Review: Zero Risk Bets

| August 21, 2012 | 5 Replies

They say…

“How I Pulled In 52,063.45 On Autopilot in just 21 Days at Zero Risk”

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is Zero Risk Bets by Jack Jamieson.

So, what is Zero Risk Bets? Well, it’s a football betting system that offers arbitrage tips, hence the ‘zero risk’.

We’ve ordered our copy and our review will be along shortly – sign up to our twitter feed to be the first to hear about it.

The price of Zero Risk Bets is £37 a month and comes with a 60 day guarantee.

If you have any questions you can contact the support team at:

PO Box 1339
L3 6LW

Full review of Zero Risk Bets coming soon…

P.S. While you’re waiting for the review, if you have any experience of this service, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Full Review

Risk Free Bets looks really exciting based on the info from both their website and received since signing in. It looks as if it is going to be an idiot proof arbitrage system where I will be sent by e mail the bets each day with the bookmakers I need to bet with, locking in guaranteed profits – nice!

As mentioned elsewhere, I have found in the past that this sort of service lives and dies by its accuracy (if the odds are gone they are no use, or if they fail to allow for a commission with the exchanges), so that is one thing I will be looking out for, but if it does what it says I will not be paper trading for a change – real cash will be coming out of my wallet!

Final Review for Zero Risk Bets Service.

I am not supposed to be biased but I am supposed to be scrupulously honest so what do I say here? I love this system and I am considering whether to renew personally with my own money, not to review but to actually use. E mails are sent whenever an arbitrage bet is identified (an arbitrage is where you back every outcome on an event with different bookmakers to lock in a guaranteed profit regardless of the result), and in the majority of cases the prices were still there when I logged in to double check. The fact that you can’t lose suits my mentality and my finances!


Remembering that the figures quoted are to a paper stake of £100, each and every bet was an arbitrage (no lose scenario) of some sort, and thus all of them made a profit. A total of 97 arbs were struck each to a £1000 paper stake and an overall profit of £2682.63 – which equates to 2.765% profit in one month (or 33% per annum), and an average profit per bet of £27.65, and 3 bets a day which is all good in my book. To £100 stakes instead that would still give you a very nice £268.26 in the month and would allow you to build your betting bank and increase your stakes month on month if that is what you fancy (and is exactly what I will be doing).

The best bits.

So simple – links are included in the e mail to the bookmakers offering the best odds, stakes are USUALLY included in the e mail as well and if not, there is a link to an arbing calculator – simples.

But on the negative side…..

On occasions (30 times to be precise), the odds were either incorrect or had “all gone” by the time I got to the bookmakers involved so you have to be a bit sharper than me to make the absolute most of this service! It is also pretty important to note that despite living in the 21st century it can take a few days or more for money to be transferred back form the bookmaker to the bank. Cash flow could become an issue because there are numerous bookmakers used (no surprise there), and you would need to be very well funded to place all bets and pretty well organised to spin the money around the accounts as needed.


My favourite service in many a year – it works, it is simple, it makes good realistic money, and could well provide a second income or decent pocket money if played carefully. There is a risk that after placing one side of the bet the odds have reduced on the other side but that did not happen in my one-month trial.

Friday 28th September

No bets today which is a shame but two placed on the Ryder Cup and a couple of Champions League bets outstanding….

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£2682.63

Thursday 27th September

Four more little earners today (all darts!) to help build that profit!

Today’s P/L +£78.05
Overall P/L +£2682.63

Tuesday 25th September

Nine more winning arbs, darts and basketball being the sports of choice today though do remember, all profits are to arbing with a £1000 stake.

Today’s P/L +£195.95
Overall P/L +£2540.88

Monday 24th September

Five bets today with one on the footie and the other four on the darts – all profitable of course!

Today’s P/L +£177.73
Overall P/L +£2344.93

Sunday 23rd September

Only four bets came to fruition for me on Sunday but still a very nice little addition to the betting bank.

Today’s P/L +£126.20
Overall P/L +£2167.20

Saturday 22nd September

SEVEN more winning trades on Saturday for a very nice addition to the profits.

Today’s P/L +£128.15
Overall P/L +£2041.07

Friday 21st September

One bet one small profit today but a few more placed for the weekend!

Today’s P/L +£10.50
Overall P/L +£1912.92

Thursday 20th September

Five winning bets included American football, Basketball, Europa League and Canadian “soccer” – so something for everyone?

Today’s P/L +£143.53
Overall P/L +£1902.42

Wednesday 19th September

Four more winning bets today all placed with major bookmakers and I am falling in love with this service!

Today’s P/L +£115.17
Overall P/L +£1758.89

Tuesday 18th September

Three more bets completed today, one on the football and two on the snooker – more profit though!

Today’s P/L +£53.71
Overall P/L +£1643.72

Monday 17th September

No Bets harvested today.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£1590.01

Sunday 16th September

One bet (trade) today and our first on American Football -job done!

Today’s P/L +£14.30
Overall P/L +£1590.01

Saturday 15th September

Six bets harvested (for want of a better word) this Saturday and more for the bank!

Today’s P/L +£101.13
Overall P/L +£1575.71

Friday 14th September

Lots of bets placed but only one came to fruition today to add to the bank – so far I love this product!

