are prepared to that – thank you 🙂 Re the Forex thread – yes i think i am clearly mixing you up with another person. Thanks again, John

  13. Traderjohn says:

    These are the FREE services i use:
    forebet gives stats for Over/Under 2.5 goals,i bet Over 2.5 goals if the
    average goals scored between the two teams is 5.0 or higher,if you look
    under the column “Avg. goals” you will see these stats.
    Here are my results since i started, WWWWWWWWWWWLW,you only get about 1 or 2
    bets a week.

    FREE BETS http://startbettingsmart.com/
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page for there FREE bets,they have a strike
    rate of 80% from there last 33 bets.

  14. Spudmeistered says:

    Just thought I’d add a bit more about this ‘system’. I emailed the promoters of this system (home business direct) about my concerns with it. My main concern was that surely there were races at a certain race card where all the favourites would win. They told me that they have tested this system from the year 2000 onwards and it has only happened on two occasions where all the favourites have won in every race at a race card essentially meaning that if I did this for the last 17 years my betting bank of £1600 would have only gone bust twice. So I thought I’d take my chances. The next day, I made £50, fairly simply. Day after that, I went through the entire Newcastle race card and ALL the favourites had won completely wiping out my £1600 betting bank at the time, so either I was extremely unlucky with this being the third time this has happened in 17 years or the promoters are complete liars. I furiously emailed them back stating what had happening and they just said back to me that they don’t think the system is the right thing for me and banned me from buying futures systems from them (thank god).

    The thing is, the same promoters have another product (betfair scalping) which I bought at about the same time I bought 50 a day which actually seemed to have some plausibility but once again looking at any reviews online, there isn’t a single negative review so I can only assume it’s a load of rubbish aswell. In fact, I watched a couple of videos on the members website about how this ‘works’ and the author shows a video of how much he has made, he has made an absolutely fortune from mugs like me.

  15. Valkeakoski163 says:


    I also have Betfair Scalping and looked through all their videos several times and spend a couple of weeks to understand all the rules and details and unfortunately discovered that this was in the end not a system I was going to continue putting my hard earned money on.

    I thought there were so many rules and details sometimes contradicting each other that the more I learned about the system the more confused I got. Could of course be entirely my own fault and that I am not intelligent enough to follow their rules in all situations, but I took the decision in the end to not continue with it. I believe that it could be explained much more easily and when you need to record so many videos talking and talking and talking and sometimes not in my opinion getting to the point I think it is something fishy with the whole thing.

    But perhaps there are people making a good profit from it, but hearing that it is the same guys selling £50 per day system is another small red flag for me.

    Spudmeistered, I bought the £50 per day system a couple of years ago and had high hopes for it but unfortunately managed just after less than a week after purchase to lose my entire betting bank. I emailed them and tried to leave a review about the system but my review was removed and if I am not mistaken they said something similar to me about that it had only happened once before in 10 years.

    Then I tried the system once more a year later but after several losses I stopped, didn’t want to risk my entire betting bank again.

    • Spudmeistered says:

      We seem to have a lot in common, hopefully one day we’ll find something that can make money and consistently.

      • GreenMountains says:

        Same story here, bought 50 per day system (lost some good money) and Betfair Scalping. After purchasing Betfair Scalping it initially was a red flag for me when I discovered it is the same person speaking on the videos as for the 50 per day system.

        However I gave it a chance. Have spend lots of time reviewing the videos and training on Betfair scalping. It has helped me understanding the markets, but it is difficult to make a consistent profit without the correct mentality.

        • GreenMountains says:

          Ps. I am not insinuating that you don’t have the correct traders mentality.But I know I have been chasing loses after a scalp went the wrong way by going In-Play and lose at least 3 times the original loss..

