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They say…

“As with all our services our aim is to enable you to make tax-free profits month on month, year on year.”

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is The Banker by Zerohype and Alex Cole.

So, what is The Banker? Well, it’s a daily horseracing service that bets on the win and place markets on the betting exchanges.

We’ve ordered our copy and our review will be along shortly – sign up to our twitter feed to be the first to hear about it.

The price of The Banker is £15 per month or £150 for the year. There is no money back guarantee but it does come with a 14 day free tial.

If you have any questions, you can contact the support team at:

3 Wither Avenue
Higher Bebington
CH63 5NE

Tel: 0844 664 7979

Full review of The Banker coming soon…

P.S. While you’re waiting for the review, if you have any experience of this service, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Full Review

The Banker – a tipping service under the ZeroHype brand; that bunch of fellas who have dedicated their lives to making the bookies cry and helping us to do it too.

So you get an email every morning with selections, if any, to back on Betfair’s SP win and place markets. Now, they advise you to run this with two separate banks, one for win, one for place, each of 1000 points. You back the selection 50 points win and 100 points place and I wonder why you can’t have 100 point banks and 5 and 10 point bets. Whichever way it’s divided up though (it makes no difference), I think putting 10% of your bank on each place bet is a bit risky. They do acknowledge that’s a bit large and claim that with a 70 to 80 percent strike rate on the places, this confidence is justified.

One thing I do like is that you don’t get a bet everyday and sometimes you get more than one but it works out to around 15 to 25 a month. I would much rather have no bet, than have a tip for a donkey that would struggle to run with the pace on the seafront at Brighton.

So with that said – I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Day 33 Sunday 16th September

An interesting little sprint maiden which produced this winner.

2:30 Ffos Las – Jillnextdoor 1st. WIN 50 @ 1.90 +42.75 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.30 +28.50 pts (after comm.)

BANK – WIN 1147.28 PLACE 1327.70

Day 32 Saturday 15th September

A win and a place from two bets today, as the bank grows ever higher.

2:25 Doncaster – Dundonnell 2nd. WIN -50 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.39 +37.05 pts (after comm.)

8:20 Kempton – If So 1st. WIN 50 @ 2.77 +84.04 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.10 +9.50 pts

BANK – WIN 1104.53 PLACE 1299.20

Day 31 Friday 14th September

No bet.

Day 30 Thursday 13th September

Two bets, two winners. Not bad, not bad at all.

2:55 Doncaster – Wild Coco 1st. WIN 50 @ 3.10 +99.75 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.35 +33.25 pts (after comm.)

7:20 Wolverhampton – Excuse To Linger 1st. WIN 50 @ 1.96 +45.60 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.13 +12.35 pts

BANK – WIN 1070.45 PLACE 1252.65

Day 29 Wednesday 12th September

Well I don’t know about bella, this run was bellissima! The place bank reaches a new high, and not before time.

2:50 Carlisle – Sorella Bella 1st. WIN 50 @ 2.12 +53.20 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.13 +12.35 pts (after comm.)

BANK –  WIN 925.10 PLACE 1207.05

Day 28 Tuesday 11th September

Caution is the name of the game and there are no bets.

Day 27 Monday 10th September

Keeping the powder dry today, no bet. Very wise.

Day 26 Sunday 9th September

“When Irish eyes are smiling” (a hit record for John McCormack in 1917), we get two cracking winners out of two bets, to take the combined bank back above its start mark for the first time in over two weeks!

3:20 The Curragh – Famous Name 1st. WIN 50 @ 1.44 +20.90 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.07 +6.65 pts (after comm.)

3:50 The Curragh – Up 1st. WIN 50 @ 4.42 +162.45 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.72 +68.40 pts

BANK – WIN 871.90 PLACE 1194.70

Day 25 Saturday 8th September

So, no. Not two bets but three and what’s more, we have two winners and a place!

2:50 Haydock – Fullbright 2nd. WIN -50 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.73 +69.35 pts (after comm.)

5:45 Leopardstown – Snow Fairy 1st. WIN 50 @ 3.30 +109.25 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.70 +66.50 pts

8:00 Wolverhampton – Just Lille 1st. WIN 50 @ 2.33 +63.18 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.24 +22.80 pts

BANK – WIN 688.55 PLACE 1119.65

Day 24 Friday 7th September

 Nothing from The Banker today. Will there be a bet or two tomorrow??  One more week of this review and we have some catching up to do.

Day 23 Thursday 6th September

Just beaten into second place in this tight little three runner race.

4:20 Salisbury – Chiberta King 2nd. WIN -50 pts PLACE 100 @ 120 +19 pts (after comm.)