Today’s P/L +£12.65
Overall P/L +£1474.58

Thursday 13th September

No bets yielding today but more placed – we need to wait for the results to add to the figures.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£1461.93

Wednesday 12th September

No bets today – gutted because I am getting to really like this system!

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£1461.93

Tuesday 11th September

Two tennis bets came to fruition today,both making profits – though there were quite a few other bets sent where the odds had gone by the time I got to the bookmakers concerned!

Today’s P/L +£45.37
Overall P/L +£1461.93

Monday 10th September

No Bets yielding today.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£1416.56

Sunday 9th September

Cycling seemed to be the sport of profit yesterday but this concept just doesn’t care and the percentages were better than normal – and long may that continue!

Today’s P/L +£768.38
Overall P/L +£1416.56

Saturday 8th September

Lots of “who v who” Formula One qualifying bets yesterday built the profits again with six profitable arbs there and one on the football.

Today’s P/L +£216.30
Overall P/L +£648.18

Friday 7th September

Just the one bets coming to fruition this Friday but a profitable one none the less – iI confess, I am falling in love with this BUT the stakes are high per bet (fictitious £1000) but remember, they are arbs (no lose).

Today’s P/L +£27.77
Overall P/L +£431.88

Thursday 6th September

Three bets today, two on the football and one on volleyball (I don’t think I have ever bet on volleyball before) and another increase in profits.

Today’s P/L +£66.70
Overall P/L +£404.11

Wednesday 5th September

No bets to harvest today but two more placed for the future……

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£337.41

Tuesday 4th September

No bets today (one e mail received but the odds were long gone lol).

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£337.41

Monday 3rd September

A late update for some technical reason (I did it on time I promise) and more profit made – all good news though I am still finding the odds are gone on one or two bets each day by the time I eagerly open the e mail.

Today’s P/L +£77.92
Overall P/L +£337.41

Sunday 2nd September

No bets actually completed today but two more workable bets placed – however, I did miss the boat on a further two bets and either have to move a bit quicker or just accept that odds are highly flexible.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£259.49

Saturday 1st September

A pretty quiet day as I missed a few prices and thus the suggested bets were no longer available (getting used to that now and its not a problem), but two more winning wagers (arbs),and a boost to the overall profit.

Today’s P/L +£56.14
Overall P/L +£259.49

Friday 31st August

I am struggling to define how to add the figures to this review as some of the bets placed are already guaranteed to give a profit – but will not be paying out just yet, so where or when do I add the profit? For now I am working on when the event has taken place, in which case we made a total of
Today’s P/L +£10.85
Overall P/L +£203.35

Thursday 30th August

Hard to explain really but the results from today come from the arbs sent previously (does that make sense), but I can only score the cash once the results are in so here we go. I have found that a decent percentage of the prices suggested have sadly gone by the time I log in (e mails can come in at all hours and I need sleep too),but that should not be a problem and is only realistic- if a bookmaker is out of line they are darned sure to change the price once they realise!

Today’s P/L +£132.27
Overall P/L +£192.50

Wednesday 29th August

Well the first results are in (tennis, mens and womens, if you really want to know lol), but as these are no loses bets it was merely a case of waiting to add up the profits. These figures are assuming an OTT 1000 points (£) placed on each event but remember it is literally no risk (unless I find something later on in the trial) and if it continues like this I for one will be signing up long term! Five winning trades made up our profit – and the fact that I am eagerly awaiting more e mails with more bets has to be a good sign?

Today’s P/L +£60.23
Overall P/L +£60.23

Tuesday 28th August

Impossible to give you figures just yet but I have received the e mails as promised and have looked through all ten selections with the suggested prices/bookmakers.Four of the ten saw odds that had changed since the e mail was written to those bets could not be placed, two others had changed a fraction but were still profitable, and the remaining four were exactly as written. Due to the staking given it will depend on the result for the exact profit figures, and as all events are for Wednesday/Thursday so far, the figures will need updating as results come in.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0


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  1. totherun says:

    I started on 6 Sept 2012 with just a £100 bank to trial this. Right now, that bank stands at £552.09 on 21 Sept 2012. It works. Simple. Sometimes, the odds change but that can work for you or against you. If you check and the result is a loss, don’t make the bet. Sometimes, the 2% becomes lot more. On 11 Sept, the odds changed on the Cyprus v Iceland game before I could act on it, which made the bet non-viable. I kept an eye on it, looking for a turn-around. Eventually, the 1.493 v 2.2 for a 3.176% profit became 2.76 v 3.1 and a whopping 49.32% profit! I’ve now set up a spreadsheet to monitor this and calculate the odds changes as they happen.

    There had to be one, eh? If you want to make your bank grow, you need to bet big. Now that my bank is at almost £600, having four or five bets on the go at once means having that many times your bank available for bets. Today, ELEVEN bets have landed in my inbox. That means around £6600 is needed for the bets if I’m going to make the most of them at current bank size. Ouch!! That’s great if you have that sort of money lying around to make this work. For an ordinary guy like me who’s trying to pay his bills, that sort of money just isn’t available. It can also tie your money up for days, which compounds the problem, especially when more bets roll in the next day etc.

    In summary, it works. I just wish I had the money to make it work for me! If I had, that £100 starting bank would have £1000 or even £5000. By now, that would have grown my bank to £5500 or even £27500. A £10000 starting bank would now be a lovely sounding £55209. Nice. It’s just a shame that it’s out of reach.


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