          • Spudmeistered says:

            I don’t know if any of you are the same but, I came across these products on a website called moneymakersreviewed. This was a website that I thoroughly trusted but being as though there isn’t a single negative comment on the products and the author of the website deletes any negative comments that you try to submit, you just know there is some shady stuff going on behind the scenes. This is one of the many review websites that I’m going to steer clear of.

          • GreenMountains says:

            Hi Spudmeister, I believe that website is an affiliate for the positive reviewed products/ systems.

      • GreenMountains says:

        Ps. I am not insinuating that you don’t have the correct traders mentality.But I know I have been chasing loses after a scalp went the wrong way by going In-Play and lose at least 3 times the original loss..

  16. Traderjohn says:

    I have posted some information you might be interested in on this thread,
    but for some reason it has been waiting for moderation since yesterday morning.
    hopefully it will be cleared soon.

  17. Spudmeistered says:

    Have tried the bets from investinbetting and despite making a bit of money with them, the results on their website don’t give a true reflection as to what the actual results are. For example, when they send out a selection and it loses, they send out another one on the same day to try and make up the loss and if they both lose, they only show it as one loss on their website.

  18. JohnU says:

    Hi Spudmeistered. Could you please clarify whether this is in the FREE bets they provide, or as part of the Paid For services – and if the latter could you say which type of selection please. Given that traderjohn had said somewhere above that his actual bets on one of the paid for services were those as stated on their Website i would be a bit disappointed to hear that this is not the case?

    • Spudmeistered says:

      Hi John,

      This is for the paid for service, Premium pick of the day, 70 euros a month. Despite this I have made about £200 with them but the results on their website are faulty.

  19. mike88 says:

    Firstly, can I thank TraderJohn for sharing the information. I dip in and out of this website every so often but nothing much has interested me until I saw Traderjohn recent posts. Unfortunately the recent run of 5 losses in a row from investinbetting is down to me – I joined up and can guarantee that whenever I join a service the results will see a downturn!!
    Traderjohn, would be great to know if you have been following them from the beginning of their results records (01.07.17) and if their results are indicative of the tips that they give. Like Spud says, they issued a tip on the 10th in the morning which lost, then followed this with a tip later that day which lost, then a tip on the morning of the 11th which lost and then a tip later that day which won. However, their results only show 1 loosing result on the 10th when there were 2 and a winning result on the 11th when there was actually one winner and one loser. Its disappointing that they do not record their results truthfully because it now puts doubt on all of the previous results (unless Traderjohn can confirm otherwise). All that said, I’ve won money with them in the short space of time I’ve been with them so no moans on that front.

  20. Traderjohn says:

    When i posted details about the website i had never been sent
    a second bet on the same day before,i asked him about this and he said
    they try to send a replacement bet if the first one loses but not every time
    and they only list one bet per day in there results.
    I have sent him an email about this and told him it is misleading to
    leave out some of the losers,Iam waiting for a reply.

  21. Traderjohn says:

    If the day is negative we will put negative result. If day is positive, or positive 0 we will publish positive (0). To be honest, you will not find honest admin team like us. Try services on other websites, and you will see many many fake matches and archives. On web there is many scammers and cheaters.

  22. JohnU says:

    Just to say that re the ‘Premium Picks’ referred to above i can now vouch for the fact that the organisation appears to use ‘extactitis’ in the sense that in DOES NOT include all the losing trades. I only have myself to blame and fortunately just about covered the initial Euro 40 costs before i realised. Once i find out that something is ‘fishy’ i NEVER continue with that Service. I had a lame reason given back in very broken English and as they say on Dragons Den, ‘for that reason i’m out’. I failed to keep vigilant to my very strict criteria for deciding BEFOREHAND whether to join any new service. Oh well you live and learn.I realise others may still have made a profit and its personal choice whether to carry on or even re-invest, but any initial confidence i had has gone and since the ‘discovery’ i haven’t even struck another bet. In a word BARGEPOLE.:-(

  23. JohnU says:

    2 nd line ‘extractitis’.. even

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