BANK – WIN 566.13 PLACE 961.00

Day 22 Wednesday 5th September

This sprint was perhaps half a furlong too far.

2:50 Bath – Tarara 3rd. WIN -50 pts  PLACE 100 @ 1.14 +13.30 pts (after the usual)

BANK – WIN 616.13 PLACE 942.00

Day 21 Tuesday 4th September

Kieren Fallon stole a win on this difficult track.

4:05 Goodwood – Steeler 1st. WIN 50 @ 1.57 +27.08 pts  PLACE 100 @ 1.17 +16.15 pts (after comm.) 

BANK – WIN 666.13 PLACE 928.70

Day 20 Monday 3rd September

This one came third on the sand with a big enough place BSP to prevent a loss on the day.

3:00 Wolverhampton – Royal Steps 3rd. WIN -50 pts  PLACE 100 @ 1.54 +51.30 pts (after comm.)

BANK – WIN 639.05 PLACE 912.55

Day 19 Sunday 2nd September

No bet.

Day 18 Saturday 1st September

Cracking run from this winner, but I’m not too keen on putting up 150 points to win 15.

5:40 Bath – Liber 1st. WIN 50 @ 1.24 +11.40 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.04 +3.80 pts (after comm.)

BANK – WIN 689.05 PLACE 861.25

Day 17 Friday 31st August

We say farewell to August with no bet.

Day 16 Thursday 30th August

Fourteen lengths behind the winner, but still in second place!! Quality racing!!

4:40 Fontwell – Danvilla 2nd. WIN -50 pts  PLACE 100 @ 1.09 +8.55 pts (after comm.)

BANK – WIN 677.65  PLACE 857.45 

Day 15 Wednesday 29th August

There is no bet from The ZeroHype Banker on this warm and sunny (with a chance of rain later from the south), late August day.

Day 14 Tuesday 28th August

This one was beaten into second place by a better horse.

6:40 Sedgefield – Brady 2nd. WIN -50pts PLACE 100 @ 1.23 +21.85 (after comm.)

BANK – WIN 727.65  PLACE 848.90 

Day 13 Monday 27th August

Not a bad ride from Frankie Dettori on this odds-on favourite; only a place though, for a loss of 33 points on the day.

4:30 Warwick – Tamarkaz 2nd. WIN -50 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.18  +17.1 (after comm.)

BANK – WIN 777.65  PLACE 827.05 

Day 12 Sunday 26th August


Day 11 Saturday 25th August

Not a particularly good showing from either of these.

3:20 Goodwood – Trumpet Major 5th. WIN -50 pts PLACE -100pts

4:25 The Curragh – Gale Force Ten 6th. WIN -50 pts PLACE -100 pts

BANK – WIN 827.65  PLACE 809.95 

Day 10 Friday 24th August

No bet.

Day 9 Thursday 23rd August

Oh dear! Another fifth place from this one.

5:40 Folkestone – Devine Guest 5th. WIN -50 pts PLACE -100 pts

BANK – WIN 927.65  PLACE 1009.95 

Day 8 Wednesday 22nd August

York Ebor day one and another beaten favourite which, this time, is in the money for a place with a very fine 1.89 BSP.

3:05 York – Main Sequence 2nd. WIN -50 pts PLACE 100 @ 1.89  +84.55 (after comm.)

BANK – WIN 977.65  PLACE 1109.95 

Day 7 Tuesday 21st August

No bet today.

Day 6 Monday 20th August

One today and this well backed favourite was slow away to finish two lengths out of the frame. Bad luck!

2:30 Thirsk – Done Dreaming 5th. WIN -50pts PLACE -100 pts

BANK – WIN 1027.65 PLACE 1025.40

Day 5 Sunday 19th August

Alex Cole, the man behind The Banker, is taking a day off today, so no bet. Have a nice day!

Day 4 Saturday August 18th

Here’s one-

2:30 Newbury – Brown Panther 2nd. WIN -50 pts  PLACE 100 @ 1.67  +63.65 pts (after comm.)

BANK – WIN 1077.65  PLACE 1125.40

Day 3 Friday August 17th

No selection today.

Day 2 Thursday August 16th

Off we go. Two bets, a win and a second. What a great start.

3:35 Beverley – Avec Rose 2nd. WIN -50 pts PLACE 100 pts @ 1.09 +8.55 pts (after comm.)

3:55 Beverley – Tullius 1st. WIN 50pts @ 4.74 +177.65 pts PLACE 100 pts @ 1.56 +53.2 pts

BANK – WIN 1127.65 PLACE 1061.75

Day 1 Wednesday August 15th

Nothing today, a bit of an anticlimax but better than a donkey.

BANK – WIN 1000 PLACE 1000


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